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Pokemon: Camp Pond Water

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Doubled, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Hi~ So, those of you that follow my DA page may have read one of the few finished works I've ever done, but I thought I might share it with you guys here too ♥ it is completed, but to keep from overload, I'll post about two chapters per post a day. Also, if you notice an error in punctuation, spelling, runon sentences, or scenes that seem to contradict another, I probably won't correct it, but I appreciate your feedback regardless~ so without further ado, Camp Pond Water.

    Oh! And a big thanks to Blazikid for letting me use and ad my own twists to two of his characters.


    Pokémon Pond-Water Version

    A fan fic by Doubled 32

    Chapter 1

    In the small town of Anville, Unova; a young, sixteen year old boy with thick, snow white hair, green eyes, a black jacket, a white scarf, a white v-shirt, dark brown khakis tucked into black, boot like shoes with blue shoe strings and a white sole, and a chain by his hip, with a young Sentret resting soundly in his lap; rides a small train with several other kids from the ages of fourteen to eighteen to an area shrouded in forest.

    “Hey, Reese, you listening?” asked a young man, the same age, with blue eyes and thick black hair sitting across from him. This man was wearing a black and orange hooded sweater, blue jeans, a pair of black and red shoes, and a necklace with a cross. Reese looked from the window back to his friend. “This is going to be the BEST SUMMER EVER! We’re going to a camp with so many new people we’ve never met before, and we’re going to make so many friends, maybe even a girlfriend…. Or two~” he said with a snicker.

    “Yeah, I doubt it Decker,” replied Reese as he leaned his head against his hand as he looked out at the passing trees. It was fall, so the leaves were a gorgeous brown, and there were several Sawsbuck, Deerling, Stantler, Tauros, Buffalant, and many other Pokémon running around in a sudden clearing of the trees. “No offense, but you never hear the stories of a summer camp being all that ‘fun.’” Decker sighed.

    “Well it sure as heck WON’T be with that attitude!” pouted the man. Reese looked to the other side at some thirteen year old kids showing off their trainer cards, which had their Pokémon on them. One of them had a Charmeleon, another had a Keckleon, and another had a Grimer.

    “Look, I’m just a little ticked off that my parents forced me to go to camp just because I apparently have a cousin working there this year,” spoke Reese, “I mean, we’re probably the oldest trainers here, look at those kids over there.”

    “Hey, we’re not the oldest! Okay, maybe in this box car, but that was only because they ran out of seats up front. BUT, at least you got me~” smiled Decker. Reese sighed in annoyance. “Come on buddy, let’s see that smile!” yelled Decker, making Reese a little annoyed. “Come on! SMILE. S-M-I-L-E, SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SM-”

    “OKAY I’M SMILING!” laughed Reese. The two grinned and bumped fists. These two have been best friends for about two years now, though Decker has many other friends, while Reese has none. Suddenly, the intercom came on.

    “To your left, you can see the infamous Camp Noble-Fire~ Where campers can enjoy indoor pools, an all you can eat gourmet buffet, a digital arcade, free wi-fi, and a built in mall with satellite TV in every dorm room!” spoke the woman on the intercom. The kids seemed excited as they saw it, a majestic area that looked almost like a college campus more than a camp site, and even saw campers riding Rapidash while playing polo.

    “But that’s not where WE’RE going though, is it?” asked Reese to himself, suddenly waking up the sleeping Sentret.

    “Tret?” spoke the small and adorable Pokémon. The train passed the campsite, making the kids moan. The train kept going for about ten more minutes until it finally stopped.

    “And we’re here kids! CAMP POND-WATER~” spoke the woman on the PA, making the kids look outside in wonder, but suddenly all of them started frowning. This camp looked like it hadn’t been remodeled or updated since the early 30’s, as most of the buildings were made of logs, while there were several smaller huts made out of what appeared to be thin wood and what appeared to be very thin bug screens for walls. In the center of camp stood a gigantic pole with a flag with a Slowpoke on it. There also stood a small sign to the front of the camp, reading “Camp Pride-Water” originally, until it looked like somebody took spray paint and over wrote “Pride” with “Pond.” Speaking of pond, the pond next to the camp was almost green in color.

    “Oh my god, it’s worse than I thought,” spoke Reese with widened eyes. Suddenly a pinecone fell from a tree and hit the sign, knocking it over due to extremely rotted wood.

    “Look at the bright side, at least we have a roof over our heads!” smiled Decker, who was interrupted by the sudden collapse of one of the huts when a Pidgey landed on the roof.

    “Oh yeah, I feel so safe at night,” spoke Reese with a sarcastic tone and a horrified face that almost seemed like a nervous smile. Sentret climbed on Reese’s head and began to pout. Suddenly, a loud man came over the PA.

    “OKAY EVERYONE, GET OFF YER ASSES, GET YOUR CRAP, AND GET OFF THE TRAIN!” yelled the man. Reese sighed, while several others moaned and grumbled in sadness. Reese and Decker reach under their seats to get their bags and began to follow the crowd as they got off the train. As they got down and crowded in the open lot in the front of the camp, a large man with a thick red beard, a pair of overalls, a white sweater, black fishing boots, and a fisher’s cap grabbed a megaphone. “LISTEN HERE YOU PEVERTED LITTLE CREEPS! THERE MAY BE CO-ED ROOMING, BUT THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT BETWEEN YOU SEXUALLY CRAZED DEVIANTS! IF YOU SO MUCH AS LOOK AT HER BOTTOM, I WILL LET MY GYARADOS LIGHT YOU ON FIRE AND EAT YOU FOR DINNER!” yelled the old man. A young woman with curly brown hair, a pair of denim pants, a white blouse tucked in, and a pair of tennis shoes looked at the group with a nervous smile.

    “What Scout Master Gerald means is, we would appreciate you gentlemen showing the ladies the courtesy of being on your best behavior~” spoke the woman with a cute, motherly manner, “Also, no pranking each other after dark~ We don’t want to wake up to another scout hanging on the flag pole again~” she laughed. Reese narrowed his eyes in annoyance. A girl with a black hair in a side pony tail, red eyes, a black tank top, red short shorts, black knee socks, and white tennis shoes also sighed.

    “Ugh, so with you,” spoke the girl.

    “Man, of all the places to get dumped, we get dumped here,” spoke Reese.

    “At least this is my last year, after this I’m finally leaving Unova and going out on my own,” spoke the girl. Reese looked at her, and she was only about two inches taller than him.

    “This is my first time here. What do I have to look forward to?” asked Reese.

    “Oh the usual: crappy food, crappy music, crappy activities…” spoke the girl, who was suddenly interrupted.

    “This year, you get to send us activities that YOU think would be enjoyable~” spoke the woman again, making Gerald grumble to himself.

    “Wow, didn’t see that coming,” spoke the girl. Reese smiled.

    “Maybe it won’t be so bad after all,” spoke the boy. “My name’s Reese.”

    “Call me Haley,” spoke the girl with a smile.

    “Now, if you’ll make your way to the cabins, you may get your bags and things set up in whatever cabin you wish! Just remember, four to a cabin please!” laughed the woman. Gerald then swiped the megaphone away.

    “YOU HEARD HER YOU PIECE OF SHITS, MOVE IT!” yelled the old man. Reese looked at Decker and grinned.

    “Let’s try to get one next to the pond, that way we can jump through the wall into it if it catches on fire,” laughed Reese. Decker nodded. “Oh, Haley, were you…”

    “Oh, sorry, I’m rooming with some of my other friends, but I’ll catch up with you some other time!” she yelled as she followed a few of her friends, all girls, and all looking somewhat attractive. Reese seemed to blush at Haley, making Decker smile.

    “Looks like somebody made a friend~” laughed the man.

    “Shut up!”

    “But dude, she said this is her last year here, that means she’s got to be at least eighteen!”

    “I said shut up!” spoke Reese as he walked toward the first cabin next to the pond, Decker following. As soon as Reese opened the door, a Zigzagoon jumped out and attacked Decker’s face. Decker screamed as he struggled to remove the rodent from his face. “Scout, wanna help out?” asked Reese to his Sentret.

    “Sentret!” cheered the little scout Pokémon as he jumped from Reese’s head and slammed his tail on the Zigzagoon, scaring the little Pokémon off.

    “OW!” yelled Decker as he held his face.

    “Yep, the best summer ever,” spoke Reese as Sentret climbed back on his head. As they walked inside, another guy with short, spiked blonde hair bulldozed them over and plopped in a bed. He had brown eyes, green cargo pants, black combat boots, and a black skin tight tank top.

    “Wow, these beds are so freaking comfortable dude!” yelled the man.

    “Yeah nice to meet you too,” spoke Reese. The man then stood up and saluted, scaring them.

    “Sorry about that! My name is Lt. Spark! Nephew of Lt. Surge!” yelled the man.

    “Spark? Cool!” grinned Decker, “My name is Decker, and this is Reese!” he said as he patted Reese’s back. A nervous girl then walked in behind them and began to shake with fear.

    “Oh no…the last cabin…and its full of guys…” she spoke nervously. She had orange hair with braided twin tails over her shoulders, a black ruffled tank top with spaghetti strings, a knee length white skirt, and white flip flops. She began to blush as she looked at the three.

    “Hey, why are you so upset?” asked Decker with an innocent smile.

    “Obviously she’s worried about us trying something when she sleeps or when she’s changing, right?” asked Reese, “Well first off, with these bug screens for walls, so I doubt they expect us to change in here, so there’s nothing to worry about. Second, Scout’s a girl, she’s got you.” Scout then waved at the girl, making her feel somewhat better.

    “That’s good to hear!” She suddenly laughed, shocking the others, “I already heard your names outside. My name is Alice!” she spoke. She suddenly came out of whatever shell she was in and started posting posters next to what she claimed would be her bed. Reese then stepped outside, looking out at the pond with an annoyed face.

    “Why am I stuck here? I could be taking on the new and improved Pokémon League, instead I’m stuck at some summer camp,” spoke Reese to himself. He then happened to look down and see a Slowpoke with his tail in the water. “Oh great, and now one of the most detestable Pokémon are here too.”

    “…Poke?” asked the Slowpoke in a slow manner. However, suddenly, a few campers about the age of eighteen ran to is with a knife in hand, while a Tentacruel appeared and pinned the Pokémon down, though his expression remained just as confused.

    “HEY, HURRY UP, I WANNA EAT ITS TAIL!” yelled Gerald, who came walking behind them. Reese widened his eyes.

    “Are they really going to cut off his tail!?” asked Reese to himself. He then jumped down and stood between the foes and Slowpoke. “Hey, what the crap is wrong with you people!?”

    “Oh we’re just going to play red rover with Slowpoke, you know, something fun! NO DIPSHIT WE’RE GOING TO CUT OFF HIS FREAKING TAIL AND EAT IT!” yelled the camper with a black leather jacket and spiked up purple hair. Reese sighed and drew a Pokeball from his belt.

    “Looks like summer won’t be so boring after all,” spoke the white haired boy as he threw a ball high into the air, releasing a large, yellow Pokémon with two tails that roared with the electricity that surged from the Pokeball.

    “VIRE!” roared the Electivire. Gerald laughed and pushed the campers out of the way.

    “Guess that I’ll have to feed you to Gyarados after all,” spoke the old man, “It’s been a whole year since I’ve had my last Slowpoke tail, and I won’t let some albino kid get in my way!” yelled the man as he threw the ball into the air, releasing a large, steel snake in a flash of bright light. “But for my sake I’ll use Steelix!” the gigantic snake came crashing to the ground with a thud, and roared loudly, calling the other campers from their cabins. Decker looked at the trapped Slowpoke and grit his teeth.

    “Scout, I’m not your trainer, but use Thunderpunch!” yelled Decker. Scout’s small right hand became engulfed in electricity as he punched the Tentacruel, sending him flying.

    “Steelix, use Earthquake!” yelled Gerald. “Take the entire camp with you for all I care! SMASH IT TO THE GROUND!” Reese widened his eyes, while the woman from earlier suddenly came running.

    “Scout Master, have you gone MAD!?” yelled the woman. Gerald looked back with red eyes, almost like he had been abusing a drug of some sort.


    “VIRE!” yelled Electivire as it punched Steelix head on, causing the very steel around the snake’s body to ripple and send it flying towards the forest. Gerald looked at Reese with surprise, while the white haired boy grinned.

    “Hey, with all of your blabbering, I had enough time to tell Amp to use Focus Punch and let him charge,” laughed the white haired boy. “Anything else? Go on, take your time, I got all day.” Gerald growled at sent out Gyarados in a torrent of water, who roared loudly. Reese grinned and pointed. “Amp, use Thunderpunch!” yelled Reese.

    “VIRE!” yelled Electivire as he rushed in with a fist full of electricity.

    “Dig!” yelled Gerald, shocking Reese and the others. Gyarados then dove into the ground like it was water. Reese began to think heavily, when a sudden thought came to mind.

    “AMP, USE EARTH-” however, before he could finish, he forgot about the camp. Suddenly, Gyarados came rushing out of the ground and hit Electivire head on, catching Reese off guard.

    “Now Shadow Ball!” yelled Gerald, surprising Reese even more. Electivire managed to shoot a beam of electricity from his tail before being his head on by an orb of darkness. The electricity hit the opposing Pokémon and forced the illusion to wear off, revealing the Pokémon to be a Zoroark.

    “ZORO!” roared the demon fox Pokémon. Reese looked at Electivire, who was down for the count, and returned him, in a bolt of lightning, back to his Pokeball.

    “Good work Amp, now we know how to deal with this,” spoke Reese, who then threw another ball into the air. The ball released, with flying scales all around, a large, beetle like Pokémon with a massive horn.

    “Herracro!” yelled Heracross.

    “Hercules, use Close Combat!” yelled Reese.

    “CROOOO!” Heracross then flew in at Zoroark, who jumped back and forth trying to avoid each blow, but was eventually overcome by twenty punches to the face. Zoroark went down, making Gerald recall his Pokémon to its ball.

    “Just what I was waiting for!” yelled the man as he sent out the real Gyarados, who used Flamethrower on Heracles, causing the Pokémon to catch on fire and run around in panic. Reese recalled his Pokémon quickly to put out the fire. “Is that seriously ALL you have!?” yelled Gerald. Reese bit his lip while the Slowpoke from earlier stepped forward.

    “What are you doing here!? Get out!” yelled Reese.

    “poooookkkeeee…” muttered the Slowpoke as his eyes began to glow a bright blue, causing the lunging foe to be paralyzed mid air, shocking the others.

    “Telekinesis!?” asked Decker.

    “Pooooooooooooke….” moaned Slowpoke again as his eyes began to glow again, causing a whirl of snow to suddenly appear behind him, freezing the large sea dragon in place and covering the camp in snow.

    “NO WAY! IS THAT…” spoke the camp counselor or the woman from before, looking at the Slowpoke with wonder.

    “SON OF A BITCH!” yelled Gerald as he reached in his pocket and ate what appeared to be a Balm Mushroom, causing his eyes to dilate. “YEESSSSS, THAT’S THE STUFF!” The rest of the campers looked at him like he was crazy, but Slowpoke then used Telekinesis to lift the drug induced man off of the ground and suspend him in the air, though he was in his own world, trying to fend off giant Caterpie and tiny Wailord that were flying around his head, at least to him.

    Much later, the police arrived, handcuffing Gerald and placing him in the police car to drive off. The Camp Counselor looked over at Reese, who was trying to fend off the Slowpoke who was on his leg trying to get attention. Reese was somewhat annoyed, while Decker and Scout were laughing.

    “Excuse me, Reese, but I think that you should let that Slowpoke join your team!” laughed the counselor. Reese looked at her with a surprised face. “Over eighty years ago, Thomas Anville, founder of this town, founded camp ‘Pride-Water’ with the help of a Slowpoke. That Slowpoke was said to have been released into the wild, but before any of the other Slowpoke came into the area, it was said that he was always the first to come here!” Reese and Decker jumped in astonishment. That would mean that this Slowpoke would have to be at LEAST eighty years old.

    “There’s no way he’s THAT old!” yelled Decker. The camp counselor then reached into her pocket to show a picture of Slowpoke, which had a pink stripe across his belly. Looking at this Slowpoke, the same stripe could be seen.

    “Then… he IS that Slowpoke!” yelled Reese, trying to keep the Pokémon off of his leg.

    “Slooooowwww…” moaned the Pokémon.

    “Oh yeah, Ms Steward,” spoke Haley, who just happened to walk over to the area, “What are Euphoria Pokémon? I’ve been coming to this camp for four years, and I’ve never heard of them.” The camp counselor known as Ms Steward sighed and tried to gather her thoughts.

    “Well…undoubtedly you’re familiar with drugs, correct? Euphoria Pokémon are Pokémon that produce psychedelic type substances, such as a Paras and the mushrooms on its back, or a special chemical made by Pokémon like Seismitoad. In this case, a Slowpoke Tail is considered a delicacy because it has certain properties that put a person at ease,” explained the woman. “Gerald…got addicted to the Euphoria Pokémon, and the only reason he bought this camp was so he could be close to these particular Pokémon.”

    “Poooookkkeeee…” moaned Slowpoke.

    “I said stop it!” yelled Reese in annoyance, not even bothering Slowpoke.

    “Reese, Slowpoke hasn’t trusted a human since Thomas,” spoke the counselor, shocking the others, “The fact that he’s even letting you stand near him is a sign that he trusts you!” Reese looked at the pink Pokémon with widened eyes, while Slowpoke tilted his head in a somewhat mentally challenged manner.


    “…Fine,” spoke Reese as he picked a Pokeball from his waist. “Your new name is…” Reese thought for a moment, but couldn’t think of a name.

    “Thomas had referred to him as Yodan, Slowpoke’s Japanese name.”

    “Cool, I’m calling him Derp,” replied Reese as he tapped the ball on Slowpoke’s head and letting the Pokémon enter in a mixture of blue and pink energy, signifying the water and psychic power it held. The ball flashed once and fired three small stars from the button in the center, signaling capture.

    “REESE! YOU CAN’T CALL HIM DERP!” yelled the camp counselor.

    “Nope, I’m calling him Derp, ‘Herp Derp’ to be precise,” replied Reese as he put the ball on his belt. Haley laughed, which made him smile a little.

    “Ma’am, I hate to be a bother, but whose going to be Scout Master now?” asked Spark, trying to be as dignified as a soldier.

    “Oh, that would be Gerald’s brother, Harold,” replied the woman, as Gerald’s twin suddenly hopped out of a car, only he was wearing a suit and a fisher’s hat.

    “WHAT ARE YOU PANSIES STILL DOING UP!? WE’RE WAKING UP AT FIVE IN THE MORNING TO LOOK FOR SHINIES! IN THE WOODS!” yelled the old man. Reese, Decker, Haley, Scout, and Spark all looked with shock.

    “WE GOT THE SAME GUY TO LEAD THIS PLACE!?” yelled Reese with his jaw dropped.

    “TRET!” agreed Scout.

    “No no no~ Harold is only obsessed with Shiny Pokémon! He would never go so far like Gerald did!” spoke Ms Steward.

    “I SAID OFF TO BED!” yelled the old man, who suddenly released a red Gyarados from a Pokeball around his waist, who began to roar loudly and shoot water at the kids, who hightailed it to the changing rooms, separated for boys and girls, and ran back to their cabins.

    Later that night, Reese lays in his bed, still awake, while he reads an entry in his Pokedex about Slowpoke, trying to learn more about the creatures. Sentret sleeps soundly on his belly, covered by a white tank top. He learns that in some cultures, they are considered deities because of their empty heads, which symbolize enlightenment, at least to those people anyway. He finally gets sleepy at about three in the morning, as his insomnia keeps him from sleeping well at night, and he forgot his sleeping medication at his home in Humilau City. As he finally bent over to put his Pokedex away, he accidentally drops it on the floor, making one of the floor boards bend upwards. Reese was surprised, but saw what appeared to be a book of some sort underneath it. He gently moves Scout to his pillow and grabs the book to look at it.

    “Dear journal, it has only been one day since I arrived at Camp Pride-Water; however, strange things are already happening,” the book reads, the pages being old and tarnished looking, “For future purposes, whenever I encounter a strange anomaly, I will write a detailed chapter on each event. I fear for my safety, since these cabins are barely suitable for a wild Pokémon, and I am afraid of what will happen should this book be discovered; henceforth, I shall hide it underneath this loose floor plank, in hopes that perhaps one day, should I finally leave, I may tell of my story, or at least, warn the next generation.” Reese read this prelude, but was horrified to see the very next page with writing that appeared to be in blood. “Do not run, for it senses fear; however, do not charge head first, for it shall destroy the ignorant who challenge it…” Reese begins to flip through the pages, and is intrigued by what he sees. “Forced evolution,” “mysterious disappearances,” “possessed objects,” there was even a detailed page about the Euphoria Pokémon in this book. Reese then closed the book, trying to retain everything he had learned. Fearful, he looks out of his bug screen window, looking at the pond lit up by the moon and the stars over head. Suddenly, he thought he saw something moving out in the water, which slightly frightened him. He then looked at the book one more time, seeing the name to only be listed under “Richard.” Reese, slightly frightened, put the book back under the floor board, but he also smiled.

    “Looks like this summer won’t be so boring after all.”​

    Chapter 2

    The next morning, Scout Master Harold kept his promise of forcing his campers to look for shiny Pokémon in the woods. The sun had barely come up, and the students were already weary while searching through tall grass or in the forest. We join Reese and Scout searching deep in the woods, not necessarily trying to find shiny Pokémon, but to find somewhere far enough away to hide from the booming megaphone. Finally, they came across a clearing, where a lone rock stood overlooking a small lake, which looked cleaner than the lake surrounding camp, and even had small flowers in the grass around it. It seemed beautiful; however, Reese blushed slightly when he saw Haley sitting on the cliff edge. Reese placed Scout on a tree branch at eye level and began messing with his hair, to which Scout gave an approving thumb up, signaling that he looked okay. Reese then walked over to Haley, who turned around with a surprised look on her face.

    “Oh, hey Reese,” she spoke, “What brings you out here?” She patted an empty spot next to her, signaling Reese to sit down. Reese did as told, trying to calm himself.

    “Eh, you know, trying to hide from Scout Master Gerald,” he answered.

    “You mean Harold?”

    “Might as well be the same person,” replied Reese, making her laugh slightly.

    “Well, in my past years of coming here, I always came to this spot to get away from the madness,” she spoke, “I mean, look at place, it’s so peaceful compared to camp.” Reese looked around and took in what he saw, making him smile a little.

    “I can see why, I can’t even hear him yelling anymore!” he laughed.

    “Yeah, but will you do me a favor?” she asked, making him nervous, “Don’t tell too many others about this place,” she looked at him and winked, “It’ll be our little secret!” Reese smiled nervously.

    “Scout’s honor!” he replied, to which his Sentret gave a salute, making them both laugh.

    “What an adorable Sentret!” she commented, “Not too many guys I know keep Pokémon like this around.”

    “Scout’s not like other Pokémon though,” began Reese, looking into the water and almost seeing his past, “Scout came from another region, where some guy from Sinnoh rescued her from a science lab. She can’t evolve and she can’t grow up, but she’s already stronger than most Furret, and since she was adopted by the family about a year ago, we’ve been inseparable since!” Scout raised her tiny fist and stood on her tail.

    “Sentret!” Scout agreed. Haley smiled.

    “I like you Reese,” spoke Haley, grabbing his head with her arm and giving him a noogie, making him panic and making her laugh, “You remind me a bit of my little brother!” Reese’s spirit was literally crushed, but he feigned laughter. She then let go and stood up. “Come on, let’s go see if they’ve given up the search yet.” Reese stood up too, though he felt a new determination to prove that he wasn’t just some “sibling” figure. As they walked along, Reese happened to see a boy about Reese and Decker’s age with thick and messy brown hair, blue eyes, a white and green striped shirt with a black short sleeve button up shirt over it, denim pants, black and white shoes, and a red wrist band, running with what appeared to be an abnormal colored Foongus in his arms, while a Pignite eagerly ran next to him.

    “Was that a Foongus?” asked Reese as he pursued, “No way, that guy actually found a shiny Pokémon.” Haley happened to overhear him and saw it as well.

    “Wow, lucky. Foongus are pretty common around here though, maybe he set out to find them first and got lucky?” she asked. They then secretly followed him back to camp, where the boy handed Scout Master Harold the Pokémon. He looked at it for a bit, but nodded his head and captured the Pokémon in an odd Pokeball that was blue where the red was, black where the white was, and white where the black was. The boy seemed a little disheartened, and Reese seemed a little mad as well.

    “That bastard, there’s no telling how long he had to look for that thing!” quietly yelled Reese.

    “Gerald did the same thing for us, but with Paras and Parasect. Whenever we brought him a Pokémon like that, he would take it away from us and leave us alone for the week,” replied Haley, “But a shiny? Poor guy must be upset to see it go.”

    “So does that mean I’m free to go?” asked the guy, surprising Reese and Haley.

    “Yeah yeah whatever kid, just scram and leave Shitake to me,” retorted Harold as he rubbed his face against the Pokeball, “Shinies….ohhhh yeaaaaahhhh….” Reese was reminded of Gerald when he swallowed that Balm Mushroom whole.

    “This guy must get some sort of high from collecting Shiny Pokémon,” spoke Reese, who then saw the boy run off towards his cabin again with his Pignite. Harold then released an oddly colored Exploud.

    “ALRIGHT YOU PISANTS, SOMEBODY FOUND A SHINY, YOU’RE FREE DO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT EXCEPT BOTHER ME!” yelled Harold, whose Exploud intensified the sound to make even louder, hurting everyone’s ears. The megaphone then shattered from the loud noise. “SOMEBODY CLEAN THIS SHIT UP!” he yelled as he returned his Exploud to its ball and proceeded back into his cozy office. Several campers came out of the woods, while a few even came out of the lake, and started trudging back to their cabins.

    “Sup Reese?” asked Decker, who snuck up behind Reese and scared him and Scout.

    “Darn it Decker, don’t do that!” yelled Reese as he clenched his chest. Scout seemed to mimic her master’s reaction. A Houndour then popped out of the bush behind him and barked, scaring them again, and making Haley laugh.

    “Good job Cerberus, we managed to scare him twice~” laughed Decker, “So, the shiny hunt is over? Who found it?”

    “Some guy with messy hair and a Pignite,” replied Haley, still trying to catch her breath. Decker nodded.

    “Yeah, I know who you’re talking about. Some people have been claiming that he’s been talking to his Pokemon more than his actual roommates,” replied Decker, who then extended his hand, “By the way, my name’s Decker Harley, in case you didn’t know.” Haley also extended a hand.

    “I’m Haley!” replied the girl. Reese happened to see the guy from earlier high-fiving his Pignite, and the two of them ran off to the forest again. Something didn’t seem right here.

    “I’m going into the woods, don’t wait up,” spoke Reese as he took after the guy, leaving Decker and Haley back on the camp grounds, though Decker waved and took after Reese, surprising him at how fast he caught up.

    “Come on man, what’s up?” asked Decker with a smile. Reese stopped and watched the boy as he and his Pignite began to train against an Ursaring.

    “Something in my gut is telling me that he didn’t just happen to ‘find’ a random shiny,” spoke Reese.

    “What, you think he painted it?” asked Decker. Cerberus the Houndoom and Scout the Sentret tilted their heads in confusion.

    “Heck if I know, why are you following me anyway?” asked Reese as he ducked into the bushes. Decker and the two Pokémon also ducked.

    “Dude, you’re totally crushing on that girl!” laughed Decker. Reese looked off to the side with an annoyed face.

    “Yeah, so what if I am?” asked the white haired boy. “I’m dealing with it my way.”

    “Says the guy that just suddenly left her behind just because some guy happened to spark his interest,” remarked Decker, making Reese blush out of anger.


    “I can always show you where I found it,” replied the boy as his Pignite punched the Ursaring in the background.

    “Yes, thank you, that would be wonder-” began Reese before realizing he had been caught, which made Decker giggle. “SHUT UP DECK!” He then looked back at the boy, who had already taken Scout and began petting it. “Sorry about that, the name’s Reese, and the moron here is Decker. That’s my Sentret, Scout, and this is his Houndoom, Cerberus.”

    “Cool, my name’s Kyou Izagami!” replied the boy, who shook Reese’s hand. “The Pignite wailing on the Ursaring back there is Baku, though he’s the only nicknamed Pokémon I have.” Reese, Decker, Cerberus, and Scout peeked behind Kyou to see Baku the Pignite throwing the bear Pokémon to the ground repeatedly.

    “Nite!” greeted the Pokémon as he threw the Pokémon into a tree, making several blue orbs fly from the Pokémon’s body, strange orbs of energy known as “Experience Orbs.”

    “Okay, follow me and I’ll show you where I found it,” spoke Kyou with a smile as he began to lead the way. He then stopped by the Ursaring and sprayed some sort of potion on it, replenishing its health. He seemed to whisper to it, and almost on cue, he left. Reese seemed confused, but began to follow the boy deeper into the woods. They seemed to have come upon a much darker section of the woods, as the trees had blocked out the sun, making it appear like it was nighttime. However, as they explored more, they came upon a cave, which slightly creeped Reese out. “Something the matter?” asked Kyou.

    “Oh, Reese is just afraid of the dark~” laughed Decker, making Reese punch his elbow.

    “Yeah I know, it’s silly, but…”

    “Oh don’t worry!” replied Kyou with a smile, “Baku can light the way!”

    “Pignite!” yelled the Pignite as he summoned fire to his chest, lighting up the dark cave.

    “Are you sure it’s safe?” asked Decker.

    “Who’s the scared one now?” laughed Reese, who was then punched in the shoulder by Decker.

    “Yeah, I actually came here first yesterday and…well, it’s better to show you,” replied Kyou as he kept walking. Scout then crawled up to Reese’s head.

    “SENTRET!” yelled Scout, almost as if saying “Charge!” Reese sighed and walked after the others. As they walked deeper into the cave, they began to see a faint, multicolored light, something that Decker and Reese weren’t expecting to see. Baku’s flames began to settle down, scaring Reese a little, but his fear was eased when they approached the light. Along the walls were several odd crystals that glowed like Christmas tree lights, which fascinated the people following Kyou and Baku.

    “This is the place,” spoke Kyou. Reese looked around, confused.

    “Well, where are the Pokémon?” asked Reese.

    “Hiding,” replied Kyou as he released a Leavanny from a Pokémon, which appeared in a swirl of leaves and scales.

    “Vanny~” spoke the Pokémon with flowers on its leaves in a flamboyant tone.

    “Sweet Scent please!” commanded Kyou. The Leavanny began to wave its hands, summoning a strange, pink powder into the area. As it spread, Scout, Cerberus, and Baku seemed to relax at the smell, while several Pokémon began to dig out of crevices in the walls, ranging from Shroomish, Foongus, Skorupi, Diglett, Zubat, Golbat, Woobat, Geodude, Roggenrola, and several other cave dwelling Pokémon. However, much to Reese and Decker’s surprise, these Pokémon were all abnormally colored.

    “Wow, so this cave is just filled to the brim with shiny Pokémon?” asked Decker.

    “Not exactly,” answered Kyou, whose Leavanny then touched a crystal along the wall, transforming into a brighter color all around. The other two seemed surprised. “This cave has strange crystals that grow along the walls that seems to give them this alternate color,” explained Kyou, “Though, the Pokémon has to be prolonged to it longer, I guess; look what happens when he let’s go of the rock.” Reese seemed surprised.

    “He? I thought it was a she?” asked Reese.

    “Oh, nah, Leavanny’s a guy.” Leavanny then let go of the crystal, returning to her normal coloration. Reese then remembered that journal he had found the night before that specified several odd incidents that had happened within the vicinity of the campgrounds.

    “I wonder…” he spoke, as he reached for the book in his pocket.

    “What’s that?” asked Decker.

    “It’s a journal of some kind that I found under the floor boards. It has odd events written in it that date back to when Camp Pond-Water was founded,” answered Reese. He began to flip through the book and found a page about halfway through the book with a picture resembling the gems in this cave. “‘While exploring the forest near the campsite, I stumbled upon a strange cave with odd crystals. The Pokémon touching the crystals changed into unseen colors, and while those who were not used to the crystals’ effects on the body didn’t stay that way forever, the Pokémon who live in this cave, even this environment, seem to have a permanent effect,’” quoted Reese, “Wait…there’s an added note, but it’s written in different ink. He must have added this note later: ‘It is unknown exactly what effect that these stones have on humans. It is not advised to sleep in this cave’…”

    “Let’s see what that effect is!” yelled Decker as he reached for the crystal.

    “Wait you idiot!” yelled Reese, unable to keep Decker from touching a stone. However, while his eyes remained the same, his hair began to turn a snow white color, just like Reese’s, making him widen his eyes. Decker plucked a hair from his head and let go, the rest of his hair returning to normal. “Your hair…it turned white…like mine…” Decker and Kyou seemed surprised. Reese looked around him at these crystals and shining Pokémon, and he ran away.

    “Reese, wait!” yelled Decker as he, Scout, Cerberus, Baku, Leavanny, and Kyou ran after him.

    Reese began to think of his parents, his father having black hair and his mother having white hair, and he wondered if his mother had been here before… That would certainly explain why neither of his grandparents had natural white hair: his grandmother had red hair and his grandfather had brown hair. More importantly, why would his mother send him to the camp that did this to her? What on earth was happening? Reese then stopped in his tracks, arriving somewhere in a grassy plain. Kyou finally caught up with him, Scout riding on his head.

    “Reese, are you afraid of that cave now?” asked Kyou. Reese sighed.

    “I…I don’t know. I just…I just had to get out of there…” spoke the white haired boy, who looked up, “The only other person with my color hair that isn’t old as dust is my mother, but I always knew that it couldn’t be natural, neither of her parents had white hair. For a while, I assumed she was adopted and never told, but after seeing Deck’s hair turn that white color, I wonder if she came here once…and if she did, why would she send me here?” Reese thought deeply, and then remembered the days he always came home from school after being picked on for his hair color, “What am I talking to you about this for? You probably get along with everybody.”

    “Actually, no,” spoke Kyou, catching Reese’s attention, “You aren’t the only strange one! Trust me, I can talk to Pokémon.” Reese looked back, and remembered that Sentret immediately took to him as soon as he spoke to her. “Don’t ask how~ That’s a secret!”

    “You…talk to Pokémon?” asked Reese with confusion.

    “Yeah, shocking, isn’t it? Not too many people get why I’m able to or why I talk to them at all, and for some reason, that warrants teasing,” spoke Kyou, remembering his own childhood, “The point is, unlike me, you may have found the source of your ‘gift.’”

    “Gift?” asked Reese, genuinely confused.

    “Yeah, your hair, I’ve seen blue hair, I’ve seen green hair, but you don’t see white hair too often. Is that really so bad?” asked Kyou. “You’ve found the source, don’t be afraid of it, embrace it! Just like I have with my gift!” Reese thought for a bit, but finally grinned.

    “Heh, fine. At least I finally have a link to why my hair is snow white,” spoke Reese, “Now…for this other weird stuff happening in camp…” However, before much thought could be expressed, Decker and the Pokémon finally caught up, though with not so great news.

    “Guys, guys, something bad happened!” yelled Decker, out of breath. Reese and Kyou looked at him and the Pokémon trying to catch their breath. “Harold found the cave! Worse yet, he’s been in there for a while, and he’s going in deeper!” Reese and Kyou widened their eyes, while suddenly, an explosion could be heard underground. Out of the ground, sending debris everywhere, came Harold, his hair glowing white and his eyes flashing different colors, with his Gyarados, Exploud, and an Ariados, all flashing multiple colors.

    “I HAVE FOUND A POWER BEYOND SHINY POKEMON! I HAVE FOUND, ULTRA SHINIES!” yelled Harold, obviously going mad with power. The three boys looked at this man with widened eyes, but saw the source of this madness: He had taken crystals from the cave and made necklaces out of them for himself and his Pokémon. Harold looked down on the campers and growled. “YOU!” he yelled, pointing at Kyou, who seemed surprised, “YOU DARED TO HIDE THIS TREASURE FROM ME!?”

    “SPLOUD!” yelled his Exploud as he fired a humongous blast of energy, bending the very air around him. Suddenly, out of Kyou’s Pokeball, a Lucario appeared in a spark of blue aura, grabbing his master and jumping out of the way. However, when he landed on the ground, he tripped and dropped his master, afterward getting up and bowing while muttering, just like if it were apologizing.

    “Lucario, you didn’t cause that blast! You saved me!” yelled Kyou. Lucario still kept bowing, while Reese threw a Pokeball into the air, releasing a Mandibuzz into the air in a burst of dark energy and wind.

    “BUZZ!” cawed the bird Pokémon.

    “Helga, go after the Ariados!” yelled Reese. Decker then grabbed a ball of his own, releasing a large, eel like Pokémon.

    “Tross!” spoke the Eelektross.

    “Storm, use Thunderbolt!” yelled Decker. The Eelektross then slithered on air, and fired shots of electricity at the multicolored Gyarados, who then fired a black beam of energy at the electricity. Storm then slithered around the shot like a snake and made contact with Gyarados, firing a massive Thunderbolt attack head on and destroying the crystal around his neck, causing the best to return to its original red color. Meanwhile, Exploud fired another shot at Kyou and Lucario, which managed to knock both Baku and Leavanny out, while Lucario managed to save his master again, and once more, apologize.

    “Lucario, stop apologizing and use Aura Sphere!” yelled Kyou.

    “CARRRRRR!” yelled Lucario as he began focusing a blue energy into his paws, which wavered a little bit due to his nervous nature. He then fired the orb of aura at Exploud, which seemed to wrap the hyper beam around it, making it denser than it previously was, and finally make contact, causing an explosion that shattered the crystal around his neck.

    “Helga, use Brave Bird!” yelled Reese.

