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Open Pokemon Conquest: Three Kingdoms

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mr Fishykarp, Nov 25, 2019.

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    The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide.

    For a long time, the eastern regions of the Pokemon world lay virtually unchanged. A series of independent nations, warring among each-other, with no power rising to surpass the rest. But the storms of change are brewing, and with the Ransei Region to the east united under Nobunaga, it seems that it is only a matter of time before the region of Huaxia sees the same unification. Now, the question becomes: Who will be the one to unite Huaxia?

    So, this is the first RP I've made in quite a while, and was partially inspired by another RP that I was recently in (which featured a similar premise of playing as a nation of some sort and warring against eachother.) As it turns out, when controlling armies going to war against another nation, things like Autoing can become a big problem, even unintentionally. (Which is the same problem I've found with tournament-type RPs too). So even though the rules will somewhat restrict RPing and create some somewhat-gamey logic, they're definitely necessary.

    1) Like Ransei, Huaxia is very honour-bound and settle all conquests and disputes with a pokemon battle, six pokemon on the field at once for each side.
    2) Each town has their own 6v6 battlefield, that the fight will take place on. These battlefields can be gimmicky, like the Pokemon Conquest battlefields are, but not to an extremely exploitable degree.
    3) As said before, the warriors of Huaxia are very honourable. If two nations both decide to attack the same nation, they will do it one by one and allow the enemy enough time to recover between battles.
    4) The above rules can be broken with no OOC consequence, but in-universe, this will give all your enemies perfect justification to practice dishonourable tactics upon you, such as swarming you with every Pokemon they have or attacking the trainers.
    5) All Pokecharms rules apply
    6) Unlike the games, Nobunaga encounters no legendary Pokemon upon conquering Ransei and any canon Conquest warlords that appear will not have links with legendaries. The methods to get legendaries in the game will not work in the RP. This may or may not have plot ramifications down the line.
    7) You can attack any of your immediate neighbours, or any nations that could reasonably be reached via ship.

    You can either create a nation, with a warlord leading it, or a warrior that aligns themselves with any pre-existing kingdom. There's no maximum limit to the amount of warrior characters you can have, but the six-pokemon-per-battle limit means that having an overwhelming number of warriors won't exactly help. Your warrior characters can freely switch sides upon being defeated in a battle, if you want, and warlords can either go into hiding or side with the victors, if their entire nation is conquered. Warriors and Warlords may also have more than one Pokemon, and can send multiple into one battle. Warriors have a maximum of 3, and Warlords have a maximum of 6, and can send multiple Pokemon into the same battle, but since a single Warrior/Warlord cannot be in two places at once, they cannot send their Pokemon to multiple battles in different locations at the same time.

    Role (Warrior/Warlord/Other):
    Initial Aligned Nation:
    (There will be no bio for Pokemon, but feel free to make one if you wish)

    Nation Name(s):
    Town/City Battlefield Descriptions (one per town/city):
    Government Style (Monarchy, Democracy, ect):
    Nation Values/Traditions:
    Brief History:
    Nation Description: (Optional, can be anything from the type of grain grown to the style of architecture. Worldbuilding stuff.)
    Controlled Territory (Say it here or mark it on a version of the map.):
    (Note: While the RP Map and name are distinctly East-Asian inspired, there is no need for the actual nations to be inspired by East Asia.)

    Green: Unclaimed land
    Grey: Unclaimable land (mountains, harsh deserts, extremely cold winters, ect)
    Blue: Ocean

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