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Open Pokemon Contest Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EmoKitty21, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. Okay so I don't have everything ironed out, but I want to get this idea out there. If you have any suggestions let me know. I will be glad to know what you would like in this story.

    Professor Juniper wants to do something special for the new trainers. Each one has made claims that they wanted to travel to be top coordinators. So she decided to ask one of her friends in the breeding profession to supply each one with a secondary pokemon for their journey.

    Every few towns there will be a a contest. Each theme will be decided before the characters get to the town. This RP will be taking place in the Unova region. I am not going to restrict anyone to one region.

    I have every right to deny your characters choice of secondary pokemon. I don't want everyone to have the same pokemon. I also do not want everyone to have an overpowered pokemon as their second pokemon.

    1. Follow the rules of Pokecharms.
    2. I will be evaluating the submissions harsher then I would any other time.
    3. Romance is allowed, but nothing past kissing.
    4. No tragic backstorys. This is a more wholesome RP.
    5. This will be like a slice of life type of RP.
    6. You are allowed to have up to three characters.
    7. If you have more then one character, then you are allowed to make the second character something other then a coordinater.
    8. Cussing is allowed, just don't abuse it. This make it a meaningful moment for it to happen.
    9. For the RP Example I want it to be nore of how your character will perform in a contest.
    10. I want to accept every character before they start in the RP. You can have npcs show up, but if they are a character that os controlled by only you then they need to be accepted if they are more then just passing through.
    Chikorita- @EeviumZ
    Torchic- @Krisseon
    Turtwig- @zodiac_queen
    Snivy- @KeenKitsune
    Fennekin- Taken by me
    Popplio- @EeviumZ

    Secondary Pokemon:
    Pokemon team: (the team you would like to have along the journey.)
    RP Example:

    Name: Royal
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Looks: He stands around 5'3". He is lean but toned. He has very long golden blond hair. It reaches to his ankles. He will sometimes put it up into a braid. He has bright green eyes. They seem to sparkle. His eyes are big and round. He has very striking features. He has a softness about him.
    Clothing: He tends to wear a light purple t-shirt. It has an abstract sun design coming from the bottom right to the the top left. He wears light grey almost white skinny jeans. He hardly ever wears shoes. He prefers to go barefoot everywhere. When it is cold he wears a dark pink coat that comes to about his knees. He has a bag that goes on one shoulder and rest on his hip.
    Personality: Naive. He has a childlike wonder to him. He is a bit of a dreamer. He tends to be a bit hyper active when he is excited. When he is nervous he will tend to ramble.
    Starter: Fennekin
    Secondary Pokemon: Eevee
    Pokemon team: (will figure this out later.)

    I will upload my character soon. I will be taking Fennekin as my starter. Also I will be taking Eevee as my second pokemon.

    @zodiac_queen, @PlayfulFox47, @Krisseon, @RenzFlintrock, @Mango137, @EeviumZ.
    If you guys don't mind, I would like your help to get this RP underway.
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    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  2. Yep, I'll definitely join this! (although Eevee's taken... *silently cries in corner*)
  3. You can always catch one in the wild. It just will not be the pokemon you get from the breeder.
  4. So our secondary pokemon can be anything (aside from Legendaries/Mythicals/Ultra Beasts, of course)?
  5. Yes as long as I approve of it. Also it has to be a stage one pokemon or a pokemon that does not evolve. I will let you know why you can not have that pokemon.
  6. Yeah, because Evolved Pokemon can't hatch from eggs and whatnot.
    I'll write up an OC later. Might even use someone completely new, like I did for Kalos Adventures.
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  7. I am grateful for the fact that you want me to join, but I am going to skip on this one. Contests are not my strongest point, and as you know I am trying not to join too many RPs just now. I would be glad to help out however I can, though. Just let me know! :D
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  8. Sounds interesting. I'll have to brainstorm for a bit, but I think a Turtwig character, with a Chatot or Wingull as a secondary little friend. (If it wasn't obvious I'm kind of going through a phase of Wingull and it's starting to show-) I'll have it written up later but this is something mildly interesting.
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  9. Thank you Renz. I knew that you did not want to join too many RPs right now. I just tagged you so you can help to monitor the thread. I want other to help me as well. It is just that I know you guys and have RPed with you in the past and know that you know the rules.

