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Ask to Join Pokemon Day Care/Boarding Center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Seal Pup, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. The Meganium looked over at Autumn with a rather worried look, as she quickly grabbed Serena with a gentle touch, while releasing an aroma in an attempt to make her fall asleep, as she said, "Oh my... you look like someone who just came out of a volcano! Do you want me to help you also? I'm heading over to my room to treat her, it's at the Grass Habitat." She gently held the asleep Fennekin, while one of her vines reached into her pouch.

    Meanwhile, Nolan stayed in his crib still, knowing that there could be strangers out there. He lied down next to the Helioptile plushie, while he noticed a rather shiny button that was on the side of the crib that was reachable for his size. He went over to the button, as he carefully pressed it, as he noticed the bars folding in each other! He smiled, as he got out of the crib, while looking in the mirror that was next to a drawer, as he gulped, knowing that he looked like a baby.
  2. "I will head over, I feel like she was warming up to me, so I probably should go with her. Also, I want to apologize for becoming stressed out and coiling. She seemed scared when I did it. that and it's my job to ensure that the new arrivals enjoy their time here, even if it means getting burned...but don't worry! I can use Aromatherapy to get rid of it, though I personally don't like using it, because others might not like the scent." Autumn said.

    She tried to look into the pocket of the Pokemon, seeing what they were trying to pull out. Autumn also used Aromatherapy, to heal herself of the burn. She then tried to synthesize, but again her low chlorophyll caused her to heal only a little bit of HP. Autumn looked a bit disappointed for a second, but after she tried to hide the disappointment and focused back onto Serena.

    "So, should we go now? The problem seemed quite urgent..."
  3. The Meganium nodded, while one of her vines got out an ice pack from her pouch, as she said, "Yeah I think we should go now. It's alright to use that move around me here, there's all kinds of scents that come from different Pokémon that use it." She gently wrapped the blanket around her, while placing the ice pack over the blanket, as she carried her to her room.

    Meanwhile, Nolan walked around his room, while noticing that the door had the usual doorknob, and another tinier door below that was down to his size. He went out of the tinier door, and went out of the Dragon Habitat, as he toddled around, while he tried to look for someone. He called out using his ultrasound waves again, as he quickly hid behind some chairs once he saw a Meganium carrying a Fennekin.
  4. The sweet smelling Aroma from the Fall colored Serperior filled the area around them, causing the cleansing of status ailments, as well as the soothing of others. This was just Autumn needed, a bit of a heal and relaxation after the slightly stressful encounter. though Autumn seemed at ease for a different reason, the fact that the Fennekin Serena was O.K. was it. Autumn let out a relieved sigh, that could be seen, but not really heard unless at a very close proximity. Autumn slithered along with the Meganium, making sure to keep up with her, but not exhaust herself in the process. Due to her low amount of Chlorophyll, she can't breathe as well, so if she runs out of breath faster and is much harder to recover it as well. Though it was a pleasant pace for Autumn, due to Serperiors naturally being fast regardless while having bulk to them take hits as well.

    "So, what brought you to volunteer here? My trainer told me about a new daycare opening up and I thought it would be pleasant to help out on opening day." She said, with a bit of a smile.
  5. The Meganium replied while she kept a gentle, but careful grip on the Fennekin, "Well, I've been known as the walking doctor. I tend to move around quite a bit and help out others that I bump into, but my trainer had decided to send me here since he had wanted me to work on getting to know others better. I always like run off sometimes after I'm done and they're fully healed."

    Meanwhile, Nolan quietly peeked over at the Meganium, and saw her chatting with Autumn, as he felt the sweet fragrance that directly hit him. He felt calmer, as he quietly toddled over to the Meganium while hugging the wall for balance. He quietly sneezed at a supersonic noise of 87,917 Hz, as it could be felt from a rather huge distance!

    He quickly dashed to a potted plant and hid behind, not realizing that his speaker-like ears were a big giveaway, as he almost tripped at the last second. Thinking that he might also have been sick, which would have been least likely, he stayed completely slient after his sneeze, as he took in rather quiet breaths that could be heard in close proximity.
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  6. 10 big trucks with cages in the back side of them arrived at the parking lot. The trucks had a "R" symbol on it, it had to be Team Rocket. Some grunts got out of the truck, and ran into the daycare.

