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Private/Closed Pokemon: Earth and Sky

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by YuiNanami, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Pokemon: Earth and Sky

    // New Trainers Introduction Broadcast \\

    Welcome, young trainer to the Varia region! I’m the region’s processor, Processor Sequoia. Before you start your journey, there are a few things you need to know about Varia. First of all, most of Varia is largely undeveloped and uninhabited...by people that is. This region is home to almost every known species of Pokemon, and the Pokemon here are quite wild. You see, the Varia region was only discovered around 40 years ago, so we are still researching this lush island nation. The land here is mostly covered in forest and mountains, but a few swamps are sprinkled around the island as well.
    As I said before, the Pokemon here are still a little unsure of humans. We have built towns and cities and roads that only lead to those cities. Other than that, there are no other developed areas in this region. The Wilds of Varia are full of so many different Pokemon! But, they can be a bit dangerous. I’ve lived here 25 years and I still haven’t cataloged all of the species and their migrational patterns. So, any Pokemon can pop up almost anywhere! Because of this, we offer a Pokemon of every type to our up and coming trainers. So, chose wisely!

    Grass- Shroomish or Nuzleaf
    Water- Shellos or Staryu
    Fire- Darumaka or Growlithe
    Electric- Shinx or Mareep
    Flying- Noibat or Pidgey
    Normal- Buneary or Eevee
    Poison- Nidoran m/f or Zubat
    Fighting- Riolu or Pancham
    Rock- Cranidos or Larvitar
    Ground- Phanpy or Trapinch
    Bug- Joltik or Scyther
    Steel- Aron or Honedge
    Ice- Snorunt or Spheal
    Physic- Espurr or Abra
    Dark- Zorua or Houndour
    Ghost- Shuppet or Duskull
    Fairy- Togepi or Ralts
    Dragon- Bagon or Axew

    Even though the Varia region is new, we still have eight Gym Leaders and an Elite Four. While I won’t tell you what the gyms are now, I will tell you where to expect them. Here’s a list of our cities:

    Krona City (A coastal city where my lab is and where your journey begins.)
    Route 01 (Surrounded by untamed forests/jungles)
    Dalla City, home of the Battle Badge (Dwells within a dense forest.)
    Route 02 (Surrounded by untamed forests/jungles)
    Route 03 (Surrounded by untamed forests/jungles)
    Shaviose City, home of the Jungle Badge (Rests within the towering canopies.)
    Route 04 (Surrounded by untamed forests/jungles)
    Tarion City, home of the Light Badge (The heart of the region. A bustling city on an island within a glittering lake.)
    Route 05 (Comes from Tarion and surrounded by towering pines)
    Platta City, home of the Blade Badge (Rests underground in a metallic, vault-like cave system.)
    Route 06 (Surrounded by towering pines)
    Helax City, home of the Spirit Badge (Resides at the edge of the Phantom Forest.)
    Route 07 (Surrounded by towering pines)
    Route 08 (Surrounded by towering pines and leads by to Tarion City)
    Route 09 (Leads away from Tarion City and is surrounded by a swampy marsh)
    Chavion City, home of the River Badge (Floats atop the marshland and over the twisting rivers.)
    Route 10 (Leads towards the base of Mount Foawin and is criss-crossed with rivers)
    Lunua City, home of the Soar Badge (Built into the peak of Mount Faowin.)
    Route 11 (Surrounded by mountainous hills)
    Route 12 (Surrounded by towering pines)
    Phantom Forest (A forest of dark, towering pines that’s constantly covered in a dense fog.)
    Farin City, home of the Venom Badge (The oldest city in Varia, it is built upon a place where the native pokemon wouldn’t settle. The ground there is saturated with salt so nothing grows.)
    Route 13 (Surrounded by scrubby trees that fades to coastline)
    Routes 14-16 (Along the north edge of the Varia coast, leading around the island. One can travel in the water or on shore.)
    Victory Road (A trial the leads across an eastern peninsula. It is a rocky, mountainous area that is flush with greenery.)
    The Varia League (Sits on a lush, tropical island with a bay.)
    Routes 17-20 (Lead along the southern coastline back to Krona City. Again, trainers can travel along the shore or in the water.)

