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Ask to Join Pokemon College - Student Life

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gpig5, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. In order to join the RP and sign up go to the discussion thread: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-college-sign-ups-2-0.14496/#post-316759

    Fraser drove his Moped down the road, at around 45mph. "Should be around this corner," Marin said under his breath. as he said that the visor fogged up slightly, suppressing Fraser's eyesight for a moment. The visor cleared up and what was revealed was a large building with large doors beneath a sign saying,"Pokemon College," Fraser stared at his location before remembering that he was driving still. "Oh, crud!" Fraser exclaimed as he straightened up his vehicle. Fraser searched for the car park and parked his vehicle. Fraser locked his Moped and then took his helmet off, then he opened his seat and exchanged his backpack that was inside for his helmet. He took off his luggage which was on the back of the vehicle. He put on his backpack on and walked towards the entrance of the Pokemon College.

    Fraser pulled out a Pokeball out of his bag and pressed the button on it. it opened and what came out was a Tyrogue! "Here we are Blake, Pokemon College. This is where we will be spending the next few years at," Fraser smiled at Blake the Tyrogue. Blake looked up at Fraser and nodded. "Tyrogue," Fraser walked inside and Blake followed behind him. He dropped the luggage next to him as he talked to the receptionist. "Hiya, my name's Fraser and I'm new here," Fraser said. "Hello, give me on second. Ah, here you are. Your room is number 14 at the dorm section. Here is your key," The receptionist placed a key in front of Fraser. "Thank you," Fraser said. "One more thing, you don't have lessons 'till tomorrow, so I would recommend exploring the campus and interacting with other students. You may have to wait a bit since you're the first new student here," The receptionist explained. "Awesome no lessons, first one's here huh, not's that like us at all, ain't that right Blake?" Fraser turned to Blake and he simply rolled his eyes. "Um...Thank you," Fraser said before grabbing the key, picking up his luggage and heading to the dorms.

    Blake tagged behind him, letting his eyes wander the area as he followed Fraser. "11...12...13...Ah here it is," Fraser said before inserting the key into the door and opening the door. The door revealed a fairly large room with a large window opposing Fraser and beds against both walls. There were tables at the bottom of the bed and a larger one underneath the window. "Huh, this will certainly do," Fraser chuckled. He then noticed the two beds parallel to each other. "Either we have a roommate, or they're just very generous," Fraser said as he peeked through the window. he saw a battlefield that had bleachers adjacent to it for spectators to sit and watch the battles that take place. Blake simply waited at the entrance, looking around the room. Fraser dumped his luggage on the left bed and left the room before locking the door behind him and heading back to reception.

    Fraser saw a map of the campus on the wall of the reception, so he approached it and thoroughly looked at it. "I've seen the battlefield...There's the canteen and...Woah, there's a safari zone!" Fraser said to himself as he looked at it. Blake leaned against the wall next to Fraser and slid down it 'till he sat down.
  2. Evan woke up from a great, great slumber, he took his pokeball from his desk and then took a bath, changed his clothes, ate breakfast and rode on his motorcycle. While driving he was in deep thought of how he will make friends, Evan would then see the Pokemon College, while seeing it he was amazed on how big it was, he parked his vehicle in the parking. Evan left his motorcycle, ran to the entrance, Evan would then take a deep breath so that he would remove nervousness.

    Evan took the pokeball from his pocket and pressed the button, Dra would come out and Evan said "Are you excited?" Dra would excitedly answer "Gib-gible!" Evan said back "I'll take that as a yes." Evan would then push the door while taking a big breathe, the receptionist ask "Welcome, and how can I help you?" Evan answered "I'm a new student, my name's Evan. Can you please show me my room?" the receptionist nodded and said "Your roommate has already arrived and his name is Fraser." Evan would then become excited and then look at Dra, Evan would then smile to Dra, Dra would smile back. the receptionist would point the way and say "Go straight there, and find room 14, you'll find it. The receptionist would then give Evan a map and the key. Evan answered "Thanks, man.".

