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Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes confirmed - Autumn release in Japan

  1. Here's the official site.

    So Sunday's announcement will be about Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Here are the logos:


    Not much else to say. Let the excitement commence.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by NonAnalogue, May 8, 2009.

    1. Dragodden
      Hehehe.. so it would appear most everyone's guess is true! Finally, I may get to know this generation of pokemon.

      Is it just me.. or is "Heart" and "Soul" just a little.... corny? ^___^;;
    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Happy, Happy, Happy.

      Will probs wait for an English release before importing though - so here's hoping for an early 2010 US release.
    3. Sem
      My only reply to this is "Finally." XD Names sound kinda cheesey now. GO PLANET! But still, very happy they're officially announced. I'm to get both but I think I'll start with DIGI-SHOUL CHARGE SILVER!
    4. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      I can hardly wait to play through Johto again.^^ It's so good to finally have this confirmed because it silences the naysayers for good. Here's hoping Nintendo does right by Johto XD

      Edit: I'm so starting with Totodile for nostalgia's sake :) And it's Soul Silver for me ^^
    5. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      Great, now I have to decide between Platinum and these two. Because my parents will only allow me to buy one more DS game.

      Anyways, it's good to know that they're remaking Johto. All those rumors have been proven true, though not like D/P/Pt hasn't hinted that they would be making remakes of them through basically the whole storyline.

      I would rather if they had some better names. Soul and Heart do sound a bit... odd, compared to Fire Red and Leaf Green. If I had to choose between these two, I would most likely get Soul Silver. Because I like silver over gold color-wise. XD
    6. KoL
      Now THIS is what I wanted to hear - Gen II is my favourite generation so far, and being able to play through Johto again is brilliant news. I'll probably end up starting with Totodile this time around since I favour Water-types. I'll be picking Heart Gold though myself, since Ho-Oh is awesome like that. :p
    7. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      I'm hoping we find out news on Kanto's fate really rather soon into the run up to these games. Ideally, on Sunday rather than later.

      If it stays, I hope it's with a much more improved form - without great swathes of it being cut down or out - and that some sort of level cap is placed on taking Pokemon to it so as to re-balance the level set up that's definitely otherwise broken in G/S.

      If it goes, I hope it means Johto gets some major expansion to it - and I don't just mean another half-hearted Sevii Isles.

      The original G/S suffered from technological and time restraints, as well as general inexperience in developing these games. I'd like to hope that remakes mean they'll rectify past mistakes and hopefully give them a chance to put back in some of the stuff that we know was cut out. (Although, I guess the city that would have been at the Lake of Rage is unlikely to return).
    8. NonAnalogue
      If nothing else, I want the skateboard that was being thrown around early in development.

      ...I wonder if the female trainer will be Kris.
    9. sunny1213141515
      Wow! I just like screamed my head off. AHH! Ok, sorry. But I've been waiting for this to be confirmed for ages. I can't believe this!

      So I'm thinking of importing.. so would a Japan copy play on a US DS?
    10. DA~Kaitou
      So glad to hear of this!! And yes, finally! Thanks Pokecharms. xD

      Gold was my first non-ROM pokemon game and still a fav.
      Those logos are pretty darned sweet too. I might get a Japanese copy when it comes out too just to get some relief from waiting.

      Edit: And with this post... gives me a 1 worthy post count. Haha.
    11. Midnight Shadows
      Midnight Shadows
      w00t, this is awesome :D I can't wait, and I haven't even finished Platinum yet o.o' I bet the new music is going to be amazing ^^ Also, I do think they would use Kris and the other guy again...and Silver now that I think about it..I don't see why they would make up more characters and Rivals when they already have them from before.

      Personally though, I thought they would have gone with the names Dusk Gold and Dawn Silver. Heart Gold sounds corny..though I am liking Soul Silver..yeah I'm picking Soul Silver, I am Silver biased anyways
    12. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Heart and Soul do have a lot more to do with Ho-oh and Lugia themselves than Dusk or Dawn ever could have done, so it makes plenty enough sense for me to dig the names.
    13. SweetSmoochum
      OMG! I love this! I'm so happy about the remakes. I played w/ my Silver version yesterday. I think the names of it sound pretty (not corny to me). Heart [of] Gold and Soul Silver have a nice ring to it. Johto is my favorite of all of the regions. ^_^ Sinnoh is second place for me. I'm so happy and I love the icons for both. I think I might get Heart Gold b/c I already have Silver for GSC, so I still get the enjoyment even though they aren't compatable. (I
    14. Doctor Bob
      Doctor Bob
      That is most certainly the best news I've heard all year ;D! I can't wait for the release date, even though it's probably a year away. G/S/C was my favorite of the Pokemon games, and... wow, this is just too much to take in right now! *runs into a concealed location to prance around*
    15. sunny1213141515
      Lol. I know! I jumped up and down and almost screamed, but I ran down stairs and started dancing. xP That's a little wierd, but yeah. I was excited.

