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Ask to Join Pokemon College - Student Life Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Gpig5, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. This is the second time that I'm making this RP since the first one got ruined and spammed. Anyway back to the RP.

    You are a new/inexperienced trainer that has been sent to Pokemon College. You are here to learn the in and outs of becoming a Pokemon Trainer and is a stepping stone to what every path you want to pursue whether that's to become a Pokemon Master, Ranger, Breeder, etc. Whatever you want. You can have roommates. There is a wide variety of facilities that you can access on this campus. Such as a safari zone, battlefield and much more.

    Read all the rules carefully.
    -Make sure you've read the Pokecharms RPing rules.
    - NO ONE LINERS! You MUST do at least 3 lines with every post that you do, I hate it when people put one liners, it ruins the RP.
    -You must have a simple team with a maximum of three Pokemon starting off, I don't want people starting with Mega Salamences
    -You can control up to two characters in this RP.
    -Make sure you keep continuity in the RP. It absolutely infuriates me when people don't make it flow.
    -No Bunnying/Control other people's characters. Say Pineapple in your character profile in order to get accepted.
    -Don't be perfect, you are not a Pokemon master just yet, you're at Pokecollege to learn the ropes.
    -No mega evolution or Legendaries.
    -Keep shinies to a minimum

    Submit your character profile in the thread and I'll say if you're accepted or not.
    Have fun :)

    Age: (at least 17)
    Dorm Room: Male 1-50/ Female 51-100
    Pokemon: Name (optional), species, personality, appearance, other.

    Here's mine:

    Name: Fraser
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 ft
    Personality: Sarcastic, funny, laid back,
    Dream/Goal: He's here to decide that
    Appearance/Clothing: Brown, medium, messy hair, Black jeans, Grey shirt, brown shoes, black watch on right wrist, blue backpack,
    Dorm Room: 14
    Pokemon: Tyrogue, rebellious, confident, protective, he is a special one that you will find out later on in the RP.

    Link to the RP: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-college-2-0.14503/
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  2. Name: Will Whitman
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: intimidating when you first meet him, Will is actually really nice, and loyal, and is a great friend to have during a Crisis. However he is quite clumsy, and not the smartest, except when Battling is involved
    Dream/Goal: Become the champion
    Appearance: Tall for his age, Will has Dark hair and Eyes.
    Dorm Room: 13 (for luck)
    None, Squirtle, He is quite smart and is annoyed whenever people are not as smart as him, or for other small things like that. However, at heart he is actually really nice, a normal Squirtle
    None, Wynaut, Puns, A normal Wynaut, Puns and Puns
    None, Pidgey, shy, innocent and Naive, Pidgey is a nice Pokemon and is always willing to help, although she may not always know how, a normal Pidgey
  3. @SMRPG64 accepted. and well done you submitted in time, this time XD
  4. I might not join because I think I was the reason the Central ROLEPLAY got splitted and I don't wanna ruin yours too
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  5. Well, i'll come back!

    Name: (as always) Violet Valencia
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7
    Personality: Impulsive and tomboyish, mysterious and slightly lonely. Time comes when she shuts herself off from everything and everyone.
    Dream/Goal: To uncover the mysteries of Pokemon.
    Appearance: Black and red hoodie, faded jeans, red sneakers. She has pale skin, aqua eyes and brown hair. ;3
    Other: This girl is an tomboy.
    Dorm Room: (Wait, isn't 13 for bad luck?) 45
    Pokemon: Fennekin, Feat, an ambitious, attention seeking Pokemon that is usually very sweet. (sometimes)
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  6. AHAHAHA! I'm laughing so hard. RP still not out, i'm guessing? Well, thats fine. I'ma check on my other Rps.
  7. The Timetable:

    Period 1: History
    Period 2: Trainer Basics
    Period 3: Breeding
    Period 4: Pokemon Geography
    Period 5: Pokemon battling

    what do you think?
  8. So...no dinner? Haha, i'm kidding, its alright. I'm just being lazy again, like everyday of my life. Wow, i should do something real quick.
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  9. Name: Evan
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8
    Personality: He is very hardworking, he dreams of the completion of the Pokedex, he tries everything he can to befriend and battle anyone so he can get stronger, he doesn't like the scene of someone getting hurt.
    Dream/Goal: To become a professor
    Appearance/Clothing: Evan has black messy hair, brown long sleeves that has an eevee imprinted on it, dog tag, black pants, black shoes. He also has black eyes and he always carries a bag full of his stuff.
    Dorm Room: 14 (If okay with Gpig5)
    Pokemon: Dra, gible, clumsy and oblivious
  10. @Dragon Tamer Evan accepted, and yes we can be roommates. I have a bit of Deja Vu XD
    I am also (re)making the RP right now, keep in mind the first day will have no lessons.
  11. I like the timetable, also the 13 thing is a joke.
  12. just realised that Joe and Fraser are next to eachother
  13. Name: Jack Devlin
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 Ft
    Personality: A Nice Trainer who likes to help his Pokemon and help others, He has always wanted to beat his mother and father who were once Elite Four members so he is really trying to improve
    Dream/Goal: To Learn all about Evolution and catch a Legendary
    Appearance: he has Black hair and yellow eyes, he wears a Red Alolan Cap with a Shirt with the words "You gotta Fight the Ghosts" and Black shorts to his Knees
    Other: Well..... I dunno he likes to make Friends?
    Dorm Room: 13 (my second Favorite number, Best one is 999)
    Flare (Tepig) (Fast, Never wants to lose, Kind of Selfish) (Is Normal)
    Fluff (Eevee) (Kind, Doesnt want to Battle, Cares for Jack) (Is Shiny)
    Impact (Riolu) (Silent, A great Battler, Would Rather Silence) (Is Normal)
  14. Well, I suppose I'll join again since I didn't get to really join the first time due to the chaotic situation that it was in. I also will try my best to reply more, as I had been out sick and such. As always, if there's any issues, please feel free to discuss it with me.


