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Open Pokémon Contest #1: Trials in Rustboro City (Beauty and Coolness)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Baron-777, Feb 11, 2019.

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  1. Ok, full disclosure I did this out of orders. I made the post on the role play server BEFORE coming here. Here's the link to the original post here.


    I'm going to include the explanation and rules here as well, but if you want the role play introduction go to the link. Please place your application on THIS post, after we square everything with your character you're free to post on actual role play thread.

    I’m going to try and work this as a “gameplay” and roleplay contest. What I mean by that is that I am going to loosely adhere to the rules for Pokémon contests in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The moves you and your Pokémon use will want to follow the theme of the contest (beauty, tough, smart, cute, or cool) and moves will have an effect on your own Pokémon, your opponents’, and the judges (me).

    So what moves and when to use them will make up a critical part of your success; that’s the “game play” half of this contest. The roleplaying and how you present the moves and your Pokémon is going to make up the other half. Now then, let’s get down to the rules, so we can get to the fun.

    Rules and Process:

    Stage 1: Registration and Introduction. (place on THIS THREAD)

    Please state the following on

    Your Trainer’s name:

    Your Trainer's Appearance:

    The Pokémon (singular) you will be using, give a nickname if you’d like us to use that (at least for now, no legendary Pokémon or mega-evolutions):

    The contest you wish to enter:

    Extra facts you want us to know:

    Stage 2: Introduction Round (Place on the actual role play thread)

    Give your best entrance on stage and try to wow the crowd and judges right off the bat by giving the best introduction for your Pokémon.

    You’ll be given a score based on this introduction from 0-10, based mostly on your roleplay, but also which Pokémon you use. After that, the first four people entering the same contest category will be selected and the contest will move into stage 2.

    Stage 3: Talent Round

    Like in the games, you’ll now be given five rounds to show off your most spectacular moves to wow the audiences and judges. Here’s how it’ll work:

    Before each round, you’ll be given the order of when each Pokémon will perform and the crowd’s current excitement (0-5). After that, post the move that you used and roleplay how you used that move. It doesn’t matter the order of when you post, as after all 4 posts have been made for the round, I’ll give a brief summary in the order that was given to you; adding in any effects that may have enhanced or disrupted your performance. After this summary, you’ll each be given a score from -10 to 10, based on the move you used, how you roleplayed it, and miscellaneous factors. Then the cycle repeats, and performance order will be given based on who scored the most points for the last round (or if a move altered the order).

    Please note that appeal and jam points for the move will be used as loose guidelines for how many points you earn or how hard you disrupt your opponent. However, combos and crowd excitement will work identically as the games: Combos giving 3 extra points and MAX crowd excitement giving 5 extra points.

    After the 5th round, the points from your presentation round and each of the 5 talent round are added together. The top two scoring Pokémon will then proceed into the third and final stage:

    Stage 4: ??????????? (To be explained after the first contest’s 2nd stage has completed)

    Please feel free to ask any questions or if you need me to clarify the rules, let me know.
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  2. This is a really cool concept for an RP.

    Question: Can I have two characters to play as? Or just one? And is the contest both based on Coolness and Beauty, or is there a separate contest for the two?
  3. You may submit as many character as you want and they are separate contests, I just put two different ones to appeal to more people.
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  4. Alrighty :3

    My characters will take a bit to put up, but once I do... shall we wait for more people?
  5. Name: Pyroshu "Pyros" Rastrixen Darastrix
    Appearance: He is a 30-year-old male, 6'04" (1.93 m), 220 lbs (99.79 kg) of mostly muscle, and has a rugged appearance about him. His chest and back are covered with scars from working with temperamental Pokémon (especially Fire-Types and Dragon-Types). He has flaming red hair that gracefully floats up like flames with royal blue roots. His eyes are royal blue with flaming specks dotting the irises. His usual clothes consist of a flaming sleeveless vest, a dark blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans, black combat boots, and a backpack with a dragon motif. He also has a Z-Ring with a Dragonium-Z in it, but he is not planning on using it in the tournament. He also has a twine he handmade into a necklace with 6 charms. The charms include Charcoal, Fire Amulet, Flame Plate, Dragon Scale, Dragon Claw, and Draco Plate. His necklace dips down right below the collarbone divot.

    In terms of clothes for the contest, he will have a black jacket that has cuffs flaring out past his hands in amazing red and white colors. His pants have scuff marks and rips, while the sneakers have a blue to black gradient going from bottom to top of the shoes. His jacket will flare open, showing a black shirt with the silhouette of a dragon, and the eyes and around the body having light blue light coming from behind. He even wears a crown that has Dragon Claws embedded in it, and the jacket and pants themselves have Dragon Scales sown in.
    Male Hydreigon - Dark Dragon
    Nickname: Sazo
    Ability: Levitate - Immune to Ground-Type moves.
    Clothes/Groom: He has a crown of Dragon Claws that match Pyros's on the main head, and streams of royal blue and black tied to a belt around the Pokémon's waist drape down below the tail. The other two heads have a flat hat made from Dragon Scales that tie around the necks, and three feathers adorn each side of all three heads, going from black on the bottom, to dark blue in the middle, and royal blue on the top.
    His scales and rough black fur, that is usually matted, have been thoroughly cleaned and brushed out, giving the Pokémon's body a nice, healthy glow. His teeth have also been brushed.
    Battle Style: Cool and Tough moves

