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Pokemon Epic Adventure: Leaders Unite!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Alex Bock, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. OOC: "Ok, A story I thought up. I personally think It's pretty epic and I'm really excited about it, so I hope people get inspired and join ^^ Probably won't get that high but the limit is 30! You'll see way when you read.

    BIC: I sing a song of you and I sing a song for you, as the legends build and grow will my love for you still show?

    *Audience cheers, ecstatically*

    "Thank you everyone, I'm glad you like my new single! And please pick up my album called "a world with pokemon!" Thank you again! Goodnight!" yells Whitney, waving cheerfully to the crowd.The crowd rumbles back in a roar of cheers. Whitney disappears behind the curtains and goes to her dressing room where she checks herself over in the mirror, Bouncing her hair and puffing out her lips. Whintey had just recently become a famous singer. She actually started just few months ago when she rehearsed a song on DJ Mary's radio channel. Her life had drastically grew more hectic, as now she had to manage the gym, appear at concerts and retain her acting career.

    "Being famous is hard," she whines, looking at herself in the mirror. She points at her reflection. "I think you need to pop outta there so you can help me out," she giggles.

    La la la pooookeeeemoooon
    Comes her cell phone.

    She takes it out of her purse and flips it open. "Hello?" she asks.

    "Whitney, Oh I'm so glad I reached you!" replies doctor oak urgently.

    "What's wrong doc, your voice seems frazzled," answers Whitney, now concerned on the sudden importance of the call.

    "I'm at Sinnoh with all the other professors we're gathering all the gym leaders to professor rowan's lap, immediately!" exclaims oak. Whitney's face shows distain and confusion.

    "Why, what's so important to call upon all the gym leaders of the surrounding regions?" asks Whitney chewing her nail while pacing back and forth.

    "Giovanni as made a partner deal with Cyrus of team galactic, they plan to use their new team, "team S.O.S save our solar system to find Arceus and take advantage of it's tremendous powers!" explains Oak frantically.

    "But oak, isn't Arceus just a myth?" asks Whitney.

    "No it's not in fact Cynthia found an ancient book burrowed under the ground in Mt. Coronet. In the ancient scripts it says, if you gather all the legendaries of the regions then Arceus will appear by the presence of their powerful aura!"" tells oak, intrigued by the finding put disdained at the same time by the situation.

    Whitney stops pacing. Her mind is of a swirl of information, but She shakes it off and continues with the conversation, not wanting to waste anytime.

    "Are plan is to group you all here and dispatch you into separate teams that will go to the location of the legendaries and help protect them from Team S.O.S's evil plans," continues oak again.

    "Ok I'm on my way," replies Whitney. She quickly closes her cell and heads out of her dressing room. Whitney makes her way outside Of stadium, where a body guard is waiting for her at her limo, that is shaped as a Miltank laying down on it's belly.

    "Where to miss," he asks opening the door for her.

    "To the airport and fast!" she calls jumping onto a leather seat.

    "This is huge?" she thinks, nervously as the lights in golden rod city flicker by the car window, making it seem like there was a brilliant light show inside the darkened limo.


    OOC: Rules orange island leaders excluded.

    Make sure you're gym leaders you control have some close ties to there actual personalities (Example Sabrina is not a prep lol)

    Quetions you might have:

    Q. "Whitney dosen't have an acting career or singing career. Isn't that straying from her personality"

    A. "Actually in the manga she is an actress but yes she dosen't have a singing career but I added it in cause it has close ties to her personality and occupation.

    Q. "Why is there only 30? there's 32 gym leaders in total,"

    A. "Yes there is 32 but I control one currently and I'm excluding Giovonni on obvious reason,"

    Closing comments: If you have any furthur question or ideas about the story, please contact me with a personal message ^^
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  2. "This seems quite basic, wouldn't you say?"

    "Haunter haunt haunt!"

    "If you say so. You would think someone of my caliber would come up with something a little more complex, or at least spectacular."

    "Haunter haunt."

    "It just seems too... easy."

    Sabrina would've stepped back to appraise her work, had she not been seated at her desk when she did it. The door to her office was slightly ajar with a bucket of water perched precariously above it. Simple. Classic. But she couldn't help but feel there should be something more to it.

    ~Arnie,~ Sabrina beckoned telepathically. ~Could you come into my office, please.~

    ~Oh, of course,~ Arnie replied. He was still a little unused to being called, as opposed to teleported directly to her office without warning. ~Right away, mistress.~

    ~And you can stop calling me mistress,~ Sabrina telepathed. ~I told you, I'm over that phase already.~

    ~Yes, erm, ma'am,~ Arnie replied hastily.

    A moment later, the door opened. The bucket toppled downward, spilling its contents all over a man in a white lab coat before becoming an impromptu helmet. Arnie stood there, his hand still on the knob, frozen in place as Sabrina stared at him expectantly. Haunter, meanwhile, was laughing its disembodied head off.

    Admittedly, it was a little funnier than she expected. One would think that having terrifying psychic powers that pretty much gave you the power to get away with anything would prevent lesser mortals from being able to adequately express the anger and humiliation that make playing such pranks so entertaining to the prankster. However, there was something to the confused restraint of subservience conflicting with the strong desire to rip your f***ing head off, followed by the anger and humiliation associated with total impotence, that made her crack a small smile.

    "Will that be all, ma'am?" Arnie asked from under the bucket.

    "Yes, you're excused," Sabrina replied.

    Arnie backed out of the room, closing the door as barely-audible complaints echoed metallically around his head. With the door firmly shut, Sabrina loosed a short giggle. Things certainly have been more entertaining since Haunter came to stay. Sabrina smiled a lot more these days. She was pretty much reliving the childhood she never had, albeit still exercising the responsibilities of a Gym Leader. It was an odd balance. Her gym has become less and less thought of as the Temple of Doom, although many failed challenges still end in life-changing experiences. She's been known to do... weird things to people who accept her wager, but its rarely permanent and she always changes them back if they win the rematch. If she discovers something she doesn't like about the challenger, she has been know to, should we say, "Let the punishment fit the crime."

    Which is why people still avoid her gym if they can help it.

    "Okay, I think I know how to jazz it up a notch," Sabrina said to Haunter. "Instead of water, how about snakes? Not poisonous ones, of course, but they'll still freak people out. Panic is always funny, right?"

