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Open Pokemon : Destiny Rises

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EvanLeon, Aug 10, 2016.

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  1. Yeah.
  2. "Uh....A death threat from them...."
  3. "Perfectly normal...sigh..."
  4. Hey the threat note what does it say?
  5. "I'm getting worried... I'm getting a feeling something BIG is going on...
  6. "What do they want?"
  7. "The note says, If you don't give up the secrets about that Pokemon, we will eliminate your family one by one. Signed Guzma."
  8. *wait time out i have to clean litterboxes.*
  9. *Pokephone vibrates* Huh *Dad calls* DAD how are you calling?? Evan's Dad: I got to the phone. I found out what they are doing. They are making a plan to capture the Alola Legendaries.* "OH CRAP"
  10. *ok*
  11. Ok xD
  12. "What did he say?"
  13. *Ok*

    "Well we know what Team Skull Is after now"
  14. They are after the Alolan Legendaries. Guys we gotta move*
  15. "Ugh...I need to tell you guys something...."
  16. *shows them a picture of a Green Blob with a Red spot in Chris's Pokedex*
  17. *Ummm whats that"
  18. "It's called Zygarde...It's able to fuse with corresponding cells to morph into different forms." Chris shows them a Canine looking Pokemon that is green.
  19. *Takes out Pokephone* Ok let me search that Pokémon*
  20. "That is called 10% form because it fused with 10% of the cells."
  21. "Wait Zygarde. I SAW IT ON MY WAY HERE Oh crap.
  22. "Is team Skull after that too?"
  23. "Then the other is 50% and then the Another is 100%."
  24. Well we gotta look for it. My dad also said they are after it.
  25. "We need to catch more Pokemon...."
  26. I know Zygarde I met it last year. The 10% Helped me when I almost fell off a cliff.
  27. "not catching pokemon the fact that theyre after that..."
  28. *Sees PC* I know Ill grab one of my Pokémon.
  29. "Catching and making new friends will help us fight Team Skull....It's our only chance."
  30. "I will too."
  31. *Goes to PC Takes out a Pokeball and throws it out* Cmon out Charizard.
  32. *gets a Pokemon from the PC.*
  33. "My little sis saw something similar to that. she was out in the woods when she scraped her knee. she came home supported by a pokemon that looked a lot like 10% zygarde. except where its red it was blue."
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