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Private/Closed Pokemon Daycare

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. In this Rp you work as a darecare service. You will take care of pokemon from tons of trainers.

    1. Only one Partner Pokemon.
    2. Only 4 Pokemon at a Time.

    Rp Members:
    1. @LuckyRush
    2. @MoonLeaf
    3. @EspeonTheBest
    4. @Softty
    Diamond woke up to an Very Upseting day. His GrandMother died yesterday. Diamond walked down the stairs to see his Mother and Father. "Diamond we need you to do us a favor. Since your Grandmother died nobody is taking care of the Daycare. We would take care of it ourself but we have a buissness trip tommorrow. We need you to take charge!" Diamonds Dad said. "Me by my self taking care of a entire Daycare full of Pokemon." Diamond thought.

    This wasnt the first time Diamond was here alone. His parents went on a buisness trip 3 years ago when he was 12. Diamond was confident he could manage this. "Ill do It. " Diamond said. Diamond immidiantly went to his room and copyed a bunch of Flyers. They stated "I need help at the Daycare. We need tons of trainers to help to make this work." Diamond walked around the Village posting flyers. Diamond did some work in the Daycare. Planting flowers till nightfall.

    (Tomorrow Morning)
    It was the day Diamond's Parents went on the buisness trip. Before they went Diamond hugged them and waved them goodbye as they climed up a ferry to Kanto. Once the Ferry was out of sight Diamond rushed to the Daycare hoping that people would be applying. His Shiny Umbreon was right beside him. "Heh atleast I still have you Umbreon.
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  2. Kay was studying the flyers for a Pokemon Daycare application. She put her hand to her mouth, and signed her name on the flyer. Then she walked to where the location of the Daycare was. She waited patiently for someone to come and explain to her what she was to do. She rocked on her heels and studied the environment of the daycare. There was green grass and gorgeous flowers planted all around.

    After a few minutes, Kay noticed a boy running towards the daycare. She reluctantly waved and introduced herself. “I'm Kay, and this is Furret.” She threw a Pokeball up and a shiny Furret emerged from it.
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  3. "Oh Hello! Im sorry I did'nt think anyone would be here so early." Diamond said. Diamond saw she was holding one of his flyers. "Oh you're here to apply for the Daycare?" Diamond asked.
  4. Kay nodded. She was always awake early. It just seemed to be the time she arose. She brushed a bit of dirt off of her skinny jeans. “Yeah. I thought I could buy some time here, y'know?”
  5. Standing next to the daycare, a girl peaked into the entrance of the gates outside. She was petite and timid, her eyes a warm wash of pale blue. In her hands, she clutched one of the daycare flyers and whispered a scramble of words to herself.
    "Maybe not... might not be able to.."
    By her side, a Gengar crossed its arms and snickered, looking at her with mocking, dark eyes.
    "Shut up, I know I can." She muttered through a pout, as Gengar performed a scary face, startling the girl to tears beading her eyes.
  6. "Ok thats great your in:). Diamond showed Kay to the Plains. "This is a place were all pokemon can play around in a wide open space!" Diamond said. Diamond Showed Kay the Garden next. "This is were we grow food for the pokemon." Diamond said. Diamond finnally showed her to the showers. "This is were well take the pokemon baths if they get too dirty!" Diamond said.

    "Other than that, thats the entire tour. But before we start I need to show you my partner! He can be really helpful with pokemon!" Diamond said. A shiny Umbreon appeard from its pokeball.
  7. Kay, startled by the crying girl, glanced up at her. She knew what it felt like to be shy and sensitive. But after she made a few new friends, she overcame her fears.
    “Hey! What's wrong?” Kay calle to the girl. Kay actually found similarities in herself and this girl:
    Both petite,
    The last two were hidden in Kay. But they were there.

    Kay followed Diamond around and nodded at his Umbreon. Furret was licking her soft, pink and white pelt while sitting on Kay's shoulder.
  8. "Diamond walked outside and helped the woman up. "Are you okay? " Diamond asked the crying girl.
  9. Gengar, its red eyes glowing with dark mischief, sunk into the shadows of trees reflected in the ground. The girl slightly jumped, startled by the sudden appearance of the two. Quickly wiping away her small beads of tears, she nodded her head.
    "Ah.. yes, I was wondering about this." She said with a small voice, showing the flyer in her hand.
    "Would you by chance.. still be accepting help?"
  10. "Diamond saw the flyer in her hands. "Oh yes we're still accepting members. Hey Kay can you show her the tour? I have to run some errands. "Diamond said
  11. Kay nodded and gestured the girl to follow. She showed her all around and eventually brought her back to the start. “Why are you nervous? Nothing wants to kill you.” Kay gently asked.
  12. A look of relief flooded her face, as she politely nodded. "Thank you." She said with a small smile, "My names Skylar."
    As the girl gave her a tour, she obediently followed and listened patiently, taking it all in.
    "I see.." She said, "This is a well established facility."
    Brows raising, Skylar softly giggled, "Kill me? Oh, I do hope not. I'm just a little nervous with doing something I'm new to, is all.." She blushed, and nervously ran a hand through her hair. "Sorry, I don't think I got your name.."
  13. Diamond was in the markets buying some fruits for the Pokémon. A
    Suddenly a tall woman came up to him. "Hello, are you the daycare taker? I heard that the original died and it was passed on by a kid." The woman said. "Oh yes! We take care of any Pokemon." Diamond said. "Great! I be there at 4:00" The lady said. The Lady laid a Baby Eevee in his hands and walked away. "Uh okay?" Diamond said taking the Eevee to the Daycare.

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