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Pokemon: Elemental Legacies

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by PinsirKing, Jun 7, 2007.

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    My other fic didn't go out so good so I'll post a even better one. Its about a new region known as

    Prologue: Tale of the Eight Elements

    Many people believe Pokemon came to earth on a spaceship or a meteor.
    I only wish that that was the truth.
    Unfortunately, it is not. Pokemon did not come here from outer space.
    Pokemon were not born. They were created.
    By man.
    My grandfather was a fool.
    They thought they could create creatures of unimaginable power.
    They would help us accomplish many tasks. They would make life easier.
    Noone could have imagined that maybe, just maybe, these creatures would turn on us.
    It only took eight of them.
    Eight of them, and our entire way of life was nearly destroyed.
    These eight Pokemon were the first Pokemon created.
    They were created of pure elemental energy, and they were the greatest scientific achievement ever.
    Soon after creating them, scientists began experimenting with more advanced and stable structures.
    They created over 500 different creatures and let them out into the wild.
    Naturally, they designed an item that could contain these beasts.
    They were small red and white devices shaped like spheres. When used on a creature, it reverted to its elemental form and shrunk.
    By doing this, the creatures could fit in your pocket. They were given the name Pocket Monsters.
    These Pocket Monsters, Pokemon for short, became a part of everyday life for most people.
    Meanwhile, scientists continued experiments on the first eight.
    They realized that these Pokemon were unstable and could not be bound by the regular capture devices, the Pokeballs.
    They designed a special type of Pokeball only to be used on these eight Pokemon. They called it the Master Ball.
    Unfortunately, the Master Ball prototype got out. People began replicating it and using it on regular Pokemon.
    This Master Ball could capture any Pokemon without fail. It was incredibly popular and was sold on the black market for thousands.
    The government, working with the team of scientists, banned these Master Balls and ordered them all to be destroyed. War broke out.
    The government managed to destroy most of the Master Balls, but a group of rebels broke out and fought the government for their Master Balls.
    This rebel group called themselves Team Rocket.
    The scientists decided to unleash the eight experimental Pokemon upon Team Rocket in order to destroy their Master Balls.
    But they didn't just want to destroy the Master Balls. They wanted to destroy the people holding them.
    The eight Pokemon had affected the scientists, my grandfather included.
    They drove them mad. Controlled their minds. Commanded them to destroy all other humans and Pokemon in the world.
    And with the power of these eight elemental Pokemon, they could do just that.
    The scientists attacked Team Rocket headquarters, killing almost everyone.
    Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni I, and several of his highest ranked Administrators, managed to escape.
    He alerted the great shamans, those who still believed in spiritualism in this age of technology.
    The shamans created eight staves, which they gave Giovanni I and his six administrators.
    The red staff, given to Administrator Charles, could control the power of fire and seal away the fire element.
    The blue staff, given to Administrator Jill, could control the power of water and seal away the water element.
    The green staff, given to Administrator Ryan, could control the power of plants and seal away the grass element.
    The purple staff, given to Administrator Lauren, could temporarily control minds and could seal away the psychic element.
    The orange staff, given to Administrator Hank, bestowed its wielder with unbelievable fighting skills and could seal away the ground element.
    The gray staff, given to Administrator Derek, could summon storms and could seal away the lightning element.
    And Giovanni himself was given the black and white staffs that could destroy and create life respectively and could seal away the dark and light elements.
    Giovanni I and his administrators managed to seal the eight elemental Pokemon in caverns deep within the mountains. But with these Pokemon gone, there was no balance.
    You see, these eight Pokemon also had another power. Their power kept all the other Pokemon in control. But with the eight elementals gone, all the other Pokemon rampaged.
    They became angry and hard to control. They turned on their former masters, killing anything and everything in their sight.
    In time, the Pokemon calmed down and returned to the wild. They would still attack if provoked, but no longer fought to kill, and rather sought to knock their opponent unconscious.
    Meanwhile, the government tried to cover up what happened, and denied all rumors of the past.
    Soon, Giovanni I grew old and passed his position and his staves onto his son, Giovanni II.
    We are at peace, for now. Team Rocket has returned, and still fights the government. But for the most part, people are at peace with their Pokemon.
    I hope that it stays this way for a long, long time.
    My grandfather and the other scientists died in their attempts, but it was for the best, I think.
    If the elemental Pokemon were ever brought back...it would mean chaos for the world.
    Though Team Rocket is called evil, at their core, they fight for us.
    They keep those beasts at bay. The elemental staves are still within the posession of high ranking team rocket members, and hopefully will be forever.
    Hopefully, if you are reading this, the time is long, long after the time in which I wrote it, and it is still very peaceful.
    If you find this document, spread the word. The truth must be revealed. Though they do not believe me now, a mere two generations after the events, hopefully you will believe me in the future.
    -Audrey Bernard, Team Rocket Historian-


