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Pokemon Cymbidium Chronicles

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Doubled, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. (So LoN suggested that I bring a story or two to 'Charms to see if I can get more feedback. So, here goes...well...everything I guess.)

    Cymbidium Chronicles

    This tale written by Doubled

    Based on a project that was in the making by Kera, Tun, Drak, and myself.

    All Pokémon and attacks used, as well as the term Pokémon itself belongs to Game Freak of Nintendo.


    In a dome like coliseum far away, the darkness shrouds the audience of thousands. In the middle of the said dome stand two trainers facing apart from each other. One, a young man of seventeen years of age with spiky black hair, red eyes, a blue and white hooded jacket, brown cargo pants, and a black and orange hip bag; and the other a young man at the age of twenty nine with caramel blonde colored hair, blue eyes, a blue cloak with a golden rose broach, blue pants tucked into black boots, and long sleeves tucked into black, fingerless aura gloves; both looked at each other from across the field. In the audience, old men in business suits could be heard bantering.

    "Hmm, Diego and Drakkon, eh? Quite formidable trainers, and both right at five stars. Amazing at how much young people can accomplish in such short time of their lives!" yelled a man with a handle bar moustache in glee.

    "But, Diego is quite a bit younger than Drakkon, so he has accomplished something amazing for his age!" spoke a man with a brown beard.

    "That may be true, but Drakkon is the head of Team Aura! Quite an accomplishment for a young man as he!" yelled another with a blonde goatee. The two men looked at each other, but finally saw a young woman in front of them. "You there!" spoke the goatee man.

    "If you could place a bet on who would win, who would it be!?" yelled the man with the brown beard. The woman sweated a little, but as she began to say her answer, the horn blew, signaling the start of the battle. Diego grinned and grabbed a ball.

    "Finally! Let's get started!!!!" yelled Diego with a wide grin as his eyes began to glow a bright red, "Go, Whimsicott!" yelled the man as he threw a nest ball into the air, releasing a swirl of leaves and cotton into the air. A Pokémon then formed from the cotton, which was small, brown, but had a lot of fluff, as well as two green antlers, revealing something similar to a tiny sheep. The Pokémon smiled widely and twirled around.

    "Whimsicott!" yelled the Pokémon in glee, causing Diego to get excited. Drakkon sighed.

    "Baka sama, such arrogance will make you lose," began the blonde as he grabbed a Pokeball and threw it into the air, releasing a torrent of water onto the field, revealing a large, blue and orange padded Pokémon with black fins on his head and tail. The Pokémon roared its name.

    "SWAMPERT!" yelled Marshy. Drakkon grinned.

    "Mochiron, grass versus water, and ground to add to it," spoke Drakkon solemnly, "It would seem that the random Pokémon selector is in your favor this round, Diego…"

    "Yeah….that is strange…." spoke the man. The timer on the gigantic monitor with a cybernetic blue tinge turned on, showing Diego on the left side and Drakkon on the right. Three empty star slots appeared on each side as the clock appeared. The crowd became excited.

    "THREE! TWO! ONE!" yelled the crowd as the horn blew, launching the clock at five minutes. Diego pointed his finger, as Whimsicott was way faster, stat wise, than Marshy.

    "Okay Whimsicott, use Energy Ball!" yelled Diego. Whimsicott then fired a green orb of chloroplast energy at Marshy. Drakkon raised an eyebrow.

    "So, taking this battle seriously," spoke the as he pointed his finger at the Pokémon. "Unfortunately, so are we. Marshy, use Ice Beam!" yelled Drakkon, causing the Swampert to fire a blast of light blue energy at the ball, causing it to freeze and fire back at Whimsicott, which the small creature dodged gracefully. "Marshy, keep using Ice Beam until it hits, if you wouldn't mind," spoke Drakkon as Swampert fired more blasts of Ice energy, which Whimsicott dodged with its small body and high speed.

    "Epic work Whimsicott!" yelled Diego, making Whimsicott wink. A beam of energy nearly hit the cotton ball just then, "Whimsicott, use Substitute!" yelled Diego. Whimsicott then burst into smoke when the beam hit it, appearing above in the air.

