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Open Pokemon Earth: US Edition

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EnigmaticMissingNo., Oct 22, 2018.

  1. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    (RP Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-earth-us-edition-signups-discussion.20105)

    The Trainer's Convention is a yearly event in NYC that starts Pokemon Trainers down the path of success. Though the convention is meant to mainly help new Trainers, it also provides help for those that are interested in Pokemon but are looking for a different way to use their talents.

    The convention has just begun so Pokemon enthusiasts have been left to wander and discover what it has to offer. The convention's main room has a large number of stands on things ranging from Pokemon breeding to scholarship offers for Paleontology. The main attraction is a panel of Elite Four Members and a large screen towards the back of the room that displays a countdown. Nobody knows what the countdown is for and there have been no answers from the Elite Four.

    But there's no time to worry about this right now as the convention has much more to offer and it's greatly encouraged that everyone explore and have fun.
  2. ~Eliza~
    Standing on the outskirts of the crowed, back pressed against the wall, and eyes wide, the young woman stood trembling, her heart racing. She was here, she couldn't believe she was here. Standing among actual trainers, actual professionals...

    She had had trouble believing it when she had bought the bus ticket, when she had gone all day and night without sleeping, or eating, when she had walked through the doors. And now, standing among everything, she still couldn't believe it.

    Her stormy eyes bugged out of her head as she tried to take everything in, her knuckles turning white as they clutched her backpack straps in a death grip.

    What to see first? The science stands? Or maybe general pokemon info? Or maybe she could go see her hero, the champion? And his elite four goons... Or maybe-

    A rumbling sounded deep in her stomach, and a light flush brushed across her pale cheeks.

    Or maybe she should find some food first...

    Strolling with long confident strides, the gent curled the corner of his mouth up in a half smile, amusement dancing in his blue eyes, hidden behind dark sunglasses. His cargo pants held all manor of things, a faded green against the black of his shirt. Confidence rolled off of him in the proud way he held his shoulders, the long legged stride of a man who needed to be somewhere. And somewhere he most certainly needed to be.

    Late again, not something he liked to make a habit of but recently something that was happening quite frequently. After all, he couldn't say no to fans. Girls who batted their eyes, boys who looked up to him like some kind of legend. It honestly made his face flush behind his tan complexion, and he thanked the stars he was dark enough to hide it. Mostly.

    His eyes locked onto the area he was told to go, and with a sigh he slipped as discreetly as he could around a group of onlookers, heading to his mark. He wasn't yet sure what was going on, but suppose that figured for someone who was the rookie. Not for long though, this year he planned on moving up in the ranks. Elite was nice, but bottom elite? Naw, he needed to be much higher than that.

    His lips pulled back as fire blazed in his eyes. Champion, he wasn't stopping until he had it.
  3. Serah strolled through the doors with Tyler gently held in her arms. She scanned the numerous stands nearby, though it was apparent that Tyler was not interested in any of them. The baby Pokémon had a hard, ebony black book opened, as he read the contents of the early second chapter.

    "Hey Einstein! What ya readin' there, how to be a big dumb nerd?" A teenage boy in a gray hoodie remarked.

    The infant shook his head, as he slowly lifted the book to show its cover. The front of the book read, "Blacker Mon, by Ricardo Rong."

    "Oh my god, like for Arceus man... Rong is like seriously and literally wrong on so many levels! You should be battling instead of just sitting around like a little dumb baby!" The boy spouted, as Tyler emitted a light growl at the boy.

    "Hah! That little cry won’t even scare a Weedle! You should just be a good boy already and listen to the big boys ner- Waaauuuggghhh!" The boy shouted, before suddenly being blasted with a highly pressurized slug of water!

    "Y- you'll regret thi- Auuuuggghhh!" The boy screamed, as the teen was hit with a barrage of chilly icicles! The boy fled, as Tyler gave out a small whine before there was no sign of the boy a brief moment later.

    "Okay, guess I still got a bit more to teach him on manners then," Serah thought, as Tyler resumed reading his book. He felt his trainer's gentle strokes on his back, as he twinkled a light smile.

    "Well, I think we should go out and meet some people. I know that you like to read and lie down a lot, but even a little doctor's gotta get out of their comfort zone," Serah said to the baby Pokémon, as Tyler emitted a light sigh at his trainer. He took out a thin, light red bookmark and placed it between the pages. The book was closed soon after, as he fiddled with his lab coat for a brief moment. The book was then carefully handed to his trainer, as it was placed in her bag soon after.

    "Surprised that Stanford would assign him that book, of all the ones they could of done. That book's been banned in Vietbac, and I think it was because of how violent and extremely racist it was. I'm not sure if I should have him read that still, since I don't think it's appropriate for his age. I get that he has a book report and a log due at the end, but... maybe I should talk with the dean once we get back," Serah thought after having a deep contemplation for some time.

    Tyler took out his clipboard from the left, inner pocket of his coat and quickly unfolded it. He took out his nightly black pen soon after managing to get a grip on the smooth, thick body. He took a brief glimpse at a girl that walked into the room's entryway. He wrote on his clipboard at a moderate pace for some time, as the page read:

    That girl over there looks quite nervous, but I mean... I'm probably a lot worse than she looks. Hopefully none of those other stupid kids aren't gonna try to pick on me, because I am sure as hell ain't nobody's bitch!

    The book's okay I guess, but I think they might have taken it a bit too far when that little Absol was picked on just because of how he looked. It's really nice though, I mean... it really does portray how life was back then; the times were extremely rough since one side was treated like a king and the ones that were different were left at the bottom of the barrel. Aside from that, it's pretty nice to know a few bad words now.

