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Private/Closed Pokémon: Fractured Lights

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by SharpShotInteleon, May 31, 2020.


So, quick question. I'd like to know how you guys want the championship to play out

Poll closed Jun 2, 2020.
  1. Game style (E4)

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  2. Anime/SwSh style (Championships)

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  1. So, I'm making a fakemon-based region roleplay, so I'm going to set up this board for a few reasons:
    1: Submitting character ideas
    2: Creating fakemon
    3: Creating the region

    I've got the region base and the starters ready, so here we go!

    The region of Auvena is, in itself, a continent. It is wonderful combination of humanity's ingenuity and nature's spark of survival, creating a beautiful mix of flora and fauna, and architecture. The citadel of capital city, Sentina City , watches proudly over the entire rest of Auvena, a vigil of brick and wood.

    The laboratory of the wise, old professor Buckthorn, acts as home to some of the most influential research to grace the entirety of the world of Pokémon, studying how Pokémon adapt to survive, a term better known as evolution.

    But, of course, he can't do it on his own. That, my friends, is where you come in. As you may be aware, prof. Buckthorn has selected you to adventure across the expanse of Auvena, studying the will of adapt shared by many, if not all, Pokémon.

    You will be able to select one of three different, incredibly rare, pokemon. Allow me to describe to you.

    First off, the ice starter, the stealthy Frostyke. It darts across the tundra, camouflaging within the snow.
    Next up, the steel starter, the proud Baaronze. It never backs down from a challenge, its coat hard as iron.
    Finally, the ground starter, the vicious Fenermal. It charges down unsuspecting prey, draining the nutrients from their bodies.

    So, good luck! Venture forth! Most importantly, have fun!

    Character Format:
    Age: (Between 12 and 16)

    Name: Sebastian Fractalite
    Gender: M
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Taller than average; long, dark hair tied back into a ponytail; blue, stormy eyes
    Personality: Cold on the outside, but warms up to close friends. His biggest flaw is his overconfidence. Intellectual, bookworm.
    Starter: Frostyke

