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Open Pokemon grand masters conference

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, May 14, 2017.

  1. This rp wil focus on a group of Pokémon masters who are the cream of the cream of the crop
    They each are highly skilled Pokémon masters not only in the art of battles but also showmanship and creativity.
    This competition has been designed to determine who really is the very best.

    Nogod-mod, there is a difference between being powerful and being a troll
    Fakemon are allowed within reason, please DM me a description of the before posting so I can double check then for fairness.
    You are allowed upto seven Pokémon on your roster, this roster will name mostly static unless you can provide adequate reason as to why yours would change
    Battles will be a mix of the games and anime style, meaning off meta Pokémon can win if written properly but type matchups and the meta still apply
    Same principle goes for the showmanship stages

    The each round of the competition consists of two stages, battling and showmanship,
    The battling stage will be a classic 3v3 match up, the winner of this battle will be determined by the vote of the other rpers who will decide it based on content and structure (basically who ever writes the best description of the battle will win). The showmanship stage is a contest of who can make their Pokémon stand out from the rest in a variety of ways, sometimes it's a performance, race or teamwork challenge etc (this is essentially a glorified Pokémon contest mixed with aspects of a Pokeathon

    Character bios must include the following; Name, Age, Home region, home town, Looks, Clothes, Personality, backstory and Pokemon

    Here's mine

    Name: Alexander James Xavier (Ajax for short)
    Age: 23
    Home region: Sinnoh
    Looks: lightly tanned with slim-buff physique, sun bleached browny-blonde hair and brown eyes
    Clothes: light grey base shirt, dark cargo pants and a dark crimson over shirt
    Personality: overall he is a generally caring person with a big heart and a lot of knowledge, knowledge he enjoys sharing with others

    Backstory: Ajax was born in Canalave City in the sinnoh region and often tagged along with Byron on expeditions to Iron island. It was on one of these trips when Ajax was roughly 6 or 7 that he would meet his partner Pokémon a then small, orphaned, black and white baby Riolu, who Ajax named Scar. At first Scar was reluctant to train with Jake and when he did eventually cave in and train it would never last long with Scar often having to stop to regain his breath. But Ajax wasn't going to give up that easily and by the time Ajax was ready to head out on his Pokémon journey Scar was easily able to keep up with and out perform most if not all of the other Canalave city starters.

    Over the next 13 years Ajax and Scar would go on to challenge every regional league available as well as training under a variety of mentors. Most notable of which was Brandon of the Hoenn battle frontier pyramid and Cynthia the Sinnoh league Champion.

    Most recently Ajax was crowned as Alolan Champion for all of ten seconds with the then 21 year old returning the title to his predecessor and heading off again to train with Spenser of the Hoenn battle frontier on an island east of Sinnoh upon his completion of this training Ajax was prompted by Brandon to join the masters circuit.
    Ajax flourished on the masters circuit and within a year was considered one of the greatest Pokémon masters of his generation.

    Pokemon team
    Scar (lucario) (black and white colour)
    Nightwing (Crobat)(slightly darker and less saturated colour)
    Genji (Ash - Greninja)(shiny)
    Reinhardt (Tyranitar)
    Road hog (Garchomp)
    Bastion (Metagross)
    Knightmare (fan-made)

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