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Pokémon BW: Brave Warriors

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by skaraflame, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Pokémon BW: Brave Warriors

    Story & Introduction
    Welcome to the Official Thread for Pokémon BW: Brave Warriors.
    Brave Warriors is a fan-fic of mine and is based upon the Black & White DS games.
    It follows the journey of a trainer called Jack Hunter. He aspires to be the Pokémon Master, but ends up being caught up in a feud against Team Plasma.​

    Jack Hunter: The lead protagonist in the story. Jack is 17 years old and wants to be the Champion of the Unova Region.

    Callum Wilde: Jack's childhood friend and rival. Callum is 17 years old and wants to travel with Pokémon. He's always ahead of Jack, and owns way more Pokémon.

    Bella Thorne: Bella's another friend of Jack and Callum's, and isn't quite sure what she wants to do. She's 17 years old and keeps her Oshawott out of its Pokéball.

    The Story
    Enough chit-chat, let's get down to business.​

    The Unova region, an enormous Island with many creatures thriving there known as Pokemon; what are Pokemon? Pokemon are creatures that live all around the world; varying in shape and size. Some are small, cute little furry creatures, but some are huge monsters that people have only dreamed of seeing. People use small round items known as Poke balls to capture Pokemon and use their Pokemon in battle. These people are known as Pokemon Trainers. But people don’t only use Pokemon for fighting. There arePokemon co-ordinators who enter their Pokemon in beauty contests. Though these people aren’t seen in Unova, Co-ordinators and contest are quite popular in various other regions. We also have Pokemon breeders, people who train Pokemon to be good and strong, and then breed them with other similar Pokemon. In Unova, we have Pokemon Musicals; another sport Co-ordinators partake in. In musicals, you dress up your Pokemon and let them dance to the music while commanding them to keep in time with the beat. The Unova region also has many towns and cities, and even caves and deserts; so with so many places, where do we start? We start in the town of Konoko;a quiet little town with few people living there. Konoko is also where Pokemon Trainers choose their first Pokemon. Beginning Trainers can choose between Tepig, a cute little pig with orange and brown colours that can breathe fire, or Oshawott, an otter with a shell attached to its stomach. Or maybe even Snivy,A grass snake with quite a smug look, and yellow patterns on its neck. A certain starting trainer named Jack Hunter chose the latter. Jack Hunter is an aspiring Pokemon Trainer who lives in Konoko. He has a Black cap with a White pattern on the front resembling a Pokeball. He also wears Red trainers, a White jacket and carries around a Blue backpack for his various items.
    Jack was walking towards Professor Juniper’s laboratory. When he entered, he saw his two childhood friends already there. Bella, a girl with green shorts, a white top, a green cardigan and a green hat, was waiting impatiently for Jack. While Callum, a boy with black jeans, a white top, a blue jacket and glasses, just looked like he couldn’t care less if he tried. As soon as Jack arrived, Juniper took out 3 Pokeballs. This was the moment, the moment when the adventures of Jack, Bella and Callum started....

    “Here are 3 Pokeballs. They each contain one Pokemon each” said Juniper excitedly. Each Pokeball looked slightly different. One was darker red, another one had blue rather than the standard red, and the last one was green. Callum looked like he knew exactly which one he wanted. “Ok. It’s time to reveal the Pokemon!” Juniper threw the Pokeballs onto the floor. Out came Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy. “They all look so cute! I want that one!” screamed Bella, as she pointed at Oshawott. Oshawott looked at Bella with gleaming eyes, and ran right up to her.
    “This guy is perfect for me” said Callum, pointing at Snivy. Snivy smiled at Callum as if to say “haha, I knew it”. That left Tepig, which would be owned by Jack.
    Juniper handed the three trainers their Pokedexes.
    “Here you go, you can look up Pokemon you haven’t seen before on that Pokedex!” said Juniper
    The three took their Pokedexes, and they each looked up their Pokemon.

    Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon.
    It absorbs sunlight, which boosts its speed and power.

    Tepig, the Fire pig Pokemon.
    It blows fire from its snout, and can dodge attacks with ease.

    Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokemon.
    It defends from attacks with its shell, and also uses its shell as a projectile weapon.