    001: Frostyke (Ice)
    002: Ermiberg (Ice) (Level 14)
    003: Tundramo (Ice/Ghost) (Level 36)
    004: Baaronze (Steel)
    005: Ewelloy (Steel) (Level 16)
    006: Armoram (Steel/Fighting) (Level 32)
    007: Fenermal (Ground)
    008: Dunermal (Ground) (Level 18.)
    009: Precizerda (Ground/Dark (Level 30)
    010: Hatchiring (Flying)
    011: Falcoring (Flying) (Level 17)
    012: Merliring (Psychic/Flying) (Level 34)
    013: Murdani (Normal)
    014: Dandidae (Normal/Grass) (Level 15)
    015: Nymphada (Bug)
    016: Cicadrain (Bug) (Level 12)
    017: Plaguada (Bug/Dark) (Level 18.)
    018: Vulpeglove (Poison)
    019: Digivulpes (Poison)
    020: Puffloon (Flying)
    021: Baluffin (Flying)
    022: Sclue (Bug)
    023: Stickystick (Bug/Fighting)
    024: Puppilove (Fairy)
    025: Cadeound (Fairy/Psychic)
    026: Fangwolf (Normal)
    027: Forgefang (Normal/Steel)
    028: Tadroll (Water/Rock)
    029: Toadarrel (Water/Rock)
    030: Crageeleon (Ground/Steel)
    031: Pebbite (Rock)
    032: Quartzephyr (Rock/Dragon)
    033: Honbear (Normal)
    034: Bearoney (Normal)
    035: Monkisect (Bug/Fighting)
    036: Preyantis (Bug/Fighting)
    037: Monkantis (Bug/Fighting)
    038: Mewouch (Normal)
    039: Meowargh (Normal)
    040: Purragh (Normal)
    041: Rumblade (Ground)
    042: Quaknight (Ground/Fighting)
    043: Fluffpuppy (Normal)
    044: Fluffanite (Normal/Rock)
    045: Miendeye (Psychic)
    046: Raboom (Normal)
    047: Rablast (Normal)
    048: Rabombard (Normal/Fire)
    049: Dewlily (Water/Grass)
    050: Sprindew (Water/Grass)
    051: Mistice (Ice/Flying)
    052: Haezaura (Ice/Flying)
    053: Paigect (Bug)
    054: Insquire (Bug/Steel)
    055: Knightect (Bug/Steel)
    056: Mitelectro (Bug/Electric)
    057: Mitestorm (Bug/Electric)
    058: Donkick (Normal/Fighting)
    059: Donquake (Ground/Fighting)
    060: Oracalight (Psychic/Steel)
    061: Lampillume (Psychic/Steel)
    062: Vampifry (Water/Dark)
    063: Dracamari (Water/Dark)
    064: Buzzi (Bug/Flying)
    065: Buzzibee (Bug/Flying)
    066: Nectabee (Bug/Flying)
    067: Goatin (Normal)
    068: Cloatin (Flying) (Evolves with sky plate)
    069: Geartin (Steel) (Evolves with metal coat)
    070: Burntin (Fire) (Evolves with fire stone)
    071: Tidetin (Water) (Evolves near water)
    072: Bloomtin (Grass) (Evolves in a forest)
    073: Jackowisp (Fire/Ghost)
    074: Reapelant (Fire/Ghost
    075: Harvereap (Fire/Ghost) (Evolves with fire stone)
    076: Pipower (Grass/Dark)
    077: Applattack (Grass/Dark)
    078: Orchardoom (Grass/Dark)
    079: Nepunk (Electric/Dark)
    080: Punkiber (Electric/Dark)
    081: Fumetox (Poison/Flying)
    082: Pollutifume (Poison/Flying)
    083: Pollutaint (Poison/Flying)
    084: Dirpoult (Ground)
    085: Soilurky (Ground)
    086: Landbler (Ground/Flying (Male only)
    087: Henland (Ground/Flying (Female only.)
    088: Cubble (Water)
    090: Ursurfer (Water)
    091 Rorrim (Psychic)
    092: Rainbro (Psychic)
    093: Spectub (Psychic)
    094: Ticklock (Steel)
    095: Clocktick (Steel)
    096: Schokobunny (Psychic/Dark)
    097: Psychopraline (Psychic/Dark)
    098: Solasaur (Electric)
    099: Heliosaur (Electric/Rock)
    100: Geisteal (Ghost)
    101: Polterpan (Ghost/Ground) (Evolves with a shattered plate)
    102: Polteflask (Ghost/Poison) (Evolves with odd chemicals)
    103: Poltelibram (Ghost/Psychic) (Evolves with torn book)
    104: Poltebrush (Ghost/Fairy) (Evolves with broken brush)
    105: Noximy (Poison)
    106: Alchebrew (Poison
    107: Cheminox (Poison)
    108: Wereflow (Fairy/Dark)
    109: Celestiwere (Fairy/Dark)
    110: Wilowasp (Bug/Ghost)
    111: Hiveidolon (Bug/Ghost)
    112: Bunseburn (Fire)
    113: Burnelab (Fire)
    114: Caiper (Normal/Electric)
    115: Calerog (Fighting/Electric)
    116: Chimpar (Normal)
    117: Puzzlin (Psychic)
    118: Perplexin (Psychic)
    119: Faunel (Normal)
    120: Yagipu (Normal/Grass)
    121: Gidauto (Normal/Grass)
    122: Lemuline (Ghost/Grass)
    123: Reverap (Ghost/Grass)
    124: Apprach Ghost/Grass)
    125: Shellety (Flying) (Dual evolution)
    126: Valkourage (Steel/Flying) (Evolves at daytime)
    127: Wratharpy (Fighting/Flying) (Evolves at nightime)
    128: Puppetears (Ghost/Dark)
    129: Flaumen (Fairy/Fire)
    130: Floemen (Fairy/Ice)
    131: Thunderclaup (Electric/Flying)
    132: Nimbuclaud (Electric/Flying)
    133: Platihno (Steel)
    134: Horknight (Steel)
    135: Ostretch (Flying)
    136: Nymvreed (Bug)
    137: Cacread (Bug)
    138: Reedragus (Bug/Dragon)
    139: Feneko (Water)
    140: Tormire (Water)
    141: Hippopot (Ground/Grass)
    142: Vaseotomus (Ground/Grass)
    143: Midrake (Dragon/Dark)
    144: Hoardedrake (Dragon/Dark)
    145: Grimmik (Normal/Ghost)
    146: Reapter (Normal/Ghost)
    147: Maskmyx (Psychic/Dark)
    148: Riddlmyx (Psychic/Dark)
    149: Graveruin (Rock/Ghost)
    150: Amnesiant (Psychic)
    151: Elephemory (Psychic)
    152: Memelophant (Psychic)
    153: Kapspring (Water/Fire)
    154: Steamappa (Water/Fire)
    155: Freezee (Ice)
    156: Froskura (Ice/Dragon)
    157: Freezkamik (Ice/Dragon)
    158: Hermage (Fairy/Dark)
    159: Frosclimb (Ice)
    160: Clamberice (Ice/Steel)
    161: Mountinaxe (Ice/Steel)
    162: Nautishell (Water/Rock)
    163: Neptushell (Water/Rock)
    164: Neputrident (Water/Fighting)
    165: Hujin (Fairy/Psychic)
    166: Dijinn (Fairy/Psychic)
    167: Ju-Jok (Fighting/Dark)
    168: Gi-Jok (Fighting/Dark)
    169: Ner-Jok (Fighting/Dark)
    170: Mistleberry (Fairy/Grass)
    171: Missiletoe (Fairy/Grass)
    172: Nighterror (Ghost)
    173: Mareidolon (Ghost)
    174: Phantasmare (Ghost)
    175: Ballarre (Dragon/Steel)
    176: Vallorre (Dragon/Steel)
    177: Twinake (Fire/Ice)
    178: Dualobra (Fire/Ice)
    179: Dupleviper (Fire/Ice)
    180: Duskire (Steel/Fairy)
    181: Starriknight (Steel/Fairy)
    182: Galaxinel (Steel/Fairy)
    183: Guardistone (Rock/Fighting)
    184: Mistighoul (Water/Ghost)
    185: Echonite (Dark)
    186: Echosite (Psychic)
    187: Echofite (Fighting)