    “BUZZ!” cawed the Mandibuzz as its body became engulfed in a blue, flame like energy, while the Ariados fired a purple and blue shot of energy at her, a move known as Signal beam. It hit, but Helga’s power overwhelmed it, and allowed for direct contact. Harold, who was becoming more engulfed with power, began to turn a dark blue color, while also wielding a sparkling energy in his hands.

    “THIS IS MY POWER!” he yelled as he fired multiple shots of white energy, which knocked out all of the opposing Pokémon. Reese, Kyou, and Decker looked with worry, when suddenly, the Slowpoke from the day before mysteriously disappeared. Reese panicked, as “Derp” was walking directly into an oncoming blast of energy.

    “DERP, GET AWAY FROM HERE!” yelled Reese.

    “Sloooowwwww…” spoke Slowpoke as his eyes began to glow a bright blue, which engulfed the entire blast of energy into a blue orb of energy, shocking the others.

    “What the…wait, that’s the Slowpoke from last night!” yelled Kyou, remembering the powerful beast saving the camp from Gerald’s rage.

    “Derp… you crazy little son of a gun!” cheered Reese with a smile. Derp the Slowpoke then moaned, which shrunk the energy into the size of a pellet. He then pointed his tail at Harold, sending the pellet flying at the crystal around his neck, smashing it and causing the man to fall to the ground, his body returning to normal, though his hair remained as white as Reese’s. Derp then flopped down on his belly, still keeping the same, empty expression he had the second he left his ball.

    “…Poooookkkkeeeee...” he moaned. Reese, Decker, and Kyou looked over the camp counselor.

    “So…what’s going to happen now?” asked Decker.

    “More than likely, if we report him, he’ll get arrested, and this place will be shut down for good,” spoke Kyou. They all returned their Pokémon to their Pokeballs, all knowing that they had worked hard, though Slowpoke refused to go back in his ball.

    “Ugh, Derp, get back in the ball!” yelled Reese. Derp walked forward and sat next to Reese, but didn’t move or utter a sound. “God, you’re creepy.”

    “Hey, this is serious,” spoke Decker.

    “Yeah, I know…” spoke Reese. He didn’t want to go to camp anyway, but now… “Wait, we can’t report him,” spoke Reese, shocking the other two, “If we do, we can’t find out the secrets this place holds. And before you guys start arguing with me…”

    “That makes sense,” spoke Decker, surprising Reese. “Something tells me there isn’t another place like this on earth, so we need to keep it safe…”

    “But how? If we let Harold go, he’ll just go and do this again,” spoke Kyou. Slowpoke’s eyes then began glowing a bright pink, when a small cloud appeared over his head that appeared to be in the shape of a question mark. Harold’s eyes suddenly opened, surprising the others.

    “…Where…am I?” asked the man in a calm tone, “Excuse me, do you know what happened here? My name is Harold and…” he began telling his life story, which surprised the others.

    “Did Derp just use Amnesia on Harold?” asked Decker.

    “It looks like he erased certain events from his mind,” spoke Kyou. “Excuse me, Harold, what year is it?” he asked. Harold told them a date that was forty years prior to the current one, which answered their question.

    “I think we can get him away from here if we use the excuse that a wild Pokémon used Amnesia on him,” spoke Reese. The other two nodded. “But look, this secret goes to the grave, got it?”

    “Yeah dude.”


    Much later, the camp counselor shook her head as a medical examiner looked at Harold. She began questioning Reese, Decker, and Kyou very carefully while healing their Pokémon. Scout waited in Reese’s arms while Cerberus rubbed his head against Decker’s hand. The three made up the excuse that Harold had asked Kyou to show him where he had found the Pokémon he had found earlier, when a wild Woobat used Amnesia on him. The others then got in a fight with an entire colony of these things, and, in numbers, overwhelmed most of them before they could get away. The counselor never even questioned where this was, and accepted the story as it was, relieving them of the pressure on their minds. Now Ms. Steward would have to find another Scout Master to lead the camp, when the assistant Scout Master, a young man in his twenties with blonde hair and a chinstrap beard, who also wore a pair of glasses over his brown eyes, a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, dress pants, and black dress shoes, appeared.

    “Excuse me, perhaps it’s time that I take over as Scout Master,” spoke the man with a smile. He then looked at Reese, surprising him, “Reese! It’s me, your cousin, Draven!” spoke the man, surprising Reese.

    “Oh no…” moaned Reese.

    “Very well, Draven, please be careful, we’ve already lost two Scout Masters. One more and I think this place might be shut down!” spoke Ms. Steward.

    “I got it, I might need a little help though!” laughed the man, giving a thumb up to Reese, embarrassing him.

    “Oh god no…” moaned Reese.

    “What’s the matter?” asked Decker.

    “Draven…he’s always been the over excited member of the family,” answered Reese.

    “Good luck with your job, mister!” cheered Ms. Steward, who looked at Reese with wide, condescending eyes, “And that’s ‘Scout Master Weiss’ to you, young man! Are we clear?” she asked.

    “Yes…” moaned Reese.

    “Hey, I asked you a question!” she yelled.

    “Ma’am, please, I got this!” laughed Draven. “They can call me whatever they want! Now go on to bed, I’m sure these past two days have been extremely stressful on you!” Ms. Steward thought a moment, but she nodded and went to her bedroom on the bottom floor. The ambulance took Harold to the local helipad to take him to a psychiatric ward, so he could receive help for his condition. Draven then looked at the three, who looked at this man with suspicion. “Guys, relax, I’m not crazy about drugs or shinies, I swear!” laughed the man.

    “No, you’re just crazy,” spoke Reese.

    “Aw come on Snow-Man! Let’s just have a good time here! I see old Yodan has also taken a liking to you! This should be a fun time!” laughed the man.

    “First off, his name is ‘Herp Derp,” corrected Reese with an annoyed face, which also made his Slowpoke pop out of his ball, seemingly agreeing with his master.


    “Second, I told you I HATE being called Snow-Man!” he yelled.

    “Okay, that was a bit out of line. Don’t worry, this’ll be a fun summer, I swear!” he laughed. He then dismissed all of them, who also received their Pokémon back. The sun had nearly gone down as well, as it was about evening.

    “Okay, so we can all agree that this day was a bit freaky,” spoke Kyou with a grin.

    “From what this journal says, we can look forward to more freaky things,” spoke Reese. “Listen, the biggest thing that we have to look out for hasn’t even been documented yet.” Reese showed the two the picture of the bloody page, which made them both wince. “As much as I want to go home, we can’t leave this open ended, we have to solve this. As a matter of fact, we need to write a counter journal listing more details about the camp and how to deal with them, because this is too cryptic.”

    “Sounds like a good idea,” spoke Decker, “We should also make some sort of mystery team to investigate this stuff!” he cheered, making Reese narrow his eyes, “NO WAIT, hear me out! That was a bad choice of words. I just think that we can do more with more people than we can alone!”

    “That might not be a bad idea,” agreed Kyou, “I can always ask the local Pokémon if they’ve noticed anything odd lately, but still, we will need more information.” Reese closed his eyes and thought.

    “Okay, we’re not making a ‘mystery team,’ we’ll make a ‘task force,’ not only does that sound more professional, but we can also learn more too,” spoke Reese.

    “I VOTE FOR REESE TO BE IN CHARGE!” declared Decker.

    “WAIT WHY ARE WE DECLARING LEADERS!?” yelled the white haired boy.

    “Well you do have the journal,” spoke Kyou, “Logically, that puts you in charge!” Reese sighed, while Derp looked into the sun while sitting down, exposing his striped belly. “Well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m sleepy!” yawned Kyou, “I’ll let you guys know if I hear anything else!” he cheered as he ran off.

    “See ya dude!” yelled Decker. Reese decided to sit next to his Slowpoke and look at the sun. “What are you doing?”

    “Trying to bond with him,” answered Reese, “It’s the least I can do. This guy has already saved my life twice, and even though he isn’t much for conversation…”


    “I have a feeling that he holds the key to something HUGE.” Reese’s scarf flowed in the wind, while Derp tipped over, landing his head in Reese’s lap. Reese looked down and frowned. “His face is still creepy as hell though.”


    Elsewhere, however, something in the lake swims about… A Sharpedo swimming by is eaten whole by this beast, though the identity is unknown…​
  2. Chapter 3

    The next morning, though not quite as early due to Scout Master Draven’s new ideas for activities, the camp members gathered in the front lot to listen to Draven speak, this time opting to just speak loudly instead of using a megaphone, much to everyone’s relief. Reese and Decker approach from the back, coming behind Alice, who was rubbing her eyes to wake up.

    “MORNIN’ ALICE~” yelled Decker, scaring her and making her yelp. She trembled a little, making Decker feel bad. Reese patted her back to try and calm her down.

    “Sorry about that, Decker’s a moron,” comforted Reese, whose Sentret then popped out of her ball and crawled into her arms, seeming to calm her down. She turned around, her face slightly red and a tear in her eye, making Decker feel even worse.

    “It-…It’s fine!” she spoke, smiling and wiping a tear from her eye. “Sorry about that! I just get nervous in the mornings…” she said in a soft voice.

    “So what’s going on?” asked Reese.

    “Scout Master Draven gave us a schedule last night, didn’t you guys see?” asked the girl. Reese and Decker thought, but the only thing they could remember doing was writing down more info to continue from the journal.

    “We weren’t really paying attention!” laughed Decker as he rubbed the back of his head.

    “On the schedule, it says that he is going to give each camper an individual mission, and if they can accomplish it in record time, they can skip any camp activity of their choice in the future,” answered Alice as she twirled around her orange hair.

    “A mission?” asked Reese, sighing in annoyance, “Oh great, he’s going to give me the hardest one of all, I bet.”

    “What makes you say that?” asked Decker, “You are his cousin.”

    “You’re the new Scout Master’s cousin?” asked Alice with a smile.

    “Yeah…nothing to brag about. He used to do the same thing at family reunions. Basically I was his favorite to pick on, so while the others had to find something red or find a leaf from an oak tree, I would have to do things like ‘Find the needle in the haystack,’ or ‘Stay up for three days straight’,” answered Reese, making the other two cringe a little.

    “Good morning everyone!” yelled Draven with a smile, surprising the camp members, “Today, you will receive your missions for the week. Normally, we’d have five missions a week, that way you can have the weekend off, but we’ll have three this week and pick up starting next week!” The crowd muttered amongst themselves; they weren’t sure if this was another drug or shiny hunt, or if this was something legitimately different. Draven then released a Reuniclus out of a Pokeball, who then hovered over a box. “Inside this box are your missions. Cell here will randomize and give you three pieces of paper each!” spoke Draven.

    “Reu!” spoke Reuniclus as he threw pieces of paper in the air and made the orbs in his body shine brightly, causing the pieces of paper to teleport into random people’s hands. Decker, Alice, and Reese then got three pieces of paper, surprising them.

    “And remember, only ONE mission per day! We want to give everyone an equal chance to win the free pass!” yelled Draven, who then grabbed a party popper and…er…popped it. “Get going~” With that, the campers quietly muttered to themselves and began to disperse.

    “So, whatchu got, ReRe?” asked Decker, trying to be cute.

    “It says I need to partner with somebody and find a blue flower in the woods on the other side of the lake,” spoke Reese. Alice jumped.

    “Oh, I have a partner mission too! Except I have to find a red flower on the other side of the lake!” spoke Alice with surprise. Decker looked at his with a smile, hoping to find something similar.

    “‘Go find a Beedrill nest and bring back a stinger!” grinned Decker, who then frowned when he realized what it was. Reese and Alice looked at each other with surprised expressions.

    “Wanna be my partner?” asked Reese. Alice blushed a little and began stuttering.

    “W-w-w-well… if that’s o-okay with y-you…” she muttered in a shy tone. Reese then began to walk to the lake, with Alice slowly following behind.

    “Have fun with your mission, Deck!” yelled Reese nonchalantly as Scout crawled back to his head, “Try not to die and stuff!”

    “Sentret!” yelled Scout. Decker began to pout a little as he fell to his knees, envisioning an entire Beedrill nest chasing after him.

    “You…too…lucky son of a biscuit…” muttered Decker as he crawled into a fetal position and began to rock back and forth. Draven looked out at Reese and Alice and gave an evil smile.

    “Snow-Man, you owe me,” muttered Draven as he crossed his arms and began laughing, Cell joining him in laughter.

    After a bit of walking, they reached the shore of the lake. The two began to ponder how they would get across the water, until Alice released a Wailmer, who landed in the water with a mighty splash. Alice climbed aboard her Pokémon, while Reese had not much room to get on. As he was about to reach for Helga’s Pokeball, Alice insisted that there was plenty of room and grabbed his jacket tail, forcing him to sit. It was a close squeeze, but they both managed to fit. Wailord then began to move forward, bouncing around on the waves and making the two hold on for dear life. When they finally made it out to the other side of the lake, they got off Wailmer, whom Alice then called back to her Pokeball. Scout shook her fur to get rid of the water in it, getting Reese’s hair wet and making Alice laugh. The two then began to walk into the forest, until…

    “Wait, where are these flowers anyway?” asked Reese with confusion. Alice then jumped from shock and began to sweat nervously.

    “Um…I’m not entirely sure!” laughed the girl, making Reese sigh.

    “Yep, that’s my cousin, giving me a somewhat easy job and forgetting enough details to make it ridiculously hard,” complained Reese. Alice seemed to be muttering, grabbing Reese’s attention. “Hey, who are you talking to?” asked the white haired boy, scaring Alice and making her juggle the piece of paper as it fluttered about in the air.

    “O-oh! I was j-just reading the back of my paper with the mission on it! It has instructions on where to go~” she answered as she waved her paper frantically. Reese looked at Scout curiously, who shrugged.

    “Works for me, lead the way!” spoke Reese, making Alice smile as she turned around and began walking through the forest. Along the way, they began to see flowers, ranging from daisies to sunflowers and many more. Finally, they came to a field of flowers! A magnificent sight it was, flowers or all sorts of colors lined up row by row along hills, and in the center, a lone cherry blossom tree stands. Alice looked at the flowers and her eyes began to shine like stars, while Reese and Scout looked at the flowers with amazement, though not quite as enthused as Alice. Alice grabbed Reese’s hand, surprising him.

    “Come on! Let’s go find the flowers~” she cheered with a blushing face and an adorable smile. Reese smiled nervously as she began to pull him. Scout jumped down and began to frolic in the flowers while the two searched for red and blue flowers. Reese then noticed that Scout was no longer on his head, and began to panic.

    “Scout! Scout, where’d you go, girl?” yelled Reese, who then saw two little ears above the yellow flowers. “Aha! There you are!” yelled Reese, catching Alice’s attention. The ears perked up in surprise and began to move through the flowers, much like a shark fin in the sea. Reese began to chase after it, and tripped, falling on his face. The ears then popped up again, along with Scout’s tail. “Alice, catch her! She’s in one of her playful moods and won’t quit until we catch her!” yelled Reese. Alice looked as Scout began running to her. Alice chased after the little Pokémon, but fell down when Scout turned around and ran between Alice’s legs.

    “She’s heading your way!” laughed Alice. Reese took after Scout again, but tripped over something large.

    “What the…” Reese thought he had tripped over a root, but looked back to see his Slowpoke eating a green flower.


    “DERP!? HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET OUT OF YOUR POKEBALL!?” yelled Reese, who then saw a Pokeball being balanced by Scout’s tails. “Playing hard ball eh!?” yelled Reese as he grinned with determination and threw two Pokeballs into the air, releasing Helga and and a Serperior, both having scars on one of their eyes, the right eye on Helga, and the left eye on the Serperior.

    “A Serperior?” asked Alice in confusion, as she hadn’t seen one before.

    “Rose, Helga, it’s time for hide and seek!” yelled Reese.

    “Buzz!” yelled Helga.

    “Perior…” sighed Rose as she slithered after Scout and Helga flew after her. Reese attempted to join, but tripped over Derp’s tail again.


    “GOSHDARNIT DERP!” yelled Reese, surprised that he moved behind him without being noticed. Alice extended a hand for Reese, smiling with excitement.

    “Come on! We’ve got to catch her, right?” asked Alice. Reese smiled too, letting her pull him up. They began the chase again, lasting for a whole hour. Alice, Reese, Helga, and Rose began to run out of breath, while Scout was still running around in circles. Suddenly, vines grew out of the ground and grabbed her tail, causing her to flail around.

    “SENTRET SENTRET SENTRET!” yelled Scout. Reese and the others were surprised.

    “Rose, was that you?” asked Reese as he untangled the vines to set Scout free and grab Derp’s Pokeball. Rose shook her head. The others looked back and saw Derp’s body protruding vines, shocking them. “What the, Vine Whip!? Slowpoke can’t learn that!” yelled Reese as he picked up Derp to check if he had swallowed a Bellsprout or was sitting on another grass type Pokémon, however, the vines were actually coming from his sides. Scout hopped into the flowers, curious, and took a bite of a yellow flower, causing her to spark with electricity.

    “Tret?” asked the Sentret in confusion. Rose used her vines to pick up a blue flower from afar, causing Alice to smile until the large snake ate the flower.

    “Ser…” hissed Rose as she opened her mouth after swallowing the flower, shooting a Water Gun blast into the air, which landed in some flowers. Reese and Alice looked at each other strangely.

    “That’s odd…” spoke Reese, who was suddenly disgusted when Alice took a bite of a pink flower. “ALICE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? THAT IS A FLOWER! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAVE-” yelled Reese before her eyes began to glow a bright pink, causing Reese to float in the air. “WHOH, WHAT THE!?”

    “I see! These flowers, when eaten, give the consumer powers of the corresponding type the color is!” explained Alice, who looked off for a second and came back to see that she was juggling Reese, Scout, Rose, Helga, and Derp in the air. The gasped, which made them all fall down.

    “Owwww…” moaned Reese. Alice ran over and lifted his head in concern.

    “OH MY GOSH! I’M SO SORRY!” she yelled, “Are you okay?” she asked with a tear in her eye. Reese stood up and dusted himself off.

    “You need to stop crying over everything,” replied Reese, surprising her, “I’m okay, no need to shed tears for a bruise.” The Pokémon also got up and cheered. Alice blushed a little, but wiped away her tears and smiled.

    “I’m sorry!” she laughed, “It’s just that whenever I do something bad, it just reminds me of some bad things I’ve done before!” Reese seemed confused, but called back his Pokémon and looked at with with concern.

    “Bad things? Come on, they can’t be that bad, we’re all human,” spoke Reese, “We all make mistakes at some point.” Alice turned around and smiled.

    “Well, let’s just say some of the things I’ve done are worse than what others have done, ‘kay?” she asked. Reese decided not to delve too deep into it, and attempted to change the subject back to the flowers.

    “So these flowers…odd huh?” asked Reese, who looked back at Alice, “And you…ate…one…too…” he said slowly, hardly believing his own words. Alice tilted her head cutely before realizing what she had done and started blushing terribly.

    “OHMIGOSH I DID!” she laughed as she put her hands on her head and pouted, making Reese laugh a little at her adorable face. “Alice what is wrong with you!? Eating a flower? EATING A FLOWER IN THE WILD!?” she then grabbed a yellow one and ate it, surprising Reese even more, “Actually, these taste like fruit!” she cheered, offering a yellow one to Reese, who slowly bit the petal.

    “Huh, lemon,” he noticed as he ate the rest of his flower, “Ew, the stem still tastes gross.” Alice began to laugh.

    “But still! What strange, yet wonderful flowers~” she cheered. Reese then grabbed his journal and began reading until he found a page with a flattened red flower taped to the inside, surprising him.

    “Fruit Flowers; ‘Whatever eats these strange flowers gains powers similar to Pokémon types: Green represents grass types, red represents fire types, blue represents water types, pink represents psychic types, yellow represents electric types, and white can turn anything that eats it into a random type,’ and whoever wrote this journal even found a red one, and there’s even a chunk missing from one of the petals,” spoke Reese. Alice seemed confused.

    “Where did you find that journal?” asked Alice.

    “Under our floorboards. Apparently some guy from the founding of Camp Pond-Water wrote it,” answered Reese, who showed her random pages, intriguing her. He also explained to her that, according to this book, this camp might be extremely dangerous, so he and two others were writing a counter journal on how to deal with the issues.

    “Wow, this is interesting!” cheered Alice, who then looked down and picked a blue flower. “Well, that’s one flower~” cheered the girl, making Reese suddenly realize something.

    “Wait, isn’t it odd that Draven asked us to come here and pick these flowers in the first place?” asked Reese, who began to suspect his own cousin. Alice then picked a red flower and handed him the blue one.

    “Here’s your flower!” cheered Alice, surprising him.

    “Are you listening?” asked Reese. Alice began to blush a little and twiddle her fingers.

    “Well…actually…” her face became a cherry red, causing her to pass out. Reese caught her before she hit the ground. He seemed confused at the blushing, but he picked her up and walked to the cherry blossom tree to lie down. The wind began to blow, causing their hair to blow in the wind.

    A few hours had passed, and Reese had fallen asleep under the tree. Alice still lay passed out, while an off colored Beautifly and an off colored Butterfree flutter overhead. The Butterfree landed on Reese’s head, while the Beautifly landed on Alice’s head. Their antennae began to twitch, and they began to sing in their own manner, causing several other butterfly Pokémon to appear and flutter around the tree, who all sang the song as well. No one is quite sure just what this ritual is, but after several songs, the Butterfree began to flutter away, taking with them the multicolored flowers, and leaving the area as nothing but grassland. Alice then slowly opened her eyes and stretched. She looked next to her to see Reese sound asleep, which made her giggle a little, as his sleeping face seemed so calm, and he snored like a small cat. She saw a small cowlick in his hair, and she, while hesitant at first, patted his hair to lay it down.

    “You remind me of an Absol, in a way,” softly whispered Alice, “Strong and proud, but also a handsome creature with soft, white hair…” She then realized that she had been petting his head like a pet, which made her blush a little. She looked around at the grassland and seemed disappointed, but seemed even more embarrassed that she had fallen asleep out here next to Reese. “NO NO NO! ALICE! THIS ISN’T RIGHT AT ALL!” she whispered to herself as she wrote a note and gently placed it into Reese’s hand without waking him up. She then ran off with a cherry red face and left Reese on his own.

    Much later, Reese finally awakes, seeing a pink blur in front of him. He sees the orange sky and realizes that he had been asleep for a while, but then realizes that this pink blur was Derp, lying two inches away from Reese’s face with his blank expression. Reese jumped back out of fear and screamed.



    “DON’T GIVE ME THAT! I guess we’re going to have a talk about personal space later.”


    “No, no talking your way out of this one!” yelled Reese, who then saw the note in his hand.

    “Reese, sorry for running off without you! You had fallen asleep and I didn’t want to disturb you! Has anybody told you that you snore like a baby Skitty?” the letter read, making Reese blush a little.

    “Wait, I do?” he asked himself.

    “All of that aside, thank you so much for the day! It was so much fun! I took your flower back to camp and gave it to Draven for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything~ See you later! –Alice Ferrywill.” Reese looked at the grassland and saw all of the beautiful flowers missing. He wondered about what happened, so he opened his book to see.

    “The Fruit Flowers are only in an area for three days, and then, they are mysteriously whisked away to another location in the world,” Reese read aloud, and then saw an addition to the page written in another ink, “Looking back, this was my best memory of the camp, and possibly the most peaceful…” Reese looked at the tree behind him, and looked in the journal to see if there was anything about the cherry blossom tree in it, but nothing was listed. It was just a beautiful act of nature.

    “Slow poke?” spoke Derp.

    “No I will not give you a piggy back ride.”

    A half hour later, Reese finally returned to his cabin, only to find Kyou in the room playing checkers with Spark, with Decker cheering on the sidelines. Reese saw an unpacked bag in the room on the bed that Alice had been sleeping in, and seemed confused.

    “KING ME!” yelled Kyou as he landed the red tile in Spark’s king line, making him panic.

    “NO! I LET THE ENEMY LINES INFILTRATE HQ! I’M A FAILURE UNCLE SURGE! A FAILUREEEEEE!” yelled Spark as he yelled to the sky, making the others nervous.

    “What’s up?” asked Reese, confused.

    “Well, Alice came back and said she was a little uncomfortable sleeping in a room full of guys, so she asked me to swap with her so she could room with some girls,” replied Kyou, surprising Reese.

    “Wait, you were sleeping in a room full of girls?” asked Reese, surprising.

    “Yeah, so?” asked Kyou innocently.

    “And you don’t mind leaving a room full of girls to come sleep in a room full of smelly guys?” asked Reese. Kyou laughed nervously.

    “Nah, not at all! Actually she seemed a little relieved to leave,” answered Kyou, confusing the guys.

    “Did we scare her?” asked Decker, “I told her I was sorry!”

    “No…I don’t think that’s what it is,” answered Kyou.

    “So what happened today? Get your mission done?” asked Decker. Reese explained to them the events of the day, which made Kyou laugh.

    “What’s so funny?” asked Reese.

    “Oh nothing. You’ll figure it out~” laughed Kyou. Reese then looked at Decker and saw a scratch on his face.

    “So what about you? Get poisoned?” asked Reese.

    “Nope. I was lucky to get out of there, though! I had to wait until one of them used Pin Missile to get a stinger,” answered Decker. Reese cringed, but when Spark was about to tell his story, he interrupted.

    “I need to go speak to Draven for a bit; be back later,” spoke Reese as he walked out the door. Reese walked to the Scout Master’s quarters and entered the building. He then knocked on the Scout Master’s office door.

    “Come in!” yelled Draven, who was reading a newspaper. When he saw Reese come in, he smiled. “What’s up cuz?”

    “You knew about those flowers across the lake, didn’t you?” asked Reese. Draven sighed.

    “Reese, where do you think I’ve been for the entire time before yesterday evening? I found them by accident, and when Cell took a bite and started using Water Gun, I started picking flowers,” answered Draven as he opened a scrap book showing the colors that were available, “I was missing a red and blue flower, though, so I sent somebody out to get it as part of a mission! It’s only by coincidence that you were one of the two people that got that mission!” Reese sat down and narrowed his eyes.

    “Keep saying that, but I know you know there’s more to this camp than just flowers and the crappy lodging,” spoke Reese. Draven leaned back and grinned.

    “You’ve always been smarter than you’ve looked,” answered Draven, annoying Reese, “Look, I’ll admit, there have been some strange things here and there, but I have no idea what causes it, or when it’ll happen.” He looked at Reese’s face and knew he didn’t believe him, “Why would I lie to you? Do you honestly think I’m that sadistic that I’d feign ignorance just to mess with you?” Reese sighed and stood up.

    “Look, if you know something, tell me. If not, I’ll be going,” answered Reese, who waited a moment in total silence before walking out the door. Draven leaned his head against his fist and looked outside at the evening sky.

    “Looks like it’s about time…” spoke Draven as he got up and turned on the intercom. Reese had barely walked outside when he began speaking. “Everyone, please report to the camp lot for dinner, that is all.” Reese sighed and walked over to the lot and waited for the others to join him. Before the others arrived, however, Haley appeared.

    “Sup?” she asked. Reese grinned when he looked at her.

    “Not much, just feeling a little queasy.”

    “Oh, you ate the eggs from breakfast, didn't you?”

    “No, I ate some flowers,” answered Reese, surprising Haley. “You wouldn't believe me if I told you~” he added with a smirk, making her punch his shoulder.

    “Whatever man,” she said with a laugh. Reese, deep inside, had finally accepted that, perhaps, he did indeed have a slight crush on Haley, but decided to not act on it, at least for now.

    The other campers finally arrived, and after Draven set out the firewood, he had his Magby light a fire for them. It was an unexpected gesture, especially when he even brought all the campers dinner by hand. They had received fish and bread, with a bottle of water each. The night continued on with a share session, where Draven asked each camper something they've learned during their missions today, each one a little different than the next. Finally, he gathered the campers together for some folk singing, which, while some, like Reese, found it annoying, others, like Decker, found it to be enjoyable. Perhaps Camp Pond-Water isn’t just a death trap, maybe it’s secretly a Fruit Flower, something entirely different than anything else…

    Meanwhile… after every camper had gone to bed, the mysterious beast still swims in the lake. A colony of Gyarados and Magikarp are seen sleeping, when suddenly, three Gyarados are swallowed whole. What on earth is this monster?

    Chapter 4

    The next afternoon, the campers got to sleep in late, so Reese had just now woken up. He went to the changing house to get dressed while keeping his book with him. At this point, he wasn't sure what may happen next, which was making him quite paranoid, so he was afraid to leave the book behind. After he got out of his pajamas and got into his clothes, he looked at his mission for the day, which was a little odd.

    "Follow the railroad tracks into the abandoned tunnel. Capture the flag and bring it back to camp?" read Reese. Scout popped out of her ball and looked over Reese's shoulder. "Oh, great, I need a partner for this too." He then saw Alice and walked over to her, who seemed a little nervous.

    "U-um, good morning Reese! I-I MEAN AFTERNOON I SAID AFTERNOON!" she said frantically.

    "Hey, we had fun yesterday, and I have another partner mission. Wanna join me today?" asked Reese, making Alice look down.

    "I'm sorry, but my mission is a group mission that involves my entire cabin finding a hidden red stone in the mountains around camp," answered Alice. Reese seemed surprised, but shrugged.

    "That's cool. Sorry to bother you about it," spoke Reese as he smiled, letting her know he was really okay with it.

    "Oh, it's totally fine! Good luck with your mission!" she spoke as Reese began to walk off. She began to blush heavily after remembering petting his hair in his sleep. "STUPID STUPID STUPID!" she yelled as she hit her own head. Three other girls happened to notice this and began to laugh, upsetting her. "What's so funny?" she asked.

    "Somebody has a crusssshhh~" spoke the girl with long blue hair with a green streak in it, who also had pink eyes, a white jacket with gold studs in the collar, a black t-shirt with a thunder symbol, dark blue jeans, and black and green shoes. Alice looked at her with a nervous face.

    "Does 'senpai' make your heart go 'doki doki'?" asked a girl with long brown hair, a pair of square glasses, a striped black and white sweater under a blue vest, a yellow skirt, black pantyhose, and red and white shoes. Alice then looked at her nervously.

    "'Doki doki'?" she asked, unfamiliar with that term. Haley then came from behind and pushed the two girls away.

    "Come on Margarita and Tequila, back off," spoke Haley, "It's her business whether or not she likes a boy, not yours." Spoke the girl.

    "Oh come on Haley! We get a new roommate whose three years younger than us and we can't even pick on her a little?" asked the blue haired girl known as Margarita.

    "I mean, Alice-chan is just so cute~ Just a little bit please, Haley-chan?" asked the brown haired girl known as Tequila. Alice began to blush a little, while Haley defended her.

    "No! As long as she is under our roof, I will protect her from you vile 'shippers'!" proclaimed Haley with a commanding voice, making Alice look at her like some sort of hero.

    "Thank you so much!" cheered Alice as she hugged Haley.

    "Now then, onward march!" yelled the woman, causing the other three to get in a line and start marching behind Haley.

    Meanwhile, Reese was still looking around the camp, but no matter how many people he asked, nobody else had a similar mission. He sighed and sat down on the bench in front of the flag pole. However, Spark then sat down next to him, also exhausted.

    "Couldn't find a partner?" asked Reese.

    "Ain't nobody in this platoon that has enough backbone to go to the abandoned tunnel with me!" yelled Spark. Reese looked at him with surprise.

    "You've got a partner!" cheered Reese as he showed Spark his mission paper, while Spark showed Reese his. They had the exact same mission.

    "Alright men! We move out!" yelled Spark as he suddenly stood up and pointed his fist in the air. A Raichu escaped from the ball on his belt and mimicked his master.

    "RAI!" yelled Raichu with vigor. Reese already knew that this was going to be a long day.

    The two began to walk down the railroad tracks, following a map on the back of Reese's mission paper. Of course, it was mostly linear for the first twenty minutes, which began to irritate Spark and his Raichu.


    "CHU!" agreed Raichu.

    "THAT'S THE SPIRIT GENERAL WASHINGTON! LET'S GET PUMPED!" yelled the blonde man again.

    "Calm down," spoke Reese, trying not to suffocate from the testosterone. "Look, there's no point in running along a rail road track, you'll just trip."

    "Sentret!" agreed Scout.

    "BUT SARGE! WE GOTTA GET THERE NOW!" yelled Spark, "Hey! Let's race there, how about that!?" yelled Spark with a grin.

    "How about not," answered Reese, upsetting Spark. "Why did this guy have to be my partner again?" Reese asked himself. Spark grew boiling mad.

    "Mutiny, in MY platoon!? I DON'T THINK SO!" yelled Spark as he rushed forward. "We'll have a race! Whoever catches the flag first wins!" yelled Spark as he ran forward, making Reese sigh in annoyance.

    "Sir yes sir," moaned Reese as he released Helga from her Pokeball, who appeared in a torrent of darkness.

    "MANDIBUZZ!" cawed Helga. Reese then climbed on her back and had her fly forward, easily passing Spark while he was on foot.

    "Not today, Sarge!" yelled Spark as he threw a ball into the air, releasing a Braviary in a shower of red, white, and blue stars.

    "Brav!" cawed the bird.

    "Lincoln, catch up with them! We can't let them win!" yelled Spark. Lincoln the Braviary let out a loud caw and began to flap his wings, catching up with Reese and Helga. Helga and Lincoln looked at each other and began to fight, scaring Reese, Scout, Spark, and Washington.

    "Spark, call Lincoln off of Helga!" yelled Reese.

    "You call Helga off of Lincoln!" yelled Spark. The two birds kept fighting in the air until they came to the end of the tracks, when they both hit a rock very hard and sent their trainers flying into a tunnel, causing them to tumble repeatedly. The two birds, exhausted, turned into energy and returned to their balls. Spark and Reese painfully get up, grabbing their faithful rodent companions, and rushed forward. As the tunnel got darker, Zubat began to attack, causing the two men, who were keeping an even pace, to grow even angrier.

    "Amp, get rid of these guys!" yelled Reese as he threw a Pokeball into the air, calling forth his Electivire in a stream of chaotic electricity.


    "Johnson, Rock Slide!" yelled Spark as he threw a ball into the air and called forth a Drapion, who slammed his tail against the wall.

    "DRAPION!" yelled Johnson, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling. Reese, Scout, and Amp freaked out.

    "YOU MORON YOU'RE GOING TO GET US KILLED!" yelled Reese as Amp punched the rocks away from them. Johnson let Spark on his back and began to run, passing the others.

    "See ya' at the flag!" yelled Spark.

    "RAICHU!" yelled Washington. Reese twitched his eyes, as it was dark and he could barely see as it is.

    "AMP, FLASH THIS BITCH!" yelled the white haired boy.

    "ELECTIVIREEEEEE!" yelled Amp as he punched his two fists, causing the entire tunnel wall to become alit in electricity.

    "Now use Magnet Rise to fix his mistake!" yelled Reese.

    "VIRRREEEEE!" roared Amp as electricity surged from his body, causing electrons to gather around the falling rocks and cause them to float. Reese then looked at his map and laughed.

    "Heh, he won't be getting too far without this," laughed Reese. "According to the map, there should be a wall to be crushed around here that will take us into the foundation of the tunnel." Reese began to slowly walk until he saw what appeared to be crumbled wall. "Alright Amp, Brick Break!" yelled Reese.

    "VIIIIIRRREEEE!" roared the Electivire as electricity gathered in his fist to shatter the wall, sending dust in the air.

    "Alright, send an Electro Ball in there to-" before Reese could finish, he thought he had heard a cry for help that wasn't familiar.

    "Please, help," spoke the voice. Reese saw a flickering light in the distance and widened his eyes.

    "Amp, shoot an Electro Ball over in that direction, then turn it into Flash so we can see," commanded Reese. Unlike a lot of Pokemon, Amp has been trained to convert attacks mid-way into something different. Amp fired a shot of electricity, which then lit the entire room. In the distance, a young man with spiky green hair and blue eyes lay trapped under a rock, with a Meowth, standing on four legs, flickering the gold coin on its head.

    "Meowth! Meowth!" spoke the cat Pokémon. Electivire rushed over and punched the rock, destroying it and freeing the man. However, he couldn't move. The Meowth began to panic, while the young man screamed in pain. Suddenly, Reese's Slowpoke appeared from his ball and pointed his tail at the man, firing a pink light.

    "Derp? What are you doing?" asked Reese, who then saw the wounds on the man healing, "Heal Pulse?"

    "Slow," answered Derp, possibly saying the first competent thing to Reese since capture. The man then brushed himself off and stood up, smiling as if nothing had happened. His clothes consisted of a short tailed white jacket, a pair of black pants, a blue shirt, and black shoes. The man was about seventeen, and looked at the Meowth with a smile. He then bowed at Reese, shocking him.

    "Thanks a lot," spoke the green haired man, "My name is Cyanide." Reese seemed surprised at the odd name, "Yeah, my family has this weird thing about naming its members after poisons!" he laughed. Reese extended a hand.

    "Cool name, mine's Reese," spoke Reese, "You're Meowth showed us the way, and Amp got the rock out. Derp here healed you too, so they need the thanks." Cyanide shook Derp and Amp's hands, while he patted the Meowth.

    "Actually, this isn't even my Meowth," spoke Cyanide, "I was in here looking for something, and when I was looking around, suddenly a rock fell on me from above!" Reese slapped his face as he remembered Spark's Drapion causing a Rock Slide. He could have killed somebody! "Oh no, it wasn't from the recent one, actually, I've been in here for a couple of days!" laughed Cyanide, making Reese sweat nervously.

    "A couple of days!? Dude, don't laugh!" yelled Reese as he dug in his backpack and handed Cyanide a bottle of water and a box of fish with bread, surprising him, "Here dude, take it."

    "I couldn't impose on you something like this!" spoke Cyanide nervously, whose stomach then began to growl. "Well, if you insist," he said as he sat down and ate the food. Reese grinned, as he felt like he had done something good.

