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Pokemon Gray?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Munchy Lax, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Everyone is almost positve about Black & White having a third version. Heres where you can throw out out ideas for it. It will definetly have new features, just like Platinum, Emerald, Crystal, and Yellow. I hope walking with your Pokemon will return as one. ;)
  2. I was wondering when this would pop up... Here's my ideas:

    The players will definitely get a re-design. Almost all of them have.
    We all know B/W has seasons. Maybe, in the re-make, they'll be longer.
    Minor game-play will change. Like, the number of free Pokemon, what free Pokemon there are (Like Platinum), new events, new areas (Like Crystal) Etc...
    Possible Pokedex changes. Like, 59 Pokemon were added to the Sinnoh Dex in Platinum. But, this may not be happening, for B/W may be nothing but new Pokemon.
    I doubt walking with your Pokemon will be available. From most of the game-play we've seen, the characters had no Pokemon walking with them. but, there could be a small area where you can walk with them, like Amity Square in Platinum.

    Anything else the rest of you wanna add?
  3. There might also be new functions for the technology (like the Poketch, the Pokenav and the Pokegear) you have. (like the Trainer call function for the Pokenav in Emerald.) Anyone else got anything?
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  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hmmm....if they do make a third game, they should name it "Pokemon Crimson"who's with me?
  5. Why should it be called Crimson? Gray makes more sense.Maybe they will make a game called Crimson in a few generations, but not now.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I don't know, i just like the name :)

    i gess gray would be a better name, though :p
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I hope they do have a pokemon gray and the pokemon walking with you thing has to come back it was just so awesome I would also like to see an updated pokewalker
  8. A new pokewalker would be fun, but it seems like on B&W there is something like that, and its on a computer that you conect to via wifi, so its unlikley. any more ideas?
  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    You mean Pokemon Racist, surely?
  10. Hey, I didnt mean it like that, it just sounds like an obvious name because its the color in between Black and White. Dont blame me because of the name. :(
  11. In my opinion, Crimson doesn't seem like a bad idea. I mean, both are rather blank, 'boring' colors. However, crimson may brighten the blandness of it, if you get what I mean.

    However, Gray doesn't seem like a bad option, though I'm thinking they'll pick a more exciting synonym.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Wow, nice to know i'm not the onlyone who prefers crimsion to gray ;D
  13. Hmmm.... I never thought of it that way. i guess Crimson does have a chance to be the name. :)
  14. Maybe...do you think they might name the third game Pokemon Monochrome?
    Or something like that..?

    I also like the idea of Crimson. It sounds...different! Unique!
  15. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I wasn't calling you racist, I was calling Nintendo racist. In jest. I have a whole string of one-liners about the third game here.

    Pokemon Fuck It Let's Go With Homophobia Next

    Pokemon Making Fun Of Cripples Is Cool, Right?

    Pokemon Hermaphrodite Love
  16. Bolded that little part for you. El's joking about Ninty being racist, and those names are for hilarity :p

    Personally, I do forsee a Crimson, perhaps in Gen V, but not for the Black and White Trilogy. Crimson seemed completely fangasm'd over when it was leaked ages ago as a possible trademark, and I, as I did then, don't think it'll pop up in this trilogy. Crimson's really just a glorified shade of red, imo, that pops up nearly everywhere when people want something red-colored, but they want a dark color(as in, choosing blood-red or crimson. How unimaginative)

    Gray is more likely, as it'll fill the "Things are Black and White" gap by saying that yes, some things are defined, but not everything is, ergo a shade inbetween(Gray~)
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  17. Well Lets See Pokemon Gray would be a Combonation of the Games well
    since white has White Forest and Black has Black City Maybe they could both
    Be in the Games Like White Forest south of Black City or Reverse it. Course Being
    As its a Whole new Version they Probably would put.....Lets see I.e. Gray Ruins.

    also Maybe like you mentioned we will Have a New Technolagy Feature like for Example.
    PokeNav/PokeGear's Calling,Map Feature plus all of Poketch's Little Apps we'll call it Poke"Something"

    also Just Maybe Instead of Having 1 Giant Dome where you Do All kinds of Contests or Pokelathon whatever were doing
    We will Have them Sepreated into Five Domes Across Isshu and then Near the Pokemon Legue There is the Grand Festivle.
    That way its more Cordinator Like.

