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Ask to Join Pokemon: Dragonair Crest High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Pastel_Rose, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Dragonair Crest High Sign-up Page: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dragonair-crest-high-pokemon-highschool-rp.19733/#post-648451


    7:30~8:00 - Arrival to school + Free Time before classes
    8:10~8:50 - Pokemon Type Advantage Class
    8:50~9:10 - Pokemon Move Usage Class
    9:10-9:55 - Pokemon Health Class
    10:00~10:50 - Pokemon Strategy Class
    11:00~11:47 - Pokemon Bonding Class
    11:52~12:45 - Free Time Before Rest of Classes
    12:55~1:59 - Pokemon Battle Class
    2:10~2:54 - Pokemon Evolution Class
    3:00 - 3:10 - End of Day, Students are free to leave.


    It was 7:00 a.m. on a Monday, the sun had just risen and was somewhat high in the sky. Wendy Tucker, a girl with black sleek hair, had already been awake for at least 10 minutes. A yawn escaped her lips as she made her bed, two Pokeballs on her nightstand that had not been opened. Wendy opened her blinds and turned off her lamp after she smoothed her comforter on her bed. She then grabbed the two Pokeballs, tossing them down and releasing her Zoroark and Espurr. They both let out a cry, and she reached to pet them both.
    Wendy then smiled, moving into her closet to change into her clothes. She pulled on her striped purple and white crop top, along with her overalls. A smile grazed her lips as she stepped out, calling to her Pokemon to come to her. They were all ready, but she felt a emptiness in her heart as soon as she remembered her mother wasn't there to tell her goodbye, and was at her job all the way across town. She looked down, but she quickly gave her Espurr, Delilah, as the Pokemon looked worried for her.

    ' ' Come on, we'll get breakfast. ' '

    She and her Pokemon then went down the stairs, and Wendy began preparing
    breakfast, so they were ready for school.

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  2. Within the dark room of a hard asleep teen was a constant ringing sound in the air. Albert Reece held his hand up and waved as though he was trying to swat the ringing alarm. It only managed to get louder and closer until he finally hit something and the continuous ringing turned into a high pitch scream. Terrified, Albert panicked and rolled out of bed. On the other side of the room a displeased Goomy pulled back the window curtains and room quickly began to brighten. In Albert's hands was one of his trusty Pokemon Chingling A.K.A Goldham. He sprang up from his abrupt awakening and quickly started stretching.

    "Good morning partners. I see you guys are readying for today" he shouted enthusiastically. Goldham was happily jumping up and down while the Goomy, known as Walker, audibly sighed. With only putting his blue sweatpants on, Albert jumped into the bathroom and began his morning routine as trying to look as "perfect" as he could possibly be. Greasing his hair back, using every type of mouth wash in his bathroom, and posing in front of the mirror more than he should be. After that, Albert rushes downstairs with his two Pokemon comfortably in the Poke balls and grabs a quick bite. A simple oran berry and he walks out the door. A few seconds Albert pauses as he feels he forgetting something. A quick glance down reveals he forgot his shirt. He dashes back in to grab his dark blue shirt and orange jacket. Also grabbing his lucky red sneakers. Fully clothed and confident. Albert Begins to take long strides to Dragonair Crest High.
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  3. Klaus Wilhelm, a large and muscular tanned 18 year old boy with blonde wavy hair and blue eyes was busy in the kitchen making breakfast. His partner Aron, or Reinhardt as he called him, was sitting next to him, waiting full of hope for his breakfast. "Here you go Reinhardt, a cutlery set with a side of Sitrus Berries." Klaus said as he fed Reinhardt who ate his rather....unique breakfast with clear appreciation as Klaus made his own breakfast which very well could be his dinner. Sausages, mushrooms and baked beans were an unusual breakfast, but it worked for Klaus. He and Reinhardt both finished their breakfast and went to school, Reinhardt insisting to carry his books.
  4. Clyde felt the sunlight between the curtains meet his eyes which caused him to wake up. Once he got out of bed, he moved his limbs to crack his bones before he let out a large clap to wake up Rex and Goliath. Rex got up instantly while Goliath struggled to as he was still tired. Clyde sighed "Rex, try and properly get Goliath up will you? I'm gonna go grab our breakfast." He said as he left the room and went downstairs. "Morning son!" His father said cheerfully. "Hey." Clyde responded nonchalantly as he put two pieces of bread in the toaster, then he grabbed a bag of Pokémon food from the top shelf and poured it into two bowls. Afterward he put his thumb and index finger to the sides of his mouth and whistled his Pokémon over.

    The midnight Lycanroc and Shelgon ran over to their bowls and helped themselves to their food, the sight of how happy they were almost made Clyde smile. "Oh, I saw a smile~" His father teased. "Shut up dad..." Clyde responded as he heard the toaster pop to let him know his toast was ready. Once he had his toast, he went back upstairs to get dressed and get his stuff ready, also making sure to spray himself with deodorant. Once he packed his bag, he got out Goliath's Pokémon ball and returned the Shelgon to it. He also picked up his skateboard. "I'm heading off to school, see ya 'round." Clyde said to his father. "Have a nice day, son!" His father said confidently. "No promises!" Clyde responded as he gestured Rex to follow him who nodded with a smile. He put his bag on his back but only used one of the straps.

    Once outside, Clyde put his skateboard down and got on it, he pushed with his foot a few times to get some speed as Rex ran after him, still smiling at the sunlight above them as they made their way to school.
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