    "No offense, but how are you still alive?" asked Reese. Cyanide rubbed the back of his head.

    "I'm not entirely sure myself. Perhaps this Meowth gave me one of its nine lives?" laughed the man as he drank the water. "Oh wow that tastes so good."

    "So what's your mission for today?" asked Reese.

    "Mission?" asked Cyanide with confusion as he wiped the bread crumbs from his face.

    "Yeah, from Camp Pond-Water."

    "Oh, I'm not a camper from there," replied Cyanide. "Actually, I don't even remember what I was looking for in the first place!" laughed the man, making Reese nervous.

    "Dude, that isn't good."

    "Don't worry about me, is there any way I can repay you?" asked Cyanide. Reese thought for a minute.

    "While you were in here, did you happen to see a flag?" asked Reese.

    "Actually, yes, but it would seem that in order to reach it, somebody must stand on one switch while another person retrieves it," answered Cyanide.

    "So that's why we needed partners." Reese then looked at Cyanide, who was looking at him expectantly. "Wanna be my temporary partner?" Cyanide stood up, grinned, and bumped Reese's fist.

    "Let's go!" he said, "Just try to keep up!" Reese grinned and ran after Cyanide after returning his Slowpoke to its ball, and letting Amp and Scout catch up to him while Meowth caught up to Cyanide.

    The two kept running for a bit, running into Pokemon such as Graveler, Boldore, Golbat, even a Gigalith. The two took on these enemies one by one, with Amp and Scout taking on several enemies, while Cyanide's Gliscor and Arbok took on several enemies. Cyanide was actually a pretty strong trainer, despite getting caught in the earlier incident. Finally, they made it to a small room, where, in the center, a flag stood, surrounded by some sort of fence.

    "Huh, Spark didn't even make it here yet," commented Reese, "At this rate, I wouldn't even need him for this mission."

    "Reese, there's the stone you need to stand on to move the fence. I'll get the flag for you!" spoke Cyanide.

    "You sure?" asked Reese.

    "I don't want to risk you getting hurt, could be booby trapped or something," answered Cyanide with a grin. Reese seemed genuinely touched by this concern, so he stood on the rock, causing the fence to lower. Cyanide then jumped up the stairs to grab the flag. Afterwards, he jumped back down, and Reese stepped off of the rock, causing the fence to rise back up.

    "Thanks man," laughed Reese. Cyanide then began to grin maliciously.

    "No Reese, thank you!" he said as he threw a ball into the air to bring out a Weavile in a blast of black snow. "Weavile, Ice Beam!" yelled the green haired man as he pointed to Reese, shocking the white haired man.

    "Vile!" yelled Weavile as he froze both Amp and Scout, and made an ice prison for Reese.

    "What the, Cyanide, what are you doing!?" yelled Reese.

    "Performing my mission as a member of Camp Noble-Fire!" yelled Cyanide, "My mission was to trick a Camp Pride- no -Pond-Water member and steal their flag!" Reese was totally surprised. "I do need to thank you though, that meal was truly delicious; and the fake injury? Totally easy to do," spoke Cyanide as the Meowth from earlier transformed into a Smeargle, who began to snicker.

    "A Smeargle!?" yelled Reese, knowing they could copy ANY Pokemon move.

    "It was simple, he used Transform to turn into a Meowth, something somebody like you or your Pokemon wouldn't begin to suspect. Then Smeargle used Hypnosis to make me appear to be crushed by a rock. It was genius, and you fell for it all!" yelled Cyanide, making Reese extremely mad. "And before you think about bringing out another Pokemon to break you out," Cyanide then placed an odd radio on the ground, causing Reese's Pokeballs to cease working.

    "Dammit!" yelled Reese as he grabbed his icy prison. Cyanide's Arbok, Gliscor, Weavile, and Smeargle gathered around him and began laughing maniacally.

    "Jackson, use Flare Blitz!" yelled Spark, who appeared from far off. An Arcanine covered in flames tackled all four Pokemon and drifted into Amp, Scout, and Reese's frozen prisons.

    "Arc arc!" barked the Arcanine as he rushed back to his master.

    "Listen here you damn terrorist," said Spark, pointing at Cyanide, "Nobody makes prisoners out of MY platoon, got it!?" Amp and Scout shook their fur with relief, while Reese gave a thumb up to Spark.

    "Bout time you got here Lieutenant," laughed Reese, "What'ya say we end this and call our little race a draw?"

    "Mission approved, Sarge!" yelled Spark as he slid on a pair of shades.

    "Raichu!" growled Washington. Cyanide grinned and pointed.

    "End this! Weavile, Smeargle, go after the Sentret and Electivire! Gliscor and Arbok, after the Raichu and Arcanine!"




    "CHARBOK!" growled and hissed the enemy Pokemon.

    "Amp, Brick Break Smeargle! Scout, Iron Tail Weavile!" yelled Reese.

    "Vire!" yelled Electivire as he punched at Smeargle, who transformed into some sort of liquid to dodge. Meanwhile Scout's tail began to glow a bright silver as her swiped it at Weavile, who dodged the attack.

    "Tret?" asked the Pokemon in confusion. Weavile Slashed at Scout, causing her to let out a painful yelp. Meanwhile, Smeargle manages to hit Amp head on with a ground type attack. Reese looks at Spark, who nods, signaling an okay for anything Reese has in store.

    "Scout, Helping Hand! Amp! Earthquake!"

    While this battle is going on, Washington tries to fire an Ice Type Hidden Power attack at Gliscor, who flies out of the way and goes in for a Stone Edge attack, causing massive damage to the poor Raichu. Meanwhile, Arbok slithers around Jackson as he speeds around covered in flames trying to make contact. Arbok then wraps its tail in water, and makes contact with Jackson's body, causing more damage.

    "Dammit, we aren't ready fer' somethin' like this!" yelled Spark. Spark then looks at Reese's Electivire, and looks at Reese, who gives him a nod. Spark nods back and points forward. "WASHINGTON, HELPING HAND! JACKSON, EXTREMESPEED!"

    With the two orders, Scout and Washington's paws both begin glowing a bright white, causing a white aura to wrap around both Amp and Jackson. Amp lets loose a massive Earthquake throughout the cave, causing the ceiling to cave in, while Jackson jumps at massive speed to pin Gliscor to the ground while also speeding to retrieve the flag from Cyanide's hand and then gather Amp, Scout, Washington, Reese, and Spark, all at the speed of sound. The tunnel began to cave in, while the others rushed at massive speed to the outside. Jackson let the others down, while suddenly, an explosion from the top of the mountain took place. Cyanide, passed out, was being carried out by his Gliscor, who launches an orb of light from his mouth, blinding the others while they got away. Reese, Spark, Scout, Amp, Washington, and Jackson lie down in the grass to rest. Jackson spat the flag out of his mouth, making the others laugh.

    "Not bad, Spark," commented Reese.

    "Who almost killed who now?" asked Spark, making Reese laugh.

    "Come on guys, let's get back to camp."

    They then called back their Pokemon and walked back to camp, carrying the flag with them. When they arrived, it was already evening, and Draven had been waiting for them on the front. They handed him the flag, which he seemed pleased with.

    "Congrats, you just beat Camp Noble Fire for Camp Pride Water in Capture the Flag for the first time in ten years!" spoke Draven with a smile.

    "Wait, this was a competition!?" yelled Reese.

    "Yes. Two representatives from Camp Pride Water were to take on two Camp Noble Fire camp members," answered Draven as he planted the flag in the camp lot.

    "Wait, I only encountered Cyanide," spoke Reese.

    "I forgot to mention that I ran into another of their platoon members in the cave," laughed Spark, "He took out Johnson with a Breloom, so I had to swap to Jackson!" Reese nodded his head.

    "Why weren't we aware that this was a competition?" asked Reese.

    "Because, it puts you in real life situations," answered Draven, "You wouldn't have known that those two were Camp Noble Fire members if I hadn't told you, so therefore, they were total strangers!" He then reached for a small portable TV, showing Reese's act of kindness for Cyanide. "Even if he was a stranger, you offered him food, that takes a kind heart." Reese blushed a little.

    "Wait, where'd you get that!?" yelled Reese.

    "There were video cameras placed all throughout that tunnel, broadcasting a stream to both camps. But dang, I wasn't expecting the two of you to destroy the entire tunnel. That's bonus points!" laughed Draven. Reese and Spark looked at each other with a grin and fist bumped. "Now, why don't you guys go take a nice bath before dinner tonight?" asked Draven. Spark cheered.

    "WOOHOO, RACE YA' THERE SARGE!" yelled Spark as he ran toward the bath house. Reese looked at Draven with confusion.

    "I keep hearing different names for this camp: Pride Water, or Pond Water, which is it?" asked the white haired boy.

    "Well, Pride Water is the camp's original name, but over the last two decades, Noble Fire has been spreading a new name of Pond Water, like 'Pond Scum,' and people, even Ms Steward, just took to it," answered Draven. Reese looked at the lake with wonder.

    "I wonder, why were they given the names 'Noble-Fire' and 'Pride-Water' in the first place?" asked Reese.

    "That's something you have to learn on your own, cuz!" laughed Draven, who then ruffled Reese's hair.

    "Hey, quit it!" yelled Reese. Reese then realized that nothing strange or out of the ordinary truly happened that day, though a thought did cross his mind: Why was that tunnel abandoned? That would have to be answered another day.

    For now, Reese went to bath in the bath house while relaxing in an on campus hot spring, which was really just heated water provided by Slugma sleeping underground at night, and relaxed. At least until Decker splashed water on his face, scaring and burning him. Reese roared like an angry Ursaring and began to attack back, while Spark and Kyou suddenly joined in as well. On the other side of the wooden wall dividing the girls' side from the guys' side, the cabin group from earlier also relaxes.

    "Wow, that mission was ridiculous!" spoke Margarita as she lowered her mouth into the bathwater and made it bubble.

    "There were so many shades of red rock! And the Pokemon guarding the area weren't too kind at all!" complained Alice.

    "But in the end, we did get the mission done, right Alice-chan?" asked Tequila, wiggling her fingers while she made a creepy face.

    "T-Tequila, what are you doing!?" asked Alice with a worried and nervous face. Tequila began tickling her, making Alice laugh and cry a little at the same time.

    "OOH! I'M JOINING IN!" yelled Margarita as she also began tickling Alice.

    "N-no! Stop!" yelled Alice between laughter. Haley then grabbed them both by the towels wrapped around their bodies and threw them both behind her, causing them both to knock down the wooden wall between the separated baths. The four guys weren't exactly sure what happened, when suddenly the girls began to scream, while Haley hid Alice behind her own body.

    "HOLY CRAP WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?" yelled Reese as he covered his eyes and turned around while blushing.

    "I don't know, but I like it!" grinned Decker as he and Spark's noses began to bleed.

    "YOU PERVERTS!" yelled Margarita as she threw a rock at all three of them, Tequila joining in, while Haley grabbed Alice and got out of the water before anybody realized she actually caused this. Meanwhile, Kyou laughed while he watched the chaos ensue.

    "Woohoo! Keep throwing those rocks!" yelled Kyou with a laugh.

    "WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON, TRAITOR!?" yelled Spark.

    "I'm on the winning team!" laughed Kyou, who was suddenly hit with a rock.

    "AND TO THINK WE LET YOU STAY IN THE ROOM WITH US!" yelled Tequila, surprising the other three boys.

    "THOSE WERE THE GIRLS YOU ROOMED WITH!?" yelled Spark, who was knocked in the head by a rock.

    "LUCKY DOG! AIR FI-" yelled Decker before being pelted with a rock.

    "If you say so I guess," grinned Kyou.

    After that, the campers gathered around to tell scary stories and sing songs again, while a special ceremony was held to honor Reese and Spark, who had won the Capture the Flag game for Pride Water, making the campers cheer. Meanwhile, another award was given to Decker for bringing an abandoned egg from the lake to camp, and another to Kyou for finding an injured Pokemon and healing it, both being solo missions. After a bit of celebration, an announcement was made.

    "Tomorrow, if you are done with your missions, you can all go into town and do a little sightseeing or shopping!" spoke Draven, causing the others to hoop and holler. With that, the gang all returned to their respective cabins, discussing what they would do in town tomorrow in town. Spark suggested they find a shooting range and test out their skills, while Kyou suggested a sensible trip to a store to restock on items, while Decker insisted on finding battles instead. Meanwhile, Reese flips through his journal to find out anything about the tunnel.

    "The Abandoned Tunnel was once a booming railroad course, but was condemned after a mysterious Pokemon blew up two trains. Since then, the Pokemon responsible have not been found." the journal read, not seeing an updated article. The fact that this place was used for Capture the Flag raises more alarms, something he could not ignore. Reese then decided that wouldn't join the others in town, but instead, sneak into Draven's office and look at files, but without telling anyone. However, when he turned the page, he found a letter in his journal.

    "Reese, meet me at the flagpole at five tomorrow morning, we need to talk- Haley."

    Reese began to wonder what she would want, or how she was able to put this letter inside the book. He then figured it must have happened when they got out of the spring, since the book was in his bag in the changing rooms. Either way, She has to know something, and he was going to find out what that was.

    Meanwhile…in the lake, the mysterious beast appears again, however, more can be seen of the beast. It appeared to be long and slender, with some sort of horn on its head, and also had glowing eyes. The monster then lets out a cry, causing the very moon to come out from behind the clouds. Soon, it would strike!​
  3. Chapter 5

    The very next morning, at the crack of dawn, Reese woke up and got dressed. He wasn’t sure what the day would entail, but he figured that having somebody like Haley, somebody who has been coming to this camp for four years, might help with his investigations. He stood by the flag pole, waiting for the girl to come out. Reese let Scout out of her ball, who rubbed her eyes in a very sleepy manner and gave an adorable yawn. Reese puts her on the ground and begins straightening his hair and his scarf, to which Scout approves to both being in correct order. Reese then exhaled at Scout, trying to find out if his breath was foul or not. Scout seemed a little disgusted, so Reese pulled out a small, disposable bottle of mouth was from his pocket and swished it around his mouth for a few minutes, both hating the stinging of the mouthwash and relishing the orange tanginess. Reese then breathed at Scout again, who then gave a nodding approval. Reese brushes his teeth, but not that often, since his parents didn’t encourage it like they should have, so he has to rely on Scout often to tell him if he is in presentable condition. Reese felt a sudden tap on his shoulder, causing him to jump and spit the mouthwash out, while a little bit went down his windpipe by accident. Reese looked behind him, ready to pummel Decker if it was him, but discovered it to be Haley, who laughed at his coughing.

    “Sorry, that was just too funny to pass up!” laughed Haley. Reese then returned Scout to her ball, not wanting an incident like what happened on the day he and Alice went to the flower field to happen again for this. Reese straightened up, repeatedly telling himself in his mind to “Stay cool, you got this.”

    “Ow my lungs,” laughed Reese, feeling a slight burning sensation. Reese drank a little water before their meeting could commence.

    “So, since you’re here, I take it that you found that note I left in the journal,” spoke Haley.

    “Yeah, I was wondering how you found out I had it,” spoke Reese.

    “Well, in my prior experience to this camp, I found that journal myself,” spoke Haley, surprising Reese, “And just like you, every year I came, I tried to investigate this place.” Reese seemed to feel a bond forming between him and Haley, though he tried to dismiss it as just teenage hormones.

    “So, you’ve also noticed the strange things going on at camp?” asked Reese.

    “You’d have to be blind not to,” laughed Haley, “That journal helped me to understand them a bit more, but I’ve never been able to uncover everything about this place. As a matter of fact, you found the journal quicker than I did too.” Reese began to think about what all was in this journal, since it was a decently big book, and he also wondered just how much Haley had seen at camp.

    “So, did you ever find anything out about the camp?” asked Reese.

    “Well…not much, really,” sighed Haley, who looked at the foggy lake. “I found out, after a bit of research, that Camp Pond-er-Pride Water was founded near a Native Unovan burial ground, for one. This location also happens to be near an mountain rich with the same properties as the evolution stones; it’s built directly over a caved in mine that was said to be filled with angry miners and ghost Pokémon; and that there once was a laboratory that did illegal experiments, but had to shut down due to lack of funding. Really, there’s a lot more going on here; Thomas Anville, more than likely, picked this place as the foundation of this camp because of all the oddities surrounding the area.”

    “Makes sense to me,” replied Reese, thinking of a circus when he looked back on the flowers and that cave. “But I still need answers; I think that something is going on here that needs to be settled.” Haley nodded.

    “What are you going to do?”

    “When the others go into town today, I’m staying behind and breaking into Draven’s office,” spoke Reese, surprising Haley.

    “Didn’t think you were that kind of guy,” spoke Haley with a smirk.

    “He’s obviously hiding something, and I need to find out what,” answered Reese, “You in?” Haley thought for a bit.

    “You know what? Yeah. I’ve been here for too long, might as well add B and E to my ‘to do list’,” spoke Haley. Reese grinned.

    “Okay, now we have to figure out a way to get in there without letting Draven know we’re still here. I think he’ll notice if I’m not on that cart to town,” spoke Reese as he placed his hand on his chin.

    “I can handle that,” spoke Haley as she grabbed a Heal ball from her hip and showed it to Reese, “My Gothitelle has Teleport, we can get on the cart and go into town. Once we’re there, we can separate from the group and just come back here unnoticed.” Reese grinned and nodded his head.

    “Sweet. We have a plan then!” laughed Reese. “Let’s get our missions for the day over with so we won’t have to deal with them later,” he then suggested. He and Haley then grabbed their mission sheets; however, both were solo missions to other areas.

    “Good luck~” said Haley as she winked and walked towards the upper forest. Reese looked at his mission, which called for a scavenger hunt.

    “Find the flashing orb in the lake!?” read Reese, “Figures I get this for a solo mission…” Reese then went to the changing house, got out of his clothes, and changed into a pair of white swimming shorts with white side pockets, a white waist strap, and white leg cuffs. He then brought out a Pokeball and released Derp the Slowpoke in a torrent of water.

    “Slowpoke!” spoke the dopey Pokémon.

    “Huh, that’s the first time you’ve said your entire name around me,” laughed Reese. “Okay Derp, I need your help. Think you can help me get to the bottom of the lake to find some flashing thing with Dive?” asked Reese. Derp yawned, which made a large bubble, which fit around Reese’s head like an oxygen helmet. “Okay, so far so good, wanna go surfing for it now?”

    “Poookkkeeee,” replied Slowpoke as he slowly walked into the water. Reese grabbed his body, which confused him.

    “Something wrong? Just dive,” spoke Reese. Slowpoke took a few seconds before he understood the command completely, but then he dove underwater. The water was somewhat murky, but the air bubble helped for Reese to breathe and to see better. Derp maneuvered his body around, trying to see if he could see a flashing light anywhere. Reese then saw a flashing light somewhere in the distance, and pointed so Derp would swim in that direction. Derp was surprisingly faster in the water than Reese had originally thought, as he had a little trouble hanging on as he moved around. Eventually they found the orb, which Reese smiled at, more than likely because the mission was easier than previously thought. However, Reese saw what appeared to be another glowing object from afar.

    “Poke?” gargled Derp.

    “No, the paper said there was only one orb, right?” asked Reese to himself. The glowing object from afar blinked and began to move toward Reese and Derp. “Okay, I think we need to get out of here!” yelled Reese as Derp began to swim at high velocity to land. The beast, shrouded by the murky water, opened its gaping mouth and fired a black burst of energy sparking with red and blue energy, which Reese and Derp barely avoided. Derp managed to crawl onto shore, where the pink Pokémon scuttled towards the cabin at surprising speed.

    “Poke poke poke poke poke!” yelled Derp as he hid.

    “Good work Derp,” congratulated Reese, surprised at his speed. Reese looked into the lake from behind his cabin, and saw the glowing eyes retreat downstream. “Huh, looks like a water dwelling Pokémon. Wonder what it was?” asked Reese to himself. He then popped his air bubble and looked at the orb. “Oh well, another problem for another day, we got our orb!” laughed Reese.

    “Slowpoke!” cheered Derp. Reese was surprised to see how attached they have gotten to each other, and especially how Derp has been more talkative.

    “Derp, do you like your name?” asked Reese, as he really only named him “Derp” out of spite. Derp tilted his head.

    “Poke?” asked the Slowpoke. Reese shrugged.

    “I don't know, I just thought that maybe you didn’t like your name, and would prefer to be called by your real name, ‘Yodan’ or whatever,” replied Reese. Derp still tilted his head in confusion, “Still wanna be called Derp, eh?” Derp gave a slow nod. “Okay then, if that’s what you want buddy.” Reese then thought about that beast in the water. “What Pokémon was that?”

    After a few hours, the campers became more bustling and active. Kyou and Alice went out on a partner mission to bring back a Rare Bone from the mountains; Spark had to take on an Ursaring and bring back a hair; Decker had to locate a Fire Stone in the forest, which was odd; Margarita and Tequila had to find an Audino in the tall grass and bring it to camp for some lunch; and Haley had to find a tracker in a tree. Everyone in camp completed their missions early so they could go to town, so they all gathered in the front lot. A small train awaited the campers as they gathered.

    “Okay, so to accommodate everyone, we’ll spend an hour and a half at the firing range, an hour and a half at the local stores, an hour and a half looking at what trainers are trading, and an hour and a half looking for battles,” read Decker from a list. “Any objections?”

    “Yeah, I kind of wanted to just…I don't know…” spoke Reese, trying to come up with an excuse.

    “He’s coming with me to sightsee,” spoke Haley. The others seemed confused, but Decker snickered a little.

    “Oh yeah, Reese has ALWAYS been a fan of history~” added Decker, winking at Reese, “No problem! Just let us know when you’re done!” Reese nodded nervously. They then boarded the train, where Decker went out of his way to get everyone to sit with other people other than Reese or Haley, forcing them both to sit together in the cart.

    “Thanks for the save back there,” whispered Reese.

    “No problem, but we should do some sightseeing one day!” laughed Haley, making Reese smile and blush a little. “Are you blushing?” asked Haley with a furled brow.

    “What!? No!” nervously retorted Reese, “I think I caught something from swimming in the lake earlier.” He then tried faking a sneeze, which only made Haley laugh.

    “Whatever man, how did that mission go anyway?” she asked. Reese thought back to the monster and told her about it. “A monster? You sure it wasn’t a Pokémon?”

    “I don’t know of any Pokémon THAT big with glowing yellow eyes that lives in a lake,” replied Reese. He then thought to look in the journal. “Beware the beast of Lake Anville, a being that has come to be known as ‘Ness’. The great beast consumes all that comes near it, and absorbs part of a Pokémon that it eats, and adapts with it, as I was most unfortunate to find out with the loss of my Lapras!” read Reese. Reese then looked at Haley, who looked at him with a surprised expression.

    “Okay, we’ve GOT to look into that,” whispered Haley, “That might explain why two Pokémon went missing during my four years going to this camp.” Reese nodded, as he was interested in this now too. However, they had ten or so minutes until they reached Anville Town.

    “So… what’s your sign?”

    After the awkward ten minutes of trying to make conversation, the train finally came to a revolving station in the center of the small town. As the kids got off the train, they seemed a little disappointed at the small size of the town, which looked as if it hadn’t been updated for a couple of decades. Still, they were glad to finally be somewhere other than camp, and began to fan out all over. Reese and Haley made sure that they were somewhere in the middle of the crowd so they wouldn’t get noticed, and then they ran into a small changing room in a store, the store clerk not even noticing that there were two people going in at the same time due to her reading a newspaper. Haley then released her Gothitelle, which appeared in a bright pink light.

    “Anne, Teleport us back to camp,” commanded Haley.

    “Telle?” asked Anne in confusion.

    “Yes, I do mean it.” Anne sighed and clapped her hands, causing a bright light to flash and warp them back to camp grounds, which might as well have been a ghost town. Haley returned Anne to her Pokeball, and she and Reese walked to the Scout Master’s quarters. They peered into the windows, making sure that someone like Ms. Steward hadn’t stayed behind to take a nap. Haley tried the door, but it was locked. “Well at least there shouldn’t be anybody in there, the door was never locked if there was someone in there, though it does bring the problem of getting in there,” spoke Haley. Reese grinned and lifted one of the two limestone rocks that stood next to the door, and found a key underneath it.

    “Draven, you’ve always been too predictable,” laughed Reese as he inserted the key and opened the door. The two walked inside, checking around corners to make sure nobody was in the room.

    “All clear on this floor,” spoke Haley. She and Reese both looked at the stairs, knowing the office was up there. They both climbed the stairs, but the door was shut. They lightly opened it, but cringed at the squeaking it made. However, from the look of it, it appeared as if nobody was inside. The two went straight for the filing cabinet, reading documents one after another, though they were mostly financial documents or future camping events.

    “Darn it, I’ve read financial records from twenty years ago, medical records on the asthmatic kid from two cabins over, and I’ve read every single meal we’re going to have for the next five weeks, which isn’t gourmet food, by the way,” complained Reese.

    “I don’t think the Scout Master would just hide secret documents in a cabinet without a lock,” commented Haley as she flipped through files, and suddenly felt the urge to puke. “Oh yeah, in two months, we’re skipping dinner.” Reese then began tapping on the floor boards.

    “You’re right, Draven’s always kept ‘magazines’ hidden under places like floorboards,” commented Reese, who then realized that he’s only been Scout Master for three days, so there was a possibility of them not being there. Haley sighed and lied back in the chair, spying a different colored piece of wood in the ceiling.

    “Reese, come over here and give me a lift,” spoke Haley, as it was just out of reach. Reese walked over, and just before he was about to lift her up, he began to sweat nervously. “Something wrong?” she asked as she turned so her back was facing Reese. Reese’s heart fluttered a bit, as he had never really touched a girl’s body, other than hands of course. He nervously grabbed her waist and lifted her up, being surprised by how light she was. She tried reaching, but had to maneuver her body for leverage, which ended with her bottom pressed against Reese’s face. She finally moved the board out of the way, and, sure enough, there was a black folder hidden in the empty spot. “Okay, I got it!” Reese then gently let her down, but he quickly turned around, as his face was as red as a cherry.

    “W-w-what does it say?” asked Reese as he tried to calm down by thinking of Derp rolling around on the ground, which helped his face return to normal color. Haley then opened the folder, the front cover written in bold red ink “Confidential! Authorized Personnel ONLY!” The documents ranged from disappearances of both people and Pokémon, similar to what the journal entailed; to lifelike mirages suddenly appearing in camp, such as a mysterious blizzard in the middle of summer twenty years ago; even reports of mysterious objects discovered that seemed “other worldly.”

    “Here’s a report on Ness!” declared Haley, “Ness is a ruthless creature, devouring anything that may get in its path. No clear picture has been seen, though it has been said to have a long, slender neck, a large shell, large fins, and glowing golden eyes,” read Haley, “It spends most of its time in water, but only appears on land when prey escapes!” Reese began to panic, as just this morning, he and Derp had barely managed to get away. “Though it only appears when it it comes near the shores, due to it lacking land dwelling legs.” Reese wiped the sweat from his face.

    “Well that’s a relief,” spoke Reese.

    “But your cabin is right by the shore, you’re going to have some sort of encounter with it eventually,” replied Haley. Reese put his hands in his pocket, but his wrist grazed over an open Pokeball on his waist, making him panic.

    “Wait, where’s Derp!?” yelled Reese, who then looked out the window to see Derp walking towards the shore. Reese began to panic and rushed down the stairs and through the door, seeing glowing eyes in the water. Suddenly, a large, blue monster with sharp teeth, yellow eyes, and Sharpedo like fins around its head lunged at Derp, who missed thanks to Reese’s quick reaction to tackle it out of the way.

    “Poke?” asked Slowpoke on confusion.

    “Dude, stop getting out of the Pokeball like that!” yelled Reese. Ness looked at Reese and Derp and roared loudly, causing a harsh wind to blow at them. Ness then, somehow, began to crawl out on large, tortoise like feet, revealing a Lapras like shell on its back and a long, slender tail with a sharp Seviper like tail. “Crap, he’s got land legs now!!?” yelled Reese as he released Rose, Amp, and Hercules from their balls.



    “Heracro!” cried the Pokémon.


    “CROSSSS!” yelled Hercules as he fired a blue shot from his horn into the sky, which then made rain fall around it.

    “VIRE!” yelled Electivire as he shot a blast of electricity into the air, which the Rain Dance orb redirected directly at Ness, who wasn’t even fazed. Rose then struck her tail into the ground, which made a gigantic vine strike Ness, which again, barely did anything.

    “What!?” yelled Reese. Haley ran out from the building and pulled out a Pokedex, which identified several Pokémon that were adapted into this creature.

    “Reese! This thing has all of the types of the Pokémon it absorbed! That’s Seviper’s Poison, Sharpedo’s Water and Dark, Lapras’s Water and Ice, Gyarados’s Water and Flying, and Torterra’s Grass and Ground!” yelled Haley. Reese freaked out.

    “THAT THING ATE A GYARADOS AND A TORTERRA!?” yelled Reese. Ness then fired a blast of energy at them, which appeared to be Hyper Beam that was many times stronger than normal. Reese braced for impact, when Derp suddenly yawned, causing a force field to appear around them, which blocked the attack and sent it back at Ness, causing it to stumble.

    “Slow…” moaned Derp.

    “Damn, Derp, you saved our lives!” yelled Reese with a massive grin, while the others also smiled. Haley then threw three Pokeballs into the air, releasing a Dragonite, Magnezone, and an Alomola.

    “NITE!” yelled the Dragonite.

    “Zone,” beeped the Magnezone.

    “Mola~” cheered the Alomola.

    “Drago, use Outrage! Magnet, use Zap Cannon! Mambo, Soak!” yelled Haley. Drago’s body became engulfed in blue, swirling energy with red energy sparkling throughout his body as he flew upwards and collided with Ness’s head for a direct hit! Mambo then fired a blob of water at Ness while Drago flew away, which enveloped the creature in an orb of water.

    “Amp, use Wild Charge!” yelled Reese. Magnet fired a Zap Cannon while Amp entire body became engulfed in pure electricity. Amp Then rushed at Ness and collided head on, while Zap Cannon collided with the orb as well, causing the entire orb to light up with electricity. Ness roared in pain, but suddenly slapped his tail on the ground, causing a crack to open in the earth and strike Amp and Magnet head on, knocking them both out in one hit. “No! Not Fissure!” yelled Reese, who then looked at Derp and smirked, “DERP, DISABLE!” yelled Reese.

    “Slowwwww,” moaned Derp as his eyes glowed a bright blue, which made Ness freeze up. It roared loudly, and somehow, it’s entire body began to wiggle, almost like a gel.

    “What the heck? Derp, what did you disable?” asked Reese with surprise. Haley looked at her Pokedex again and saw a new Pokémon registered through Ness.

    “Reese! That’s not a real monster!” yelled Haley, shocking him, “That’s a Ditto! It transformed and began absorbing other Pokémon to become this!” Reese looked at the Pokémon as it wiggled.

    “So Derp didn’t disable Fissure, it disabled the last move used, which is constantly Transform!” yelled Reese, who was still confused, but then he had an idea. “Rose, use Gastro Acid!” yelled Reese, surprising Haley.

    “Serrrr!” hissed Rose as she fired a shot of clear liquid at Ness, which landed on its foot. Suddenly, the monster began to shrink, and its body color became pink. As it shrank, Pokémon such as Gyarados, Sharpedo, Seviper, Torterra, and even a Lapras surfaced from the pink gel. The pink gel then became a Ditto, who was unconscious on the ground.

    “There was a twofold problem. Transform is constantly in effect because this Ditto’s ability is Imposter, and thus, it transforms into anything it sees without any control!” spoke Reese as he walked over to the Ditto. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t let it wake up, because it would transform into whatever it saw next, but he couldn’t catch it because he would awaken in the PC and transform in there as well. Suddenly, however, a Pokeball went flying at the Ditto, catching it and returning to the person who threw it. Reese and Haley looked to see that it was Draven, who was carrying fishing equipment.

    “Nice job Snow-man,” commented Draven, who then looked at Haley, “And you were excellent as well. There would be no way he could have done this without your efforts either.” Derp yawned and pointed his tail upward, sending a Heal Pulse to all Pokémon on the field. The Gyarados and Sharpedo fled back to the lake, while the Seviper fled back into the forest. However, the Torterra and Lapras remained. “Well, looks like you also solved the case of the missing Torterra as well,” commented Draven as he walked over and patted the Pokémon’s head.

    “TERRA!” cheered the Pokémon. Draven then looked over at Lapras and stroke his chin.

    “Now who do you belong to?” asked Draven. Reese took out his journal and flipped to the author’s name.

    “It belonged to a man named Richard, who wrote in this journal over eighty years ago,” answered Reese. Draven took out his PDA and scanned the Lapras, confirming an old trainer record.

    “Well we have his last name at least; Lapras will be given to his nearest kin, the Thames; hopefully they’ll be able to help it recover from this ordeal…” spoke Draven, making Reese feel sorry for the Poor Pokémon, since she has been bonded with Ditto for at least eight decades. “Though, it doesn’t appear she aged a day. As a matter of fact, I think that the Pokémon the Ditto bonded with went through a suspended animated state. In other words, this Lapras still doesn’t know…” The Lapras looked around for her master, but couldn’t find him. Draven patted the poor Pokémon’s head, trying to calm her down.

    “How terrible,” spoke Haley as she recalled her Pokémon, “What would make a Ditto do all of that? And even odder, how did this Ditto even come to be alive eighty years ago? They didn’t come into physical existence until at most thirty years ago…” Reese began to think.

    “That is true, but you can’t deny the fact that the journal accounts for the disappearance of the Lapras and the appearance of the beast, as well as these other phenomenon, which places it eighty years ago,” replied Reese. Draven nodded.

    “The files also match that date as well. By the way, find what you need?” asked Draven with a smile, shocking Reese and Haley, “You two are pretty good snoops, but you failed to see the squiggly red line on the wall!” laughed Draven. A floating squiggly line appeared next to Draven, which then became visible as a Keckleon with a camera on its head.

    “Keck!” coughed the Keckleon. Reese slapped his head.

    “How did I not take that into account?” complained Reese. Haley also seemed surprised.

    “Don’t worry, you two aren’t in trouble, that is, if we can make a deal,” spoke Draven, surprising the two, “One, never mention the oddities around here to anybody else other than the people who already know. Two, if you believe you have uncovered something BIG, you let me know immediately. And three,” began Draven, scaring Reese and slightly Haley, “You have to participate with everyone else during camp activities!” laughed the Scout Master, surprising and annoying the two.

    “You’re joking, right?” asked Reese.

    “No. This means, you have to sing every song, tell every story, go to the festivals and dances, while also dancing with somebody, and you have to TRY to have a good time with the others~” laughed Draven. Reese then remembered the Ditto. “Don’t worry about him, there is a far away set of islands that has the technology to swap abilities. We’ll send him there and they change it to Limber, that way he can live a normal life style!” Draven then pressed a button on his PDA, which sent a signal to all the Pokémon outside of their balls. The Pokémon returned to their balls, even Torterra, whose energy flew skywards to town. “I’ll deal with Lapras now! You two get back to town and have fun!” declared Draven as he pressed a button on his PDA, which made the two of them teleport to the location they were at before they teleported.

    “How did he do that?” asked Reese.

    “I think his PDA has the technology to hack into Pokeballs. He used Anne’s Teleport to send us back here!” replied Haley. The woman from the store then opened the door to the changing room, scaring them.

    “YOU DAG DERN TEENAGERS! GIT OUTA HAR BEFO’ I CALL THE POLICE!” yelled the woman as she held a cigarette in her mouth. The two frantically ran out of the store, while the woman shook her head. “Dern teenagers and them ragin’ hormones.”

    The two began to walk down the street, and their stomachs started growling. It had been a little over two hours since they went back to camp and began their escapades, and it was already dinner time. Decker, Kyou, Spark, and Alice saw them through a window in a diner, and made them come in. While Decker was still on the thought that they were on a date, the two told the others about the entire escapade, which made some of them mad.

    “Why didn’t you tell us? We would have helped you!” replied Kyou.

    “Well, we wanted as little people around so we could sneak in and sneak out, but…yeah, that was a dumb thought, in hindsight,” replied Reese with nervousness.

    “S-so it was just the two of you…alone...at the camp?” asked Alice as she poked her fingers at each other.

    “Wait, what are you implying?” asked Haley, making Reese blush brightly.

    “Let’s not talk about it,” added Reese as he looked down.

    “Wait, why are you blushing? We didn’t do anything!” retorted Haley. Reese flashed back to the awkward moment he had where he had to give her a boost, which made him blush even more.

    “No, it’s just the cold, I’m telling you! I have a cold!” yelled Reese.

    “DON’T WORRY SARGE!” yelled Spark, “I’ve got a homemade solution made from lemon juice, apple cider, and cinnamon!” Reese got up and rushed for the bathroom, losing his lunch at the very thought of consuming such a vile medicine. “Well, he could always get it out of his system that way I guess.”

    “So, welcome to the ‘Mystery Gang,’ Haley!” cheered Decker. Reese looked out of the bathroom with an angry face.

    “WE ARE NOT THE MYSTERY GANG!” yelled Reese.

    They ate a nice meal and gathered in the train station to board the train again, this time, Reese made sure to sit next to Decker, Reese steadily kept his eye outside the window, just like the day they arrived. Decker kept mischievously smiling.

    “Dude, what’s up?” asked Decker, “What’s with the light show on the face?” Reese looked at him with an annoyed face.

    “I don’t wanna talk about it,” answered Reese.

    “Come on! What happened? Did she tease you? Flirt with you? Girls do that.”

    “I said I don’t want to talk about it.”

    “Come on dude! I’m your best bro! You gotta tell me these things!”

    “Fine, you really want to know?” asked Reese. Decker smiled and nodded. Reese leaned in and told him about what happened, making him blush just thinking about it. “It’s enough that I had to touch her waist, but then…her butt…” Decker laughed, making Reese panic. “NOT SO LOUD!” he loudly whispered.

