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Pokémon diagnostics script

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by chickenmatt5, May 4, 2013.

  1. I'm making a script that will analyze a gen 5 .PKM file and return information on the Pokémon stored in the file. It'll serve not only for diagnostics, displaying the species and other info like that, but it'll also do some legit checking, like checksum calculation.
    As of now, this script only displays the species and nickname. What would it have to display about a Pokémon to make it useful? Nature, attacks, etc.?
  2. Displaying as much information as possible would be useful, with an option to cut back the information shown to only the essentials. That way we have the best of both worlds - no lack of information, and a clean setup.
  3. Here's what I've got so far:
    If you've used any version IR-GTS with its stats feature, you'll notice that the format is pretty much the same. I used some code from IR-GTS, and as soon as I get permission from IR-GTS' author, I'll distribute it. I'm adding more legit-checking stuff also.

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