      I can't wait to see how they have improved (or destoryed) parts of the game. Bug catching, Apricorns, Headbutting trees would be better than Honey trees... Hopefully this time they will have Celebii actually in the game, instead of Via event. Either way, they'd better release Celebii sometime.

      You know what sucks? I just got my hands on a Celebii, and a Shiny Magikarp (and soon Lugia & Ho-oh), and now they are going to be in these games. Grrrr. Oh well, now I'll have 2 of each. :p

      EDIT:// I am SO getting both verisons. xP
    16. Magpie
      Wonderful news ^^

      I'm really excited now that it's 'official', now lets just hope they don't screw it up. Heart and Soul does seem a little strange... I did prefer the idea of Dusk and Dawn, but I really can't complain. I'll be getting Soul Silver, just because I originally played Silver.

      *can't wait*
    17. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      It's taken me this long to realise that Kanto will probably be in this game purely because it would help to cover the majority of the Pokemon unavailable in D/P without migrating (which is now not a guaranteed option, so another solution would suffice to allow people to "catch 'em all" within just this Generation), but could also be a chance to throw in Hoenn Pokemon there too - since it would be after the 'main' game.

      The only other option concerning the Hoenn Pokemon (as Johto and Kanto Pokemon would undoubtedly be wholly covered here) would be the same treatment the Johto Pokemon got last Generation - just all switched around. An upcoming Wii game with a colosseum story mode to get a hold of the Hoenn Pokemon? Sounds probable...

      Incidentally, if Kanto was included to take care of the missing Kanto Pokemon (specifically starters and legends), it would thankfully mean a bit of shuffling around of what Kanto was in Gen II and thus, improvement.

      For starters, Mewtwo'll have to be there somewhere...
    18. Aura

      It's about time this came around! Although 'heart' sounds kinda wierd (but I have no compliants with 'soul'). I was expecting something like 'Sky Gold' and 'Sea Silver' because that's Ho-oh's and Lugia's main elements, so I thought it would fit but anyway...

      I'll be going with Soul Silver when it comes out 'cause Lugia's my favourite Legendry and I just can't wait to own one. And Cyndaquill will most definitely be my starter.
    19. Prof. Cinders
      Prof. Cinders
      At last! Can't wait to get my hands on, oh, whichever, I don't care. One of them. Soon. >=O

      And, of course, by tradition, I'll be picking Cyndaquil for starters. ^^ I expect Alex will be fanboying all over his bayleef...
    20. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Considering my plan was to use a Johto starter (mostly leaning towards Cyndaquil) in Platinum, I may switch that for Chikorita and use Cyndaquil for HG (the version I'll likely get). Pretty much solely because G/S hates my poor little Chikorita. :(
    21. twYANGzii
      Woahs I cannot wait!
      I'm more interested in the Soul Silver for now :D
    22. Linkachu
      Hahah... So glad we received this news early. I wasn't even expecting to be this excited. Oddly enough, I find Heart Gold and Soul Silver to be awesome names - but I love corny stuff. Someone's gotta XD

      Will be getting both as usual, but first play through Soul Silver definitely! Chika for starter. Grass-type starter tradition WILL live on! :D But like Alex, I was planning on breeding a Cyndaquil for my next play through Platinum. Maybe I'll hold off on that after all... So many Johto Pokemon I've been wanting to train again (and some for the first time)... Definitely grabbing a new Noctowl and a Smeargle ^_^

      Ahh, happy day. And that little Lugia symbol is adorable.
    23. Toru
      We all new it was coming, even after those fake copies, AND FINALLY, I'm going to be able to play through my first Pokemon game again, remade! Just a few specifications that would make the game epic-
      1.All the moves updated since Platinum (Like Rock Polish and all those other moves from Hoenn and stuff) On the old Pokemon.
      2.Being able to trade onto D/P or Plat (Easier to get old Pokemon and vice versa)
      3.BADASS Remixes ('Specially Goldenrod City, that music was epic :D)
      4.Going to Kanto after the game like in the old versions.

      I'm interested in both, but let's hope they make a Crystal remake too. XP
    24. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Confirmed at last! *maniacal laughter*

      I'll be honest, before I didn't really care about a remake, but as time went on and I got hit by a nostalga train by hearing some of the old music, I too was consumed by the hype and the desire for a GS remake. I've missed Totodile and Lugia.

      *Adds Soul Silver to DS waiting list with KH 358/2 Days*
    25. Stark
      Not so much to say thats already been said, to be honest. I've been satisfying my cravings on a Crystal emulator for a while :p

      Well. About bloody time.
    26. PokemonDP
      Who hoo!

      I'm totally getting Gold! *Megadies*

      I really was waiting for this. Can't wait to see the Johto region redone! Since I'm partial to water type starters, I'll probably go for Totodile, though I might take a chance with Cyndaquil...

      EDIT: After reading through *Most* of the responses... Am I the ONLY one who's getting Gold?

