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Pokemon: Bureibu Challenge

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Pokémon Bureibu Challenge

    OOC: This is a private RP between myself and nischi and Shewzo
    Also, Bureibu Challenge is the Japanese for Brave Challenge.
    Rules of the challenge are as follows:
    1. Water Pokémon must pull a small float in which the trainer must stand/sit/kneel. Swimming is not permitted, unless an emergency occurs.
    2. Contestants are allowed to challenge each other at certain flag points along the course. If either (or both) contestants lose, they are disqualified and must return to the beach.
    3. Trainers may only use a maximum of two Pokémon to battle,(three, including the water Pokémon).
    4. Trainers must not resort to physical violence between themselves.
    5. Trainers must not use their Pokémon outside of battle to aid in the race (with the exception of the Water Pokémon).
    Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate disqualification.

    Might add more later, if I feel it's needed (:

    BIC: It was the sunburst day that Kasumi Slater had yet experienced in Sinnoh that week. The great blue yonder was dotted with candy floss clouds, and a light breeze tickled the blonde hair around her ears. She smiled upwards and let out a happy laugh as she continued to tread her way down the gravel path.

    Kasumi was on her way to Sunnyshore City, where she had arranged to meet a friend of hers for the Global Surf Race Off, or Bureibu Challenge, just east of the sandy shores. It was a water Pokémon race held every year or so, where trainers would gather and try to be the first to surf to the infamous star rock some little way from the Pokémon League. Along the way, Pokémon battles and challenges were set up for the trainers who raced in twos, and seeing as she was headed that way in the first place, Kasumi saw no harm in participating.

    The sound of crackling electricity and chattering amongst crowds caught Kasumi’s ears as she turned another corner along the path marked to Sunnyshore. The heat from the Summer sun lifted her hopes and the screeching of a Wingull persuaded her to run the final stretch.

    “Bureibu Challenge; here I come!” she yelled, azure blue eyes glimmering hopefully.

    Beside her, her Piplup chirped and toddled after the hyperactive trainer with and excited demeanor. Finally, the chance to swim for sport! He couldn't wait. It was sure gonna be an interesting day.

    OOc: Your turn Nischi :D
  2. *lets see how badly this goes. Ignore any awful mistakes. I fail a LOT*

    "Here I go! This time I won't get lost on this damn path. All these damn trees look the same... All green and, eh, bushy." Futari decided to let her Squirtle so the navigating- she had long since given up on her own skills. This wasn't the first time she had gotten lost on the Sunnyshore's path, and it certainly wouldn't be the last, but at least her Squirtle had learned the way. "God, I really hope I can make it in time this year. I set off a few days earlier, too, just incase." Futari Domo's eyes shone. Her bright red hair was tied in two bunches, her bad attempt at caring for her hair had long since been given up on, and she just tied it up so she could see where she was stepping. "Not gonna stand on another grass pokemon, either, those stupid things just blend right in!"

    Walking along the recently trodden path, Futari noticed a girl, roughly the same height as her, talking to a Piplup. Of course, Futari being the practical joker that she was decided to give her a fright. She leapt behind one of the oh-so-similar looking trees, and signalled to her Squirtle to be quiet. Not that it mattered, because her beloved pokemon had seen this same routine so many times that he'd decided to just lie in the bushes- waiting for some sense to knock into his master.

    Just as Futari was about to leap from her cover, a voice made her jump.

    "Wotcha lookin' at?" The girl who had been in Futari's crosshairs was no longer on the beaten path, but standing right beside her. Futari hadn't seen the girl move, and had climbed into the tree she was hiding behind.

    "Hey~! Am I so scary that you got a fright? Geez, here I was trying to help a lost looking girl who seems to be trying out for ninja school!" The blonde girl beamed. "I'm Kazumi. You're off to the Bureibu Challenge, right? Wanna walk there with me?"

