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Ask to Join Pokemon : Hameha Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shahnawaz Jamil Ahmed, May 6, 2017.

  1. Map.png

    Welcome to the Hameha Region! We will start in Crescent Town, the home of our main character...
    (By the way, when adding something for the first time, be sure to give a good description about your character..... I am looking forward to two friends, a boy and a girl, to travel with the main character... as for the rival, someone who isn't so friendly, {IN THE STORY}... I will be adding other side characters that will give the story a little boost, also I will be controlling the actions of Professor Andromeda.... I request everyone else to try to go with your character only..... Thanks everyone, and you must read the introduction or you will get confused!)
    Let the adventure begin!!!

    The normal breeze of Crescent Town was so peaceful. Who would want to leave this beautiful place? There is one boy so far who has decided to do so! With the Pokemon Professor's Lab in the town, the boy was thinking about becoming a Pokemon Trainer! He loved Pokemon from the bottom of his heart, seeing so many trainers ever since he was a little boy, coming to challenge his hometown's gym, as it was the 8th one... the boy is our hero, Jet Grayson! He knew this was the day, this was the day he could follow his dreams into becoming a Pokemon Master! He took his mother's permission and ran to the lab. After talking to the Professor, he went to the table with the three starters...

    'It's finally time! My best friend is in front of me. And I need to find him...' Jet thought.

    "Petalurk, Totflame or Pawave! Who will it be, Jet?" Andromeda asked.

    "................ I know! ....... I'll choose Petalurk!!!" Jet finally decided.

    "Petalurk, The Forest Lurking Pokemon, is your choice? Great! It evolves into Vinja, The Sinister Vine Pokemon, which finally turns into Samurose, The... you'll find that out later anyway!" Andromeda explained. "Well, here is your Pokedex! And some Pokeballs to start off with! Take a Badge Case, too!" she said.

    Right with that, another trainer came running into the lab, probably with a plan somewhat like Jet's.....

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