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Ask to Join Pokemon Day Care/Boarding Center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Seal Pup, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Discussion Thread/ Sign ups:

    Don't hop in until you have signed up over there. I will report you if you do.

    People who have signed up: @Starfall, @The Ringmaster, @Shadowgirl1234, @SilverSolis
    Hino was chilling (get it) in his room, on his bed, sleeping and snoozing. It was so cold in the Ice habitat of the Day Care, and workers had to wear a warm jacket to enter. He walked out of his room, and was sighing. He missed his trainer, and he was only sent because he needed to train. He had always messed of his Blizzard attack, actually sending it at the people nearby.

    Hino decided to swing on the swing sets for a bit, then went to the training center to test his Blizzard. His target was the big, tall stone Persian Pole. It was used for training. He shot it at it, but it shot somewhere else.
  2. Autumn, being a volunteer for the new shelter, was cleaning a few things to help fix up the shelter before all the Pokemon were awake. Not expecting anyone else to be awake, she didn't have time to react and took the Blizzard. Though Autumn being not only high level, but also defensive as well took the hit, with a small but not un-noticeable damage. (10%?)

    "Oh! Uh...sorry for being in the way! I was just getting the daycare ready for when people get up. I didn't expect anyone to be up this early!" She said, trying to hide her pain. She was shivering a bit as well.
  3. Berry looked up. He had been sleeping before her heard someone yell outside. Berry looked down at his sister, grace, who was laying down alseep next to him. Carefully, berry moved away from her and quietly went outside. Outside, He saw hino and autumn. Berry quickly relized what was going on since they were in the training center and autumn looked cold. "Missed again?" He asked sitting down watching them.
  4. Eris Beecher sat in the lobby waiting for service, her levitating pokemon hovering by her dejectedly. Eris huffed and tapped her foot impatiently, and her unnamed pokemon hovered close to her, not bother to mewl and complain about how the leash was too short and the collar too tight. Despite being with Eris for a long time, the poor unnamed mon knew she wasn't what the spoiled girl wanted. She was a little too muscular for shows, but none of her moves were the best for battling either. It seemed everything changed when she decided to evolve.
  5. (OOC: I've already signed up and have been accepted here, so if there is anything urgent to talk about, please privately discuss it with me.)

    Cepher had woken up in his room, as he cried since he missed his trainer. He had been sent to the Day Care, because he needed urgent assistance on interacting with others. He got out of his bed and grabbed his scarf, as he wrapped it around his neck, while he also grabbed his teddy bear soon after.

    He walked out of his room hesitantly with tiny steps, as a huge bear Pokémon greeted him. He cowered in fear and cried, as the bear said, "Hey, relax... I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm Anthony, I suppose it's been a while here, you must be that dinosaur, Cepher. Well, I'm here to help you out on talking to others and making new friends alright? Let's go over to the Ice Habitat, I've heard that they have some new stuff here. Don't worry, I've brought over my jacket and one for you too, it's all new and fluffy."

    Cepher nervously replied as he saw Anthony pick him up, "Uhh... I'm not so sure, I just wanna stay in my room... right Ted? Umm, I still like to talk to my t- toy."
    Anthony replied as he took him over to the Ice Habitat, "Oh come on now, you need to get out of your bubble! You gotta establish it and make it bigger, I'll help you out here alright? I'm gonna watch you so that nobody can harm you."

    Anthony wore his jacket, as he helped Cepher put his on, while he had gotten to the Ice Habitat. The area was chilly, as Cepher noticed a Serperior that helped with fixing up the shelter, as vines emerged from his seedlings soon after. Anthony said to him as he placed him down on the ground near the Serperior, "Don't worry, I'll watch you. Remember, I'm here for you, but I want you to try to make some new friends alright? Now, that doesn't mean just adults like me, I'm talking about others that are like your age."
    Cepher replied to him as he hugged his teddy bear closely, "I'd rather probably go back to my r- room..." He stayed close to Anthony and cried, as the vines from his seedlings retracted.
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  6. The Ventis thought she heard voices, her ears perked up. She looked up, curious, and levitated higher so she could look, but she gagged as Eris harshly tugged her back down to below her shoulders. She whimpered, and this just made things worse.