    Contest Type: Coolness
    Extra: He captures the coolness and toughness through his rugged and rough voice and appearance. He is also the oldest brother to Miel and the oldest of 6 siblings. Him, Miel, and another brother and another sister all make up a natural quadruplet in their family (their poor mother).
    Name: Mielshtrix "Miel" Pabith Darastrix
    Appearance: He is a 30-year-old male, 6'04" (1.93 m), 200 lbs (90.72 kg) of toned and lean muscle, and has a refined look about him. He has sea blue hair that drapes down to his jawline with icy blue tips. His eyes are icy blue with darker blue specks dotting the irises. His usual clothes consist of a a light blue dress shirt, a darker blue dress coat, black dress shoes, dark blue slacks, either a blue bowtie or tie, and an icy motif backpack. He also has a Z-Ring with a Waterium-Z in it, but he is not planning on using it in the tournament. He also has a twine he handmade into a necklace with 6 charms. The charms include Mystic Water, Water Amulet, Splash Plate, Never-Melt Ice, Ice Amulet, and Icicle Plate. The necklace dips down towards the center of his sternum and he also has a dark blue wristwatch.

    In terms of his contest clothes, he will have a dark blue body suit that twinkles like ice that hugs and accentuates the beauty and majesty of his body. The suit will lighten a tad in color the further up you look. He will even have an opening on his sides in a rhombus-shape and one large opening on his chest that is shaped like a water drop. His hair will be up in a bun, making him look like a girl if they don't look at his strong jawline or hear his deep voice. He will wear gloves and flats that match the dark color of the suit, and his suit has a collar that flares up and out like a water geyser at the base of his neck.
    Female Dewgong - Water Ice
    Nickname: Dew
    Ability: Ice Body - Regains health and stamina in a hailstorm.
    Clothes/Groom: A suit similar to Miel's, but in a light shade of blue, covers the Dewgong. It sparkles darker blue and the sides of the Dewgong and the chest of Dew are exposed. The side holes are two rhomboidal shapes that curve with the body, and the chest has a large water drop hole. At the base of the tail fin, the suit flares out, resembling a water spout. Also, from the horn is a veil that drapes over the eyes of the Dewgong, partially keeping her eyes covered. This is to help with Dew's stage fright.
    Her fur is cleaned and brushed, giving off a nice, healthy glow. Her teeth have also been brushed.
    Battle Style: Beautiful and majestic moves.

    Contest Type: Beauty
    Extra: He dances like a ballerina and captures the beauty of water with his moves, as well. Miel is the second oldest of 6 siblings, with Pyros being older than him. Both him and Pyros, another brother, and a sister make up a natural quadruplet in their family (their poor mother).

    EDIT: Put their abilities and clothing they wear/type of grooming they went through. All done :3

    Oh, and to give a nice summary of moves, they each know around 6-8
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  6. Also, do I just make a post, even before you accept the forms? Or do I wait for you to give the okay?
  7. Finish up to stage 1 on this thread. Once everything is squared away. Do stage 2 on the actual thread.
  8. Question on the ruling of Pokémon. Can we let them hold items, have abilities, and how many moves can they use? 4 or can we do more, just as long as it is reasonable? And I was asking if you were going to accept my character sheets.
  9. #1: Held items are going to be banned. Cause scarves are the only thing that actually affect judging in the games and it'd be weird to have Pokemon after Pokemon covered in scarves. However, if you want to dress up your Pokemon, feel free to; it may add to your score.

    #2: Pokécharm rules apply when it comes to move, not restricted to 4, but don't go overboard.

    #3: Soon as I'm done reading, I'll let you know about your characters.
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  10. Name: Kelly (Or Kelly Reves)
    Appearance: A 12 year old girl with long blonde hair, a pink scarf and a black jumpsuit on. Exactly why she wears them is unknown. The scarf, obviously.
    When it comes to Contests, she wears a bright pink, hooded top and keeps her suit on underneath. She has a satchel full of treats and grooming equipment, it's used in and out of Contests.
    Pokemon: Male Treecko (Nickname: Slashy)
    Ability: Overgrow
    When getting tired, his grass moves power up.
    Clothes/Groom: He's had his tail thoroughly brushed down and has a red cape on. Been fed 5 red Pokeblocks but they didn't really have much effect.
    Contest Type: Coolness
    Other: Forgive me I'm new
  11. This RP has been dead for over 3 months (the limit is usually 3-4 weeks). There is a timestamp on every message in an RP. Find it on the last message and if there has been no activity, please find another RP to play in. I doubt Baron is active enough to tell you himself and tell you this RP is dead.
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