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Open Pokemon : Destiny Rises

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EvanLeon, Aug 10, 2016.

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  1. Welcome Back Char
  2. "There are 2 cores....red and blue..."
  3. Wait the One I saw was Blue too.
  4. *Sees Quilava outside* "Hang on a sec." *Goes outside and throws pokeball at it.*
  5. I saw Both of them they helped me When I was in Trouble
  6. "There used to be a red but it was corrupted by a great darkness....it's spot was Purple."
  7. *shakes three times then clicks* "Sweet!"
  8. *grabs a Pokemon from the PC*
  9. You need permission from admins to use Mega Evolution.
  10. Ughhh again
  11. "I grabbed this Pokemon from the PC."
  12. Hey what Pokémon did you get from the PC Chris
  13. "Come on out, Greninja!"
  14. *Thinking* I wonder if i should tell them... nah. Not like its important anyway...
  15. "I am Originally from Kalos, and I had to deal with Team Flare."
  16. Aspen now you look Troubled
  17. My Mom lives in Kalos. She had to deal with Team Flare too. Ughh They were a Pain
  18. "Is she hiding something from us?"
  19. "Oh who is your mother?"
  20. *Sighs* Well its not really all that important, but..."
  21. My mom is one of the Elite Four of Kalos
  22. "My sis is missing and im worried about her encountering this 'great darkness'"
  23. "Oh...That is very important to know...."
  24. Well lets get moving. We got to get strong Pokémon to beat Team Skull.
  25. No offense but Your sis might have been captured like my Dad
  26. "What kind of Pokemon do you have?"
  27. "What's wrong?"
  28. "What is it Chris?"
  29. I have Blaziken, Arcanine, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charizard.
  30. *Chris threw 3 Pokeballs into the Air, Popplio, Gallade and Nuikuguma (Pre-Bewear) came out*
  31. Huh cool Pokemon
  32. "I also have a Greninja."
  33. "I just caught a Quilava, I have Blaze, my fennekin, Beats By Dre, and Ledi, the one you saved."
  34. Hey Aspen what Pokémon do you have?
  35. "We are pretty strong."
  36. Ok these are good Pokémon I'm gonna try and Evolve my Pikachu and Bulbasaur
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