    "What have I told you about making that ugly noise?!" Eris hissed, causing the Ventis to cower more. She shakily let out a melodic hum, singing under her breath. Eris scoffed in distaste but said nothing more.
  7. Shortly after the two Pokémon were dropped off. They wanted his trainer to stay with them. But the reason why Ry and Midnight was there was to train due to their trainer getting ready for the Pokemon league shortly after his team evolves.After that they both started to go to their rooms to take a nap. As Ry was sleeping, He was shortly woken up to the idea that there might be pokemon here as well. As Midnight was sleeping, He slowly snuck out to make friends but he was shot by a random blizzard that made him frozen. "What a great start!" He thought. Trying to move and thaw out.

    As Midnight slowly woke up and tried to help Ry thaw out. "Don't worry I will help you with that!" She said calmly and used shadow ball. It only made a dent in the ice. As she panicked. She cryed for help. "My friend is frozen!" She cried.
  8. "Take good care of my Ventis." Eris says as a goodbye, leaving the poor mon floating there quite lost with a much too tight black collar on. Once her trainer was out of sight the Ventis dropped to the floor with a thud, silver bell tinkling.

    Then, her ears suddenly perked to the distressed cries of another pokemon. The Ventis cast a wary glance towards the door, before she leaped towards the sound in long bounds, running with such a long body was quite hard.

    Her overly groomed form shimmered in the light, her fur slick with far too much product but did catch the light quite nicely, but the Ventis shuddered as her greased down fur rubbed her oddly when it should be fuzzy and wild.

    Eventually, her dark navy eyes landed on the source of distress, and a frozen Riolu. Her thin white pupils widened in alarm.

    Quickly she levitated a few inches above ground and spiraled her way over, "Oh dear, how'd this happen?" she almost coughed from the effort it took to not sound like she was being choked.
  9. (Sorry for the late reply. Haven't had time to write lately, been learning pixel art. None of my original works look good so far...)

    Autumn looked kindly at the dinosaur, and gave a warm smile as she slightly approached. It was her job to make sure none of the Pokemon at the Daycare were left untreated, and that all were happy. So she did what she knew best, just be a kind and loving 'mon.

    "Hey now, it's ok. Don't cry, I'm Autumn, and you are?" She said, attempting at conversation. She didn't really have much experience with younger ones, but it doesn't mean she could not try.
    "I liked the seedling, it seems you had control over them, which is actually quite amazing."
  10. "Umm. I Don't know.. I just woke up and Ry was Frozen solid!" She said Scared. " I don't know how or who did it, it just happened." "Yea same here" Ry thought. He tried to break the ice himself using a Thunder punch but it fails. Midnight cries more "Please help me..". Midnight tried to break the ice using shadow ball but it only did a scratch. Then Midnight tried giving Ry a Aspear Berry but he was already frozen. "Do u have a ice heal?" She asked kindly.
  11. "I'm afraid I don't" the Ventis coughed, her voice strained. After making a gagging noise, she raised a paw to tug at the collar as if she was straightening it. The momentary relief allowed her to gasp quickly to gain more air before she released. Once more her neck was constricted.

    "I can use Metal Claw, see if it makes a difference." the 'mon offered. She flexed her claws as if to make the point she could use the move. Their filed down points slipped across the floor.
  12. She was so sad of the respond. So she tried to break the ice herself with a Take down. Ry slowly thawed out from the hit. "Ouch... Recoil damage.." she said hurt. She than ran to Ry to see if he was ok. "Are You ok?" She asked. "Uuugh my head hurts.." Ry moaned. He than Stood up and regained balance. "But I'm just fine!" He said happily. "Phew.." she said in a relief." "Thanks for trying to help!" She said sweetly. She than went back into her room to Sleep. Ry than Healed from the ice damage. "Woohoo!" He said. As he Played Pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire on his Nintendo.
  13. The Vents blinked, as quick as she saw them they all left. Her ears lowered, and she walked solemnly off to some where... She didn't know where. She shuffled her feet and her claws made no sound as they smoothly dragged. She had to stop to adjust her collar again and regain her breath, but once more the tightness wrapped around her neck. The collar itched, forcing her neck to be ramrod straight in the air too. She was a little aware of the stinging burn around the collar, she should probably stop touching it, it felt like her skin was on the verge of bleeding.
  14. A teen entered the main lobby of the daycare, two Pokeballs in hand. "These two need to chill," she said quietly to herself, sighing. Approaching the desk, Avalonia spoke with the worker, letting her two partners out on the floor next to her.

