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Pokemon GX (PLZ READ MY SPRITE COMIC and rate it)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by skyler, May 26, 2007.

  1. skyler

    skyler Guest

    my comic's are called pokemon gx this is the first episode


    tell me if i should make more and tell me what it should have on it
  2. Is prtty good edit but the speech bubbles look weird make them a little smaller for the next one
  3. skyler

    skyler Guest

    yeah i had to make the speech bubles my self in paint
  4. Okay, it's time to comment, criticise, and point out that THIS COMIC NEEDS A LOT OF WORK.

    1: YOU USED A GIF FILE?! Greatly reduces the color quality, and screws up the quality a lot.
    2: The text bubbles need a lot of work, they look way too choppy and the white keeps stretching outside it.
    3: Team Emerald? All I see is a recolored Team Aqua member.
    4: Yeah... just work on it A LOT. Okay?
  5. First problem is the layout. Try and keep things contained within certain restrictions and make sure everything flows.

    Your boxes are of very different sizes, there's no synergy. Also, there needs to be a more clearly defined border between panels - for example, in the first panel, are the camera crew in their own panel or not?

    Another issue is the image quality. The camera crew, for example, seem very grainy for some reason and don't appear to be at the correct size. The house seems to be random tiles, a mix from GBA and GBC games, with the floor being one small section repeated rather than being the floor pattern. There are Potions on the floor as they appear in the Items menu. These potions are bigger than your characters. Also, the house seemingly has no layout. No one has a house with that much empty space and it feels like you were just trying to fill the frame up.

    Speaking of which, your edited graphics also need work. Your Red in pyjamas is a simple recolour for a start. As is the leader of Team Emerald.

    What really needs work though is your static line effect for the TV. Static lines should be dead straight. The spacing between the lines should always be the same too.

    Your speech balloons need serious revision as they are, to be honest, an eyesore. If Paint's the problem then get some premade balloons.

    Also, your title should be at the start of your comic, not the end. Also, it shouldn't be so large, and should definately not be on a background which is vibrant, vivid, red. It really hurts the eyes.

    Another issue is your spelling and grammar.

    "Finally the legendary Deoxys is mine" - Fine
    "Deoxy's!" - Should read "Deoxys!"
    "It has been news that the leader of team Emerald has Awoken Deoxys from its sleep" - Really bad "It's been reported that the leader of Team Emerald has awoken Deoxys from it's sleep!"
    "Arent you going to pro. oak to get a PKMN" - "Aren't you going to Professor Oak to get a Pokémon?"
    "Oh yeah better get outta my PJ's" - "Oh yeah! Better get outta my pyjamas!"
    "Time to get a pokemon!" - "Time to get a Pokémon"
    "EP 1" - "Episode 1" "#1 - 'Insert Title Here'" "Issue 1" ... Something other than EP 1
    "Next Episode: My Starting PKMN" - "Next Issue - My First Pokémon!"

    Another problem with this is that I'm not sure whether this is a comedy or not. When the main character says "Oh yeah! Better get outta my pyjamas!" I wasn't sure whether that was just you wording the sentence badly or whether I was supposed to laugh.

    If it was intended as a joke, it seems too forced and the main character seems far too airheaded. A naive airhead should be balanced out with a cynical, sarcastic realist.

    Due to all these factors, your comic looks very amateurly made. I'd recommend you do the following.
    - Learn to edit sprites or get someone to help you
    - Get PhotoShop or even Ultimate Paint
    - Think carefully about everything I've said above

    I'm not telling you to quit, I'm being honest with you and hoping you'll take it as constructive critiscm. Read what I've said, go and practice some more, then try again.
    #5 Sakamoto, May 29, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  6. skyler

    skyler Guest

    I do take it as constructive critizizem but its just that I need someone to hbe able to tutor me because thats only a phew edits i need to know how to make that stuff and i cant afford photoshop so would GIMP be good?

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