    Zodiac that is perfectly fine. I am glad you enjoy the concept.
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  10. Can I reserve Popplio as my character's starter?
  11. Yes since I will not be filling all of the slots for starters. I just wanted to have a list for everyone so they know which ones are taken.
  12. Are these contests like the ones in the games/anime, or like the Performances in the XY/XYZ anime?
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  13. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I will! although I admit I don’t know much about contests
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  14. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Can I reserve squirtle?
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  15. I think it will depend on the theme EeviumZ.

    Mango that is perfectly fine. And yes you can reserve squirtle.
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  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I am also trying not to join any RPs at the moment, however, I will help monitor when I can... (But I can contest RP)
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  17. Thank you Playful. Like I said to Renz. I just wanted to have a few people I know help me monitor to make sure everyone is following the rules.
  18. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Sure, I can help out. I think I'll join too! May I reserve Cyndaquil? I'll figure out my secondary when I know which character I'm using.
  19. Sure I can reseve it for you.
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  20. My character is up. I added it to the first post of this thread.
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  21. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Name: Sasha Withers

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Looks: Sasha is darker skinned, a shade of cinnamon if you will. She stands at 5'6" with a thin but well formed, toned build. She has long, straight black hair that she normally wears loosely tied up. Her eyes are a mesmerizing shade of cognac brown. A simple black tribal sun is tattooed around her belly button.

    Clothing: She wears a black cropped tube top with a slightly too big red and black plaid button up shirt over top of it, the sleeves are folded up to her elbows. She lets it lay loosely around her shoulders and always leaves it open and unbuttoned. Along with it, she wears acid washed high-waisted jean shorts and black lace up sandals.

    Personality: Sasha is intelligent and perceptive, friendly with others, and often opts to go with the flow and see where life takes her. She's willing to do just about anything just because why not? She is a truly free spirited risk taker and thrill seeker despite her gentle nature. Nothing really phases her, which allows her to stay calm and clear headed in even the worst of situations.

    [​IMG]Torchic (M)

    Secondary Pokemon: [​IMG]Rockruff (F)

    Pokemon team:
    [​IMG]Edwardo the Blaziken (M)
    [​IMG]Alpha the Lycanroc (Midday Form) (F)
    [​IMG]Nix the Dedenne (F)
    [​IMG]Divebomb the Noivern (M)
    [​IMG]Swiftshadow the Weavile (F)

    [​IMG]Cherry the Steenee (F)

    RP Example: -
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  22. Accepted. I already know hoe you RP from the ones that we are in together.
  23. Name:
    Clementine Truefire
    Clementine Truefire is a normal girl, 4'6" in height, with medium Caucasian skin. A rather short girl, with petite and usually soft features that match her whole 'cute' aesthetic. She has short arms and short legs- she tries not to let it bother her, but it has to do with her short height.

    Her eyes are upturned- in a position that makes her look rather scared all the time- the color of the inside of an orange, golden-orange. Clementine has long, beautiful white hair, which is washed frequently, causing it to be bouncy and free-form. It doesn't seem to be dyed, which is extremely odd. Her hair is usually left down- it reaches down to her mid-back, and she doesn't have bangs. Due to it's length, she often toys with her hair- it gives her something to do when she's feeling overstimulated or nervous.

    Truefire's face is round and soft, as most of her bodily features are. She has two birthmarks- a beauty mark below her lip on the left side, and a birthmark that takes over the right side of her face. The over-taking birthmark makes the right side of her face a fleshy pink color, and her eye is the only feature that goes unaffected by this. Truth be told- Clementine hates her face. It usually makes people feel bad for her- and it gets on her nerves.
    Clementine has never been one for overly showy clothing, but she does enjoy being somewhat savvy. The only thing she ever found comfort in as a child was her artistic side- especially when it came to clothing and showing her emotions and feelings through how she dresses. Clementine didn't doll herself up or anything- but she found contentment through the way she chose to dress herself. She likes the casual approach- it makes her feel fashionable, while also being comfortable.

    A looming black sunhat is placed on her head- she uses it to hide her face when she's embarrassed or scared, just like how she plays with her hair. Trufire, as mentioned, has learned to control such extreme emotions (negative and positive) through actions that will not usually weird the other parties she has come in contact with. She also wears a pair of thick, black sunglasses when it's especially sunny and bright. As a young kid she wore glasses- and this has caused her eyes to become more sensitive to bright lights and colors.

    Clementine, for main attire, wears first a white T-shirt, with a Cheri berry printed on it. She pairs it with black leggings- she liked white leggings for awhile, but she began to prefer black leggings because her white ones scuffed and dirt and grime collected too easily. She has bracelets coiled around her wrist- most of them are friendship bracelets she made for herself when she was younger (she never really had anyone to call her 'friends', other than her mother's Stargazer Lily Ivysaur), and others are those you can buy in stores. For shoes she actually wears a pair of thick sneakers- white in color, with a cheri berry patch on the side facing outwards.