    "Where are we?" asked a pink Banette, spinning around and taking in her surroundings.

    "Don't'cha remember, Roze? Ava said we had to go to the daycare!" Benjamin reminded his Ghost-type friend, smirking as he, too, took in his surroundings, pushing his glasses higher up on his nose with a vine.

    "Oh, yeah. Neat," Roze replied, sarcastically, folding her arms over her spiraled chest and waiting for her Trainer to finish speaking with the human behind the counter. "When can we leave, exactly?"

    "I dunno!" replied Benji, jumping in excitement. "This'll be fun, though! You'll like it here, I promise!"

    "Suuure," drawled the Banette to the Leafeon, tugging on Ava's pants. Once the girl looked down to her, Roze attempted to ask why they were there, but all that could be heard was an awkward "Ban-Banette? Banette?"

    "There's no need to worry, Roze!" replied Avalonia to her Pokemon, picking her up and hugging her tight. "You'll be fine here! It's only an overnight, anyway. I won't be gone long!" She stuck her tongue out playfully, winking.

    "Ny'okie, then. Whatever you say," Roze huffed, rolling your eyes.

    Ava copied her partner's action, putting her down and finishing her conversation with the worker. Afterward, she turned back to both the Banette and Leafeon, held her arms out to both of them, and smiled.

    Benji quickly leaped into his Trainer's grasp, licking her face in goodbye. "Bye-bye, Ava! We'll miss you! Well, I will, anyway," he spoke, sticking his own tongue out at Roze, although the only thing Ava got out of that was "Leaf-Leafeon-eon! Leaf!"

    Patting her parters' heads, Avalonia stood again, waved at the two, and exited the daycare center.

    Benjamin looked down a hallway, unsure of where to go. "Hey, Roze!" he called to the Banette, who floated over to stand by the Leafeon's side. "Where to first, huh?"

    Also looking down the halls, Roze shrugged her shoulders, genuinely unsure. "Wherever you wanna go, I guess."

    "Well, I dunno!" Benji retorted, sitting down on the floor. "We could explore and see what there is to do."

    The Banette merely hummed in response, not making a move to go anywhere.

    Both Pokemon hoped something would present itself pretty soon. That stayed in their spots, waiting patiently (for the most part) for something to happen.
  15. The Ventis froze, hearing a rather pleasant melody of friendly voices. Should she say hello? She gagged as she attempted to sigh.

    Remembering what was comfy, she levatated herself, her body regally rippling towards the sounds.

    Entering her sight was a pair of rather bright mon. A pink Bannette, and a pink and minty Leafeon. Despite the strange coloring, they seemed really nice.

    Slowly spiraling her body, she approached them from the front, touching down softly on the floor.

    "Hello there..." she bit back and let out the tiniest of coughs and tried not to wheeze. Her voice came out a little strained and hoarse, and was a bit on the quiet side.

    She hoped she didn't need to repeat herself.
  16. The filing room was almost silent, lest for a Drifloon's convivial serenade and the solemn sound of a clock's perpetual ticks. The Drifloon's song was without tune, merely a succession of varying notes strung along by her shrill and haunting voice.
    David took a deep swig from his coffee, eyes glazing over their newest arrivals and recent departures on a page freshly printed page. So fresh, in fact, that the paper was still warm to the touch and the printer still hummed and whirled in anticipation of its next task. His eyes lingered over each Pokémon impulsively for Ghost-types and immediately sought out Banette.
    "Pink, eh?" he sardonically thought aloud, using the corner of the desk to push himself onto his feet. "That doesn't sound too bad."
    He and the singing balloon left the room together, the clanking of keys in his pocket ringing out in the otherwise empty corridor that stretched along the back of the day care. He stretched himself out and began his trek to the outside world, where he'd monitor their residents closely and make sure nothing too bothersome occurred. The daycare still demanded human resources for such a job, despite it already being occupied by Pokémon staff. Not that the Pokémon got paid, per se.
    Autumn didn't exactly have the arms to do everything a human could, he supposed. He shouldered the day care's back door open after fighting with its lock and squinted against the sun.
  17. Cepher went back to Anthony, while he said, "C- can I go back to my room now? This place is so cold..." Anthony chuckled, and nodded at him, as he picked him up and went out of the Ice Habitat and went into the Grass Habitat. Cepher quietly talked to him, as he said, "Well... something just doesn't feel right, I feel alone here, without my trainer or that yellow fox."
    Anthony replied as he kept a steady grip on him, "I suppose that you might need some help on opening up, sometimes you have to expand so that you can make new friends. I remembered being just like you, but someone had helped me out, so I have decided to pass it on now." He smiled at him, while he continued to walk to the Grass Habitat, as Cepher dozed off on him.