    "End this with a combination of Surf and Blizzard, if you don't mind," spoke Drakkon. Swampert roared and summoned a wave of water, combining with a blast of cold air, turning it into freezing water. "Good game, Baka san…" spoke the man. Diego grinned.

    "This isn't a time for chicken noises, Drakkon Whitestream! Whimsicott, use Hurricane!" yelled Diego. Whimsicott's eyes widened into an evil stare, and she began to yell, summoning a gale force wind, reversing the flow of the water, shocking Drakkon. As the wave began to envelope Swampert, a blast of green energy shot through the water.

    "Solarbeam!? But how!?" asked Drakkon, as he knew that Solarbeam requires time to charge, and needs sunlight, but they were under a dome, where none was available, until he saw an orb of red energy floating high above the stadium. "Mochiron! Sunny Day!" yelled the man. Diego smirked.

    "Yep! When Whimsicott Substituted before, she also shot an orb into the air, and you should know what that does to Solarbeam," spoke Diego. Drakkon grinned, even though his Pokémon was down. The horn blew again, giving a star to Diego's side, and making the picture smile. Diego was hugged by his Whimsicott, who was smiling brightly. Drakkon returned his Pokémon to its ball and grinned as another ball appeared in his hand. He then threw it high into the air, releasing a Pokémon in a burning blue inferno of fire. The fire cleared, revealing a chandelier like Pokémon.

    "Chandelure……" spoke Drakkon's Karmine. Diego returned his Pokémon to its ball, which then caused another ball, this one a luxury ball, to appear. He then threw the ball high into the air, releasing a swirl of pink energy into the air, revealing a blue bat like Pokémon with a furry collar, bat wings, a pink tail, and a snout in the shape of a heart.

    "Swoo Swoobat!" yelled the Swoobat as he landed on Diego's shoulder.

    "Mochiron, now the battle is in my favor…." spoke Drakkon as he rubbed his chin. The countdown began.

    "THREE, TWO, ONE!" yelled the crowd, followed by the horn buzzing. Diego went first again due to speed stat.

    "Swoobat, use your flight gem and use Acrobatics!" yelled Diego. The white gem, tied around his neck, began to glow as Swoobat disappeared in a flash, hitting Chandelure, but making Drakkon grin sadistically.

    "Karmine, Fire Blast this annoyance, if you would…" spoke the man. As contact was made, Karmine blasted Swoobat with an incredibly powerful blast of blue fire in the shape of the kanji for fire, which blasted Swoobat to Diego's arms in a flash. Diego was shocked.

    "Swoobat? Swoobat? Speak to me buddy!" yelled Diego. Swoobat opened its eyes and made a face of embarrassment. Diego didn't have to look on the monitor to know that his HP meter had dropped to zero, which shocked Diego. "Hey, Drak, did you put Karmine on some sort of steroids or something!?" asked Diego frantically. Drakkon grinned with his eyes closed and pointed up. Diego looked up and saw the orb of energy from Whimsicott's own Sunny Day attack.

    "Baka sama, please don't tell me you forgot Sunny Day's true power. It may cut Solarbeam's charge time to nothing, but its true purpose is to increase the power of fire based moves, specifically a move like Fire Blast," boasted Drakkon. Diego returned Swoobat to his ball, watching a star go to Drakkon's side of the screen and making his face on the monitor change to a grin. The final balls appeared in their hands, which charged both of the battlers up. Diego's cheek then lit up with a lightning bolt mark that spanned from his eye to his chin. The Pokémon inside the ball also began to rumble around, as it shook and shook, trying desperately to get out, even letting out electricity in the seams of the ball. Diego grinned and threw the ball into the air, releasing a torrent of pure electric energy which made the field light up in yellow. As the electricity cleared, a four legged, yellow, and spiky Pokémon appeared and shook his fur.

    "Jolt Jolt!" yelled Jolteon, as he was happy to finally be out of his ball. Diego grinned as the Pokémon ran to him and ran around his feet.