    Now that you know the area, there are few more things you should know about this region. When explorers first discovered Varia, they soon found that the island was chock-full of mega stones! For some unknown reason, this island has a natural abundance of them! Mind you, they can still be hard to find. But the mega stones were and still are a huge draw for tourists and foreigners. Unfortunately, they also bring a few less than desirable individuals.
    Team Zenith is a group dedicated to reaching the pinnacle of Pokemon evolution. While their original goals were noble, they have since descended into a cruel organization who capture Pokemon, whether they are owned by a trainer or wild, and force them to their breaking point. Team Zenith believe that all Pokemon are capable of mega evolution, so they will stop at nothing to reach that goal.
    Now, I don't want you to be afraid. The Varia region is patrolled by world class Pokemon Rangers. They help defend the civilians of Varia from Team Zenith and the hostile Pokemon that sometimes get out of hand.
    Well, with that all said and done, I believe I've talked enough. Now, take the decision of your starter seriously. They will be your companion for the rest of your life. Once you're ready, I'll see you at my lab! Goodbye!

    // End of broadcast \\

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking and interest in Pokemon: Earth and Sky! When the story begins, everyone will be at Professor Sequoia’s lab in Krona City. From there anything can happen! We all begin with one starter, but you can put the rest of your team in your character profile. Or you can come up with them as we go along! Also, all new trainers receive 5 Pokeballs. And on a side note, because of Varia’s wild nature, new trainers have to at least 14 before they start their journey, and the starters are level 8.
    I really hope you guys enjoy this rp and have fun exploring the Varia region!

    ~All of Tess’ rules apply
    ~All type effectiveness rules and other rules of the Pokemon games apply
    ~No godmodding your Pokemon
    ~No legendaries; there may be some later on, but no one will have them to start off
    ~You may have one shiny
    ~Be kind and respectful to others
    ~Be creative; try to have at least a paragraph with each post
    ~Most importantly, have fun!

    Trainer Profile

    Pokemon Profile
    Nickname: (not required, but it would be more interesting)
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  2. Name: Kya Harkin
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Hair- wavy, black hair that falls just above her shoulders
    Eyes- pale green
    Skin- fair with a slight tan
    Build- petite, slim, but athletic
    Attire: cut-off jean shorts, black leggings, a navy blue tank-top with a white Pokeball on it; she also wears black beanie
    Personality: Kya is a bit of an adrenaline junky. She loves a challenge and won't back down from good time. She has a great sense of humor and has a pretty thick skin.
    History: Kya Harkin was born in Kalos. Her mother and father were well known Pokemon trainers, and Kya was worried she'd live her whole life in their shadows. So, when she turned 10 and her parents were about to take her to get her first Pokemon, Kya told them she was going to go to the Varia region when she was old enough. Her parents weren't thrilled, but they understood and were proud that their daughter had such high ambitions. So, for the next four years, Kya learned all she could about Pokemon and Varia. And on her 14th birthday, she made boarded a ship bound for the Varia region.
    Pokemon: Kiba

    Species: Houndour
    Nickname: Kiba
    Gender: male
    Level: 8
    Personality: loyal and dependable, Kiba would do anything for Kya, though he can be a bit nervous around strangers
    Ability: Flash Fire
    MoveSet: leer, ember, howl, smog
    Trainer: Kya Harkin
  3. Name: Oliver White
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Hair: messy and brown
    Eyes: shockingly blue
    Skin: light tan
    Build: tall and lanky
    Attire: White shirt, black hoodie, jeans, tennis shoes, a black snapback with a blue pokeball on it, worn backwards
    Personality: Oliver is hyperactive and enthusiastic, but not very bright. He charges headfirst through life, with only his own determination to protect him.
    History: Oliver was born in Snowpoint city, Sinnoh, and always admired Candace. She was the youngest leader the Snowpoint gym had ever had, and was regarded as an almost Elite Four level trainer. Oliver decided he wanted to make a name for himself too, and went off to Varia start his adventure!

    Species: Pancham
    Nickname: Genma
    Gender: Male
    Level: 8
    Personality: Genma is proud and stubborn, often ignoring Olivera commands and doing whatever he wants. However, when it comes down to the wire, they both share a common goal. To be the best.
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Moves: Mach Punch, Bulk Up, Swagger, Scratch
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  4. Species: leafeon
    Gender: female
    Level: 22
    Personality: very energetic,usually scared of humans,loves to meet new pokemon,is very brave.
    Ability:leaf guard
    Move set:magical leaf,giga drain,leaf blade, sunny day.
    Trainer: no trainer.
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  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is a discussion thread. NOT an RP thread. Moved.