    Olemenun Regional Pokedex:


    #251 and #252 are secret Pokemon, like Jirachi or Deoxys.
    There are 58 Old Pokemon, and 194 new. This brings the national dex from 493(after D/P) to 687.

    The 1st Chapter will come in the next post.
  2. Chapter 1: The Mission

    "Now, Magmar! Fire Punch!" The young boy commanded, thrusting his arm outward, stretching a finger out and pointing to the Victrebell on the other side of the field. The magmar lunged out, fist ablaze, and struck the victrebell with incredible force, knocking it backward and leaving a burn mark where it had been singed.The grass Pokemon fell onto its back, no will to fight left in its eyes.
    "Victrebell is knocked out!" The announcer exclaimed, lifting a red flag into the air. "Bobby Malec is the winner!"
    "Alright!" Bobby exclaimed. "Magmar, return!" He said, holding out his Pokeball. The fire Pokemon first turned into a red energy form, and then returned to the Pokeball held out behind it.
    "Dan Richard, you are eliminated!" The announcer added. "However, you are one of the final four competitors, so you will still receive a prize! Please go to the front desk."
    "Eh, alright..." Bobby's opponent, another young boy, said quietly. "Victrebell, return." He held out his own Pokeball, recalling the unconscious victrebell.

    Meanwhile, on the other field that had been lined up next to the first one, another young boy, slightly older than the others, issued a command of his own.
    "Scyther, finish it off!" He shouted. "Wing Attack!" The Scyther that stood in front of him began to run forward, the sun reflecting off its blades. It approached the opposing Medicham at great speed, turning on a dime and thrusting its wing at the Medicham as if it were another blade. A large gust of wind generated by this motion hit Medicham, knocking it off its perfect balance and onto the pavement below.
    "Medicham is knocked out!" An announcer proclaimed, lifting a red flag into the air similar to what the other announcer had done. "Michael Stephens is the winner!"
    "Naturally." The older boy said, a ****y look on his face. "Scyther, return!" He shouted, tossing his Pokeball into the air. It opened slightly, and Scyther turned into its energy state and returned to the ball just as it fell back into Michael's hand.
    "Matthew Kershner, you are eliminated!" The announcer said, almost exactly like the other announcer before him. "However, you are one of the final four competitors, so you will still receive a prize! Please go to the front desk."
    "You'd think they have a script or something." Bobby said. He had wandered over to this field after his game was finished, hoping to get a look at the Pokemon he'd be fighting in the next round. "Bobby Malec." he said, extending his hand out to Michael.
    "I'm not touching that." Michael said in response. "Some of your lousiness might rub off on me." He walked right past Bobby and over to the refreshment stand, where he began to pour himself a cup of water.
    "Attention." A loudspeaker boomed. "Bobby Malec and Michael Stephens, you have a ten minute break. Please report back to the battle field in ten minutes."

