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Open Pokemon Evil Team Wars

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mr Fishykarp, Jan 30, 2017.

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  1. Viridian City, Kanto
    Gym Leader Blue and Champion Red have gone missing, the only clue to their disappearance is a note left in the spot they was last seen, with the words "Imposter and Brat are gone at last. I may return". In the middle of the day, a logo not seen for many years appeared on screens all over the world followed by shocking news.
    Giovanni was back, Team Rocket would rise again and rule the earth

    Veilstone City, Sinnoh
    The derelict Team Galactic HQ, not touched for years, suddenly all lights were turned back on and one day, streams of Galactic Grunts exited and overtook Sinnoh in an instant, overrunning the league in mere days.
    Cyrus had returned, and if he could not create his own perfect world, he would take over this one

    Pokemon League, Unova
    N's Castle has once again risen. But when the Pokemon League rushed in to investigate, they never returned. New Team Plasma returned and the remains of the old team plasma, the ones who truly believed in the cause of freeing Pokemon, were pushed into hiding once more. Without the league Unova fell quickly
    Ghetsis had returned for a third time and this time he was determined to rule the earth

    All over the world three transmissions from three team leaders sent shockwaves, they would rule the earth.

    But they all happened on the same day, and no team was content with sharing rule of the earth, it could only mean one thing


    1. You may only use Pokemon from the region that the team you join is part of
    2. Please read the rules
    3. PM me if you want to be Giovanni, Cyrus or Ghetsis.
    4. Red, Diamond and Nate are dead/kidnapped so nobody can be them
    5. You can be a police officer or something if you wish but since the regions have been conquered it'll be really hard to keep the peace
    6. No godmodding or autoing
    7. You can have characters from more than one team
    8. No Gladionlike spies please
    9. No godmodding or autoing (I feel like this ones important enough to put twice times)
    10. The grunts will be severely more advanced than the ones in the game and with a bigger range of Pokemon but please do not make yourself stronger than Ghetisis
    11. Put the words "All hail (Team Leader)" at the end of your posts
    12. There is no character max but please do not go overboard


    Allegiance (Which team are they a part of):
    Loyalty (Scale of 1 to 10):
    Rank (Grunt, Scientist, Admin, ect):


    Mine for reference:
    Name: David
    Appearance: David is normally seen either wearing a lab coat and glasses or a modified team rocket uniform
    Personality: David is harsh, cold and calculating. Always doing what is best for the team and caring not for morals of the people who could potentially get in harm's way.
    Allegiance: Rocket
    Loyalty: 10/10
    Rank: Admin

    Pokemon: Alakazam
    Nickname: None
    Appearance: A normal Alakazam
    Personality: Serious and Calm at all times
    Level: 80

    Pokemon: Muk
    Nickname: None
    Appearance: A normal Muk
    Personality: Mean and cold hearted
    Level: 60

    Pokemon: Golbat
    Nickname: None
    Appearance: A normal Golbat
    Personality: Ever a jokester, Golbat likes playing pranks and messing around more than fighting
    Level: 60

    Pokemon: Kabutops
    Nickname: None
    Appearance: A scar across his face
    Personality: A serious and skilled hunter, Kabutops is always on task, ruthless and not afraid to kill.
    Level: 60


    Name: John Whitman
    Appearance: Tall, Dark hair and eyes, wears the normal Team Plasma uniform
    Personality: John doesn't entirely agree with what Team Plasma is doing but a job is a job and in times like this anything is good
    Allegiance: Plasma
    Loyalty: 6/10
    Rank: Grunt

    Pokemon: Watchog
    Nickname: Buddy
    Appearance: A normal Watchog
    Personality: Always positive and optimistic. Buddy has seen John through some hard times as his first Pokemon ever.
    Level: 43

    Pokemon: Stoutland
    Nickname: Guardian
    Appearance: A regular Stoutland
    Personality: Very protective of John and Buddy, Guardian would do anything to assure their safety
    Level: 39

  2. Name:Livia
    Appearance:Like all Team Rocket grunts, wears the typical grunt Team Rocket uniform
    Personality:Livia acts like she is evil and tough but on the inside is a sweet little girl who's just looking for a place she belongs to. SHe doesn't agree with stealing Pokemon, which is her job, but she has to do what she has to do.
    Allegiance (Which team are they a part of):Team Rocket
    Loyalty (Scale of 1 to 10): 5/10
    Rank: Grunt

    Nickname: Vixen
    Appearance: Vixen wears a Black Bandanna with the letter R on it for Team Rocket
    Personality: Vixen is a cunning and mischievous Pokemon. She acts like she's innocent and sweet but is truly not those things. She is also charming and uses her beauty to get away with things.