    Evan would then smile to the receptionist. He would walk until the room and say "That's 12, that's 13, aye, that's 14." Evan would then open the door, and Evan shouted "Hiya, new friend!" Evan would feel embarrassed since he wasn't there. Evan said to himself "Good thing nobody heard me." He would then dump his luggage to his bed and looked at the map and said "This place is huge and it's amazing." Evan asked Dra "Wanna play the 3DS." Dra answered "Gib-gible!" Evan said "I'll take that as a yes again." Evan would then play his 3DS with Dra while waiting for his roommate.
  3. Lee continued down the road. In the backseat, her skiddo, higs, was laying down asleep. "Hig wake up!" Lee said as she looked in the mirror showing hig asleep. "Come on we are almost there". Hig slowly lifted her head up and blinked as Lee turned into the college parking lot. There were not many cars around, so lee easily found a spot to park. Lee parked her car and twisted to look at hig, who was asleep again. "Wake up hig we are here". she said turning off the engine and opening her door.

    Lee got out and looked at the building in front of her. It was a large building with large doors beneath a sign saying Pokemon College. "Arnt you excited, hig?" She asked her pokemon as she opened her door to let her out. "Skid." She said after jumping out. Lee smilled at her opkemon before opening her trunk to grab her stuff. Lee atached some of the things to hig before shutting her trunk and locking it.

    Once inside they first headed over to the receptionist. "Welcome, how may i help you?" The woman asked. "Hi! My name is Kathleen and i am a student here." Lee said as hig poked her head up to see the woman. "Oh yes." She said looking at her computer. "You room number is 57 and here is the key." The receptionist then gave lee her room key and pointed her in the direction of the room. They thanked her as they headed to their room.

    "54...56....57!" Lee exclamed as they opened the room. Inside was a bunkbed with a dest under it, a large pokemon bed, and her own bathroom. "Guess we get the room all to ourselfs then" Lee said as she tosted her bag on the floor and tack of hig burden. "Skid-do" Hig said as she leaped around. "Come on hig!" Lee said opening her blinds to reveal a large garden. "Wow a garden!" Lee said looking back to her pokemon. "Want to see what else they have here?" She asked her pokemon who was now at the door excited to see what else is in the school.

    They headed down to the reception room were Lee saw a map. When they got to the map they found themselves not the only ones who wanted the map. There was already a boy and his pokemon. "Hello!" She called to them as she headed over to look at the map.
  4. Fraser carefully looked at all the details the map had to offer. Fraser heard someone say hello in his direction and so he turned his head, to see who the hello belonged to. It was a girl walking towards him and Blake with a happy looking Skiddo beside her. Blake was alerted by the trainer's greeting and stood in front of Fraser with his arms crossed as if he was a bouncer.