    “I forget that you aren’t that experienced with girls,” laughed Decker.

    “Rub it in why don’t ya.”

    “Dude, come on, you know I’m joking!” laughed Decker. Reese looked at him and grinned.

    “Just wait, I’ll find something on you too!” yelled Reese. The two laughed for the rest of the trip.

    After that, the campers arrived back at camp, where they told the stories about what happened during the day. Reese and Haley got the most applause for their story, since one of the trainers was the owner of the lost Torterra. They then sang as usual, however, they were told that they had the weekend to do whatever they wished. Though, the rest of the night, the guys stayed up in their cabin just having “guy talk” and exchanging the random things they heard, while Decker revealed why it was that Reese was so nervous today, which resulted in a wrestling match, in which Spark won easily, while Kyou did the smart thing and stayed out of it, but he wasn’t above cheering. Things seemed like they were calm, and in the new journal, Reese wrote down the events of taking down “Ness”, including how to deal with it, should the event happen again.

    However, not all was peaceful. In a small room lit only by television screens, only the lower part of his mouth can be seen. Another person walks in, but the darkness of the room shrouds him in mysterious shadow as well, save for his glasses, which reflect the glare from the monitors.

    “It would appear Project Ness has finally been retired,” spoke the man in front of the monitors.

    “Surviving in the wild for eighty years is no easy feat. Ness was forced to undergo a different type of evolution, and for a while, he succeeded,” spoke the man with the glasses. “Keep watch on Ferrywill…” the man then exited the room, making the man on the monitor grin.

    “The ‘Monitor’ sees all.”

    Chapter 6

    Today is Saturday, which means that the campers are free to do whatever they wish for the day, though if they wanted to go to town, they would have to find another way besides train to go, since it wasn’t available on weekends. The guys still sleep in their cabins at noon, since they literally have nothing planned. Kyou soundly breathes while he sleeps, while Spark snores loudly with his legs out of his covers, while Decker sleeps on his stomach with drool coming out of his mouth, and while Reese pulls the covers over his head and snores like a small kitten while snuggling with Scout in his arms. However, suddenly, they are awoken by a loud kick through the front door and the screaming of a girl. When the all awoke, it was Alice, who was whimpering and had tears in her eyes.

    “Hey, hey, everything is okay!” spoke Decker as he patted her back.

    “NO IT’S NOT!” she screamed loudly. Haley then walked in, leaving the others slightly confused.

    “You see… our two roommates, Margarita and Tequila, took some of the other campers on a dare,” spoke Haley as she walked over to Reese and reached for the journal. She turned a few pages and stopped, “Just as I thought,” she spoke as she showed the others a page detailing something about a house, “They went to the first Scout Master’s cabin last night on a dare to stay the night there.”

    “How do you know that they aren’t still asleep?” asked Kyou, “From when I was there, they always slept pretty late.”

    “Still, I don’t want those two in that cabin,” replied Haley as she began reading, “The Scout Master who bought this mansion turned it into his cabin, but then shortly disappeared, and was never seen again,” she read.

    “Wait, you’re saying this cabin is haunted?” asked Reese.

    “Maybe, maybe not, but still…”

    “WE HAVE TO GO FIND THEMMMM!” yelled Alice as she cried loudly. Spark stood up and pounded his chest.

    “IN THE NAME OF LT. SPARK, MY PLATOON AND I WILL SAVE THOSE LADIES!” yelled Spark as Washington the Raichu stood next to him, “Whether through rain or snow, hell or high waters, WE NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND!” he yelled. Decker and Kyou gave a salute, while Reese looked at them in annoyance. Alice began to blush and hide her face, while Haley sighed.

    “Thanks Spark. Now would you kindly put on some pants?” asked Haley as she looked away. Spark had forgotten that he was still in his boxers, and pulled his covers over his body in embarrassment.

    The guys then went to put on some clothes and began following Alice and Haley through the woods. As they walked they came upon a large mansion that looked as if it were falling apart for a long time, with several broken glass windows and holes in the roof. It somehow became dark as night, and lightning struck from above, scaring Alice as she hugged Decker for protection, and scaring Spark as he hid behind Kyou for protection. Scout begins to shake nervously, while Reese pats her head.

    “Hey, it’s okay girl,” spoke Reese with a soft voice.

    “What’s up with it being nighttime all of the sudden?” asked Kyou. Reese looked in the journal for an answer.

    “According to the journal, the Pokémon surrounding the area use a perpetual Moonlight and Rain Dance to discourage others from entering the area,” replied Reese, who began to shiver at the thought of darkness. Suddenly, it began to rain, making the others even more nervous.

    “Well, if we stay out here, we’re going to catch a cold,” laughed Decker as he grabbed Alice’s hand, “LET’S GO!” he yelled with a grin as he rushed inside, while Alice blushed and yelled nervously. Spark began to shiver.

    “I-I just remembered, I think I left my belt back at the cabin!” yelled Spark as he tried to run away. Reese, Haley, and Kyou grabbed him and began walking in.

    “Come on Lieutenant, get your head in the game! We’ve got men in there!” spoke Kyou, trying not to crack from using military lingo. They walked into the first room, which was very dark. Floorboards were missing or had holes, curtains were torn, a chandelier was on the ground, and there was a gaping hole to an upstairs room. As they walked in, Spark and Alice gripped each other, when suddenly, the door slammed closed behind them on its own, making them gasp.

    “A draft?” asked Reese in astonishment.

    “That’s one heck of a draft if I’ve ever seen one,” replied Haley. Thunder and lightning boomed outside, making them all jump in fear.

    “Okay guys, let’s go find the ‘Drink Girls’!” yelled Decker in excitement as he walked towards the stairs in the center of the room.

    “Wait, we need to partner up so that way we won’t be without protection!” yelled Reese. Decker then ran back and grabbed Reese’s scarf to drag him upstairs.

    “I CALL DIBS ON REESE!” yelled Decker. Reese looked at him in annoyance as they walked into a long hallway.

    “What’s up?” asked Reese.

    “Sorry man, it’s just that we haven’t really had a chance for bro time, you know?” laughed Decker, “I miss my buddy!” Reese sighed and bumped his fist.

    “I guess we have been spending a lot of time with others. Alright, let’s go!” laughed Reese as they walked forward. As they walked forward, they began entering a dark section of the house, which made Reese feel frightened.

    “Dude, you need help with that fear of yours,” spoke Decker as he released an Alakazam into the room in a flash of pink light.

    “Kazam!” yelled the Alakazam.

    “Einstein, light the way please~” commanded Decker. The dark corridors became alit by the pink light protruding from Einstein’s spoons, which calmed Reese down a bit.

    “Thanks Decker,” sighed Reese in relief.

    “Sentret!” agreed Scout. They walked forward, avoiding the holes in the floors and the cobwebs that lay before them.

    “What on earth happened to this place?” asked Decker.

    “The journal said that the first scout master bought this place after somebody was murdered here,” answered Reese, making Decker shiver.

    “Yikes, this place keeps getting more interesting the more we read from that thing,” replied Decker. Einstein’s light shined upon a picture of an old woman sitting in a chair, which was slightly torn along the corners.

    “Wonder if she was the owner before the scout master,” spoke Reese as they continued walking down the hall. A scream suddenly echoed through the halls.

    “THAT SOUNDED LIKE ALICE!” yelled Decker as he turned around too fast and stepped on a loose floor board, causing him, Reese, Scout, and Einstein to fall through the floors onto the first floor into what appeared to be a dining room. The four stood back up and rubbed their heads after the rough fall, trying to gather themselves back together.

    “Ow…” whined Reese. He picked up Scout to make sure she was okay.

    “Tret!” cheered the Pokémon with a smile. Reese was relieved to see that she was okay.

    “Alice…” Decker seemed depressed.

    “Look, she’s probably got Spark, Haley, or Kyou with her, she’ll be fine,” spoke Reese with assurance. Decker lowered his head in shame.

    “Y-yeah…I guess…” he said in a low tone. Reese furled his eyebrow.

    “Wait, you’ve got a thing for her, don’t you?” asked Reese. Decker stood up and grinned.

    “Read me like a book!” laughed Decker, surprising Reese at how open about it Decker was, “What can I say, I love shy girls~” he said with a blush, “She’s just so cute when she gets flustered or when she blushes~” Reese became annoyed.

    “Calm down, you’re starting to sound like a perverted fanboy,” replied Reese. Decker laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head.

    “Sorry dude!” he laughed. The two were then surprised when a window suddenly shattered behind them, while Einstein and Scout prepared to fight.

    “What the…” Reese looked at the broken window, but couldn’t see a direct cause for the damage. Suddenly, they heard Spark yelling from somewhere far off.

    “Okay, now I’m getting worried!” spoke Decker as he rushed out of the room. Reese, Scout, and Einstein followed closely behind, where they were nearly crushed by a falling chandelier in the hallway.

    “Yeesh!” yelled Reese, who then ducked when a vase flew at him. The four looked as furniture began to float, which began to scare them. “Run!” they began to run in the opposite direction while Einstein did his best to keep the furniture at bay. Meanwhile, a lamp from the wall falls toward them until Scout is able to Iron Tail it away.

    “What is going on here!?” yelled Decker as he ran.

    “Something doesn’t want us here!” yelled Reese as Scout pushes him into a hallway, where Decker and Einstein run in as well. The furniture float by, seemingly unaware that they hid here.

    “Al?” asked Einstein.

    “Tret!?” worried Scout. Reese and Decker looked out the hallway from the corner, but couldn’t see anything.

    “I don’t see any more floating furniture,” spoke Decker.

    “But we didn’t see what was making it float in the first place,” remarked Reese. From afar, they heard Kyou’s scream, which made them worry. “Crap, we came in here to help the Drink Girls, but now we’re being picked off one by one!” growled Reese. Decker then released another Pokémon, this time it was Cerberus, who appeared in fire and darkness.

    “HOUND!” barked the Houndoom.

    “Might not hurt to have a little more backup,” commented Decker as he patted Cerberus on the head.

    “Good idea,” spoke Reese as he released Hercules in a rush of scales.

    “Cross!” yelled the Heracross.

    “While we’re at it, let’s try to regroup with Haley,” spoke Reese.

    “Going to protect your girlfriend?” asked Decker with a smile Reese sighed in annoyance.

    “Look, I think I have a crush on her, but she’s too old for me. She even said that I was like a little brother, there’s no way in heck I have a shot with her,” solemnly replied Reese. Decker punched his arm, making Reese wince.

    “Reese, you’ve got more game than you let on, man!” laughed Decker, “No other guy I know has the white hair and green eyes going for them, that’s pretty cool if you ask me! Not only that, you’re smooth, dude! Just try something, maybe she’ll take the bait.” Reese remembered why Decker was his best friend, and punched his shoulder.

    “Shut up dumbass,” laughed Reese, “Alright, I won’t quit. BUT, you’ve gotta grow a pair and talk to Alice.” Decker nodded.

    “Alright,” he said bluntly, surprising Reese, “When we get out of here, I’m going to start talking to her!” Decker began to grin, but he then stood up, “Now come on dude, we’ve got some friends to rescue.” Reese, ignoring the confidence that Decker has, stood up and followed him back into the hallway. They walked until they came to a fork, which neither were willing to separate to explore.

    “I say the left side,” spoke Decker. Cerberus barked in agreement. Reese and his Pokémon nodded and began to follow him, but began to feel cold.

    “Hey Deck, does it feel chilly to you?” asked Reese as he began chattering his teeth. Decker looked back and freaked out. There were shadowy hands hovering behind Reese and his Pokémon.

    “Reese, get away from there!” yelled Decker as he yanked Reese away. The hands then grabbed him and began dragging him into the shadows. Cerberus, like a loyal dog, barked and rushed after his master, but ultimately became trapped himself.

    “DECKER, CERBERUS!” yelled Reese as he reached for Decker’s hand and Cerberus’s tail, but to no avail; they were gone. The only ones left were Einstein, Hercules, Scout, and Reese.

    “KAZAM!” yelled Alakazam as he felt on the floor, but realized it was completely solid. Hercules pulled Einstein away.

    “Heracro!” yelled Hercules, trying to get the Pokémon’s attention. Reese began to growl in anger.

    “THAT’S IT!” yelled Reese with anger. “Scout, Foresight! WE ARE GOING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL IS CAUSING THIS!”

    “TRET!” yelled Scout as her eyes began to glow brightly and send out a pulse, causing the entire area to be scanned. Suddenly, a Froslass and several Litwick, Ghastly, and various other ghost type Pokémon appeared, freaking Reese and the Pokémon out at the sheer numbers.

    “Hercules, Scout, Shadow Claw! Einstein, Shadow Ball!” yelled Reese. Einstein began to fire away with multiple Shadow Ball bullets at the ghost Pokémon, who wailed as they were struck, while Hercules and Scout struck at several ghosts with paws or claws enveloped in dark energy. However, hands stretched out from the walls and grabbed Einstein, making Reese and the other Pokémon panic. They grabbed the Pokémon’s hands, desperately trying to pull back, but to no avail. Reese growled and released Helga from her ball. “HELGA, DARK PULSE!” yelled Reese.

    “BUUZZZZZ!” yelled Helga as her body exploded in black energy, while Reese gathered Scout and Hercules in the safety underneath her. The entire vicinity became engulfed with black energy, knocking out several ghost Pokémon. Reese fell to his knees and yelled loudly, when he suddenly heard a yell from down the hall.

    “Come on guys!” yelled Reese as his Pokémon followed. As they ran, they saw Haley collapsed on the floor. Reese ran over and grabbed, while trying to shake her awake. “Haley, wake up!” yelled Reese. Haley then opened her eyes and rubbed her head, trying to regain her full attention.

    “Ow…the others…I…” she said in a low voice.

    “It’s the work of the ghost Pokémon, if we can find the pack leader, we can probably get our friends back!” exclaimed Reese. Haley then hugged Reese’s neck, surprising him and making him blush.

    “Thank you so much, you’re so brave,” she said in a low voice. She then back away and blushed, while trying to lean in to kiss Reese. Reese blushed greatly.

    “W-what are you d-doing?” asked Reese in a nervous tone.

    “I’m sorry for not realizing what a great person you were before, I just can’t help myself…” she leaned in closer, but Reese felt something was gravely wrong.

    “You’re not Haley!” yelled Reese as he jumped up. Haley seemed surprised, but her cover was blown as her eyes began to glow a bright yellow and she hissed, revealing extremely sharp teeth.

    “YOU WILL DIE HERE!” yelled the imposter as it lunged for Reese.

    “Hercules, Close Combat!” yelled Decker.

    “CROOOO!” yelled Hercules as he began punching and kicking the imposter, and finally hit it with his horn, sending it against the wall. The imposter’s disguise was broken, as it transformed into an off colored Zoroark with blue hair and yellow eyes. Hercules then grabbed the Zoroark by the chest fur and placed it against the wall.

    “You’re not even a ghost Pokémon, yet you lead these things,” spoke Reese, who then grew angry. Rose and Amp then escaped from their Pokeballs and surrounded the Pokémon.





    “Cross!” yelled Reese’s Pokémon in anger.

    “Where are my friends!?” yelled Reese in anger. The Zoroark began to growl loudly.

    “Why should I tell you?” growled the fox, surprising the others that it was capable of human speech, “All of you humans deserve to DIE! If I can leave this world knowing that I’ve killed at least one of you, then I’ll be at rest!” Reese was shocked, and his eyes widened with disbelief.

    “Wait, are you saying MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD!?” yelled Reese. His Pokémon began to growl murderously.

    “Not yet, but in the pocket dimension, they’ll eventually run out of food and water, and they’ll starve,” replied the Zoroark. Reese growled.

    “Why, just, what did people do to deserve this!?” yelled Reese. Zoroark grinned.

    “Why should I tell you? I have nothing to lose, even if you kill me, or even if you destroy this house, nothing will change. My mission will still have been fulfilled!” Reese began to yell, while his Pokémon began to blast away at him. Suddenly, Derp appeared out of his Pokeball and used Heal Pulse on everyone, calming them down greatly.

    “Derp…what are you doing here?” asked Reese.

    “Slowwww….” replied the Slowpoke. The Zoroark seemed astonished.

    “Yo…Yodan!? Is that really you!?” asked Zoroark.

    “Poke,” replied Derp.

    “What? Why would you let a human call you such a ridiculous name?” asked Zoroark.

    “Slow poke.”

    “I see…”

    “Slowpoke slow slow poke slow?”

    “You really want to know what happened?” asked Zoroark. Derp nodded. Zoroark looked down and began remembering. “These humans have no regard for us wild Pokémon, always trying to build civilizations in places that WE need to survive!”

    “What?” asked Reese.

    “When the humans built this mansion, I was just a Zorua, happily enjoying my live with my brothers and sisters with my mother and father; however, the humans came… THOSE DAMN HUMANS! THEY KILLED MY FAMILY BECAUSE THEY TRIED TO DEFEND THEIR HOME!” Zoroark began to cry, which made Reese pity him, “That man… That man who build this home… I didn’t need these other Pokémon to help me… I trained daily until one day, I evolved. Then, I got my revenge…” an image of Zoroark stabbing the man which his sharp claws in his sleep flashed through his mind.

    “You killed him with your own hands?” asked Reese.

    “Yes…he deserved more than what he got… however, my mother always told me to give my prey an easy, less painful death. However, over time, the grief I felt for my loss began to overcome me… With that, ghost Pokémon became naturally attracted to me. I became the alpha male, and I decided to kill any human that stepped foot in here again…” spoke Zoroark.

    “Slow poke…” spoke Derp in a low tone.

    “I’m sorry Yodan, but it is too late for me,” replied Zoroark, “Because you seem to be close to this human, I will allow you to leave here and never return…”

    “That’s not good enough!” yelled Reese. “I want my friends back! And I’m not leaving here without them!” Zoroark growled.

    “Why should I give them back?”

    “What would you say to your mother if she saw you like this?” asked Reese, shocking Zoroark, “I have a mother too, and…I wouldn’t want her to see me get this angry… I feel ashamed, now that I think about it…”

    “It’s what I must do for survival. I will not allow another human to desecrate my home…”

    “But not all humans want to hurt you!” yelled Reese, shocking Zoroark.

    “YES THEY DO! They all do!”

    “Well I guess the same goes for all Zoroark, doesn’t it?” asked Reese, shocking the monster fox, “You see? Your mother was probably not as twisted as you were, I don’t think she would want you to be living this life of revenge…” Zoroark began to think heavily, but made his eyes glow brightly. The floor became a gigantic shadow, causing Decker, Haley, Spark, Alice, Kyou, Cerberus, Einstein, Kyou’s Baku and Trapinch, Spark’s Washington and Jefferson, Alice’s Espeon and Audino, Haley’s Chandelure, and Margarita, Margarita’s Plusle, Tequila, and Tequila’s Minun to all appear in that room.

    “White haired human…I will be watching you. If you prove to be the kind of human whom you claim doesn’t want to hurt others for his own benefit, I will remain peaceful, on the condition that you make sure that nobody ever returns here…” spoke Zoroark. The others seemed surprised.

    “What happened?” asked Decker. Tequila and Margarita hugged Haley with tears running down their faces.

    “HALEY CHAN! I’M SO GLAD YOU CAME FOR US!” yelled Tequila as she rubbed her face on Haley’s cheek.

    “Oh dear god, it was so dark! Tequila wouldn’t shut up!” whined Margarita as she copied Tequila’s actions, annoying Haley. Reese called back his Pokémon, save for Scout and Derp, while the others called back their Pokémon as well.

    “Yodan, I’m not sure if I like this human, but I will respect your judgment,” spoke Zoroark, “Now, kindly escort them away from here…I must speak to my ghostly comrades…” Derp then made his eyes glow, teleporting the gang outside of the mansion, which began to fade and become invisible.

    “Wow, we actually survived!” cheered Alice. Decker grabbed her hands, making her blush somewhat.

    “I promised myself that if I made it out alive, I would bring up the guts to ask you out!” declared Decker, making her face become as red as a cherry, and surprising the others, while Reese felt even more surprised, “So, would you like to spend the day together tomorrow?” Alice began to shake nervously.

    “U-u-um…U-u-um…” she stuttered, “Y….YES!” she screamed before fainting. Decker picked her up so he could carry her, surprising the others at the boldness he had.

    “Thanks for the advice, Reese!” laughed Decker, making the others look at Reese strangely.

    “H-hey, don’t make everyone look at me like that!” yelled Reese, making the others laugh.

    “Well then, if you’ll excuse me…” began Spark, “I need to get back to the cabin…I don’t think I need to explain myself.” Spark then ran off, leaving the others grossed out. Haley looked at Reese and smiled.

    “Thanks Reese,” spoke Haley, surprising him.

    “Actually, Derp needs to be thanked…I don’t know what all he’s been through, but he knew that Zoroark somehow, and that was the only way I was able to get to him,” replied Reese. Haley then bent over and patted Derp on the head, making him smile.

    “Thanks Derp,” softly spoke Haley.

    “CAN WE LEAVE NOW!?” yelled both of the Drink girls as they hugged each other in fear.

    “Yeah, I think I’m going to need some therapy after today,” added Kyou. They nodded and began to walk back to camp, while Reese began to write in the counter journal about what happened today.

    As they walked back to camp, it became evident that they had been in the house for quite a while, as the sky still remained dark when they came back to camp. There was no camp gathering tonight, so campers just had to grab their dinner from the Scout Master’s cabin. The gang decided to eat together anyway, eating what appeared to be spaghetti and mashed potatoes. Things seemed to be very enjoyable, since their lives weren’t on the line. However, as the others went to put their dishes away, Reese and Haley found themselves alone.

    “So…Reese,” spoke Haley, “While I was in that pocket dimension… I saw that Zoroark had transformed into me, and tried to kiss you…” Reese spat his water out into the campfire in front of them, “Or at least he tried to make you think he was going to so he could defeat you, but you know what I mean.” Reese blushed, but sighed.

    “I knew it wasn’t you because it was too sudden,” laughed Reese, “You aren’t helpless, I now that, and I know for a fact that you wouldn’t even consider somebody like me worthy of a kiss.” Haley flicked a small chunk of mashed potatoes at Reese, which landed on his cheek. “Hey!”

    “Come on Reese, don’t be such a downer!” laughed Haley, “Look, stop doubting yourself. You’re actually pretty strong and smart for your age! And besides that, I know somebody who would just love to back you against the wall and just start making out with you!” Reese, again, spat out his water at the camp fire. “Okay, that was a bit much, but the point is, don’t put yourself down! I’m sure whoever you have a crush on is just waiting for you to talk to them!” Reese blushed at the thought.

    “Wait, how do you know I have a crush on somebody!?” asked Reese with a red face.

    “You just told me~” laughed Haley, making Reese realize that she used wordplay.

    “You clever girl,” laughed Reese.

    “So, tell me, who is it?” asked Haley with interest, making Reese feel nervous.


    “Come on, tell me!”

    “I’m not sure about…”

    “I said out with it!” she laughed as she began to tickle Reese, causing him to laugh uncontrollably. “I won’t stop until you tell me!”

    “OKAY FINE!” yelled Reese, trying to overcome laughter. Haley eased up, as she was interested in hearing this. “She’s…uh…she’s older than me though… so it wouldn’t work out.” Haley began tickling him again.

    “That’s not the answer~” laughed Haley as she began tickling again. Reese began to sweat nervously, as he didn’t know of a way to tell her.

    “I need time!” yelled Reese. Haley seemed surprised, but seeing him blush made her grin a little.

    “Alright, I’ll stop picking on you…for now~” laughed Haley, “But I will get it out of you, and when I do, we’ll formulate the best plan to make her fall head over heels for you!” She then picked up her dishes and began to take it to the kitchen. “See you tomorrow!” Reese waved at her, but then looked down and began pulling his hair.

    “That would work if it wasn’t you…” muttered Reese.

    “What was that?” asked Margarita as she sat next to Reese, scaring him. Reese looked at the blue haired girl and began sweating nervously. “Relax, I won’t tell~” she laughed, “Besides that, I prefer ‘Older Girl’ shipping to ‘Flower’ shipping.” Reese was confused.

    “Wait, what?”

    “Nothing. You have a crush on Haley, right?” she asked. Reese sighed and looked at the fire.

    “Yeah, yeah I do.”

    “Meet me on the island across the lake tomorrow for some coaching~” laughed Margarita.

    “Do I have to?” whined Reese.

    “Fine, I’ll just tell her that you’re massively in love with her and want to be the father of her ten children on a farm in Nuvema Town,” replied Margarita.

    “OKAY I’LL DO IT!” yelled Reese.

    “Good boy~” laughed Margarita when Tequila walked over.

    “What were you talking about with him?” she asked.

    “I was just asking him if he died is hair or not~” laughed Margarita.

    “Which I don’t, by the way,” added Reese. The two girls began to chat, when Margarita looked back and winked at Reese, making him nervous. Just what he needed, another person who wasn’t Haley finding out his crush. However, Reese fell asleep early tonight, more than likely due to the ordeal he had earlier that left him tired from exhaustion.

    However, as our heroes sleep, the man with the glasses overlooks a seventeen year old man with thick, windswept black hair, brown eyes, a red and white leather jacket, black gloves, a black shirt, a brown leather hip belt, bright blue pants, and black boots with gray straps wrapped around the ankle and heels. The man was only visible because of a single ray of light over looking him, while the man with the glasses still remains to be identified.

    “You have your mission, Daisuke,” spoke the man, “I trust you’ll have no issue with it?” Daisuke thought, but grinned.

    “No problem! I just have to drop this one thing off, right?” asked Daisuke with a smile.

    “You’re avoiding the dirty part,” replied the man with the glasses. Daisuke lowered his head and sighed.

    “Yeah, I can do THAT too,” whined the man, “Just remember our deal, got it?”

    “Rest assured, she will get the medical attention she needs…” Daisuke nodded his head.

    “You’ve got a deal!”​
  4. Chapter 7

    The next “morning,” though again in the afternoon, the campers have the Sunday off, so most of the campers are asleep. However, Reese is faced with a difficult mission: Letting Margarita teach him how to win over the heart of Haley. He flies over to the island on the other side of the lake to meet up with the blue and green haired girl, who meets him with a humongous grin.

    “Good morning Re-Re~” cheered the girl. Reese seemed annoyed.

    “Actually it’s noon.”

    “Details,” she said as she waved her hand, “Now follow me!” she began to walk deeper into the woods, scaring Reese slightly. They began walking deeper and deeper until they came to a wall, which had some of hole knocked into it. Reese seemed confused, but followed Margarita inside. She then flipped a switch, which revealed a secret room covered in colorful lights, stuffed dolls, a makeup center, and a large stereo system. Reese seemed utterly shocked about this literal “Girl Cave” he was looking at.

    “What the…”

    “Isn’t this so awesome!?” asked Margarita with excitement.

    “How on earth do you get all of this here in one place? Never mind that, where does the electricity come from!?” asked Reese frantically.

    “Detaiiilllssss~” replied Margarita as she twirled around. Reese sighed in annoyance.

    “Okay, can we get this over with?” asked Reese.

    “What’s the rush? You want her to fall in love with you, right?” asked the girl with a wink.

    “I don’t know if-”

    “Good! Now stand still!” she exclaimed. She then grabbed his face and leaned in for a kiss, making Reese freak out.

    “HEY HEY HEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU FREAKING DOING!?” yelled Reese as he pushed her away, though she still struggled against him.

    “You have to be confident when you talk to her!” she answered as her face was pressed on by his hand, “And what’s the best way to gain confidence? By practicing kissing!” Reese was backed into the corner, but he managed to curl up to avoid her lips. “Reese, come on! Most guys would kill for this kind of practice!” Reese blushed heavily in embarrassment.

    “Y-yeah, well, I-I’m not most guys!” replied Reese as he buried his face in his arms. Margarita sighed and flopped into a bean bag chair.

    “Darn…and here I was hoping I could become an older sister figure and help a younger brother figure this summer,” pouted Margarita.

    “YOU WANT TO KISS YOUR BROTHER!?” yelled Reese, as he was grossed out.

    “WHAT, NO! I DIDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!” yelled Margarita, “You know what I mean. Back where I come from, I only have Tequila, and boys just start out so young into this, and they always turn into jerks when they get older.” Reese peeked over his arms. “I just want to make a good contribution to the world by making sure that not another jerk is let out in the streets.” She looked at Reese with a smile. “You and you’re friends are so different,” she explained, “You, Decker, Spark, Kyou; you aren’t jerky like most guys your age. You don’t sit around telling girls how big your junk is or brag about how strong your Pokémon are, and you certainly don’t tell girls so many reasons why they should drop ‘that guy’ to get with them.”

    “Well we’re just trying to be nice,” answered Reese, “I never understood why girls always wanted to be with the d-bags back where I came from. I still don’t, actually.”

    “Now see, that’s why I like you!” laughed Margarita, “You’ve got values, and you’ve got the looks too!” Reese blushed even more.

    “What?” he asked as he buried his face again.

    “All you need is confidence! I mean…maybe if you weren’t so scared of getting close to a girl,” she said as she crept up to his face, though Reese didn’t notice because his eyes were buried, “You would be the envy of every guy out there!” she whispered, scaring Reese as he looked up slightly, only to feel her lips touch his forehead. Reese’s eye twitched, and he began to nervously mutter.

    “D-d-d-don’t do that! Let’s try other st-steps first!” yelled Reese as he began to sweat and shiver.

    “Wow, you’re really nervous about this, aren’t you?” asked Margarita.

    “And you’re a bit too open to this idea!” yelled Reese as he looked over his arms, revealing his cherry red face.

    “You look like a strawberry!” laughed Margarita, making Reese’s face become even redder. “Don’t tell me you’ve never been kissed before! Please don’t!” yelled Margarita as she realized what she may have done.

    “You’re the first girl that’s ever kissed my face,” muttered Reese. Margarita began to yell loudly.

    “No no no! Bro and Sis shipping is a no no! Older shipping is a go go!” yelled Margarita, “It’s supposed to be your love interest that kisses you first, or at least that you end up marrying, not the older sister!”

    “WOULD YOU QUIT SAYING IT LIKE THAT!?” yelled Reese. Margarita sighed and plumped back on her bean bag again.

    “Well, look at it like this! At least you aren’t back at camp being used as a test subject!” cheered Margarita. Reese looked at her strangely. “Let’s just say that last night, the girls were talking about trying to make bows out of some spare things Alice brought with her, and one thing lead to another, and we ended up betting on which guy we could get to try on a dress for us.”


    “Hey, I voted for Decker, it was Haley who brought up your name.”

    “Again, WHAT!?”

    “Yeah, she thought that your hair and your eyes would look gorgeous with her dress idea, but I had to keep my bet alive, so I dragged you out here,” answered Margarita.

    “…you still haven’t answered my WHAT!?”

    “Okay, so Tequila brought it up, because she watches a lot of anime and reads…what was it… ‘yow-ee’?” I don't know. Anyway, she made the funny joke about what it would be like for Spark to dress up in a dress, you know, with his large muscles and all,” gossiped the girl, “She thinks that he’s using his masculinity as a cover up for ‘something else,’ if you catch my drift, which would be totally okay if he did, but it just struck her as a little funny. Then Alice said something about having spare knitting equipment, and I made a bet that we could somehow get one guy from your cabin into a dress. Haley was at first against it, but then I called Decker, Tequila called Spark, Alice called Kyou, and then she finally called you. I KNEW I had to keep you away from that, otherwise Haley would never see you the same again.” Reese took a moment to take all of this information in.

    “So…who did they get to put on the dress?”

    Back at camp, Kyou wears a gorgeous, ruffled yellow dress with white frills that came to his knees and black shoes with short white socks. He sweats nervously, as Haley, Alice, and Tequila are fidgeting around his body in their cabin.

    “Why did I agree to this?” asked Kyou as he winced nervously.

    “Because Spark-kun and Deck-kun ‘politely declined’ and Reesey-chan is nowhere to be found, along with Margarita-chan…” replied Tequila as she adjusted her glasses.

    “Hold still, your ribbon is coming undone!” yelled Haley as she tightened the ribbon around his waist, causing pain.

    “OW TOO TIGHT!” yelled Kyou, “I don’t want to do this anymore!”

    “Well you don’t have a choice!” yelled Tequila as she put a wig on his head and added eyelashes, making him look more like a girl than a boy.

    “Oh my goodness! Kyou looks just like a girl!” spoke Alice with disbelief.

    “But I don’t want to look like a girl!” yelled Kyou.

    “WELL TOO BAD KYOU-CHAN!” yelled Tequila. The three girls stood back and admired their creation.

    “He looks so beautiful!” commented Haley.

    “Can I get out of this now!?” yelled Kyou with a blush on his face.

    However, all was not peaceful. Outside the camp, the mysterious Daisuke arrives and slips a piece of paper under the scout master’s door, which read: “Clear the campsite of all campers, or face the destruction of the beloved campers of Camp Pond Water.” He walked to the flag pole and drew a Pokeball, ready to unleash hell on the camp.

    “Gigalith!” yelled the man. A large, rock Pokémon with red crystal appeared with a thud.

    “LITTTTHHH!” roared the monster rock Pokémon. Several campers ran outside of their cabins to see who this was, and had no idea what was going on.

    “I’ve been instructed to destroy the camp with or without you here!” yelled Daisuke, causing everyone to gasp, while he reacted nervously, “I don’t want to hurt you guys though! So, I’ll give you guys… ten minutes? Ten minutes, yeah, that should be enough to get your stuff out of here.” The campers seemed confused, since he was acting too polite. Kyou and the girls stepped outside, not even remembering that Kyou was still dressed as a girl. Kyou looked at Daisuke and began to blush.

    “Daisuke!? What are you doing here?” asked Kyou. Daisuke looked at the “girl” with deep concentration. “She” seemed familiar, and “her” voice did as well, but he didn’t recognize Kyou.

    “Have we met?” he asked with a confused face, making Kyou angry.

    “Come on! We were rivals for the longest time!” yelled Kyou as he marched up to Daisuke’s face, causing him to blush, since he wasn’t used to having a girl, real or not, so close to him.

    “Look, the only person I remember being my rival was-”

    “IT WAS ME YOU MORON!” yelled Kyou, making Daisuke nervous at how “in his face” he was being about it.

    “Look, I don’t want you to get hurt, so just get your things and-”

    “Daisuke, why would you want to destroy Camp Pride Water, this place is beautiful! You’ve never been one to do bad things!” yelled Kyou.

    “ALRIGHT, THAT’S IT!” yelled Daisuke, surprising Kyou, “Look, I don’t know you, okay!? And it’s nothing personal! I have a job to do, and I’m trying to do it without getting anybody hurt!” yelled the man.

    “Then if you want to destroy the camp, you’ll have to go through me!” yelled Kyou as he held a Pokeball in his hand. Decker and Spark suddenly appeared, with several questions on their mind.

    “Before you ask, that guy is apparently called Daisuke, and he wants to destroy camp with or without us here, though he wants us to get out so he doesn’t have to do that,” spoke Haley, “Two, Kyou apparently knows him from before, though I’m not exactly sure where from; and three, we put him in the dress by force.” Decker and Spark’s jaw dropped, just utterly amazed at how Kyou looked so much like an actual girl.

    “Phew! Thanks fer telling me that!” whispered Spark with a nervous sweat, “Almost fell for that trap!”

    “I know~ Kyou-chan looks so convincing! Even his supposed friend has no idea who he is!” laughed Tequila. Decker looked at Alice with suspicion, who began to laugh nervously.


    “You made that dress? It looks awesome!” declared Decker, making her blush.

    “W-w-well…thanks!” cheered Alice. Draven then appeared on the scene, holding the note in his hand.

    “Are you Mr. Daisuke?” asked Draven, scaring the young man.

    “Augh, dammit!” winced Daisuke.

    “Under most circumstances, I would destroy you for even threatening to harm a pebble on this camp,” spoke Draven as he adjusted his glasses, which made a glare from the sun. Suddenly, Cell, a Metagross, and a Salamence appeared behind him, all eager to fight, which made Daisuke nervous.

    “No… I can’t be scared! I have to do this!” yelled Daisuke as he grit his teeth, “I can’t lose!” Draven raised an eyebrow in astonishment. He then took a picture of Daisuke with a PDA, which shocked him.

    “The police will be down hare in about a half hour, you have that long to battle the lovely young lady for the camp,” replied Draven as his Pokémon immediately went back to their balls. Kyou looked at Draven with embarrassment.

    “BUT I’M NOT-”

    “Don’t worry! I’m sure that you can do this!” cheered Draven with a thumb up as he walked back to his cabin.

    “What? Is that seriously it!?” yelled a camper with thick red hair.

    “Some Scout Master you are!” yelled a camper with thin black hair.

    “Trust me, if I intervened, there would be nothing left of this camp anyway…” replied Draven, scaring the others as the sunlight reflected from his glasses. Kyou then tossed a ball into the air, revealing his Lucario, who stood in a nervous manner.

    “Alright Lucario, let’s use Aura Sphere!” yelled Kyou. Daisuke began to panic, as he wasn’t QUITE ready to battle.

    “WAIT!” yelled Daisuke, “Let’s battle in the front lot!” yelled the man, surprising the others.

    “For a villain, this guy is awfully polite,” muttered Decker. The two relocated to the open lot at the front, giving ample time for Gigalith to take his massive steps over as well.

    “Okay, now we can start! Three versus three!” yelled Daisuke.

    “LUCARIO, AURA SPHERE!” yelled Kyou.

    “CARIO!” yelled Lucario as his voiced cracked. He launched an orb of pure blue light at Gigalith, only to trip on a pebble and send it skyward. Kyou slapped his face in embarrassment.

    “Lucario, why are you so clumsy?” asked Kyou. Lucario bowed and tried apologizing repeatedly. “It’s okay, it’s okay!” spoke Kyou nervously as the Aura Sphere still collided with Gigalith, sending dust into the air.