    Perhaps, now you have your pokemon, it may be best that you attempt the auvenan championship, taking on the eight gym leaders.

    Gym Leader 1: Water
    Badge: Dam
    Name: Pond
    Gender: Female
    TMs: Rain Dance

    Gym Leader 2: Flying
    Badge: Nest
    Name: Zeph Hartner
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Personality: Often times bored, doesn't want to put effort into his battles. Experienced battler, but dislikes focusing his energy into battles, as he is often caught up with other things.
    TMs: Roost

    Gym Leader 3: Electric
    Badge: Neon
    Name: Liam Amper
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Sort of short and skinny. He is very pale and has white hair. He wears a black jacket with jagged bright yellow stripes, sort of like lightning.
    Personality: Liam is an artist and specializes in graffiti and abstract art. He has a random and unpredictable battle style.
    TMs: Volt Switch

    Gym Leader 4: Ice & Fire
    Badge: Equalizer
    Names: Yuki & Kosuke
    Genders: Male & Female
    Ages: 22 & 23
    TMs: Hail & Sunny Day

    Gym leader 5: Dragon
    Badge: Slayer
    Name: Karim Ward
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Muscular build, he has dark skin and eyes. His hair is usually in dreadlocks and sometimes put up. He wears a bulky silver jacket with a yellow jagged pattern. The hood resembles the head of a dragon type Pokémon.
    Personality: Karim enjoys his role as a gym leader, and is always friendly and encouraging to challengers. He doesn’t often get very competitive. He is very laid back in battles but still has considerable skill.
    Freezkamik X2
    TMs: Dragon Tail

    Gym Leader 6: Dark
    Badge: Eclipse
    Name: Leo Berryli
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, doubts opponents power, which often loses him battles. However, if he recognises an opponent with power, he gains respect for them and fights even harder than usual.
    TMs: Dark Pulse

    Gym Leader 7: Ghost
    Badge: Eidolon
    Name: Isabelle Hatrick
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Isabelle has very pale skin and is very short, standing at 5'3. She has blueish purple hair, and misty grey eyes. She wears an oversized purple shirt, and blue jeans that cover her shoes.
    Personality: She's quite shy, not liking to have to talk to anyone unless its a gym battle.
    TMs: Shadow Ball

    Gym Leader 8: Steel & Psychic
    Badge: Hyper
    Names: Magnus & Bismuth
    Age: 30
    Personality: Near identical twins, Magnus & Bismuth both took interest in pokemon battling, and set up a gym together. They both are very supporting of new trainers, Bismuth is more so.
    TMs: Flash Cannon & Psychic

    Gym Leader Tournament (Championships):



    Nimbusclaud X2

    Yuki & Kosuke:

    Freezkamik X2



    Magnus & Bismuth:

    Champion: Mixed
    Name: Frances Buckthorn
    Age: 57
    Personality: Even though she is the wife to professor Buckthorn, she is quite the opposite to him; harsh, brash but she has the same high intelligence as her husband.
    Galaxinel: Galaxy Slice (Fairy), Iron Head, Swords Dance, Psycho Strike (Psychic)
    Ner-Jok: Sucker Punch, Bullet Punch, Thunder Punch, Drain Punch
    Reedragus: X-Scissor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Crunch
    Spectub: Substitute, Toxic, Spectrum Bounce, Recover
    Dupleviper: Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder, Dragon Pulse
    Polterpan: Earthquake, Shadow Sneak, Dark Pulse, Psychic

    The Equinox Foundation is a team of elite scientists dedicated to experimenting on the seasons and their effects on Pokemon. They seem to have a fixation on controlling the seasons and weather.

    Admin Easter:

    Admin Jules:

    Admin Octavio:

    Admin Christy:

    Key Keeper:
    Specialization: Bug

    Fae Librarian:
    Specialization: Fairy

    1. Normal Rules apply, of course
    2. Romance is allowed, but let's keep it PG-13
    3. Violence is discouraged. Keep conflicts to the pokemon world
    4. All battles against npcs must be condensed to one post.
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  2. Name: Raven Sylvia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Appearance: With an average height, Raven has short silver hair, paired with sharp golden eyes. she wears a white t-shirt, with a black skirt, and white sneakers to top it all off.
    Personality: Raven can act nice, but not for long, soon after that, her real personality shows, always picking fights with other trainers... literally, and yelling for no reason, though she does know her boundaries, and when she sees someone sad, she'll try and comfort them.
    Starter: Baaronze
  3. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Is it ok if I make a character that starts with a Pokémon before getting one from the professor(given to him by his father)
  4. Here’s my character ^^

    Name: Xavier Wright
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Tall and lanky. He has dark brown hair and medium dark skin. Xavier’s eyes are grey. He wears nice clothing generally, and lots of sweaters. His favorite color to wear is navy blue.
    Personality: a little bit sheltered, he is from a well off family and isn’t used to lots of excitement and adventure, but he is very book smart and interested in Pokémon research. He is a little snobbish and sarcastic, and a bit socially awkward. He isn’t usually outwardly affectionate until he knows someone very well.
    Starter: Fenermal
  5. It depends. Since fractured lights is about fakemon, It would have to also be a fakemon. I'll post the fakedex (or what I have of it) in the original post to help.

    To add, everyone's character has been accepted
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  6. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    ok so the fakemon is the normal/Fighting type Donkick.(I made it) and it evolves into the ground/fighting type Donquake

    So here is his profile
    Appearance-Looks very small despite his age and has dark brown hair.
    Personality-Nonexist. Because of his rough childhood, he is somewhat a "human chameleon."
  7. All your characters have been accepted! If you have any ideas, such as fakemon or gym leaders that's perfectly ok! If you also want to suggest any parts of the RP plot, or the region itself, that's ok too.

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  8. Name: Kia Ostroth
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Kia is fairly tall, with pale skin. She has brown eyes and straight hair. She wears a grey crop hoodie and a yellow shirt underneath. She wears black shorts and leggings. Her shoes are also grey.
    Personality: Kia is quite stubborn, and can sometimes be rude. She gets quite serious when she sets herself a target, and won't stop until she gets it. She is more relaxed around people she trusts, or her friends (yes, she doesn't trust her friends most of the time). She is quite tricky to make friends with in the first place, often making rivalries and competition.
    Starter: Frostyke (no, I didn't do that to finish the trio. I was originally planning to give her one.)
    edit: I also made a fakemon. Crageeleon, the deception pokemon. It lures prey in by looking helpless and retreats underground, then pops back out with steel horns and a hardened tail. It can cause earthquakes this way. Doesn't evolve. I want this to be the first pokemon Kia catches, too. My Drawing (1).png
    I hope its ok!
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  9. @Clunpsy That's no problem at all. Your character's been accepted

    I'll add your fakemon to the dex. Since you asked for it to be the first Pokémon she catches, I put it towards the start of the pokedex.
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  10. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

  11. In the rules of pokecharms, does it mean that there can't be any involvement of fakemon legendaries either? It would be cool if there were, but its fine if there can't be. None of the characters would obtain any, because that's op, and sort of Mary Sueing if they did.
  12. @Clunpsy I asked Stellarwind Elsydeon the same question, so we'll wait and see, I guess. I hope they allow fakemon ledgendaries, if only as encounters, because there's a certain ledgendary I want to have involvement in the rp.
  13. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    what if we all got one legendary then it would be equal
  14. @BigHoodieBoy236

    I'm not sure that's how that works. I don't think just giving everybody an ultra-powerful pokemon would be considered very fair by anyone, especially the admins.
  15. I made some drawings of the starter Pokémon. The details aren’t final, this is just what I imagine they look like.

