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Ask to Join Pokemon Chronicles: Kanto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gamefreak1996, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. A reimagining of the kanto region games with new locations, new twists, new obstacles, and new characters! To sign up for this marvelous adventure, click here.

    "Tyson, get up! Your father's getting the boat ready!" a woman's voice called from the other side of Tyson's bedroom. The boy on his bed simply moaned in response. "You stayed up all night in all of your excitement for today, didn't you?" the voice sighed. No response. "Well, I guess I'll just have to get Persian up here..."

    "Alright, alright, I'm up!" Tyson shouted, not wanting to get pounced awake again. The woman at the other side of the door, Tyson's mother, laughed.

    "Hurry up and get dressed! You need to be at the lab in an hour, and I've already packed your things!" She said.

    "Please tell me you didn't overdo it..." Tyson moaned.

    "Of course not! But you can't go on any journey without a first aid kit...or safety gear...or a warm coat, healthy snacks, and-"

    "Right..." Tyson said, getting a fresh outfit on. He then checked himself in the mirror, grabbed his hat on the way outside of his room, and made his way downstairs as he fixed it to his head. Waiting for him in the kitchen was his breakfast, his mother, and Persian. Kneeling down, he gave the classy cat Pokemon a scratch behind the ear, the feline purring in content as he did so. "Too bad you won't get to pounce me awake anymore. I know you loved it." he teased. He then made his way to his chair and began eating.

    "Oh, he'll be waiting for your return, Tyson." his mother said, "And then he'll get to pounce on you to his heart's content."

    "Thanks again for letting me go on this journey, Mom." Tyson sighed, looking up from his breakfast with a bit of scrambled egg on his face.

    "Well, I only agreed to it because your lovable doofus father is as stubborn as I am, and found a way to get me cornered in last night's fight." Mrs. Auburn sighed, massaging her forehead. "Honestly, I still wish you wouldn't go. It's dangerous out there for a child! Who's idea was it to allow children to roam the world at age 11 anyways?"

    "Aw, c'mon, Mom. I'll be fine! I'll have my Pokemon to help me out of any tight spot!" Tyson pointed out. "Besides, there's a gym here, so I'll eventually come and visit." As he swallowed his next mouthful of toast, his gaze wandered toward the clock and began to pick up the pace. Once his plate was cleaned, he picked up his heavy backpack, gave Persian one last goodbye petting, and his mother a goodbye kiss, and took off toward the docks, his last piece of toast still in his hand as he ran.

    "About time, Tyson!" Mr. Alexander Auburn called out as he waved to his hurrying son, who leaped into the boat.

    "Sorry I'm late, Dad. Overslept." Tyson said.

    "Well, we've got just enough time. Thank goodness we've still got this thing." Mr. Auburn said, patting the hull of his prized fishing boat. He then started the engine and drove the boat out of the dock and off toward Route 21.
  2. Shades of your journey await!

    That was the town slogan for the quaint, yet beautiful town that is known as Pallet Town. Yoshi stood in front of the sign reading it while filed with anticipation. He was to get his first Pokemon here, more specifically from the worlds most renown Pokemon Professor, Professor Oak.

    "The trip from Saffron to here was worth it! YAY! I am getting a Pokemon!"

    Yoshi bounced ecstatically around the sign, catching the glances of a few passerby's who probably thought he was a weird and energetic kid. Yoshi then began walking towards Professor Oak's Lab while blushing in embarrassment at what he had just done. When he had arrived in front of the Lab he was trembling as thoughts about which Pokemon he was gonna choose for the rest of his journey ran through his mind.

    "Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle... All three of these make for an excellent partner. Man its tough picking a partner from these three."

    After thinking things through Yoshi had decided on who he was gonna pick. He calmed himself from the excitement and walked through the entrance of Oaks Lab. This was his first step into a big adventure for him.
  3. "Hurry up, Dad!" Tyson yelled as he jumped off the boat and sprinted up the hill from Pallet Town's shores, unaware he left his backpack on the boat. "We've only got five minutes!"

    "Tyson, hang on, you forgot your...backpack." Mr. Auburn trailed off as Tyson disappeared over the hill. "That kid's really got a fire in his belly..." he sighed as he began tying his boat to the dock. "I'll just have to catch up to him later."

    Tyson sped right past a family out on a morning stroll, grinning widely as he looked up at the sky to watch a few bird pokemon in the air. he could smell the grass of the rural landscape, and the air of new adventure was rich in the atmosphere. He was so distracted by what was above him, he wound up ramming into another kid (Yoshi) who was just walking into the lab. "OOF!" Tyson cried, toppling over.