    "Hey there, I'm just looking at the map of the college. I'm new here so I was getting to know the campus," Fraser looked down at Skiddo who had a very happy face, Fraser couldn't help but smile at the charming look of the grass type. "So are you new here as well? My name's Fraser and this is my partner Blake," Fraser gestured to Blake. Blake raised his chin slightly as if he tried to make himself look intimidating. Fraser noticed Blake's body language. "Hey Blake, come on don't be like that," Fraser whispered to Blake.
  5. Lee smiled. "Yea i just got here today. My name is kathleen, or lee for short, and this is hig" She said. "Well i came here for the same reason. Online it said that this place had a lot in store but other than that it said nothing else." Hig looked over to blake who was trying to be intimidating. She rose up her head in a significant tone.
  6. Fraser looked down and saw Blake's eyes squint at Hig. "Ty..." Blake said as he felt that he was getting taunted by the Skiddo. "Uh oh, I should diffuse this problem before it becomes one," Fraser thought. "Okay, Blake let's go get some breakfast from the canteen, yeah?" Fraser said as he grabbed Blake and gently tugged him away from Lee and Hig. "Sorry lee, but I'll speak to you later, I've got to go. Bye," Fraser said as he made his way to the canteen. Fraser turned around and flicked Blake on the head. "What are you doing, trying to start a fight within half an hour of us arriving here!" Fraser exclaimed, Blake simply shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. "Ty..." Fraser sighed and walked into the canteen.
  7. Evan saved the game in his Nintendo 3Ds and left the room unlocked thinking that his roommate might come, he went to the Cafeteria because Evan and Dra was hungry, while walking to the cafeteria Evan saw a guy with a tyrogue and a girl with a skiddo. He then arrived and ask Dra "You hungry? 'Cause I am..." Dra nodded and said "Gib-gible!" over excitement of eating berries, he then went over to the Cafeteria and thought "What berry should I give Dra?" Dra pushed Evan for attention, Dra would then point the berry Dra wanted and said "Gib-gible." Evan asked the lady "Can I buy 5 oran berries?" the cafeteria lady nodded. Evan said "Here's the money." and the Cafeteria lady gave it to him. Dra was overjoyed, and grabbed Evan's shirt and pulled it back and forth for attention, Evan then asked "What is it, Dra?" Dra then pointed the seat and said "Gib, gible." as if he wanted to say something. Evan then answered "You want to sit there?" Dra nodded and they sat there, dra then ate his oran berries and Evan would then continue to play his 3Ds.
  8. Luke entered the College building and looked around "Wow... this looks nice!" He said in excitement, He ran to the receptionist and asked for his dorm number "Number 13, Here is the Key" She said, Handing Luke the key, Luke ran to his dorm in happiness and opened the door "Oh... My Roommate isnt here yet" He sighed, Putting his stuff down and sending out Fluff Flare and Ignis "You guys can just chill" He said, Opening his Laptop and working on a Novel he was writing, He was excited for school but right now he would rather write 20 pages than making new friends
    (Sorry its short, Im just busy right now)
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  9. "Bye" Lee called after the pair as they left. She then turned to hig. "Stop trying to intimidate pokemon" She threatened hig as she shrunk down. "Anyway..." Lee started changing the subject and looking at the map. "Wow there is so much stuff here!" She committed looking at all the things on the map. The college had a battle ground, safari ground, its own poke-shop, garden, breeding ground, and even a research lab. "Where do you want to go hig? I want to go and see the research lab!" Lee said as hig pointed to the cafeteria with her noise. "We will get lunch later" Lee sighed as hig pointed to the research lab.
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  10. Mar looked out of the window of the taxi he was in, as he saw the Pokémon college he would be attending for the next couple of years. When the taxi got to the entrance of the school, Mar woke up his eevee, Mia, and grabbed his brown satchel that had two other poke balls on its strap. After Mar got out of the taxi with Mia and took all of his luggage out of the taxi's trunk, he paid the driver and stood in front of the school's entrance admiring it. "Wow, this school is a lot bigger than I thought it would be", Mar said in awe. After admiring the school for a couple more minutes, Mar decided to enter the entrance into the school, dragging his luggage bags with him and Mia walking close to his side.

    After entering the school building, Mar saw a reception desk with a woman sitting in a chair looking at her computer. He decided to approach her in hopes that she will tell him where he would be staying in the dorms. "Hello, I'm Mar and I'm new to this school" he said shyly. "I was hoping to see if you could tell me what dorm number I'll be staying in." The receptionist stopped typing on her computer and looked at Mar for a second before replying. "Ah, yes," she said in understanding, "you're room number will be number 6, and here are your keys." She then handed Mar the keys and went back to typing onto her computer.