    Meanwhile, Serena was relaxing in her room, as she cuddled around with her blue blanket on her bed. She had loved it so much, as she had spent all her time with it, from walking around with it, to sleeping with it every time. She thought to herself as she noticed that her trainer was not nearby, "Where am I... why isn't my trainer here?! I don't remember being in this place! Maybe I should go look around for help... or try to like find a way out, come on blanky let's go!" She grabbed her blue blanket and carried it with her, as she noticed that she had her mittens, socks, and even her scarf still on.

    She went outside of her room very hesitantly, as it was very warm in the Fire Type habitat. The humid air in the area made her feel slightly more comfortable, as she didn't see anyone nearby within the area, which had her worried. She looked teary eyed, as fear surged throughout her body. Shortly after, she cried, as she ran across the area, trying to find help, as she ran out of the Fire Habitat! She ran around the Day Care Center panicking, trying to find someone for help, as she tightly held onto her blanket.
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  18. "Well...that didn't go so well..." Autumn said to herself, seeming a bit sad at her failed attempt to socialize.

    "I know! I can go greet the new arrivals! I finished what I have done here, and It wouldn't be that wise to just stay here, taking Blizzards..."

    Autumn began to make her way towards the lobby where the new arrivals began coming. While 'walking' (Slithering) down towards the lobby, as she noticed the back door being open by another worker.

    "Mind if I take this way? I'm going to show where new arrivals go. If that's fine, I mostly finished preping the Ice-Habitat, but some woke up, so it may not look like I did my job. Sorry for any misconceptions that occur." She said, trying to act a bit more professional that she already is.
  19. Anthony smiled, and whispered to Cepher, as he said, "I'm really taking you to the lobby buddy, there's a lot of new people that you can talk to. Don't worry now, it's going to be okay, I'm here for you." Cepher didn't respond, as he was asleep and quietly snoring on him. Anthony quietly let out a chuckle at him, as he went over to the lobby and noticed Autumn that was also going there.

    Meanwhile, Serena had already gotten tired from running around so much, as she panted while she went over to a Serperior while she still cried. She tightly held onto her blanket still, while she approached her with tiny, nervous steps, as tears continued to rain down her face. She felt extremely anxious from the sight of strangers, as she thought to herself while she tried to look for her trainer, "Why am I here, I thought I was supposed to be at home... not at a place full of people I don't even know!"
  20. "Oh, I get a chance to try again. That's gr-" Suddenly, A Fennekin Ran up to Autumn crying and shouting. Autumn, a not sure what to do, attempted to calm Serena down with a pleasant smell, using the sweet incense she was holding. Autumn looked a bit stressed out, as if she regretted volunteering.

    "Hey now, calm down. Being stressed out isn't going to help. This is the daycare, and trainers drop their Pokemon off here to level them up...and other reasons...If your trainer didn't tell you they were dropping you off here, I am sure it was for good reason. Just try to enjoy your time here for the time being, maybe you will even make a few friends! Speaking of which, I'm Autumn. I am volunteering today, so I might not always be free, but if I am, feel free to talk to me. Maybe you can make friends with that Pokemon over there. I don't know what species they are, but I'm sure you two can make great friends!" Autumn said, trying to brighten the mood.