    "May I help you?" The woman behind the desk asked.
    "Uh, yeah...I'm Dan Richard, I made the top four of the tournament..." Dan replied, not sure if he was in the right place to receive his prize.
    "Oh, yes, of course." The woman said. "Please take a seat on that bench there." She pointed to a bench next to the desk. "The prizes for the top four competitors are all going to be handed out after the final round."
    As she said this, the other boy that had lost, Matt Kershner, walked up to the desk. "Hi, I was told to come here to receive my prize for making the top four?"
    "Please sit on the bench there." The woman repeated politely. "Your prize will be given to you after the final round."
    "Can we go watch the match instead?" Matt asked.
    "Sure, I don't see why not." The woman replied. "Just make sure you all come back here afterward."
    "The match will be three vs. three." The announcer announced as Bobby and Michael entered the ring.
    "Three vs. three?" Bobby questioned. "All the other matches have been six on six."
    "Does it really matter?" Michael asked from across the field. "I'm going to beat you either way."
    "You may begin." The announcer said dryly, lifting a green flag into the air.
    "Go, Camerupt!" Bobby shouted, throwing a Pokeball into the air. The large camel Pokemon appeared out of it, first as energy, and then taking solid form as it hit the ground.
    "Gengar." Michael said calmly, throwing a Pokeball out. The ball opened up and the ghost Pokemon appeared, tongue sticking out, mocking its opponent.
    "Hah!" Bobby exclaimed. "Gengar is a Poison type Pokemon! It's weak to ground type attacks! Camerupt, Earthquake!" The fire Pokemon raised its front hooves and slammed them into the ground hard, creating a shockwave beneath them. The shockwave rippled out toward gengar, smashing up the concrete that the field was made of as it traveled. It quickly reached Gengar, exploding the ground beneath the ghost Pokemon.
    "So much for your confidence, huh?" Bobby asked Michael mockingly.
    "I have a reason to be confident." Michael replied. "I'm battling an idiot. Take another look." Gengar was still there, floating above the rubble, unaffected.
    "How?!" Bobby stammered.
    "Gengar's special ability." Michael said, a smirk on his face. "Levitate. Ground moves can't hurt him." A look of shock came onto Bobby's face. "Now, Gengar, Hypnosis!"
    "Gengaaaah." Gengar said, looking Camerupt straight in the eyes and waving its hands around. Circles of Psychic energy shot forward from Gengar's eyes, hitting Camerupt head on. Camerupt's eyes began to flutter open and closed slowly, and then remained closed. It was Asleep.
    "No! Camerupt! Wake up!" Bobby yelled.
    "Gengar, Dream Eater!" Michael commanded. Gengar extended its hands, balls of lavender energy shooting forth from them. The energy struck Camerupt, knocking it back and leaving bruises all around it. The balls of psychic power then returned to Gengar, and the ghost Pokemon absorbed the energy.
    "Camerupt, you've got to snap out of it!" Bobby shouted. "One more of those could kill--!"
    "Too late." Michael interrupted. "Gengar, Dream Eater!" Gengar jumped into the air, one hand above its head, forming more balls of energy in its palm. As it fell back to the ground, it shot its hand forward, the energy launching out from it and once again hitting Camerupt. The psychic force robbed Camerupt of its last remaining energy, knocking it off its legs and onto the ground, unconscious.
    "Camerupt is knocked out!" The announcer decided. "Please send out your next Pokemon!"
    "Camerupt, return." Bobby said, a look of dismay on his face as the Pokemon returned to its Pokeball. "Go, Magcargo!"
    "I too will make a switch, as the rules allow it." Michael said matter-of-factly, returning Gengar to its Pokeball. "Go, Lairon!"
    "Hah! That Lairon won't stand a chance against my fire attacks!" Bobby exclaimed.
    "It wouldn't." Michael agreed. "Lucky for me, it can knock you out before your Magcargo even has time to think about attacking.
    "Tch...he's right..." Bobby said to himself. "Magcargo's way slower than Lairon...and he only needs one Earthquake attack to take me out!"
    "Lairon, Earthquake!" Michael commanded. The steel Pokemon raised its front legs similar to how Camerupt had done, slamming them down and creating a massive shockwave, tearing up the field even further. Before Magcargo even had time to think, it was hit by a massive explosion of rock. When the smoke cleared, Magcargo lay there, completely knocked out.
    "Magcargo is knocked out!" The announcer proclaimed. "Please send out your next Pokemon!"
    "I'll leave Lairon out for now." Michael said. "I think you're primarily a fire type user, earthquake should be able to take out anything you send at me."
    "You think wrong!" Bobby said, a smile on his face. "Gyarados, I choose you!" He hurled the Pokeball into the air, a long beam of red energy shooting out from it. When the energy materialized, it became clear that this was not an ordinary Gyarados.
    "It's red!" Michael exclaimed. "There's only been one red Gyarados in the history of the Pokemon league...and it belonged to..."
    "That's right." Bobby cut in. "This Gyarados was given to me by a very good friend of my father." A large smirk appeared on his face. "Lance, champion of the elite four!"
    "This isn't good..." Michael thought. "Lairon, try hitting it with your electric type move! Shock Wave!"
    "Who's too slow now?" Bobby mocked. "Gyarados, Hydro Pump!" Before Lairon had time to prepare its attack, it was already being bombarded by a massive blast of water from Gyarados. The rock type Pokemon stood no chance.
    "Lairon is knocked out!" The announcer exclaimed. "Please send out your next Pokemon!"
    "Crap..." Michael said. "Go, Gengar!" The ghost Pokemon reemerged from its Pokeball, still fully ready to fight. "Gengar, Hypnosis!" The purple Pokemon began waving its hands as it had before, shooting psychic energy from its eyes. Unfortunately, Gyarados knew better, and closed its eyes, avoiding the attack.
    "Gyarados, Bite!" Bobby commanded. The large red Pokemon lunged forth, its massive fangs closing in on Gengar. The ghost Pokemon stood no chance against this dark type attack, and was knocked out in one shot.
    "No, Gengar!" Michael exclaimed.
    "Gengar is knocked out. Please send out your next Pokemon!" The announcer said for the sixth time.
    "Go, Weezing!" Michael said, sending out his last Pokemon, the poison type Weezing. "Weezing, try to hit it with a Thunder attack!" The purple Pokemon blew smoke out of its body, concentrating. A blast of electric energy shot upward from it, and then shot back down from the sky, nearly hitting Gyarados.
    "Close, but not close enough!" Bobby said thankfully, as the Thunder attack, though inaccurate, was extremely powerful and probably could have taken his Gyarados out. "Gyarados, let's finish this!" He exclaimed. "Hyper Beam!" The Gyarados opened its mouth, a huge beam of white energy shooting out from it. The beam hit Weezing, completely decimating it. The severely injured poison gas Pokemon fell to the ground, no question as to its unconsciousness.
    "How...how could I lose?" Michael questioned rhetorically. "My Pokemon were so strong...how..."
    "Bobby Malec is the winner!" The announcer shouted. "Congratulations! Now, both competitors that reached the final round, please go to the front desk to claim your prizes!"