    "I know! You've been in that ball for a whole thirty minutes! That's way too long for you!" yelled Diego in glee as he scratched the Pokémon's ear, making it his hind leg kick. Drakkon threw his gold and white ball into the air, releasing a torrent of radiant, yellow energy onto the field. As the Pokemon appeared, it was revealed to me two legged, have gold and black fur, and have jackal and wolf like features. As his Pokémon appeared, Drakkon's gloves began to sizzle from his gloves. Drakkon grinned as his Lucario bowed before him.

    "As you wish, my lord," spoke Blacksoul without a word from Lucario. Drakkon then grinned as the timer began.

    "THREE!" yelled the crowd as Diego and Jolteon got ready for the fight. "TWO" yelled the crowd as Blacksoul got into stance, "ONE!" yelled the crowd as the Pokémon jumped, making the horn blow, and sending confetti into the air, signaling the final battle. Diego, again, went first, due to speed stat.

    "Alright Jolteon, run in with a Wild Volt!" yelled Diego.

    "Jolt jolt jolt!" yelled Jolteon as he sped down the field, shrouding his body in pure electricity. Drakkon waved his hand to the side.

    "Dodge and use aura sphere!" yelled Drakkon.

    "Yes, my lord," replied Blacksoul as he jumped out of the way and launched an orb of yellow energy from his hands, hitting Jolteon. However, the smoke cleared, revealing Jolteon jumping towards the Pokémon. Diego grinned.

    "Awesome Jolteon, now use Double Kick!" yelled Diego. Jolteon then jumped onto Blacksoul's belly and kicked him twice with his hind legs, afterwards jumping off as Blacksoul got to his feet.

    "Use Earthquake, if you would," spoke Drakkon. Blacksoul stomped his foot, making the entire arena shake, and hitting Jolteon on contact, making him struggle back to his feet. Suddenly, Blacksoul appeared before him, "Now, Close Combat!" yelled the man, causing Blacksoul to aim for Jolteon. Diego waved his hand.

    "Jolteon, Detect!" yelled Diego as Jolteon jumped out of the way of all of the Pokémon's punches and kicks. "Now, THUNDER!" yelled Diego as Jolteon launched a bolt of lightning from his fur.

    "You use Detect as well!" yelled Drakkon. Blacksoul nodded and back flipped to the back of the field, avoiding the hit. Diego then pointed towards Blacksoul.

    "Jolteon, use Wild Charge and Thunder!" yelled Diego as his eyes and birthmark began to glow. Jolteon's eyes turned red as well as he charged towards Lucario with a body a lit with burning electricity. Drakkon pointed at the Jolteon.

    "Blacksoul, use your Close Combat and Aura Sphere combination!" yelled Drakkon as Lucario's fists filled with yellow energy, which was followed by him running towards Jolteon. Time seemed to slow down as these two Pokémon began their final attacks. The crowd raged and cameras flashed, Diego's eyes became a bright red, while Drakkon's aura seemed to emanate from his own body.

    "JOLLLLLLLLTTTTT!!!!" yelled Jolteon as he neared Blacksoul.

    "RAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!" yelled Blacksoul as he neared Jolteon.
    As the two were about to collide, the room went black, blinding anything that could be seen. It wasn't on the field though, as no sound could be heard either. As I finally leaned back to look, someone had turned off my TV that I was so deep into, which made me look up to see a woman with blonde, swirly hair, blue eyes, a black lab coat and skirt, and a scowl on her face. I hadn't realized it, but I had been watching that battle for so long, I had been sucked in. "Who won?" I wondered, but I guess I'll never know….

    Chapter 1

    "Tydus Willow! How many times do I have to tell you, you can't just keep sitting in front of the TV all of the time!" yelled this woman, which annoyed me. She was my older sister by five years, Tiffany, or as most trainers here in this region knows her as, "Professor Willow". She has been an annoyance to me ever since she invited me to move to this region with her two years ago, she is one of the world's youngest professors, as I keep hearing from her. "You need to be going and hanging out with your friends more, not just sitting in your room all day!"

    I got up, but I couldn't say anything as usual, not since that fire in Kanto. Yes, even though I am narrating to you, I lack a voice. I have to keep a notepad with me whenever I go somewhere new, and it gets annoying, because I can't voice my opinion on certain things. My sister realized I was irritated, but was concerned about what was in my head. She hasn't heard my voice in so long…I wonder if she even remembers what it sounds like.