    “What!?” yelled Daisuke with astonishment.

    “You forget? Aura Sphere is a move that never misses!” yelled Kyou. Lucario’s eyes sparkled since his move made contact. “You did awesome Lucario!” cheered Kyou.

    “Oh really!?” yelled Daisuke with a grin, “Gigalith, use Earthquake!”

    “LIIITTTTHHH!” roared the rock monster as the ground began to shake, causing everyone to lose their balance and for Kyou to fall down. Daisuke began to blush, as he saw what appeared to be undergarments. The Earthquake hit Lucario hard, which caused him to lose consciousness and return to his ball.

    “No…Lucario!” yelled Kyou. Daisuke coughed to try and gather his thoughts together.

    “Ahem, as I was saying, you apparently do not know that Gigalith has Sturdy, and is protected against a move like Aura Sphere that could potentially take it down in a single shot,” explained Daisuke. Kyou growled and threw out another ball, revealing a small Trapinch in a gust of sand.

    “Trapinch!” screeched the little ant Pokémon.

    “Trapinch, use Sand Tomb!” yelled Kyou. Trapinch began yelling, causing a small vortex of sand to envelope Gigalith. Gigalith let out a mighty roar and collapsed.

    “Though…Sturdy doesn’t do crap if the next Pokémon is still faster than yours,” whined Daisuke as he called back his Gigalith.

    “I always liked that about you!” laughed Kyou, still confusing Daisuke, “You always acted like you knew everything about Pokémon, but when it came to battles, you were jus-”

    “I said I don’t know you!” yelled Daisuke as he threw a Pokeball on the field, revealing a purple and tan colored Audino, who curtsied as she entered the field. The others were utterly surprised at the shiny Pokémon. “Audino, combine Psychic and Double Slap!” yelled Daisuke.

    “Trapinch, Dig!” yelled Kyou, though Trapinch was slapped before he could begin digging. With each slap, a burst of psychic energy surged at Trapinch, causing even more damage. An evil gleam could be seen in the Audino’s eyes, which scared the others greatly. “Protect!” yelled Kyou, causing Trapinch to block the next attack with a surge of sand, allowing him to break free, “Now use Hyper Beam!” yelled Kyou. Trapinch opened his mouth wide and fired a massive surge of energy at Audino, who sustained massive damage.

    “Audino, Blizzard and Surf!” yelled Daisuke.

    “DINO!” yelled Audino with an evil voice as she caused a surge of water to rise from the pond behind Kyou and overtake both him and Trapinch, though Trapinch sustained the most damage, when suddenly Audino made a cold burst of wind appear from behind her as her eyes began glowing a bright blue, which froze the Trapinch in place, and also made Kyou’s dress flutter in the wind. Daisuke looked away with a blush, as this was too much for him.

    “Trapinch!? Trapinch, are you okay!?” yelled Kyou with a panic. The ant Pokémon was frozen solid, and couldn’t hear his master, nor could he answer. The disheartened man returned his Pokémon to its ball, when a fire began to burn in his eyes. “THAT’S IT!” yelled Kyou, catching Daisuke off guard, “YOU DON’T REMEMBER ME!? FINE! I SEE THAT NOW! BUT NOW I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!” yelled Kyou loudly, scaring the others.

    “Dude may look like a lady, but he’s freaking scary!” whispered Decker.

    “BAKU! GET RID OF THIS GUY RIGHT NOW!” yelled Kyou, shocking Daisuke. Out of the ball came Baku the Pignite in a ball of fire, who also had rage in his eyes.

    “NITTTTTEEEE!” snorted Pignite.

    “Baku!?” yelled Daisuke, trying to set the pieces of the puzzle together. “Wait…no…no it can’t be…”

    “BAKU, USE FIRE PUNCH AND ARM THRUST!” yelled Kyou. Baku’s became ablaze as he began punching at Audino, making the Pokémon finally go down after hit number five. Daisuke looked at the two in front of him as he called back his Audino and seemed utterly confused.

    “Wait…now I’m certain I’ve met Baku before…” spoke Daisuke, as he did remember his old rival having a Tepig named Baku at one point. “He didn’t trade it to this girl, did he?” he muttered to himself. He knew of only one way to make sure, so he threw out a Pokeball, which called forth a Servine in a tornado of leaves.

    “Servine!” yelled the snake Pokémon. The Pokémon looked at Baku with a snobbish stare, but immediately began to blush.

    “Aha! So that is Kyou’s Baku!” yelled Daisuke, confusing the others, “So, that rat bastard traded his own starter Pokémon for something else!? Wait til I…”

    “I AM KYOU YOU IDIOT!” yelled Kyou, confusing Daisuke even more. Kyou then took off the wig, revealing his messy hair that everyone was familiar with, and making Daisuke drop his jaw.

    “WHAT THE HELL MAN!?” yelled Daisuke as he began to remember blushing at how close he came to him, “WHY DID YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE A FREAKING GIRL!?”

    “I DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE YOU MORON!” yelled Kyou, “THESE PEOPLE FORCED ME TO DRESS THIS WAY!” he pointed to Alice, Haley, and Tequila, who tried looking the other way. The Servine kept looking away from Baku, as she was very shy to Pokémon she liked.

    “Hana!” yelled Daisuke, still not catching her attention, “Hana-Chan!” Hana snapped out of it.

    “Wait, you know it’s me and you still want to go through with this!?” yelled Kyou.

    “I wish I could tell you, but the more lip I flap the more time is lost, so Hana-Chan, use Toxic!” yelled Daisuke.

    “Vine!” yelled the Servine as she coughed slightly and caused a small purple bubble to enter Baku’s mouth. Baku suddenly became very sick!

    “Baku! Are you okay?” yelled Kyou.

    “Hana-Chan, use Aerial Ace!” yelled Daisuke. Hana did so nervously, and quickly slashed at Baku with her thin and sharp tail, causing massive damage.

    “Baku, use Flare Blitz!” yelled Kyou.

    “Hana-Chan, Aerial Ace again!” yelled Daisuke. Baku’s body became engulfed in a harsh fire as he charged at Hana, while Hana charged at Baku with a glowing tail. The two collided, and while it seemed that Hana had been defeated, the recoil and poison had taken its toll on Baku. The two Pokémon went down at the same time, resulting in a draw.

    “No!” yelled Daisuke as he rushed over to Hana.

    “Baku, are you okay?” asked Kyou to his Pignite as he rushed over.

    “So it was a draw,” commented Draven with a grin. “Not bad you two, especially to Daisuke, who managed to have Servine still take Pignite with her when she went down.” Daisuke fell on his knees and began to tear up, causing concern.

    “What are you doing you ignorant fool? Do you want your sister to die?” asked a voice in an ear-bud in Daisuke’s ear, though it was louder than he realized, causing him to yell in pain. Kyou’s eyes began to twitch.

    “Wait…your sister is in danger?” asked Kyou with concern, “Daisuke, why didn’t you say anything!? You know that I would do anything for Hanako!” Daisuke began to cry, as he felt so helpless.

    “You would destroy your camp, with or without campers here, to give my sister medical attention?” asked Daisuke, causing the others to gasp. Draven began to laugh, angering Daisuke. “WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT!?”

    “When I took a picture of you, I actually looked up your information,” spoke Draven as he pointed his PDA at him, showing his date of birth, his home town, and his family. “It says that your sister is in the hospital for an unknown disease that is causing her to have uncontrollable seizures and that her lungs are filling with fluid.” Daisuke lowered his head.

    “It’s rare, but it’s a disease that can be treated,” muttered Daisuke, “But the insurance won’t cover it, and my family sure as hell can’t afford it. That’s when those guys offered to pay for it…”

    “Daisuke, you utter one more word, and I will have the doctors pull her life support out!” yelled the voice on the other end, causing shock to go all around. Once again, Draven laughed as he reached for the device.

    “Listen here, whoever you are,” spoke Draven, “I have personally donated money for that girl’s operation.” Daisuke’s eyes widened as he looked at the man with shock.

    “What!?” yelled the voice on the other end, “How? The operation would cost too much for one man!”

    “It’s not too much when you sell your house and your car to live at camp and have reserve money left over,” replied Draven as he placed his hand on Daisuke’s shoulder.


    “You have no power over this boy…no…this man, anymore. I have personally made sure she will receive the surgery ASAP. Now, I’m going to send a bug through this system, and when I find out who sent this, I will end you,” spoke Draven, “I can’t stand a person who would poison a little girl.”

    “POISON!?” yelled Draven as he stood up and grabbed the ear bud, “YOU SICK BASTARDS POISONED MY SISTER!?”

    “It’s rare, but when a Pecha Berry is mixed with a Balm Mushroom and several herbs, it can make a deadly poison which literally causes the brain to send out mixed messages throughout the body,” spoke Draven as he crossed his arms, “I know because of my own experience.”

    “Send the bug if you wish, Weiss, but you’ll never find us,” spoke the voice.

    “So it’s more than one person?” whispered Spark to Decker.

    “You just gave away that there’s more of you,” spoke Draven. The voice on the other end began yelling obscenities and hung up. Daisuke opened his jacket and began fiddling with a radio device. “Not to worry, my bug will…” Draven’s PDA then made an odd noise. “What? Disconnected from the server!?”

    “I’ve never been able to contact them, they’ve always contacted me,” spoke Daisuke as he wiped away his tears. Draven looked at him with concern.

    “You should go see your sister now,” spoke the man. He extended a hand for Daisuke, but the man by passed it and went for a hug. Kyou and the others smiled, as despite what happened, he still got a happy ending. Kyou then walked up and patted his friend on the back.

    “That’s great man! Hanako’s going to be alright!” cheered the man in the dress. Tequila and Alice began to cry, while Spark tried to hold back tears of his own.

    “A b-beautiful ending,” commented Haley as she wiped her eye.

    “I’M SO HAPPY FOR HANAKO-CHAN!” yelled Tequila as she hugged Alice.

    “D-Daisuke’s been through so much! To think that he would go to so much for her!” cried Alice. Decker grinned.

    “Damn, the one time you leave, you miss out on something awesome,” spoke Decker indirectly to Reese. Daisuke then rolled up his sleeve and began walking towards the lake shore. He pressed a few buttons on his C-gear, getting ready to leave.

    “Hey Kyou,” Daisuke spoke without looking behind, afraid to show his blushing face, “Get that dress off already! It makes you look too pretty!” Kyou blushed.

    “You think I’m…pretty?” asked Kyou in a soft voice. Daisuke growled, as he realized he walked right into that one.

    “Stay safe, moron,” spoke Daisuke with a laugh as he suddenly disappeared in a flash of light, thanks to his C-Gear’s teleporting capabilities. The others seemed surprised by these words, but shrugged it off, save for Tequila, however.

    “‘Best Bro Shipping!’ I called it!” yelled Tequila, making Kyou blush and get angry.


    Meanwhile, Reese and Margarita are leaving the small cave.

    “You better not tell anybody about any of this!” yelled Reese.

    “What? That you’ve never been kissed before? That I blackmailed you into the woods so I could teach you in the art of frenching? That you crawled in a corner and whined like a frightened kitten? Or that you like Haley?” asked Margarita.

    “ANY OF THAT! DON’T SAY ANY OF THAT TO ANYONE!” yelled Reese. Margarita began to laugh.

    “You’ve passed my little test, mister~!” cheered Margarita, confusing the man even more, “A jerky kind of guy would just make out with me in a heartbeat, but you have morals! You say NEY to any of that shay-shay!” Reese began to twitch his eye.


    “Well you do need to learn how to kiss someone eventually,” replied Margarita, making Reese feel nervous, “But I guess we can start you off slow. From now on, when I say to meet here, we’ll practice proper behavior and confidence gaining skills.” Reese sighed at this, but utterly lost it when she planted a kiss on his cheek.

    “I THOUGHT YOU SAID WE WOULD LEARN THIS SHIT SLOWLY!?” yelled Reese as his face began turning red.

    “I knowwww, but that was your good luck smooch!”


    “Now I kind of want to see your face turn red like a cherry again~” she said naughtily.


    “Get back here Re-Re!”


    “Reeeesssseeee! You have to learn sometimeeeeee!!!!”

    Reese then left the island on Helga, while Margarita continued to tease him. This is the oddest teaching he has ever received, by far. When they came back to camp, they were filled in on what happened, and seemed utterly shocked at the circumstances, or that Draven even had that much money in the bank. When asked where they were all day, Margarita fibbed, claiming that Reese was asked to move some furniture around her girl cave, which she wasn’t afraid to admit was real. All in all, it was a strange day for everyone, and the fact that missions began again tomorrow made them grumble, but at least they had some time to do SOME of the things they wanted to do, save for Reese, whose weekend was consumed with defending the camp and being tortured by Margarita.

    Meanwhile, the monitors flash in front of the man’s face again, while the man with the glasses appears yet again.

    “You nearly blew our cover,” spoke the man with the glasses.

    “Sir, it was a mistake! At least he never found out that-”

    “Silence,” spoke the man with the glasses, who brought forth a Pokémon of some sort behind him with multiple glowing red eyes. “Nearly giving away our location is the same as actually doing it, in my eyes. Now face your punishment like a man.”

    “PLEASE SIR, PLEASE SPARE ME!” yelled the man frantically. The Pokémon began gathering energy of electricity, ice, and fire, revealing the heads to be that of a Hydreigon’s. The “Monitor’s” face is revealed to be a middle aged man with dark hair and a goatee, as well as yellow eyes with strange, X shaped pupils. He began crying out of fear, until the Hydreigon let loose enough energy to turn him into ashes in a flash of light. The man with the glasses returned the Pokémon to his ball, the flashing light revealing a long, black coat, but nothing else.

    “Perhaps I was a bit harsh, but consider this an example,” spoke the man as a woman of some sort walked past him. “I trust the ‘Seer’ will be able to do her job?”

    “I am more than able to, Master,” spoke the woman in a British accent.

    “Good… I expect great things of you,” spoke the man as she sat down in front of the monitors, one of which showing Reese’s face, “Your first assignment…”

    “Hit the boy where it hurts?”

    “In a way…yes…”

    Chapter 8

    The next day begins, and the campers are getting ready for the day. For today’s mission, Reese, Decker, and Spark have been paired together for a mission, and prepare to set out downstream. Their mission for the day is finding three Sitrus berries in a small patch of woods, which are incredibly hard to find anywhere. However, after hours of searching, and thanks to Derp’s powerful sense of smell, they eventually find them, and set back to camp.

    “Let’s get home already, I have pinecones in places I didn’t think was possible to get pinecones in!” moaned Reese as they walked along the path along the river.

    “Sooo, you were just moving furniture yesterday, huh?” asked Decker with a grin. Reese flashed back to the day before, where he spent a good two hours trying to keep Margarita from kissing him, which made him blush as he thought. “Wait, you’re blushing!” laughed Decker.

    “You weren’t takin’ advantage of her, were ya’ Sarge?” asked Spark.

    “NO!” yelled Reese with annoyance, who then coughed. “Ahem, no way! I’m not interested in her like that.”

    “That was a pretty loud ‘no’ though. So what were you two doing?~” teased Decker.

    “We told you, moving furniture.”

    “I don’t think yer’ face would be that red from just movin’ furniture!” laughed Spark. Reese had had enough.

    “FINE!” yelled the man, “She figured out that I have feelings for Haley and insisted on teaching me how to ‘win her heart over’ or something like that.”

    “What? That can’t be all,” spoke Decker.

    “She…she tried to get me to ‘practice’ on her,” replied Reese, making Decker and Spark think very naughty thoughts.


    “NO NOT THAT YOU PERVERTS!” yelled Reese, “She wanted me to practice kissing, to boost my confidence, or something like that…” Decker still seemed shocked.

    “So…how was it?” asked the man.

    “She didn’t get anywhere past my forehead or cheek!” declared Reese. Spark began blushing slightly.

    “Gosh, that must’ve felt nice~” muttered Spark.

    “Who says ‘gosh’ anymore?” laughed Decker, who then jumped as he saw a tree with an X carved into it. “GUYS! WE’RE NEAR THAT SPOT!” he yelled.

    “What spot?” asked Reese with confusion.

    “Oh yeah, you were too busy getting tipsy on Margarita to hear it!” replied Decker.

    “Getting tipsy on her?” asked Spark.

    “SHUT UP! Just tell me what you heard already,” replied Reese.

    “Alright, so yesterday I was scouting out a place that might be good for a picnic with Alice,” spoke Decker, surprising Reese at how fast he was moving with her, “and I overheard some of the older campers say something about crop circles near a tree with an X carved into it.”

    “Crop circles? You mean aliens and stuff like that?” asked Spark.

    “You mean stuff that doesn’t exist?” retorted Reese.

    “Yes to Spark! No to Reese!” answered Decker. “You do know that one of the biggest theories about how Pokémon came to earth are that they come from space, right?”

    “Yeah, and I believe that theory,” replied Reese, “I’m just skeptical about crop circles.”

    “Well whatever, somebody marked that tree as a guide point for a trail to the crop circles!” explained Decker. Reese then got his journal out and began flipping the pages.

    “Well…this is…odd…” he said with widened eyes, “According to the journal, Richard also encountered crop circles, but he also writes that there’s something dangerous about them.” Decker raised his eyebrows.


    “He doesn’t go on to explain any further, except for one entry that takes place two weeks later. ‘I saw a bright light, and I forgot,’” replied Reese.

    “He forgot what?” asked Spark, curious.

    “It just said he forgot,” replied Reese. “Okay, so part of my deal with Draven was that I had to tell him if something like this came up, and I kind of forgot to do that with the whole Zoroark incident, so I do need to tell him about this.”

    “What? Whyyyyy?” moaned Decker, “If you do, Draven won’t let us come down here anymore!”

    “Decker, you aren’t grasping this situation, are you?” asked Reese, “Sugar coat this place all you want, call it ‘an adventure waiting to happen,’ but the bottom line is: this place, this camp, its far more dangerous than people actually realize.” Decker and Spark sighed.

    “Fine…be a party pooper why don’t ya?” asked Decker as the two of them walked back towards the camp. Reese looked at his journal for something else, but didn’t see an updated area, though something did catch his eye: a speck of blood on the back of the page. Was Richard trying to write something, but interrupted?

    Later, the three came back to camp and turned in their found items. Reese made sure to find his cousin before doing anything else, however.

    “So, what’s this I hear about crop circles?” asked Reese with suspicion as he looks his cousin in the face.

    “Oh I’m fine Snow-Man, how about you?” sarcastically replied Draven, who began digging up documents and placed one on the desk. “The crop circles actually appeared a long time before the camp was even founded,” spoke Draven, “though these crop circles aren’t like most. An investigative team actually ventured there once, but each time they went, they would always return, forgetting what they saw.”

    “Has any team recently gone there with a camera?” asked Reese.

    “Yeah, but for some reason, the video and audio distorts,” replied Draven as he stood up and placed his hand on Reese’s shoulder, “Don’t go there, the last few crews that went there never came back the same as they were before…”

    “All the more reason to find out what’s going on so none of the campers go there,” answered Reese.

    “Reese, this is dangerous,” replied Draven, “Your parents would kill me if something happened.”

    “Then do something.” Draven looked toward the window and closed his eyes. “I have to wonder why this camp even stands with all of these dangerous things around it,” continued Reese, who turned the page in his journal to a particular page, “Such as a certain haunted mansion.” Draven widened his eyes and looked at his cousin.

    “You went there!?” asked Draven frantically.

    “Spark, Decker, Alice, Haley, and I all went there to rescue Tequila and Margarita,” answered Reese, “And we managed to convince the murderous inhabitant to stop.”

    “You…you’ve met Zoroark…and you’ve convinced him to stop?” asked Draven, surprising Reese.

    “You’ve known about Zoroark and haven’t done anything about it?” asked Reese. Draven sighed.

    “Reese, there’s something you need to know about this camp,” began the man, who sat down in his chair, “You’re not naïve, I realize that, so you must have figured that there must be a reason that this camp was founded, right?”

    “I figured it was placed her to be near these oddities, such as the Shiny Cave, the Euphoria Pokémon, and other things.”

    “Actually, this camp attracted those things here,” answered Draven, surprising Reese.

    “Excuse me?”

    “The two rival camps, Camp Noble-Fire and Camp Pride-Rock, sit atop two meteors that fell around this area,” answered Draven, “The flag poles of both camps are placed directly on top of those meteors, which impacted the land and created strange occurrences, such as the Shiny Cave or the even the Fruit Flowers, which migrate the world. To say that it was built around these areas are an understatement, as even the spotting of Ness wasn’t reported until ten years after the founding of Pride Water.”

    “So…the meteors caused this? And nobody thought to remove it?”

    “It hasn’t been proven until recently, and even then, there are researchers who disagree,” replied Draven. Reese sighed.

    “Well fine then, if nothing’s going to be done about the camp itself, we might as well try to make it safer,” spoke Reese as Decker, Spark, and Kyou fell through the door after eavesdropping.


    “No you aren’t,” replied Draven. Reese turned around and sighed, but winked at the guys, who tried playing along. “You know your parents would kill me if something happened, right?”

    “Yeah, I know,” replied Reese as he and the other three left the room. As they walked outside, they began pondering.

    “Well we can’t just ignore it now!” yelled Spark.

    “I know. We’ll have to go sometime during the night when Draven’s asleep,” replied Reese.

    “What?” asked Decker.

    “One thing about Draven that never changes is how long and how deep he sleeps. Why do you think he lets us sleep in til noon?” asked Reese.

    “So once he goes to sleep tonight, we can go scout out the crop circles?” asked Kyou with enthusiasm.

    “There’s just one problem with that,” spoke Decker, “You said he used a Keckleon to spy on you and Haley that time you broke into his office, right?” Reese then remembered seeing the floating red line that transformed into the Keckleon with the camera on its head.

    “Not a problem,” spoke Reese as he reached inside of his back pack and grabbed five max repels. “We just need to spray these around the cabin before we leave, plain and simple.”

    “OKAY GUYS! THE MYSTERY GANG HAS A PLAN!” yelled Decker as he placed his hand in the center, followed by Kyou and Spark.

    “I SAID WE AREN’T THE MYSTERY GANG!” yelled Reese.

    “Come on Sarge!” yelled Spark.

    “Yeah, it’s just a nickname!” cheered Kyou.

    “Make it Task Force and I’m in,” replied Reese. The other three huddled together and began whispering.

    “We’ll compromise on Mystery Force,” replied Decker. Reese sighed and placed his hand in.

    “Sounds like a rock band, but let’s do it!” cheered Reese as he put his hand in. The guys let out a shout, as they were ready for this.

    The day went on, and after the rest of the camp went to sleep, which was around three in the morning, Reese, Decker, Kyou, and Spark snuck out of their cabins and carefully sprayed the repels around the scout master’s cabin, making sure that no Pokémon were getting out. The door began creaking, so the four hid in a bush near the cabin, where a floating red line opened the door and walked outside. As it came to the point where the repel was sprayed, the Keckleon returned to normal and panicked. He ran back inside and locked the door, making the guys snicker. They finally began walking along the shoreline and along the river for a bit until they were a good ways away from camp.

    “Washington, light the way,” spoke Spark as his Raichu appeared from his ball in a bolt of lightning and began charging electricity in his cheeks.

    “Chu!” cheered the Pokémon as he lit the way.

    “So how far do we have to walk again?” asked Kyou.

    “Just until we see an X carved into a tree!” cheered Decker, who began to get a little giddy. “MAN! This summer is awesome! Four best friends actually sneaking out of the cabin and doing something dangerous together!”

    “Didn’t do that enough at home?” asked Reese with a smirk.

    “Hey, summer and the rest of the year are different!” yelled Decker.

    “Wait, you used to do something like this before?” asked Kyou.

    “At night he would fly over to my house and play games with me,” laughed Reese, “But that was until his parents found out that he was using their Skarmory to do it!”

    “Hey, you try finding a flying type that doesn’t get damaged during a sandstorm!” yelled Decker.

    “Wait, you lived in two different towns and did this?” asked Kyou.

    “Yep. I lived in Lentimas Town and he lived in Humilau City! We had a mountain dividing us, but our parents would fly us to each other’s houses~” cheered Decker. Kyou seemed rather impressed.

    “SARGE! SARGE! X MARKS THE SPOT!” yelled Spark as Raichu’s cheek illuminated the tree on the other side of the shallow river bed.

    “Okay guys, we’re not splitting up this time,” spoke Reese, “I’d like to just say this is a prank, but with everything that’s happened at the camp so far, I don’t want it to be like Zoroark Mansion part two!” They all nodded and began walking into the woods, letting Washington lead the way through the darkness.

    After about ten minutes of darkness, tripping over tree branches, and guessing what Pokémon was trying to stalk them in the woods, they came upon a large hill overlooking a gigantic corn field. The four men looked at the large crop circles with amazement, as they easily spanned over a mile long. Decker got his camera ready and set it to night vision, which illuminated the darkness around the, in a bright green light, at least on the screen anyway.

    “So, any audio distortion yet?” asked Kyou.

    “Nope, we’re in the clear!” cheered the black haired man.

    “Hey, Sarge, doesn’t this seem like a wild goose chase?” asked Spark.

    “Normally I’d agree, but the journal’s evidence hasn’t been wrong yet,” answered Reese, who was curious to know what happened to Richard. “I also find it ironic that my opinion about this pretty much flip flopped after a simple discussion, but he’s hiding something, I know it.”

    “When you’re done talking to yourself follow us!” yelled Decker as he, Kyou, and Spark began to slide downhill, leaving Reese behind. Reese panicked, as his fear of the dark began setting in, and chased after them.

    “Guys! Why are we down in the freaking corn field!?” yelled Reese.

    “We’ll never see anything from up there!” replied Decker. Reese sighed and grabbed his arms to shiver from fear. Scout then appeared from her Pokeball and patted his head to calm him down.

    “Thanks girl,” spoke Reese with a smile.

    “Sentret!” cheered Scout. The gang walked around the cut path, trying to figure out what might have caused this.

    “It’s hour two in the Mystery Force’s investigation of the Pride Water crop circles,” narrated Decker as he looks into the camera, “So far, we haven’t found anything, but we aren’t giving up!”

    “Are you narrating?” asked Kyou, who was now holding the camera.

    “Yeah, it’s a documentary!” laughed Decker. Suddenly, a high pitch noise came from the camera, catching the others off guard.

    “What’s that?” asked Spark.

    “Kyou, is the screen messing up too?” asked Reese.

    “Yeah, it’s messing up pretty bad!” replied Kyou.

    “So, looks like the rumors of the audio and video distortions are true!” exclaimed Reese. Spark’s ear twitched when he heard a noise from afar.

    “Hold up men!” whispered Spark.

    “You hear something, Lieutenant?” asked Kyou.

    “Something’s out there,” replied Spark, “Man your stations!”

    “Enough with the military lingo already!” moaned Reese as he, Decker, Kyou, and Spark prepared Pokeballs. Scout and Washington began growling as well. From above, a shadow can be seen moving at incredible speeds, making the cornstalks rustle.

    “What is it?” asked Decker. Reese then dug for his Pokedex, but no data came up.

    “No good, I can’t get a fix!” yelled Reese. Suddenly a shadow came rushing at them, which finally registered in the Pokedex. Reese widened his eyes in fear. “Guys, we need to run!”

    “What?” asked Decker as he was lifted high into the air by the mysterious being. “What on earth!?” he was then dropped, making the others fear for his life until a Togekiss came out of one of his Pokeballs and caught him.

    “Toge~” cheered the Togekiss before it was struck down by a sharp object made of pure psychic energy.

    “Angel!” yelled Decker as they crashed into the ground.

    “What is that thing!?” yelled Kyou as the attacker hovered before the moon, causing it to only appear as a silhouette. His arms wiggled like tentacles, and his eyes glowed a bright yellow, while a stone in his chest glowed a bright green.

    “That thing’s a Deoxys!” yelled Reese as the monster suddenly fired several energy blasts at them, causing them to fly backward. The Deoxys teleported directly in front of the four men and the three Pokémon, revealing its body to not be red, but a bright silver. Deoxys uttered a strange language, which couldn’t be understood by human terms.

    “What’s it saying!?” yelled Kyou, who was surprised that even he couldn’t understand it. The Deoxys then stretched its tentacle like arms and wrapped them around the four trainers’ necks, scaring them as it slowly began to get tighter.

    “Looks like we’re goin’ down men!” yelled Spark as he struggled and bit at the tentacle around his neck. Suddenly, a woman in a skin tight black suit with cyan stripes along her legs, thighs, torso, chest, and arms appeared. Her hair appeared to be silver, short and cut to the shoulder, and she wore a pair of black goggles to cover her eyes.

    “Project Slender, prepare to carry out your mission,” she spoke as the cyan marks on her body suit began to glow, which made his eyes glow a bright blue. The Deoxys’s face began to split, almost like a jagged mouth, and the creature let out a blood curdling scream. The grip around their necks became tighter and tighter, almost to the point of suffocation, until Scout was able to wiggle free and open one of Reese’s Pokeballs, releasing Helga onto the field.

    “BUZZ!” cawed Helga.

    “Helga…” Reese whispered, losing his breath, “Dark…Pulse…” Helga made no hesitation to release black energy from her body, causing the Deoxys to change form into a Defensive form and knock it away, which also released its grip on the boys and the Pokémon. They all gasped for air and coughed.

    “Who the Sam Hill are you!?” yelled Spark. The woman sighed and brushed her hair away from her face.

    “That does not matter, for you will forget it by tomorrow morning,” she answered. Reese’s eyes widened as he remembered the passage from the journal.

    “I saw a bright light…and I forgot…” muttered Reese.

    “Slender, Amnesia!” yelled the woman. Slender began to yell loudly again as the orb in his chest began to glow a bright white. Reese shut his eyes.

    “EVERYBODY! CLOSE YOUR EYES NOW!” yelled Reese. Everyone did as told, and the flash of light went over all of them. When Reese opened his eyes again, he saw Helga being strangled by the beast. “Helga!” yelled Reese.

    “Scolipede, Megahorn!” yelled Kyou as he through a Pokeball and caused a large centipede Pokémon to appear, which then rammed into the Deoxys.

    “Reagan, use Heavy Slam!” yelled Spark as he threw a ball, which released an Aggron that tackled Slender.

    “Angel, Ominous Wind!” yelled Decker as his Togekiss took flight and began moaning, causing a dark energized wind to blow over the beast. It was clear that these two were outnumbered by the boys and their Pokémon now.

    “You think that I am out of cards?” asked the woman with a smirk as she pointed her hand to Reese’s belt. “Number 214!” yelled the woman. Suddenly Reese’s Heracross escaped from his ball, but something was wrong: His pupils were in the shape of an X.

    “Hercules, what’s wrong!?” yelled Reese.

    “CRRRRRROOOOOO!!!!!” roared Hercules as he used Stone Edge against Angel and Scolipede, Brick Break on Reagan and Scout, and began to charge at Reese.

    “Hercules!” yelled Reese. Helga suddenly rushed in front of Reese and used Protect, blocking the oncoming Megahorn. However, Hercules’s horn began to glow a bright white, transforming into Feint! Helga’s Protect was shattered, and Hercules used Stone Edge on the bird, managing to break her wing. “Helga! No! HERCULES, STOP THIS!” yelled Reese in panic.

    “It’s no use,” laughed the woman. “Number 214 is now a pawn in my hand, just like Slender.” Slender then began firing more energy blasts at them, which made Reese feel so helpless.

    “Reese! Save Hercules!” yelled Decker as he, Spark, and Kyou stood back to back with their Pokémon ready to fight. Angel, Reagan, Washington, and Scolipede stood ready to battle, while Scout tried tending to Helga.

    “Sentret Sen!” cried Sentret. Helga had fainted from the shock of a broken wing, which made Reese begin to tear up.

    “Hercules, please, stop!” yelled Reese.

    “Number 214-”

    “DON’T YOU DARE CALL HIM 214 AGAIN!” yelled Reese with anger as he rushed at the woman, who kicked him square in the stomach.

    “He’s not your ‘Hercules’ anymore, little boy,” spoke the woman as she took off her goggles, revealing green eyes, making Reese widen his eyes. Not only did she have the same hair and eye color as he did, but her pupils were X’s as well. Reese growled and grabbed her leg to swing her to the ground, but was kicked again in the stomach. Suddenly, Amp and Rose came out of their balls, ready to fight. However, the woman then pointed her hands at them as well, causing their pupils to turn into X’s as well. “Number 466 and Number 497, destroy this boy.” Amp, Rose, and Hercules then turned on Reese, who stood up, gripping his stomach from the pain.

    “Guys…please…it’s me…” cried Reese. “Rose, you were my first Pokémon! Amp, you were one of the most loyal Pokémon on the team! Hercules, you were one of the strongest on the team! DON’T YOU REMEMBER WHAT WE’VE BEEN THROUGH!?” yelled Reese. The Pokémon struggled to move, as tears began to flow from their eyes. Scout rushed over to Reese’s side, and suddenly Derp escaped from his Pokeball.

    “Tret!” yelled Scout.

    “Poke!” yelled Derp. The woman then grinned and pointed her hands at the two Pokémon, which made Reese jump in front of them.

    “DON’T!” yelled Reese, who then felt a sudden headache and began yelling in pain. His nose began to bleed, and his eyes began to twitch.

    “Do you really believe that you, a boy, can stand up to the Seer of Betrayal!?” yelled the woman as she began to laugh. Reese gritted his teeth and stood up with wide arms in front of his last two capable Pokémon.

    “I don’t care what the hell you call yourself, lady,” replied Reese as he looked at the woman dead in the eye, his own pupils becoming X’s, “I would rather die than let you lay your filthy hands on my friends!” Derp’s eyes began to glow a bright blue, which made Reese’s body move straight at the woman.

    “Attack!” yelled the woman. The Pokémon struggled to move, as they were fighting with all their heart to fight against her spell! “WHAT!? BUT HOW!?” Reese then rushed at her with Derp controlling his body. She punched at him, but Derp made him duck to avoid the hit. She kicked at him, but Derp made him jump behind her and tap her neck with his hand, which then emanated a pulse of some sort. Derp was channeling Psyshock through Reese’s body! The woman coughed blood and fell to the ground, while the Pokémon under her control were freed, and their eyes returned to normal, even Deoxys, whose body turned red. The Pokémon fighting him stood down, as the fight was over. The boys then stood behind Reese, who still had the X’s in his eyes. He wiped the blood from his nose and stood next to his Pokémon, while staring the woman dead in the eye. “Y-your eyes! Why are they still in the form of-” she began to shake. “You…you’re the fabled Seeker of Life!” She yelled as a gold ring appeared around Reese’s pupils.

    “You have no idea how much you’ve just pissed me off,” spoke Reese as he looked back at Helga.

    “Wait a minute, so…no… you can’t be the one who caused these crop circles!” yelled Reese. Kyou looked at the camera and noticed that it wasn’t distorting anymore.

    “The camera’s working again!” cheered Kyou as he pointed it at Deoxys and the woman.

    “This isn’t over… your true suffering has only just begun…” spoke the woman as she pressed a button on her wrist, which caused her to teleport away. The others looked behind them at the Deoxys, whose body was back to normal.

    “Is that really a Deoxys?” asked Spark. The Pokémon surveyed them all and made its eyes glow a bright purple.

    “Thank you…” spoke the Pokémon, causing them to wonder where the voice was coming from.

    “Is this telepathy?” asked Decker.

    “Yes,” spoke the Deoxys, “I have been trapped in this field by that woman for many decades, and I’m finally free to leave…” Deoxys then looked at Reese, whose eyes still remained fixated on Helga. He walked over and held her, but no response came from her. “That woman, the one who called herself the Seer of Betrayal, has the ability to take control of any Pokémon she wishes… I regret having no control over who I hurt…” Deoxys then looked at Hercules, who looked at Helga with tears in his eyes.

    “Hera…” moaned Hercules.

    “There is no cure to fill that hole in your heart… but revel in the fact that you were able to do more than I ever was, and was able to fight against her control…” spoke the Deoxys.

    “Can you heal her?” asked Reese as he held her neck.

    “Unfortunately, I cannot heal others,” replied Deoxys. Reese held Helga’s neck close to his chest.

    “Hercules, come here,” spoke Reese in a soft voice. Hercules rushed over and hugged Helga. “It wasn’t your fault… I want you to know that…” Derp then fired a pink pulse of light at Helga, which made her wake up, but didn’t heal her wing. Helga looked at Hercules, who had tears in his eyes, but gently wrapped her good wing around his body.

    “Such forgiveness… If I could be as lucky…” spoke Deoxys.

    “What do you mean?” asked Kyou, who was still filming it all.

    “I came to earth as one of three meteors. The other two were my brothers, but I was forced to subdue them…”

    “So those meteors that crashed at Pride Water and Noble Fire…were Pokémon?” asked Decker. Deoxys began to float to the sky.

    “Human, you have a gift unlike any other,” spoke Deoxys, looking at Reese’s eyes, “Your ability isn’t like hers, but one day, you will know how to use it…” The Deoxys then took flight towards space, becoming a star as it reached the sky. The boys returned their Pokémon to their balls and began to walk back, while Reese kept staring at Helga’s Pokeball.

    When they returned to camp, Reese woke Draven up, who then put Helga in the healing machine. He then yelled at the four boys and confiscated the video that Kyou had taken. Nobody was sure quite of what happened, but there was no sleep for anybody that night. Eventually, Reese’s eyes returned to normal, and the next morning, Helga was finally able to be seen, but her wing was still out of commission. Draven called Reese’s parents, though he lied about how it got broken, and prepared her to be sent back to Humilau City. Before she left, however, Reese took time with her.

    “Helga… I’m so sorry about all of this…” moaned Reese, while Hercules also apologized.

    “Hera! Hera!” spoke Heracross. Helga shook her head and hugged the both of them with her good wing.

