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Pokémon Go Mobile Game Revealed

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Pokemon Go logo.png
    The Pokémon Company have today announced a brand new mobile game coming to Android and iOS in 2016. The game, known as Pokémon Go, is a collaboration between the Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Niantic Labs who are acting as the developer.
    Pokemon go in-game iphone.jpg
    The aim of Pokémon Go is to encourage players to find Pokémon in the real world while they go about their daily lives. By using location information the game will let players discover, trade, battle and capture Pokémon they come across. Pokémon Go will be a free to play game with in-app purchases on offer, a lot like Pokémon Shuffle.
    Pokemon Go Plus.png
    Nintendo are developing a Pokémon Go Plus Bluetooth gadget which will allow players to get notifications from the game on the device without having to check their phone all the time. The gadget can be worn as a watch of sorts or will have the ability to be clipped onto belts, jackets, bags etc.

    Junichi Masuda is working on the music, design and setting for the game and has also commented that he hopes to be able to link Pokémon Go with the main series Pokémon games in the future.

    A trailer for the game can be viewed below:

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Sep 10, 2015.

    1. NocturnalNetwork
      Oh. My. Arceus.
      This reminds me of the Google Maps Challenge.
      Though more fantastic.
      Now I'm even more hyped for 2016.
    2. Ghostly-Hedgehog
      :-O Shut up and take my money! (Throws money at screen)
    3. masterball gamer
      masterball gamer
      Just so ******* out of this world
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    4. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      My fiance first showed me this on Facebook and I didn't even believe it was a real thing. The video looks really cool...also I'm really liking that Nintendo is making yet another effort to reach the older fans who've dreamed of something like this for a long time.

      I know it says it'll take location into account, but I wonder to what extent. I.e. will Pokemon like Sandile be more common for people in desert areas or something like that.
    5. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      This reminds me of the April Fool's prank Google pulled a couple years back or so, except like 100% better :'D

      That trailer was kinda all sorts of amazing, was crying towards the end but maybe that's because I'm too easily moved ♥ I'm kinda really excited for this, might be a good excuse to get me out of my house sometimes~
    6. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      Isn't this a bit like what they did for Gen IV HGSS, except... y'know... a hundredfold times better?
      The trailer was very good for it, though I can't help but feel they did exaggerate a bit on its hype. Though, the concept is very intriguing, I'm awaiting to see what this will have to offer us.
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    7. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Between this and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X it looks like the time for me to retire my flip phone and get a smart phone has come. It's an odd feeling when videogame companies start making my decisions for me.
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    8. Steel Seth
      Steel Seth
      I hope not but, that's is a true statement I must find the pokemon for Blue's team (the manga) I dont even have a phone.
      Last edited: Oct 8, 2015
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    9. Apocolythe
      Now I wish I had a phone

      w hyy
    10. AlphaWarrior Youtube
      AlphaWarrior Youtube
      Pokefan attack (Death By Game)
    11. AzureEdge
      Watch me like travel all around just searching for pokemon~
      This is an amazing idea, and I can't wait for it to happen.
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    12. Neopolitan
      Uhhh. I'm confused... Is this supposed to imitate the man stream games, or is it a new creation for IOS (Like Poke Camp)?

      Nevermind... I need this.>_<

      Time to plan a team >:D
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2015
    13. Keleri
      I'm cautiously optimistic about this one, it's a bold vision but we have no gameplay footage yet. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile also pushes microtransactions harder than the 3DS version, so it would be a shame if this game went that way as well.

      Overall I look forward to being motivated to go outside.
    14. OnePiecefan11
      The trailer looks amazing, but what bugs me is it seems like you can only catch Pokémon in Kanto :/ But hopefully that doesn't happen. It still looks really cool.
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    15. Jeydis
      From what we have seen so far the game seems to contain only the first 150 to start (really hoping they expand). The idea seems really fantastical in nature but can be pulled off pretty well.

      Thankfully Nintendo is allying themselves with a company with some experience with this type of game. Niantic has a game out called Ingress which is a pretty neat proof of concept for the virtual reality model. Its not perfect by any means but has a great core set up.