    "Alright, I'm here for my prize." Michael said in a frustrated tone, slamming his palm down on the front desk.
    "No need to be so rude." The woman responded. "Are all four of you here?"
    "Yeah." Dan said, looking around the room. Michael, Bobby, Dan, and Matt were all present.
    "Alright then. Follow me." The woman said, pressing a button under her desk. Part of the wall next to the desk rolled up, revealing a secret door. The four boys followed the woman through the door into a dimly lit room.
    "Is this some sort of trap?" Matt questioned, looking around.
    "Professor Pine will be with you shortly." The woman said in a voice so quiet that noone could hear her, walking back out the door. It closed behind her, the room darkening further to the point where it was almost impossible to see.
    "I'd say yes." Dan answered to Matt's question.
    "Welcome." Came the voice of a middle aged man. The lights turned on to reveal a man in a lab coat standing on a small pedestal. "Congratulations on making the top four of the Triregional Championships."
    "Who are you?" Bobby asked.
    "I am Professor Pine, the leading research authority in the region of Olemenun." The man answered.
    "Olemenun? I've never heard of that region." Dan said.
    "Probably not." Professor Pine responded. "Olemenun is usually kept secret from the rest of the world."
    "Why is that?" Matt questioned.
    "Well, we prefer not to involve ourselves in the political affairs of the other regions, in order to avoid getting involved in wars." Professor Pine answered. "Also, we have Pokemon there that are not found in any other region, and do not wish for those Pokemon to be traded out to the other regions."
    "So why are you telling us this?" Michael asked, finally joining the conversation from the corner of the room.
    "Because," Professor Pine replied, "your prize is an all expenses paid trip to Olemenun to take part in the Pokemon league challenge there."
    "Ah, Olemenun has a Pokemon league too?" Bobby asked.
    "Correct." Professor Pine answered. "If possible, I would also like you to catch as many Pokemon as you can in the region. I'm trying to complete a Pokedex catalouging all of Olemenun's Pokemon."
    "Sure." Bobby answered. "We can do that. I'd love to catch and train some new Pokemon, and I'm sure the others wouldn't mind either."
    "Yeah, that's fine." Dan confirmed.
    "No problem." Matt added.
    "Whatever." Michael said, still resting against the wall in the corner of the room.
    "Excellent." Professor Pine said. "I've already arranged for a private jet to take you there in the morning. You'll meet my daughter and her friend at the Evergrande City airport. The six of you will take the plane to Roccane town, where my lab is located. You can meet me at my lab at quarter past noon." He paced around the pedestal a few times and then began to speak again. "You can stay at the hotel connected to the stadium for tonight." He turned around and began to walk toward a door on the other side of the room. "Oh, and one more thing. Once you arrive in Olemenun, I'll have to take your current Pokemon. Olemenun's Pokemon have not been revealed to the rest of the world, and I don't want the rest of the world's Pokemon being revealed to Olemenun."
    "That makes sense." Dan said.
    "Good. See you in the morning." Professor Pine said, pressing a button on the wall. Doors opened on both sides of the room, and the boys walked out the door they had came from. Once they had left, Professor Pine left through the other door, and both doors closed.
  3. Chapter 2: Snakes on a Plane