    Pokemon: Golduck
    Nickname: Kap
    Appearance:Normal Golduck.
    Personality: Most Psyducks Turn from clumsy and clueless to fast and sleek. Kap, was not one of them. He is very clumsy and often hides behind during fights.
    Level: 35

  4. Name: Chondriom
    Appearance: Just a scientist. He is 6 feet tall, slim, with dark hair and hazel eyes. He wears a light blue shirt, black jeans, black shoes and a white thick-clothed coat. He also wears a blue and yellow tie, reminding somehow to a Manectric. In the left part of the coat, at the chest, he has a pocket with some pens and laser pointers; over it, he has an ID card with a photo of him, some relevant data about his personal information and the Symbol of Team Plasma. He has some futuristic glasses, with some mechanical devices, maybe for VR or watching the interface of a computer. In his left forearm, he carries a small laptop somehow held by the coat. He also wears a futuristic hat with some small antennas; and a pair of globes with some circuit boards and wires on them. He carries a backpack too with a generator; which main source of power is a bank of Tynamo.
    Personality: Intelligent; kind with the ones the ones that truly know him; otherwise, cold and calculator. He gets stressed quite easily. He worked with Team Plasma since it was founded, although he only agrees with the original idea. He joined the new Team Plasma because they offered him working as a scientist, and he couldn't miss that opportunity.
    Allegiance (Which team are they a part of): Team Plasma
    Loyalty (Scale of 1 to 10): 7/10
    Rank (Grunt, Scientist, Admin, etc): Scientist

    (I have a question, and it's if I am only supposed to use Pokemon of, in my case, Unova Region. It's just because I have other ideas for a team for a scientist. At this moment, I am only going with Pokemon of Unova, but I may change them if I can have from other regions)

    Pokemon: Haxorus
    Nickname: Tusky
    Appearance: A normal Haxorus, but he wears a blue necklace with the Team Plasma Logo. He also has two small scars on his left arm.
    Personality: He is a good Haxorus, but he has overprotecting feelings with anyone that hurts or threats his trainer.
    Level: 60

    Pokemon: Eelektross
    Nickname: Tesla
    Appearance: A normal Eelektross, but his blue skin is slightly lighter than the other of his species. He wears a vest with the Team Plasma logo in his back.
    Personality: Hyperactive, he normally likes to sleep when he shouldn't.
    Level: 55

    Pokemon: Braviary
    Nickname: Tib
    Appearance: A normal Braviary with a necklace of the Team Plasma Logo.
    Personality: Proud of his strength, yet clumsy when he is not in combat.
    Level: 55

    Pokemon: Samurott
    Nickname: Sam
    Appearance: He has a bandage in his left frontal paw. He has a bracelet wit a light blue stone in the right frontal paw.
    Personality: Lonely and tough. He doesn't surrender unless he has no other options.
    Level: 40

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  5. Name: Raiza
    Appearance: He is a 7 feet tall, bulky man. He has white, ornate hair, and green eyes. He wears black robes, with a big, blue Team Plasma emblem on it. He has a light blue tattoo going around his face, legs, and arms.
    Personality: He is fanatical for Team Plasma's cause. He is usually preaching Team Plasma, and when he isn't, he is meditating or going on missions.
    Allegiance (Which team are they a part of): Team Plasma
    Loyalty (Scale of 1 to 10): 9/10
    Rank (Grunt, Scientist, Admin, ect): Admin

    Pokemon: Darmanitan
    Nickname: Guru
    Appearance: A normal Darmanitan, except he has tattoos like Raiza.
    Personality: He is calm and collected, but is fierce when provoked.
    Level: 80

    Pokemon: Throh
    Nickname: Monk
    Appearance: He has tattoos like Raiza, and his uniform has a Team Plasma emblem on it.
    Personality: He is very protective of Raiza, and is one of his "bodyguards."
    Level: 70

    Pokemon: Sawk
    Nickname: Monk
    Appearance: She has tattoos like Raiza, and his uniform has a Team Plasma emblem on it.
    Personality: She is very protective of Raiza, and is one of his "bodyguards."
    Level: 70

  6. *Wipes tear away* no one will hail Cyrus. ;_;
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