    Read the RP forum rules before posting anything else.

    Also, do not double and/or triple post. If you have any thoughts to add to your post and you were the last person to post - edit your post, please. You can thank people for signing up collectively rather than quoting their entire post - if absolutely necessary.
  6. Name: Ariel
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Hair- elbow length, dark brown
    Eyes- Grey-blue
    Skin- pale
    Build- average height, petite, and never athletic
    Attire: Green tee, black glasses, a dark grey sweatshirt, jeans, a computer bag, and a blue beanie when it gets cold
    Personality: Creative, nerdy, and empathetic. When Ariel sets her mind to something, she will do her absolute best to accomplish her goal.
    History: Since her mother passed away when Ariel was younger, she became raised by Alexa (Viola's journalist sister). Because of such, Ariel grew up with an inspiration of photography and the heat of pokemon battles. Since Alexa was constantly forgetful, Ariel had to learn how to cook and how to take care of herself at a young age. Gifted with a camera and a need to upgrade it, she constantly showed Alexa her successful modifications to her digital camera. With the dream of capturing the world in photos, Ariel set off for Varia.
    Pokemon: Ralts, Sewaddle

    Species: Kirlia
    Nickname: Yue
    Gender: Male
    Level: 22
    Personality: shy, but protective
    Ability: Synchronize
    MoveSet: Double team, confution, Misty terrain, magical leaf
    Trainer: Ariel

    Species: Swadloon
    Nickname: Lula
    Gender: Female
    Level: 21
    Personality: Active, quick thinking
    Ability: Overcoat
    MoveSet: energy ball, razor leaf, nature power, protect
    Trainer: Ariel
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  7. Do you guys want to wait for more people, or to go ahead and start?
  8. i'm up for either regardless, it depends on the others though
  9. Name: Jack Steward

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Height: 6”1

    Weight: 140lbs

    Hair: Pale blue and styled in s tight man-bun. Jack also has a fairly short beard of the same colour as his hair.

    Eyes: Purple.

    Hometown: Snowpoint city

    Clothing: I made a drawing of Jack to help you better understand his clothing and overall style, but i’ll still explain it below.

    As stated in the hair section, Jack wears his hair in a tight bun, and has a somewhat short beard. Jack’s skin is pale due to his city of origin, and also quite muscly for the same reason. Around his left wrist is a family heirloom - a gold and red bangle which was gifted onto Jack from his grandfather. Also on his upper body is a sleeveless light blue jacket, which Jack is almost always be wearing. When he was back in his own village, Jack would wear a warn vest underneath his jacket, but after moving to the city he found that the underlay is not needed. Holding up his brown, loose-fitting trousers is a black belt with a golden buckle. Finally, Jack wears two thick brown boots on his feet which allow him to walk and explore in almost any terrain.

    Identifying marks: Jack does not have many identifying marks, except for a few freckles that are present on his face and across his nose.

    Musculature: Medium build and above average stature.

    Personality: At first, Jack may come off as cold and solitary. Many have seen him alone, or without a companion. However, after interacting and talking to someone, Jack may warm up to them. He can become protective and friendly towards a person, something that rarely happens. Although he likes to have fun, Jack values strength and usually tends to stick to one objective or mission. During a battle, Jack really gets into it and will hardly ever give in, but at the same time he will never let his partner Pokémon, Frost, get hurt.

    Skills: Jack, after growing up in the cld city of snow point, is cold resistant. He hardly ever feels the cold.

    Past: Jack has had a tough life growing up in one of Sinnoh’s coldest cities. After his father died in a rouge Beartic attack, Jack developed a strong relationship with his mother and grandfather. Throughout life, he had to protect and help his city; a small population of trainers let the city defenceless against attacks such as the one that killed his father. Although many children around the globe would embark on their Pokémon adventure at 10 years old, Jack is very late to that party. As Jack had to protect his village, he was forced to stay (Even though he was only still in training at 10 years old). As he grew older, Jack began to crave adventure and glory; wanting to both become and achieve the best. Eventually, he spoke to his mother and grandfather about the issue, and they agreed with him. After bonding and capturing his first Pokémon, Jack set off on his own adventure with a goal to be the best in mind.

