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Open Pokémon Elemental Warriors: Magical Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by CheerfulSteekip, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Current Act

    Lore: Fire warms, Earth forms, Water calms, Air refreshes, Light creates and Dark destroys. These six are the elements of the world. When the deadly battle happens, not even the one that made it all would stop the clash of corruption...and only certain Teams of Harmony can save the world we know.
    Summary: One special girl, along with her friends and allies, meet someone that gives out a mission for them to complete and save people and Pokémon alike, leading them to be chosen to defeat evil to stand against darkness. In their adventure, what will they find? Hardships, friendships, past secrets and...love?
    (This roleplay is based on my headcanons, but with twists. I will tell you the first version of the episode list when I get all ideas. Also, I'll be roleplaying as canon characters and OCs too for some reason, so don't judge me for that; as a FEW of them will remain in the main cast for the entire run.)
    **Unless part of one of the teams listed in the "Teams with infinite members" section listed below the rules, not everyone will be accepted as to keep a well sized cast.**

    • Team GDI (members don't often catch Pokémon)
    • Team PokéFaith (mainly uses Pokémon and magic)
    • Starry Skies (they are partnered with fairy mascots and Dream Animals)
    • Team GDI (5/5 slots open) (remove anything relating to magic and the harmony mark portion from the sheet if choosing this team)
    • Team PokéFaith (3/5 slots open)
    • Starry Skies (5/5 slots open)
    • Team PikaPika (5/5 slots open)
    • Team Defender (1/5 slots open)
    • Team Starshine (5/5 slots open)
    • Team GDI (They use weapons instead of magic)
    • Team PokéFaith (Their goal is to spread friendship around the world)
    • Starry Skies (Their Japanese translation is Horizona Skies)
    • Team PikaPika (Their name stems from Pikachu)
    • Team Defender (They use both weapons and magic)
    • Team Starshine (An all-girl team who are part-trainers part-fairies)
    • Starlix Club (All girls alive each have a job while keeping their part-time fairy status)
    • Defendix Club (Half of them are humans, half of them are androids)
    • HoloMyths (Virtual YouTubers Team)
    • Nature Dimension Girl of Team Defender (@PokémonWingsOfFire) (will be referred to as Orchid in the finalized story version)
    • Stella Borealis of Team Defender (@tokkiyo) (will be referred to as Hannah in the finalized story version)
    • Xander "X" Nightfall of Team Defender (@XxMrNinjaxX)
    • Connor Perkins of Team PokéFaith (@Abra Kadabra Alakazam!)
    • Valestina Arsenault of Team PokéFaith (?) (@Cmeriwether) (will first appear in second episode)
    • Dean Emery of Team Defender (@DeanPE_Gamer) (will debut near the end of seventh episode)
    • KANTO: Connor Perkins of Saffron City
    • JOTHO: Miranda Skylark of Cherrygrove City
    • HOENN: [open]
    • SINNOH: Valestina Arsenault of Hearthome City
    • UNOVA: Princess Nanette Daisy of Aspertia City
    • KALOS: [open]
    • ALOLA: [open]
    • GALAR: [open]
    • Ethan
    • Marina
    • Lyra
    • Brendan
    • May
    • Abby
    • Lucas
    • Crystal
    • Emerald
    • Hilbert
    • Hilda
    • Nate
    • Rosa
    • Calem
    • Serena
    • Angel
    • Elio
    • Selene
    • Victor
    • Gloria
    And... Here's the start of it. (The Prologue thread merged with this one... ^^)

    Welcome aboard!

    Is this your first adventure, trainer? Fear not. We have plenty of things to talk about. First off...

    Welcome! Here in the Pokémon world, you will find none other than the professors of the regions who are responsible for overseeing every new trainer who starts in their respective regions. Even while they are busy more often than not, they really care about Pokémon and aren't afraid to make friends.

    More so to the point, you will find many Pokémon that may or may not be new to you. For example, from the grasses of Pinwheel Forest to the depths of lakes and oceans, Unova has it all. It would be hard to not find a Pokémon every step you take into the over-world but that's what everything is about!


    We trust you, trainer, to find your Starter Pokémon in the Professor's laboratory or to have one on your own. Get out there! Explore the world for yourself and realize your dream with every move you make! There is no limit to what you can do with your life so have fun!

    Wait...! Before you leave, could you... tell me a little about yourself?

    Age: [10 to 15]
    Harmony Mark: His/Her mark is [put info here].
    Part of Team:
    Magical Abilities:
    Stats [F- to A+ or infinite]:
    • Destructive Power:
    • Magic Power:
    • Attack:
    • Defense:
    • Special Attack:
    • Special Defense:
    • Speed:
    • Accuracy/Precision:
    • Evasion:
    • Development/Magic Potential:
    • Form Persistence:
    Partnered With: [fairy mascot/Dream Animal/Pokemon; if any, remove if none]
    Love Relationships?:

    Great! Its so nice to learn more about you! I can tell you're going to be a valuable person here. Speaking of which...