    "Um... hello how may I help y---" the register said, but the glass to the opening doors broke. The grunts sent all their pokemon out; Golbat, Raicate, Persian, and Flareon. They attacked the pokemon inside.

    Mira noticed grunts. She hid behind some walls, and boxes. A grunt looked at her, and that grunt didn't know her species.
    He took his pokemon scanner, a better verison of the pokedex.

    The scanner had said: Vilater, the Water Fox Pokemon. Vilater is related to Vulpix, legends say they were born together, then they leave each other and never see each other again. When it breaks its corals behind it's ears, it become weak, and cannot use any moves. It cannot swim until it evolves, but it can use Water Moves but Surf, Waterfall, or Dive.

    "Heh.. heh.. heh. Looks like I'll have a triple fox pack; Vilater, Vulpix and Fennekin. Heh heh."

    However, Mira shot a Ice Beam at the grunt and froze him.
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  7. "Huh." Dewdrop said. "I don't think I have any moves that would be considered beautiful. At least one of Calypso's other Pokémon would probably have a move that would be considered beautiful. Honolulu, she's a Vaporeon, knows Aurora Beam. I hear it's pretty, though I have never seen the move myself." she said to the Ventris. Dewdrop grinned at the Flying type Pokémon.
  8. The Ventis nodded, "It's a shame though, when push comes to shove I have almost no way of defending my-" Suddenly, from behind the Dewott she say a rather disturbing sight. People dressed in black with bold R on their dress, she couldn't remember what they were called, but she knew they were trouble.

    Startled, she surpresses a yelp, her instinct silencing her and she wrapped her body in a protective cacoon around her new very potential friend.
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  9. Anthony heard a fight that went on at the lobby, as he whispered to Cepher, "We need to get out of here, now. There's no time to explain." He quietly snuck over to the Water Habitat, as he quickly went into his room and grabbed his backpack. He quietly said to Cepher in a stern tone as he saw him waking up startled, "Don't. Make. A. Sound." Cepher nodded at him, while he prepared to make a run for it.

    Meanwhile, the Meganium quickly dashed away into her room, as she quickly placed the Fennekin on her bed and thought to herself after she locked the door, "Oh come on now, of all the places, they invade this?! What kind of bloody savages do they think they are?! Oh well... I'd suppose I'd better book it now. I'll take the Fennekin with me and if I ever find its trainer, I can at least think that they'll be relieved." She checked her bag to make sure that she had her emergency kit inside, and luckily enough, she didn't forget. She quickly picked up the Fennekin and looked at the window of the Grass Habitat, ready to make a run for it.

    Meanwhile, Nolan had quickly followed the Meganium, as he knew that something bad was going on. He quietly went in the room with her as soon as she opened the door, and quickly hid next to a mirror, while taking quiet breaths. He knew that he would have to make a run for it, as he thought to himself while a tear fell from his right eye, "Soma, I'm sorry if I run away... I can't be taken by those people. I've always loved you since you took care of me while I was in my shell. If I ever come back, promise me that you'll still remember me."
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  10. "...These people, they just take Pokemon and use them as tools. Well, my trainer showed me that I can stand up to them. He has defeated them time and time again. I'm not only sure that he will come, but also save the daycare as well. He has a Pokegear, so he will hear the news on the radio. Though the fact is that we have to defend the place til then. I'm confident that I can defend against them. Though I will need a doctor to keep me healed up and make sure I don't over exert myself. Could you perhaps please stay? We can stop the trouble of finding this Fennekin's trainer. " Autumn said.

    Autumn took a deep breath and began to slowly coil. She closed her eyes as well. As she finished her coil and the stat buffs applied, she opened her eyes which now had a more Purple hue to them. Autumn then raised her tail, which glowed with a purple color as well. Autumn seemed prepared for a fight. She looked at Meganium, and then down at the Fennekin.

    "So, are you going to come with me? Or are you going to run? If you are can you at least open the door? I didn't exactly think this through..." Autumn said, returning to her kind state.
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