    “Mandibuzz!” cheered the Pokémon. Reese and Hercules smiled for the first time in hours.

    “Thanks for all you’ve done for us, girl. When you get better, we’ll go flying all over the place! I promise!” laughed Reese. Helga licked his face, which made him laugh. Hercules’s face was also licked, making him blush and smile. Finally, she was sent back home via pc transfer. Reese and Hercules looked sad, as both were feeling guilt for her injury.

    “She said she forgave you, you know,” laughed Kyou as he, Decker, and Spark walked outside, “She knows that you didn’t mean to do anything, Hercules!” Hercules nodded. Reese grinned and knelt down to look at his bug Pokémon at eye level.

    “From now on, we’ll have to fight twice as hard for her!” cheered Reese.

    “HERACROSS!” agreed Hercules.

    “But Sarge, what happened to yer’ eyes?” asked Spark. Reese seemed confused.

    “Dude, your eyes were looking all kinds of freaky last night! They were all green and golden, and had X’s!” Reese then remembered the pain he felt last night and the title the woman called him, the “Seeker of Life.”

    “Whoever she was, there’s more of them,” spoke Reese as he pounded his fists together, “And I’m going to make goddamn sure that they get what’s coming to them!”

    Meanwhile, in the black room again, the Seer of Betrayal stands before the man with the glasses in the dark room again.

    “Forgive me Master, I failed in my mission,” spoke the woman as she bowed. The man adjusted his glasses.

    “Yes, but you’ve also given the enemy an advantage by awakening the Seeker’s powers,” spoke the man with a calm tone, “For that, I should destroy you like the Monitor of Rage.” The woman began to shiver. “However, this is an interesting turn of events. Monitor them until further notice…”

    “Yes sir…” muttered the woman.

    “And before I forget,” spoke the man as he opened the door to the outside room, the light of the outside revealing one of his eyes to be a bright red, his own eye with an X and a golden ring around it, “Make sure Ferrywill gets what’s coming to her…”

    “Yes sir…”​


    I still need to thank Blazikid for letting me use Daisuke and Kyou for this story ♥ Needless to say I had a little bit of fun with Kyou, and also with Daisuke sinc ehe let me have free reign on design. Also, the whole X shades pupil thing: I completed this story before X and Y were even announced, so no, it has nothing to do with Xerneas or Generation 6.
  5. Chapter 9

    A few days after the horrifying crop circle events, things seemed to have returned to normal, though Reese still hasn’t felt the same since Helga left, and has really felt the impact of not having a flying Pokémon on the team, as now he has to rely on Derp the Slowpoke to get him across the lake. This particular Saturday morning, Margarita has called for Reese for more “lessons,” though with the promise that there won’t be lessons like last time. Reese journeys across the lake on Derp’s back and finally makes it to the cave, where Margarita dries him off with a blow dryer.

    “I still have no idea how you’re able to power this cave,” spoke Reese as he felt the hot waves of air hit his face.

    “Wellll if you must know~” she said as she pointed under the desk, where a Plusle lays asleep in his best with his tail plugged into an outlet. “Proton likes to let his extra energy out, so in exchange, that energy powers the cave~ And he feels so relaxed after!” Reese couldn’t help but think that perhaps she was leeching off of the Plusle, but the look on its face wasn’t one of pain, but relaxation, so he couldn’t really argue. “Okay, now, do you have any lines planned?” asked Margarita.

    “Nope,” replied Reese bluntly.

    “EXCELLENT!” cheered Margarita, “Lines never work! And that means you’re a blank slate right now!” Reese sighed.

    “Okay…so now what?”

    “Now you listen up!” replied Margarita, annoying Reese, “The goal for any relationship working out is for there to be some sort of bond prior to going into one!” Reese thought for a moment. “Come on, it’s not that hard, just remember any series or movie that you’ve watched growing up where two best friends end up falling in love and getting married and having children together~” Reese widened his eyes.

    “Holy shit.”

    “You get it?” asked Margarita with a cat like smile.

    “Yeah, I get that it only happens in fairy tales,” answered Reese. Margarita sighed and patted his head.

    “But think about it like this, if two best friends started going out together, the hardest part is already out of the way!” answered Margarita.

    “What part?” asked Reese.

    “The getting to know each other part!” yelled Margarita, “If you already know each other well enough then you can just do what you both like!” Reese raised an eyebrow.

    “But what if it doesn’t work out, or she wants to just stay friends? Really, this ‘plan’ of yours only has a 30% chance of working, with the latter two both having a 5% more chance of happening,” replied Reese.

    “Wow, you’re good at math,” replied Margarita as she added the numbers in her head, “BUT IT’S WRONG!” Reese suddenly became scared, as he could have sworn he saw fire in her eyes, “Love is always worth a chance! Screw math! Even if the odds are two million to one, there is still a chance of it happening!” Reese sighed and just nodded, as arguing with her wouldn’t work in his favor. Margarita then clapped her hands. “Okay Re-Re~ Your homework for next week is to get closer to Haley~” Reese seemed surprised.

    “Wait…are you kidding me, that’s it!?” yelled Reese as she finally stopped drying him off, “You mean I came here for five minutes just for this!?”

    “Wellll, normally I’d try getting a few lip exercises in,” replied Margarita with a wink, causing Reese to blush heavily, “Buuuutttt, today is an important day in camp history~”

    “Wait, what do you mean?” asked Reese.

    “Well, every year, around this time of the year, the flag pole in the center of camp makes Pokémon evolve just by touching it!” she cheered as she grabbed Proton from his nap.

    “Pluuuuussss~” yawned Proton.

    “Come on! I don’t think you’ll want to miss this!” cheered Margarita as she called forth a male Unfezant and flew off on its back. Reese then realized he would have to cross the lake again on Derp’s back and sighed.


    Much later, Reese and Derp arrive on the shore of camp, seeing several campers gathered around the flag pole. Reese walked into his cabin to dry off first, with Derp walking closely behind. He then grabbed his journal and looked up the unexplained evolutions that he had heard mentioned before.

    “Around the beginning of the summer solstice, the flag pole in the center of camp begins to make a strange aura that causes almost any Pokémon to evolve by touching it, regardless of a stone or item required,” Reese read from the book. He began to stroke his chin. “This has to have something to do with the meteor under the flag pole, but the real question is: Is this totally safe?” asked Reese to himself. He then looked outside to see Kyou letting his Trapinch touch the pole, causing it’s body to become engulfed in a bright light as sand began to swirl around it. Reese walked outside and saw him looking in amazement at his new Vibrava, which he hugged closely.

    “Wow! This is so cool!” laughed Kyou, who then looked at the flag pole again, “I wonder if…” He placed Vibrava against the pole again, but nothing happened, much to his disappointment. Reese read through the journal and found a passage that could explain it.

    “When a Pokémon with two stages evolves by this method, it cannot evolve again by this method because its body has already been exposed to the aura of this flag pole,” spoke Reese. Kyou looked back and smiled at Reese.

    “This is so awesome! Reese, maybe you should try it on Scout!” cheered Kyou as Vibrava wrapped its arms around his chest and began to hover, much like a jetpack. “I MEAN LOOK AT THIS! I HAVE A JETPACK NOW!” cheered Kyou as he flew around. Reese sighed and let Scout out of her ball.

    “Tret?” asked Scout.

    “Do you want to evolve?” asked Reese. Scout shook her head.

    “Sentret tret!” scowled Scout. Reese grinned.

    “Good, I like you just the way you are!” cheered Reese as Scout crawled on his head with a smile. Derp, however, began to walk towards the flagpole.

    “Hey, Reese,” spoke Haley, who just walked out of her cabin.

    “Yeah?” asked Reese.

    “What do you think happens when a Pokémon with multiple evolution paths touches that pole?” asked the girl. Reese then began to panic.

    “Derp, wait!” yelled Reese. Derp’s tail then touched the pole, but nothing happened. “Wait, I forgot that a Slowpoke needs a Shelder to evolve at all!” laughed Reese with relief. However, two Shelder randomly jumped out of the lake.

    “That can’t be good,” moaned Haley. Reese rushed for Derp, but he couldn’t stop a Shelder from clamping on both his head and his tail.

    “Wait, are they trying to eat him!?” yelled Reese, who was then shocked to see light emanate from Derp’s body, shocking the other campers surrounding the pole. Water and Psychic energy enveloped Derp as he grew slightly larger and became upright, and the results were surprising, to say the least. The body and lower tail was of a Slowbro, but the claws and upper body was of a Slowking, which also had the pink stripe on its belly from before. “What on earth!?” yelled Reese. The newly born Pokémon looked at Reese and smiled.

    “Wow, I feel so much stronger and smarter!” spoke Derp, shocking Reese.

    “Whoah whoah whoah! What the heck are you!?” asked Reese, surprised that he could now talk in a human language.

    “He looks like he could be a Slowbroking? Perhaps a Slowkingbro?” suggested Haley as she thought. Spark, Tequila, Margarita, Draven, and Ms. Steward saw the newly evolved Pokémon and were even more confused.

    “Yodan? Yodan, are you alright?” asked Ms. Steward.

    “You may call me… Herp Derp!” spoke the hybrid Pokémon with his arms raised out, surprising the others.

    “What in tarnation happened here?” asked Spark as he rubbed his head. Reese then found an updated article in the journal.

    “Beware of letting Pokémon with multiple evolutions evolve by this manner, for they will become a hybrid that the world has never seen before. If the Pokémon only has two evolution lines, things should work themselves out,” read Reese.

    “Ah yes, Richard was always a fascinating fellow!” cheered Derp as he used his psychic energy to grab the book from Reese, “Not even two years after the camp’s establishment and he had already become a camp member! Such pleasant times of exploration it was~” Reese was still getting used to his more intellectual accent.

    “Wait…you knew Richard?” asked Reese.

    “Quite, old boy! For you see, I am quite older than I appear! As a matter of fact, I used to live with the great great grandfather of Thomas Anville, my previous owner~” spoke Derp, fascinating Draven and Ms. Steward.

    “Mr…‘Derp’… I must ask, if you’ve been here for as long as you claim, then how have you never tried evolving before?” asked Draven.

    “In all honesty, I’ve never felt the need for it,” answered Derp, surprising the others yet again, “Until now, not a single soul has expressed as much interest in this camp of tom-foolery as much as Mr. Weiss has.” Reese seemed confused, “I’m talking about you of course, Reese.”

    “Really?” asked Reese, “What about Richard?”

    “Ah, the lad was very interested indeed, but he was never able to solve some of these mysteries like you or your friends were,” answered Derp as he flipped the pages throughout the book. “And done, I have absorbed all of the knowledge this book has to offer.” The others looked at Derp with surprise once more. “Now before you ask about my transformation, my species is highly reliant on Shelder to bite certain parts of my body, though for Slowking, I would need a Kings Rock. However, the radiation from the flag pole made a substitute, and with that, my body began to produce a pheromone powerful enough to lure in not one, but two Shelder from the lake. As it bit both my tail and my head, I gained the features of both ‘Slowbro’ and ‘Slowking’ to become what I am now due to the cocktail of poison that these two Shelder produced that now flow through my veins.” The others stared with blank expressions.

    “I understand how it works, but still,” replied Reese.

    “It’s quite alright old chum! If you aren’t please with my current form, all we have to do is remove one, if not both, of these Shelder from my body, and I shall revert to whatever form that is available to me, whether it be Slowking, Slowbro, or even Slowpoke. However, I believe it would be in your best interest to leave me in my current condition, for I can shed insight on this camp for any question you may have, and I have the best qualities of both a Slowbro and Slowking, which means I have better defenses for foes I may face,” spoke Derp, “As far as my species name, shall we refer to myself as ‘Slowderp?’ Given that my name is Herp Derp, that would seem to be the most appropriate title for this new species, wouldn’t you agree?”

    “All I know is, he likes to flap his lips,” muttered Spark.

    “Yeah, but he is right, the more knowledge we have, the better off we are, right?” asked Reese.

    “Precisely old boy!” answered Derp.

    “I want to try this on my Eevee now!” cheered a camper, causing the Eevee in their arms to shudder.

    “I wouldn’t recommend that, young lad,” began Derp, who went on to preach about the consequences that could unfold should a Pokémon with so many evolutions like Eevee touch the flag pole. As he talked, Reese looked up and saw Kyou still flying around, but never saw either Decker or Alice.

    “So, where’s Decker and Alice?” asked Reese.

    “Oh, Deck-kun took Alice-chan out on a picnic~” cheered Tequila with a smile, “What a wonderful first date!” Reese nodded.

    “Ah, so I guess they weren’t curious about the evolution ceremony, eh?” asked Reese.

    “Not really, Decker’s team is already fully evolved, and Alice is happy with the size of her Wailmer,” replied Haley. Reese then looked at Derp again, who was still preaching to the other campers.

    “So…what are we supposed to do?” asked Reese, when the train pulled into the tracks outside of the camp entrance.

    “Ah yes, I forgot, today is also the day that Pride Water and Noble Fire put aside their differences and have a trading ceremony,” spoke Draven as he directed students to the train.

    “Wait, why are we boarding the train? Aren’t they coming here?” asked Spark.

    “Noble Fire and Pride Water swap locations of trade each year, and if you don’t want to go, you don’t have to,” replied Haley, “It’s actually rare to have the evolution ceremony and the trading ceremony on the same day too.” Reese then thought deeply.

    “Hey Derp, you’re a genius now, so tell me,” began Reese, “Think I could benefit from going to this ceremony?” Derp looked back and nodded.

    “I am not too familiar with how trading works, but by your current team standards, it may perhaps be better if you were to find an adequate new sixth member of your team,” replied Derp. Reese then walked to the pc inside of the Counselor’s cabin and withdrew one Pokémon, which surprised the others.

    “Well, under most circumstances, I probably wouldn’t get much for a Drilbur,” commented Reese as he opened the ball, revealing it to be a shiny Pokémon, “But with the Shining Cave, there really isn’t a Pokémon I couldn’t trade him for, right?” Draven shrugged.

    “Well, yeah. I didn’t know you captured a Drilbur from the cave though,” spoke Draven.

    “One of our missions for the week took me back to the cave, and I decided to catch one just in case,” replied Reese.

    “Eh, I guess I’ll go too!” added Haley. “I’ve never really been to a trading ceremony at Noble-Fire, so this should be interesting to see.” Margarita tapped Reese on the shoulder, catching his attention.

    “Remember, try bonding with her a little~” whispered Margarita. Reese sighed and nodded.

    “Sweet! I think I might just go too!” cheered Spark.

    “Me too~” cheered Tequila, who were both given the evil eye by Margarita.

    “But the evolution ceremony is always so interesting~” muttered Margarita with the scariest face imaginable for a girl, “And it’s just beginning, don’t you want to see how it goes?” Spark and Tequila slowly nodded and backed away. “Well have fun Re-Re and Haley~” cheered Margarita as she skipped off toward the flag pole. The others looked at her oddly, but let it off as general Margarita weirdness, though Reese knew exactly why she did it.

    “Hey, Derp, you coming?” asked Reese. Derp walked over and nodded.

    “I have left a list of instructions with the campers to not mix evolve Pokémon such as Eevee or Tyrouge, so yes, I will accompany you. I would like to see how Camp Noble-Fire has changed since my last visit fifty years ago,” answered Derp. Reese returned him to his Pokeball and boarded the train with Haley, which then began making its trip to Camp Noble-Fire.

    “So Reese, ever traded before?” asked Haley.

    “Not really, Decker was more of a trading kind of guy than me,” replied Reese, “But hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?”

    “How many badges do you have, by the way? You’ll need badges if you want your Pokémon to listen to you,” spoke Haley. Reese looked away.

    “I…I don’t have any badges,” nervously replied Reese, surprising Haley.

    “Not even one? Why?”

    “Well… traveling has just never interested me,” replied Reese, “I prefer to stay in one place, and the only time I ever went anywhere outside of Humilau was on business trips or to visit family or Decker.” Haley laughed a little, confusing him.

    “I don’t have any either!” she laughed, shocking Reese, “I never did get what was so great about taking on the league challenge just to get all eight badges. I mean, come on, once somebody takes you down, even if they don’t have a single badge, they’re now the champion.” Reese nodded.

    “I think I heard of that happening somewhere overseas once,” replied Reese.

    “Oh yeah! There was this guy named Joey that became champion of Sinnoh, but his best friend, Lucas, took the title from him during a match!” added Haley. The two began to ramble on for a bit until the topic of champions in general came up.

    “So, if you wanted to become champion, who would you take down?” asked Reese.

    “Red,” answered Haley. Reese seemed surprised, as the infamous Red had been a powerful battle whose legendary stories preceded his appearance in the Unova PWT. “He is the strongest trainer in the world. If I take him down, then I’ll be the strongest!” cheered Haley. Reese nodded with interest. “What about you?”

    “Not sure, to be honest,” replied Reese, “I’ve always thought of it like this: Once you become the strongest, what’s left other than an endless line of people challenging you?” Haley seemed surprised by his answer, “Heck, no offense, but I could see why Red fled to Mt. Silver in Johto.” Haley grinned at Reese.

    “Hey, we all have our own opinions, right?” asked the girl. Reese nodded in agreement, happy to know she’s okay with a different point of view. “But anyway, back to the trading deal, I’m sure badges won’t be that big of a deal if you get a Pokémon that’s young enough to look up to you earlier on, right?”

    “Seems like a good idea,” agreed Reese. Finally, the train stopped, and the people got off to a large, college campus like camp. Reese remembered seeing this place on the way to camp on the first day, but he never imagined it being this big as he walked on the white brick sidewalk. They approached a large white building in the center with a red flame symbol on the very tip, while a gigantic sphere of fire burned in the area in front of the building.

    “Wow, the place is bigger than I remember,” spoke Haley.

    “I thought you said that you’ve never been to a trading festival at Noble-Fire?” asked Reese.

    “I have been here before though. My parents tried sending me here instead of Pride Water, but the price was just too much,” answered Haley, “Most of the kids you’ll see here are spoiled rich kids, so watch out.” As they walked around the building to the back, they saw several smaller but still large buildings and one large building for the dorms. Back here, campers would battle and trade with each other, though the people seemed to range from all kinds. “Before you ask, trading ceremonies aren’t just restricted to campers, actually, people of all kinds can come to the ceremonies to see what the camp has to offer.”

    “I figured as much,” replied Reese, who then saw an all too familiar face in the crowd. The man with green hair turned to look at him and gave a malicious grin.

    “So they let you in here too,” spoke Cyanide. Reese felt a headache, but let it slide.

    “Cyanide, what an unpleasant surprise,” retorted Reese. Haley seemed confused. “This was that guy that nearly killed me and Spark.”

    “And his name is…Cyanide?” asked Haley, who began thinking heavily.

    “Under most circumstances, I wouldn’t hesitate to end you right here and now, Reese, but since this is a civil gathering, I’ll let you go,” replied Cyanide with an evil grin. He turned around and looked back, which just made Reese even angrier, “Next time I see you off campgrounds, however, you’re dead.” Cyanide then walked off to leave them both behind, which made Reese grit his teeth, both from anger and his headache.

    “Where have I heard the name Cyanide before?” asked Haley. “What Pokémon did he have when you saw him?” Reese put his hand on his head to try and ease the pain.

    “Ugh…I think he had a…an Arbok…a Weavile…a Smeargle…and a Gliscor…” replied Reese, while Haley seemed concerned.

    “Hey, are you okay?” asked Haley.

    “My head just hurts…” Haley grabbed his arm and began dragging him to a booth,

    “Come on, you need to see a doctor,” spoke Haley.

    “I swear I’m fine!” laughed Reese. Haley looked at him and was shocked to see his eyes.

    “What’s with your eyes?” asked Haley. Reese looked at a mirror and saw his eyes with the same x-shaped pupils with the golden ring around them as last time, which made him suspicious.

    “Why would my…whatever eyes activate now?” asked Reese. Haley then remembered that the boys had told the girls a story about a woman with weird eyes and how Reese also obtained the ability to make his look the same.

    “Did your head hurt this bad the last time they were this way?” asked Haley.

    “Yeah…though my nose was bleeding last time…” replied Reese, trying to get over his headache. Haley then handed him a pair of black sunglasses from her bag, which surprised him.

    “I’m not sure why it came up, but I think that we might can get through the day easier if you’re eyes are covered up,” spoke Haley. Reese looked in the mirror and looked at the retailer at the booth, who was obviously trying not to stare at his eyes. Reese slipped on the shades and looked at Haley.

    “Do I look better?” laughed Reese.

    “I kind of liked you without the glasses, but just this once, keep the shades on,” laughed Haley. “Now come on, let’s see if we can find somebody who wants to trade.” Reese began to follow her, though he blushed when she told him that she liked his eyes. As they walked through a small bazaar like market, they came upon a few trading machines, and around them quite a few trainers.

    “So how do we find somebody who wants to trade?” asked Reese.

    “Just let your Drilbur out and let others look at it, the trade offers will come pouring in!” laughed Haley. Reese let his shiny Drilbur out of its ball, which immediately drew attention.

    “Dude, I’ll trade you my Tauros for that thing!” yelled a man.

    “No way, I have a Scyther with your name on it!” yelled another.

    “You trade me that shiny Drilbur and I’ll give you this Blissey!” yelled a woman. Reese began to smile nervously at all of the offers.

    “I’ll trade you a Dratini!” yelled a person. Reese seemed interested.

    “I will trade you a Gible!” yelled another, which also made Reese really interested. However, a man with glasses, short black hair and a chin strap beard, a lab coat, a black collared shirt, black pants, a silver belt, black shoes, and red eyes appeared before him, just as the man lit up a cigarette.

    “I will trade you a Deino with a Lucky Egg, along with a Soothe Bell and a full tour of my lab facility,” spoke the man.

    “Holy crap! Dr. Ross wants to trade with the Pond-Water kid!” yelled a man.

    “With a lucky and and a tour?” yelled another. Reese seemed extremely interested, but felt his headache again.

    “Ow…that sounds like a pretty good deal, but how will I know if you’re a good person?” asked Reese, surprising the others and him.

    “Hmm? Can you please explain what you mean to me?” asked the lab doctor.

    “I mean, if I trade you this Drilbur, will you treat it with nicely?” asked Reese. Ross smiled and grabbed his shoulder.

    “Actually, I wanted to give the Drilbur to my niece in Driftveil. She’s starting out on her journey, and I don’t think a Deino is exactly what she needs, agreed?” asked Ross. Reese seemed to understand, though he could only feign a smile because of his headache.

    “Alright, let’s trade,” replied Reese as he returned the Drilbur to its Pokeball. The two walked over to a trading machine and placed the Pokeballs on each side, which then went through the machine. Finally, the two got the respective Pokémon they wanted, and Reese let out the newly obtained Deino.

    “I named him Pythagoras, if that’s okay,” commented Ross as he blew smoke from his mouth.

    “Huh, clever, triangles, and when it gets older, it’ll have three heads,” replied Reese.

    “DEI!” growled Deino as he bit Reese’s head.

    “Ow!” yelled Reese, but he laughed as the little dragon nibbled on his hair.

    “He’s a little feisty, but I think you’ll get along with him, especially with the Soothe Bell,” replied Ross. Reese smiled as he let the little Deino walk next to him.

    “Nice trade!” commented Haley, who looked at Dr. Ross oddly. “I feel like I know you from somewhere, but I can’t place my finger on it.” Dr. Ross laughed.

    “Yeah, I kind of get the same feeling when I look at you, but hey, not too many people out there with black hair and red eyes, right?” laughed Ross, “Now, how about that tour?”

    Ross lead the two to the front of the camp, where the sphere of fire burned brightly. He stepped on a particular brick, which made a secret passage open, revealing stairs that lead into a brightly lit hallway. As they walked, Reese’s headache began to get worse, which was noticed by Ross. He then gave him medicine and water, which helped him immensely.

    “Dr. Ross, I can’t help but wonder why somebody of Camp Noble-Fire would want to give people of Camp Pride-Water a tour of his lab,” spoke Reese. Ross put out his cigarette upon coming to a “no smoking” door.

    “I take it that you’ve run into one of the ‘Pond-Water’ pushers, right?” asked Ross with a nervous grin, “We’re honestly not all like that. Actually, I wish that I was able to work so close to all of the anomalies that Pride Water has, but unfortunately, the job of a scientist isn’t exactly put to full use there, if you know what I mean.”

    “Yeah, I can understand that I guess,” replied Reese as Pythagoras nipped at his heels. The man opened the door to reveal several workstations, where scientists and scientific campers studied things like a Pokémon’s heart rate, how items such as a macho belt work with Pokémon, and many other things. However, Haley looked to her left and saw a door labeled “Authorized personnel only!” Needless to say, Haley began to wonder what was behind that door.

    “So, I’m guessing you guys work on some private stuff in here, right?” asked Haley. Ross looked at the door and smiled.

    “Nah, that’s actually just a secret napping lounge,” answered Ross as he opened the door to reveal four bunk beds, all of which were filled with snoozing students and faculty. Haley laughed nervously, as she felt somewhat stupid for suspecting something. “However, there is such a room in here, but first, would you two mind following me?” asked the man as he walked into another room. Haley looked at Reese, who both shrugged and followed. They walked into a room with a desk and three chairs, where the man closed the door behind them. “Thank you for your cooperation,” spoke the man as he closed his eyes briefly and opened them again, causing the two to panic, “Seeker of Life.” Ross’s eyes also had the x-shaped pupil and golden ring around them like Reese’s.

    “How do you…” Ross took off Reese’s glasses, revealing Reese’s special green eyes, as opposed to Ross’s red eyes.

    “Your headaches until now are a primitive instinct amongst Cross Sighters like us,” spoke Ross, “Think of it like compass that lets you know others of your kind.”

    “Others of my kind? I don’t understand,” replied Reese, causing Haley to worry.

    “A long time ago, a certain group of people traveled as a nomadic tribe, each Cross Sighter able to be categorized into certain groups. Compare these to types of Pokémon; for instance: We are both Seekers, as identified by the golden rings around our pupils. Seekers can locate any person they can visualize the face of, hence the name, Seeker, while we also have secondary classes. My red eyes, for instance, represent my element, Chaos, which allows me to sense and create turmoil, while your green eyes represent Life, which means you in particular can tell when someone’s life is in danger, and can also save them from that brink,” explained Ross, making Reese nervous. “Of course, there are more types, but I’ll just leave this to you,” spoke Ross as he handed Reese a small manual.

    “So what did you bring us in here for?” asked Haley, “I can understand that you can tell that he is a Cross Sighter and want to help him, but…”

    “Sharp girl,” spoke Ross, “Okay then, I’ll get to the point. I may not be of the Life element, but, as a Seeker, I can teach you exactly how to locate others. All you have to do is…”

    “No thanks,” spoke Reese, shocking Ross and Haley, “I don’t know if this is my Cross Sight kicking in, but something tells me that I don’t want to know that ‘only thing I have to do.’” Ross grinned.

    “Smart, I was going to ask you to bring me a particular person, but it would seem you are smarter than that,” spoke Ross with a grin as he stood up and stomped his foot, causing the floor under both Haley and Reese to come out from underneath them, though Pythagoras returned to his Pokeball mid-fall. The two yelled until they landed in a dark, wet, cave like environment.

    “Ow!” yelled Haley as she landed on her ankle, causing her to cringe when she tried standing up. Reese also struggled to stand up, but sat down next to Haley for a few minutes.

    “You twisted your ankle, didn’t you?” asked Reese.

    “How did you know?” asked Haley sarcastically as she leaned back against the craggy wall. Of course, looking at her ankle, one could tell immediately that it was hurt, since it looked as if an egg was on her ankle.

    “That’s always been a tricky ankle for you, hasn’t it?” asked Reese, surprising her. “Your ligaments aren’t as strong in this ankle as they are in your other ankle. The same can also be said for your right knee as well.”

    “How are you able to know all of this?” asked Haley as she cringed from the pain. Reese then released Derp from his Pokeball.

    “You called?” asked Derp.

    “Heal Pulse please.”

    “As you wish!” spoke Derp as he clapped his hands, causing a pink light to envelop his hands. He placed them on Haley’s leg, which seemed to ease the pain.

    “As far as why I’m able to see this, I’m not sure. Maybe being a Cross Sighter of Life lets me see these things,” spoke Reese. Derp then stopped the healing, as he had done all he could do, though Haley’s ankle still hadn’t completely healed.

    “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that is the best I can do,” moaned Derp.

    “No, it feels much better, thank you!” cheered Haley. She struggled to stand up, however, so Reese carried her on his back, much to her embarrassment. “So, how do we get out of here?” Reese remembered that Ross said that Seekers could locate anyone, as long as they had an image of that person in their heads. He envisioned a picture of his friends in his head, and he suddenly knew how far away each one was from him, though he grinned when Decker and Alice’s location came to mind.

    “Hate to do this to ya buddy, but you’re the closest to us!” laughed Reese as he began walking through the cave.

    “Wait, are you tracking Decker’s location?” asked Haley.

    “You should know it, Haley,” replied Reese, “It’s that little secret place that you told me not to tell anyone about.”

    “But how is he there?”

    “I don't know; must’ve found it on his own, but either way, this cave connects directly underneath them.”

    “Wait, you mean during their date?”

    “Well if you want we can always stay in here for a bit; just you, me, and Derp,” replied Reese. Haley lowered her head to Reese’s left ear away from Derp.

    “Well, I’d be fine if it was just you and me,” spoke the girl, making Reese blush immensely, “Derp kind of creeps me out with his stagnant face,” she finished, making Reese regained his cool. However, as they were walking, Reese suddenly stopped.

    “Who’s there?” yelled Reese, confusing Derp and Haley. Out of the shadows came Cyanide with his eyes closed.

    “So I take it that Dr. Ross gave you that pill too,” spoke Cyanide as he opened his eyes to reveal x-shaped pupils with a golden center point.

    “So you’re a Cross Sighter too?” asked Reese.

    “The Spy of Spirit; I can manipulate my own spirit and others spirit at will, while I can also see two steps ahead of others with my Spy attribute,” spoke Cyanide as he released a large Tyranitar in a burst of darkness and rock.

    “TARRRRRRRRRRRRR!” roared Tyranitar.

    “Derp! You up for this?” asked Reese.

    “Ready when you are, old chum!” replied Reese.

    “A hybrid evolution… Such a strange sight indeed, but I can bet he’s even slower than before!” yelled Cyanide, insulting Derp.

    “I’ll have you know that my intelligence quotient is well beyond that of the smartest humans!” yelled Derp.

    “I meant your actual speed, dipshit,” replied Cyanide, making Derp panic.

    “Mr. Weiss, he’s right! I failed to take into account the weight of the two Shelder attached to my body!” panicked Derp.

    “We’ll just have to compensate then!” yelled Reese with a grin.

    “Good luck with that, Weiss! Tyranitar, Dark Pulse!” yelled Cyanide as he pointed his finger at Reese. Tyranitar roared and unleashed black energy from his body.

    “Derp, counter it with Surf!” yelled Reese.

    “Yes sir!” yelled Derp as his eyes began to glow a bright blue, causing water to surge from the walls of the cave and into a powerful attack. The black energy and the water collided with each other, causing the cave to rumble.

    “Wait a minute!” yelled Haley, “You can’t be though…”

    “What is it?” asked Reese.

    “There was a Team Rocket admin named Cyanide with spiky green hair and blue eyes that also had a Tyranitar, a Gliscor, and an Ekans, but…I always thought he was older!” yelled Haley. Reese seemed surprised, but Cyanide began laughing evilly.

    “Yes, age is an issue for most people,” yelled Cyanide, “But with my ability to manipulate the spirit, I was able to swap ages with my Ekans, causing it to absorb the experience I gained through ten years of life and evolve, while I became young again!” Reese and Haley’s eyes widened. The walls began to crumble around them as the opposing energies clashed.

    “Sir, I hate to interrupt, but we need to leave this cave as soon as possible if we wish to survive!” yelled Derp as he struggled to defend them.

    “Yeah, I know!” yelled Reese. Scout suddenly popped out of her ball.

    “Sentret!” cheered Scout.

    “Scout! Girl, am I glad to see you!” cheered Reese. Scout saluted her friends. “Scout, use Dig!”

    “Sen!” cheered Scout as she burrowed underground.

    “I wouldn’t have done that!” laughed Cyanide as his Arbok escaped from his ball in a purple flash of light and burrowed underground. Reese began to panic, but was relieved when Scout jumped out of the ground, though Arbok was on his trail, mouth gaping wide open.

    “CHABOK!” yelled Arbok as he bit at Sentret.

    “Scout, Iron Tail!” yelled Reese.

    “TRET” yelled Scout as her tail became as her as steel and collided with Arbok’s head. Scout then dove back underground and caused the ground underneath Tyranitar to go out, causing him to lose his stability and become overwhelmed by Surf, which also took Cyanide and Arbok.

    “Heh, not bad Weiss! But next time, YOU’RE DEAD!” yelled Cyanide as they were washed down the cave. As the water passed, Scout camp back up and shook her fur.

    “Excellent work Scout!” cheered Derp.

    “Thanks girl,” cheered Reese.

    “Sentret~” cheered Scout as she crawled on Derp’s head.

    “Now, can we leave?” asked Haley. Reese thought for a minute.

    “Looks like they’re still there, so let’s go!” yelled Reese as they walked deeper into the cave.

    Meanwhile, Decker and Alice sit in front of each other on the rock overlooking the small pond, snacking on lemonade and sandwiches.

    “Thank you so much for this Decker!” cheered Alice with a blush on her face.

    “Thank you for saying yes~” cheered Decker, making Alice blush even more, “So, wanna go get a milkshake in town tomorrow?”

    “Uh…uh…” Alice began blushing, “Sure~ I would love to!” Decker smiled. However, their moment was interrupted when the pond began to drain, and Reese, Haley, Scout, and Derp popped out of a hole, soaked to the bone.

    “Yo,” waved Decker.

    “Lovely day for a picnic?” asked Reese as he pulled the others out.


    “Oh, it’s fine~” cheered Alice.

    “I should also apologize for the travesty of interrupting your date, for you see, we were…” Derp began to preach the tale of what happened, and while Alice seemed really interested, the others ignored it.

    “So, got a lot to say, don’t ya?” asked Decker, “Sandwich?” Reese, Haley, and Scout both agreed, while Derp continued to talk away.

    The day continued on, and throughout the day, Pythagoras bonded with his new team, proving to be very mischievous, though Scout seemed to really bond with him. Finally, just as the others went to bed, Reese opened the book that Ross gave him and began studying it. From the looks of it, there were several different Sighters, such as the Seekers, Seers, Lookers, Watchers, Spies, and Monitors, each one having separate abilities from the others. As he read this by the camp fire, Haley sat down next to him.

    “Hey, you feeling okay?” asked the girl. Reese closed the book.

    “According to this book, the Cross Sighters were a race of people long ago who dispersed around the world. Today, only those who come into contact with other Cross Sighters are able to experience their powers to the fullest extent,” spoke Reese, “So basically that’s something else that my parents kept from me…”

    “Maybe they didn’t know,” spoke Haley, “I mean, if you didn’t gain that ability until just now, wouldn’t you think your parents wouldn’t have it?” Reese nodded.

    “Yeah, you’re right. Sorry for being mopey,” laughed Reese. Haley put her arm around Reese’s shoulder, surprising him.

    “Hey, you’re going through a lot of change, it’s not something you can easily swallow,” spoke Haley, “I never got the chance to thank you for helping me out today either.”

    “It’s no problem. How’s your ankle doing anyway?” asked Reese.

    “Much better, actually; Ms. Steward gave me a special juice that seemed to help it heal right up,” replied Haley as she gave a box to Reese.

    “Its orange juice,” laughed Reese.

    “Anything helps, right?” laughed Haley. “So…my ankle still hurts a little… think you could help me out for a few days?”

    “Of course!” replied Reese, though he began to wonder how she walked over to where he was just now if she needed help. “Want me to help you get to your cabin?”

    “Actually, if it’s alright with you, can we sit by the fire a bit longer?” asked Haley, who pulled Reese’s head to her, making him blush. They sat by the fire for two hours before either of them realized how late it was. Reese helped her back to her cabin, and he finally went back to his cabin, where he crawled into bed. He still had that blush on his face, but he felt more secure about it for once.

    Meanwhile… back in the dark room, the Seer watches the monitor of all the things that transpired during the day, but her attention was mainly drawn towards Alice.

    “How’s it going?” asked the man with the glasses.

    “There is no evidence that she is Target 2902,” spoke the woman.

    “Keep watching,” spoke the man, “I’m sure she’s the one we’re looking for.”

    “No offense intended, master, but what proof do you have that Ferrywill is in fact Target 2902?” asked the Seer. The man stepped towards the light of the monitor, revealing the same red eyes as before, and grinned.

    “The Seeker of Chaos never loses a target.”

    Chapter 10

    A couple of more weeks have passed since the previous incident, though Reese and his friends are now on the lookout for any sort of danger, though not much has happened, except for Spark nearly losing his eyebrows after Decker’s Cerberus ate a hot lemon pepper. Reese and Haley have been going on more missions together, regardless if the missions were related or not, and thus have been getting closer together. Today is a Saturday, which means the campers are free to do whatever, so while the others are sleeping in, Reese has to go visit Margarita…again. Though, traveling isn’t as hard as before thanks to Derp’s psychic abilities, which allow him to bend the water around him and to practically walk through the lake bed. Reese meets Margarita in the usual spot, who greets him with a smile.

    “Sooo, how’s it been goin’ with Haley?” asked Margarita with a naughty grin.

    “Pretty good actually,” smiled Reese, surprising the girl.

    “Wow, no denying your crush or a snappy comeback!”

    “Nope, actually I think you were right about the whole best friend thing,” replied Reese as he plopped down into a bean cushion.

    “Really?” asked Margarita.