    After talking to the receptionist, Mar walked away from her and into the dorm building where he found his room and unlocked it. Mar was surprised at the large size of his room. His room had a large bed on the left wall, a desk with a large window overlooking a garden, a bookcase next to the desk, and a door on the right wall leading to another room. "I feel this room is a bit too big for dorm room, but I'm not complaining," Mar said gleefully as he and Mia walked into their dorm. "Auror, Max, come on out!" Mar said as he took both of the poke balls from his satchel strap and pressed the button on them. As the poke balls opened, an oshawott and a growlithe came out of them. "Why don't the three of you explore this room and try to see where you want to sleep, while I look and see what the other door has in it," Mar said to his three Pokémon as he went to the door on the right wall. As his Pokémon started exploring the room, Mar opened up the door and, to his great surprise, found a bathroom with a shower in it. "Thank goodness, I won't have to shower with everyone else," Mar thought in relief. When he came back into the main room, Mar saw his three Pokémon seated next to his bed. "I guess that's where you guys want to sleep," he said with a fond smile on his face. All three of his Pokémon cried out gleefully in response. "Alright then, but we have to unpack first," Mar said as he went towards his luggage and he and his Pokémon started unpacking everything.

    After unpacking everything, Mar and his Pokémon decided to venture out into the school and look for a map so they could explore it.
  11. Fraser and Blake walked over to the food display and both started to drool at all the appetising food they could buy. Fraser wiped his mouth and pointed at the cheese sandwich. "Do you want this Blake?" Fraser asked. Blake looked up with his lit up eyes and quickly nodded his head with a large smile that went from cheek to cheek. Fraser chuckled at Blake's excitement. "Can I get two cheese sandwiches please," Fraser asked politely to the person behind the counter. Fraser paid and turned around with the food in hand in search of a seat. He noticed a person with a Gible sitting by themselves at a table also helping themselves to a meal. Fraser looked down to Blake with an assertive look. "Don't you dare try to start a fight again," Fraser said before heading over to the table. "Ty..." Blake said as he rolled his eyes and walked beside Fraser. "Hey, is it cool if I sit here?" Fraser asked the guy with the Gible.
  12. Lee and hig continued to the research lab. "I wonder why they need a research lab" Lee though out loud. "I mean usually i heard regular colleges send there students to regular labs on field trips but this school has it own!". Hig rolled her eyes at her trainer as lee usually gets over excited at these thing. "Sont be like that" Lee said jokingly as she pat hig on the head.

    Soon the entered the research lab area but was soon confrounted by a worker. "Sorry" He said. "The tours are happening later to day because of an chemical spill. So when to tours start again we will let you.". "Ok then bye" Lee said slightly disappointed as she left the building. "Skid-do." Hig said nudging Lee to make her feel better. "Dang i really wanted to look inside" Lee said patting higs head. "At least now we can get to see the cafeteria and get you something to eat." Hig then started to jump up and down before putting her cunfused face on and looking at lee. "We literally eat on the way here." Lee laughed. "I am full". Hig then started to push lee forward excited to have some food.
  13. As Mar walked toward the map in the school, he saw a girl being pushed by a very eager skiddo. "Well that's not something you see everyday," Mar said to himself and his Pokémon nodded in agreement. Mar finally reached the map and looked at all the different sites to see in the university. Some he didn't care for, while some made him very eager to explore them. However, there was one facility that really stuck out to him: the library. "The library, huh?" Mar muttered to himself. He loved everything about books, the smell, the texture of the cover and pages, even the process of trying to find the right book made him very happy. So it was only natural that he would want to go to the school's library to see what it had in store. "Come guys, let's go explore the library!" Mar exclaimed jovially, while his Pokémon cried out in agreement. They then proceeded to head toward the direction of the school's library.
  14. "No, I'll probly stay alone." Evan said while laughing, "Just kidding, come sit down." Evan said, while they were Dra was intimidating the Tyrogue. Then Evan said "What's your name and what's your dorm?" Evan asked while munching on an oran berry, Dra instead of being intimidating he looked cute instead. Dra was then scared of the Tyrogue instead of him being the one scary.