    It was about eight o' clock in the morning, and still somewhat dark outside. The woman from behind the desk at the stadium was also a maid at the adjacent hotel, and had been ordered by Professor Pine to wake the boys up in the morning.
    "I advise you to wake up," She wispered into Bobby's ear, "or you may be late for your flight." Upon hearing something in his ear, Bobby woke up, blinking his eyes a few times and stretching out his arms and legs.
    "What time is it?" Bobby asked with a yawn, sitting up in his bed.
    "It's about ten past eight." The maid replied, "'Your flight leaves in one hour and twenty minutes."
    "I should probably get up then." Bobby said, yawning again and stretching his arms up in the air. He removed the sheet from on top of him and got up, walking to the bathroom within the hotel room.
    "Breakfast will be ready in five minutes." The maid stated, "The others are already in the lobby."

    "Alright. I think everyone is done with breakfast." Dan said, looking around the table at stacked bowls of shallow milk and plates with the remains of food on them.
    "Good. Shall we be off, then?" Asked the maid, "Professor Pine has also assigned me with the task of chauffeuring you to the airport."
    "Yeah, let's go." Matt said, standing up from the table and pushing in his chair. The group grabbed their bags and headed out the door to a limousine parked in the driveway.

    "We have arrived." The maid said from the drivers' seat, as the limousine parked in the airport parking lot.
    "Where are we supposed to go?" Bobby inquired as the four of them opened their doors and began to exit the car.
    "You'll meet Professor Pine's daughter and her friend at terminal B-14." The maid responded. "They will recognize you." When she was sure all four boys had exited the vehicle and were not behind it, she waved goodbye and pulled out, driving out toward the main road. The group had been dropped off right outside the entrance to the airport, and walked inside, not paying any attention to the unusual number of policemen standing outside the door.