    Upstairs in his study, Professor Oak heard a loud crash and quickly put his book down. Making his way down the stairs as fast as an old man could, he looked over and saw one of his tables overturned by Tyson's fall. "Goodness, what's going on here?!" he demanded.
  4. Sasha woke up from her peaceful slumber and stretched a bit. Today's the day. Today is the day that she will start on her new journey. She turned to the small desk next to her bed and saw a Pokeball with a letter. She open the letter and read it.

    The letter was from her mother and it stated, "Dear Sasha, I'm so proud that you're going out on your own journey. Your father and I have gotten you the Pokemon you've always wanted. We're going to miss you very much and we wish you the best of luck." After Sasha read the letter, a tear fell down her eye and she wiped it away. She then got out of bed, got dressed and picked up the Pokeball. She walked out of her room, saw her parents and gave them a hug.

    After eating breakfast, Sasha said goodbye to her parents and exited her house. She got her Pokeball and let out her Pokeball. It was a Ralts. Sasha crouched down to the Ralts and said, "Hello, my name is Sasha. Looks like we're partners now." Ralts smiled and gave Sasha a hug. Sasha proceeded to pet the Ralts and returned her back into her Pokeball. She then walks towards Route 2.
  5. "Oh no! Trouble! Are you ok kid?"

    Yoshi turns around as he felt someone had ran into him. He looked at the boy who was laying flat on the ground wandering if he was alright. As Oak asked the question, Yoshi perked his ears up and quickly turned his head back towards the boy as he extended his hand to help the boy.

    "Hey look I'm sorry, but you need to get up immediately. Take my hand and lets go meet with the Professor."
  6. "Owwwww..." Tyson groaned as he looked up at Yoshi. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just glad I didn't run into the wall." he chuckled. "Sorry I ran into you like that." Accepting the hand up, he then turned to the professor. "Oh, heya Professor Oak!" He greeted. "Nice seein' ya again!"

    "Ah, right, you must be that boy I met at Vermillion City Dock. The one who almost wound up walking right off the pier, if I recall correctly!" Professor Oak chuckled.

    "Er...yeah, that's right..." Tyson said, scratching the back of his head.

    "And you're Yoshi Ueda, yes?" Professor Oak asked, turning to the other.
  7. Yoshi nodded and gave a huge smile towards the professor. "Yes I am! It's good to see you again. Last we talked was through video call on PC, which was a day before my 12th birthday."

    "Yes now I remember. You were the cheerful boy who was excited to get his first pokemon." Oak replied.

    Yoshi then looked to Tyson "So your name is Tyson huh? Well it's good you ran into me then! As you already know my name is Yoshi! Its nice to meet you Tyson and hope we can get along." Yoshi gave a huge grin while scratching his nose.
  8. "Same." Tyson replied, nodding to Yoshi.

    "Well, then, now that we've got introductions out of the way, please follow me." Professor Oak said, turning around and opening a door that lead to a staircase going down. Tyson eagerly followed.

    The room awaiting them was well-lit, and filled with computers, electronic equipment and other research tools. At the back was a table with three Pokeballs in a single box. "Go ahead and choose." the old Professor insisted.

    Tyson's eyes immediately rested on one of the Pokeballs on the back table. Walking toward it, he picked it up, and looked at the flame sticker on the Pokeball. "So, I'm guessing this one's Charmander?" Tyson asked.

    "Yes, it is. Perfect for trainers with a fiery passion to strive for." Professor Oak said.

    "Sounds a lot like me, I guess." Tyson said with a smirk before tossing the ball up. "Come on out, Charmander!" The Pokeball burst open with a brillaint burst of light, and the small orange lizard Pokemon formed in front of Tyson, looking around curiously.
  9. Kit walked out of the building that he was allowed to stay in during his stay in Kanto. He looked up at the sky and smiled. This will be the first time he's really been in Kanto since he spent a good portion of his life in Shinoh. Mystic, his Natu hopped out of the door as Kit closed it. "Tu Natu!" Mystic chimed in. "I know girl, this'll be our first time exploring around Kanto, I'm certain that it'll be a blast" he said.