    She's not a big fan of much jewelry- necklaces, chokers- but she does enjoy earrings. She has a white, small hoop piercing on each ear, along with a industrial piercing on the left ear only.

    For items, she carries and over-the-shoulder bag- white in color. She's attached many different keychains to it, of a multitude of Pokemon. (I.e. Vaporeon, Glaceon, Vespiquen, Dragonair, etc.) Along with that she also uses a tiny wallet- adorned with pins she collects of Pokemon she comes to own (Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra, Chatot, Sandile, Minior, Volbeat, etc.)- to store the Pokedollars she wins from contests.

    Speaking of contests, Clementine's contest wear usually consists of an outfit you would've never seen Clementine in on any other circumstance. She wears a yellow, halter dress that comes down to her knees- it has a ruffled collar, and covers most of her body, except for her arms, of course. She pairs this with a chunky-heeled, strapped sandal, the strap being a metallic material while the rest is made of a faux, leather-like material. Her hair is adorned with a white flower- with metallic branches that spread out into more white and orange flowers. It is positioned on the right side of her hair, unlike most of her accessories, which are positioned on the left side of her body. She doesn't have her bracelets this time, and they are instead replaced by golden cuffs that really end it all off. She doesn't really wear any makeup- other than golden-yellow eyeshadow and some mascara.
    Clementine is a shy and timid person- she is startled extremely easily and is always looking out for herself and her Pokemon. Like a shrinking violet- that's what her mother called her throughout childhood- she's overly nervous, always shy and unknowing of how to be friends with others. She tries her best to be social and confident- but it doesn't work in her favor, and she's usually misunderstood, causing her to seem even more sheepish. Truth be told, she's only ever had friends through Pokemon- an only child to a single mother, she never felt like she belonged anywhere but by herself. Now pretty much an adult, she's become introverted and reserved, and has a hard time making friends and having fluid conversations without messing up and feeling the need to apologize for most of the things she does. Over-apologetic, if you will.

    When she's with her Pokemon, however, she seems much more- calm? Perhaps her time with her Mother's Pokemon has given her more comfort in the company of Pokemon than in the company of normal people. I digress, however. There is much more to Clementine than her sheepish exterior- her witty self, her will to persevere. Clementine usually finds her comfort in Pokemon, but she can and probably will open up to friends pretty easily. While it may take a bit of time to get Truefire to warm up to you, but once you do, you'll have a coordinator and her Pokemon who are willing to help you and are excited to be your friend. Why be friends with her Pokemon? You may ask, but it's simple. Clementine enjoys having friends through one person's Pokemon and the other, along with the trainers themselves showing friendship.

    Once learning of her Turtwig's disability, she has become a bit protective, but will allow her Pokemon to live normally. All she wants is for her Pokemon to be happy and win alongside her- and her Pokemon seem to share that same memo.
    Navine | Turtwig | Male
    Secondary Pokemon:
    Tiana | Chatot | Female
    Pokemon Team:
    Navine | Torterra | Male
    Tiana | Chatot | Female
    Charlotte | Maractus | Female
    Louis | Krookodile | Male
    Ray | Volbeat | Male
    Evangeline | Minior (Orange Core) | Genderless
    Extra Info (added):
    -Navine is blind. Clementine wants to do her best to care for him and since Navine shows interest in contests, perform with him.
    -Clementine is oddly good at move combinations- you may see her finding new ways to use her Pokemon's moves well despite being a nervous wreck.
    RP Example:
    (Don't know if you need this since I've rped with this group before, but if you do I don't mind)
    | | | |
    This took a bit aaa. Got a bit caught up talking about Pokemon lore with my Mother and playing Omega Ruby yesterday to finish this up when intended.
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  24. I think it is safe to say that anyone that I have tagged is able to skip the RP Example.