    "Here we are...terminal B-14." Bobby said, setting his bag down on a chair as the others did the same. "But where's...?" Before he could finish his sentence, he saw two girls running toward them carrying bags similar to their own. One girl had blonde hair and was more or less dragging the other girl, a brunette.
    "Ohmigosh Hiiiii!" The blonde-haired girl exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air as she approached the group. She ran up to Bobby and hugged him for seemingly no reason.
    "Uh...are you Professor Pine's daughter?" Bobby asked, looking at her with an odd expression on his face.
    "Like, totally!" She replied, releasing Bobby and setting her bag down with the others. "I'm Tatianna, and this is my friend, Elissa." She said, pointing to the brunette.
    "We're not late, are we?" Elissa asked.
    "Nope, I don't think so..." Bobby answered, looking up at the marquee of departures and arrivals.
    "Now boarding flight 121 at terminal B-14." The loudspeaker boomed.
    "That's like, our flight!" Tatianna said. The group grabbed their bags and walked up to the connector that connected the airport to the airplane.
    "Tickets please." The attendant said dryly.
    "Tickets? He didn't give us tickets!" Dan exclaimed, a little worried.
    "We have your tickets." Elissa said in response, handing the attendant all 6 tickets.
    "Have a nice flight." The attendant said, letting the group pass.
    "Hey, how come the marquee said that we were flying to orre?" Matt asked, "Aren't we going to o-"
    "Shh!" Elissa said, covering matt's mouth. "People aren't supposed to know, remember?"
    "Sorry." Matt said. The group boarded the airplane, not knowing that the flight attendant had heard elissa shushing Matt. She left her position and walked into the connector, closing the door behind her.

    "Attention passengers, I'm Derek Farber and I'll be your pilot today." Came a voice over the loudspeaker. "We're going to be taking off shortly, heading to Roccane Airport in Olemenun. Approximate flight time is 2 hours and 28 minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts while the seatbelt light is on." A light came on above the seats showing that the passengers should buckle their seatbelts. Shortly after, the plane began to take off.
    "Hey, we're the only ones on this flight..." Bobby noticed.
    "Of course. It's a private flight." Elissa replied. "The only people that know the true destination of this flight are the pilot, Professor Pine, and us."
    "If it's a private flight..." Michael commented, "why is the plane so big?" He was right. The plane was the size of a normal aircraft, looking like it could seat nearly one hundred passengers. Instead, only the first row of seats were filled, and the many rows behind them remained empty.
    "I guess this was like, the only plane they could get." Tatianna answered to the best of her ability.
    "Good morning, may I get you something to eat?" Came a familiar voice from behind. It was the attendant from when they were boarding the plane, pushing a food cart down the aisle.
    "No thank you." Michael said as she passed him first.
    "None for me either." Dan added.
    "Nothing here." Matt said.
    "I'm fine." Elissa stated, not wanting anything to eat either.
    "I'll have a bagel with jam, if you've got it." Bobby said, being the first to order food.
    "Here you are, sir." The attendant said, pulling out a plate, a bagel, and a container of jam from the cart.
    "Can I have, like, cocoa puffs?" Tatianna asked.
    "Here you are, m'am." The attendant said, handing her a bowl, a box of cocoa puffs, and a carton of milk. With that, the attendant walked to the end of the aisle where she had room to turn the cart around and wheeled it around, heading back down the aisle to the other end of the plane.