    So what do you think of my Ideas ;D
  18. Those are good, but remmember when they had all those Contest tents everywhere in Ruby & Sapphire? Those took FOREVER to keep track of.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Personally, I do forsee a Crimson, perhaps in Gen V, but not for the Black and White Trilogy. Crimson seemed completely fangasm'd over when it was leaked ages ago as a possible trademark, and I, as I did then, don't think it'll pop up in this trilogy. Crimson's really just a glorified shade of red, imo, that pops up nearly everywhere when people want something red-colored, but they want a dark color(as in, choosing blood-red or crimson. How unimaginative)

    Gray is more likely, as it'll fill the "Things are Black and White" gap by saying that yes, some things are defined, but not everything is, ergo a shade inbetween(Gray~)

    well......i had other ideas about the name, but crimsion just stod out the most, i just think that crimsion is a nice name.
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  20. That's not right they Had the Hoenn Battle Frontier symbol on them.
  21. Yeah, but thats because back then, there was no Battle Frontier in Hoenn. It came out in Emerald, and then they changed the sign on the contest pavilion in Lilycove.
  22. Maybe it could have even more pokemon
  23. I reckon Pokemon Betwix would make a good name... I know it isn't a colour, but it's a more exciting name than grey and still shows the way it's between both of them.
  24. It's possible. But then again, it kind of sounds like the candy bar, "Twix" with "Be" in front of it.
  25. With Reshiram and Zekrom's counterpart being grey and all, I can imagine it getting a new form and being Grey's mascot.
  26. With the background behind Reshiram and Zekrom, I honestly don't see how much that could be developed. The Ying-Yang is two elements, that have a small fraction of their counterpart within them, which is represented by the fact that they appear in their color opposite game and the White Forest/Black City which appears in Black and White respectively. There isn't really much room to fit a third legendary in this, unless it's something that appears in unbalance or something like that. So if they're planning to make a pokemon grey, Nintendo would have to try pretty hard to keep the story in line with the legend.

    Plus, the third of the dragons doesn't have an oversized rocket booster tail like the other two.

    On another note, I do see some sort of developed story forming in the fighting trio and the weather deity trio (if it has a beard, bulky tail and floats on a cloud, then that's who I'm referring to). This just early speculation for me as the only evidence of such a thing is the fact that the fighting trio has the "Justice Heart" Ability, while two of the weather deity three have the ability "Mischievous Heart" (the last one, I'm not sure why it doesn't follow this pattern). It would be interesting, because its not just one legendary and its counterpart; its a legendary trio with a counterpart trio. How this works, I'm not sure at this point. But maybe I'll come up with something when B/W comes out in the UK
  27. Well, considering that the idea of Yin and Yang has a lot to do with the zodiac, I could definitely see them coming up with a group of zodiac-inspired Pokemon, kinda like how the Unown surrounded Suicune (as well as Arceus most recently in HG/SS.)
  28. Really? Its pretty simple: Black and White merge into each other, so what do you get in the middle? Gray. So basicly there will be bits and pieces of Black and White to make Gray.
  29. All I know is the sprites will probably be updated a bit (like how in Platinum they improved some and just swapped the sprites a and b for animation), they will add a deeper story for selected legendaries and of course would mix and match pokemon strictly for one version in with several others in the opposite version. Probably give us more cut scenese and an extended main story.

    With what I want to see is more transportation without having to rely on HMs, a major one I REALLY wanna see is a chance to make your own trainer of your choosing like Sims or Pokemon Revolution where you can select a few options and combine them. I would rather have it kinda like XBOX 360's Avatar system as well where you can choose from a lot of ideas for clothing and facial features etc.
  30. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's pretty obvious that if they'll make a PokeMon Gray (and knowing Gamefreak they probably will continue milking that cash cow until it no longer moos) it's going to have a more major focus on Kyurem. And most likely they'll give it an alternate forme. You know, pretty much like they did for Giratina in Plat. <<;

    Although hell if I know what would that do to the plot.
  31. We can also be sure of some kind of character remodeling. Ever since Emerald, it's been a tradition. Methinks that they'll have some sort of climate spike and they'll have to wear lighter clothing, but that may be hard for the winter months (I'm looking at you White, you and your shorty shorts.).

    Also, They'll probably give N or Geechisu a better back story, maybe even going as far as having a flashback like they gave Silver. However, I also speculate that he'll get a redesign, he's just too important not to. Maybe they'll also give him a name beginning with N, but I'm probably wrong. Anyway, they may also give him an after story part too.

    As far as the Pokemon in it, they'll probably mix in the pokemon like like the others. Hopefully they will add more pokemon to the game than take away. But yes, The Ice dragon will more than likely be the main dragon. Which makes me wonder...
    N receives the dragon opposite to the dragon you have, so does that mean he'll get both?