      EDIT 2: What's whith Kris's new design?! I don't want to walk around in a funny hat! (Assuming that I choose the female character)
    27. Luconray
      Heh, so predictable, and yet, I'm actually more excited then I was before it was officially confirmed! It's been forever since I've played through one of those games, and it is definitely going to be Soul Silver for me, since Silver was the first game I got back when G/S was first released! (Of course I'll get the other at some point.) I'm looking forward to seeing the cities in advanced graphics, and I'm really excited to hear the music again! It's been so long...

      Hopefully they make those small improvements that needed to be made back in G/S/C in these games! I'm also looking forward to seeing how they make the Kanto part of the game, if they even put it in at all.

      Can't wait to see the improvements! ;D
    28. Cody
      Holy oh My God, Yes! I see the names as like, sentimental xD Heart, Soul, sentiments, etc.

      That or that freaking Emotion elf\pixie thing is gonna show up and mess Johto up good.

      Also, I don't want to see it in Gen. 4 graphics. I don't know why. I'd much rather see it in Gen. 3 graphics, maybe a bit sharper. But that 3D stuff, I just can't imagine it on Johto...

      As for game and starter, it'll have to be Heart Gold. Just because Lugia is somewhat obtainable on X D, and Ho-Oh is teh sex. Starter, is gonna have to be Cyndaquil. Just because.

      In other news ; YESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!
    29. GodlessM
      If I remember correctly you could get both Lugia and Ho-oh in both games.

      In other news, I was delighted to hear about this remake as my Crystal's save battery just went.

      Now our next dream, just imagine they make a game with all four regions in them.
    30. POH!KEMON
      Glad the names weren't Dawn Silver and Dusk Gold. I would be surprised if those were the names! Anyways, I wonder how the new covers will look...???.
    31. Sarge the Heavy
      Sarge the Heavy
      Heck yes! My second favorite series is back! (Kanto being first).
    32. Jenova
      It's be great to meet all the pokemon without trading. *Does not have internet that can use Nintendo Wi-Fi*

      I pretty much want to go with Silver, since I already have a Ho-Oh in my Diamond game.
      As for starter....Probably either Cyndaquil or Chikorita. It's been a long time since I've chosen a grass-type pokemon.
    33. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil


      :D :D

      This is awesome, I cannot wait. I'm totally getting Soul Silver, and I'm not gonna trade ANY Pokemon over, just gonna play through it with the ones I catch and train in game
    34. pipthepiplup
      Omg! I can't flippin' wait! This is gunna be soooooooo awsome! I'm going with Heart Gold and my favorite starter of all time, Chicorita!!!!!!!!!!;D
    35. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      *Lets out earsplitting, girl scream of insane happiness*

      Sorry, had to get that out of my system. This has certainly turned around my cruddy day. Thank you, Pokemon!

      I am certainly going with Soul Silver. I want to wave a Lugia all around, and get a stinkin' Girafarig at the same time. Girafarig kick rear.

      I cannot wait until this is released in America! I just need to choose a starter...


      It was like this with Diamond, too.
    36. Chibi
      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! YESBABYESYES!!!

      Finally! After loving Johto despite the fact I would never get my hands on one of the games, the greatest news came out! SQUEE! Predictably, I'm choosing Cyndaquil, because Cyndaquil was always my favorite pokemon, next to Vulpix.

      Beside Stel and I, did anyone think of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when reading "Heart Gold"? Just for the hell of it, I'm probably buying both, Gold first. Yes, I adore Johto that much.
    37. Johto-Master
      now they're probably not gonna make a Crystal remake, cuz there wasn't a Lightning Yellow or anything...but who cares! Johto!

      i just told my brother and my friend about this and they both said they want silver, so imma get Heart Gold. And on crystal, my first video game EVER, i got Totodile so for the nostalgia, im picking my Totodile.
      My friend says he's cyndaquil all the way, and my brothers always like chikorita
      my team is already thought out, too!
      Feraligatr Tyranitar Houndoom Espeon Crobat and Forretress
      this is a miracle!
    38. sunny1213141515
      The covers will probably be out either Sunday the 10th, (on that show Pokemon Sunday in Japan), and on the 15th in the new CoroCoro. They could be leaked earlier though, so cross your fingers!
    39. SweetSmoochum
      Has anyone else noticed that A LOT of new Sinnoh pokemon have Johto pre-evolutions? Magby (Magmortar as last stage), Elekid (Electivire as last stage), Aipom/Ambipom, Yanma/Yanmega, Gligar/Gliscor, Swinub/Piloswine, Sneasel/Weavile, Misdreavus/Mismagius, Murkrow/Honchcrow, Sudowoodo (Pre-evo is Bonsly), Mantine/Mantyke, Togepi (Togekiss), Blissey (has Happiny pre-evo), (Munchlax-Snorlax-aka Kanto), Magnemite (Kanto pkmn but obtainable on route next to ecruteak-evolves into Magnezone), Rhydon isn't a Johto pokemon, but it can be obtained in GSC in a trade for a Dragonair, it evolves into Rhyperior.

      I'm glad that Nintendo is remaking this game. ^_^ I can't wait to see screenshots. :D

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