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Ask to Join Pokemon Gijinka High School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. So this is a school were gijinkas go. In case you didn't know a gijinka is a half human half animal, well a Pokemon in our case. So please message me filling out this form. I will fill one out with my character
    Blank Form:
    Character Name:
    Pet (has to be the type of pokemon they are a mix of):
    Pet Name:
    Any NPCS that you created for this:

    My form:
    Character Name: Bella
    Pokemon mixed with: Shiny Eevee
    Pet: Shiny Eevee
    Pet Name: Dove
    Personality: naive, quirky, funny, slightly crazy, doesn't take insults well, kind, cute, charms alot of the boys but never notices it
    Looks: silver schoolgirl uniform with little silver boots, shiny eevee ears and tail

    Bella walked into the high school, it was her first day, Dove padded beside her. Ever since her parents found out she had been born half shiny eevee they left her at the orphanage because they were embarresed of her features, she was finally able to go to a real school! She walked inside to see many gijinkas running about, she felt this would be a good four years at this bording school! She looked at her trainer card to find her room number, the office had printed a number on it so that she would always remember.[​IMG] Hmm, room 52, she walked to the room to see two beds, there was a bed piled with stuff on it. and an empty one, she plopped onto it and fell deep into sleep, it was a long walk from her house to the school. (@Candy Espeon is Bella's roomate)
    *New Rule* You may have two gijinka characters if you wish, here us my new character.
    Character Name: Brandon
    Pokemon: eevee
    Pet (has to be the type of pokemon they are a mix of): eevee
    Pet Name: Silver
    Personality: really likes Bella, isn't shiny and come from long line of gijinkas
    brown school boy uniform and brown tennis shoes, eevee ears and eevee tail.
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  2. A mysterious girl sat down next to bella reading a book (is this the right thing to do?)
  3. (Might wanna make longer posts)
    "Oh hi, I'm Bella!" Bella said trying to make a good impression at the girl.
  4. " hi im amber, What is your pokemons name?"
  5. "Oh, this is Dove." Bella said, and Dove ran up to Amber licking her face and making a somewhat smile on her silver face.
  6. "Um, hi dove, meat Diamond" diamond appeared from behind Ambers hair and sat in Ambers lap.
  7. "Oh, Diamond is so cute!" Bella said, Dove went to play with Diamond, and Bella decided to decroate her side of the bedroom. She took out her pink laptop and put it on the desk she had covered with rainbow duct tape. She had ordered a pink spinny chair with unicorn pillows to sit in for the desk, she took out a pink unicorn stuffed animal and a white teddy bear holding a pink heart and out them on her bed, she had put unicorn bedding on her bed, and she enjoyed it. "So, how are you gonna decorate your side?" she asked Amber.
  8. "Oh, I will pobobly use some posters and farie lights, maybe a chinese lantern. I will also use a espeon plush." sudenly she realized the time, it was 9:35. Amber quickly got under the covers of her bed and fell asleep
  9. "Oh yes, bed is needed." Bella said, then popped under her pink covers and went to sleep, her tail wagged back and forth as she slept.
  10. Name: Tsubaki
    Pokemon: Pumpkaboo
    Pet: Blair
    Pet: Pumpkaboo
    Personality: Tsubaki is a clever, sly girl. She is extremley recourseful. She is a bit of a information broker, for she is very sneaky. She sells this info to the highest bidder.
    Tsubaki walked down the hallway. Many of the other students glared at her, or would get out of her way. She licked a pumpkin flavoured lollipop, winking at the students. She arrived at her room, which she had no roommate for. Tsubaki took out a pumpkin, and placed it on her nightstand. She lit the candle, using it as a lantern. "Time to gather some information, Blair!" She giggled.
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  11. Bella jolted awake, she sensed something was going on downstairs, she crept out of bed and down to the next floor. "Hello?" she said through the halls. She suddenly saw a light coming from the room where the Pumpkaboo girl had went inside, she was scared to open it, but she really wanted to. She had sensed something sneaky about the girl, and she hoped that she had not found out about her being a princess, but she wanted to go inside, she felt as if it was calling her.
  12. "Hmm? Looks like we have a spy on our hands~!" Tsubaki opened the door. "Hello. Come in, I always like to greet new guests?" She ushered Bella inside, placing a bowl of candy on the table. "You must be Bella, no? I love your outfit, very pretty!" She took out a small notepad. She made sure that it was hidden.
  13. "Oh yeah, thats me, I live directly upstairs from here." Bella said taking a piece of candy from the bowl, she popped it in her mouth so she wouldn't have to talk.
  14. She scribbled down a note on her pad, taking away the bowl of candy. "What's your name, spy?" Tsubaki asked, giggling.
  15. amber was awakened by Diamond, she heard Bella and a girl talking. Amber crept down the hallway and into a room. She found Bella and another girl talking to each other. "Hello who are you?"
  16. "My name is Bella." she said trying to sound as casual as usual, suddenly Amber and Dove burst into the room. "Oh hi!" Bella said to her friend and her pet.
  17. "I prefer to keep my identity a mystery!" Tsubaki winked, scribbling down the name Bella.
  18. Bella spied the notebook in the girl's hand, "Hey, what are you writing?" she asked her not knowing what information Tsubaki had scribbled about her.
  19. " Oh, I'm going back to bed." Amber said exited the room with diamond following her. She went down the hallway and crawled into bed, she fell asleep for the rest of the night.
  20. "What notebook?" Tsubaki asked, Blair taking the notebook from her, she held up her hands. "Nothing up my sleeve... But these cards!" A deck of cards slid out of Tsubaki's sleeve, and she layed them on the table.
  21. "Umm, ok. So what exactly do you do with these cards?" Bella asked, she was starting to feel a little scared about this girl.
  22. "These cards can determine your past, present, and future!" She proclaimed, holding the deck. "Pick three cards, any three cards!"
  23. "Ok, I guess." Bella said, then she picked the rainbow card, the pink card, and the light blue card.
  24. Alex had been roaming around the school at night, looking for his run away houndour, Gale. Why'd he leave the door unlocked? Without Gale, he could hardly tell where he was going. He nearly fell down a set of stairs. Sticking to the wall, he was expecting most of the doors to be locked. That was, until he reached Tsubaki's door, and fell through into the dim-lit dorm. "What the...?" Was the last thing Alex said before meeting the floor.
  25. "Good choice!" Tsubaki tossed the deck into the air. With a puff of purple smoke, it dissapeared. She picked up one card, the pink card. "Let me see... You must come from a long line of royalty, do you not?" Tsubaki tossed the card face up on the table.
  26. Amber woke up to her espeon clawing at the door, it seems like it wanted it to follow her. Amber followed diamond into the room of the strange girl.
  27. Bella knew she could not lie, "Yes, I am a princess." Bella said trying not to show her fear.
  28. Considering no one has called him out, Alex decided to get up and slowly back out of the room. Gale obviously wasn't there nor was he interested in interacting with them. Once he could tell he was in the hallway, he dashed down it, heading for his room. He could find Gale in the morning. Wherever she was.
  29. "My cards are never wrong!" She winked, tossing the next card in the air. It landed facedown on the table. "At the moment, you seem to be in grave danger!" Tsubaki exclaimed enthusiastically.
  30. "Huh?" Bella said, suddenly growing suspicious of Tsubaki, she tried to hide it though, "Ok, what does the next one say?" she asled her.
  31. "Ah yes, the final card!" She layed it down, and the lights in the room turned off. "In your future, you will meet a special someone and raise a family together. You will be praised by many, hated by one. This said person will hunt you relentlessly." Tsubaki exclaimed. The lights turned back on.
  32. "Oh, that's nice." Bella said forcing herself into a smile. "What now." she said.
  33. When Amber was walking back from class she realized she forgot to turn in her school forms, She rushed to the Head Masters ofice while looking at her form