      Main hopes for this so far:
      - Very precise location correlation with the types of pokemon encountered. Hopefully having seasons factor in. Living in Canada I want my ice types when I am freezing my butt off waiting the the bus in the snow.
      - More then just the Kanto mons. Hopefully not as payed DLC or something.
      - Fully adapted combat system from the main series games. Or at least some strategy to combat with perhaps a few fixed moves if they don't want to program in full move pools.
      - Good re-spawn variety within your region. It is the main complaint I see for Ingress, the enemy spawns remained the same if you kept to the same routes. I hope they can spice it up a bit at least for the commuters like me that won't go exploring all the time but will still want to see just what lurks around the street corner.
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    16. EtherealHaze
      Pokemon Go, hey?

      Not overly excited about this one. The idea is neat, but I'm worried that people who do not travel very much (like me) won't be able to catch many Pokemon. Also it's free game, so it has 'Freemium' written all over it. I can already imagine messages popping up on my phone saying "Unlock Zapdos today for only $5.99!" or "Need more Pokeballs? Get this 50 Ultra ball pack for $10.00 or this 15 Master ball pack for $29.99!!!" Umm.. no thanks.
      I'm also really worried that this game might push back Main Series game releases because GF would be to focused on this one. I don't know, I'm probably overreacting, but it's just I'd rather have my Pokemon Z/Third Version sooner than later.
      EDIT: Totally missed the part where it says "In-app purchases". So I was right about it being freemium :/
    17. TooBlue12
      And that is way I MUST get a phone. :8B:
    18. SharkByte
      Its times like this I hate my bro he has an android. Me? An iPod and iPad and also no 200 dollers for an iPhone even if I did I'd still get a bass guitar I've always wanted one
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    19. Teapot
      It's being developed by Niantic Labs, who made Ingress - the game this is based on. No significant development effort will be going on this from Game Freak - they're still working on the next main series games (or whatever it is they're doing.)
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    20. TechnikAaron
      How to install for android please ! !!!!!!
    21. Neopolitan
      Uhhhhh... It's coming out in 2016?
    22. Special Riolu
      Special Riolu
      Has anybody heard of the game Ingress? THIS IS JUST LIKE INGRESS!!! !♥ :)
    23. RafuRum
      man ow man... I've never been so excited for a mobile game before! :) but the chances of it being a joke is still high tho... specially since that google maps thing happened. :p but hey its a very interesting concept they're working on here. Better think of a new phone.. :p
    24. Stevegonzilla
      + Dr. Crane
      The BETA version is coming out late 2015

      Oh im planning one too!!!!8)
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2015
    25. Neopolitan
    26. Melody Mew
      Melody Mew
      I CAN'T WAIT!!!! XD
    27. Stevegonzilla
      The actual version is said to be released early 2016...if beta is wel
    28. Shauna23
      I have two questions:
      1) how much is this gonna cost? I need to know how much I gonna be saving.
      2) Will this work for all Apple devices?
    29. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      If you had bothered reading the actual story, you'd have seen that Pokémon Go will be a free to play game with in-app purchases on offer, a lot like Pokémon Shuffle.

      How much will they charge for their assorted microtransactions? How much would the optional Bluetooth band cost? What about compatibility? Who the Hades knows. We'll have more details when they announce them.
      Stevegonzilla likes this.
    30. Shauna23
      Sorry Els! I forgot. I wrote my comment like, 5 minutes after I watched the video, and I always forget to look at the video again before I comment, to see if I can answer my own question.:p
    31. Stevegonzilla
    32. Teapot
      This is absolutely unconfirmed, but most Bluetooth devices of this ilk work with iPhone 5 and modern iPods upwards. The game itself will probably run on all devices that are on iOS 8 or 9 - maybe iOS 7 too.
    33. minun1
      I am so hyped!! As everyone though, my main concern is how bad the micro transactions will be.
    34. Draco Gengar
      Draco Gengar
      WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME POKEMON! (FYI I don't have a phone) ;_;
    35. Stevegonzilla
      Well i sure hope so!

      Oh that sux man
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2015
    36. Draco Gengar
      Draco Gengar
      yes, yes it does ;_;
    37. WillIsMyName
      *Breaks into Vatican*
      Pope Francis: What are you doing here?
      Me: Looking for Arceaus, duh.
      Pope Francis: Then you'll have to challenge me first
    38. Neopolitan
      Poor soul. Hopefully it is available for IPad mini's, or I'm dead :?
    39. MegaBlastoise15
      It's times like these when having a cellphone would be a great idea...

      I hate being lower-middle class.

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