    To start off, he decided to give the Professor of the region a visit. After all, his lab was nearby and he'd figure that he may as well go see what he'd want Kit to do. Kit walked over to Oaks lab with Mystic hopping behind him. Kit opened the door and saw two other trainers around his age. He decided to stay near the entrance so as to not interrupt their conversation. Mystic hopped beside Kit as Kit picked her up and held her in his arm softly.
  10. "Woah! A Charmander! That's pretty cool Tyson. Hey professor can I pick mine next? If I can I'll choose Bulbasaur." Yoshi says in excitement.

    "Yoshi, as for you I have a Pokemon specifically caught by your father and wanted me to hand it to you."

    "Huh?" Yoshi replied while tilting his head. "But I haven't seen my dad since... since I was 5 why would he want me to have a pokemon he caught?"

    "Your family has been planning for this day since you were born and have kept the Pokemon you will be receiving. The pokemon hasnt been outside of its poke ball yet so I assume when it meets it's trainer it will be extremely happy."

    Katsu was happy by the thought of his family planning for this. It meant a whole lot that they had his back for him. He started to tear up, His family wasn't really well off so something like this was not within Yoshi's expectation. He quickly rubbed the tears out and excitedly asked "Can I see my partner now then?"

    "Of course just wait here a second." Oak replied. He quickly went to the back and brought out a small box that looked like a birthday gift out. "Here it is Yoshi, I hope you love and care for you new partner."

    Yoshi looked at the small box. The box had a little note on it; Happy birthday kiddo, hope you like this gift from us. I am so sorry that I haven't watched you grow up, I miss both you and your mother very much. Grow up and find me son and then challenge me to a battle - Love Dad. Yoshi began to tear up again after reading the little note. While tears dropped he opened the box and a Pokeball sat inside it, glaring at Yoshi.

    Yoshi quickly picked up the ball and hugged it. "My partner lets see what Pokemon you are." Katsu pressed on the middle button, the ball opened and from came a Purple Nidoran. The nidoran rubbed his face and then looked around his surroundings and noticed Yoshi first. "A Nidoran!" Yoshi quickly picked up his partner and hugged him just like he did with the Pokeball.
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  11. Star was arriving at pallet town instead of Vermillion city port as he thought he should see the professor before he began his journey,the small boat Star rode to kanto docked,he got off and stretched his arms"ahh,Kanto,maybe I won't get judged for wearing a jacket here like I did in Alola"Star said jokingly,he pulled out a pokeball with a pink top on it he threw it and released a strange looking Mawile who looked eager to be in Kanto"we're finally here Mina"Star said to the pokemon"maw!"Mina chirped happily,Star began to look for the lab in the small town,he eventually found professor Oak's lab,he put Mina back into her pokeball before entering the lab
  12. Yuna had been in route 21 since morning because the ship that she boarded from Cyllage City arrived here earlier than she thought. Too bad because Yuna really likes boat. She envied the kid that had been dropped here not long ago, his father owned a fishing boat and could use it to go to a lot of place!!

    Anyway, she had spent hours fishing magikarp here and it gets boring fast. That's why she was happy when a girl with her ralts sat down at route 21 and ate some food. Another girl her age with pokemon and free times! She approached the girl.

    "Hello there! Nice day isn't it." Welp, generic greeting, she intented to greet her with a bang but those wonderful colorful greeting she had prepared had lost somewhere inside her brain. Ok, time to try plan B.

    "Hey, do you want to try some of these?" She offered the girl she just met some fish sticks she brought from Cyllage. "Don't worry. I'm definitely not a suspicious person, right, clauncher?" Clauncher who just perched on her right shoulder only rolled his eyes.
  13. Sara walked into the lab of Professor Oak. "Morning Professor." She said like she came here every day of her life. Spheal rolled it's way around her, refusing to stop even if something went in its way. "Hey, they got their first pokemon." Sara said to her pokemon cutely. In fact, Sara only had Spheal for a month and haven't really battled much. He was mainly a friend till this point.
  14. Robin looked up at Yuna "Huh? Oh... ummm..... sure" she say while hesitantly grabbing two, one for her and one for Rose. She took a bite out "Prety good..." Rose on the other hand LOVED it. She ate the whole thing in like 0.2 seconds.

