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Ask to Join Pokemon Gym Leader Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheStargazer, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

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  2. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Aster Awoke feeling cold. He went to get his hoodie. He was ready. Ready to Possibly become an Elite four of the Kalos region. "I'll win easy," Aster said in his mind. He was also excited. Excited to meet all the other Gym Leaders and excited to battle in the first place. Aster went outside and went to the stadium to check in to the tournament.
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  3. Paul woke up with a weird taste in his mouth. H smack his lips, stood up and stretched his arms. He then noticed the beeping. "What is that," he said as he turned to se his alarm was going nuts. "Oh crap! I overslept!" He shouted rushing to the bathroom to change. He threw his clothes on in a blinding rush, and grabbed his pokeballs. ""Go Charizard!" He shouted tossing out his partners pokeball. Charizard took the field with a roar. He jumped on its back and said, "Charizard, old friend, if we don't get there soon, we'll miss out on the tournament!" Charizard let loose a loud roar, and took off.

    After a while Paul reached the Indigo Plateau, Charizard lowered his master to the ground. Paul jumped off and returned Charizard to his pokeball. He rushed inside to stadium, after registering himself in first, and looked around eager to begin the tournament.
  4. Delta lazily woke up and looked aorund his room and went back to sleep. He wasn't much of a morning person and neither was his pokemon. Well, all of them except his mischievous Simipour. The Simipour suddenly pushed Delta out of his bed. "Alright Simpour, I'm up." He then looked at the clock. "Oh man, I am going to be late for that tournament We are going to be in" Delta looked over on his desk with his other Pokemon on it. He quickly got dressed and brushed his long hair and got hi Pokemon out. "Well my friends, Prepare to win a tournament!" He smiled as his other Pokemon looked excited.

    After borrowing a friends Pokemon to get to the Indigo Plateau he said goodbye to the Lovely Braviary and noticed a large Charizard when he entered the stadium. His Simipour looked nervous when at the large Pokemon. "It's okay buddy, We can beat him. But if we don't, that's okay!" They walked away from the Fire Pokemon and the group ran to register for the tournament.
  5. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Aster watched as more spectators arrived at the stadium to watch the tournament. He hoped he was going to win. Being the Elite Four with Mamoswine was part of his childhood dream.

    "Attention to all Gym Leaders, There is 5 minutes left to check in for the tournament. If you are late, you are disqualified!" the loudspeakers roared all around the gigantic stadium.
  6. Paul smiled at the announcement. "The sooner we start the sooner I win." He said flashing a smile at a passing girl. He checked the pokeballs on his belt. His Magmortar, Houndoom, Magcargo, and Charizard were all there. He smiled, happy that he hadn't forgotten them in the morning rush. He began to wander around aimlessly, awaiting for further instructions.
  7. Riley sprinted as fast as he could because as usuall, he was late
    "We'll have to find a shortcut greninja!" He exclaimed when he noticed the road was blocked by civilians.
    "Ninja!" Greninja replied as he pointed to a wall
    "And?...." Riley said confusedly before greninja ran up it, Riley then saw a drain pipe and climbed up it before the two of them jumped from rooftop to rooftop and finally arriving at the stadium

  8. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Aster watched as a trainer and his Greninja jump rooftop to rooftop in astonishment. "Maybe I am underestimating everyone," Aster thought. "Am I the weakest one there? Someone has to be. But I could also be the strongest, Because someone has to be the strongest."

    He then looked at all of the Spectators. Some were in groups, some were alone, some were with their mother and father, Some were with there Pokemon. "A huge amount of people came to watch the tournament, I hope I don't get humiliated." Aster said with a troubled look on his face.
  9. Riley got checked in and saw Aster
    "Nice to meet you, I'm Riley, The Viridian city gym leader!"

    As Riley looked around he noticed that the stands were beginning to fill up
  10. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "Nice to meet you Riley! I am Aster, the Snowbelle City Gym Leader from Kalos," Aster told Riley. He was interested in gym leaders from other regions. He didn't know who they were or what type they are. He then walked into the Stadium and waited for the tournament to start.
  11. "Hmmmmm........ Well good luck!"
    Riley said as greninja returned to his pokeball
    He walked into the main arena and there were people everywhere.

    "Oh geez! That many?"
  12. Zephiel was walking outside the stadium after registering with moments to spare. He found it too crowded in the stadium, and feared the commotion inside would cause him distress while trying to focus. As such, he decided he would wait outside for as long as possible. He opened his satchel to provide a rather large notebook, and sat down on a bench just outside one of the entrances to the stadium. In his notebook contained his notes on the most recent gym battles, but a lot of the newer and less prominate gym leaders he knew very little of. But as for that day, he felt that his time of preparation needed to be rewarded however smally, so he tore out a page and began to draw a passerby's Pokémon.
  13. "Greninja!" (let's win!)
    "Don't we always?"
    Greninja laughed and the two high fived

    "all my training has led to this, I remember when you were just a Froakie!"
    "Gren-greninja?" (and when you were a kid?)
    Tyler hugged Greninja
    "Just remember, you're not my pokemon, you're my brother!"

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