    (Sorry if this was short)
  15. Lee entered to caffiteria and went to the place you can buy food. She bought herself a apple and hig a large salid. Lee then looked around to find somewere to sit and found Fraser, blake, a trainer, and a gibile sitting alone at an empty table. 'Why not?' Lee thought as she headed over. "So apparently you cant go into the research lab yet and my name is lee" She said to the two as she set down the salid on the ground as hig begain to eat.
  16. Ada was in her new room, organising her books. The girl had enough to fill a small library at home, but because she had also wanted to bring her cooking and cake decorating equipment, a good number of those books had had to stay at home.

    A place for everything, and everything in its place. That was Ada's motto. Her books would be organised from A to Z, according to authour's names. Her cooking stuff would go in the cupboard. And she'd find a place for Riolu and Houndour's beds eventually.

    She scanned one of her recipe books. Tonight's dish: A cake, to celebrate her first day at college.
  17. Tori had driven to the campus a little later, as she looked at the College that she would be there for some time. She had parked her car around the parking lot, as she gently stroked the two Pokémon that were asleep. She went out of her car soon after, as the two Pokémon followed her, one that appeared to be a fire mouse, while the other appeared to be an electric mouse with light blue markings.

    She had gotten her luggage and backpack out of the car already, as she locked her car soon after, which gave a quiet beep. She made sure the car was locked, as she placed her car keys in her pocket after she verified it was locked. She said to her Pokémon while she gasped, "Well, here we are. We are now here at the college, I suppose this is where we will be staying for some time. I think that you two might have to sharpen on interactions with others, you two seem to not even like being around my friends before."
    The fire mouse Pokémon replied to her, "Cyndaquil... Cynda..."
    The electric mouse Pokémon replied along with him, "Minun..."

    Tori picked up the Cyndaquil, as she placed him in her sling, while the Minun walked alongside of her since he didn't seem to like being carried around like a baby. She walked inside the campus, as she went over to the receptionist and said, "Well hello, my name is Tori, and I am new here. I had came a little later than usual, so I apoligize in advance if there was any inconvenience."
    The receptionist replied, "Well hello, you're not too late here, and also, lessons don't start until tommorow, so feel free to explore the campus and make new friends. Also, here's your room key, your dorm room number is 87."

    Tori got her room key from the receptionist, as she smiled and waved to her. She went over to her room, as she used her keys to unlock the door, as Minun quickly dashed inside at an almost invisible speed! Cyndaquil chuckled at him, as he cried after he bumped into a queen sized bed.

    Tori placed Cyndaquil on her bed, as she closed the door and picked up the Minun, while she stroked his head in an attempt to calm him. She sat on her bed, while she placed the Minun on her lap, as Cyndaquil dozed off.
  18. Fraser didn't know that this guy was joking about sitting next to him. "Oh...okay," Fraser said as he started to turn away. As Evan started laughing Fraser turned back and started to awkwardly laugh. "Hehe, I knew that...I was just...going along with it," Fraser said as he sat down. Blake noticed the Gible trying to show its dominance to Blake. Instead of showing his, he decided to just acknowledge the Gible's attempt at being intimidating. Blake foun it somewhat amusing as Dra's confidence oozed out of him and became intimidating himself. "Ty-Ty," Blake chuckled as he friendly nudged Dra and let out a louder laugh. Blake then put his arm around Dra and had a smile on his face. "Tyrogue-Ty," Blake said. Blake seemed to like this Gible he had only met, he wasn't sure why himself. He just did.

    Fraser placed down the cheese sandwiches down and pushed one of them towards Blake. "Here you go buddy," Fraser said friendly as he was happy that Blake was being friendly himself rrather than trying to be the alpha. Blake grabbed his sandwich took a bite out of it and continued to talk, as parts of food dropped out his mouth as he opened and closed his mouth. Fraser turned his focus to the guy agagin and answered his question. "I'm Fraser and this is Blake," fraser said as he gestured towards Blake. "We're new and we just moved into room 14, what about you?" Fraser asked before diving into his Cheese sandwich.

