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Pokemon Emerald: Ascent into Darkness

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by ZhaoYunsDragon, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. First ever Pokemon story!

    Part One
    The Adventure Begins

    Chapter One

    "This will be a simple task for a team as prestigious as ours!" A loud voice boomed out to a fairly large crowd. One member didn't agree.
    "Sir! That's mad! We can't just take down a corporation! That's insane! That's madness!" the member exclaimed.
    "Well then, I see no further use for you."
    The man behind the loud voice stepped forward and pulled a small, red ball off the side of his belt, pressed the button in the center, and shot a red beam out of it. It was a Pokemon. A large Pokemon at that.
    "No sir! I'm sorry! I was out of line!" The member was begging for his life.
    "Nidoking... Slash him."
    The Nidoking stepped forward and brought his huge claws down on the man's chest, tearing it open and sending blood everywhere.
    Another man stepped forward. "Sir! We have urgent news!"
    "Yes? What is it?" the man asked.
    "They've both arrived to fight."
    "Magma and Aqua."
  2. Chapter Two
    The Emerald Family

    Brendan Emerald was fifteen when his family moved from New Bark Town in Johto to Littleroot Town in Hoenn. He had spent all his time in Johto up in his room researching Pokemon and how they worked. He had no neighbors and his closest friend was a pen pal in Kanto by the name of Steven. So one day, Norman, Brendan's father, called his old friend, Professor Birch, and asked if there was any houses available in Littleroot, as he thought that Brendan and May, Professor Birch's daughter, would get along great.

    Norman got a call a few days before they left.
    "Norman Emerald? This is Devon Stone, President of Devon Corporation and Head of the Hoenn Pokemon League. Our Petalburg City Gym Leader, Cedric Juniper, just gave us his note of resignation and said he was moving away. We were hoping to extend this job opportunity to you as we heard that you and your family are moving here in a matter of months."
    "Days, to be more precise. And to answer your question, yes. I will be the Gym Leader of Petalburg."
    "Thank you so very much. And when you get the chance, tell your boy, Brendan, to stop by my office in Rustboro. I have a gift for all Trainers in my region."
    "Yes sir."
    Norman hung up and kept packing.


    "Magma and Aqua you say? Well, they won't be a match for us!" the voice rang out.
    Suddenly, Pokemon were rampaging around the group, biting people, clawing them, tearing them apart. The leader fell to the ground as a black wolf-like Pokemon named Mightyena bit into his left shoulder.
    "Maxie and Archie at your service!" exclaimed the two men.
    "My own two sons... would... betray me... on the day... of my greatest achievement..." The voice was weak.
    "Yes, we would." They were smirking. "We only have one question for you."
    "What... do you... want from me?" The words were now gasps.
    "Your name. Your true name." They were serious now.
    "My... name is..." The man could barely breathe.
    That's when both men became shocked. They had heard of this man. He had taken them in under his wing only months ago to help them cause chaos in Hoenn. He had gone by the name Wallace before. But now, after months of research behind this man's identity, they needed to know him for real.
    "My name is Giovanni."
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    This is not a fic. This is not anything.

    First off, read this, please. These are the rules for the fanfic board. As you can see, this... thing... violates the very first rule we even have.

    Read the rules, read some fics, see how it's done, write something worthwhile before posting it, for eff's sake.

    Thread locked.
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