    "Hau hau hau hau hau!" Haunter laughed in agreement.

    "I thought you'd say that," Sabrina grinned. "I was also thinking..."

    Sabrina was interrupted by the ringing of her desk phone. Her eyes glowed and the receiver floated up to her ear as if of it's own accord.

    "Hello?" she said into the phone. "Speaking... Yes, it's me... Well, I've lightened up since then... Yeah, the Haunter..." She giggled. "He is quite a handful... Ah, so there is a reason you called... Arceus? The mythical Creation Pokemon Arceus?... I see... I'll be there right away."

    The phone hung itself up and Sabrina stood. She glanced over at a nearby full-length mirror. She still wore the same style of uniform and the same style of hair. There have been times she considered trying something different, but it just wasn't her. Although, she did change her appearance when she went out. Looking recognizably like herself made it difficult to make friends. After all, there were still people who remember her as the cold psychic that used people as playthings. She kinda still was, actually. It made her a little sad that years of die-hard training of her psychic powers stood in the way of true friendship.

    "I think I'll wear something different today, Haunter," she said. "The situation is dire enough without everyone worrying if one of their teammates will turn them into dolls."

    A blue glow later, and she was wearing a white, flowing sun dress with matching hat.


    A black tank-top with a white skirt, her hair full of bounce and waves.


    A red skirt, white shirt, and black vest.


    A yellow tank top, exposing her abdomen, denim shorts, and red suspenders.

    They both laughed at that one.

    Finally, she decided on blue jeans, a red tank top, and a black sweater with wide neck that made it hang loosely over her and expose one of her shoulders. Her hair was tucked under a red cap, and her eyes were hidden behind a large pair of sunglasses.

    "How do I look?"

    "Haunt haunt haunt."

    "Well, I'm wearing it anyway. Let's go."

    With that, the two of them teleported to Professor Rowan's lab.
  3. OOC: you nailed Sabrina's part perfectly! XD

    BIC: "Would you like a drink miss?"

    Whitney suddenly awoke in a frenzy, to see a stuirdest handing her a drink of strawberry cocktail juice. Whitney yawned and slowly rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

    "No thanks....." she said half dozing back to sleep with drool slipping out the side of her mouth. The stuirdest just stared at her with a funny expression. She rolled her eyes and continued up the aisel, asking the person infront of whitney the exact same question in the exact same caring tone.

    "When am I gonna get there," muttered Whitney annoyed, with her arms folded. Whitney was a very impatient girl, especially since this current situation she was placed into was so dire and utterly important.

    She blankly stared out the window. Half focusing on the outskirts below and half caught up in the mist events, that raced in her mind.

    "I gotta make sure thier plan doesn't succeed," she thought, with a focused stare.

    "Excuse me passengers but we are currently travelling over hoenn and we should reach Sinnoh in 12 hours," came the pilots voice on the PA system

    TWELVE HOURS!!!!!" burst out Whitney. All the passengers turned to her. Realizing what she had done, Whitney apologized and slumped back into her seat. Some passengers muttered about her behaviour ,but then their focus of gossip drifted back onto their own affairs.Whitney just disregarded it. She placed her hand own her cheek and stared back out the window.

    2 hours had passed and Whitney was soon asleep again. Until an announcment on the PA system came on.

    "Would Whitney Milton please come to the pilots quarters, Whitney Milton,"

    Whitney stared up to the speaker above her head, a confused lookreplacing her tired face. lazley, she got off her seat and headed to the Pilots quarters.

    "What does the Pilot want with me?" Whitney thought confused, again, half asleep.

    She opened the door expecting a welcoming stuirdist but instead she saw commander mars from team Galagtic with a wicked grin.

    "Caught ya," sneered mars, pushing a red button underneath the chairs arm that locked the door. Whitney quickly turned back around and tried to reopen it, but with little success, it didn't budge.

    "We heard about the professors little scheme and thought, well we can't let that happen," said Mars. She was sitting on the arm rest of the piltos chair with her hands calmly place on her lap. Whitney stared furiously at her, gringing her teeth.

    "This is bad," she thought. "I'm guessing the pilot is apart of this?" she asked, already gusessing the answer.

    Mars looked to him with a happy grin. The pilot turned his head around to face Whitney, revealing slitted eyes and an evil smirk. That was enough of a reply to tell Whitney that the pilot was indeed involved, informing Whitney that the two must have snuck on here and had kidnapped the real pilot.

    "Well I'm not going to just let you do this!" she yelled, with a finger raised to Mars. "Time to battle!"

    Whitney pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. It bounced on the floor and exploded in a flash of bright light, to reveal a giddy clefairy in it's place.

    "I knew you wouldn't just easily step aside," taunted Mars, with a hand raised to her mouth. She reached for her pokeball and hurled it into the air. It too exploded in a brillant light, leaving a glameow behind. Mars walked away from the pilots seat and placed her hands on her hips.

    "Bring it," she snickered.

    "That means you're asking for a typhoon! clefairy use Follow me!" commanded Whitney. Clefairy pointed it's tiny pink finger to itself, taunting the Glameow. Glameow easily took the bait and charged at clefairy.

    "Glameow wait!?" pleaded Mars, with a dumbfounded stare. Her shoulders slumped, in an appearance of confusion.

    "Clefairy," it said cheerfully, hoping out of the way.

    "Gla!!!!!!!!" screeched Glameow with wide terrifying eyes as it smaked head first into the wall.

    "Pfft, childes play," said Whitney arrogantly, eyes closed in ignorance. Mars stared at her now pancake Glameow. Her face full of rage.

    "Glameow don't take this from a .. from a Pixie! initiate a hypnosis!" she roared. Glameow shook off it's injury and turned to face clefairy.

    "Glameow," it smiled, with pink glowing eyes. Clefairy unsuspectingly stared back at it, and fell into a daze.

    "Cle..fair.." it said before falling on it's back, sound asleep.

    "Clefairy! Oh no!!" cried Whitney putting her hands to her cheeks in dispair. Mars chuckled as she walked back over to stand next to the pilot's seat.

    "You honestly thought a bratty self essentric girl like you could defeat me, a well trained commader, bousted Mars.