    Name: Amber
    Pokemon: Espeon
    Pet: Espeon
    Pet Name: Diamond
    Personality: Kind, Caring, Friendly, funny, Mysterious, Short Tempered, Skilled at writing, Loves to flout around, is known to use pokemon moves when angry
    Looks: Black hair purple tips, Wares a Purple short dress and a red and black plaid hoodie, Wares purple boots, her hair is done up in a bun with two chopsticks through it, the chopsticks have crystals on the end of them. Has a red jewel in her fore head.
  34. Bella texted Amber, "Ooops, I remembered I dropped Diamond's food bowl when I was going so clean it, and it broke, so sorry!" she texted.
  35. Oh, thats ok, um i need to do something. Amber texted back. She disappeared into the woods with diamond behind her
  36. Oh ok. sorry. Bella texted back, then she stood there waiting for Tsubaki to talk.
  37. "Well, sorry, but I have somewhere I need to be! Chau!" Tsubaki raised one hand, dissapearing into a puff of smoke. Bella was teleported out of the room, and the door was locked then afterwards.
  38. Bella shrugged she was still scared about Tsubaki's danger card, but she decided to take a walk, it was morning now. She looked and saw a cute guy stumbling into her,
  39. Amber turned the corner and saw Bella talking to some random guy. She quietly snuck up to them jumped into the air and said with the most scariest voice possible "What are you two doing?" while using phycic which was making her hair form a halo around her head. It also made her eyes glow white and tiny sparks shoot out of the gem on her fore head.
  40. Bella jumped causing the boy to step back, "Amber, you scared me!" she said to her friend, (BTW did ya finish the book about this yet?")
    Brandon paused, his eevee tail wagging back and forth, Bella was super cute, but she had a very creepy friend.

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