    "So where are you heading too?" She ask the girl while Rose rolled around in the flowers. She offered the girl one of her water bottles seeing as she probably been out here a while.
  15. "Heya, Charmander." Tyson said after giving the fire type some time to get it's bearings. "My name's Tyson. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to be my first partner?" The orange reptile looked toward Tyson, a look of confusion and uncertainty on his face. "C'mon, it'll be great! We'll see new places, make new friends, and have all sorts of adventures together!" The charmander's eyes began to glint with interest as he listened. "Pleeeease?" For a moment, Charmander was silent, then it gave a nod, smiling. "YES! Thank you, Charmander!" Tyson said, picking the small Pokemon up and startling it into lashing out with it's tail, setting Tyson's hand ablaze. Tyson cried out and withdrew his hand, waving the fire out and looking at his burnt hand.

    "Perhaps it's best you don't do that so suddenly." Professor Oak suggested, "It seems this Charmander here isn't very comfortable with humans just yet." He then turned over to Sara. "Ah, hello... Miss Sara Wavis, I assume?" he greeted, checking his list of trainers he was supposed to meet today and their pictures.

    "Oh...well, sorry Charmander. Didn't mean to spook ya." Tyson said, carefully reaching down this time and patting the Pokemon on the head. Although reluctantly, this time Charmander accepted the small gesture of comfort. He then looked Sara's way curiously. "Heya!" He said.
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  16. Just North of Pallet Town, on Route 1, Pax watched as Timens, his Sandshrew, landed the final blow in the form of a scratch, on a wild rattata. "Nice job, buddy," he cheered as he walked up to his partner. Noticing his sandshrew was breathing heavily, Pax looked to it's arm, where the rattata had bitten it. A nasty scar had formed there, despite it's supposedly tough skin. "That Can't feel good," Pax implied, wrapping a bandage around Timens' arm. "I should probably get you to a pokemon center." Picking up his sandshrew, Pax looked at the map given to him by a complete stranger. "We're closer to Pallet Town than Viridian, but I'm not sure Pallet even has a Pokemon Center. I guess it wouldn't hurt to look though." Putting away his map, Pax began walking to Pallet Town, with Timens in his arms.
  17. Star walked into the lab and was immediately surprised at how many students there were, however he didn't mind, Star thought about what he had to do

    "All I have to do is is tell professor Oak
    to upgrade my rotom-dex for Kanto and he should know I was coming,at least that's what Samson Oak said"

    Star decided to talk to one of the trainers while he waited for the lab to clear out, he noticed Sara and a Pokemon he'd never seen before
    "A..Alola, wait we don't say that here, hey. what kind of pokemon is that?" He asked Sara

  18. Sara heard the comments from all around her. Addressing the first person, Oak, "Yes? I came for the pokedex?" Turning to Tyson, "Hello." And to Star, "It's a Spheal. Ice water type." With that, Sara breathed in, due to her saying all that in one breath. "Woah, that was a mouthful."
  19. Star looked at how she spoke to one person and another and smiled a little"heh,well I've never seen a spheal before I don't think there are spheal in Alola, rotom can you scan spheal's dex entry" star said to the poke dex in a backpack he bought before he sailed to kanto,a rotom like machine flew out of his backpack and began to talk

    "Analyzing data Zzt, spheal's data downloaded Zzt"
    "Thanks rotom, oh sorry, I should introduce myself, I'm Star nice to meet you"he said smiling with a rotom-dex floating next to him
  20. "Thank you." she took the water bottle and drank the water, "I just started my journey here, in Kanto. My uncle was supposed to picked me up and give me stuffs. But looks like he decided to get drunk now and totally forgot about me because he is 3 hours late! At this rate i'll just go by myself. Actually, that is what I'll do!" Yuna babbled those things to a stranger she just met.

    "Oh, right. Introduction. I'm Yuna Wakasa! From Kalos." She offered a handshake.
  21. Pax arrived at Pallet Town and, without a Pokemon Center in sight, was immediately disappointed. "How does the town where the most famous pokemon researcher lives not have a Pokemon Center," he said to himself. "I understand not many people live here, but that isn't much of an excuse." Looking around, he noticed Professor Oaks lab. Since he studies pokemon for a living, Pax assumed he'd have some way to heal them. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to be able to meet him. Without hesitation, pax walked over to the lab, and let himself in.

    There were many other trainer in the lab, most likely relieving there first pokemon, but Pax's first priority was making helping Timens. Walking over to Proffessor Oak, he asked, "Excuse me, could you help my Sandshrew? He got injured in a battle and there aren't any Pokemon Centers near here.
  22. Professor Oak reached into his pocket and handed Yoshi, Tyson, and Sara each a Pokedex as he approached and examined Timens. "Yes, I do believe I can help. Wait here a moment..." he said, turning to the shelves and rummaging through them. "Aha!" After a moment, he had a super potion in his grip. "This should do the trick." he said, gently spraying the wound with the medicine.