    "I'm sorry Tydus," she said as she hugged me, which I found annoying, but appreciated the gesture. "I know it's hard to get along with people your age when you can't speak…" I nodded, since I can at least speak with my gestures. She then shook her head in annoyance, however. "Well, still, can't you put on some clothes, at least? I mean, what if Rita saw you like this?" she asked. I looked at my clothing, which was just a pair of white and blue striped pajama pants, and sighed. I shoved her out of my room, since, even though I can't speak, I can at least get dressed on my own.

    I looked in the mirror in my bedroom, which was blue and had a simple bed, mirror and drawer set, and a TV and game player, and rubbed by blue eyes, as well as shaking my thick, dark fuchsia hair back into position. I stripped down to my black boxers and slipped on a pair of blue jeans, which had a chain connected from the front to the back pocket, and slipped on a brown belt. Then I slipped on my black t-shirt with the yellow cuffs on the short sleeves, as well as around my shirt tail and collar. I then slipped on my white and gray socks to help slip on by black and brown shoes with white soles. After that, I slipped on my red fingerless gloves that my sister makes me wear, saying they are a sign of a strong trainer. Then I finally added my black baseball cap and turned it backwards. It had a white button on top, as well as a white trim wrapping all around the bottom and the bib, and had a red Pokeball pattern on the back, which was meant to be worn to the front. I then opened the door to finally let my sister back in.

    "There we go! You look just like Trent!" she said, referring to our older brother in a far off location of the region. I did have to admit, we did share similar color patterns in clothing, but I was nothing like my twenty five year old brother. She then moved aside to let a girl in, which I was shocked by, but it was just Rita, wearing her backwards baseball cap, except hers was white and had pink instead of the red and silver, which made her look more like a tom boy, as it covered her long, blue hair. She also wore a black tank top, orange short shorts, white fingerless elbow gloves, white knee high socks, and black tennis shoes.

    "Hey Tydus, sorry for barging in on you, but there was something I wanted you to see!" yelled Rita, which sort of annoyed me. She looked at my face and sweated nervously, "No, I swear it's not another Rattata or sale, or even another battle, it's something really really cool!" I highly doubted her word, but I looked into those green eyes of hers and I was putty. I just shrugged and she grabbed my hand to leave, and suddenly rushed me through my own house outside.

    It was beautiful outside: The sky was shining, the clouds were gleaming, and Wingull could be seen flying high above. The town I lived in was pretty much an island, though we are larger than most other villages, such as Pallet Town. I still wondered how my house was located on a hill next to Rita's, but that's for another time. She ran while holding my hand, so I had no choice but to follow. As we ran past some trees, I could've sworn I saw a Sentret, so I knew it wasn't a Pokémon she wanted to show me. We even ran past the town shop and the battling field, so it wasn't those two either. She then stopped for a moment.

    "Oh, right! I nearly forgot!" Rita yelled. I tilted my head, as that was my way of asking "What". The then took a blind fold and wrapped it around my eyes, which confused me. The then grabbed me again and made me walk for a bit, I had no idea where we were going. I usually saw these kinds of things on TV, but I had no idea what was going to happen, since we passed up anything that would interest Rita. Finally, after several minutes of walking, we walked into a rather air conditioned room, which shocked me, as it was so warm outside. As we walked in, Rita finally removed the blind fold.


    How odd, I should have realized that she was taking me to my sister's lab, but there I was, standing in front of my sister, Rita, and a few of my sister's aides, as well as a woman around my sister's age with a blue top, brown pants, a black and silver jacket, brown hair in a side pony tail, and a pair of glasses. I looked to see a table with a cake that had three Pokémon pictures on it, as well as a candle shaped like the number fifteen.

    "Happy fifteenth birthday, Tydus!" yelled the woman. I seemed to forget who it was, who seemed to upset her.

    "Oh come on Tydus! Don't tell me you don't remember me, I'm a friend of your sister's, Lorain!" spoke the woman, which still didn't spark a memory. An aide with black hair and goofy looking glasses, as well as a lab coat, came to me and shook my hand.