    "Don't forget with bad fashion sense," laughed Whitney, looking down at Mars' hoop skirt and Star trek like attire. Mars' cheeks flushed red.

    "I happen to like this suit!" she snapped, waving her arms frantically side to side. She then calmed back down and sat on the arm rest, leaning back and crossing her legs.

    "Anyway it dosen't matter. Your plan will fail just like how yours did now," finished Mars, in a truimphing tone.

    The glameow strutted it's way back to Mars. it's tail wagging side to side as it walked, jumping onto it's trainers lap.

    "Good precious," she cooed, sweetly, petting the now purring Glameow.

    "Glam," it sneered, joyfully. Whitney flinched.

    "I knew I should've taking the S.S anne instead,"
  4. It was dusk. The family was getting rowdy as usual, seeing as it was Six 'o' clock and they hadn't received supper yet. The parents always left the cooking to Brock, seeing as he made far more flavorful food than they could ever hope to. He shrugged to himself, and stood up. The siblings were running about, playing their games and teasing each other as usual. Brock reached back, and unlatched two Pokeballs. He hurled them both into the air, releasing the creatures inside of them.

    When the light wore off, Geodude and Crobat were hovering in front of Brock, each giving out their own respective cries. He looked at them both with a sigh, and spoke to them. "Well, you know the drill. It's time to make dinner." They nodded, and followed their master to the kitchen. The Pokemon knew they were bound to make dinner sometime, so they might as well get it over with.

    With a little banging and crashing, Brock took several sets of pots and pans out of the cupboards. He filled two of them with hot water as Geodude turned the oven's burners on 'High'. Brock then set the filled pots on their respective burners, and set several boxes of noodles aside. His Pokemon usually prepared the ingredients for him, chopping and or peeling them if need be. In this matter, Brock was preparing what his siblings dubbed, his 'Famous Chili'. The tomatoes were diced, along with the green peppers and onions.

    He prepared the sauce in another pot, putting it onto another burner for it to cook. He sprinkled the ingredients randomly, and stirred it with a spoon that was always set out ahead of time. It was right after he poured the noodles in the now boiling water that the phone rang. Since it was nearest to him, Brock decided to answear it, gesturing to his Pokemon to take over for the time being. He picked it up. "Hello?"

    "Hey, Brock! It's me, Tracey!" It'd been awhile since they talked. The Lab Assistant seemed excited to talk to the Pewter Gym Leader again after such a long while.

    "Oh, hi Tracey. How've you been?"

    "I've been fine, thanks." There was a brief pause, Tracey then started to resume. "I'm calling you to tell you something very important. Professor Oak said it was very urgent."

    Brock raised an eyebrow to himself. "Really? What is it?"

    Tracey cleared his throat before answearing. Activity in the backround was evident. "Well, a rumor has been going around that both Team Rocket and Team Galactic have joined forces to form 'Team S.O.S: Save Our Solar System'. The plan on gathering the Legendary Pokemon to find a new, more powerful Legenday Pokemon!" His voice emphasized how urgent the matter truly was.

    Brock gasped. He had nearly dropped the phone, but quickly tightened his grip on it. "No way!"

    "Yeah, I found it hard to believe too, at first. But nonetheless, we need you Brock. We need you at Rowen's Lab in Sinnoh ASAP."

    Brock paused for a moment, then responded. "Right. I'll be there as soon as I can."

    There was a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Brock." Then, there was a click on the other line. Brock hung up his phone as well, motioning to his Pokemon to finish the meal. The Pokemon nodded in their own respective ways.

    The Gym Leader rushed into the Living Room, where his parents were discussing some other matter as usual. "I need to go to Sinnoh right away! Can you handle the Gym for me, Mom?"

    She smiled. "Of course I can! It'll be fun as always." There was an eerie silence in the room, suddenly.

    Brock grimaced, remembering what had happened the last time he left the Gym in her care. "Just... Don't over do it, Mom." He shifted back to the hallway. "See ya!" He dashed off, not daring to looking back.

    "Bye, have fun, Dear!"

    It was then that Brock gathered his necessary Pokemon, and equipped himself with his 'Vest Outfit' that he wore in the Hoenn Region. It was his personal favorite, and he wanted be seen in his best duds. After bidding farewell to his younger siblings, he was off to Vermilion City, to catch the S.S. Anne.
  5. "Looks like everyone his practically here," said professor oak, happily. All the gym leaders from the regions were in Rowan's lab accept for Whitney.

    "Where's Whitney?" asked Elm to everyone. The gym leaders all turned to each other but no one knew where she was.

    Ring ring came Rowan's telephone

    Rowan quickly ran over to his office table and picked it up.

    "Hello" he answered.

    "Rowan, uhhh I'm in kinda bit of a slump, Commander Mars has taking hostage the airline and plans on using it as an undercover transport so she and her cronies can find the regi's. I also.............

    "Who are you talking to? Is that a cell phone. Ohhh I don't think so! hand it here!"

    "How about no, trekkie !.........Anyway Rowan I've been found out so I don't have much time. Can you send some gym leaders to help me stop her plan?" asked Whitney, frantically

    "Sure Whitney, hold on they'll...."

    "I told you to hand that thing over! Uhh you little!"

    "Oww that's my hair!!!! Oww!"

    Beep beep beep beep........

    Rowan waited awhile. After realizing that Whitney had been cut off, he hung up the phone.
    He walked back towards the group with his arms folded behind him, a concerned look written all over his face.

    "Whitney's already found trouble, so Brock and Sabrina, I'm sending you two to go help her," told Rowan.

    ~meanwhile back on the plane~

    Whitney's mouth, hands, and legs were now tied up. Mars and her cronies had stored her conveniently in the storage room and had taken her pokemon.

    "Dear passengers, time for sleeping gas!" came mars's fake, kindly voice over the PA.

    Whitney water dropped and just shook her head.

    OOC: I'm grouping everyone who's rping in one group ^^" I hope you guys don't mind ;_;
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  6. Sabrina nodded at Professor Rowan. She then put a hand on Brock's shoulder.

    "It's been a long time, Brock," she said with an eerie smile that made him think of... dolls...

    Whatever Brock's reply was, Sabrina was only half-listening. Not knowing Whitney's exact location made her difficult to track down, even psychically. She did, though, have a pretty good idea of where the flight was supposed to go, so that helped narrow it down some. She was most likely in the air, and not under the sea...


