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Open Pokemon : Destiny Rises

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EvanLeon, Aug 10, 2016.

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  1. Hello. This is a free to join RP. You may join whenever you want :)
  2. Name: Evan
    Pokémon: Blaziken, Growlithe, and Pikachu (Ill Catch more)
    Gender: Male

    Crap. I just went to search for Pokémon and end up lost. This is not my day. *Trips over a Shiny Bulbasaur* Nice A shiny. *He Pulls out a Pokeball and sends out Blaziken* Blaziken use Blaze Kick. *Blaze Kick hits Bulbasaur and it fall down* GO POKEBALL!! *It shakes three times and is caught. ALL RIGHT!!. Well I'm still lost. I'm gonna set up camp.
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  3. Name: Chris
    Pokemon: Popplio, Gallade, and Nuikoguma
    Gender: Male

    Chris walked out of the Pokemon Center, waiting for the Charizard to go pick him up. But he got distracted and went into the woods. He saw a camp there, wondering who would camp out so close to the city. But Chris could see somebody or something in the bushes around him. "Team Skull...?" He asked himself.
  4. He see's someone behind a tree *Thinks* Who could that be? "Ummm Hello?"
  5. "Oh no he found me...ugh..." Chris walked out from behind the tree. "Oh hi there...I'm Chris....Why are you camping so close to the city?"
  6. "Well... I don't live there. I live about 1 hour away. I got lost on my way back to the city. Oh and I'm Evan."
  7. *Sees Team Skull* "OH GOD This is not my day."
  8. Name: Aspen
    Pokemon: Fennekin (Nickname Blaze), Deino (Nickname Beats by Dre), Ledian (Nickname Ledi)
    Gender: Female
    *Running after Team Skull grunt* "Give me back my pokemon!!!" *Sees Evan and Chris* "Uh, hi. My name is Aspen and these jerks just stole my Ledian. Could you help me out?"
  9. "Hello Aspen it seems like your having some trouble....." Chris said to Aspen, then through out a Pokeball. A Gallade came out, "Gallade use Secret Power on Team Skull!" The secret power Blasted the Team Skull grunts away. The Pokeball with Ledian in it was on the ground.
  10. *Picks up pokeball* "Thanks!" I tried to get it back myself, but my other pokemon were in the pokemon center."
  11. "No need to thank me, those hooligans have been in Alola for forever now." Chris put Gallade back into his Pokeball. "I cannot let them get the....Uh....never mind."
  12. *Looks around* There might be more hiding around here. There are a lot of places where they could be lurking in the woods."
  13. "Let's go to the Pokemon Center in the city, come Evan and Aspen, it's the closest safest place we can find..."
  14. " I can only share that classified information with the Kahunas of the four islands."
  15. "Oh, gotcha. I was going to go back to the pokemon center anyway, to check on Blaze and Beats by Dre, my pokemon."
  16. "Alright then let's go!"
  17. (At the pokemon center) Ding ding dinga ding! "My pokemon are ready for me to pick them up!" *Runs to the counter* "Thanks for fixing my pokemon up!" Nurse Joy:"You're welcome!"
  18. "Hey anyone wanna have a battle?"
  19. "I will watch, I need more battling experience."
  20. "Ok I saw a battlefield out back. Lets Go"
  21. "Okay!" (Outside) "So what kind? 1 on 1?"
  22. Chris sat on the bleachers waiting to see what Pokemon they would use.
  23. "Sure 1 on 1" *He pulls out a Pokeball* "Go Blaziken"
  24. "Alright go Beats By Dre!" *Tosses pokeball and Deino comes out*
  25. *Guys we gotta pause the RP I have to go for like 10 minutes*
  26. "This will be interesting..." Chris said to himself, Looking at his Gallade's Pokeball.
  27. *Um... I don't want to sound impatient but its been almost half an hour...*
  28. *Now its been almost an hour...*
  29. *Back Lol I thought it was gonna be 10 minutes xD Lets continue*

    "You got the first move"
  30. "Um, Okay, use Dragon Breath!
  31. *It hits* "OK use Flamethrower!!"
  32. *Beats by Dre gets hit* "Use Dig and confuse it!"
  33. "OK Blaziken Use Flamethrower in the hole" *Blaziken jumps to the hole and uses Flamethrower*
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