    I think I don't have any appointments with the lady in the pink hair today... or at least any that I know of. I guess I could maybe put my doctoring aside for a bit.

    "Oh hello there, how are you doing? I'm Serah, and I guess I'm not the only one that's looking for a place to eat," Serah greeted after quickly approaching the girl in a silent manner. Tyler decided to carefully write out an expression, as it was a derivative of another function.

    "The little one that I'm holding is Tyler. He's a bit shy, and although he might not look like it... he's usually the first to help out if someone's hurt real bad," Serah added, as she watched Tyler expanding the rather complex expression by an exponential factor of a rational cube root. The gigantic polynomial was far from her knowledge's reach in the field of high mathematics. Tyler continued to find other ways to further expand the function, as Serah decided to patiently wait for the girl's response.
  4. She jumped softly and turned, surprised to be addressed. Her stormy colored eyes widened, before a nervous but genuine smile spread on her features.

    "E-Eliza," she managed, confused as to why she was being spoken to. Typically people avoided her, but in truth she enjoyed the sudden attention. She smiled politely, if not nervously, as the girl spoke. She was pretty, and pulled off the look well, Eliza envied the other girl's ability to look good in blonde with pale skin. She thought briefly of her own dirty blonde hair, and for more than the first time, regretted her decision to dye it jet black.

    When the new comer, Serah, introduced her Pokemon, she smiled to him, less nervous and more open. "Well hello to you too then! I'm shy myself so I think we'll get along," she almost gave a sad smile, her sharp eyes scanning him over.

    She hadn't come across a Pokemon like this before, and she wished for nothing more than to study and quiz him on his awesomeness. Over time however she had learned people didn't typically like it when you ignored them to spend time with their Pokemon. So, instead, she returned her attention to Serah and smiled, a little more relaxed now that there was a Pokemon around.

    "You said you were looking for food? Should we go together?" she pipped, trying her hand at being social. That's what they did in the shows anyway right? Get food and... 'hang out'?... Could she hang out with this person? Could she... actually make a friend?
  5. Ivan was sitting on a bench in the middle of the convention, The butterflies in his stomach where gigantic, Even though he was around thousands of pokemon trainers and enthusiasts like him, He still felt really alone. He got up and tried to push past the many people to try to get a better look at the countdown but the crowd was so big it was a struggle trying to get past but eventually, he got past them and saw the countdown on the large screen.

    He pulled out his phone and went to Twitter to see the Trainers Convention to see their official Twitter to see many selfies of people
    at the Convention and vlogs sent to them by people at the Conventions.

    He felt extremely out of place so he decided to take a selfie for the first time and put it on their twitter page.

    "Get out the way you Snorlax!" Said an Inpatient man as he pushed Ivan aside, Making him drop his phone and watch as it got stepped on and cracked by the many people walking by.

    "No, This can't be real!" Ivan spoke feeling emotions of rage and anger, He quickly picked up the phone and to his dismay, it was broken. A couple of glass fell off the phone and onto the floor, He didn't even bother trying to pick up the glass shards and found a trash bin near bye. "So far, It's been a rocky start" He muttered.
  6. “Yeah sure, let’s go. I heard that there’s probably a few places around, though I’m not seeing them around here. I suppose we should ask someone that works here first,” Serah replied, while Tyler quickly jotted down the girl’s appearance after noting her by the name of Eliza.

    Meanwhile, a small, bluish Pokémon made his way into the main room. The mud fish Pokémon blended with the crowd of trainers to avoid detection from the nearby officers. The little Pokémon went towards a stand, as he noted a girl with a seal-like Pokémon that had a clipboard. The girl was likely conversing with another girl, as he decided to take out his tablet from the pocket of his black hoodie. He silently booted on the tablet, as he noted the multiple connections the place had; some of the connections appeared to be from the devices from other trainers, while the other connections were likely linking to secure areas.

    The mysterious Pokémon decided to tap on an application with an icon resembling a green figure with various numbers breaking through. He allowed for the program to boot up within a couple of seconds. He tapped on the nearest connection he could find and traced its original source.

    He noted the device to be a large screen towards the back of the area once he had a glimpse of the enormous display. A grin flashed from his face, as he decided to analyze the device’s security measures utilizing a discreet, complex algorhythm. The fin on top of his head slowly wiggled in response to no signs of noticeable wind, while his orange gills took in the unfamiliar air.

    “Aww great, guess it’s gonna probably take a bit of time to get through all that. Maybe I better find a way to get closer, and definitely without getting any looks if I wanna put on a big show soon,” The mud fish Pokémon thought before booting off his tablet and placing it back in the respectable pocket. He decided to slink over towards the direction of the screen’s location.
  7. ~Eliza~
    Eliza nodded towards Serah, scanning the crowed for someone in uniform. Spotting someone, she reached out and tentatively gripped Serah's sleeve.

    "C-come on!" she managed, not looking towards the other female. People made her nervous, but in her tv shows, she often saw girls doing this sort of thing, so it made sense... Right?

    She pushed her way through the crowed, surprisingly good at it. Despite her tiny size she had to much experience moving unseen and unbothered through crowds.

    Skylar paused and watched as a young man tossed his shattered phone into a bin, looking angered and frustrated.

    "Ouch, that sucks," he offered a sympathetic smile towards the young dude, shoving his hands into his pockets. He wanted to help the young trainer but wasn't sure how to go about it... So instead he offered a lopsided grin. Allowing himself a moment of conversation before heading off once more.

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