    Also, here are some ideas I have for the starters’ traits:

    -Baaronze’s wool is made of little metal fibers. (Literal steel wool)
    -Frostyke’s fur can change color for different seasons.
    -Fenermal can walk upright on two legs and also on all fours. When it stands up it leans forward a little to balance itself.

    @Clunpsy-I love Crageelon ^^

    Attached Files:

  16. @Condor

    Holy. Heck! Thank you so much for making these. They were exactly how I imagined them, no word of a lie! I can't express quite how grateful I am, with you going out of your way to draw these.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm overemotional, I just really happy someone would make art for some random fakemon I imagined up
  17. @SharpShotInteleon
    You’re welcome! :) Their concepts were unique and they were fun to make.
  18. @Condor
    I had planned for them to just be your bog-standard grass, water and fire trio, but I felt that was just too boring, so I switched it up to ground, ice and steel. Glad you enjoyed making them!
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  19. @Condor thanks! Yours was great too!

    I also decided to do the birds. I didn't know what concept to go off, but the word ring in their names and the final evolution being half psychic i made this.

    Hatchiring, Sparorin and Merliring. The colours in the top right shows each colour variation of the birds, which is how easily they can draw a straight line. The darker the bird, the dumber they are. The parents of the bird don't influence the colour of it, and its colour can't be changed. (I only made them different colours as an example) The most common colour is colour 4. The birds can emit a high pitched sound that can paralyse opponents, and control how high their pitch is. My Drawing-6.sketchpad.png
    Because this one is one of the premade fakemons, I hope this is ok for your idea!
  20. @Clunpsy

    Whilst that wasn't quite the concept I had in mind for the merliring line, I am happy that you'd go out of your way to make some art for my fakemon. Merliring was more about falconeering, and the trick in which a falcon holds a ring. However, I do realise I may not have made that obvious. Thanks anyways!
  21. Well I guess that makes sense :'|
    Its okay, I wasn't sure what its name was supposed to mean.
  22. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    I have a good idea. “Hujin, The Genie Pokemon. Dijinn, The Genie Pokemon.”
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  23. if you need help coming up with gym leader characters, I can make a few. I have an idea for a dragon type gym leader, who would probably be about the 4th or 5th gym or so.

    Name: Karim Ward
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23 (I made him a bit older because he would be a gym leader)
    Appearance: Muscular build, he has dark skin and eyes. His hair is usually in dreadlocks and sometimes put up. He wears a bulky silver jacket with a yellow jagged pattern. The hood resembles the head of a dragon type Pokémon.
    Personality: Karim enjoys his role as a gym leader, and is always friendly and encouraging to challengers. He doesn’t often get very competitive. He is very laid back in battles but still has considerable skill.
    Pokémon: TBD
    Also, will gym leaders be played like NPC’s or will they be RP’d by a certain person?
  24. Well, I've got quite a bit to cover, so no time like the present!

    First, @Clunpsy. It's no problem. I didn't make it clear, and you only had the name and the type to go off, so don't feel too bad.

    @BigHoodieBoy236 I'll add it to the dex. It'll be a later pokemon in the pokedex, due to its inspiration in genies.

    @Condor Thanks for your gym leader. I'll add it to the league, per say. The gym leaders will be NPCs, so you can RP both the leader and your own character. Hope that clears it up. And, if you could help make the gym leaders, that would help a ton.
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  25. Here’s another quick character to serve as a gym leader! Maybe 3rd?

    What else needs to be done before starting the RP? (Other than gym leaders)

    Name: Liam
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Sort of short and skinny. He is very pale and has white hair. He wears a black jacket with jagged bright yellow stripes, sort of like lightning.
    Personality: Liam is an artist and specializes in graffiti and abstract art. He has a random and unpredictable battle style.
    Pokémon: TBD
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  26. I may have a Pokemon and two Rivals.

    Dirpoult, the Mini Turkey Pokemon (Ground)
    Soilurky, the dirt Turkey Pokemon (Ground)
    Landbler, the Mountain Turkey Pokemon (Ground/Flying, Male only)
    Henland, The Mountain Turkey Pokemon, (Ground/Flying, Female only.)