    "Yes, happy birthday indeed, Mr. Tydus…." spoke the guy in a sophisticated tone. I was still shocked at him though, as he seemed to be the same height as me, granted I was tall for my age, but still. But aside from that, we sat down to eat the cake, which was vanilla flavor, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After that, I opened presents, which were sort of…odd to say the least. First, I got a silver single strap back pack. I guess it was nice, but then I got a badge case, and a Trainer Card. Finally, I received a Peogre styled Pokedex. I knew what was happening, but I was still shocked.

    "Now then, we have one more surprise for you," spoke my sister who dragged me over to the back of the lab. My eyes widened at what I saw, which was three Pokémon on a table. The one on the left was a green and purple bird like Pokémon with fruit like appendages, such as bananas on its head and a coconut for a head; the one to the right was an orange and black striped cat-like Pokémon with bat wings and a burning tail, and the one in the middle was a dark blue, dinosaur slash salamander like Pokémon with a yellow belly, a tail with a pink dot on it, a wide head with a yellow mouth, fluffy ears, and purple eyes. I looked at my sister strangely. "Today, you will receive your first Pokémon!" yelled Tiffany. I felt an overwhelming discharge of happiness welling inside of me, as I had always dreamed of being a trainer. Rita then grabbed my hands and started jumping up and down in excitement.

    "I get to pick one too!" yelled the girl. I guess it was fine, I'd rather not be the only one getting one today, as that would be awkward. Tiffany then walked behind the Pokémon and gave them a hug.

    "Aren't they just adorable?" asked my sister, causing the bird to desperately try to get free, the cat to sigh, and the salamander to smile. "So then, will you pick the 'Fruit Bird' Pokémon, Frucan; the 'Flame Kitten' Pokémon, Tigreflare; or the 'Water Salamander' Pokémon, Krakesaur?" she asked. I looked over them carefully, but I couldn't decide. They all looked adorable, so it was gut wrenching trying to figure it out. Then I thought of something crucial, "How will I command this Pokémon without my voice?" I then waved my hand, signaling I didn't want one, and pointed to my mouth, hoping someone would understand what I couldn't say. My sister then strapped an orange wrist band on my right glove, which confused me. "You honestly thought I forgot about your condition? I'm not that self centered, so I made you this! It will allow you to convey feelings to your Pokémon!" spoke the woman. She then handed me six more bracelets, which appeared to stretch rather far, "Pick a Pokémon and put one on it already!" she yelled, pushing me closer to the table.

    I stared at these creatures for minutes. The bird seemed interesting, but it seemed to lack that "go getter" spirit. I had decided to pick either Tigreflare or Krakesaur, since they seemed to be the most energetic. However, upon looking at Tigreflare, I flashed back to that fire back in Kanto, so I decided against him. The only choice left was the water type, Krakesaur. I reached for him, and he reached for me, which shocked me. He smiled, and I finally picked him up. He then hugged me, rubbing his face against mine. He was adorable, as he barely reached my knee caps, and he weighed so little. I let him hop on my shoulder and rubbed his head, which he seemed to enjoy.

    "Aw, I think you made a good choice Tydus!" spoke my sister, who took a picture. Then Rita grabbed the cat, which made me freak.

    "Then I'll choose this one!" yelled the girl, making the cat frown as she kept saying how adorable he was. Tiffany then took a picture of the both of us with our Pokémon, and then grabbed my Pokedex, which was shaped like a thin flip phone.

    "Now then, when you capture or obtain a new Pokémon, its data is recorded in here! Your goal should be to obtain one of each Pokémon in the Peogre region!" spoke Tiffany. I didn't understand why, I mean, just capturing a Pokémon activates data hidden in the Pokedex, which had to have been entered manually at some point, "The Pokedex also serves as a PDA, or Pokémon Digital Assistant, which includes…" the then pressed a button on the device, bringing up a map of the region, "A map…." She pressed another button, "Access to other trainer records…." and finally, she took it and pressed a bunch of buttons, and handed it back to me, with the word "Sis" on the contact, "It also has a built in phone feature!" yelled the girl. I took it, but it was suddenly taken away from me by Rita, who gave me her white and blue Pokedex in exchange for my red and black one.