    Family: Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother.

    Love relationships?: None.


    Snover (Nickname: Frost, Male)
    Ability: Snow warning
    Level 34
    Frost Is Jack’s first Pokémon. He was caught while Jack ventured into the forest surrounding Snowpoint city with another trainer and her Roserade. After a long battle, the trainer helped Jack capture the Snover. Both of them quickly hit it off and became good friends, developing a strong bond over a short period of time. They will both do anything for each other, and cannot live without the other. However, although they are best friends, their personalities contrast each other greatly. Frost is curious, loud and inquisitive - quite the opposite of Jack.
    Move set: Powdersnow, Ingrain, Ice shard, Mist, Razor leaf, (No sixth move yet)

    (He doesn't have his starter yet, as he hasn't met the professor yet. I do choose to pick Darumaka, though.)
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  10. Okay, this looks like a good group to me! If you guys want, we can start now.
  11. ~{Im fine with starting now}~
  12. (Don't you have to post onto the main RP place before RP'ing? I thought this was just a discussion thread.)
  13. Teapot

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    I've cut the role-play post into a Role Play thread here. @YuiNanami, feel free to edit that post with an actual introduction if that post alone isn't enough :)

    @galaxyglace, I've deleted your post as that is not how we role play here – think at least a paragraph per post, ideally a lot longer for your first one. You have a character – describe them! Talk more about where you are, what you're doing, who your character is. Remember, as a reader I know nothing about your Leafeon yet – and I want to be told! :)
  14. (Sorry for the confusion, everyone! I'm still trying to figure this place out @.@)

    And thank you, @Teapot for your help! I really appreciate it.
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  15. Teapot

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    No problem, always happy to help out. Lemme know if you need anything or have any questions :)
  16. Name: Aurora
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Hair- Light Brown
    Eyes- Pale Blue with purple and dark blue mixed like a real Aurora
    Skin- Pale Peach
    Build- Average
    Attire: Cream long sleeved top with jeans and a red
    and purple scarf around her neck, purple boots
    Personality: Mostly keeps to herself and her pokèmon but if your her close friend then she'll be the greatest friend ever. AKA, Protective, quiet, Kind, mysterious, Cunning
    History: Aurora lost her parents when she was five, not remembering them, she tries desperately to try and find out more about them with the pokèmon they gave her.
    Pokemon: Eevee
    Other: Nothing except she really loves her pokèmon, meaning she will defend them will all her heart.
    History: Aurora had a really rough time in her past. Her parents got killed by a Wildfire as they were going home. Aurora grew skittish of the things around her, even her Eevee was scared of well, everything. She lived in Farin City where she was even more scared. At the age of 11, Aurora ran away from home with all the things she needed including her faithful Eevee. After that, Aurora always avoided people that her relatives know and her relatives. Aurora is the Independent girl of the family, even her brothers were too scared to go out into the world at 11.

    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Shasta
    Gender: Male
    Level: 20
    Personality: Skittish
    Ability: Anticipation
    MoveSet: Swift, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Protect, Bite
    Trainer: Aurora
    Other: Likes to hide in Aurora's satchel
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  17. @EclipseTheShinyUmbreon thank you for signing up, but your Eevee is kind of high leveled. Is your character already a trainer? If so, could you elaborate in your history like TheMysteriousMrJ did?
  18. Ok and I'll change the eevee's level, it was supposed to be level 10...why was it 30? but ok!
  19. Lol, it's okay and thank you!
  20. You Welcome, say could I can get Shasta's level to level twenty?
  21. If Aurora was a trianer before the start of the rp, then sure.
  22. Name: Jake Anistar
    Age: 15
    gender: Male
    Hair: short and deep red
    Eyes: harsh green
    Skin: tanned
    Build: tall and muscular
    Attire: red shirt leather jacket with jeans
    Personality: kinda anti social as he prefers his Pokemon over other people
    History: he was born in Almia but moved to Sinnoh not long after birth. Since then he has lived in canalave city and trained under the gym leader and the elders of iron island