    “Yeah, she told me that she only dated best friends.” Margarita laughed nervously, “Hey, don’t worry, I’m not mad, you prodded me in the right direction,” answered Reese.

    “Wait, what brought that up?” asked the girl.

    “Apparently some guy has been harassing her for a date, and she asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend whenever he was around,” answered Reese, making Margarita’s face turn a bright red as she smiled and became giggly, scaring Reese, “Then she mentioned that he wouldn’t have a chance anyway because she only dates…well you get the point.”

    “I’M SO PROUD OF YOUUUU~” cheered Margarita as she tackle glomped Reese, sending little packing peanuts into the air as the bean bag exploded.

    “HEY GET OFF OF ME!” yelled Reese in annoyance.




    “GET OFFFFFFFFF!” Reese struggled to get the over affectionate shipper off of him as she rubbed her face against his like a puppy, but to no avail.

    Meanwhile, however, we find Decker and Alice in the flower field again, though Alice had ventured a bit away from Decker. Her Audino, Audio, handed her a lovely daisy, which Alice gladly accepted.

    “Thank you! It’s so pretty!” cheered Alice, making Audio feel nice as the girl sniffed the flower.

    “VIPER!” yelled a random Serviper as its tail came crashing towards Alice, who managed to somehow evade and grab Audio as well at blinding speed. Suddenly, the Seer of Betrayal appeared, dawning her neon green eyes with cross shaped pupils. Alice looked at her with surprise, while the Seviper lunged at her with gaping teeth, which Audio blocked with protect.

    “Target acquired,” spoke the Seer, “The Foresight of Spirit is within our grasp.” Alice seemed shocked by these words.

    “Foresight of Spirit? What are you speaking of?” she asked frantically.

    “Huh, must’ve erased her own memory,” commented the Seer, whose eyes pulsed, causing Alice to feel a massive headache, which made her pupils transform into a star shape.

    “WHAT IS THIS!?” yelled Alice in pain as she gripped her head. Blood poured from her nose as she fell unconscious. Audio did her best to defend Alice, but was eventually overpowered by Seviper. Alice’s body began to grow a few inches, her body became more womanly, and she appeared to be about twenty years of age in appearance.

    “Alice!” yelled Decker from afar, whose Toxicroak named Bull rushed in to grab Audio while Angel the Togekiss flew in with Decker on her back to grab Alice.

    “You again,” spoke the Seer as she pointed at Angel, “Number 468, I demand that you drop the cargo immediately!” yelled the woman. Angel began to flutter and lose control, which worried Decker, however, Bull began jabbing at the Seer, shocking Decker at how rapidly and unhesitant he was at attacking her. Angel snapped out of it and dove down to grab Bull, who returned to his Pokeball quite cooperatively. They managed to get away while the Seer was knocked out due to the pressure points that was attacked, the same for her Seviper.

    “Come in Clementine,” spoke a voice on the other side of the radio in her ear.

    “The Foresight of Spirit is awake…” spoke the woman with struggle.

    “Excellent, all according to plan.”

    As they flew back to camp, Decker couldn’t help but notice just how much more beautiful Alice had become with her sudden aging, but then felt awkward for being sixteen and dating a girl that was supposedly that much older than him. For now, his main concern was getting back to camp with her. As they got back, the others wondered who this woman was, but the Camp Counselor wouldn’t allow anyone else into the infirmary. Reese and the others gathered around Decker, who was just as confused.

    “I don’t know man, suddenly her eyes went funky and she began bleeding out of her nose, just like Reese did when he became the…Foresight of Spirit? Was that it?” asked Decker. Reese nodded.

    “I thought I felt an odd presence in that girl,” spoke Derp, surprising the others.

    “Derp, you’ve scanned that book back and forth and memorized it completely, explain to us what exactly we’re dealing with here,” spoke Haley. Derp nodded.

    “According to the book that book that Dr. Ross gave to us, there are at least two elements for every color: Green being Betrayal or Life, red being Chaos or Passion, blue being Spirit or Freedom, purple being Royalty or Truth, yellow being Fear or Hope, orange being Courage or Memory, brown representing Mimicry or Nature, and black and white representing the ability to use other elemental power,” explained Derp, “While each eye color has two elements, similar to types, there is an added category that is displayed by what type of pupils one has. A Seer, identified by x shaped pupils, have the ability to find whatever weaknesses their opponents posses; a Spy, identified by cross shaped pupils with a yellow center, can see through objects to a certain debt; a Looker, identified by a golden x shaped pupils with a black center pupil, can look at an object and tell who or what the last person to be there was; a Foresight, identified by star shaped pupils, can see moments into the future to avoid damage or foresee calamity; a Seeker, identified by x shaped pupils with golden rings around the x, which can identify a target with the target’s face in mind and track them no matter where they go; and finally, a Watcher, whose eye shape is solely determined by the first Cross Sighter encountered, can only manipulate their respective element.” The others seemed astounded at how complex the Cross Sighters were.

    “But Alice, she was a Cross Sighter too?” asked Reese, “Why didn’t I react to it?” he seemed confused, though now his eyes were in full Cross Sight mode.

    “What I don’t get is why she’s a WOMAN now!” yelled Spark, surprising Haley, Margarita, and Tequila as they all looked at him with slight disgust.

    “She was a woman before!” yelled Tequila, scaring Spark.

    “Just because she was a little younger and under developed doesn’t mean that she wasn’t one to begin with!” yelled Margarita, scaring him more.

    “Girls, girls! Let’s calm down!” spoke Kyou nervously, “What he meant was that we were ignoring the obvious change: the sudden growth spurt.” Spark nodded rapidly, while the girls backed off of him. The door opened, and Alice stood before the others, while Draven and Miss Steward begged her to get back into bed. Alice looked so different, but the most prominent change was that she was no longer blushing like she used to, and her face seemed blank instead of nervous or happy.

    “Alice, you’ve gone through a bit of trauma, you need to rest for a bit!” yelled Draven.

    “I do not have time to rest,” spoke Alice, scaring the others, “There is an urgent matter I must attend this instant!” She then looked at Reese, who seemed nervous, “Reese, do you remember Dr. Ross’s face clearly?” she asked.

    “Well yeah but-”

    “Track him immediately, this is urgent.” Reese seemed surprised, but he closed his eyes to envision the red eyed man, and noticed that he was moving.

    “I think he’s still at the lab, but he’s on the move,” spoke Reese, surprising the others.

    “Hold up, what is going on!” yelled Decker as he grabbed her hand, shocking her and the others. Alice seemed hesitant to answer and seemed to look away from him.

    “Decker, I’m sorry that you had to find out like this,” she spoke, “But you deserve the truth.” Everyone seemed to listen intently, “Five years ago, I was a high ranking member of the notorious Team Plasma,” she spoke, making the others realize that her hair and eyes almost seemed to match that of a female grunt, “I was assigned to Project P2, which was working on reviving an ancient Pokémon and making it far stronger than before. However, during the experiment, our Lord N commanded that we cease production.”

    “Wait, you were that high of a ranking that you met N?” asked Draven.

    “Yes. However, there was a reason for the 2 in Project P2. While Lord N had halted our production with the final product, a prototype had proceeded before it, a clone we had created that became too powerful for our experimentation and had to be…‘scrapped,’ in a sense. Just as it was about to be released, another high ranking officer, Thomas Ross, asked for me to join him and a group of individuals like myself, Cross Sighters, in an experiment that would require the prototype. Little did I know, that experiment revolves around three meteorites around this area.” The others seemed to take it in.

    “So…the meteors in the evolution ceremony, or rather the meteors here and at Camp Noble Fire, and that meteor in the cornfield…” Haley pondered.

    “All part of an elaborate scheme that I would have no part of. When I had heard of Lord N’s defeat and what he wished of his followers to do, I knew I couldn’t let this new plan happen. I immediately ran away and found a family living on the Village Bridge, but to make sure that I wouldn’t be as easily identified, I used my own powers over the Spirit to reduce my age, giving ten years of experience to the prototype, and began a new life with a new family. This wasn’t enough, unfortunately. I then captured an Audino, my Audio, and made her use Amnesia on me, which not only erased my memories, but my powers as well. My entire back story was erased, along with the code needed to unlock a Pokeball I always keep on my person. Now…five years later, I’m here of all places, the exact age I was when I left the organization, and since my powers were triggered, I might as well stick out to Ross like a sore thumb!” yelled Alice. The others seemed impressed by her journey, and never would have thought that sweet, innocent Alice would be an ex high ranking Team Plasma member, let alone a Cross Sighter. Reese then wondered what her plan was.

    “So now that your memories and powers are returned…”

    I must find those meteors and destroy them!” she yelled, but was suddenly horrified when Dr. Ross stepped foot on the camp grounds. “Dammit, I’m too late!” Ross grinned and lit a cigarette.

    “Dear Alice, target 2902, and the Foresight of Spirit, how long has it been since I’ve last seen your beautiful face?” asked the man as he blew a circle of smoke from his mouth.

    “Ross, there is no way I’m allowing you to get your hands on the prototype!” yelled Alice. Decker, Reese, Spark, Kyou, and Haley all stood up front.

    “I’m not followin’ this prototype jibber jabber, but momma always told me to never trust a guy who smokes!” yelled Spark.

    “We’ve got your back Alice!” yelled Kyou as he prepared a Pokeball.

    “Alice… I don’t know what’s going on here, but my feelings haven’t changed for you,” spoke Decker, surprising Alice, “You may view me as just a boy now, but I’m going to protect you!” Decker grit his teeth as he stood next to his comrades. Alice seemed to blush, and smiled. She touched a Pokeball on Reese’s side, surprising him and the others as it began to shine and she began to shrink and de age to her fifteen year old self again.

    “I’m sure you’ll find my gift most useful,” she spoke to Reese as she wrapped her arms around Decker’s arms. Reese grabbed the Pokeball and released a Hydreigon, which surprised everyone.

    “Pythagoras!?” yelled Reese. “Thank you, but how!?”

    “A lot can happen in five years,” spoke Alice with a smile, “But just a little warning, he’s still got the same mentality that he had before going through the drastic evolution!” Reese seemed to worry a little as his newly formed Hydreigon tried nibbling at his head.

    “Well at least he’ll more than likely listen to you!” commented Haley. Reese nodded while the others released a Pokémon: Decker sent out Storm the Eelektross, Kyou sent out Baku the Emboar, who had evolved in the previous two weeks thanks to training; Spark sent out Jackson the Arcanine, and Haley sent out Drago the Dragonite, while Alice’s Audio the Audino and Reese’s Scout the Sentret stepped forth as well.

    “Take a look Ross! You’re heavily outnumbered! I don’t care what kind of genetically enhanced Pokémon you have, you’re no match for nine trainers with full teams!” yelled Alice.


    “Dino!” cheered Scout and Audino.

    “GON!” lately yelled Pythagoras. Ross grinned sadistically. His left eye suddenly transformed into that of a Seer’s green eye, which looked identical to the Seer of Betrayal’s eyes.

    “Numbers 59, 149, 161, 500, 604, and 635,” spoke Ross as their eyes became like his and they each lost control. The others were even more surprised, “Alice,” he spoke, causing her eyes to do the same. She struggled to keep control, but was powerless. Decker tried to grab her arm.

    “Alice, come on, stay in control!” yelled Decker, while Spark ran at Ross.

    “Get yer’ freaky powers away from my friends jackass!” yelled Spark, who was suddenly warped away when Ross’s other eye transformed into a golden Looker’s eye.

    “SPARK!” yelled Kyou while his Arcanine struggled to get free.

    “RARF RORRR RARF RARF!” growled Jackson as he struggled.

    “What did you do with him!?” yelled Draven.

    “I simply used the Looker of Hope’s eye to transport him to another time line in another place. To be precise, three years into the past in a far away, tribal, technology free region! Won’t that be fun for him?” replied Ross with a sadistic grin. The others looked helplessly at the man, while he forced the rest of them to release all of their Pokémon. They were all under control, no hope at all.

    “But…but how?” asked Reese as he struggled to move.

    “I possess hetero-chromia,” spoke Ross, “Which means, I posses two differently colored eyes, and on top of that, one is white, and the other is black. I have access to all types of powers and elements, and can also distribute them among non Cross Sight lineage. Take Clementine, the Seer; or take Cyanide,” spoke Ross as Cyanide suddenly appeared next to him with a sadistic grin, though he was much older than before and wore a black cloak with the Team Plasma emblem on the left of his chest with a gold shoulder gauntlet on his right shoulder, black leather gloves, and black boots.

    “Truly a magnificent gift, wouldn’t you say?” asked Cyanide, now appearing to be ten years older. The others felt so helpless, while Cyanide stepped towards Reese and Decker, who were unable to move at all. “I’ve been waiting for my moment to do this,” spoke Cyanide as he placed his hands on both, causing them to scream as his eyes began to glow a bright blue and yellow. Both began to shrink, appearing to only be thirteen years of age each. “I’ll drain you of your ages until you’re zygotes!” yelled Cyanide until a humanoid Pokémon knocked Ross with a powerful punch, causing his hold on the other trainers to cease, and a powerful kick to Cyanide’s face, sending him flying as a familiar face with black hair and blue eyes grinned.

    “Daisuke!” yelled Kyou with enthusiasm. Daisuke looked back and grinned.

    “Sup guys?” asked the man, who looked at Draven, “I was going to transfer as a late camper, but I see we’ve got other issues at hand,” smirked the man.

    “Do you have the item I requested?” asked Draven.

    “Wait, who is this guy?” asked Reese.

    “Daisuke, you?”


    “Save the introductions for later!” yelled Draven as Daisuke handed him a strange, silver orb.

    “What on earth…I wasn’t expecting that,” spoke Ross as he stood up and transformed his left eye to Betrayal mode.

    “Not this time!” yelled Raven as the orb began to glow. Color left Ross’s eye and transformed the orb into a green color, shocking the others.

    “A Cross Sighter relic!?” yelled Ross.

    “The Pokeball of Cross Sight would be a good analysis,” grinned Draven as he threw the orb on the ground, causing it to shatter. “When Reese told us about you, I knew to be prepared for anything. Since Daisuke’s little sister was recuperating with their family, I asked him to enroll here, but to also go to Opelucid City in the ruins to find the only weapon that was proven to combat the Cross Sighters’ eyes. Granted, I didn’t think we’d be dealing with something like this, but at least we can fight on more even ground now.”

    “Yes, quite amazing,” laughed Ross, whose eye was now purple, shocking the others. “However, even without the eye of Betrayal, I can still have what I want with the eye of Royalty!” The Pokeball from Alice’s hand suddenly transported to Ross’s hand, shocking the others, “And with the other purple element of Truth, I was able to read her mind for the combination!” he pressed the four digit code into the ball, which released a red Genesect, which fired a massive blast from his cannon on his back.

    “SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT!” roared the prototype Pokémon.

    “NO!” yelled Alice with desperation. Cyanide then threw a crystal orb into the line of fire, which began to shine three bright lights towards the three meteorites, which began to form a gigantic pyramid and form a glass staircase to the very top of the pyramid, which began to form a large, glass like tower into the sky, which began to form a special rift around it.

    “What the hell is going on!?” yelled Margarita.

    “The end of the world…” moaned Alice, “Before the three meteorites landed long ago, they pierced a legendary being that could do anything. It was the true embodiment of the tao trio!” They looked at her with surprise.

    “You mean that incident with the Black and White Kyurem, those weren’t the complete forms!?” yelled Tequila.

    “There’s a final form made of all three. If it forms, then whatever Ross’s intentions are will be realized!” yelled Alice, “And unlike the physical dragons of this realm, that dragon was sent into another realm. That orb was the Clear Orb, the gateway to that realm that needed to be lit up by a powerful being!”

    “Yes, quite good and all, but explaining it won’t save you,” spoke Ross as he released a Hydreigon from a Pokeball. “Cyanide, I’m going to warp your younger counterpart into the building, as well as our dear friends from Noble Fire,” spoke the man as he climbed on the back of the dragon. I’ll let you deal with these fools for now,” spoke the man as he returned the corrupt Genesect to its ball and flew to the entrance. Suddenly, all of the Pokémon with Cyanide appeared: A Tyranitar, a Weavile, an Arbok, a Smeargle, a Gliscor, and a Whiscash.

    “No problem guys! It’s just one guy!” yelled Margarita. Suddenly, several temporal anomalies began to appear around him, causing several incarnations of his younger and older selves to appear with their own teams, including several time warped Leviathan Pokémon like what Reese and Haley faced together.

    “You were saying!?” yelled Tequila. However, suddenly, a group of Pokémon from around the campgrounds appeared, including the Beautifly, Butterfree, the shiny cave Pokémon, the Pokémon from the Haunted mansion, and the shiny Zoroark, as well as the Deoxys from many weeks ago.

    “Zoroark!? Deoxys!?” yelled Reese. Derp then stepped forward with a grin.

    “I hope you didn’t mind me calling for backup,” spoke Derp.

    “Yodan, you’ve changed since our last encounter,” spoke the Zoroark.

    “As have two of the humans,” spoke the Deoxys. Suddenly, the campers of Camp Pride Water also came out of their cabins or back from town and stood their ground to fight the magnificent army.

    “What on earth!?” asked Kyou.

    “Reese, bro, we’ve got this!” yelled a camper.

    “Don’t worry Haley, we’ll hold them off for you!” yelled another. They all chanted words of encouragement until Zoroark dragged in one of the younger Cyanides and controlled his mind. The Cyanide unwillingly gave back the ages that he stole from Decker and Reese.

    “Whoah,” laughed Reese, who was actually taller now.

    “There, you’re actually two years older than you originally were,” bragged Zoroark, “Now get going, all of you!”

    “I will transport you to the top of the spire, but you are alone from there,” spoke the Deoxys.

    “Thank you so much!” yelled Decker. Deoxys spread its arms to warp them to the entrance, which was engulfed in a blinding light. They rushed in, revealing a large, castle like inside, where one couldn’t see outside, despite the glass appearance of the outside. However, awaiting our heroes were hordes of Noble Fire campers. Reese looked at his friends and Pokemon with a grin.

    “Okay guys, let’s do this!”​

    THE END IS NIIIIIGGGGGHHHHH (well technically the end already happened but for here it is close soooo yeah)
  6. Chapter 11

    As the gang stand in front of the horde of campers, Draven suddenly unbuttons his shirt to reveal not only a very toned upper body, but also six Pokeballs around his chest. He presses all of the buttons to reveal his Reuniclus, Cell; an Absol, a Garchomp, a Gyarados, a Volcarona, and perhaps most surprisingly, a shining Raikou, shocking everyone.

    “Margarita, Tequila, would you mind staying with me to hold these guys off while the others advanced?” asked Draven as his Pokémon’s eyes began to glow. The campers of Noble Fire didn’t budge. “There won’t be any defeating of these campers because their minds aren’t their own right now, and I need two people who can coordinate with each other well enough to lend me support.” The two girls released their Pokémon: Margarita released her Plusle, Bastiodon, Bellossum, Poliwrath, Dustox, and a male Unfezant; and Tequila released her Minun, Cranidos, Vileplume, Politoed, Beautifly, and a female Unfezant.

    “We’ve got this Draven-San!” answered Tequila.

    “Go on guys!” added Margarita with enthusiasm as she winked at Reese. Reese, Decker, Kyou, Haley, Alice, and Daisuke all looked at each other, while their Pokémon, Sawk, Drago the Dragonite, Storm the Eelektross, Baku the Emboar, Jackson the Arcanine, Pythagoras the Hydreigon, Audio the Audino, Derp the Slowking/Slowbro hybrid, and Scout the Sentret also nodded at each other and ran forth. As several Pokémon attempted to block them, Draven’s Raikou jumped forth and used Discharge to send them flying out of the way so they could enter the long hallway. Reese looked back and saw the three valiantly fight the horde of trainers.

    “Reese, they’ll be fine,” assured Haley. Reese seemed a little bit more comforted, but looked at Jackson, who was running with them with an angered look on his face. Reese remembered that Spark was warped to who knows where three years ago, and that there was no telling if they would ever find each other again.

    “Jackson,” spoke Reese, catching the fire dog’s attention, “After this is over, I swear, I’ll help you find Spark, no matter how long it takes.” Jackson stopped for a minute, while the others also stopped.

    “Reese, all Ross said was that he was in a region that was technology free, and the world is a big place!” spoke Decker.

    “I don’t care,” spoke the white haired man, “a friend will always be there to help another, just like he was rushed into battle like that, for us…” The others seemed solemn, while Jackson nodded.

    “RARF!” barked the Arcanine as he licked Reese and Scout’s faces.

    “Hey! Down boy! Down!” laughed Reese.

    “Tret!” laughed Scout. Haley looked at Reese with a slight blush, which was noticed by Alice.

    “He looks different now, doesn’t he?” asked the girl with a whisper, shocking Haley as she dragged Alice away from the group for a few minutes while the boys tried to get Jackson off of Reese so they could continue on. Haley looked at Reese, and couldn’t help but notice that he was actually taller than her now, was a little more toned and had slightly wider shoulders, and his shirt was slightly tighter, which made her blush slightly more. “So do you have a crush on him?” asked Alice with a smile.

    “Where did this attitude come from?” asked Haley.

    “I may appear to be fifteen, but I have the mindset of a twenty year old,” answered Alice, “I can see things differently than when you knew me before~” Haley smiled a little.

    “Well, I’ll be honest, he used to be like a little brother to me, but then he became a close friend… I was actually looking past his age because of his personality,” spoke Haley, “I mean, it’s not like I’m just now being attracted to him!” she said with a blush.

    “So you’ve felt this way for a while?” asked Alice.

    “I’ve been feeling slightly different about him since the Zoroark incident,” she spoke, “So maybe for a bit…plus he looked pretty cute, but more of the…what’s that word that Tequila always uses? ‘Kawaii-sugoi’?”

    “And now?” asked Alice. Haley looked back and saw Reese standing back up and looked at his broad shoulders.

    “He’s pretty handsome now,” she spoke. “But what about you? Won’t you being fifteen and Decker suddenly being about eighteen seem odd?” asked Haley.

    “Haley, I think odd went out the window when I suddenly realized I was actually twenty and in love with a sixteen year old boy and then I became fifteen again only for him to become eighteen!” laughed Alice, “Besides that, if it does become an issue, I can always take away a couple of years from a tree or something!” Haley seemed even more confused.

    “You Cross Sighters are weird.”

    “As weird as they come~” The girls then joined the other group again.

    “Crap, we just wasted precious seconds trying to pry this thing off of him!” yelled Daisuke as he ran forward, while the others followed.

    “Dude, relax! We’re the good guys! The good guys always win!” laughed Kyou.

    “That’s right! As long as we believe in a happy ending, nothing can stop us!” yelled Decker, shocking Alice, while Reese looked at him with a bitter face.

    “Sir, I ordered this without the cheese,” retorted Reese.

    “But he’s right!” added Alice, “Friendship with Pokémon has been shown to have positive effects on their battling, so why can’t it be the same with humans?” Decker grinned at her, while Reese sighed.

    “Fine. For the record, I think we can do this!” cheered Reese.

    “That’s the spirit, Master!” cheered Derp, who was keeping up by floating behind them.

    “Sentret!” cheered Scout. As they run through a hallway, a wall suddenly rotates and traps Kyou and Daisuke behind it, while Reese, Haley, Alice, and Decker pound against it.

    “Guys!” yelled Decker in a desperate tone.

    “We’re fine!” yelled a muffled Daisuke from the other side, who pulled Kyou back to his feet by grabbing his arm.

    “Looks like we got caught by the wall,” spoke Kyou, who struggled to see in the darkness.

    “Thank you captain obvious,” answered Daisuke, who irritated Kyou with his statement.

    “Hey guys, just get going! We’ll find our way out of here!” cheered Kyou.

    “Are you sure? Pythagoras could probably knock this wall down now,” spoke Reese. Kyou and Daisuke look at what appears to be a massive, abnormal Pokémon.

    “Watch yourselves out there!” yelled Daisuke with a grin as this monster’s eyes began to glow. The body appeared to be like a Steelix, but it also had Drapion legs, Hydreigon wings, and Galvantula eyes. The sound of footsteps could be heard going away from their location. Sawk and Baku took a defensive stance, getting ready to fight. The chimera Pokémon let out a deathly roar and fired a large blast of black energy at them, who all jumped out of the way in time, but were all clipped when the blast of energy bounced off of the wall. Kyou was grazed on the shoulder, Daisuke was hit on the leg, while Baku and Sawk were both hit on the back.

    “Kyou, you okay?” asked Daisuke as he cringed from his pain.

    “I should be asking you that!” yelled Kyou angrily. The chimera then began to charge at them like a flying snake, which Baku and Sawk counteracted by punching it on the nose, which only phased it slightly.

    “Okay, I think we need a little more fire power!” yelled Daisuke as he threw two Pokeballs into the air. “Hana-chan, Krookodile!” out of two Pokeballs appeared a Serperior and a Krookodile bursting with their respective element.

    “Not a bad idea!” yelled Kyou as he released a Flygon and Lucario, however, Flygon and and Krookodile began to hug each other passionately, which annoyed their owners and made them call them back.

    “Okay, let’s call out some Pokémon who aren’t lovey-dovey for each other,” moaned Daisuke as the two recalled the two Pokémon. Kyou then released a normal colored Zoroark while Daisuke sent out his Gigalith. The chimera Pokémon slammed his tail on the ground, causing an earthquake, making Kyou and the Pokémon panic. “Yo Gigalith, counter it with your own Earthquake!” yelled Daisuke.

    “OORRRRR” moaned Gigalith as he stomped his two front feet on the ground to cause a powerful earthquake as well, causing the entire ground to shake.

    “Lucario, go in for Close Combat!” yelled Kyou.

    “C-car!” nervously yelled Lucario as he rushed towards the chimera.

    “Sawk, help him out!” yelled Daisuke. The two Fighting types jumped over the pulsating ground and began barraging the chimera with multiple attacks, making the beast moan.

    “Hana-Chan, use Gastro-Acid!” yelled Daisuke.

    “PERIORRRR!” yelled the Serperior as she spat a blob of purple acid at the beast, which when contacted, caused its body to pulsate and begin transforming into a gooey, pin substance.

    “Baku, Zoroark, go in with Hammer Arm and Night Daze to weaken it more!” yelled Kyou.

    “BOARRRRRR!” roared the Emboar as his arms became engulfed with fire and he slammed his arms against the mighty beast.

    “ARRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” screeched Zoroark as a black pulse of energy came out of his mouth, which barraged the beast even more.

    “RAAAAAAAAAAA!” roared the beast as he began to sink into nothing more than a puddle of goo, while the respective Pokémon that made him fell unconscious, and the Ditto keeping them together as well. Kyou and Daisuke gave each other a thumb up, while the Pokémon seemed to be really cheerful. However, this was short lived. Daisuke tried to pat the wall, but there was nothing there anymore, and they were in an empty, black space of nothingness.

    “What?” asked Daisuke in confusion, who began to run into the dark abyss, only to appear back with Kyou and the Pokémon.

    “We should have knocked a hole in the wall while we had a chance, I guess,” laughed Kyou. The Pokémon also seemed slightly worried.

    “So we’re basically trapped here…forever…” spoke Daisuke, “Is there at least a way to warn the others?” Kyou’s Zoroark’s eyes began to glow, which made an image of Reese, Decker, Alice, and Haley appear.

    “Hey, can you hear us!?” yelled Kyou.

    Meanwhile, the message is received by the others, who suddenly halt at the sound of a voice in their heads.

    “Did you guys just hear Kyou?” asked Decker.

    “Kyou, is that you?” asked Alice. In the black abyss, Kyou motions for Daisuke to come closer to Zoroark.

    “Listen, try blasting a hole in the walls!” yelled Daisuke.

    “So now you want our help?” asked Reese sarcastically.

    “Just do it!” retorted Daisuke.

    “Okay Pythagoras, use Hyper Beam on that wall!” yelled Reese as he pointed to the wall. Pythagoras took a deep breath.

    “DREIIIIIIII!” roared Pythagoras as he fired a black beam of energy at the wall, which revealed a space like area filled with stars and galaxies. Decker attempted to run in, but nearly fell into an infinite abyss until Reese grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

    “Guys, do you see the hole in the wall?” asked Haley.

    “All we see are each other and our Pokémon, no gaping holes in the wall or anything,” spoke Kyou, who seemed depressed. The others seemed absolutely horrified.

    “What is this? Why are we in space all of the sudden?” asked Reese.

    “Space? We’re in some pitch black world here!” yelled Daisuke, confusing the others more.

    “It would appear as if the tower we are in right now transcends dimensions,” spoke Derp, surprising the others. He hopped on Pythagoras’s back and had the dragon fly slightly outside the tower, and saw nothing but an infinite cube like pipe stretched through space.

    “Get back in here you idiots!” yelled Reese, causing Pythagoras to retreat like a frightened puppy.

    “Just as I expected,” moaned Derp, “The fact that we can communicate with you right now means that we are in the same space,” spoke Derp, who looked at Reese, “Can you detect either of them?” Reese’s eyes transformed into the Seeker’s eyes, and he tried to envision Kyou and Daisuke in his head, but he began to get odd signals.

    “I can’t pin point it,” spoke Reese, “I’m getting points from everywhere.”

    “Just as I thought,” spoke Derp, “We are in the same space, but at this point in time, we are in different dimensions, and I would guess that you two are in some sort of pocket dimension of sorts.” The others freaked out, while Daisuke grit his teeth.

    “SO IS THERE A WAY OUT OR NOT!?” yelled the man angrily. Derp lowered his head.

    “I…I cannot honestly give a definite answer,” spoke Derp, “As with the case we just saw when we blasted a hole through this wall, a new dimension appeared us, different from your own…that means that there are perhaps an infinite amount of pocket dimensional possibilities for us to encounter should we keep trying this.”

    “So you’re saying that this is hopeless!?” yelled Reese angrily.

    “I…I don’t want to say that,” answered the pink Pokémon, “However…there may be one possibility.” The others perked their ears. “Should we stop Ross from obtaining HIS wish from the Tao Trio dragon incarnate, we might be able to use our own wish to rescue you as well!” Kyou and Daisuke’s face lit up as they bro hugged each other, though both began to blush from awkward feelings and looked in different directions.

    “So what do we do?” asked Kyou.

    “Just…sit tight I guess?” spoke Haley, making the two men feel useless.

    “Just watch out,” began Kyou, “Inside ours was a monster like the lake monster you and Reese fought, only with different Pokémon.” Reese and the others seemed intrigued.

    “Perhaps there is a time limit to exit the dimension once entered…Fret not friends, your information has given us a major edge about what to expect, and I swear on my shells that we will rescue you!” yelled Derp, causing smiles to spread across the two men’s faces.

    “Thanks,” spoke both at the same time.

    “Well we aren’t going to get anything done just by standing around!” yelled Reese, “We’ll talk later guys, just hang tight!” the others nodded and began to run off, while Zoroark cut the transmission. Kyou sat down and released his Pokémon, who all seemed to huddle around each other, while Daisuke did the same, which made Hana and Baku cuddle together and Flygon and Krookodile to do the same.

    “I never thought I’d get caught up in something like this,” spoke Daisuke. Kyou seemed to sniffle a little bit, which caught Daisuke’s attention, while Lucario tried to calm his master down.

    “What if they can’t stop him?” asked Kyou, “This place…many people envision Hell as a fiery depth with no hope, but even without flames, this seems hopeless and lonely…”

    “So you’re saying we’re in Hell?” asked Daisuke, who shook his head, “Nah, we’ve got each other and our partners for company. Doesn’t really seem that lonely to me.” Kyou looked at him with signs of tears in his eyes. “And have a little more faith in your buddies! That Reese guy especially.”

    “I get that, but…”

    “Yeah, I understand, we’re human, and we examine all possible outcomes, no matter how dreary,” replied Daisuke, “But at least you aren’t alone right now, right?” he began to blush a little, but seemed a little shy about it. Kyou seemed a little flattered, which made Daisuke flair up. “HEY! I was trying to be deep here you asshole!” Kyou began laughing, which made Daisuke join in as well.

    “You know what, you’re right,” spoke Kyou, “Honestly, I’m glad I’m here with you, of all people.” Daisuke seemed a little flattered, while Kyou rested his head on Daisuke’s shoulder, making him blush more, and making Daisuke remember the image of Kyou in a dress, which made him sweat and confuse him greatly.

    “Heh, whatever man.”

    The others continue running down the hallway and come across a set of stairs that go up like a double helix, which they ascended with all of the energy they can spare. Reese and Alice suddenly felt a tingling sensation, which meant a Cross Sighter was nearby. As they ascended the stairs, a middle aged man with dark hair, a goatee, a lab coat, a black shirt and brown pants, a muscular build and tan skin, and yellow eyes with x-shaped pupils appeared before them, causing the others to get nervous.

    “What is this!?” yelled Reese as he began to tremble with fear.

    “Why am I suddenly so terrified!?” asked Alice with a shudder.

    “This guy…just being in his presence makes me afraid!” yelled Decker. Haley looked at his eyes and remembered what Dirk said.

    “Wait, yellow eyes on a Cross Sighter can mean Fear or Hope, so…” she began sweating and clenching her teeth, but even with her own persuasion, she couldn’t move from fear. The man grinned widely.

    “The ‘Monitor’ has been given a second chance to make amends for his actions,” spoke the man, whose voice alarmed Haley.

    “Wait, you’re that voice from that radio transmission that was blackmailing Daisuke!” yelled Haley.

    “And what do you mean ‘Monitor?’ There’s no class for Monitor!” yelled Derp.

    “Ah, but ‘Watcher of Fear’ just seems so lackluster; The Monitor makes me sound so much more sinister, doesn’t it?” asked the man as he began to step forward, “Now, in case of confusion, Master Ross once killed me in an alternate timeline, but he has blessed me with a second chance by bringing me into the future! And now that I can look at you dead in the eyes, you will be too scared to move!”

    “But… We know that it’s just a power, so why…” Reese tried to reason with himself.

    “See, the Fear aspect confuses many, but allow me to explain my gift from my master, since it is my only Cross Sighter ability,” spoke the Monitor, “Fear is a coined term for this, but even with so much fear, a Fight or Flight response is triggered in most living beings, is it not? Fear allows me to enter your psyche, your mind can’t comprehend this because it is literally too scared to think straight.”

    “This isn’t good at all,” spoke Derp.

    “Tretttt….” Moaned Scout.

    “Now,” began the Monitor as he released a Conkeldurr from one of his Pokeballs around his waist, “Since you are frozen with fear, I can just walk up to you and kill you however I please, because you can’t stop me at all. So I will give you this chance to think about how you would rather die: Slow and painful, quick and painless, death by suffocation, decapitation, blood loss, hyperthermia, hypothermia, poison, the list is endless.” Alice began to cry, while Decker was helpless to hold her. “Tis a shame that the mighty Foresight of Spirit couldn’t foresee this. That’s the drawback of becoming a teenager again with your abilities, I suppose, as your powers aren’t as mature as when you are an adult.” He then looked at Reese, who was glaring at him with the eyes of the Seeker, “And tis a pity that you were cursed with one of the WEAKEST elements possible for a Cross Sighter, and what’s more, one of the worst combinations of element and type! I mean, all you can do right now is know where anybody with a face you know is! And if you could move, you could only save somebody’s life or bring them back from the brink of death. Shame!” Reese grit his teeth, but he realized this truth.

    “…just…make it quick and painless…” spoke Reese in defeat, causing the others to lose hope.

    “SARGE! WHAT THE SAM HILL IS WITH THAT ATTITUDE!?” yelled a voice from far away, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere and punched the Monitor in the face with electrical energy, causing the others to become free. Reese looked at the tall, muscular figure with a black overcoat with several military badges along the chest and shoulder areas, as well as black fingerless gloves with brass knuckles, and smiled brightly when he saw the man’s face, who had a scar on his left cheek and through his right eye, and also had a white tank top on with a yellow silhouette of an eagle spread across his chest.

    “S-SPARK!? SPARK IS THAT YOU!?” yelled Reese with joy. Decker, Alice, and Haley took a minute to recognize him, as he looked so much older than before. However, Jackson soon ran to his master and licked him with joy, which made Spark cry slightly. Washington the Raichu appeared from his gloves, with matching scars, and hugged the dog Pokémon.

    “ARF ARF!!”

    “RAICHU!” cheered the Pokémon.

    “Spark! Dude, you made it!” yelled Decker.

    “It was a pretty tough time,” spoke the man, who appeared to now be twenty years of age, “When I came to, I was in some tribal region. I asked for the nearest route to Unova, and they had no idea what I was talking about. I checked my phone, and I was three years in the past! So for two years, I trained with several tribes of the region, then I found my uncle, Lt. Surge, who gave me these special brass knux and taught me military combat! I also ate a bunch of protein and other Pokémon food to get me pumped! Finally, I made my way back to camp, and I waited for two weeks for this opportunity,” explained Spark, amazing his friends, until the Monitor stood back up and glared at Spark directly in the eye. However, Spark was unfazed and gave a devastating uppercut to the man, shocking the others.

    “What!? He can resist the Cross Sighter Powers!?” yelled Reese. Spark looked back and grinned.

    “I didn’t want the same thing as last time happenin’ again. My troop needs me, so I also special artifact to…uh…” Spark took a piece of paper out of his pocket and read it, making the others think less high of him, “YEAH! THAT’S IT!” he said as he revealed a necklace with an X on it, “This Cross Blocker I found makes whatever that was FREAKIN’ USELESS!” The Monitor stood up and growled, while his Conkeldurr stood up and threw his concrete pillars at Spark, whose Raichu sliced in half with a powerful Iron Tail.

    “Chu!” scoffed Washington, when suddenly one of the Monitor’s eyes began to turn brown. His body became faster like Spark’s and he rushed at him, only to be counteracted by a powerful punch, sending a ripple through the air.

    “Even if my Fear Element has no affect on you, my Mimicry aspect will give me your new abilities as well!” yelled the man. Spark grinned.