    "Let's exchange numbers!" yelled the girl, who put her number into my Pokedex, while I found my number and put mine in hers. My sister began to laugh, while I gave her a scowling look.

    "Now now, the whole reason I gave you that thing was so you could make plenty of friends everywhere you go!" spoke my sister, who caught my attention. She then handed me five Pokeballs, which seemed to interest Krakesaur, as he wanted to reach for his. The aide, from before, seemed to laugh under his breath.

    "Really? You honestly believe in that whole 'Pokémon are friends' crap?" spoke the man with a sadistic smile. Tiffany and Lorain looked at him with shock, as well as the other aides.

    "Wait a minute….I don't recall hiring you!" yelled my sister. The aide then took off the glasses, revealing sinister, dark crimson eyes. He also took off the lab coat, revealing a black coat, zipped up, with llama furred jacket tail and hood, as well as a pair of dark jeans. He grabbed a Pokeball from his pocket and called the leftover Frucan to it.

    "What are you doing!?" yelled Lorain as she prepared a Pokeball. The man began to snicker insanely.

    "You are correct, Mrs. Tiffany Willow, I am not an aide, I am barely two years older than your brother here," spoke the man, which annoyed me, "My name is Kasuka Shadel, seventeen years old, and a man who loves to see how certain situations affect people." I looked at those sinister eyes and felt sick to my stomach, which seemed to convey to Krakesaur, as he jumped down and began to growl. "Ahahahahaha!" laughed Kasuka as he brought his ball out as well, "Quite exhilarating! You two have just met and he already wants to fight! I love it!" yelled the man as he threw the ball, releasing the Frucan to battle.

    I was nervous, but I knew that Krakesaur wanted to fight, so I tried to say something, but I forgot I couldn't speak, surprisingly. However, almost as if he had heard what I was going to say, Krakesaur fired a blast of water from its mouth, a move known as "Water Gun", which hit Frucan, but couldn't knock it out in a single hit. Kasuka laughed.

    "Wow, rather amazing! A boy who can't speak can somehow command his Pokémon to fight, so intriguing!" yelled the man, "Frucan, use Bullet Seed!" yelled Kasuka. Frucan flew up and began to fire green bullets from its mouth, several of which hit Krakesaur, which I was shocked by how much damage it seemed to do to him. "You apparently have no idea about type advantages! I'll put it simply, water douses fire, fire burns grass, and grass absorbs water…" spoke Kasuka, which sparked the battle on TV in my head again, especially the battle between Whimsicott and Swampert. He then pointed at me again, "Now, use Gust!" yelled the man.

    "Fru fru fruuuuu!!!!" screeched the bird as it blew an intense wind. I struggled to see forward as Krakesaur fell backwards onto the floor, which I was powerless to stop. However, I got an idea, and even though it didn't work out on TV, perhaps it would in real life. I looked into my Pokedex for attacks of a level five Krakesaur, and found something remarkable.

    "Powder Snow!" I thought. It may be a weak move now, but against something like Frucan, it would do four times as much damage! With Powder Snow in my mind, I pointed at Frucan, which Krakesaur understood, as he stood back up, his mouth opened, and summoned a freezing breeze with flying snow at the bird, hitting it and knocking it out as its wings became too heavy to fly. Kasuka returned the Pokémon to its ball and grinned.

    "Incredible, a boy who can't even speak can command a Pokémon to fight, and on his first battle, won so handily," commented Kasuka, "Well then, I must congratulate you, Tydus Willow, and I hope you have a very happy birthday!" yelled the man as he jumped out of the window. I looked out, but he was gone. Tiffany grabbed the phone nearest to her and notified the police, while Lorain and some of the aides ran outside to look for the guy. However, I knelt down to congratulate Krakesaur, who was tired from the battle, while Rita hugged me.

    "You won your first battle! And against a Pokémon with a type advantage!" yelled the girl, "But man, what a creep!" I couldn't help but agree with her, but the hostility seemed to pass, because in my arms, asleep, lay my best friend in the whole world, as of now. Rest easy, Krakesaur, you have earned it….​


    Drakkon belongs to my friend Drak.

    Let me know what you guys think and I might post another episode.

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