    Just then, Mr. Auburn finally caught up with Tyson. "Tyson, you forgot something." he said, holding out the boy's backpack. "God, your mother packed a ton into it." he added, shifting the top strap in his hand.

    "Oh. Thanks, Dad." Tyson said, taking the backpack out of his father's grasp and slinging it over his shoulder.
  23. "oh, professor Oak I need you to upgrade my Rotom dex for Kanto"Star said after the other trainers we're given a Pokedex,he held up his hands with Rotom floating in his hand as Star thought to himself

    "I wonder,if professor Oak has even seen a rotom-dex before,it's hard to trust Samson sometimes, he may not have even told Professor Oak about me"

  24. As Professor Oak sprayed the super potion, the wound started to fade, and Timens almost instantly seemed well again. "Thank you, Professor," Pax said, putting down Timens, who started looking around. "My name's Pax Cessabit. It's nice to meet you." As Pax was thanking the Professor, Timens walked over to Tyson's charmander curiously. Timens had never seen this strange type of pokemon before, and wanted to know what it was, or at least if it was friendly.
  25. Sara looked at the Rotom-Dex. "So, Mr.Rotom, Is a rectangle a Square?" She aeked the machine as a joke. She walked forward and picked up a pokedex. Turning back around, "hey, nice to meet you Star." Spheal decided to be problematic and roll around Star very quickly.
  26. "thanks, so what's your name" Star asked as His dex was being upgraded, he laughed as the spheal rolled around him"if your beginning your journey, than maybe we can travel together it'll make things easier for both of us and it would be nice to have someone to talk to besides Rotom

    Zzt I heard that!! Zzt

  27. Sara watched as her Spheal spun around the new person. "Sara. Name's Sara, Spheal's by your feet. And yea, I'll join you guys. I'm starting off fresh in Kanto." She snapped her fingers and the clap pokemon rolled by her feet. "Where to first?" She asked herself opening a Poketch on her wrist.
  28. "Ah, right, I got the parts right here. Lemme just borrow your Rotom-Dex quickly." Professor Oak requested, taking out a few small tools and a package. "And Rotom, if you wish, you can jump out of the dex while I work on it."

    Tyson watched as Charmander greeted Timens with a smile. Well, it seems he gets along with other Pokemon well. But I wonder why it's so nervous around humans... he pondered. Then he felt something cold on his chest and flinched. Reaching into his shirt, he took out the stone fragment his father had dug up at one of his sites and given to him. As he held it in his hands, he studied the strange inscriptions on it.
  29. After Professor Oak finished upgrading Rotom, Star turned back to Sara Rotom should know where to go

    Zzt Correct Zzt you would want to head for pewter city as it is home of the first gym of the Kanto region Zzt

    "Well I guess we should be going than"Star said while he made sure he had everything in his backpack

  30. Kit observed as the professor gave some of the people, including some of the other newcomers their own dex. He still remembers how Rowen gave him a pokedex to assist with, and that was before the discovery of the other regions such as Unova. He petted Mystic as she looked up at Kit. Kit then put her down as she hobbled over towards the group. "Mystic! Come back!" Kit said, trying to make Mystic come back towards him. Kit then walked towards Mystic as the Little Bird Pokemon continued to hobble towards the group of trainers that had a Spheal and Charmader while it looked that the Professor was treating a Sandshrew to some wounds.

    Kit caught up with Mystic as she hobbled around the group. He picked the Little Bird Pokemon up and put her on his shoulder.
    "I'm sorry if Mystic here caused you some problems, she likes to meet new people sometimes..." he said, clearly quite nervous. "Natu tu tu!" Mystic chimed, clearly still excited to be meeting new people. "But since it looks like your going to be journeying around Kanto, would you mind if I come along with you?" he asked. He then heard the dex speak about going to Pewter. He knew that it was home to the Rock-type gym of Kanto. Kit knew about the Rock gym back at home in Shinoh, but he had no idea what it would be like in Kanto. Kit was honestly nervious traveling around himself and wanted some company. Granted Mystic can help keep him company as is, Kit felt that some human company would help keep him relaxed more. Plus, it's more fun to travel around in a group anyways.
  31. Sara shrugged, making her way to the door. "I couldn't care less if you didn't join us. Come along if you want." Her father may have said to watch your friends, but remember to keep strangers under an even heavier eye. "I guess we head north?" Sara said, pulling up a Kanto map on her Poketch.
  32. "sure, I don't mind having you with us, the more the merrier"Star said to Kit,he followed behind Sara as she left the lab"here we go,our first steps into the Kanto region"he said cheerfully, his pokeball that contained Mina began to shake and popped out a mawile"huh,Mina what are you doing out,well since your out now, guys this is Mina, my Pokemon"he said as his pokemon smiled at kit and sara
  33. Kit looked down at Mina and smiled at her. He honestly haven't seen too many Mawiles in Shinoh so it was a rare sight to see one up close. The fact that Mina was a different color than normal Mawiles that he saw in images shows that it's likely a rare variety too. "Nice to meet you buddy" he said with a smile. "So, I think me and Mystic are ready when you two are. But before you forget, if you received an pokedex from the professor, you could register Mystic, my Natu into it. I'm certain that it'll help" he said to his new found group. He hoped that he could get along with them.