    Fraser noticed Lee from earlier approach them. "Ohg fhey cLee!" Fraser cheered raising his hand waving. His mouth was full of food as he spoke sop his words were kinda hard to understand. "Ohg phat shukks.. chome sith wi ush," Fraser suggested as he gestured to the empty seat beside him before continuing with his Cheese sandwich.
  19. Lee shufted and sat across from them. "You shouldn't talk with your mouth full its gross." She said as hig beagin to eat. "Anyway have you see anyplaces around here yet or have yall just been in the cafeteria?" lee coninued. "finish eating before you talk." She added before taking a bit of her apple.
  20. Fraser put his hand in front of his hand. "Thi'm showwy," Fraser said before swallowing his food. "Nah, this is the first place I've been to other than my dorm. I have a roommate as well that I haven't met yet too," Fraser said looking at Blake, seeing him still talking to the Gible. "Food was the only thing on my mind, to be honest. Why? Do you want to explore a bit do you?" Fraser asked interested in what Lee's reply would be.
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  21. Evan answered, "How 'bout we explore?" Dra would then ask for Evan's attention, "Gible-gible!" Dra answered, Evan said "You want to go?" Evan told Dra, Dra answered "Gible-gible!" as if Dra was excited, Evan then asked Fraser and Lee "Would you two like to come? We can explore the campus together." Dra nodded, and answered "Gible-gible!" over excitement again, Dra then started to talk to the Tyrogue again.
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  22. "Sure" Kathleen said after finishing her 2nd bite of her apple. "We should head to the map first though. This place is really big." She said as hig pokered her head up from her, now finished, salid. "Do do?" Hig asked. "Yes" Kathleen replied. "We are going to see the college so more."
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  23. "Yeah good idea," Fraser said as he got up and walked up to the map of the College. Blake glanced at the empty seat that Fraser sat in, looked back at Gible still talking then sharply looked back at the absent Fraser. Blake had a mini panic before easily finding Fraser looking at a map on the wall. "Tyrogue-Ty," Blake said as said goodbye to Gible and followed Fraser to the map.
  24. Stood staring at the map currently however was a young aged about 19 with a murkrow sat on his shoulder. He wonder where he could get his room keys as he saw another young man walking towards the map."Hey you wouldn't happen to know where i can get room keys" shouted the boy at the map "Because I really need to drop my suitcase off before class and also I would like to battle someone!"
  25. "Oh hey, yeah I do. You go to the reception and say your name and they'll give you your room number and keys. You've already walked past it," Fraser said to the stranger. "There are plenty of eager trainers around...I happen to be on of them. I'll be more than happy to battle you. You up for it Blake?" Fraser asked determinedly and Blake nodded and went into a battle stance.
  26. "Sure thing let's battle now,"spoke the man "by the way the names leon and this is murkrow we're always up for a good battle, right murkrow." "mur-krow"yelped the bird on his shoulder
  27. "My name's Fraser and this is my partner Blake," Fraser said as he gestured towards Blake. Blake squinted his eyes at Murkrow and folded his arms as he tensed his muscles. "The battlefield is outside my dorm rooms bedroom as well, funnily enough," Fraser chuckled. "Let's get your room key on the way there," Fraser said as he made his way to the reception.
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  28. "wait up" yelled leon "I still am carrying a suitcase,also what other pokemon do you have on your team any way?" The lush green landscape forming around the buildings rattata and bidoof running wild and free on the campus grounds.
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  29. Fraser paused as he was quite embarrassed of what the answer of Leon's question is. "I uh...Blake is um...my first and...only Pokemon. I just became a trainer like a week or two ago," Fraser said hesitantly. "Anyway, what about you?" Fraser asked trying to change the subject being about him.
  30. Kathleen watched as the trainer and his Pokemon left. She picked up higs, now empty, plate and put it with the dirty dishs. She headed over to were the map was, hig in tow, and noticed the other trainer with fraser. "Hello!" Kathleen called to the new trainer as hig ran over to see the new people. "I see your new" She stated noticing the trainers case.
  31. "hello my name's leon and this is my murkrow dusk,"replied leon to the new girl. "frasier to answer your question I also have a skamory and houndour." tapping the buttons on two sparkling pokeball's throwing out his other partner pokemon. Blue lights sparkled from the pokeballs as a houndour and skarmory formed before them.

