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Open Pokemon : Destiny Rises

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EvanLeon, Aug 10, 2016.

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  1. *Beats by Dre comes out of the ground with burn marks* "Okay, that didn't go as planned. Well then, use dragon claw!"
  2. *Blaziken is badly hurt* Well Time for this."Stronger STRONGER!!!!" *Blaziken uses Blaze Kick*
  3. *Eyes go wide* "Oh crap. Get ready!"
  4. *you can't use z moves in roleplays until the games come out and you ask for permission*
  5. Well then say its Blaze Kick xD
  6. *It hits and Beats by Dre faints* "Well you win! Good Job!"
  7. Good Job Blaziken. Hey that Deino is strong
  8. Chris reached into his backpack, and pulled out a Rotom Pokedex. "Ok let's see here..." Chris Scanned the Pokemon for information.
  9. "That was a good battle you two."
  10. "Thanks!" *Picks up Beats by Dre* "Let's get you healed up."
  11. *follows Aspen into the Pokemon center*
  12. *goes in to the Pokémon Center too*
  13. "It looks like the sun is going down...We should rest here."
  14. *Thinks* Should I tell them about my Little Run In with Team Skull?
  15. "Evan? Is something up?"
  16. "Yeah I'm gonna bring out my Pokémon" *Throws out all the Pokeballs and out comes out Blaziken, Arcanine, Pikachu, and a Shiny Bulbasaur.*
  17. Ummm what gives you the Idea that something is up?
  18. "Wow that's a good team!"
  19. "Whoa! I've never seen a Bulbasaur like that!"
  20. Thanks
  21. "You have an odd look on your face Evan, what are you thinking about?"
  22. "You looked... troubled."
  23. I caught him a little while ago
  24. "Did something happen?"
  25. Ummmm Well Me and Team Skull have a little history. You see Team skull captured My dad.
  26. I'm trying to save him.
  27. and after that I'm going to beat all the trial captains.
  28. "That's really bad... why would they want your dad?"
  29. *something slipped out of Chris's bag*
  30. "Hey whats that?"
  31. *a note came out with a Skull picture on it*
  32. Well My dad is one of the strongest Island Captain.
  33. "Just a little threat, from Team Skull..."
  34. Huh a note BY TEAM SKULL?!!
  35. "Wow really!?"
  36. Oh crap what does it say?
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