    As gas filled the cabin, one of the passengers though he saw a diminutive figure through the haze. It was small, like a child or a doll. It was dressed in a lacy, white sun dress and matching hat, which hung mysteriously over her eyes. Dark hair tinted green hung over the little form's shoulders. It walked down the aisle like death itself, seemingly oblivious to the gas and over all panic. Though he couldn't see its eyes, he could tell it was searching for someone, examining each and every passenger as it walked ethereally among them.

    Mars and the pilot were seated comfortably in the the cockpit. Thanks to post 9-11 engineering, the pilots were safely separated from the passengers, complete with a nigh-impregnable barrier and matching door between the cockpit and the cabin. Needless to say, they were quite surprised to see a little girl standing by the closed and tightly-locked door. There was the echo of innocent laughter as the Mars and the pilot exchanged glances. When they looked back, it was gone.


    'That was no stewardess,' Sabrina thought to herself.

    "We are going to teleport there," Sabrina warned Brock. "Are you ready? Let's go."

    Before Brock could reply, they were already on the plane. Brock could make out slumped figures amidst the thick fog. Sabrina had a hand out, and the rolling mist kept itself at bay.

    "It is most likely sleeping gas," Sabrina reported. She had changed back to her usual attire. With barely a blink, the gas was blown back and disappeared. She scanned the plane again. "Whitney's bound and gagged in a storage room. Her Pokemon aren't with her. There's a woman with red hair and a hoop skirt in the cockpit. She and the pilot appear to be in cahootz."

    Sabrina blinked. She seemed lost for a second.

    "I have never tried to rescue someone before," she said to Brock. "How do you believe we should proceed?"
  7. Brock put his hand to his chin in thought. This was all come in fast, he hadn't seen Sabrina in years, though she was exactly the same as before. What's more, he was shocked partially because he hadn't been teleported in so long, by a human no less. He grimaced as he remembered what the Saffron Gym Leader did to him and his companions the last time they visited... 'Enough of that... Back to the matter at hand...'

    He began to actually process the question now, taking note of the Pilot and Mars' partnership. He asked himself the question 'What would Ash do in a time like this?' he took a second to answear himself, and set his hand down to his side. When turning to Sabrina, he unlatched a Pokeball from his belt, getting ready for the plan he analyzed.

    "Well, since there are two different people causing the trouble, the best thing to do is to team up. I'll go for the Galactic Member, seeing that we know that she has Pokemon on her. You can go after the pilot, seeing as you have the... abilities to 'take care' of him or her." It was then Brock dropped the Pokeball that he was holding, unveiling Croagunk . "I'll have Croagunk get Whitney. Since he's part poision-type, he can resist the gas to some extent." The poison frog nodded, already hearing his command. He quickly trotted of to the storeroom, where the Goldenburg Gym Leader was said to being held captive. With the plan discussed, he now waited for Sabrina's response. 'I'm counting on you, Croagunk...


    The blue frog came to a door, seeming to be tightly shut and locked from the inside. Croagunk stood there momentary, letting out 'crooaak' every other second. He broke the patteren suddenly, busting through the door with what looked like a Poision Jab. He saw inside a Red/Pink haired woman inside, all tied up and looking hopeless. He began undoing the ropes and other harnesses, so the woman can speak again.
    His silly expression never changed the whole time.
  8. "Thank you so much," replied Whitney in a perky tone to the croakgunk. She threw the access ropes hanging from her on to the ground and slowly opened the storage room door. She peeked through a crack she made in the door and noticed that the sleeping gas was starting to dissipate. Seeing that it was ok, she waved her hand at croakgunk to come follow her.

    She and croakgunk quickly walked through the aisles, making there way to the pilot's quarters.

    "Mars our monitors show that two other people have appeared on the plane," said the pilot. "One of them must have sent that doll thing"

    "I see," she stated annoyed. "well tell Cyrus to have a team meet me at an island near Pacificlodge,"

    "Yes mame," he replied. Mars suited up in a parachute outfit and opened a hatch on the floor. She jumped into the sky and deployed her parachute, which was in the shape of a glameow head. The pilot quickly grabbed the hatch and shut it again just as Sabrina and Brock arrived. Whitney then came aswell. She looked to the side to see both of them.

    "I guess everyone's here," she said re closing the door. "Now then.." Whitney started to say, brushing off her shirt that had dust from the storage room on it. "Hand over my pokemon!"

    "Hehe, try and make me red head." said the pilot. He took out two pokeballs and threw them into the air. In a flash of bright light, a Skuntank and a weezing appeared. Whitney's hair stood on end from the stench. she hastily pinched her nose.

    "Eww," she stated in a squeaky voice, eyes watering.

    "Hehe can't take the smell," taunted the Pilot. "Whitney water dropped at the pilots remark and turned to Sabrina and Brock.

    "I'm guessing you guys are taking care of this?" she said muffled, trying to breath.
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  9. Sabrina glared at the skunk Pokemon. She could definitely tell it was a Dark type by how it was messing with her sixth sense. It was quite obviously there - the stench was impossible to deny - yet she couldn't sense its presence. It was like staring at a photograph of a Skuntank, a putrid scratch-and-sniff photograph that moved. She knew it was there, but at the same time it wasn't. By comparison, it's pure-Poison compatriot was lit up like a psychic Christmas Tree, its weakness making it completely vulnerable to her psionic scans.

    She could take them both on herself. A single Gallade or Medicham could handle them easily. However, the cockpit was not made for fighting in. It was already too small with just the five people, and there were sensitive instruments all over the place. One stray attack could damage the controls. Granted, she could probably just teleport the entire plane to safe harbor if the need arose, but that would be far more trouble than was absolutely necessary.

    "As the pilot of this plane, you must realize it is unwise to battle us while it is in flight," Sabrina told the pilot.

    "I've got nothin' to worry about," the pilot said. "Not with the autopilot on. We'll be cruisin' at thirty-thousand feet, and I won't have to touch a thing."

    "It is not crashing into the ground that you should be concerned with," Sabrina reported. She waved her hand slowly. "It's the mountains."