    Futari nodded feverently, her pigtails flying around like pompoms. "Futari. Futari Domo, at your service. B-but, eh, I'm not lost. I totally know this path like my Squirtle knows his shell!" Futari stopped, thinking about what she had said, before adding, "Well, actually, Squirtle can't see his shell, and I kinda get lost around here... So you're heading to Sunnyshore city? Thank God! I thought I was gonna get lost and miss the race again this year..."

    Kazumi looked at her new companion, and said, "Follow me, and you'll get there! It's a better idea to travel in two's around here, anyway..."

    Next? (was that too long?)
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  3. OOC: 'Of course, Futari being the practical joker that she was decided to give her a fright.' Reminds me of someone I know :3
    Ehehehe.. That's sounds like an excellent way to start the story~ Glad you made Kasumi the one who helps for a change :3

    BIC: It was remarkable the chance she'd run into someone her own age on the way to the Bureibu Challenge, but Kasumi wasn't complaining. The red headed girl she had briefly shared words with trudged silently by her side as they neared the bustling sea side city, and her Squirltle mingled happily with her own water-type.
    "Pocchama says he's excited to be entering the contest this year!" she piped up, after a few more moments in silence.
    Futari glanced up briefly, bushy scarlett fringe falling into her azure eyes a moment.
    "He told you that?"
    "Nope," Kasumi laughed, linking arms with the taller girl. "The look on his face just made me assume that much!"
    Futari grinned and nodded at her new companion.
    At least she wasn't lost anymore, which was never a good thing in her books. She stole a sharp glance at Kasumi's belt, and was surprised to find six pokeballs already on her belt.
    So, she's a trainer too, she thought.
    Just as she was about to ask about the matter, a broad leafed Oddish sprung from a nearby copse of bushes, screeching it's name rather merrily in the process.
    Futari had had enough experience of treading on such tiny green and blue beasts and bounded forward with Kasumi in tow.

    "Get your super repels here! Super repels for the Bureibu Challenge!"
    "Buy our lava cookies to restore status problems! Buy them now; hot out of the oven!"
    Vendors were waving their products and bellowing eagerly in whomever's face appeared infront of their stalls.
    Kasumi was fascinated; her little town of TwinLeaf didn't have markets nearly as big or exciting as Sunnyshore's.
    "So much food! And items! A-and-"
    "And cheap skates wanting your money." Futari snorted, dragging the bustling blonde away from a leering man with all sorts of dodgy looking berries displayed on his stall.
    Kasumi let herself be pulled away, but with sincere reluctance and pouted as she followed Futari through the busy marketplace.
    She'd already recalled Pocchama to his pokeball, as to avoid being stolen, but was it really so bad to blow her money on a few things? She squeezed past a duo of Technical Machine tables with her head down, still in an obvious sulk.
    I mean, maybe we run into trouble? I don't have that many items left in my backpack.... She bumped the sunbeam coloured baggage just to exaggerate her point, and the clinking of a few super potions could be heard.

    At the sound of a loud horn being blared, and the deep booming of a microphone, Kasumi jumped.
    Her face converted back to it's usual gormless naivety, as she realised with a start the Challenge would be starting soon. She hadn't even registered at the beach front and she was pretty sure Futari hadn't either.
    Swivelling on the spot however, she was shocked to find they were both in an alleyway goodness where in the huge city, with only a few measly dustbins and a rotten bin bag for company.
    "Ehehe..." there came a nervous cough.
    Kasumi tunred back to Futari with a puzzled expression.
    "Y'know how I said get kinda lost?"
    "You what?!" Kasumi shrieked in outrage, seizing the older girl by the arm and gazing furiosuly up into her face. "We have to be registered and at the beach front in..." she glanced at her Poketch and without meaning to, deadpanned.
    Futari bit her lip in a desperate attempt to keep all seriousness at hand.
    "Just under twenty minutes!"
    The red head opened her mouth to speak-
    -when a stranger spoke up instead.
    "You girls lost?"