    Why don't we run you by a couple of our adventure rules while we have your ear, eh?

    - Please review the Pokecharms Rules before registering.
    - Play an active role in the RP, get involved and keep in contact.
    - Trainer on Trainer violence is not going to be allowed unless for comedic purposes, same goes for Trainer on Pokemon Violence (except for antagonists). In fact, if someone nearly dies, a quick healing reply will be posted.
    - No Mary Sues! I don't like it one bit!
    - Romance is allowed, but keep it PG-13.
    - No swearing.
    - Be nice to each other.
    - If your trainer doesn't know the meaning of magic, one of my characters will tell you.
    - If you want to make your own main cast team, let me know via private message.
    - Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Did that clear anything up for you? ... I hope so! Now that you know the basics of the action here, why don't you jump into the world of Pokémon?

    Adventure awaits you! Welcome to the World of Pokémon!

    EDIT1: Oh great, I forgot to summarize. Fixed it while adding lore, and after some thinking, I really decided to put a representative for each region since PokéFaith is a multi-region team.
    EDIT2: Added brief info of teams
    EDIT3: Tweaked
    EDIT4: I just noticed that I keep doing something wrong. I fear if this keeps up, the series may not work well anymore... On the other hand, I'll now be posting the completed roleplay parts as a written work! I just wanted to try this out.
    EDIT5: Final major fix.
    EDIT6: Minor ones this time.
    EDIT7: Tweak
    EDIT8: All right, I think that's too many edits already. I will accept roleplayers until I reach 5 characters for each team.
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  2. Do you mind if I join your roleplay?
  3. I have a question.. What does harmony mark mean?
  4. A Harmony Mark appears on a part of a Magic Trainer's clothing. It makes him/her stand out from ordinary Trainers and gives her magic once earned. For example, when Hilda earned her Harmony Mark, she gained Fire-type powers, even learning Ember. During her journey, she learns that she's the Heroine of Truth and her Ember becomes a fusion of Fusion Flare and Pyro Ball (Pyro Flare). (OK, I may have gotten off-topic with last sentence.)
  5. Ok thank you! Can I do a Plasma Charge? (Plasma Fists and Fire Charge)
  6. What should I call my mark? (I'm sorry, this is a lot of questions...)
  7. Sure! Also, just set up your character's bio and you're all set!
  8. Thank you!

    For the partner, do you put a Pokémon?
  9. Umm... Can you give me a hint about your character first? I'm kinda confused.
  10. Ok! A girl who mainly is in the forest, no parents, long brown hair with pink highlights, called Blossom, part of team defender, and has the ability to speak to plants and bend them to her will.

    Edit: I'm going to change my mark to Solar Drain (Solar beam + Giga Drain)
  11. The partner can be a fairy mascot or Dream Animal; but if your partner is a Pokemon, that's a better choice!
  12. Her Harmony Mark is a pink flower with green leaves at the bottom and is surrounded by white hearts.
  13. Ok! I'll do my best with my sheet.
  14. I can't wait to see the result!
  15. I'm finished, where do I post my character sheet?
  16. In this page, silly!
    It means a fairy mascot, Dream Animal or Pokemon that had a fateful encounter with the Trainer, possibly becoming his/her starter in the Pokemon's case.
  17. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    I'd love to join this RP if you'll have me. But I was wondering if I could see your character sheet so I can have an idea as to how to make my own.
  18. OK, but it will take some time for me to set up my example.
    Here's the blank in case you need it:
    Also check the questions and answers prior to you joining.
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  19. For the mascot bit, what should I put?
  20. I'd recommend a partner Pokemon. Maybe Blossom would have a Eevee that will evolve into Leafeon during her time in Sinnoh?
  21. Character Sheet

    Name: Acacia
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Viridian City
    Age: 11
    Hair: Brown, with lime green (normally) or magenta (Nature Dragon form) highlights
    Eyes: Brown
    Harmony Mark: Her Harmony Mark is a pink flower with green leaves at the bottom and is surrounded by white hearts.
    Personality: Brave, bold, and a fierce battler who puts everything in with her Leafeon, Maple, both of then ignoring the cost. No one knows much about Acacia in general, as she stays hidden and knows how to be forgettable, so she doesn't draw attention. She's learnt how to hide her magic aura, but not her wings. Acacia came to know Maple by finding her in the forest, wounded, and Acacia, who normally didn't find Pokémon, took her to the treehouse she built, and healed her completely. In return, Maple showed her the best place to find fruit, a hidden clearing called Fruit Cove. However, when a wild Dragonite tried to destroy the place, Acacia caught the Leafeon and they bonded over their love of protecting nature, so they decided to become a team. Acacia “accidentally” lost Maple's Pokéball, and neither of them really mind at all.
    Part of Team: Team Defender, who use magic and weapons.
    Skills: Gymnastics, and anything to do with nature, plants, and so on. In her universe, the world is covered with forests, plants, and trees. Hence why it's called the Nature Dimension. If you live there, you're most likely to grow up happy, healthy, and a good climber.
    Magical Abilities: Talking and bending nature to her will, as her power is descended from forests, plants, trees, and Mother Nature herself, and she draws power from it when battling. She can sense magic trails, but only ones that include nature. She can't sense magic across other dimensions yet, but is trying her best to, as her Leafeon encourages her, but Acacia doesn't have much hope, until the Elder Tree tells her one of the most dangerous secrets. She knows how to share her magic power, but never does so, unless it's with her Leafeon, Maple. Some of the spells Acacia knows are: making nature grow, healing magic, conjuring fruit or plant seeds out of thin air, or wiping the messes, like fire, away, although it takes up most of her energy, so she doesn't use it often. Her magic aura is lime green, or bright magenta in her Nature Form.

