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Open Pokemon Daycare

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starfall, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. (hello! In this rp, you are a child who goes to the Pokemon Day Care in Verbank City. But when the Daycare is robbed by Team Plasma and cannot support itself, the kids band together to get the funds back by breaking in to the base! Here are the rules!)
    1. You must have at least 1 sentence per post.
    2. You must be 10
    3. Maximum of 3 pokemon per person
    4. No shinies
    5. No Kalos pokemon
    Let's begin!
    Name: Homura
    Age: 10
    Personality: Homura is extremley shy. She wants to be a Pokemon Coordinater when she is old enough. When you get to know her, she is very kind but still is shy.
    Looks: Homura has long, black hair that goes down to her waist. She wears a white shirt and purple skirt. Her eye colour is blue, and she has pale white skin.
    Eevee (Eva)
    Snivy (Leafa)
    Petalil (Blossom)

    Homura sat in the corner of the Daycare, attempting to drown out the cheers of the other kids. "Okay girls, can you please use Shining Sunny Leaf?" She asked her pokemon. They nodded. Blossom, her Petalil, used Sunny Day. Leafa, her Snivy, made a few leaves fall from the sky, and Eva, her Eevee, used swift. It looked extremley pretty, but then Eva tripped and her swift ended. "Great job, girls! That was even better then the last time we did it!" She smiled.
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  3. (not sure if I can put very shy also, so correct me if I make a mistake. Also, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to ask because it said open.)
    Name: Hope
    age: 10
    personality: Hope is very shy when it comes to other people. Her mother was a doctor, so she also has a caring side.
    looks: Hope has long brown hair, brown eyes, and white skin. She wears a pink dress with white boots.

    Hope was off on one side of the room alone, playing with her pokemon. Her pokemon would do a move in a order, and then she would have to remember that order. Hope looked around and saw a kid all alone. She walked over, "H-Hi, my name is hope, I was wondering why you are alone?" she asked.
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  4. Name: Vasilica (often shortened to Vas)
    Age: 10
    Personality: Vasilica is very excitable and kind. He can put people off with his enthusiasm, but he means well. He is from Romania, and doesn't know as much about Pokemon as his peers. He tends to forget to think before he speaks, which can be a problem.
    Looks: He has shaggy, strawberry-blonde hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. He's pretty small for his age as well.
    Team: Riolu

    Vasilica looked around the daycare, trying to find someone he could talk to. He was new and he didn't want to spend his time here with no friends, so he was delighted when he spotted two girls around his age talking. He walked over, Riolu trailing behind, and smiled cheerfully. "Hello!" he greeted, a slight accent clear in his voice. "My name is Vas! What's yours? Where are you from? I like your Pokemon!"
  5. Name: Sundara (sun)
    Age: 10
    Personality: Sundara is very friendly and amiable, sometimes a little too friendly. He seems to lack an understanding of personal space. He is a very touchy and affectionate person, unafraid to share lots of physical contact with someone he has just met. He actually loves physical contact and will subconsciously try to make it whenever the opportunity arises, simply out of nature. Quite the romanticist, Sundara has an affinity for anything to do with beauty and love. One could say he has an eye for beauty, or a heart made for love. He dreams of becoming a great coordinator.
    Looks: Sundara is tan with light brown skin. He has soft, wavy orange colored hair that goes down just past his shoulders. He'll sometimes wear it in a ponytail or a braid or two. His eyes are droopy and bright, a beautiful hazel color. The boy is tall for his age.
    Team: Altaria, larvitar

    "Wow! That was wonderful!" Sundara was watching he whole thing closely, from the very beginning he could tell that something lovely was going to happen, and he was not let down. "You're very good already, your Pokemon just need a little practice," he smiled after approaching Homura. "I'm Sundara, I want to be a pokemon coordinator too. This is Kallisto and Kallikrates." He pointed to his altaria and larvitar as he introduced them. "You can call them Kallis and Kallik."
  6. Name: Zelda
    Age: 10
    Personality: Zelda loves to sing and play video games. She's always in a bright mood and when she's not, she will always try and find a way to be happy. Zelda is very...lovable and she will protect anyone who she has gotten attached to.
    Looks: Blonde hair, bright blue eyes, lightly tanned skin. Wears a link outfit with a Triforce necklace.
    Zorua (Trik)
    Quilava (Flare)
    Dratini (Whirl)

