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Pokémon GO Coming to Apple Watch

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    Once a year, the faithful gather around their screens to watch Apple's September conference, to get just a glimpse of the latest aluminium tat. Today was no different – but alongside the idealised product videos and reverential corporate preaching, John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic came on-stage to announce news far more relevant to Pokémon players: that Pokémon GO will be coming to Apple Watch.

    Pokémon GO's watchapp will provide nearly all the features of Pokémon GO on your wrist – everything from hatching eggs, activating Pokéstops, and even earning medals can be done from your Apple Watch. You'll still need to pull out your phone to actually catch Pokémon, though. You'll also be able to see your walking distance for Pokémon eggs on the main screen of the Apple Watch, via a complication. (This implies that Pokémon GO will no longer require you to have the app open and the screen on to hatch eggs.)

    John Hanke also revealed that Pokémon GO Plus, the previously-announced physical accessory for Pokémon GO, will be available on September 16th.

    Pokémon GO will come to Apple Watch later this year, and will be distributed as a free update to Pokémon GO on iPhone.
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