    Her health lost began recovering slowly, due to being in more direct sunlight, though not as fast as usual due to her low Chlorophyll content. She clearly was struggling as well , due to the Blizzard hit but not anything too significant. Just a slower speed and a very small amount of wounds. Autumn tried discreetly to use ingrain to recover health for a second, though a small root sprung up from under her, kind of giving it away.
  21. David was to first take attendance of all present Pokémon and report any of their missing youth to his superiors. He looked down at his paper a second time, tapping the corner of it with the backend of his pencil and leaving miniscule, pink shavings in its wake. Alternatively, he put the eraser to his bottom lip and took a step further outdoors.
    The brooding adolescent wandered aimlessly around the various habitats, checking off each attendant as he went. At one instance, he could be found grimacing at a Ditto who had racked up a total of two eggs and who undoubtedly was searching for its next victim to produce a third.
    Vermin, thought he.
    It was a cyclical ritual to track each habitat and glance at the habitat's residents, only to glance back at the crisp paper in his hands. His route had become embedded in his head. This may have been the reason he had missed the 7 foot tall python that had been blocking his usual path. He blinked in surprise, taking a step back and glancing up at his serpentine reciprocal with a nervous chuckle.
    "Right. Sorry about that," he said, lifting his page and searching for the Serperior's name, "Autumn. Says here you're volunteering. Thanks for not letting the place burn down in flames."
    The Drifloon chimed a few cheerful notes, bobbing on a y-axis fervently. This would have roughly translated to, "Wow! He never thanks anyone; he must really like you!"
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  22. Serena quickly hid behind Autumn, while noticing a small root that sprung under her, as she didn't really seem to care about it. She was more concerned from the strangers that were in the Day Care Center, since she had been used to being with her trainer all the time. She continued to cry, as she attempted to hide her tears with her blanket, while she thought to herself, "Where's my trainer?! He can't just leave me here, not in front of others that might probably kill me!" She could not talk yet, as she attempted to find a way to communicate to Autumn, as only cries came out.

    Meanwhile, Anthony was still walking to the lobby, as Cepher continued to sleep on him. He said to him as Cepher snored quietly, "Well, we're getting there little buddy... just relax." He stroked his head, while avoiding his back, since he didn't want to startle him in his sleep.
  23. "Are you sure about this?" Dewdrop asked her trainer. Of course, all Calypso heard was "Dew dewott wott?" "You'll be fine here Dewdrop. I'm going away for a while but this is also an opportunity to make friends." Calypso said. "Okay!" she said cheerfully, her trainer heard a cheerful "Dewott!" Calypso finished speaking to the person behind the desk. Dewdrop gave Calypso a cheerful salute. Calypso copied her Pokémon's actions, then carefully made her way to the door. After Calypso had left, Dewdrop happily patted her satchel that contained her music player and headphones. Then she turned to the unusually colored Leafeon and Banette. "Hi!" the Dewott said cheerfully.
  24. The Ventis looked up at the new face, a Dewott had just been dropped off like her, and probably the other two. Although the strangely colored mon hadn't replied to her yet.

    Adjusting the collar again, she felt something sticky and hot, and winced as the tips of white claws peeled away and were colored red.

    Coughing and standing on the paw to hide the blood she looked to the water type. "Hello" She winced at how small her voice got.

    Slowly swallowing she repeated her sentence, but it wasn't any louder. Was is just her or was she feeling lightheaded from all this talking?
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  25. "Hello." Dewdrop said after she turned to greet the unusual looking Pokémon. She then noticed that this Pokémon's collar seemed tight. "Do you need help with that? I could try to cut it off with Razor Shell, but I'd be scared of hurting you more than you are already." Dewdrop said. The Dewott touched one of her scallops after she had said this. Dewdrop returned her gaze to the Pokémon that had spoken to her.
  26. Autumn now preoccupied with the screaming Fennekin, could not respond to David. Instead, she merely nodded her head and tried to take care of her. She tried to calm the screaming this time by giving her the incense.

    "Come on now, just try to take in the scent to calm down. We won't try to hurt you. I only got hurt on accident. Don't worry, if someone does then I will protect you. It's my job to take care of the Pokemon here. I'm sure your trainer left you here for a good reason. So if you can please calm down, I can try to find out why they left you here." She said.