    OOC: Wanna make it they have to battle him to get out of the alley and try and make it to the Challenge on time?
    I guess Shewzo will be the next to write~
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  4. As Dominic stared down on the sunbathed shores of Sunnyshore City a sense of pride slowly filled his body. This would be the first time of him entering the Bureibu Challenge and by no means did it look like his last. The golden beaches and busy streets of Sunnyshore look like beautiful stretching far across the coastline.

    As he stood there marvelling his young Pidgey, eagerly looked from left to right in search of a playmate. It's hopes slowly faded as it scanned the bushes and tree until it suddenly spied it's eyes upon a small blue object bobbing along on the otherside of the trees. Eagerly, it fluttered frantically after it as it slowly bobbed away.

    The sudden flapping of Pidgey's wings startled Dominic and as he came back to earth he looked around for Pidgey. His gaze fell upon Pidgey, but only just as he charged into the bushes. Surprised by Pidgey's sudden action Dominic galloped after him.

    In no time at all Dominic was in Sunnyshore and still charging after Pidgey. Finally, he caught him but only to recognise someone.

    'Surely not.' he thought. And as he followed he saw her go down an alley. Desperate to know he followed.

    'You girls lost?' he said.

    OOC: there you go. :3 ain't it fabulous?
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  5. The sudden sound of a male voice made Futari jump. The two girls turned to see a boy, fairly average in height, staring at them with a Pidgey hovering above him. Kazumi turned and said,

    "I think you will find that we're not lost, just taking in the marvelous scenery!" It sounded a little forced, or maybe just slightly too enthusiastic for describing an alley.

    "... Are you sure you're in the same place I am? You think this alley is beautiful? I mean, you don't look like the kind of person who would enjoy scouring the bins for a few Beedrill..." Dominic grinned at that mental image. He could imagine the two girls dressed up in dungarees and bandanas, carrying around black binbags while singing some spontaneous song about bins and grime, albeit a bit out of tune. He started to giggle.

    Kazumi noticed his stifled laughter, and pounded the ground with her foot. "Oi! What's so funny?! Just 'cos Futari over here's a little bit geographically challenged--!" As she was ranting, Futari causiously hid behind an overflowing bin, and started chanting to herself. "You really don't mind being slightly ditsy, it's part of your charm. It's a lovable trait, and many people find it amusing... Although it does tend to get you into a few unfortunate situations, but that really can't be helped, can it?"

    As if out of nowhere, Kazumi screamed. "AHH! IT'S YOU! Dominic! Long time no see." The blond girl was beaming brightly now, grinning her opponent down. "Ah, how could I not recognise you? Geez, this time, I tell you, I won't lose to you! I'm gonna win the contest no matter what it takes. And if I lose,"

    Dominic butted in, "Again. Don't miss that out, it's a very important word." Kazumi's cheeks flushed with anger as she recalled their last contest battle.

    "Well, yeah, bu--"

    This time it was Futari who interrupted. "I'm sorry to break up this wonderful reunion, but if we don't waddle on down to register, you guys can say goodbye to me, 'cos if I ain't entering this contest then I'm outta hear." Futari's sudden words put the two trainer's legs into 5th gear, and they bolted it out of the alley. Futari gazed on in amazement, staring at the trail of dust. "... Wait a minute- how do I find the beach again?"
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  6. OOC: Tweaks need to be made to the last post, but that's a really awesome post~ The RP is progressing wondefully. Let's keep it up guys~