    Zelda stood quietly behind Sundra, listening to his words. Nodding in approval, Zelda walked beside Sundra and placed a arm around his neck. "I'm Zelda, and these are my pokèmon, Trik, Flare and-" Zelda lifts up her link hat to reveal a sleeping Dratini "Whirl" before putting the hat back on her head.
  7. Name: Alex Athena Day
    Age: 10
    Personality: Alex is extremely friendly, upbeat and sociable. Syria very funny and can make people laugh with ought even trying. She makes friends easily and everyone tends to love her.
    Looks: Alex has brown skin and shoulder length wavy brown ombré hair. She has dark brown eyes and a beautiful smile.
    Zorua (Jay)
    Houndoom (Clad)

    Alex burst into the daycare. Beside her were her three Pokémon Jay, Clad and Espeon. Seeing new people, Alex quickly started buzzing around the room introducing herself and trying to make friends.

    "Hi!" She said to the first group of kids she saw. A girl with long black hair, a girl with wavy orange hair, and a blonde.
  8. Name: Danny Daranian
    Age: 13
    Personality: Danny is very shy and a little socially awkward. He doesn't make friends easily, but when he does, he is a loyal and trustworthy friend.
    Looks: Danny has dark blonde curly hair and white skin, he wears a green baseball cap, a green t-shirt, jeans, olive green sneakers, and a brown backpack.
    Mudkip (Jeff)
    Ampharos (Alexa)
    Gastly (Viktor)

    Danny was sitting in a corner by himself, listening to music. He noticed a group of four kids around his age that seemed to be getting along well, but he wasn't sure about going up to them and introducing himself. He decided to wait and see if any one of them would talk to him first instead.
  9. Name: Alphonse (Al)
    Age: 12
    Personality: Kind, reckless, and fairly hyper. He can also become quite depressed when his favorite baseball team, the Nimbasa City Royals lose a game.
    Looks: Shares a similar appearance to Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.
    Veno (Venonat)
    Chomper (Mawile)
    Blooper (Tentacool)

    Alphonse was sitting near the lake, watching his Pokemon play together. He was considering to go see if some people wanted to join him and his partners for some fun. His Pokemon looked like they were having lots of fun together, so he smiled.
  10. Name: Penelope
    Age: 10
    Personality: Penelope is fun-loving and goofy, and tends to like making friends.
    Looks: She has darker skin, black pigtails tied at the base of her neck, and deep brown eyes. She is average height, and wears T-shirts and jeans, as well as hiking shoes, most days
    Team: Shinx (Ivan)
    Eevee (Alice)

    Penelope looked around the daycare center once she entered. All around the room there were kids conversing, and she spotted many groups around the room that she could join. She didn't see the need to, though, when she spotted a boy that was outside, all alone. she immediately made her way outside, to the small lake where he was seated besides. Her Shinx and Eevee dutifully followed after her, curiously looking around. She walked up to the boy, and sat next to him. "Hey, my name's Penelope. What's yours?"
  11. Name: Lou
    Age: 11
    Personality: Lou is a quirky girl who gets lost in thought very easily and loves to clown around when the mood strikes her.
    Looks: She has pale skin, dark blue hair tied back in a ponytail, and hazel eyes. She's a bit on the short side, wears a green dress with a brown leather jacket and a pair of combat boots.
    Absol (Clara)
    Mantyke (Marissa)
    Houndour (Alan)