    once they had taken shape houndour began to snarl at blake and higs. whilst skarmory flow over to frasier looking like he wanted to be stroked when suddenly, he began to peak at his shoulder."I apoligize on behalf of my pokemon they don't really trust people,"spoke leon "for you see skarmory was abandon by his orginal trainer and I found houndour in a pokemon hunter's trap without any food and a group of kids throwing rocks at him."
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  32. "Woah that's brutal...I mean terrible," Fraser gasped and corrected himself since his wording wasn't really fitting. "Oh hey Lee, we're heading to the battlefield to have a battle. You wanna watch?" Fraser asked. Blake realised that they were traumatised Pokemon and that they were just scared, nothing else. So Blake unfolded his arms and stopped tending his muscles. Blake then bowed to the Pokemon to show his welcoming character to the Skarmory and Houndour.
  33. "Fraser if they don't own up and act nice don't worry about it they'll get to know you over time" replied leon "you see my sisters is a gymleader and skarmory was abandon at her gym. By the way it is a pleasure to meet you lee." Despite blake showing respect still snarled readying a bite.
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  34. "I know, Blake is a Pokemon that tends to want to show he's the dominate Pokemon and try to intimidate other Pokemon, but he just needs to be more sensitive about what Pokemon he can do that with," Fraser said as he looked at Blake, smiling at the sight of Blake understanding the situation and backing down. "The receptions right here, to the left. Just say your name and the fact that your new and they'll fill you in," Fraser said. Blake felt a bit awkward with how to interact with Skatmory and Houndour since he wasn't sure how appropriate he will be. So he simply bailed on socialising and walked beside Fraser.
  35. "I'll be right back then I'm just going to the reception for my key."yelped leon running down the corridor.

    "hello my name's leon I'm so sorry that I am latter"spoke leon.
    "Don't worry about it"the receptionist replied "your in dorm 30."handing him the key.
    "Is it ok if I leave my suitcase here I just want to have a battle frist?"questioned leon
    "sure it is"replied the receptionist as leon ran back to fraser and lee.
  36. "Alright then let's go," Fraser said to Leon before heading towards the reception doors. Fraser stopped and turned back to Lee. "If you want to meet there, you just leave out these doors and go left. That will take you to the battlefield," Fraser said before heading out of automatic doors.
  37. "Hey fraser may I ask how you might blake"asked leon as the lights in the room glistiened "by the way I am dorm 30 I've just left my suitcase in the lobby for our battle, by the way the battle will be blake vs houndour because he loves a good fight if that's alright by you Fraser since you have been here longer."
  38. "Well, my dad went missing and the last thing he did before I last saw him was give me a Pokemon egg. Which later hatched into Blake, and I was so sad about my dad and so Blake grew up thinking he felt he needed to protect me whenever, so we never left each other's side since then," Fraser explained. "Um...yeah that's fine, this is only our like, second battle I think. So it will be good to start off our journey to becoming strong together. Right Blake," Blake looked up at Fraser with a determined look and ran ahead towards the battlefield in excitement.
  39. "houndour hurry up man it's time for some fun."shouted leon as skarmory and dusk soared to battlefield blocking out the sun with there wings.The massive standing before them with tees as tall as skyscrapers and a desert area as old as time itself. This field for any kind of battle land, sky or sea each with there own battle arena.
  40. "Dayum. This place is legit!" Fraser exclaimed as he reached the battlefield. He admired the amazing environments that were created to make the multiple kinds of battlefields. "How about we do the Desert battlefield?" Fraser suggested.

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