    "The mountains," the pilot echoed, almost exactly the way Sabrina had said it. Almost mechanically, he continued, "The autopilot doesn't know where the mountains are."

    "That's right," Sabrina said knowingly. She waved her hand again. "And with this level of cloud cover, you will have to watch very carefully for them."

    "Yes, it's so cloudy," the pilot agreed as he sat behind the controls. The stared sightlessly out the windshield. The air was completely clear. You could see for miles. "I won't have time to react if I'm not behind the controls. I have to watch out for the mountains."

    "You must make sure we safely fly all the way to Sandgem Airport and land the plane safely," Sabrina said. "Do you understand?"

    "I understand," the pilot echoed. "I will fly us safely to Sandgem Airport and land the plane safely. I have to watch out for the mountains."

    "Very good," Sabrina said.

    Weezing and Skuntank glanced at each other. Without their trainer, they were at a loss for what to do. They had no support and no guidance against three Gym Leaders, each of whom had up to six Pokemon on them.

    Sabrina shot the two Pokemon a threatening glance. You didn't need to be open to psychic channels to understand what the look meant.

    "Sit," Sabrina commanded.

    In the blink of an eye, Skuntank was in the copilot's chair and Weezing was at the navigator's station. They had even stopped belching out noxious fumes.

    "Good boys," Sabrina said happily. She turned to Brock and Whitney. "Simple minds are easy to control. If you know how."
  10. Brock smirked. He had remembered when Sabrina controled Ash's mind, and made a complete fool of himself. The trainer even forcively dropped his trousers under her influence. The Gym Leader of Saffron sure could be frightening when she needed too. "So I see..." he said nervously, wrapping his hand around the back of his head.

    But he was so caught up in the moment, he hadn't had a chance to properly greet Whitney... In his own special way, of course. Brock took Whitney's hand and got down on one knee. He looked up, revealing his usual blush that usually greeted any 'pretty face'. Nonetheless, Brock's heart started thumping. His Croagunk sweat-dropped.

    "Oh Whitney! We haven't met in so long! Maybe we should get better aquainted on past even-"

    It was then that Croagunk gave his master a swift Poison Jab at his back, stopping his dialouge, and putting him into his usual submission.

    "Why do you always have to be like this...?" Brock wimpered, struggling to say anything at all. His Pokemon merely dragged him to his formal distance, croaking as it went.
  11. Sabrina watched Brock with blank curiosity. She felt a little jealous just then. Not so much of Whitney getting attention from Brock, but of the scene in general. It was no use questioning why men didn't faun over her. She knew exactly why, and was one of the few women who could legitimately cite intimidation being an impediment towards romance. Granted, there was the rare guy and the rarer girl who would attempt to woo her as a distraction tactic, but she could tell they didn't mean it. There were even those would worship her like a goddess, which was fun for a while, but she really wasn't into toadies.

    They say you can't force someone to love you. Sabrina knew she was the exception. It would take not but a simple tweak to flood the male brain norepinephrine and make him fall madly in love. A couple more, and he wouldn't even be afraid of her. But this was all theory. It would take practice before she could find just the right combination of tweaks. Cold, calculating experiments. It was wrong on so many levels. Even when she tormented her own parents in her doll house, she would never have gone so far as to rewire someone's brain just to practice. Hypnosis was different. That's just suggestion. It goes away after a while. Mess with the circuitry, and you could cause major damage. And for what? Chemically-induced love? Would it even be real?

    Sabrina suddenly felt very lonely.

    "We should head back now," Sabrina said to Whitney. "It would be faster to Teleport."
  12. Whitney water dropped at the entire situation. She knew brock was a flirt but for once she was actually caught off guard, a little.

    "Nice to see you too brock," she stated with an awkward smile. His Croakgunk then jabbed him in the stomach and dragged his limbless body away from her. Whitney just chuckled.

    "Oh brock you'll always be the same," she thought. Whitney then turned her focuse to Sabrina and saw a sorta saddened look displayed on her face. Whitney suddenly felt bad, like she had done something wrong. She wanted everyone's best for this journey and didn't want to make one of her teammates feel uncomfortable.

    We should head back now," Sabrina said to Whitney. "It would be faster to Teleport."

    Whitney snapped out of her thought.

    "Oh right!" she giggled, rubbing her head. With that Sabrina used teleport and the three gym leaders found themselves back in Rowan's lab. Everyone turned to them when they arrived, a little caught off guard by the teleportation.

    "Oh fantastic you made it back safely," Rowan said happily. Whtiney nodded but quickly took incharge of the conversation.

    "Rowan I'm pretty sure Mars ditched the plane and is off somewhere were the regi's are conceled," she said, urgently. Rowan turned to birch who was typing away on the computer.

    "She must be on trineral island," he replied, figuring out that the question was issued towards him. "It contains a mountain, an abonded mind and an ice cave, so be prepared,"

    Rowan turned back to the three gymleaders.

    "There you are, now off with you, to trineral island," he ushered "We've already dispatched the rest of the gym leaders so you brock and sabrina are a team," Whitney shook her head yes. A determined look showed in her face

    "Sabrina could you please teleport us there," asked Whintey, happily. Her face then went bleach white. Sweat formed on her forhead.

    "Mmmmyyy............... mmmyy... pokemon! does the bad guy still have them! did someone manage to save my babies!" she exclaimed, holding her cheeks and shaking her head in dispair.
  13. Sabrina seemed minutely flustered for a moment. She never had to deal with an emotional outburst like this before. At least, not without simply teleporting them off the premises or, back in the day, terrorizing the subject further. Sabrina could feel Whitney teetering precariously on the edge of breaking down into a total emotional wreck. The waves of emotion pulsating from her beat against her heart, threatening to pull it down with her.

    Sabrina had the feeling she in an incomparable position of empathy with Whitney, her psychic powers allowing her to feel the emotional states of the people around her. Emotions could echo through her mind, exaggerating their impact to the point where Sabrina felt as if they were her own. She used to shut out her empathy on every level, even the basic level that ordinary humans feel everyday, because it was such a distraction to the study of the powers of her own mind. She started lowering this barrier recently in tentative intervals as she tried to become more outgoing. It was hard to make friends without at least a little sympathy.