    Anyway, hopefully they will also add another cameo besides Looker (such as a certain man sitting on top of a mountain named after a certain element? *coughAgcough*) and Cynthia. A boy can dream.. Aaand more than likely they'll either make another Plasma admin or give us some other character.

    As far as gyms go, they'll probably change too. My biggest expectation is that Dento/Kon/Poddo will become Dento, Kon, AND Poddo (in other words, a triple or rotation battle right off the bat.). And Either Iris or Shaga will lead, depending on how you play the game. Or, they'll make a third leader. Who knows?

    As far as the Legends go though, I could see some kind of development. Bear with me, as you may either get lost, have a mindgasm, or just be MINDFREAKED *bricked*. Well, look at the simbol for Yin and Yang. Pretty even right? Well, imagine it separating. There is just a void of gray in the middle. Now, in my mind, Zekrom (being an electric power) represents a dark future, and Reshiram (being a fire power) represents a lighter past. In that middle could be a grey present, or more of a colder time. Hence, the Ice dragon.

    Then again, these are just my theories. Also, they may not even name it gray. Think about it, when Diamond and Pearl came ou, they made, not topaz or zircon, but Platinum, which is a metal, kinda pointing to the HGSS remakes. If I'm correct (or more than likely I'm not), they might name this game after a RSE themed jewel, like Amethyst or something else.

    Yeesh, I'm a nerd, aren't I?
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  32. Huh... These definitely need to be given a lot of thought. Ever since Rayquaza was made, they had the tradition of making the legendaries Dragon-type, which is why Kyurem is likely to be it, and as it's coloring has many gray shades...
    Maybe, Doubled has the correct theory for it. I personally agree with him. And no Doubled, you're no nerd. xD

    And yes, a definite redesign. White may wear heavier clothing, like Doubled said, too.
    But Black looks like he's been through a snowstorm or something. o_O

    That makes sense, as in mythology, Dragons are 'legendary creatures.'
    I'm looking at you, Gamefreak and Nintendo, for your hax and/or Dragon obsession. (I laugh at this.)

    But I think there will definitely be a somewhat different story. And I also think Souryuu City will be transformed into more of a 'Gray Suburb.'
  33. I think that instead of being Grey, i think it will be called Pokemon Brown, as Nintendo have copyrighted that name, along with Scarlet, Purple and Crimson. I thinki this is to stop people from making fake pokemon games and selling them as official.
  34. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

  35. And which legendary pokemon would be the new Pokemon version pet?

    And i hope they change the character of Bel (the girl that is friend of the protagonist).
  36. I have a question what if they had a fourth version i would totally get all four versions
  37. Well, let's be honest. Pokemon's only had one set of 4's, and that was 1st gen, but technically they made Red and Blue for an advancement, I think. If there were a fourth game, then that would beat the purpose of having the two originals in the first place, plus it would only make things even more confusing.

    Anyway, I just thought of something. They probably won't even call it Gray. I mean, White and Gray are almost the same thing, and if you darken the gray too much then you get a Charcoal Gray, and that looks too much like Black. Anyone else see my point? So, more than likely they'll come up with another name. Probably linking to a gem and a color, so Cyan or something.
  38. Doubtful. Kyurem represents Wuji, limitless nothingness, a complete lack of energy. And seeing as it itself is coloured grey, then that makes it very likely. Also, white and grey aren't almost the same thing. Grey is the middle of black and white, the 'grey area' between them. That's why this colour works so well.
  39. Yeah, I'm agreeing with Toastie on this one. Let's face it everyone, for every mainstream Pokemon generation, we've had a game that's a fusion of the two main games, and Kyurem comes two numbers in the Pokedex after Reshiram and Zekrom, and it's gray - a mixture of both black and white. Sure, it won't be mentioned much in BW, but give it a year or so, and Kyurem will be the main attraction, much like the attention Giritina recieved in Platinum.
  40. Ok, I realize gray is a mixture of black and white, but it's just so...boring. :/
    I predict that the third version will be called "Chrome", because it sounds cool, is a metallic color, and it means "color", which contrasts with the black/white theme.

    The mascot will be the dragon/ice pokemon...

    Also, in pokemon special, I think Black (main boy char) will get pokabu, Cheren will get mijumaru, and Belle will get tsutaja. This creates the one trio. The main character trio, on the other hand, will be Black, White (main girl char), who will get an electric-type starter, and Chrome, who will get an ice-type starter. This way, the main trio has starters whose types coordinate with those of the dragon trio. ^^ Chrome will be like Yellow and Emerald, a manga only character, and I predict she will be female (partly cause of a pattern (F-M-F) and partly because they need more girls. :/ ).

    ...so yeah. :)

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