    Mystic was intrigued by the newcomer and hopped over to greet her. "Tu Natu!" Mystic said, greeting the newcomer. She was really excited to be meeting so many new people as she hopped around the group.
  34. Sara shall shook her head no as she stepped outside. "The pokedex isn't what I want to complete. I mainly use my Poketch." Even thouh she said that, her pokedex was taken out and scored a scan on the Natu. Sara then turned to Mina, giving it a basic scan. "That's shiny, isn't it?"
  35. Star nodded at Sara and replied"yep,I hatched her from an egg I found in Alola, and she's been my partner since she hatched"Star said watching his pokemon play with mystic"we have to go through Veridian forest before we get to Veridian city, and than we have to go to pewter city for the gym, let's get going!"Star said blankly and Mina hopped into his backpack"ah,Mina you can walk on your own"he snapped"mawile" Mina chirped and continued stay in his backpack,she wasn't even able to fit in so she stood up and watched over Stars shoulder"gah..fine you can stay there"he said annoyed
  36. "Alright, I guess we better get ready to hit the road soon too, Charmander." Tyson said as he watched the first bunch of new trainers leave. "You want to stay out of your Pokeball?" Charmander replied with a nod. "Alright, then." he said, looking over his supplies. "Looks like everything's there..." he said. He then looked over to Pax and Yoshi. "You guys wanna come along, or did you want to travel seperately?" he asked.

    "I need to get going, too." Mr. Auburn said, smiling as he hugged Tyson. "You're gonna see and experience some great things, you know that? And if things get tough, remember you have your friends and Pokemon to rely on." he said. "I'm rooting for ya, son."

    "Dad..." Tyson said, feeling a bit heavy-hearted, but smiling through it. "Yeah...I'll make you and Mom proud. I promise." He said, hugging him back. With that, and a tip of the hat to Professor Oak, Mr. Auburn left and headed back for the docks.
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  37. Pax was surprised when one of the other trainers asked if he wanted to travel with him. He didn't expect someone he didn't even know to ask this, but it would definitely be better to travel in a group than all alone. Besides, Timens already seemed to be befriending the trainers Charmander, and he wouldn't want to keep him from a friend. "Sure, I'll come come with you. I'm Pax by the way, and that's Timens," Pax said, pointing to his Sandshrew. "I don't believe you've told me you name."
  38. "Name's Tyson Auburn. Nice to meetcha, Pax, Timens." Tyson replied, smiling as he reached down to pat the sandshrew on the head. Charmander walked up to Tyson and stopped at his side, staying slight distance from the human as he did so, curious about this kind of behavior. Afterwards, Tyson stood up, slung his backpack onto his shoulders, and stepped outside the lab to get a breath of fresh air. "Smells like a new adventure!"
  39. Pax stepped outside the lab along with Tyson. It was a beautiful day, perfect for and adventure. He missed his home in Ecruteak City, but Pallet Town seemed much more welcoming, especially when compared to the Burned Tower. It had always scared him as a child, so he never went in, but he still couldn't help feeling curious. Out of the corner of his eye, Pax noticed Tyson's Charmander seemed to be keeping it's distance. "Hey Tyson, have you considered naming your Charmander?" Pax asked, curious. "My parents always told me naming pokemon gives them a sense of individuality, so they don't think you just want them for battles."
  40. Star walked ahead of the others as he followed the path to Veridian city when he had an idea"hey, why don't we have a battle,like a welcome into Kanto battle"he said excitedly as Mina jumped out of his backpack and got in a battle stance"maw, mawile" she said in agreement
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