    Whitney's despair wasn't something Sabrina couldn't handle, but she was unaccustomed to having to deal with it, to process it. She could sympathize with Whitney on so many levels, as a woman, a Gym Leader, and a Pokemon Trainer. Sabrina wasn't sure what she'd do if someone stole her Pokemon, but she was pretty sure bystanders would use the term "Scanners" somewhere in their disposition.

    Sabrina put a hand on Whitney's shoulder.

    "Don't worry," she said softly. "We'll get your Pokemon back. Here." Sabrina held up a hand and a PokeBall teleported into it. "I know he can't replace your team, but this Girafarig should be enough to protect you until we get them back." She paused to allow Whitney to take the PokeBall before saying, "I can take you there as soon as you're ready."
  14. ooC: Hope you don't mind if I hop in 8)

    "Of course we'll find your pokemon."
    Taylor stood in the doorway the light flooding in dazzling her appearance. Taylor was a very high-class gym leader who had recently returned from beating the Elite Four, She had started up her own gym and ka zam! She was in the high-class. Taylor had been called at 3:00 AM since she lived in a different part of the region she had rolled out of bed unwillingly and flew down here half asleep half awake. She didn't know what she was but she had almost crashed into a wirling Starly on her way so she assumed she was half awake. She stumbled like into the room and immediately had taken a seat looking up at Sabrina and Whitney. She felt bad for Whitney losing her pokemon too the bloody Team Galactic freaks. Cyrus happened to be her father who had betrayed her in a lust for power over pokemon. She had been heartbroken but finally she could fight her father till only one was standing. Taylor said quietly
    "I'll get back your pokemon Whitney. And I'll destroy my father for what he did too you."
    She looked down remembering the night her father had left her. She kept her head down her eyes closed and said
    "I promise."
    For years Taylor had lived under the thumb of one of her older sister's Candice of the Snowpoint city gym. After a while Candice had decided to leave the gym and head off too the Battle Tower to become the best. Taylor had been left in charge of the gym. She had changed the gym into something completely different but then as her time rolled around she was ready to head out like her sister. She closed the gym and left never to return. The Snowpoint city gym was down for some time but soon Candice returned from the Elite Four one of the new champions. She re-opened the gym but it had a different flare now. Candice would challenge her opponents more harshly now she set up more challenges for them to over come. Taylor new Whitney felt. Whitney had lost pokemon she loved. Taylor had lost the father she thought she loved but now she couldn't even call him her father. Taylor's eyes were dull as she glanced back at Whitney and Sabrina. She would make Cyrus pay every single drop of anger Taylor had.
  15. OOC: Well sparkling_palkia you didn't choose an actual gym leader...I'm sorry but that is not allowed and wouldn't be fair to the people already playing. If you change to Candice then yes I will allow you to play. I also said your gym leaders have to have close ties to the actual gym leaders, and there is no proof of cyrus being connected to Candice.

    BBC:Whitney tearfully took the pokeball.

    "Oh thank you! Sabrina!" she exclaimed wippping her eyes. "And yes I think we're already to go,"

    With that sabrina teleported her whitney and brock to trineral island.

    when they got there, whitney was immediatly drawn to the vast horizon. In one direction were mountains and a rocky terrain. In another, was icy land and a palace of glaciers. And in the other direction was a collection of abandoned mines. Each seemed to correspond with one of the regi's. Whitney had never even heard of this place before. Like professor rowan said, the island would be physically hard on them because of it's attributes.

    she couldn't wait to wipe the smirk of Mar's eccentric face though. The thought of her made Whitney burn up.

    "Tch, that mars!!!" spazzed Whitney, clenching her fists. She then took a breath and relaxed. "What do you guys think we should do? split up or go together?" she asked with a questioning look at Sabrina and Brock.


    Mars flouted down in the air, searching for a safe place to land on the island. She then saw a volcanoe coming up in the distance below. She promptly landed on the opening of the volcanoes mouth and took off her parachute. Mars then casually strutted to the opening, peering down inside.

    "Ooo it's hot," she stated, running her hand through her hair. Her phone then rang. she took it out of her pocket and flipped it open.

    "Hello," asked Mars.

    mars are you on trineral island yet came cyrus angriy voice.

    "Yah yah I am," she answered, annoyed.

    Good, if you look up, a helicopter with a team should be right above you.

    She then heard a roaring, buzzing noise coming from the distance. Suddenly, a black heliocopter appeared from the dense clouds. Mars smircked, happily.

    "You're right," she laughed, covering her other ear.

    Yes of course, and I want you to move fast. We've recieved readings that other people have arrived on the island, and I'm guessing it's the gymleaders

    mars nodded.

    "Understood sir," she answered and reclosed her phone.

    The helicopter had landed a little ways off from her. A swarm of people wearing black attire and a yellow S.O.S symbol on the front came running out and lined up infront of her.

    "Mame were at your behafe, on your command," they said in unison. Mars smiled.

    "Well then troops, I need a you to use your pokemon and send attacks inside the volcanoe. That should be enougth to aggravate Groudon to come out," she sneared. Mars then fanned herself with her hand.

    "Phew it's hot, anyone bring me a drink?"
  16. OOC: OK sorry!! I'll be Candice but just saying this is a roleplay and I'm creative!! LOL don't mind me. Take out the Cyrus part...I guess. guh....back to the RP. Oh! Are PokeMorphs allowed?

    Candice got up and leaned against the door

    "Yeah I know what it's like having your pokemon taken from you. It's not that cool but we'll find yours.''

    She walked over to Whitney and said

    "I propose we stay together that will shorten their advantages of getting anyone else's pokemon."

    She smiled and looked at her fellow gym leaders. Candice had left her gym sadly she had closed it down for now she never knew if she was going to return. Her Ninetales curled around her legs as she stroked her head.

    OOC: sorry about short post ugh out of it today.
  17. ((I don't think any of the gym leaders are PokeMorphs...))

    "There is no need to split up," Sabrina said, her eyes growing distant. At the volcano, Mars may have noticed the little girl from the plane standing at attention at one end of the line of grunts for second before mysteriously disappearing again. Sabrina's eyes returned to normal. "Now that we're on the island, I can locate the enemy easily." With little or no flair, Sabrina pointed to the volcano. "There. They may already be aware of our presence. I can teleport us there, but I can't survey the terrain from here without being caught. Without that knowledge, the element of surprise could work against us. However, it will be faster than trying to climb up."
  18. ((Oh, no I was thinking of a made-up but I guess we can't have those.))