    Callum turned to Jack.
    “How about a battle then?” asked Callum to Jack. Jack accepted, and turned to Tepig. “This is our first battle Tepig, let’s do our best” he said excitedly. “Piig!”
    Jack and Callum were outside with their Pokemon. They were ready. Jack went first. He commanded Tepig to use Ember. As he did, Tepig shot fire from its mouth towards Snivy. Snivy was down, but not defeated.
    “Snivy!Use grass mixer!” Callum shouted. Snivy span around and conjured up a gust of leaves. The gust rushed towards Tepig and landed a direct hit. “Tepig, use ember and get rid of the leaves!” yelled Jack, as Tepig burnt the leaves and escaped.
    Tepig fell to the ground, quickly got up and was staring down Snivy.
    “Snivy, use tackle!” commanded Callum
    Snivy charged towards Tepig.
    “Tepig, dodge it!” retorted Jack.
    As Jack commanded Tepig to dodge, it dodged Snivy’s tackle attack.
    “Tepig, Snivy’s tired, finish him with ember!” screamed Jack.
    Tepig fired an ember attack at Snivy, and Snivy fell to the ground.
    “Yes! We won!” cheered Jack.
    “Well, someone had to win” said Callum.

    Jack, Callum and Bella all set out to Route 1.
    Route 1 was relatively empty, full of grass and hills. The Pokemon made it more alive.
    Drinking out of the river, was a deer Pokemon. It was pink coloured and had a flower on top of its head.
    A pigeon could also be seen flying with a flock in the sky. These pigeons had heart-shaped fur on their chests.
    In the river, were a white swan and a heart-shaped fish. Jack, Callum and Bella took out their Pokedexes and looked up the Pokemon.

    Deerling, the Seasonal Pokemon.
    Due to its sensitive fur, its appearance changes depending upon the season.

    Pidove, the Tiny Pigeon Pokemon.
    Not being particularly intelligent, they’re easy to catch without having to weaken. However, due to its nature,it will attack when under threat.

    Alomomola, the Nursing Pokemon.
    When it finds an injured Pokemon, it will immediately heal the Pokemon’s wounds.

    “Wow, these Pokemon are so adorable!” squealed Bella.
    Instantly, after registering then in his Pokedex, Callum threw three Pokeballs; One at Pidove, one at Deerling and one at Alomomola.
    The Pokeballs shook with the Pokemon inside; and strangely enough, Callum caught all three of them.
    “They’re mine” said Callum smugly.
    “I’m running ahead, if catching Pokemon is this easy, I’ll have my Pokedex completed in no time” he added; and before Jack and Bella could say anything, Callum ran ahead, and Jack and Bella just carried on walking.
    “Well I’m not falling behind Callum” said Bella and she started walking ahead of Jack.
    “Wha? So I’ll be on my own?” said Jack, shocked
    “Well, we won’t be so far ahead of you, you’re sure to bump into us a few times!” replied Bella, as she also ran ahead before Jack could speak.

    Jack finally reached the next town. Karakusa town was relatively large, and had many houses and flats.
    As Jack walked through the town, he noticed some strange looking people marching through the town.
    They were dressed up like knights, and about thirty of them were marching, surrounding one man.
    As they passed, a mysterious man showed up.
    “They’re called Team Plasma” said the man.
    “Team… Plasma?” replied Jack.
    “Hey, listen. The way you came now suggests to me that you’re a newbie. Am I right?” said the man again.
    “You… could say that… I mean, I only have one Pokemon…” Jack started backing away.
    “Don’t be scared, just call me N” said the man in a friendly tone.

    N had a black cap with white at the front, long green hair a black and white top and grey jeans, green trainers and some old-looking jewellery.
    “So, wanna battle newbie?” teased N.
    “Sure, I’ll battle ya” replied Jack confidently.
    “I choose you, Tepig!” Jack yelled.
    “Purrloin, you’re up!”
    As N threw the Pokeball on the ground, it opened up to reveal a purple cat.

    Purrloin, the Ill-Natured Pokemon.
    It stands on its hind legs to search for prey and is known for putting on a cute act in order to steal people’s belongings.

    “Tepig, use Ember!” commanded Jack.
    “Purrloin, dodge and use Night Slash” Purrloin ran straight up to Tepig and hit it with a powerful slash. Tepig was knocked to the ground.
    “Tepig, Ember again!” cried Jack; just before Tepig got up, N commanded another attack for Purrloin
    “Use Sucker Punch” he said calmly, and Purrloin dashed to Tepig and hit it again. Tepig flew further back and couldn’t move.
    “Well, that was easy. Purrloin, return” said N
    “Tepig return...” jack sulked and watched N as he walked away without as much as a glance.
    Jack stared at N until he was out of sight and decided to press on.

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