    Name: Tori Cass
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'3"
    Personality: Calm, soft-spoken, mother-like, often babies around her Pokémon.
    Dream/Goal: To learn on becoming a Pokémon Ranger as she is trying to master Poké Assists.
    Appearance: Wears a tan flatcap, has a green V neck shirt on with blue cargo pants on, brown leather sandals, and a red shoulder strap bag that has a Fire Emblem on it.
    Other: She carries around a special styler that is made for capturing and befriending fire types easier. This function does make it harder to befriend water, ground, or rock types however.
    Dorm Room: 87

    Pokémon #1:
    Name: N/A
    Species: Cyndaquil
    Personality: Timid, frightened of strangers, often flees from battle.
    Appearance: He is a normal Cyndaquil, nothing unusual.
    Other: He wears a light blue scarf around his neck.

    Pokémon #2:
    Name: N/A
    Species: Minun
    Personality: Short-tempered, often uses force to settle problems, tends to have mood swings.
    Appearance: He is your average, everyday Minun.
    Other: He had been exposed to an unknown radioactive energy in the past unknowingly, as he now has the ability to quickly dash in a direction. (Though this often doesn't go well since he often bumps into walls, and it's only a short distance.) He also is a lot weaker than usual, as water type attacks are now super effective on him. (They deal triple damage to him.)
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  15. Wait.... Me and SMRPG Chose the sam Number, Does that mean we are Roommates?
    JK, yes we are now roommates... 13 FOR LUCK! :)
  17. oooooooooooh ok
  18. Well, let's just hope that this RP will be better than the last one... I'm certainly looking forward to it. Also, I going to hit the bed now, so I'll join tommorow morning.

    -Froakie falls asleep now-
  19. Ill be Posting Tommorow when i get time
  20. Name: kathleen or lee
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 2"
    Personality: cool with anything and has guarded walls. never realy gets mad but when she is.... she would most likely punch you.
    Dream/goal: want to be a farmer/ breeder sandwich
    Appearance/clothing: Short brown hair that covers her eyes, blue jeans, purple t-shirt with a brown over sized hoddie that mostly covers it, black shoes, and carries a black laptop bag.
    Other: gamer
    Dorm room: 56
    Pokemon: hig, skiddo, shy and protective.
    the only thing I could have though of after writing this is: guess who's back, back again
  21. I was looking at the dorm rooms again and i noticed some thing.....room 50 is for both male and females.....
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  22. Name: Mar
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Height: 5'7"
    Personality: highly curious, very intelligent but naive, calm, brutally honest which make people think he's mean and annoying, loves taking care of other people and Pokémon. However, keeps a distance from them in order not to get too close emotionally due to past experiences, except for his own Pokémon
    Dream/Goal: wants to figure out if he should become a Pokémon breeder or Pokémon doctor
    Appearance/Clothing: tan, waist-long, wavy black hair with dark brown eyes. Wears a white dress shirt with a black sweater vest, gray pants, and brown knee high boots
    Dorm room: 6
    •Mia (eevee)- intelligent, loves playing and socializing, very good at reading people, somewhat sassy. Mar and her have the deepest bond out of all his Pokémon since she was his starter Pokémon
    •Auror (oshawott)- very dense, outgoing, gets confused easily, impatient. He's very overprotective of Mia and Mar, and has a brotherly rivalry with Max
    •Max (growlithe)- natural leader, very prideful, overprotective of Mia and Mar, somewhat egotistic, likes picking on Auror
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  23. Name: Ada

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5"9

    Personality: Ada is a quiet and bookish girl, who tends to avoid interaction with anyone other than her pokemon. She is extremely polite and well-mannered, on the rare occasions that she does interact with others, and she adores baking, and will sneak into the campus' kitchens late at night to do it.

    Goal: To become Kalos Queen

    Appearance: Ada has short black hair, and brown eyes, which are always covered by half-frame glasses. She wears a white vest top, black skinny jeans, and high heels.


    Riolu (Male): Riolu is immensely protective of Ada, often to the point where he won't let anyone go within ten feet of her. He can be easily distracted with food, though.

    Houndour (Male): Houndour is quite laid back, and loves to eat the sweets that Ada makes. She sometimes uses his flamethrower as a blowtorch, for when she's making creme brulee.

    Other: She suffers with epilepsy, and bright light makes her uncomfortable.
  25. Name:Brendan
    Height:5 ft.
    Personality: Funny,Curious, Kind
    Dream/Goal: To complete the Pokédex
    Appearance/Clothing: Messy brown hair, bright sea blue eyes, green shirt,black pants,yellow backpack
    Dorm Room: 17
    Froakie: Curious, Overconfident, Arrogant
    Pamcham: Shy, Kind, Scared
    Sandile:protective, Sly, Brave
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  26. Well... now I have finally gotten into the RP! I'm sorry if I had gone in a little later than usual, as I had been busy with other stuff, and I am still sick here.

    Also, I could go into Minun's special ability in more depth if the RP creator requests me to do so, as I feel like it might need some clarification and more detail.
  27. Is anyone going to post?
  28. Ill post later today since im busy

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