    “This gon’ be good!” growled Spark with a grin, surprising the Monitor, “Hey Sarge! I got this guy! You guys go on ahead! I’ll join you when I get the chance!” Reese and the others nodded and continued forward, while Jackson stayed behind with his master.

    “Spark,” yelled Reese, who gave a thumb up, “Kick his ass!” Spark grinned while Reese and the others ran forth.

    “You know this is futile,” spoke the Monitor as he punched with the same ferocity, which Spark avoided and counteracted, only to make contact with his fists, “My body will do everything that yours does, this is pointless!” Spark grinned.

    “See, that’s where yer’ wrong!” yelled Spark as he looked at Jackson and Washington. “Power Merge!” yelled Spark, causing Washington to began pure electricity and merge with Spark’s left glove, while Jackson became pure fire and merged with Spark’s right glove. He punched at the Monitor with blazing and sparkling fists, which somehow was also mimicked by the Monitor, “Huh, didn’t think you could mimic that too!” spoke Spark with a genuinely impressed tone, “But what you just copied took me three years to learn, to get into shape, to gain enough energy to master! Yer’ body’s gonna give out eventually!” yelled the man as he punched the ground with Jackson’s fist, causing the floor to crack and fire to explode. The Monitor sped out of the way and kicked Spark’s back, who rolled back to his feet and punched at the man, who ducked and punched Spark in the face.

    “Yes, but if I can just kill you before hand,” spoke the man as Conkeldurr grabbed Spark from behind, surprising him and leaving him open to a powerful punch to the gut, leaving Spark hurt. Spark grinned, however, as out of a Pokeball on his back appeared his Braviary, Lincoln, appeared and sliced at the Conkeldurr with its broadened wings.

    “Dirty fightin’, where’s the honor!?” yelled Spark as his gloves began to shine, “WELL TWO CAN PLAY AT THIS GAME!” Suddenly, a yellow silhouette of Washington, a red one of Jackson, a light blue one of Lincoln, a purple one of Jefferson the Drapion, a blue one of Cleveland the Quagsire, and a white one of Reagan the Aggron began to hover over Spark, like spirits watching over a comrade. “OVER MERGE!” yelled Spark as his Pokémon merged with his gloves. Conkeldurr tried coming from behind to attack, but Spark simply punched the air to cause a burst of wind to burst from his fists, sending the beast flying. The Monitor then released his other Pokémon: A ferocious Luxray, which was sent flying when Spark punched the ground and caused the earth to crumble around it; an intimidating Gengar, who was blown away by a pulse of black energy from another punch; a flaming Inernape, who was doused by water; a monstrous Walrein, who was electrocuted by crackling fists; and a powerful Garchomp, who was thrown aside with a powerful throw and frozen with an Ice Punch.

    “What on earth are you!?” yelled the Monitor, who suddenly felt an overwhelming power inside of him that he felt would rip him apart. Spark’s body began to glow with the aura of his merged Pokémon, and each seemed to become monstrous spirits around him.

    “I’m just a soldier trying to protect his platoon,” answered Spark, who slowly began to walk towards the Monitor, “Call it heroic, call it being brave, I don’t give a damn. I spent three years becomin’ stronger so I could have this moment: not a moment off being a hero…” His body became alit by a swirling bright light, and he rushed at the Monitor with a powerful punch. The Monitor, afraid for his own life, mimicked it, but began to feel the strain of the overwhelming energy on his body, “I GAINED THIS POWER TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT, PEOPLE I WOULD WILLINGLY LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR!” the punches collided, and class and walls began to shatter from the sheer fallout of the explosion. The walls began to transform into a white space, and the stairs going upwards disappeared, along with any hope of escape. As the smoke cleared, Spark’s Pokémon demerged from his gloves, all of which were panting from exhaustion, while Spark was as well. The Monitor, however, lay incapacitated and unable to move.

    “…aren’t you going to finish me?” asked the man. Spark sat down on the man’s back, irritating him.

    “Nah, I think I’ll keep you alive,” replied Spark, angering the Monitor, “What? I’ve been watching the camp for two weeks, and I noticed somethin’ ‘bout you Cross Sighters who receive their powers from someone else.”

    “What on earth would that be?” asked the Monitor.

    “When a person who receives their powers from a higher up is killed, that power is returned to their master,” answered Spark, making the Monitor laugh.

    “And where on earth did you learn this knowledge?”

    “Yer’ friend Clemmy, er, the… Seer of Betrayal? Yeah, that’s it. When she found Ali’ and was stopped, Ross came to her. I thought he was going to help her…boy was I wrong,” answered Spark as he bit his lower lip, “That bastard…I don’t care if she was an enemy, you don’t do stuff like that to a woman.”

    “What on earth are you talking about?” asked the Monitor.

    “That bastard kicked her while she was down and stomped her head until she stopped breathing!” yelled Spark, and making the Monitor widen his eyes.

    “No! You’re lying!”

    “So yer’ gonna tell me that he didn’t do that to you too?” asked Spark. The Monitor then realized that he was killed in another timeline. “That man’s bad news, and you know what? Sarge and the others are going to give him a ‘dishonorable discharge!’”

    “Do you really think it’ll be that easy?” asked the man.

    “Sure as hell do. I don’t wanna be trapped in here with yer’ sorry ass for eternity.”

    “Really? Then tell me, if you have so much forethought, why didn’t you strike BEFORE the tower rose?” asked the Monitor, making Spark laugh a little.

    “I didn’t think THAT far ahead!” laughed Spark, who grinned a little, “But that’s why no man makes an army. You have to have others to have yer’ back.” Spark looked at his Pokémon, who nodded in agreement.

    “Be quiet you bleeding heart,” complained the Monitor.


    Meanwhile, Reese, Haley, Decker, and Alice, as well as their Pokémon, continue their climb to find Ross, though Reese seemed a little disheartened.

    “Spark’s location is going haywire!” spoke Reese.

    “Another sub dimension? But they were fighting square in the middle of the room!” spoke Decker.

    “Maybe that tremor a few minutes ago had something to do with it,” whined Alice, who worried about Spark.

    “Spark’s a tough guy!” assured Haley, “If anything, he did it himself!” Alice seemed a little more assured, while Derp thought deeply.

    “Wait, maybe you’re right,” spoke the slow Pokémon, “Remember when we knocked a hole in that wall earlier? How it just seemed to lead into endless space?” asked Derp.

    “What about it?” asked Reese with confusion.

    “This is just a theory, mind you, but it might line up. When Kyou and Daisuke were trapped behind the wall, they ended up in a different special realm than the one we saw. We then theorized that perhaps there is an infinite amount of possible sub realms outside these walls. However, I sensed an overwhelming power from Spark, so it would be safe to say that HE was the one to cause the special rift to occur this time. How? The walls must act as some kind of barrier between dimensions, and destroying them puts a strain on reality!”

    “English, Derp!” complained Reese.

    “If the walls are destroyed, we’ll be trapped as well!” answered Derp, causing the others to become more wary.

    “No problem, just don’t get captured by or destroy the walls!” laughed Decker. However, just as they ascended more stairs, they were greeted by a blast of black energy from a Tyranitar. As they dodged, Decker pushed Alice out of the way, only for his right shoulder to be grazed by the shot.

    “GAH!” yelled Decker in pain as blood began to pour. Audio began to heal it as fast as she could, when Reese looked up to see an all too familiar face.

    “Welcome to the party!” yelled the seventeen year old Cyanide as his Weavile, Smeargle, Gliscor, Lanturn, Arbok, and Tyranitar stood ready to fight. “If you look to your left, you’ll find utter despair~” spoke the man as his Gliscor fired a Hyperbeam at the wall to the left, revealing what seemed to be an arid wasteland, “To the right, you’ll find broken hopes and dreams~” his Weavile then fired a blast of energy at that wall, which revealed more arid wasteland, “Add the two together, and you have a one way ticket to oblivion, aka, not a snowball’s chance in hell of winning!” the man’s eyes became that of the Spy of Spirit, glowing a bright blue and yellow. Suddenly, his Tyranitar stomped his foot, causing an earthquake which destroyed all of the walls surrounding them, and leaving them stranded.

    “NO!” yelled Reese.

    “It can’t end here!” yelled Decker. Cyanide grinned maliciously.

    “Oh it can, and let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you outnumber me anymore! THERE IS NO HOPE OF ESCAPE! So go ahead! TRY AND STOP ME! ENTERTAIN ME FOR ETERNITY!” Cyanide began to laugh maniacally, which disheartened the others.

    “We…we’ve lost…” moaned Haley. Reese then remembered Spark’s words of encouragement, and lifted his head.

    “No, there’s always a way!” yelled Reese, surprising the others. “Derp, you’ve read a lot of books, surely there’s a THEORY about piercing dimensions?” asked the white haired man. Derp thought long and hard, but sighed.

    “I have some sort of idea…but the rate o success would be… forty percent,” spoke the Pokémon sadly.

    “Hey, that’s better than nothing, right!?” asked Decker enthusiastically. Suddenly, Smeargle fired a blast of energy at them, which they dodged.

    “WHAT’S THE MATTER!? ENTERTAIN ME, BITCHES!” yelled Cyanide with insanity.

    “What would we have to do?” asked Haley as they all hid behind a rock.

    “Opening a dimensional rift requires a great deal of energy…so I would say the power of some very powerful attacks, and my psychic energy to direct it into a single shot!” spoke Derp, who cringed as the rock they were hiding behind was destroyed by Gliscor’s tail.

    “Okay, but somebody’s got to distract this guy!” yelled Reese as they jumped out of the way. Alice then threw out a Pokeball, which released Esper the Espeon and Cloud the Altaria.

    “I’ll distract him for as long as I can!” cheered Alice.

    “Don’t you need help!?” asked Decker with concern.

    “Decker, please!” cheered Alice as she looked at him with the eyes of the Foresight of Spirit, “I’m a Foresight! I can see what he can do-” spoke the girl as she jumped out of the way to avoid a splash of acid, “As I was saying, I can see what he will do before he even does it~” she proceeded to battle, while Decker’s Storm the Eelektross, Haley’s Drago the Dragonite, and Reese’s Pythagoras the Hydreigon all stood ready.

    “Okay, Reese, try to pinpoint Ross. Even if you get mixed signals, tell us which direction you feel the strongest about!” spoke Derp. Reese nodded and closed his eyes to think about the red eyes man, and concentrated deeply, even as explosions occurred around him. He began to feel mixed signals, but most of the signals pointed north.

    “North!” yelled Reese as he turned around.

    “Storm, Pythagoras, Drago, give me the strongest Hyperbeams you can supply!” yelled Derp.



    “GOOOON!” yelled the Pokémon as they fired black shots of energy into the distance, while Derp closed his eyes and made the gem on his forehead and the eyes of the Shelder on his head and tail glow, which forced the beams of energy to intertwine.

    “Derp, come on man, you can do it!” cheered Reese. Derp began to sweat and his eyebrow began to twitch, but he was finally able to force the beams of energy together.

    “Scout, please Assist!” spoke Derp with pain.

    “SENTRET!” yelled Scout as her hands began to glow. She took over the beam of light, while Derp focused his Psychic energy to rip them apart.

    “Almost…there…” moaned Derp, until a gaping hole leading into the castle was opened. “Quickly! Get to the other side! Reese, recall me before the portal closes!” spoke Derp as he and the others stopped their attacks. Reese, Haley, and Scout were the first through the portal, then Pythagoras and Drago. However, just as Decker was about to get in, he noticed that Alice was having trouble, and that Smeargle had her pinned down with Frenzy Plant.

    “I’m not going!” spoke Decker.

    “Decker…” spoke Haley with concern, but Reese motioned otherwise.

    “I already know you’re mind is made up,” spoke Reese. Decker grinned, and the two bumped fists.

    “You better come back, bro!” laughed Decker as he and Storm ran towards the action. Reese then recalled Derp to his Pokeball, while Reese grinned.

    “I wouldn’t leave my brother behind,” laughed Reese as the portal closed between the realms. Decker then released Cerberus the Houndoom and Einstein the Alakazam, both ready to assist Storm with the fighting.

    “Cerberus, Flamethrower!” yelled Decker.

    “HOUNDDDDD!” barked the Houndoom as fire spewed from his mouth and hit Smeargle and Weavile head on.

    “Einstein, get those vines off of Alice!”

    “KAZAM!” yelled the Alakazam as he bent his spoons to gain control of the vines. As Alice fell, Decker caught her in the brink of time. She looked at her hero with a flushed face, while Decker looked at her with a smile.

    “I don’t care how tough a Cross Sighter is, I’m here for you,” spoke Decker. Alice smiled.

    “OH GIVE ME A BREAK!” yelled Cyanide, who then realized that the others had escaped.

    “What’s the matter? Did you just realize that something was missing?” asked Decker condescendingly. Cyanide began growling until he was red in the face with frustration.


    “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it’s just us now!” grinned Decker, “And if you want a fight, you’ve got one!” Alice got to her feet and also got ready to fight alongside her Audino, Espeon, and Altaria.

    “SCREW YOU! I will not be insulted like this!” yelled the man as his Pokémon rushed at the two.

    “Eelektross, use Brick Break!” yelled Decker.

    “Eel!” yelled Storm as he slithered towards Tyranitar, who attempted to use Earthquake, but was completely underpowered by the Eelektross’s Levitate. Storm then punched the mighty creature, inflicting a 4X super effective attack and knocking the monster out.

    “Einstein, Cerberus, take out Weavile and Arbok!” yelled Decker.

    “HOUND!” barked Cerberus as he blew flames at the Weavile, knocking out Weavile.

    “KAZAM!” yelled Einstein as he used his Psychic energy to one hit KO the snake Pokémon.

    “Cloud, use Blizzard! Esper, use Psychic! Audio, use Surf and Thunderbolt!” yelled Alice, scaring Decker a little.

    “TARIAAAA!” yelled the cloud bird as she summoned a freezing cold wind to freeze Gliscor.

    “ESSSSS!” wailed the Espeon as her eyes began to glow, which made the Lanturn lose control of its body.

    “DINOOOOOOOO!” yelled the Audino as she called forth a massive tidal wave to envelope the enemy team, and suddenly she fired a flash of lightning from her hands, which shocked the entire team. Everyone was knocked out, even though they tried their best to defend themselves. Cyanide struggled to stand up, his body completely singed.

    “I…I hate you so…much…” muttered the green haired man as he fell unconscious. Decker and Alice looked at each other with smiles.

    “Well, our job is done, I guess~” cheered Alice. Decker sweated nervously.

    “I… I didn’t think you would go THAT hard on him!” laughed Decker.

    “I suddenly remembered a LOT of pent of aggression~” laughed Alice as she hugged her Pokémon, “But it’s always comforting to know I wasn’t alone through such hard times…” Decker seemed intrigued and grabbed her hand.

    “Tell me more about you,” spoke the man, “I want to know more…” Alice smiled, and the two, with their Pokémon, began walking and talking.

    Chapter 12

    Meanwhile, Reese, Haley, Drago, Pythagoras, and Scout continue towards the final boss.

    “I can feel it! He’s just up ahead!” yelled Reese.

    “Reese, I think we need to talk a little before we go in there,” spoke Haley. Reese seemed confused. She was blushing a little, but she straightened up. “Uh, I mean, how we should deal with…Ross, of course!” she finished. Reese nodded.

    “That guy has too many powers up his sleeve, so how do we keep him from using his powers?” asked Reese. Derp then suddenly appeared from his Pokeball, though he appeared exhausted. “Derp, you need to rest!” yelled Reese.

    “But I must spare my knowledge at the moment,” spoke Derp, who was sweating, while Scout tried fanning him with her tail, “Thank you, Scout. Now, I have another theory regarding Cross Sight that might aid us against him.”

    “You know what? Stop saying ‘theory,’ because anytime you say theory, it ends up becoming a fact, so just say it already!” yelled Reese.

    “Very well. My theory is that the Cross Sight Aspect and Element work just like a Pokémon’s Ability and Type,” spoke Derp, “My theory is that we should treat him like the lake monster and disable one or the other first.”

    “Yes, but there’s nothing in our arsenal than can disable types,” spoke Haley, “And I think the best plan of action would be to disable his main eye powers.”

    “Yeah… okay, here’s was we do,” began Reese, who began to grin, “We just get Rose to use Gastro Acid on him. If it disables the Elements, then we’re mostly in the clear. If it only disables the Aspects, then we wing it, no other choice about it!” Reese said with a shrug. Derp and Haley seemed shocked.

    “Really? That’s the best idea you have?” asked Haley.

    “Got any better ones?” asked Reese with a furled Brow. Haley sighed.

    “Guess it’s the best one we’ve got,” moaned Haley. Reese then looked at her oddly, but shook his head.

    “Know what? Never mind~” cheered Reese.

    “What?” asked a confused Haley.

    “I was going to say one of those ‘if we don’t come back’ lines, but screw it! We’re coming back! We’ll definitely win!” cheered Reese. Haley smiled and shook her head.

    “Okay weirdo, let’s do this!”

    “Sentret!” cheered Scout. They all ran forth until they reached another set of stairs, which they quickly ascended. When they finally reached the top, they entered a huge, domed room, where space was clearly visible from the other side of the glass. On a pedestal stood Ross, gazing lovingly at an orb of light floating in the room.

    “It’s over Ross!” yelled Reese, making Ross smirk as he turned around.

    “Reese, so good to see you here!” cheered Ross as he descended the stairs, his eyes appearing to be normal.

    “Stop this now Ross! It doesn’t have to get ugly!” yelled Reese.

    “Oh, but it has to,” spoke Ross as his eyes began to turn into the Looker of Truth’s purple eyes, making the others nervous, “Would you like to see something amazing?” asked the man as they were caught in a vision of the ancient past.

    “What is this?” asked Haley as they looked down on an ancient group of people with varying eye colors and eye pupils, as well as fellow Pokémon.

    “The ancient race of the Cross Sighters, at the height of its prosperity, with a population of two thousand,” spoke Ross as they approached a large, pyramid like building. On the throne sat a man with blonde hair and white and black eyes. “Our mightiest ruler, Jaruda III, was a kind king.” Ross showed them an image of the king literally throwing gold over a balcony to his people, “He lead our people to prosperity, and offered his help to any kingdom that needed it. However, people began to fear us, to grow weary of us, and began to make Cross Blocker artifacts to capture or destroy our vision. We were almost completely wiped out…” An image of people fading away came to vision. “After the great Cross War over ten thousand years ago, it was recorded that only one hundred of our kind survived, and spread throughout the world, blending into the rest of society, and cross breeding with normal people. The fools didn’t realize that our genes are recessive, so even those who were the children of survivors might not have been able to use their powers, so even then our race dwindled until we are barely a speck of dust in the wind.” The room became normal again, while Ross walked near the orb of light.

    “So…our people were persecuted for being different…” spoke Reese, whose eyes became that of the Seeker of Life.

    “You see where I am coming from then,” spoke the man, “I wish to bring about another Cross Sight revolution, so that our people may be born again…”

    “But at what price?” asked an echoed voice, scaring the others. Ross began to laugh.

    “No, No, do not grant my wish just yet,” spoke Ross, “If you must know, however, I wish to take the lives of the descendants of our enemies in exchange!” Reese’s eyes widened.

    “YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT!” yelled the green eyed man.

    “And why not!?” asked Ross with a booming voice, “They took the lives of the innocent, why should WE be any different!?”

    “Haven’t you ever QUESTIONED what you were told!? Maybe the Cross Sighters were evil and they had to be stopped!” yelled Reese.

    “THEY WERE NO SUCH THING!” yelled Ross.


    “BECAUSE I WAS JARUDA’S BROTHER!” yelled Ross, shocking the others. “I was able to sustain life, and my thirst for revenge for so long thanks to a power that one of our vassals gave to me, the Spy of Spirit’s eyes. When I tell you about history, that means I’ve lived to see it.” Reese thought heavily for a moment, but he shook his head after looking at Haley and Derp.

    “Look, what they did to our people was wrong, but we can’t keep living that way. I hate to be cliché, but, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,” replied Reese. Ross laughed.

    “No, that was rather clever, but no matter. One of us must make a wish, or the fabric of reality will break apart anyway,” spoke Ross, confusing Haley and Reese.

    “What do you mean?” asked Haley.

    “If you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve been using my Hope Element to bring people from the past and from other timelines to the present, as well as bending and breaking the very fabric of space to get to this dimension,” answered Ross, “Any wish you make is like a monkey’s paw, and thus, you have to think carefully about what you wish for. Not only this, but you must trade something of equal value. A life for a life is fair, but it truly makes you wonder what you would give up for the sake of others.”

    “I won’t let you have your way,” spoke Reese.

    “But I believe you will,” spoke the man as he held up a Pokeball, “Truth lets me see everything in your mind, and Royalty lets me take possession of whatever item you have, both eyes were favorites of my brother for a reason.”

    “Wait, where’s Rose!?” yelled Reese as he patted himself frantically.

    “You were going to use Gastro Acid on me to disable my Element? Not a bad idea, really, but the idea wasn’t presented soon enough to take effect,” spoke Ross with a smirk as he changed his eyes from blue to red, “And now, with the eyes of Chaos, I shall obliterate you with a simple blink…” Haley and Reese cringed while Pythagoras and Drago roared and fired blasts of energy at Ross, who avoided all hits with amazing speed.

    “Scout, use Assist!” yelled Derp, surprising the others.

    “SEEENNNTTRRREEETTT!” yelled Scout as her tail began to glow and she chased after Ross. She then flipped, flinging what would appear to be a green ooze that hit Ross head on. It was Rose’s Gastro Acid!

    “HOLY CRAP! WAY TO GO SCOUT!” yelled Reese as he and Haley grinned with joy. Ross began to panic as his eyes began to slowly become normal again.

    “NO! NO! I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!” yelled Ross as he used the last of his powers to shoot a red light from his eyes at Haley, whose eyes began to take the form of a Seeker’s. She then began screaming from pain and blood gushed form her nose, scaring Reese as he caught her from falling on the ground.

    “HALEY!” yelled Reese in worry.

    “DRAAAAAA!” yelled the Dragonite as he rushed at Ross with vengeance in his eyes, only to be blasted by a last minute Chaos burst, knocking it out unconscious. Ross began to laugh maniacally, while Reese desperately tried to comfort Haley.

    “HAYLEY, I’M HERE OKAY! EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!” yelled Reese as Haley’s screams became louder and louder.

    “Unfortunately it won’t…” laughed Ross, making Reese glare at him angrily, “Perhaps I should explain. My white and black eyes, the eyes of Yin and Yang, allow for me to transfer the powers of a Cross Sighter to others. HOWEVER, you should know how this works. With Cross Sight lineage, powers are activated when the blood is strong within you and you come across another Cross Sighter, lineage or not. However, even if I transfer powers, the symptoms are almost exactly the same: head splitting headaches, bloody noses, but someone who receives powers are more likely to DIE than to actually wield it,” spoke Ross, angering Reese, “As a matter of fact, I’d say nine out of ten receivers die from the symptoms alone!” Reese looked angrily, while Haley began to cry and look at Reese.

    “Reese…Don’t worry about me,” spoke the girl, making Reese worry more.

    “Haley, come on, you have to pull through!” yelled the white haired man, who began to tear up.

    “I…I’m kind of glad I got to be with you one last time…” whispered Haley as a vein bulged from her head and she began to lose color. She began to cry, which broke Reese’s heart, “I…I wish I could have told you that…I…lo…” she stopped breathing, and Reese knew that she was gone. He looked at Ross with murder in his eyes and began to cry out at the top of his lungs. Suddenly, Rose appeared from her Pokeball and slapped Ross away, while Reese’s other Pokémon, Amp the Electivire and Heracles the Heracross, appeared from their Pokeballs, angry as Reese was. The team gathered around, and prepared for the ultimate battle.

    “It won’t end like this, Ross!” yelled Reese. Ross began to laugh.

    “Ha! All I needed was to make her the Watcher of Passion! All she would have been able to do was read emotions! IT’S THE WEAKEST COMBINATION POSSIBLE, AND SHE DIED!” laughed the man, making Reese angrier than before. Suddenly, the field around them disappeared, and they were standing on what appeared to be glass in the middle of space. Ross’s Pokémon, a Hydreigon, Gallade, Mantine, Blaziken, Electrode, and a shiny Excadrill, appeared next to him, shocking Reese at the appearance of the Excadrill.

    “Is that…”

    “The very same,” spoke Ross. Reese grit his teeth.

    “Reese, we can alter reality to where he would be free, we can fix everything, but we HAVE to defeat him first!” yelled Derp. Reese bit his lip until blood let from it, but he finally nodded, despite the pain he felt inside.

    “Amp, use Thunder-Quake!” yelled Reese.

    “VIREEEEE!” yelled Amp as he jumped into the air and slammed his tails against the ground, causing glass and electricity to fly.

    “Gallade, Close Combat!” yelled Ross.

    “GALLLLLL!” yelled the Gallade as he bombarded Amp with multiple hits.

    “Electrode, use Explosion!” yelled Ross.

    “TROOOODDDDEEEE!” yelled Electrode as he rolled toward the hero team.

    “Heracles, use Focus Punch!” yelled Reese. Heracles rushed towards the enemy with a fist glowing with pure energy.

    “CROOOOOOOOO!!!!!” yelled Heracles as he punched the Electrode head on as the explosion occurred. Smoke enveloped the field.

    “Mantine, use Surf!” yelled Ross.

    “TINNNNNEEEEE!” yelled Mantine as he called forth water from space to drench the field.

    “Rose, Leaf Storm!” yelled Reese.

    “SERRRRR!” yelled Rose the Serperior as she slithered her body around to cause a gigantic storm of leaves around them.

    “Blaziken, use Brave Bird! Excadrill, use Drill Run!” yelled Ross.

    “KEENNNN!” roared the Blaziken his body became enveloped in a bright blue light and he flew at Reese and his team.

    “DRILLLLLLLL!” yelled Ross’s Excadrill as his body became engulfed with sand energy and he charged at Reese’s team. Reese looked at Pythagoras and Scout and nodded.


    “HYYYYYY!” roared Pythagoras as he summoned meteors from space.

    “SENTRET!” yelled Scout as she crawled on his back and made her tail glow, causing the meteors to glow brighter than before and make an explosion occur. Ross and his Hydreigon rushed straight for Reese, while Reese and Derp prepared.

    “Derp, use Blizzard!” yelled Reese.

    “ON IT!” yelled Derp as he summoned a massive wave of cold air to attack the dragon.

    “Hydreigon, use Outrage!” yelled Ross.

    “GOOOOONNNN!” roared his Hydreigon as his body became engulfed in flames and he charged.

    “Reese, I have a plan!”

    “I GOT IT DERP! USE SURF!” yelled Reese.

    “AHHH!” roared Derp as he made water appear and made them slither towards the enemy. They were about to collide.

    “NOW DERP, MAGIC COAT!” yelled Reese. Derp then summoned a wall of light before him, which blocked the attack head on, and fired it back. As Hydreigon flew backwards, Reese’s Pokémon began to get back on their feet.

    “EVERYONE, GIVE YOUR STRENGTH TO REESE!” yelled Derp as he made his eyes glow, causing Reese’s eyes to glow a bright green and gold and for his hands to envelope in water and psychic energy. Heracles, Pythagoras, Amp, Rose, and Scout gave him their respective type energies, which became a rainbows light in his right hand. Reese rushed at the Hydreigon, ready to attack.

    “I WON’T LET IT END THIS WAY!” yelled Ross as Hydreigon rushed in for another attack.

    “GOOONNN!” roared Hydreigon as he charged. Reese jumped off the edge of the glass platform in a final act of bravery and punched Ross square in the in the jaw, while Derp froze Hydreigon with a freezing wind, Amp electrocuted the enemy team, Heracles fired multiple Focus Blasts, Pythagoras fired multiple Tri Attacks, Rose fired a massive Leaf Storm, and Scout used Helping hand. Finally, space returned to normal with a massive explosion, and as Reese and Ross fell, they ended back in the dome room. Finally, Reese and his team, though tattered, bloody, and beaten up, stood victorious. Ross looked at Reese with hatred in his eyes.

    “Traitor…” muttered the man.

    “Oh, I’m a traitor?” asked Reese as he grabbed Ross by the shirt, but noticed that his hair was turning gray. “Let me tell you something. Before I came to Camp Pond, no, Pride Water, I was just a kid who knew nothing about the world, I was content with just staying at home, enjoying was came to me. I come here, and I find out so much: I find out that my mother had been to the Shiny Cave, I find out that this camp had been made the targets of an evil organization, figured out that they had access to time warp, dimensional warp, and that I was the descendant of some Utopian race. But I owe my allegiance to the ones I care about, the ones I want to protect, not vengeance…” Ross’s body began to wrinkle, “Look at you, without your Spirit Element, age is finally catching up to you…” Ross sighed.

    “…I may have failed now, but I haven’t lost yet!” laughed Ross as his voice began to get raspier and raspier, “Sooner or later, one of my past selves will arrive to finish what I couldn’t! It’s only inevitable. You can’t win, the Cross Sighters will rise again! Just…wait…” his body then transformed into dust, making Reese grit his teeth. He then saw Drago guarding Haley’s body, and felt a sickening pain.

    “I…I couldn’t protect her…” muttered Reese. Derp looked down, but widened his eyes.

    “Reese! There’s still a chance to fix all of this!” yelled Derp. Reese and the Pokémon looked at him with eagerness.

    “There is!?”

    “Reese…I will make the wish, but in order for it to work, Haley must be alive. Your element, given your more mature body, may be able to save her!” yelled Derp. Reese looked at Haley’s body and rushed over to her. He began to concentrate deeply, and his eyes began to glow brightly. His hands became alit with a bright, white light, and he placed them on her face, while also wiping away the blood from her nose.

    “Come on, Haley, come back to me!” yelled Reese, but no pulse came. Reese’s eyes began to glow brighter, and the light in his hands began to become green. “HALEY! PLEASE! COME BACK TO ME!” Reese yelled and yelled, but still to no avail. Reese’s eyes began to feel strained, and he began losing vision. “TAKE ALL OF MY EYESIGHT, I DON’T CARE! I JUST WANT HER BACK! PLEASE! HALEY!!!” yelled Reese as tears began to pour down his face. Suddenly, a pulse came back, and her eyes slowly opened. Haley looked at Reese with a smile, and Reese smiled at her as well. His eyes and hands ceased glowing, though his eyes seemed empty now.

    “Reese…” spoke Haley, making Reese light up.

    “Haley, I’m so glad to hear your voice!” laughed Reese as he hugged her with a flushed face. “If only I could see more than a blur right now!” Derp smiled, and used his telepathy to lift Ross’s glasses from the ground, as well as a pill from his pocket.

    “Haley, since you have technically come back, you need to take one of these to keep from getting future headaches,” spoke Derp as he used psychic energy to take the pill and throw it in her mouth, causing her to feel slightly better.

    “Well at least I don’t feel a headache near Reese anymore~” laughed the girl. Derp then handed Haley the glasses, which she placed on Reese’s face. The square frames allowed him to see Haley’s face, which made him blush even more. “They look good on you!” cheered Haley, while the Pokémon nodded.

    “You really think so?” asked Reese with shyness. Derp then turned around and began walking towards the orb of light, which caught Reese off guard. “Wait, Derp!” yelled Reese, “You know exactly what to wish for?” asked the white haired man.

    “I do, and I believe you will find the results mostly satisfying,” spoke the pink Pokémon with a smile.

    “But…you have to give something up…what are you…”

    “My memories!” laughed the Slowbro Slowking hybrid, making Reese, Haley, and Reese’s Pokémon jump.

    “What? Your memories!?”

    “What is more precious than fond memories?” asked the Pokémon, who looked back at Reese and Scout with tears in his eyes and a smile. “Reese, Scout, from the day I met you two, I knew we were meant for greatness. Even though we didn’t get along at first, you still found me bondable, and gave me a name, ‘Derp!’ So silly, yet endearing, much better than Yodan!” laughed the Pokémon. Reese seemed to look back on the memories they shared when he was a Slowpoke and laughed a little. “When I saw a chance to evolve, I took it! Because I wanted to be able to speak to my friends, to tell them how much they meant to me! To help them as much as I could! To share laughs with!” Reese and Scout walked towards Derp and hugged him, all with tears in their eyes.

    “I wish I could tell you not to do this…but I know that big brain of yours would find some way to argue with me!” whined Reese. Derp also began to tear up a little.

    “I…I wish I could say I’ll never forget you, but…I will.” Reese looked at him dead in the eye and smiled.

    “Well then, I’ll…”


    “I mean, WE’LL, do the remembering for all of us,” spoke Reese. Derp smiled and looked at the light.

    “What is it you wish?” asked an echoed light, taking on the form of a black and white dragon held together by ice and grey. Derp whispered, because he couldn’t say anything past a whimper. The dragon heard and caused a massive flash of light to envelope all of reality….

    In the small town of Anville, Unova; a tall, slightly muscular, eighteen year old man with thick, snow white hair, green eyes, black framed glasses, a black jacket, a white scarf, a white v-shirt, dark brown khakis tucked into black, boot like shoes with blue shoe strings and a white sole, and a chain by his hip, with a young Sentret resting soundly in his lap; rides a small train with several other kids from the ages of fourteen to eighteen to an area shrouded in forest. In front of him stands his friend Decker, who seemed confused.

    “Reese…what happened?” asked Decker. Reese looked over at the kids and saw the same Pokémon cards he saw on the start of this journey.

    “…We’re…back?” spoke Reese, who felt his belt and noticed that he had a full team, but Helga the Mandibuzz was in the sixth slot instead of Derp. After waiting, the kids got off the train and entered the camp, which, while still similar, looked more kept up. The lake was clear, the trees more beautiful, and flowers more full of life. Suddenly, Reese was tackled by Margarita and Tequila, then Decker was tackled by Alice, then Kyou and Daisuke, and finally Spark tackled them all. All affected by the time line shenanigans still retained their alternate ages, which confused them. Reese then looked at his phone and saw that he was now born two years before his actual birthday.

    “So…is everything back to normal?” asked Margarita as she hugged Reese’s arm. Reese then saw Haley and rushed over to her, who seemed confused.

    “Today is the first day of summer camp,” spoke Haley, who looked at Reese with a smile. “Some things are different though. Reese blushed, while a familiar voice boomed over the megaphone.

    “Welcome to Camp Pride Water!” yelled Draven, who smiled at our gang. After listening to the opening speeches, Draven gathered our gang together to hear full explanations. When done, Kyou looked out into the water and saw a pink tail with a white tip.

    “Hey, what’s that?” asked Kyou. Reese turned around and saw it as well, and smiled greatly. He unhesitantly jumped into the water with all of his clothes on and dove after the pink tailed Pokémon. Scout swam after him and tried to assist. Finally, Reese pulled out a Slowpoke with the same striped belly as before: It was Derp, but he didn’t recognize the others.

    “Wel…welcome to the team…Derp!” cried Reese as he and Scout hugged the Slowpoke.


    With that, they began to investigate. It turned out that, according to records, there never existed a man named Ross. Camp Noble Fire never had a camper named Cyanide, and never had Cross Sighters employed. They pondered, but Alice seemed to have an idea.

    “Derp wished for a second chance for a great summer!” cheered Alice. Reese looked at the Slowpoke next to him, who pawed at his leg, and smiled.

    “Clever bastard,” laughed Reese.

    “So then, why are we still…you know…the same?” asked Spark, who was still twenty years old.

    “Better yet, why do our birthdays show we were born earlier?” asked Decker.

    “Maybe Derp wanted us to stay the same?” asked Daisuke.

    “Derp-san~ I hope we’ll get to evolve him again!” whined Tequila.

    By the time they had finished talking, the sun had begun to go down, and the gang was forced to go through a camp fire song again. However, as the others were about to go to bed, Reese overlooked the pond and stared at the moon. Haley then walked up to him and smiled.

    “So, I seem to recall you saying that you had something to tell me if we didn’t come back?” asked Haley, who made Reese blush.

    “Uh…well…” Reese rubbed his cheek, but then he remembered Haley’s dying words before. He decided he might as well come out with it. “Want to… Uh…god dammit I’m not good at this.”

    “Just say it weirdo!” laughed Haley. Reese’s face became flush, but then he realized she was looking at him with her Watcher of Passion’s eyes, which meant she already knew.

    “Fine! Do you want to go out with me? Just the two of us? No evil masterminds, no undercover crap, no time traveling monsters, just… a date?” asked Reese. Haley smiled brightly and kissed his cheek, making his face completely red.

    “I’d love to~” she answered. Meanwhile, in the background, we find Margarita silently squealing to herself in front of the others.

    “IT WORKEDDDD!! YAY!” she whispered.

    “And you coached him?” asked Alice.

    “Of course! I am the Doctor of Love!” laughed Margarita.

    “Oh well, at least Reesy-chan and Haley-chan are happy, right?” asked Tequila. Reese and Haley then overlooked their shoulders with annoyed faces.

    “Done shipping us yet?” asked Haley.

    “THE SHIPPING WILL NEVER ENNNNNDDDDDD!” yelled the drink girls as they cowered behind Spark.

    The summer went by, and they had a wonderful time together. Eventually, Derp evolved into the hybrid again, and never kept quiet, just like old times. Friendships fostered, lovers united, and they were generally happy to be in each other’s company. In the middle of the last night at camp for the summer, Derp overlooks the moon and smiles.

    “I wonder what I wouldn’t do to keep my friends happy?”​

    and done. Thanks for reading~ I'll leave this here for a bit in case there are people who still want to read it, but soon I'll notify one of the mods and have them move it to the completed section.

    Again, thank you to Blazikid for letting me use two of his characters, and to Kasumi/Amzaar/Charikukosa (the both of them really) for supporting the series from the beginning. There was also a Christmas story but its a little late for that ^^;

    Anyway, thanks for reading.

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