    BIC: "The registration desk will be closing in five minutes~!!" A droning voice blared along the ocean front, causing the rabble of trainers to cease their chatting and shouting to open an ear to the crackling megaphone. But seeing as it did not concern themselves, they returned their fickle attention back to encouraging their Pokemon.
    An attendant was leaning over a desk, it's legs buried deep in the sliding curtains of golden sand. She highly doubted that any other trainers would show up, seeing as a large cluster (about thirty or more) were already gathered by the rippling water's edge.
    The Bureibu Challenge wasn't an exceedingly popular event throughout Sinnoh, or indeed any other regions, except to the dedicated water Pokemon trainer or two.
    But she was still both mildly pleased and surprised that those who had turned up weren't your common kind of Bug Catcher or Fisherman from the Routes. They all seemed pretty determined to win the one thousand Poke prize money and a trophy of commendment on star rock.
    Picking up the chunky megaphone and flipping the switch, she spoke through it in a clearer tone than before.
    "Two minutes, until the desk closes. Two minutes."

    "We'll -huff- Never Get -huff- there...-huff- ON TIME!" Dominic was panting heavily as he struggled to lift his feet after Kasumi who sped on through the market.
    Futari internally admitted she was glad that the blonde had no more interest for the wares displayed. Lord knows how long that would have held them up.
    "Futari-chan and I won't miss this! I want to enter...no matter what!" Kasumi yelled over her shoulder, but her breath was wavering dangerously too.
    With her exotic strawberry coloured hair whipping out behind her with the speed she was running at, Futari picked up her pace. She was just following Kasumi, as was Dominic, but both were certain their running was aimless and they would miss the competition.
    That was, until Kasumi veered a corner at neck breaking speed and they found themselves above a series of low walls.
    "...Until desk closes. One minute."
    In a single instant, Kasumi's face blanched, brightened and beamed. They were almost there!
    "Alright; we're going to need a little boost!" she breathed in excitement, turning briefly back to Dominic, who just stared back in deep confusion (and somewhat dread).
    Backing up, with a jolt, he realised what she was about to do. As did Futari but instead of shrinking back, the older trainer followed suit. Kasumi ran up and with a strong spring from her legs, became airborn, sailing over the first wall, but didn't stop her extremities there.
    "Drifty, come out!" she yelled (or more babbled because let's face it- she was only in the air a moment) and from the pokeball she had already plucked from her belt, a giant Driftblim emerged, in time for Kasumi to clutch a large ribbony paw before she met the wall in an unflattering collision face first.
    But she was in luck! Drifty succesfully sailed with her faster and faster over every wall, until she could feel the salty spray whip into her bangs and her feet were inches from the sand.
    Landing with a tumbling roll and tiny crunching noises, Kasumi abruptly halted at the desk, her arms spread around her head and face upturned to grin like a chesire cat into an attendant's face.
    "I'd like to register!"
  7. When Futari and Dominic finally got to the register desk, the desk had a big sign posted on the front.

    "CLOSED?! How can it be closed?!" Dominic was yelling at the wooden table, as if hoping that by some cruel fate it was just Kazumi playing a joke on him. Then, like a jack-in-a-box, Kazumi leapt from behind them.

    "haha, and once again my wonderful intuition manages to take me to success!" Kazumi was grinning at them, with her thumb stabbing the air in their faces. "Aren't you oh so happy that I got here in time and decided to be a wonderful and thoughtful goddess and get all three of us registered?" Kazumi was flapping the tickets she had secured in Dominics face, then handed one to Futari. "Remember, after all this trouble I went through, you better not lose it, cos that would be... very not good!" Kazumi thought about what she had said, then figured that was the best way she could have warned her. Then she turned to Dominic. "I'll only give you this if you promise to help me in my goal to rule the world! ...Or, y'know, just tell me what a wonderful person I am. That should do it."

    Dominic grabbed his ticket. "...Thanks..." He held his head down and, as he slowly trudged away, Kazumi could have sworn she heard him say, "I'm really glad you got me in".

    Kazumi was pondering this when suddenly Futari spoke. "I'm hungry. Let's go get something to eat! I could eat a ponyta if I'm being perfectly honest." This made Kazumi laugh, as she imagined the fiery teenager chomping down on the red horse. Futari turned with a puzzled look, and plainly said, "What? What's so funny?" Her naivety was almost too much, and Kazumi laughed even louder.