    @YuiNanami can I have a black and white riolu which is close to evolution because jake was a trainer before coming to Varia

    Species: Riolu
    Nickname: Scar
    Gender: Male
    Level: 25
    Personality: anti social like its trainer
    Move set: Vacuum wave, force palm, seismic toss, protect, bulk up, rock smash and power up punch
    Other: likes to mimic jake
  23. Do any of you mind me joining?
    Name: Que Railner
    Age: 14 Years
    Gender: Male
    Hair- wears a mop of tussled brown hair that seems to signify a lack of care for it
    Eyes- dark hazel eyes
    Skin- very fair, and strangely uniform in tone
    Build- still bears slight resemblance to that of a child, with a plump face, round cheeks, and a boxy chin. Has rather average height and weight, but is more rounded than some.
    Attire: He wears a white turtleneck with long black sleeves made in thin, stretchy fabric, and white sweat pants that widen loosely at the bottom. His shoes are black tenneshoes with white laces tied in a series of confusing looking knots. A black shoelace is knotted in a similar manner about his wrist, and he wears wide-rimmed, dark brown glasses.
    Personality: In a simple sense, he is cold and blunt, and thinks in frightening reality. Though average in ability of perception, he is wondrous at simply piecing together puzzles, finding solutions. Life is simply a puzzle that he must put together the pieces of. Such a manner, combined with his almost scary calm nature, makes him deadly with time to strategize for battle, but his fault lies in his inability to feel empathy, love, or compassion, or to move quickly, and react to change and startling situations. He simply does not understand these emotions, or many emotions at all, for isn't life but a game, a puzzle? Though he is eerily calm, he also is not the quickest reactor, and has a tendency to anger the more righteous people around him due to his uncaring nature. Rather childish in action, if something doesn't go according to plan, he will often fitfully tug, untie, and retie the knots on his wrist in an attempt to figure something else out.
    History: Nothing all too interesting. His mother divorced when he was born and never got remarried, and she was the only person he's been kind of close to. Homeschooled and growing up in a quite town, they decided he should go to the Sequoia region (he was convinced because he heard of the challenge, and her reasons are more presumed to be to teach him a few lessons that she couldn't teach herself. She is a tricky woman.)
    Pokemon: None right now, but he will receive Growlithe as his starter. I will make the bio when that point comes, unless you want me to make it now.
    Other: Nope.
  24. Welcome to Pokemon: Earth and Sky, @Storybook
    You'll be the last one to join, because I don't want this to get too big. So, I'll be making this discussion private now.
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  25. when will the RP start?
  26. Oh, it's started. Here's a link.
  27. By the way, you might want to edit the RP thread to closed as well, if you haven't done so already, in order to prevent further confusion.
  28. Okay, question then, if everyone here hasn't posted yet, will they be able to do so if I close it?
  29. Okay, thank you!

    I have another question: I tried to start a conversation with the person that posted on the rp to ask them to deleted their post, but it's telling I'm not allowed. Why is this? Should I just go to one of the staff members and ask them to delete it? (I'm still trying to figure all this out. Please forgive my ignorance @.@)
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  30. Shiny Pyxis

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    @YuiNanami I'm not part of your RP but generally speaking I'd probably report a post if the person who made it isn't in the RP. Staff should be able to help out.

    Also I don't think there's a way to make RP threads private, not at the moment anyways.
  31. @Shiny Lyni thank you for your help! I think I'll do that.

    Hey guys, after the battle between Jack and Aurora ends, Kya still needs to get her Pokemon. Once that happens, do you guys want to regroup, then head out into Varia?
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  32. Sounds good to me. Que also needs his Pokemon as well, so maybe some interaction there? It might be interesting.
    Also, I wasn't planning on giving Que's Pokemon nicknames, save for a few exceptions, but if your characters want to intervene, I'm not holding them back. So basically, feel free to question Que in every way feasible, making sense with your character, of course :p
  33. Good deal! We can get our Pokemon together. We can discuss nicknames when we get there. I feel like Kya would have an opinion on them. :D
  34. It sounds good to me, too. It's going to be fun RP'ing our adventure. Hey, would it be ok if Jack doesn't get a partner from the professor, since he already has a pokemon?
  35. Could this be the same for Arial as well?
  36. Yeah, of course!

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