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Ask to Join Pokemon Cooking School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crystal1302, Apr 7, 2018.

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    ------------------------------------------------------------------"This place looks amazing Swirlix, I've never seen so many buildings devoted to cooking before." She looked to her left to see a huge farm dedicated to supplying the school's ingredients. She then looked at her shoulder were Swirlix was supposed to be flying obediently ,but she saw her admiring another person's food. Behind glass. In a private kitchen. "Come on Swirlix!" Said Lizzie. "Why is pulling wet cotton candy off of glass this hard?" Thought Lizzie.
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  2. "Now, we just pipe a nice, big swirl, riiiiiight up to the top," Masako said in a sing-song voice, as she piped vanilla buttercream on her last cupcake, "And then we add the flake, and the shavings, and the sauce, and done!"

    Masako licked a dab of buttercream from her face, as her Mareep gave an appreciative 'baaaa'. Her ice-cream cupcakes had turned out perfectly, with a nice, glossy Italian meringue for the buttercream, and even sauce, sprinkles, and a flake, to make them look like the real thing. Masako had wanted to make ice cream, but she didn't have the patience for it, so this was the next best thing.

    She barely noticed the swirlix, who appeared to have stuck to the window, before offering some cupcakes to its trainer.

    "Hey! These are freshly made, and I can't eat them all by myself, so why don't you come in and have one!"
  3. Rich walked around the rack of seasoning he uses on a daily basis, trying to deside how to cook the lovely lamb chop layed out on the cutting board. He shrugged, planning on an old favorite using a spice he made. A revival herb/Sitrus berry combo.

    Rich sprinkled out the spice, layering out not to much, but the spice itself had a decent smell to it. Flare, his Quilava, walked up behind him to the grill. The fire type then let loose a Flame Burst, catching it on fire. Rich then layed it out on the fire letting the wonderous smell of cooking meat drift through the air.
  4. Mo6


    'How to make a cake without an oven?'

    It was just a simple curiosity that decided to become a parasite inside Momo's head as she played MOBA on her mobile phone, to her pc and to her consoles. That simple wonder, truly made wonders (pun intended) in her mentality as she sighed in frustration.

    She stood up, stretched then immediately took out her notebook, and started taking notes. After a minute she made her way to her favourite kitchen. Once she arrived she called out her partner Delphox, who went to grab their aprons while she tied her hair and gathered the required ingredients. When Delphox return with their aprons, she had already set the ingredients and was putting on her hairnet.

    "Del." Momo turned and smiled at Delphox "Thank you." she said as she also put her apron on. 'How do you make this work again?' she hummed as she fiddled around the kitchen, finding her needed tools.
  5. Lizzie made one final tug on swirlix's tail and swirlix came clean off. Lizzie stumbled back and fell on her back. She got up with swirlix in her arms. "Sure!" said Lizzie as she walked in the building. She bit into the cupcake. The frosting was silky and smooth and creamy with a nice soft bed. "Thith ithz greath!"Said Lizzie with her mouthful while holding swirlix back by her tail so she doesn't pretend like she's a guzzlord rampaging through a city that was made out of cupcakes.
  6. Masako's eyes lit up, "Oh, really? Thanks so much!" she cried, hugging her mareep a little too hard, "I was gonna make real ice cream, but I didn't have the patience for it, and I kinda fancied cupcakes anyway, so..."

    She gasped, upon realising that she'd gone into a tangent. "Ehe...Sorry," she eventually said, "Anyway, I'm Masako, and I'm sorta new here, and I wanna be a pastry chef. This right here," and she gestured to her mareep, "Is my partner, Nemu."
  7. Lizzie took a big gulp and swallowed the cupcakes. (Still holding on to Swirlix's tail but now more obviously struggling) "Nice to meet you! My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzie ,and the girl who if she doesn't stop tigging she's going back in the pokeball is Amai" Said Lizzie. "My dream is to go to all sorts of places and learn different cuisines. Then someday, I want to develop my own dish. Something only I could make at it's best. Oops! I rambling too!" Said Lizzie. "Anyway, I made some onigiri!" Said Lizzie. She opened up a small black box with three rice balls inside. Iy was curried rice and one scallop on the inside. She picked one up and put it in a bowl. She then opened a thermos which had curry (which was very spicy) and she poured it over the onigi in the bowl. "Here!"
  8. Masako's eyes lit up, "Onigiri with curry?" she began, "I've never seen that before! What an interesting combination!"

    Nemu sniffed the air, trying to go for a bite of the curry. He loved spicy food, especially curry, even though, as a pokemon, he wasn't supposed to have it. It didn't stop Masako from slipping him bites of curry under the table at dinner, though...

