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Private/Closed Pokemon Cooking School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Crystal1302, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Hello! Welcome to Pokemon Culinary High School. You will work with your pokemon to become amazing chefs and spread your expertise to the world. (Pretty much Shokugeki No Soma x Pokemon)
    1. All Pokecharms rules
    2. No Foul Language
    3. No Fakemon
    3. Some Romance but PG-13 at most
    4.No Mary Sues
    5. In cook-offs (which there will be sometimes) LOSE SOMETIMES
    7. use spoilers
    8. Have a gay old time!
    Age: (13-17)
    Grade: (Freshman ,Sophmore etc.)
    Specialty: (Desserts, Thai, Italian, Smokes etc.)
    Partner Pokemon:
    Name: Lizzie
    Age: (13-17) 14
    Gender: Female
    Grade: (Freshman ,Sophmore etc.) Sophmore
    Appearance: Think USUM Female
    Likes: Sweets, Spicy Foods
    Dislikes: Sour Food
    Specialty: Onigiri
    Partner Pokemon: Swirlix
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  2. Cewl~

    Name: Shine

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Grade: Sophomore

    Appearance: Shine is fair skinned and has brown eyes. She has two braids going over her shoulders and down to her chest.

    Likes: Sweets

    Dislikes: Bitter, Sour

    Specialty: Deserts

    Partner Pokemon: Pikachu (F)
  3. Name: Clair
    Age: 14
    Gender: gender fluid but uses female pronouns (if that's ok?)
    Grade: sophomore
    Appearance: she is quiet tall a girl with short hair with rainbow streaks to sybolise something (wonder what :p). She has a green shirt a black skirt
    Likes: hugs *cough cough* girls *cough cough*
    Dislikes: being treated like a piece of meat rather then a person
    Specialty: meat (but shys away from fish)
    Partner Pokemon: zangoose
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  4. @*that* guy Gay means happy.
    Either way both of you are accepted. (Btw, i said use spoilers)
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  5. If you were worried, we don't kill pokemon for meat. Animals and pokemon are 2 different things.
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  6. BTW Some people are going to have to be teachers.
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  7. I know gay means happy, I was making a joke and sorry I'll go put my thing in a spoiler
  8. Hmm... if I am going to have to use a teacher of mine for the RP, then I would like to perhaps ask if I could use a fan made Pokémon for the RP.

    I will be signing up in a bit or a little later depending on if I have to do some work in a bit or not.
  9. Sorry Kibago, I'm afraid no Fakemon
    I'll put that in the rules.
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  10. Oh, alright thanks. I just wanted to get that out of the way first before signing up.

    I suppose I could maybe give my fan made Pokémon a bit of a break.

    *gently places Neourk on his crib while tucking him in with his teddy bear*
  11. Name: Masako

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Grade: Sophomore

    Appearance: Masako is relatively short, and has long black hair tied in loose pigtails. She wears a white, frilly minidress, with a red border, and red slippers, with white socks.

    Likes: Anything with vanilla, long naps, her stuffed mareep, and making fondant decorations

    Dislikes: Fruitcakes, marzipan, and having to get up early

    Specialty: Desserts, especially pastries

    Partner pokemon: Mareep
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  12. Name: Corrie
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Grade: Freshman
    Appearance: white hair with streaks of black in it and his hair covering one of his eyes and has a medical like mask covering his mouth and nose
    Likes: Savory and sour foods
    Dislikes: sweets
    Specialty: Desserts
    Partner Pokemon: Audino
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  13. Name: Richard (Rich) Koner
    Age: (13-17) 16
    Gender: Male
    Grade: (Freshman ,Sophmore etc.) Junior
    Appearance: Rich has medium lengthed brown hair and has blue eyes. He wears a light jacket and long pants. He sometimes wears a baseball hat.
    Likes: Spicy foods, good food.
    Dislikes: Unsweet tea.
    Specialty: Actual meals, mainly meats.
    Partner Pokemon: Quilava
  14. Mo6


    Name: Momo Hunter
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Grade: Freshman
    Appearance: Having long and wavy platinum blonde hair and sea green eyes, 'she looked like a piece of tofu with green beans'-her little brother's words not hers. She's slim with an average height and unblemished fair skin. Momo usually wears an Alola theme clothes, a back Alola shirt, white vacation shorts, black low-heeled sandals, and a sports cap legendary. She changes her outfit whenever she wish but in the kitchen she wears a simple hairnet and a black apron with her family insignia on it which looked like an bow and a quiver of arrow crossed together.
    Likes: Reading, Gaming, Sleeping, Making food
    Dislikes: A task that is a waste of time, rude people, socialising
    Specialty: Still figuring it out but she's really good at baking and making desserts
    Partner Pokémon: Delphox