    Lou walked into the daycare center with her partner, an Absol named Clara, by her side. She looked around the room for a moment before frowning. She was hoping for a place for her Mantyke, Marissa, to relax but she didn't see one. It was too bad too, the last time she had been able to let Marissa out was two weeks ago at a lake. That had been nice, just relaxing, not a care in the world until the Gyrados had ruined everything... Lou was brought out of her thoughts as Clara nudged her side and gestured towards one of the workers.
    Lou blushed at her own obliviousness before asking the worker if there was pool to let her Pokemon out, and he told her that there was one outside. She thanked the worker before going outside to the small lake where two other trainers already were. Lou smiled before she walked over to them with a skip in her step.
    "Hi! Mind if I join you?" She called out to the two.
  12. Penelope looked up at the girl and smiled brightly. "Sure! My name's Penelope, and this," Penelope picked up her Eevee, who had been dozing next her, "is Alice, and that," she pointed to a Shinx playing with a blade of grass nearby, "is Ivan!" The Shinx, upon hearing his name, wandered back over to Penelope, mewling in confusion as to why she had called him. Alice the Eevee, after Penelope had put her back down, grumpily went back to her nap. Penelope tilted her head up at the other girl once more.

    "And what's your name?"
  13. "I'm Lou and this is Clara." Lou introduced herself and her partner before she asked the other girl. "I'm going to let out my other pokemon if that's ok?"
    When the other girl nodded, Lou released her Mantyke and Houndour and introduced them as well.
    "These two are Marissa and Alan. We actually came out here so that Marissa could have a swim. It's been a while since I've had a place to let her out."
  14. Penelope nodded in understanding. "Yeah I can see how that could be a problem, what with a water Pokemon like yours! It must be hard for her not to be able to be outside of her Pokeball all that often..." Penelope looked at Marissa sympathetically. She didn't directly know the pain of not having one of your team out, since she herself didn't have a water Pokemon, but she could imagine her frustration if she couldn't release Ivan or Alice.
  15. Lou nodded sadly, she wished so much that Marissa could be out whenever she wanted but unfortunately her water friend couldn't be out on the road with no water around.
    "It's hard sometimes but we make do where we can. I'm just glad that I found this daycare or else I would have to wait until we found a river or another lake or something and that probably won't happen for a while. Plus we can relax for a while which is a good thing." Lou told her with a sad smile as she reached down to pet Marissa, who was at the shoreline still. Clara and Alan nuzzled her side to cheer her up.
  16. Penelope nodded. Then, an idea to comfort the girl besides her rushed into her head. "Well you might not be able to release her on roads and stuff, but doesn't that make times like this even more special?" She laughed. "Actually I consider you lucky! At least if you ever have to cross a lake or a river, your team can help you y'know? Ivan hates the water, and Alice isn't a strong swimmer..." Penelope glanced down at her sleeping Eevee, "and on top of that, she hates getting her tail wet because then it gets fluffier than normal."
  17. Lou brightened up as she thought about it. That was a good thing, especially considering the fact that she couldn't swim very well and Alan absolutely hated the water with a passion. And Clara would rather babysit a hoard of baby Pokemon than go swimming. Marissa really was the only one who liked the water.
    "That's true; plus I'm really not the best swimmer. Marissa has really helped out during our journey, like with the Gyrados attack a few weeks back, now that was scary..." Lou trailed off as she got lost in thought until she got shot in the face with a water gun.
    She looked up to see Penelope looking at her in concern while her Pokemon were just looking at her as if saying 'pay attention'.
    "Sorry, I drift off into thought a lot, at least it wasn't in the middle of a battle this time." Lou explained sheepishly. "You'd be surprised how often that happens to me."
  18. Penelope cocked her head. "Why did you get attacked?" She asked curiously. She hadn't run into any evolved Pokemon yet on her journey (though to be frank, she didn't start all that long ago), and was confused about why a Gyrados would attack someone like Lou. "Are you okay, since the attack?"
  19. "Oh I'm fine!" Lou waved off her concern before explaining. "See I was fishing by this lake and accidentally hooked a Gyarados that really didn't appreciate being caught on a fishing line. Naturally it attacked so we had to fight it off, no biggie, I think that every trainer will get attacked by either a swarm of beedrill or a gyarados at least one time in their career."
  20. Name:cj

    Extremely scared of ghost type Pokémon and loves fire Pokémon

    Flareon (blaze)

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