    Candice nodded and said

    "Well I can fly up to the volcano I'll meet you guys there."

    She went outside and called out her Flygon.

    "See you guys up there!"

    She called as she hopped on and flew up high into the sky towards the volcano. She could hear the rushing of lava and the sound of footsteps as she approached the volcano. She hopped of Flygon and looked around. She leaned against a rock waiting for the others.
  19. Candice may have spotted a little girl standing at her feet, surveying the landscape. Judging from the hair, she could've been a younger version of Sabrina, though it might be difficult to tell beneath the wide brim of that mysterious, white hat. The girl soon disappeared, only to be replaced by Whitney, Brock, and Sabrina.

    "Thank you for scouting ahead," Sabrina said. Neither her voice nor her expression conveyed any particular emotion, though her thanks were sincere. "It's better to see through the eyes of an ally rather than the enemy."

    Sabrina held out a hand and a PokeBall teleported into it. It opened, and an Alakazam materialized immediately.

    "We could attack now," Sabrina noted. "Unless one of you has something more clever in mind."
  20. Candice shrugged and said

    "Someone else lead I got nothing."

    She returned her Flygon and waited for a reply. She looked at Sabrina she admired her for her ability to control minds and do all that stuff all Candice could do was drive her competitors mad by placing giant snow boulders around her gym. But Candice also knew she was much more stronger then she had been. She had the power of snowpoint city in her hands and she wasn't going to let her locals down. Besides that she was the hardest gym to get too because it was so far from every other town and city. She pointed to the volcano and said

    "Do ya think Mars and those other galactic dorks are up there?.....Well I'm not waiting around!"

    She took out Flygon again and flew up towards the top glancing down a bit.
  21. "Why would team S.O.S even be near a volcanoe for," thought whitney holding her cheek. "I mean isn't their objective to get all the legendaries which means they should be scouting for the regi's?" It made no sense to her. was this a trap or something?

    "I guess regi rock could be possibly up there but I doubt it," shrugged whitney.


    "Just keep attacking, I'll be over here if you need me," mars said to the s.o.s soldiers. She walked a little ways further where she set up a lawn chair. She took of fher hoop skirt and white boots to reveal a two piece red bikin underneath. she then slowly laid down on the chair and sighed with content.

    Mars took out a pokeball and threw it into the air. In flash of light, emerged out a clefairy. The clefairy looked around the area confused. Mars took off her sunglasses and stared daggers at it.

    "You......... slave, go get me some water from the cooler by the heliocopter," she demanded. Clefairy water dropped.

    "Clefairy, clefairy?" it asked with a gawked head.

    "Clefairy, clefairy,"mocked mars. "just get me the water!!!!!" Clefairy flinched back and smiled awkwardly.

    "Clefairy cledairy," it nodded, and walked over to the water cooler. Mars watched it's actions carefully, making sure it didn't try an escape.

    Clefairy made it's way over to the cooler and grabbed a water bottle. it then tiptoed back on it's little feet and gave mars the water bottle.

    Mars snatched it out of it's hands and gulped it down. She wiped her mouth and smiled refreshed.

    "You'll prove useful," she sneered. Clefairy frowned defeatedly.

    "clefair..." it sighed.


    Whitney watched Candice fly up ahead when her phone rang.

    "Hello," she answered

    Whitney darling how have you been good ok well let me get to the point then were going to star you in an upcoming movie called

    "A little busy!!!!!!!!!" roared whitney and she hung up her phone.

    her phone then rang again. Frustrated and annoyed she answered.

    "Listen charles I'm a bit in crises mode right now so if you..."

    whitney? is that you came doctor birch's voice

    Whitney water dropped.

    "Ohh haha birch I thought you were umm.. sorry for that anyway what's up?" said whitney back peddling.

    'We've recieved news from Misty, Bugsy, Volknor, and Brawly that they discovered the location of the regi's.

    Whitney puased confused.

    "What? I thought the.."

    So did we, judging by the islands terrain. It turns out in the ancient pacificlodge text that, trineral island was used as a decoy so that civilians believed the regi's were homed there

    Whitney didn't know what to say.


    Whats wrong?

    "A group of soldiers from team s.o.s are here so there has to be something?" asked whitney, a little worried now.

    Well then precied there and make sure you stop them. We on the other hand are busy working around the clock to find the legendaries so we won't be contactable for a while

    "Ok, I'll make sure this team dosen't bug you" assured Whitney, and she hung up.

    "Guys The regi's aren't on this island it's just used as a decoy to fool people into believing the regi's are here," explained whitney. "We should catch up with candice and help her out,"
  22. "They're not looking for the Regis," Sabrina reported. "I have been monitoring their thoughts. They are trying to summon Groudon by agitating the volcano. I'm... having difficulty scanning the volcano. There's a lot of metal in the rocks around here, including elements found in Unobtainium. It's obscuring my psychic abilities, but I think there might be something down there."

    Sabrina glanced in Mars' general direction. She couldn't really see them from her position, but Sabrina could sense their mental activity. Haunter must have picked up on Sabrina's distaste for Mars' treatment of the Clefairy. The Ghost Pokemon had appeared above Mars, who was laying face-down by now, and hovered over her. Sabrina could feel his mischievous and lecherous thoughts as Haunter turned to the Clefairy and put a finger to his lips in a conspiratorial request for silence. Turning back to the Galactic, Haunter picked up a nearby bottle of tanning lotion, poured some into his hands, and proceeded to massage it into her back. Granted, there wasn't much to the prank, but Mars was going to totally freak when she found out who was rubbing her down.

    Sabrina suddenly sported a wicked smile.

    "If we are to attack, we should probably do it soon," she said. "We should wait for the signal, however..."
  23. Whitney stared dumbfounded. "Oh you already knew hehe," she smiled awkardly.

    "If we are to attack, we should probably do it soon," sabrina said. "We should wait for the signal, however..."

    Whitney nodded her head. "Yes we better start to take action, Could you please teleport us up there?" she asked.


    "Ooo a little lower ahhhhh that's the spot," said Mars contently. "You know you would make a killing in the masseuse business,"Mars then began to feel so comfortable that she drifted off into a doze.