    And the character

    Name: Lana Montgomery
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Lana has a feminine frame, which can be considered attractive, with Platinum blonde hair and Green eyes, she commonly wears a low cut tank top, of light blue color, and jeans, with traveling shoes, wears a backpack which is grey in color.
    Personality: Lana is Serious, but can be sweet and caring, much like her sister, Ariana, but is also a bit snarky towards those who she perceives as rivals.
    Pokemon: Starter: Fenermal
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  27. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Ok I got a great idea for a Pokémon line


    Also should we be doing abilities

    Edit-How about a Fire Gym Leader as the Last.
    I don’t know about fakemon but I think Fire last will be cool.
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  28. Well technically you mean the strongest

    Ghost Type Gym Leader possibly 6th or 7th
    Name: Isabelle Hatrick
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Isabelle has very pale skin and is very short, standing at 5'3. She has blueish purple hair, and misty grey eyes. She wears an oversized purple shirt, and blue jeans that cover her shoes.
    Personality: She's quite shy, not liking to have to talk to anyone unless its a gym battle.
    Strongest Pokemon: Poltelibram
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  29. So, here we go!
    Your character and pokemon have both been accepted. If you could come up with rivals, that'd be great.

    Your pokemon has been accepted. There's no need for abilities, but thanks for the inquiry.

    I can't think of anything else that needs doing, except the evil team maybe.

    Thanks for your gym leader! It's the 7th leader, as I had plans for the sixth.
  30. Name: Tsuroua Kimono
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Tsuroua is 5'9 with short, messy white hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a black puffer jacket unzipped over a white T-shirt with blue jeans and black boots, though in hotter temperatures he'll replace his jacket with a leather one.
    Personality: Tsuroua is not a very loud or enthusiastic person, instead he comes off as pretty cold and overly serious to most people. He doesn't like talking much, and though he opens up much more to friends and family, his cold exterior never truly melts away completely.
    Starter: Frostyke, Egg

    I also have some Pokemon ideas, one that will hatch from the egg if the egg is even allowed.

    1. Freezee (Ice)
    Freezee is a small, triangular mote with tiny wings. Usually they're pretty weak and can't win battles against Pokemon much stronger than them.
    2. Froskura (Ice/Dragon)
    Froskura is a much larger Pokemon than it's pre-evolved form, it's wings are gone, and instead it can float above the ground without them. It's body is also much more snake-like, and it's skin is now covered in scales.
    3. Freezkamik (Ice/Dragon)
    Freezkamik is a large, long snake-like Pokemon reminiscent of a Chinese Dragon, it's scales on the upper half of it's body are a lighter frost blue, while further down it's snake-like body the color is a much darker blue.

    (I am hopeless at drawing lol, so there's no visual representation, but if anyone wants to try they're more than welcome.)
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  31. @Pinch

    Your character has been accepted. Your pokemon idea has also been accepted. Good thing it was dragon type, I've been needing more of those!
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  32. Name: David Shorewater
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: He wears a green t-shirt with a Shinx symbol on it. He wears a brown jacket on top with a black hat. He wears square rimmed glasses. He wears jeans and tennis shoes. He also wears an orange traveling bag.
    Personality: David is a person who likes to battle with his friends. He isn’t to fond of researching Pokémon because he only likes to battle. He likes to talk to others and help them get out of tough predicaments.
    Starter: Baaronze

    I have two evolutionary lines

    Caiper: Normal Electric
    Calerog: Fighting Electric

    Stickystick: Bug Fighting
    Sclue: Bug Fighting
  33. @Baymaxman13

    Your character and pokemon have both been accepted!
  34. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Ok, so I got an idea for a typing I don’t think exitsts yet, and I think it should be a pseudo legand
  35. @BigHoodieBoy236

    About that, I've already added a bug/dragon type to the Pokedex, and I've also already got a pseudo-legendary. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  36. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    ah drat here I thought I was first, but ok
  37. Or maybe you could have two pseudo legendaries, like Hoenn. Hoenn had Metagross and Salamence. I also have a new line.

    Frosnake: Fire Ice
    Powdnake: Fire Ice
    Blizznake: Fire Ice
  38. @Baymaxman13

    I like the idea, but I'll switch up the names slightly.
  39. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    So how about a fakemon based of some Greek Mythology, specifically a Saytr.

    Yagipu-Normal/Grass-Note:Used Japanese word for Goat and Pipe
    Gidauto-Normal/Grass-Note:Used Greek word for Goat and Flute

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