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Open Pokemon Chaos Copper: Johto journey with a twist! (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Welcome! This RP will serve as the second chapter in the 'with a twist' series. The first installment can be found here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-twisted-beige-kanto-journey-with-a-twist-rp.17674/. Discussion to that rp: https://pokecharms.com/threads/poke...ey-with-a-twist-discussion.17666/#post-514790

    Please note! This RP will only be set up properly when the first installment has been finished. I strongly advise you to only join when that's over.

    It's worth noting first that those who have the champion title and/or are in the elite four have power in creating and ruling Kanto and Johto. The first installment was set in Kanto 10 years after the original gen 1 games, where Red remained champion and essentially ruled with an iron fist-he was basically an evil dictator. However, the common people thought him to be a hero. The events told to us of Red's heroism were false. Team Rocket were the good guys. Any opposition to Red was crushed, except for a group of young trainers, who, in going out on a quest to be like Red, diverged and went against him. Inspired by a trainer named Beige, they took on the pokemon league-which had changed much over the years, defeated the elite four and finally, one trainer managed to defeat Red. Red was toppled and the truth was broadcasted to the people of Kanto and Johto. Revolts went lose, as Red's own 'Royal Guard,' named the Enforcers, were destroyed as well. A new champion was chosen to run the two regions with a new and improved elite four. It was more democratic for a few months, then the power started to centralise and centralise even more again. The elite four soon held the power, then just the champion, once as before.

    The new champion is now Ethan, nicknamed Gold. In this version of events, Gold's brother, Hibiki, actually set out on a journey of his own but Gold never realised his own potential until much later. He was secretly a mercenary hired by the former champion Red to crush the Team Rocket 'rebellion' in Goldenrod City-the same one seen in the gen 2 games. The events are very mixed up since some of the lasting effects still date back to changes made in the gen 1 games. Gold, although oppossed to Red after seeing Hibiki's rise, became more like Red and even more brutal, in a way. Instead of ruling by order, Gold ruled and still rules by anarchy. The region is in chaos, as crime went up, as the local polices and the Enforcers became disbanded. Brutal groups of individuals part of a group called the 'Assassins Circle' now go round attacking the innocent. Professor Elm, a man with a good heart, has sent a group of trainers off on a training journey around Johto to gather 8 badges, then challenge the pokemon league, to finally put an end to the over-liberalised society run by the evil Gold.

    • New Bark Town is fairly similar to the games. One of it's houses has been burned down though
    • Route 29 and route 46, as well as the base of dark cave and blackthorn city, are all spots where many tribes are set up. They are under constant terror from attacks from mercenaries from the Assassins Circle.
    Cherrygrove City
    A gym was set up with a ground type gym leader-Dusty. Dusty insisted that he be challenged later though, when about 4 badges have been collected. The town is now pretty much a wasteland, after a fight between two mercenaries. The ground is harsh and like a desert-the flowers and plants all died.
    Violet City
    After Falkner became an elite four member, the gym took multiple leaders for a while-one being Lyra, Gold's girlfriend. However, she went into hiding after Gold threatened to murder her after he caught her in a resistance rally against him. A grass type gym was set up, with a sage from the sprout tower being the gym leader. Even here, the sage was not good enough for The sage mysteriously died. It was probably because he spoke out against Gold too. Currently, the sage Li-the master sage, runs the gym. He does not choose to specialise in a pokemon type.
    Azalea Town
    Bugsy is still the gym leader here. He supports Gold's regime.
    Goldenrod City
    Whitney was forced to leave her gym, when she spoke out against Gold. She was intially very positive towards him, but then darkened when she saw his wild side. The gym went from being a normal type gym, to a fairy type gym. The gym leader is none other than the old radio host Mary. She now uses Fairy and Normal type pokemon to please the people of Goldenrod City. She blames Professor Oak's death not on Red, but the people of Kanto and Johto.
    Ecruteak City
    Morty still rules here. He's become so adopted to change, he has had protected his city from all that may want to harm it. He's done a deal with Gold to ensure it wouldn't ever be attacked. He dislikes newcomers and hopes that Ecruteak be the dominant town. He has frequently attacked the other gym leaders, without them knowing.
    Olivine City
    Jasmine was loved by so many, Gold chose her as an elite four member to please the citizens. An electric type gym leader, nicknamed Electra, now is the gym leader but is still caring towards Amphy in the lighthouse.
    Cianwood City
    Chuck wanted to not repeat the mistakes the fighting dojo/gym made in Kanto, so he now fully supports Gold.
    Mahogany Town
    Pryce supported Gold for several years then disappeared. It is speculated by some crazy theorists that he went to meet with Professor Ash, Professor Elm and other professors in the Kanto region. After all, he WAS Professor Willow in this timeline. The plot was foiled and many professors were killed, Ash and Pryce included. The only who made it out was Elm. Pryce's daughter took over the gym. She is currently being looked at as a possible elite four candidate
    Blackthorn City
    Clair is still the gym leader, but she dislikes Gold secretly. She wishes to unite the tribes in the area, but needs help in order to do so.

    The Elite Four

    Falkner kept getting stronger and stronger, to the point that Gold moved him up in the list of gym leaders, and then he was promoted to the elite four, making his father proud. He still trains the flying type.
    Oswald-A superb fisherman and former Enforcer soldier from Cianwood City, Oswald trains water type pokemon in the name of Gold.
    Jasmine-She took a slot in the elite four, still training steel types. She's more caring towards pokemon than humans, yet she's loved by many.
    Kasey-In this timeline, Karen was born with the name Kasey. She still trains dark types. She only actually just became an elite four member-she was not allowed to be an elite four member under Red.

    Champion: Gold
    As expected, it's Gold, but he's managed to keep some allies with him at his side. When entering his room, his puppet, Lance will challenge you. This is because Lance became brainwashed by Gold too!

    A group of mercenaries and assassins who are bent on creating chaos and disorder, in order to brainwash the people. They are actually controlled by Gold, but not even them know this. They are a small but elite group to replace the Enforcers.

    Former radio host from Goldenrod, who now wears a black spy outfit: Black shades, black hat, black suit, black gloves, black boots, black trousers! Her Pokemon: Persian, Umbreon, Wigglytuff TBD
    Silver was made out by the media to be a pretty bad boy. He actually relied on Gold to get his strength up to where he was today. Silver was never told who his real father was. After discovering his father was Giovanni, Silver went rogue and attacked everyone he saw on the street. The Enforcers at the time locked him up. Gold had him released and valued his battling strength and Silver now works alongside Gold. Pokemon: Same team as in the games, but his starter evo is a Ferraligator.
    After failing to catch Suicune, he went rogue. Gold never caught the beast. Pokemon: same team as in the games.
    A former Enforcer general, he was recruited for his leadership and strength as a pokemon battler. He blames society and the humans that live in Kanto and Johto for his job loss that left him broke for a few years. His son is the gym leader Dusty. Pokemon: Donphan.
    An expert in the field, who aims to crush those 'uninvited' to Johto. By this she is refering to the tribes. She looks like Clair, but her hair is black. Pokemon: Ursaring
    Koga originally thought his job was safe as an elite four member. He was fired from the role when Red was defeated. Koga sought revenge on the people of Johto after this. Gold sided with him and is currently trying to bring him back. He's an expert assassin.
    He believes in defending his town, no matter the cost, after a group of mercenaries destroyed his family's house and an orphanage in Ecruteak. He joined the circle to try and become like the mercenaries to see if he could hunt them down.

    More assassins coming!

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