    "I'll be right back, I'm going to the bathroom." Matt said shortly after the attendant left. He got up from his seat and walked down the aisle to where the bathrooms were at the end. No sooner had he reached the bathroom than he came running back.
    "SNAKES!" He shouted, flailing his arms around madly.
    "What are you babbling about?" Bobby asked, turning around. Sure enough, Matt was being followed by a large group of Ekans, Arbok, and Seviper. "Holy crap, he's right! There are snakes on this plane!" The rest of the group turned in their seats to see this phenomenon for themselves, and saw it was true. Matt arrived at their seats, turning around in the isle to see the army of snake Pokemon following him from a short distance.
    "How very odd." Michael said, unbuckling his seat belt and walking into the aisle, facing the snakes. "I'll take care of this. Sneasel, I choose you!" He grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and threw it out toward the snakes, releasing the dark type Pokemon in front of them.
    "Snee-selll.." The Pokemon snickered, unfolding its arms. The blades on its hands shone brilliantly, despite the lack of natural lighting. It ran forward, arms out behind its back, and jumped over some of the snakes, landing on a seat. The poison type Pokemon decided to start fighting, and began to leap up toward it. It jumped off the seat, slashing an Arbok in the air and landing on its feet, slashing an Ekans with its other hand. It began running down the aisle, slashing every Pokemon that lunged at it as it went. The apparently low level snakes were no match for Michael's expertly trained Sneasel. It slashed through them one after another, aiming not to knock the Pokemon unconscious, but rather to kill. The Sneasel's eyes shone with an evil light as it chopped up countless Pokemon into mincemeat. It was ruthless in its attacks, killing every Pokemon in a single shot. It danced down the aisleway, leaving unbelievable carnage in its path. Soon, all the Pokemon were dead except one. There, at the end of the aisleway, was an unusually large shiny Seviper.
    "Seviiiper!" It hissed, its tail shaking in the air. As soon as it did this, a new wave of Ekans, Arbok, and Seviper appeared from the back of the plane.
    "This isn't good." Michael said. Even though his Sneasel had been able to kill the previous Pokemon without getting hit a single time, doing so took incredible effort on Sneasel's part, and it was tired.
    "We'll help you." Bobby said, still eating his bagel. "Go, Growlithe!"
    "I choose you, Tyrogue!" Matt added.
    "Tangela!" Dan shouted.
    "Let's go, Shelgon!" Tatianna exclaimed.
    "Help them out, Natu!" Elissa said. The five Pokemon joined Sneasel on one side of the plane, facing down the wave of snakes arriving on the other.
    "Snea...sel!" Sneasel shouted, thrusting its hand out and pointing at the snakes. The six Pokemon charged forward and began to attack. Tyrogue and Sneasel fought back to back, punching and slashing at snakes flying at them from all directions. Tangela caught groups of Pokemon in its vines, lifting them up and squeezing them as Natu bombarded their minds with Psychic attacks in the air. Growlithe and Shelgon ran around headbutting everything in their path, occasionally letting loose an ember to barbeque a weakened Ekans or Arbok. In a matter of time, the shiny Seviper was once again the only Pokemon left to oppose them.
    "Seviper." It hissed slowly and calmly, this time heading toward the six Pokemon instead of summoning more minions. Sneasel stepped forward at an equally calm pace, meeting the Seviper about halfway down the plane. The two Pokemon just stood there looking at eachother for a few seconds, but the silence was broken when Sneasel slashed Seviper across the face, sending it back a few feet, writhing in pain. It lunged forward, biting Sneasel on the arm, sinking its venom into the dark Pokemon.
    "Sneaaaas!" The Sneasel screamed in pain.
    "Sneasel, you've had enough, return!" Michael exclaimed, throwing Sneasel's Pokeball at it and turning the Pokemon back into its energy state. Seviper's fangs bit down on the nothingness that was once Sneasel's arm, and a look of anger grew on its face. It slithered forward at an amazingly fast speed, but the other five Pokemon were ready. Tyrogue jumped up in the air, coming down on Seviper's head with a powerful Hi Jump Kick. Natu let out a Psybeam, striking Seviper in the 'chest' area. Tangela sent out a Mega Drain, draining some of Seviper's energy and returning it to the grass Pokemon. Growlithe and Shelgon both let out Flamethrower attacks, severely burning the snake and nearly knocking it out or killing it.