    • Forest Dragon - Not yet used in her Nature Dragon Form.
    • Solar Drain - Not yet used in her Nature Dragon Form.
    • Plant Flare - Not yet used in her Nature Dragon Form.
    • Flower Eruption - Not yet used in her Nature Dragon Form.
    Power: Fairy of Nature Dragon
    Stats [F- to A+ or infinite]:
    • Destructive Power: A+
    • Magic Power: A+
    • Attack: A-
    • Defense: B-
    • Special Attack: A-
    • Special Defense: B-
    • Speed: A+
    • Accuracy/Precision: A
    • Evasion: A
    • Development/Magic Potential: A
    • Form Persistence: B-
    Partnered With: Her Leafeon, Maple.
    Family: None, except her Leafeon and the Nature Dimension she grew up in.
    Love Relationships?: Maybe one day, but not at the moment.
    Pokémon: Leafeon.
    Species: Verdant Pokémon.
    Nickname: Maple.
    Gender: Female.
    Ability: Leaf Guard.
    Giga Impact
    Leaf Storm
    Solar Blade
    Giga Drain
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  22. Accepted!
  23. JustNinja

    JustNinja Previously XxMrNinjaxX

    Are you still accepting?
  24. No probs!! You're now able to roleplay! Just click on the current roleplay act link and you can get started!
  25. Ok, I will! Thank you!

    You know how you summarised at the start? Does everyone have to do that or only if you want to?
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  26. Only if I want to. I fixed my first roleplay post there. You should reload the page and see.
  27. One of them, yes.
    Yes, I'll remain open
  28. Yes you may!
  29. Here is my profile.

    Name: Connor Perkins
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Saffron City
    Age: 12
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Gold
    Harmony Mark: His mark is a steampunk dragon’s head with a wrench through its skull. The dragon head also has smoke rising from under it.
    Personality: He is a helpful and kind boy who believes in the power of teamwork. He is also very smart as he is an expert inventor. However he is clumsy, making his tech and arcane less useful.
    Part of Team: Team PokéFaith
    Skills: He is an expert mechanic and inventor, having a backpack full of wacky gadgets that he designed. However he has some grasp on the mysterious arcane that fill this world, his grandmother being a powerful Dragon mage. He doesn’t figure out that he has magical powers until meeting and becoming a friend of Nanette Daisy.
    Magical Abilities: He can bend light and arcane at will. The arcane fuels him along with his Pokémon giving them strength and endurance. He also uses arcane to boost his intelligence further than before, though this drains his power. He also has a Prismatic form, in which he glows with arcane and light and looks like a being made of crystal.
    • Prismatic Storm – Not yet used
    • Iron Blizzard - Not yet used
    • Dragon Pledge - Not yet used
    • Oblivion Whip - Not yet used
    Power: Prism of Light and Arcane
    Stats [F- to A+ or infinite]:
    • Destructive Power: A+
    • Magic Power: A
    • Attack: B+
    • Defense: B
    • Special Attack: A
    • Special Defense: A
    • Speed: A+
    • Accuracy/Precision: B
    • Evasion: A
    • Development/Magic Potential: A+
    • Form Persistence: A
    Partnered With: His Alakazam, Spoondini.
    Family: A brother and a sister along with his mom.
    Love Relationships? None

    Species: Alakazam
    Nickname: Spoondini
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Move set:
    • Shadow Ball
    • Psychic
    • Focus Blast
    • Recover
    Species: Doublade
    Nickname: Excalibur
    Gender: Genderless
    Ability: No Guard
    Move set:
    • Fury Cutter
    • Shadow Ball
    • Brick Break
    • Gyro Ball
    Species: Jangmo-o
    Nickname: Django
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Soundproof
    Move set:
    • Dragon Tail
    • Headbutt
    • Rock Slide
    • Iron Defense
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  30. Accepted, but there's already a character named Nate Miller. Your character will be referred to as Jon. (Yeeessshhh... I need to update me post with a list of taken names...)
  31. I saw it. You're now able to roleplay! (Go here)

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