    She took the bowl, taking a big spoonful of curry and rice. "Mm...That's spicy alright!" she decided, "But...It works so well! Soft scallops...And fluffy rice, and rich, hot curry sauce...Wow! I love it!"
  9. Jake was in a Kitchen, Cooking Some Cup Cakes. He thought it Would be a Good idea Because it would Help him Make some Friend's? Jake's Chandelure was next to him, Using psychic to mix up the batter as Jake prepared the trays. Once the Mixing was Done, He put the batter in the Trays and put it in the Oven. Jake then Decided to Walk around to See if he Cpuld Make friend and just Get used to the Layout of the School. After Jake cleaned himself, He started to walk Around the School with Chandelure Following behind him. Jake then Saw Two Girls Walking around as he Decided to Introduce himself so he might beable to Get some Friends. Jake walked up to Them as he said. "Hi! I'm Jake, Who are you Two?" Jake said happily
  10. Masako let Nemu go, as she noticed the new boy. "I'm Masako, and I'm here with my mareep, Nemu," she answered, "Ehe...We were just trying each other's food! I made ice cream cupcakes, and she made onigiri with curry!"

    Masako went for one of her cupcakes, to quench the heat of the curry. The one she chose had bubblegum sauce decorating it, plus a massive flake.
  11. Nathan was reading a book about different sweets while his Audino was guiding him. He then looked up from the book and looked around. He asked his Audino "Um... so where are we?" As he said that he searched for a map to see where they were. He then stumbled upon a kitchen with people in it. At first he started to walk towards it, but hesitated. He then went in and asked "Does anyone know where I am cause I kind of lost my way in the school." He then glanced at the pokemon and the dishes the others made.
  12. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Kyle was extremely confused as to which class room he should be in, so he started wandering the mysterious halls. A long the way he saw another boy who was so he went to and tried to start a conversation. "Hello there, my name is Kyle and this my buddy treecko"
  13. "Hi Jake, I'm Lizzie!". "Here, have some onigiri. Would you please give me some thoughts?!" Said Lizzie. She took her eyes off of Amai and prepared a bowl. Amai finally stopped going after Masako's cupcakes. She then proceeded to go after Jake's Cupcakes. She jumped on top of Amai before she got too close. "And *oomf* this is Amai" said Lizzie while stuggling to hold Amai down.
  14. Jake Smiled as he Grabbed her Onigiri as Jake smiled and said. "I've Never had Onigiri before. I sure it will be Good!" Jake said as He saw Amai Going towards his Cup Cakes as he Grabbed One and Gave it to Chandelure as Chandelure Floated up to Amai, Offering it the Cup Cake as Jake Tried aome of Lizzie's Onigiri as Jake said. "Its really good!"
  15. A girl with average height and dirty blonde hair ran into the kitchen. It was evident she was in a hurry to get there since her hair was pulled up into a rather last-minute ponytail. She had managed to trip at the doorway and landed face first in a not-so-pleasant meeting with the ground. "Agh, stop it, Tsunami!" she shouted at a Wartorle who had just strolled in. He had a mischievous grin on his face and was planning to keep on walking away from his trainer before she dragged him back.

    Now sitting up on the floor, she started to scold him. "Now come on! You already know we're late! You don't do these things as a first impression! At least next time give me a warning or some-" She stopped mid-sentence as she became aware of the other people in the room.

    A boy, slightly shorter with brown hair and a younger look, stood behind her. A Sandslash was on his shoulder holding on with its front paws (?) while the back legs rested on his back. "Wow, great first impressions," he remarked before earning a slap on the leg from the girl. By the way they treated each other, it wasn't far off to assume they had a friendly relationship, the extent hard to guess.
  16. Nathan heard someone right beside him, which startled him. "Oh hello my name is Nathan and this is my partner Audino. I guess you are confused as to where to go too huh?" Nathan said in an embarrassed tone. "Lets hope that we can find where we are and where we need to go." Nathan then started to walk down the hall with his book in hand. "I guess the both of us are stuck together till we get where we need to be." He then started to walk a bit quicker down the hall.
  17. Masako, meanwhile, was more focused on what to do next. "Ehe...So, are you guys new here, too?" she began, "I just arrived yesterday. Took a lot of convincing for my parents to let me come here, and pursue my dream of being a pastry chef, but now I'm here, I'm not gonna let them down!"
  18. The girl chuckled slightly out of embaressment. “Uh, yeah. I was trying not to be late on my first day, but look where that landed me,” she jokingly said. As she stood up, she intoduced herself. “I’m Afina, my partner is Tsunami. The guy behind me is Ozai, and Mako of course.”
  19. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    "Ok then let's go!" Kyle said excitingly. He had started to go on a little jog just so he can catch up to Nathan. Though as he did he passed a classroom with a few chatty teens in it. Then he had stopped and went back to the door and opened it. "Is this our class?"
  20. Nathan stopped as he noticed Kyle going back towards a room. He then followed him towards the classroom. Nathan then responded "It might be. Then again it may be a different class or just people hanging out in there. Then again I guess it wouldn't hurt if we go in and ask." Nathan then put his book and hands behind him. He then looked at the people inside the classroom and saw how lively they were. "Well they sure are a loud group, though it isn't that bad."
  21. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    "Imma just walk in and hope for the best..." Kyle said in a forlorn tone. He pushed the door open and as soon as the door opened treecko stood up on his shoulder. Then they made there grand opening as though they were some excellent gang members. "YO ITS YA BOI LINK AND TREECKO BACK AT IT AGAIN IN COOKING CLASS!"

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