    Btw can they catch other Pokémon or bring two or three with them?
  15. Name: Jake Ross
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Grade: Sophomore
    Appearance: Yellow eyes, Slive hair, black pants, White shirt, Pale-ish skin, a thin black jacket, A Birth mark on his Right hand that kinda looks like a ghost, and black fedora with a feather in it.
    Likes: Cooking, Battling sometimes, His Chandelure
    Dislikes: Bad food. When people don't like his food
    Specialties: Berries, Meats, and Veggies
    Partner: Chandelure
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  16. Everyone is Accepted. @Mo6 Bring about 2-3 Pokemon.
  17. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Name: Glacier
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Grade: Freshman
    Appearance: Greenish-Yellow eyes, Blond Hair, Light-toned skin, Blue T-shirt, Grey jacket with Team Plasma logo on front, Dragonite necklace, Blue jeans, Black sports shoes.
    Likes: French foods, American foods, Mexican foods, battles
    Dislikes: People who try to take Zoroark, his cooking, or his necklace away
    Specialty: Meats and Desserts
    Partner Pokemon: Zoroark
  18. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Name: Kyle
    Age: (13-17) 14
    Gender: Male
    Grade: Sophmore
    Appearance: Average height guy with mixed skin and black hair. He wears a white hoodie and torn jeans. For shoes he wears some sneakers.
    Likes: A good meal (XD)
    Dislikes: Bad dessert (xd)
    Specialty: Briouat, Kitfo
    Partner Pokemon: Treecko,

    Gotta admit I panicked when I everyone making their sign in spoilers cause I was like "IDK HOW TO MAKE LE SPOILA"
  19. Just do this but w/ period. [Spoiler.]
  20. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Really its that easy?
    [Spoiler.] hi

    failed effort
  21. Remove the period.
  22. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    ok this time

  23. *Jigacho casually shoves some information and sneaks away before his trainer notices*

    NOTE: The Ditto has the inability of transforming into evolved and legendary Pokémon because of a rare genetic disorder he has. (And also for balancing reasons, because of what was stated above. The Ditto will already be transformed into a Pokémon, as vague clues will be provided in my posts that will help determine which Pokémon he is. I have to say this again since people have done this too many times in the past; please do not directly point out that the Pokémon of my character is a Ditto unless if said character of your's is 100% certain as there is almost no way to tell apart a Pokémon from a Ditto unless if there are any discrepancies or the likes. The last part may be provided since the Ditto ain't always going to be perfect.)

    His name is Kyle Avalon.
    Age: He is roughly about 14 Years old.
    Gender: Male
    Grade: He is a freshman.
    Appearance: Kyle stands at a short height of 4'10" and has fair skin tone, black hair like the night skies along with having a somewhat skinny build. Kyle wears a black fedora and has on a raven black raincoat over his white camp shirt and pale brown trousers. He also has on lightly black lace-on boots that are knee high. He carries around a light tan, leather satchel that holds basic items such as pocket change and medicine along with having some documents and other personal articles.
    Likes: He likes to have fine food and drinks and play with his Ditto in his spare time.
    Dislikes: He dislikes simple meals such as fast food along with others that attempt to have a rebuttal showdown against him during times of preoccupation.
    Specialty: His main specialty lies in gourmet foods.
    Partner Pokémon: He has a Ditto.
  24. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    My characters name is Kyle ;-;

    Are you his twin younger brother xd
  25. When is the rp going to open?
  26. It is open, check the RP boards
  27. *Torloger uses Counter: Verity Shot*

    No, my character is not even close to that. It is more of a coincidence that these two characters’ names are the same.
  28. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Sure XD
  29. *Torloger uses Rebuttal Blade at you*

    If you think I’m lying, then tell that to everyone else’s characters that has the same first name as your’s. Are they also their siblings too just because of a simple coincidence?
  30. Geez, chill man, he was probably just kidding...
  31. If he was kidding, then I’m pretty sure I would have heard that in the first place before a barrage of unwitty replies came before my monitor.

    Now, I think that we should probably get off of this topic now before you know decides to have a good talk with us.

    Also, even though the thread says open, it appears to be that the RP Creator is accepting others manually, so I suppose I must prepare to cook up my first post to have it done beforehand.
  32. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    ;-; I was joking around but ok then ;-;
  33. Could I have two characters?
  34. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    You probably can but check with the creater when they are on
  35. Yeah, I'm gonna wait
  36. Sorry for not being here for so long! @LizzyDraco , Yes and everyone's in.
  37. Sweet, I’ll post bios tonight if that’s okay

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