    Autumn attempted to soothe her further my petting her, or rubbing the Fennekin's head like a baby. Though she seemed scared, Autumn went slowly to pet the Fennekin, but gave her time to react in case they didn't want to be touched.
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  27. The Ventis look to the Dewott with possibly the most hopeful look ever seen. "You could do do that?" she wheezed.

    Eris probably wouldn't be pleased though... but the Ventis couldn't breath! Was she going to pass up this opportunity so soon?

  28. Serena knew that she had to eventually go to the nurse, as she looked up at Autumn and pretended to be calm from the fragrance that emitted from the incense. Her nervousness did give it away however, as her body shook while she smiled nervously. She thought to herself as she had a flashback of her trainer taking her to the Pokémon Center, "Oh no... I have to take medicine... the dreaded thing with some other stuff! I'd better hide and hope that there's no nurse here!"

    She continued to look up at Autumn, while trying her best to look calm, as she took in some unusually loud, deep breaths. She felt her petting her head, as she looked slightly behind her and thought, "Okay... there's no nurse yet, I'd better hope that they don't know about this. Oh wait, they might have known already... I'd better find a place to hide or something!" Her heart beated quickly like a beatboxer, as her body trembled with fear. She quickly hid herself in her blanket, while slightly peeking out, as she started to sweat.
  29. Autumn seemed confused by the Fennekin's response. If she didn't want her to know, all she could of done is not say anything. Either way, it seemed that she was warming up to her. Or possibly voices her thoughts aloud and doesn't realize it. Regardless, Autumn had to do something about this or else something might happen to the little fire fox.
    "Hey, I can see if you don't have to go to a nurse. Is there any reason you went to the nurse? Possibly a sickness of some kind? If so that means you will have too, but I can make it some you don't feel it. I can make you sleepy with the other Incense in my locker. But if you don't have too...then I won't make you. You can stay where you are comfortable. Though I do think you should enjoy your time here, it's quite nice."

    Autumn looked and the little blanket lump, that had a clear outline of a fox-like creature. She slightly lifted the blanket, just so she could get a more clear look at the facial expressions to she the response. Autumn believed that if this Fennekin did attack, it wouldn't do much being so child like, which she concluded meant low level. Though she does know a few exceptions to the rule, for the most part this was true. Though she still proceeded with caution, not for herself though, to make sure that this little Fennekin is not startled.

    "Do you mind telling me your name? It would help me a great deal to know who I am talking too." Autumn said, with a small, but sincere warm smile.
  30. Serena seemed shocked at her, as she had a rather surprised look. She thought to herself while looking around to see if there was a nurse, "So she can read my mind... well if that's really true, then I suppose that I'll say that I'm Serena. There's still no nurse yet so I'm in the clear. I just wonder why my trainer would leave me here..."

    She didn't seem to realize that her thoughts could easily be read, since she was thinking out loud. Her body felt awfully hot now, as the heat could be felt in close proximity. She looked at Autumn, while her vision started to get fuzzy, as her eyes swirled like spinning tops.
  31. "Oh! Uh... I don't know what to do now, What do I do?! The little fox is heating up and becoming dizzy, but it is afraid of medicine! Is there a way to make it not have any flavor...should I be focusing on getting her to a doctor? I'm not sure what to do...what do I do!"

    Autumn seemed real stressed out now. When the Fennekin said medicine, it meant something that was required to live. So Autumn, not being good in the greatest of stressful of situations, coiled. Though not only did she coil, but she coiled around Serena. Though did not constrict, just had her in the center. Though she quickly realized what she was doing and went back in to a more straight fashion, though not perfectly straight. with a few bends that put her into a slight more upright possession, well for a snake. Unsure what to do, Autumn basically gave up on living for around a second but came back because she had a job to do, take care of the Pokemon, but just how with this one.

    "Is there a doctor here at the moment? Or do they only come at certain times?" Autumn asked, trying to regain composure.
  32. "Yes." Dewdrop replied. She removed one of her scallops. Dewdrop took careful and precise aim at the collar. Then she used Razor Shell on the collar. The Dewott's attack cut through the tight collar around the Pokémon's neck. The collar fell off. Satisfied with her results, Dewdrop replaced her scallop. "Is that better?" Dewdrop asked the Ventis.
  33. The female mon gasped so suddenly at the relief of pressure that she began hacking up a lung.

