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Open Pokemon College

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by tylerrrrrr, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. welcome to pokemon college create your oc and begin (College is in Sinnoh)
    Age: (16-19)
    Starter: (Can be any first stage evolution(Unless Pikachu!)

    Name: Bailey
    Age: 17
    Personality: Kind, Brave, Caring
    Starter: Pikachu
    Other: Born in Kalos
    Crush: None right now
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  2. Name:Audrey
    Personality:Nice.Loves Water Types
    Starter:pPiplup(Or Popplio if i can)
    Other:Friends with Bailey(Maybe?)
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  3. (You can have popplio and yes)
    Bailey dashed round the corner with Pikachu on his shoulder and stopped when they arrived at the college
    "Here we are buddy it's finally time!"
    "Pika Pika!"
  4. (Also Audrey is my Pokemon Moon Char I always like that she had Brown hair a Light Brown Hair :3)
  5. (Got it mine is just called Tyler on Pokemon sun)
  6. Audrey Snuggle Her Popplio Tightly,She Bumped into Bailey ''Sorry Bailey!'' Popplio tried Snuggling Her way out ''Opal Stop it!'' Audrey Laughed
  7. Bailey giggled "Hey i've got an idea since it looks like we're the first here we should be roommates, what do you think Audrey?" He said as he pet Pikachu
  8. ''That would be Wonderful Bailey!'' She said Excited,She squished Opal,Hau and Lillie then walk in ''Alola Everyone!'' Hau said ''Hello Everyone'' Said Lillie
  9. "Wow! when did you guys come to Sinnoh I thought you were in Alola!?!?" Bailey asked a bit confused as to why the two were here.
  10. ''Audrey told us she was going to Sinnoh for this School and we wanted to come too'' Said Lillie ''Its Cool Here!'' Said Hau
  11. "Awesome I guess you two will be roommates like me and Audrey then?"
    "Okay buddy we'll get food soon!"
  12. ''Yep!'' Said Hau ''I'm Hungry too!'' Opal Bwarked for Food ''Okay Opal we'll get food! I Snuggled Opal Tighly
  13. Bailey ran to the Cafeteria "I'm guessing you'll be wanting Malasadas Hau?" He said with a big smile on his face.
    "Pikachu." Pikachu said as his stomach rumbled.
  14. ''Yep!'' Said Hau ''I don't really like Malasada Mainly because of the Commercial...'' I'll take a Malasada'' Said Lillie
  15. Bailey smiled "Me too!"
    As they sat down Bailey looked at Audrey and smiled
    "After this i'm gonna go unpack!"
  16. ''Okay'' Audrey drank a Bowl of Soup and Gave Pokebeans to Opal ''Kay Bailey!'' Said Hau,A Cosmog Was Near the Tables ''Nebby!'' Said Lillie
  17. "Let me guess it needs to get in the bag?" Bailey said laughing
  18. Nebby Went into Lillies Bag ''Well i'm gonna Unpack'' Audrey Picked up Opal And ran into the Dorm,And Unpacked her Pokeballs,Clothes,And many other things,She Grabbed her Picture of her Sister Jeanette ''Sigh''
  19. Bailey chased after her and also began to unpack, after all his clothes were away he placed his Z- Ring with all the crystals on the shelf before noticing Audrey wasn't looking right "Hey are you okay Audrey?"
  20. ''Its Nothing..'' She was holding a Picture of a Girl with Short Blonde Hair with a Rowlet Jacket ''Well....''
  21. Bailey put his arm over her shoulder to comfort her.
    "It's your sister right?"
  22. ''Yeah shes a Champion...I miss her alot'' Opal Tried to Comfort her too,Audrey started to Cry ''I need time Alone...''
  23. "Sure!" Bailey said before handing her a fire stone "You'll know when and where to use it!" before sitting down on his bed with headphones in watching the news.
  24. Audrey Looked at her Phone And called her Sister ''Hello this is Jeanette'' The Phone said ''Hi Jeanette!,Its Audrey'' ''Oh Hi Audrey!'' Jeanette Said
  25. Bailey looked over at her and saw she was on the phone to her sister 'Well at least she's happy to be able to speak to her!' He thought
  26. NAME:Shannon




    Other:TypeNull,Zygard 10,and Saybleye


  27. Shannon ran with Nully((Yep its named Nully!))
  28. (Nuzzlebeak I forgot to mention in the rules no legendaries sorry)
  29. Nully pushed her "Hey!" she yelled pushing him but she ran into a door "Owww..." she said Nully grabbed her and took her to her room "Thanks Nully.." She said
  30. (I don't really think Null is a Legend)
  31. ((Nully aint legend))
  32. Nully layed on her "Ow..Hey!" She yelped laying on him then her Saybleye came in with Ziggy her Kabutops but then they stopped "Nully time to go with Ziggy" she pushed them into there room and closed the door "Phew.." She said as she wnt pokemon hunting
  33. Name: Rylee
    Age: 16
    Personality: Most of the time happy, gets angry quickly
    Other: Enjoys meeting people

    Rylee caught her breathe. She looked at the college. "Finally here." She looked at her watch. Rylee ran all the way to School for no reason. She went inside and looked around. Rylee callasped on the floor. "What a run."
  34. She grabbed heal balls and ultra balls and all balls exept master or ultra and went hunting"Gonna cach somthing!A beldum and a honege appeared "oooo!" She said she threw 2 ultra balls..1 shake...2 shake...3 beldum flew out honege stayed in "Uh-oh mad pokemon!!"
  35. Audrey Went out of her Dorm and saw Rylee ''Hello!'' Opal Audrey's Popplio Looked at Her Eevee ''I'm Audrey''
  36. Bailey headed out to the cafeteria to get snacks for Pikachu when hes saw a girl on the floor "Are you okay?!??!?"
  37. Rylee breathed heavily. "I'm fine. I'm Rylee by the way." She got up. Stormy her Eevee looked at Audrey's Popplio. She wagged her tail.
  38. Bailey smiled and sighed "Great! I'm Bailey and this is my partn...."
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