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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Alex Bock, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. OOC: Ok so Hana is the same Hana from my Manga but in a different personality and background (like an alter ego)You'll see some others from my manga in here to. This is a roleplay for anyone who wants to write about their D/P adventure.

    BIC: Hana wakes up to a beautiful sunlite room. "It must be morning," she says wiping the sleep out of her eyes. Hana quickly gets dressed and heads down stairs.

    "Hana young lady, where are you going?" says her mother. Hana looks up from tying her shoes.

    'I'm going to get my first Pokemon from Professor Rowan today remember," she says annoyed. She told her mom this just yesterday yet, she already forget. "Mom's can be such pains," she growls.

    "Well, Make sure you say Hi for me," replies her mother smiling.

    "Tch, yah, yah I will," says Hana as she walks out the door. "Oooo I'm so excited," she grins, clapping her hands. Hana manages to get to Rowan's lab and, knocks on the door. "Professor I'm here," she yells but, No one responds. Hana looks in the windows and tries the back entrance but, everything is locked. "Oh great and I was all excited," she pouts angrily.

    "Tell me about it," says a women's voice. Hana instantly turns around to find a women chewing bubble gum with her head turned to the side looking at the clouds.

    "Oh My Aruseus is it, is it really you!" says Hana excitedly.

    The women pops her bubble she was blowing and grins. "Yes dear it's me Lady Star!" she says posing.

    "Oh wow! why would a famous actress staring in hit Pokemon movies like "Gone With The Whishmur" And "You Me and Clefairy" be at Rowans lab," asks Hana, putting her finger on her cheek. The women looks at here awkwardly, peering from under her sunglasses.

    "Well to get a Pokemon, why else would I be here," says Lady Star, fanning herself.
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    With all due respect, I do believe that the time has not yet come for a Diamond/Pearl based RP.

    Very little English DP information was released or is known at this time, and what was released is still not enough for any form of meaningful RPing. A DP RP could have great potential, but only when the proper time comes. In the meantime adhere to the rules regarding the Sinnoh generation - only what is currently known about it in English may be used.

    Also, it seems to me that you are rather new to RPing - and to literary writing in general, as the matter of fact. Personal advice - read through a few of the other RPs going on and learn how other people write posts. Also, when you're writing an RP reply, think of it as writing a chapter in a story. That way, when you get around to writing one, it might actually be readable and won't look like a Wailord plummetted from the sky on it. Alongside a bowl of Petaya Berries that thought "Oh no, not again" as it fell.

    But for now, I'm closing this. I wish you good luck in your next endeavours.
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