    "That's quite enough of this." Came the familiar voice of the flight attendant. She stepped out from her room across the hall from the bathroom, a Pokeball in her hand. "Seviper, return!" She held out the Pokeball, the shining Seviper turning into its energy form and returning to its owner.
    "You mean that was you that sent those Pokemon?!" Bobby exclaimed, both angry and shocked.
    "Correct." The attendant replied calmly. "And since they were not able to get the job done, I'll just have to do it myself. Zangoose!" She grabbed another Pokeball which opened up to reveal a shiny Zangoose. "Crush Claw!" She commanded. The Zangoose's claw came down hard on the side of the plane, opening up a huge hole and letting the air in.
    "Agh! What are you trying to do?!" Bobby asked as the air pressure masks dropped down from the consoles above the seats.
    "Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't risk not killing you by doing something silly like changing the plane's air pressure. The air around Olemenun is too stable for that anyways." The attendant replied. Her Zangoose turned around, letting loose another Crush Claw, but this time aiming for the floor of the plane. The Zangoose hopped out of the way as the floor exploded, revealing a turbine beneath the floor where it had struck.
    "Zannnngoose!" It laughed as the attendant returned it to its Pokeball.
    "Have fun fending off the Plesiowave." The attendant said as she released a Pidgeot and got on its back. "You'll find that, unlike Gyarados and other water Pokemon from the other regions, they are completely relentless in their attacks." The Pidgeot flew out the hole in the plane that Zangoose had created, delivering the attendant from the inevitable crash.
    "We seem to be losing altitude, please stay in your seats." The loudspeaker boomed. Sure enough, the plane was rapidly heading toward the sea.
    "We have to get out of here!" Bobby shouted. "Go, Aerodactyl!" Following his lead, Michael sent out a Crobat, Dan sent out a Tropius, and Elissa sent out a Claydol. Not having flying Pokemon of their own, Tatianna and Matt got on Dan's Tropius along with Dan, and the four Pokemon flew out the hole in the plane where the attendant's Pidgeot had exited. Crobat, Tropius, and Aerodactyl flapped their wings madly to overcome the gravity that had carried the plane down, and Claydol surrounded itself with a purple aura of psychic energy, stabilizing it and allowing it to levitate in midair. Unfortunately. The flying Pokemon could not overcome the oddly strong gravity in the air, and began plummeting toward the water, Claydol not far behind them.
    "If we hit the water, we'll die!" Dan yelled over the sound of the wind.
    "I'll just like send out my water Pokemon when we like, get close!" Tatianna responded. That didn't take long, as the group could soon see the water beneath them.
    "Go, Gorebyss!" Elissa shouted, sending out her own water Pokemon.
    "Milotic, Kingdra, Sealeo, let's go!" Tatianna exclaimed. The four Pokemon appeared in the water as the trainers recalled their flying Pokemon. Tatianna, Dan, and Matt landed on Milotic's long back, while Bobby and Michael each landed on Kingdra and Sealeo respectively. Elissa was still a ways behind, as her Claydol's aura had reduced her falling rate. The five that reached the water first caused the three Pokemon to be submerged a few feet in the water due to the impact at which they hit. The Pokemon had broken their fall, but had been injured by it. Shortly after the Pokemon resurfaced, Elissa released her Claydol, falling down the remaining few feet onto her Gorebyss' back.
    "There's something wrong with the air around here." Michael stated. "The air pressure should have caused major damage in that plane, and the gravity shouldn't have been nearly that strong."
    "Well, we're alive, and that's all that matters." Bobby said.
    "We shouldn't be." Michael replied. "As I said, the gravity was much too strong. When we fell with that force, the Pokemon cushioning our fall shouldn't have been enough, we still should have died when we hit the water."
    "Who cares? We are alive, and like Bobby said, that's all that matters." Dan said, agreeing with Bobby. Suddenly, the group heard a large growl, and a large shadow passed underwater beneath them.
    "Yeah, but I don't know how long we'll be alive for..." Elissa said worriedly.

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