    Also Zodiac you are accepted. I love the character and can't wait to see her in action. Also since everyone is going to be getting their starters at the same time you can play up the fact that your turtwig is blind in that scene.
  25. Thank you, @EmoKitty21 , I tried to model Clementine after the people who have to suffer being different because of birthmarks AND I don't really have a mainly quiet and fearful character to work with yet.
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  26. Yeah I understand that completely. I love all of the thought you put into your characters.
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  27. I think the thought is what counts, especially when you're trying to represent something. I like to give my characters personal problems and dilemas that they must overcome as well. Like, I'm going to have Clementine, at first, do everything she can to prove herself 'normal', and then become more and more accepting of herself and allow her and Navine to live normally without so much self-doubt.
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  28. I love that. I tend to make more laid back characters. I love the way they act around others who are a bit over the top.
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  29. I adore that about yours. I like how they seem to be so...calm, even if someone is literally about to beat them up for being a bit careless. But I also like to do things with Pokemon. Blindness and other disabilities are pretty common in animals in the real world, so I believe Pokemon would suffer the same fate. I decided Clementine also having a Pokemon to care for at all times would influence her careful nature.
    And with the Chatot, I feel like the poor thing doesn't get enough attention as it has much potential for contests. I also think it would be fitting to have it to be a friend to Navine, I named them very...specifically.
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  30. So we have Rapunzel and Princess and the frog. That is kind of funny. My character is kind of based off of Rapunzel if you have not figured it out yet. I am still trying to figure out his team.
  31. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

  32. If you're trying to go for symbolic Pokemon then I'd suggest Sunflora or Kecleon, but if not I like the idea of him having a shiny Vanillite, a Cutiefly, or a Chingling for complimenting coloration.
  33. Well the team I am thinking of is Braxien, Espeon, Swanna, Kecleon, Sunflora, and Rapidash. I will look up the shiny versions later if I want any of them. I might us Lanturn.
  34. Name: Talia Silverstone
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Looks: She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'10. She is of caucasian descent and has a slim and unathletic build.
    Clothing: She typically wears a forest-green tank top with denim shorts (not short-shorts), and black combat boots. She has glasses, as she's nearsighted.
    Personality: Calm and kind, Talia is very caring for others. She has a big heart, and a protective instinct - particularly when Allie is involved. She's a skilled Coordinator, focusing on out-of-the-box strategies. She's always passive in conflicts - unless someone is being stuck up or rude for the sake of it: then she goes nuclear.
    Starter: Chikorita
    Secondary Pokemon: Togepi
    Pokemon team:
    Chikorita > Bayleef > Meganium (Female, Nicknamed Petal)
    Togepi > Togetic > Togekiss (Female, Nicknamed Harmony)
    Swablu > Altaria (Female, Nicknamed Cumulus)
    Pikachu (May or may not evolve. Male, nicknamed Zip)
    Minccino > Cinccino (Female, Nicknamed Plume)
    Skitty > Delcatty (Female, Nicknamed Primrose)

    Name: Allison Silverstone (Allie)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Looks: Basically the exact same as her sister, but standing at a height of 5'7 and with a slim and athletic build.
    Clothing: She typically wears a blue t-shirt and white skirt, with black combat boots and a bow in her hair.
    Personality: (You all know this by now, must I even explain?)
    Starter: Popplio
    Secondary Pokemon: Ralts
    Pokemon team:
    Popplio > Brionne > Primarina (Female, Nicknamed Melody)
    Ralts > Kirlia > Gardevoir (Female, Nicknamed Zelda)
    Absol (Female, Nicknamed Eclipse)
    Sylveon (caught as Sylveon. Female, nicknamed Pixie.)
    Vulpix > Ninetales (Female, Nicknamed Vixen)
    Dedenne (Female, Nicknamed Jolt)
  35. The only problem I see is the Sylveon on Allie's team. Sylveon takes the help of someone to evolve. If you can factor that into the story then by all means. Just know that you can catch an eevee and evolve it that way as well. I just do not want the secondary pokemon repeated.
  36. By the way, I changed Clementine's Pokemon Team for the future a bit. Nothing really changed I just added two Pokemon.
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  37. Man I wish you would add a firefly to team some how. I would love to have Ray be represented. He was my favorite character. He is just so pure and genuine.
  38. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Also I have a Dedenne too. I don't mind it, but I know you want people to have different pokemon, so is that okay Kitty?
  39. I want there to be not so many repeated pokemon. I was mainly talking about starter pokemon and the pokemon your character gets from the breeder. I want everyone to be different at the start. I want there to be as few repeated pokemon as possible.

    Also I will be doing the same thing with the pokebox like I did with 80s journey. Though this will not be something that needs to be tested. It is part of every pokemon trainer's starting pack.
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  40. I mean, the only firefly Pokemon are Illumise and Volbeat, and I didn't know if that would fit so I went with Mothim? And I might have her get a Minior named Evangeline, but I just don't know. :>>>
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