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Open Pokemon : Destiny Rises

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EvanLeon, Aug 10, 2016.

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  1. "Really Rotom, don't start." >=O
  2. *Looks inside and see's Chris and his Pokedex.* "Looks like he has a Rotom Pokedex too"
  3. "Evan it's my annoying Rotom." >=O
  4. *Walks outside in pajamas* "Sorry guys i had trouble sleeping last night."
  5. "I'm not annoying Chris." Rotom told Chris.
  6. Yeah I can see that. I have one too. But It's not annoying. Its a nerd
  7. Chris turned off Rotom.
  8. *looks where Evan's looking*
  9. "Blaze use scratch!"
  10. *Someone screams in pain"
  11. I barely ever sleep. I'm gonna go train.
  12. *Heres scream* WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!!
  13. *Runs over* What happened
  14. "Why did you bring Gallade out."
  15. "I sense something..."
  16. "well you said someone was there and they didn't show themselves!"
  17. "Um im RIGHT HERE!">=O
  18. *Wait I'm gonna grab one of my Pokémon it will help. *Runs inside and goes on PC and comes back out with a Pokeball* "Let's Go Lucario!"
  19. "Hey guys, do you know where the bathroom is in this place?"
  20. Its upstairs to the left.
  21. Chris went upstairs, to the bathroom. Nobody could hear him. "Ugh..Should I tell them....?" Chris whispered softly. He pulled a skull necklace out of his bag....That threat made him join them....He hated it.
  22. He put it back in his bag and went back down stairs.
  23. "Chris is taking a long time... should we check on him?"
  24. "What took you so long?"
  25. "None of your business." >=O
  26. "Yeah and I heard like a metal clank in there?"
  27. "Jeez why so upset?!?":'|
  28. *I gtg until Tomorrow because I have to go to my grandma's Pause the RP*
  29. *Wait no a couple hours :(*
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