    Whitney and the gang suddenly materilized on top of the volcanoe a little ways from where team sos set up their base. Whitney ushered brock and sabrina to hide behind the heliocoptor.

    "Let's just wait here till we come up with a stradegy," she said. Peeking over the side.

    "We could cath them with the element of suprise this way," she suggested. Whitney suddenly spotted her clefairy. She frantically waved her hands to catch it's attention but clefairy was too busy worrying about mars. A giant rumble then shook the whole Volcano causing mars to wake up and see a haunter staring her straight in the face.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

    "So much for catching her by suprise!" yelled Whitney over the rumbling. "Go Girafarig!"

    Whitney hurled the pokeball near Mars where girafiarig appeared in a flash of light. Mars gawked at her and the rest of the team.

    "When did...but .. I," mars stumbled, falling off the lawn chair.

    "mame, groudon is beginning to awaken!!" yelled one of the s.o.s soldiers. mars quickly got up, still a little frantic about the whole turn of events.

    "Well.. good ..keep sending attacks.. then!" she yelled, annoyed.

    She then ran over to her bag and fidgeted inside, taking out a pokeball. she smiled wickedly and threw it into the air. In it's place emerged a purugly.

    "MEOWWWW!" it hissed as the hairs on it's back began to bristle up.

    OOC: mars and her pokemon,for battle, are allowed to be controlled...if people are wondering.
  24. Haunter made faces at Mars until she fell out of her seat. He then laughed at her and returned to Sabrina's side.

    "Groudon cannot be allowed to awaken," Sabrina said. "Whitney, Girafarig should be more than enough to handle Mars while the rest of us takes out her flunkies."

    Sabrina and her Pokemon then turned towards the S.O.S. goon squad. Sabrina and Alakazam's expressions were stone cold and focused, while Haunter laughed maniacally. The troops were still focused on sending attacks into the crater and weren't prepared to defend themselves.

    ~Psychic,~ Sabrina commanded her Alakazam telepathically. The Psychic Pokemon crossed his spoons in front of him and began to glow with Psychic energy. Just as the energy began to lift up his mustache, he sent it rocketing in the shape of a ball right into an Arcanine. The fire dog, whose species was legendary in its own right, was knocked right into the pool of lava. Fortunately, it was unharmed due to its Flash Fire ability, but it wasn't going to be able to get out of the crater on its own.

    "Curses!" the Arcanine's owner swore as he recalled it into its PokeBall. He pointed to some of his teammates. "You, you, and you! Cover the others! The rest of you, keep it up! Mightyena, Crunch!"

    The S.O.S. grunt had sent out a Mightyena, which barreled right into Alakazam. The Psychic Pokemon parried the Crunch with one of its spoons and knocked the Dark-type aside. He then crossed his spoons in front of himself defensively as three more attacks crashed into him.

    ~Shadow Ball,~ Sabrina telepathically commanded her Haunter.

    "Haunter haaaaaaunt..." Haunter chanted, drawing his disembodied hands back to his right side. A sphere of dark energy formed between them, which he then launched into the Mightyena. "HAUNT!" The ball exploded at Mightyena's feet, knocking it into the air. "Haunt haunt haunt!"
  25. Whitney glared at Mars. Mars saw this and glared back.

    "Listen mars I..,"

    "Purugly use body slam!" demanded Mars, insanly. Purugly jumped into the air and landed right on top of girafirag, causing it to topple over onto the ground

    "Hey I wasn't finished!" snapped Whitney

    "Listen pinky! I won't allow you to ruin cryus grand design!" she stated firmly. "Now purugly double scratch!"

    while on top of girafirag, purugly quickly flicked it's paw revealing a set of razor sharp nails. It then started hacking away at girafirag's body.

    "No! Girafarig!!!" exclaimed Whitney in despair. Mars raised her hand to her mouth and began to laugh.

    "Truly pitiful, I mean after all I am a.."

    "Ya ya a commander I know.." finished Whitney. Mars grew furious and started stopping her feet.

    "You have no respect for higher authority," she ranted. Whitney just mocked her by making her hand mouth mars' words.

    "Ok enough with your little temper tantrum, girafarig use bite!" shouted Whitney. Girafirag's tail suddenly slung over and bit purugly right on the ear.

    ‘Meowwwwwwwwwww!!!" screamed purugly, as it tumbled off the girafirag. Purugly got flipped over onto it's back and was frantically clawing the air trying to get back up. Whitney laughed at the sudden predicament.

    "Looks like someone over spoiled there kitty and fed her too much," she teased. Mars blushed angrily.

    "Purugly get up!!"yelled mars.

    "Meow," responded purugly sadly, still flailing helplessly.

    "Now girafarig use psybeam!"whitney called. Girafarigs horns then began to glow in multi colour.

    "Girafarig!" it yelled., sending a powerful beam of the multi colour light right into Purugly. Purugly flew backwards and smacked straight into mars face, causing her to topple over.

    "Uhhh! Get off me," groaned mars, trying to get the fainted purugly off her. "Help! I'm stuck!"

    Whitney chuckled at the sight.

    "It seems just fitting to me," she smiled. Suddenly the volcano began to shake violently again. The S.O.S soldiers vacated the mouth of the volcano and watched as Giant monestrous creature with lava dripping from it, arouse out of the middle.

    It's roar echoed throughout the entire island. Whtiney stared in shock at it.

    "Now troops, go to the helicopter and unlatch the capture net mechanism!" she struggled to say under the weight of Purugly.

    The soldiers nodded and made their way to the helicopter. The blades on top moved faster and faster as it started up, raising into the air. It moved over to groudon and carefully hovered above it. Groudon looked up at it and roared, warning them to back off. The helicopter then dropped a elastic like net that clung to the creature. Groudon roared furiously as it struggled to take it off. However, every time it did struggle the net got tighter and tighter. The helicopter then preceded to lift groudon into the air.

    "No!!!!" screamed Whitney, staring helplessly at the slowly disappearing helicopter.

    Mars finally got her purugly off and sent out another pokeball. A golbat appeared and sent out a haze attack, smothering the entire volcano top. Whitney coughed and wheezed until she unpractically fainted because of the over consumption.
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