    She gasped and coughed for a good while, before finally able to calm down she took greedy gulps of air.

    The Ventis seemed to energize more and more as her breathing got stronger.

    Ignoring the bloody ring around her neck which stung, she levitated into the air and coiled her body around the kind Dewott.

    "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!" she cried in a voice that could be mistaken for singing pleasantly.
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  34. "You're welcome." Dewdrop said cheerfully to the Ventis. "Happy to help. My name is Dewdrop." she said. The Dewott grinned at the Ventris. Dewdrop opened her satchel. She glanced at the contents of the satchel, sighed with relief, then closed it again. "I've never seen a Pokémon like you around. I guess it's true what some say, that you learn something new everyday. Anyways, it's nice to meet you." Dewdrop said in a cheerful tone.
  35. "I came here from another region. I don't think humans discovered it yet, I kinda flew out to a ship and then I got stuck and suddenly I was here." She sang, "That was before Elis caught me, and evolved me. But that was years ago." she hummed, a slight amount of dislike in her voice as Elis rolled off her tongue.

    "I've actually never really seen any pokemon here up close before. I learned as much as I could from my trainer, but its not much."
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  36. "Cool. Technically, I was Calypso's sixth Pokémon. She caught another Pokémon and I was sent to the Professor in Unova. It was an alright experience, but it's always nice to get out now and then." Dewdrop said. "Calypso specializes in Water type Pokémon." she explained. The Dewott rubbed her head.
  37. "Oooh! So you're a water type!" The Ventis trilled. Floating back to face the Dewott from the front, she sat down. "I'm a flying type myself, actually. But I don't know too many flying type moves."

    She ruffled her feathers a bit, "I know feather dance, but that's as close as I got." She huffed, distainfully. "Elis wants a competition Pokemon, feather dance is the only Beautiful flying type move I have, apparently."
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  38. Serena looked around, while noticing that Autumn was slightly coiling around her, as she thought to herself while her vision started to fade away, "If this is a nightmare... please make me wake up now! If this isn't, well I might be considered screwed then... I might have to probably run or something."

    Meanwhile, Nolan had woken up in his room, inside the Dragon Habitat, as he saw that he was in a crib. A plushie that looked like a Helioptile lied next to him, while he yawned rather quietly. He looked around his room, noticing all the fine details on the walls, while he also noticed some drawers, a nightstand, and a highchair that was next to the nightstand. He attempted to get out of his crib, as the bars towered over him. He tried to call for someone, as some ultrasound waves came from his ears.

    A Meganium had gotten out of the Grass Habitat after organizing her documents, as she wore her mask on and had her pouch ready to go. She went over to Autumn, while she had a concerned look at the Fennekin she saw, as she said, "So uhh... what's with that Fennekin? I could feel the heat coming from her already! I suppose that she might be having a fever or something worse here, but if you won't mind, would you please give me to her? I'll try my best to help her out here."
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  39. Clarissa White handed Mira's pokeball with Mira inside it to the the daycare staff.

    Mira was surprised why she would have to come over to the daycare center. Maybe her trainer didn't even need her. She was relased out of her pokeball, and she went into her room. There was a surprisingly a small pool in the habitat, and instead of a place to play, it would would be a bed. The walls were painted white, and a pattern of blue and green waves were also there. She noticed a Wailord in a big pool in the room. Mira got scared of it, and it ran around in big circles.
  40. "Please do take her! She said something about medicine at this time, and being afraid of nurses. Should I go with her? She was calming down and this happened, sorry I didn't know she had a medical condition." Autumn said, seeming very urgent. Autumn picked up Serena, who was a burn to touch. Though Autumn didn't care much, she just wanted the little Fire fox to feel better. Though, one thing that can be noticed about Autumn is that she was holding in a scream of pain. Little by little, her health went down. Though with the ingrain, it didn't seem to do much, maybe around 1 HP, but that is even a stretch.

    "Where too?" Autumn said, trying to be as fast as she can.

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