    "You know what?" Kazumi said, "I've got a feeling this's gonna be a wonderful partnership!" And with that the two girls walked on towards the beach, ready for sun, sea and possibly to be on the lookout for an all-you-can-eat ponyta buffet.

    (There we go :) Let's see what's up next, eh?)
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  8. OOC: I apologize in advance, for the fact that Shewzo hasn't replied. His iPod is down and that's really his only way to post. I've agreed to post for him, after he's written it.
    So for now; you'll hafta put up with little ol' me (:

    BIC: Futari may have been bad with her directions, but there was no denying she could sniff out a great food stall when the time need be.
    She led the way and ordered two cheeseburgers, from a beaming woman in a hair net. It was not all that flattering.
    "Err..." Kasumi coughed, casting a nervous glance at the large portions of chips and salad served with the admitedly delicious looking meal. "Thanks but, I'm not sure I can afford a cheeseburger."
    "Who said it was for you?" Futari said with a blank tone and happily bit into the meat, which she chewed, sighed happily and placed the money on the counter.
    Kasumi sweatdropped. "I have to say you're one of the weirdest people I've travelled with."

    In the end, Kasumi settled for a simple bento lunch box and after agreeing with Dominic to meet on the beach front after their lunch, they set off to find a nice spot in the warm light.
    The sun was still shining down graciously, and Kasumi hoped the weather stayed as respectable through the rest of the afternoon. Maybe even into the evening.
    She was looking forward to the Bureibu Challenge now; more than she had before. Anyone would be tempted to sign up after spotting the sparkling blue expanse stretched out before them and fins of glittering Pokemon as they leapt from beneath the waves.
    She was proud she'd registered her group just in time.

    "Mmm~ Cheeseburgers are a way to a girl's heart I tell you~" Futari mumbled as she threw her wrappers into a bin. Kasumi dumped her back pack on the sand and fell dsown beside it lazily.
    "You excited yet?" she asked as the red head spread herself over the soft surface.
    "...Only now I guess." her mutter was slightly edgy, so Kasumi changed the subject to avoid any awkwardness.
    "So you're a trainer like me? I bet you've won loads of battles. If your Squirtle's anything to go by."
    Despite her babbling, Kasumi's plan worked well and Futari sat up smliling out at the ocean. A trainer and his Staryu were lounging peacufully, swaying with the tide.
    "Yeah, but I hear from Dominic that you're on your way to be Sinnoh Champ!" she laughed, and didn't sneer like anyone else did. Kasumi admired her for that.
    "I hope so. One day, I can be standing up there amoung the best. Y'know?"
    The two exchanged glances of youth, excitment and a little bit of nerves thrown in for good measure.
    "But I will not lose," Kasumi told her, loudly and clearly.
    "Me neither. " Came Futari's confident, and sharp reply.
    "I promise to win, the Bureibu Challenge." they said simultaneously, locking fingers as a sign of agreement.
    Between them a promising friendship revealed itself.

    Between them, two chains became linked.
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  9. (Geez, I wrote a post but it doesn't seem to be here anymore... So I'll hafta write another one, and I don't really remember what I wrote before, so...)

    Kazumi got up and yawned wearily. She turned to see the still dozing Futari, and had a sudden realisation. "CRAP! We fell asleep!" She shook her new companion awake, and was thanked with a rough grunt. "Geez, you look happy(!)" Futari was one of those girls who you should NEVER, under any circumstances, wake up. It was like having a death wish. "Hey, Futari! We need to go find Dominic! If we don't, he'll hold it over me for, like, the rest of the year!"

    Futari had on her "why should I care" face. "...Is that it? Feh, what do I care, I don't even know the guy." And with that, she rolled over and fell asleep among the flowers once again. It was Kazumi's turn to surprise the girl - she crept over and started to tickle the snoozing red-head. Futari started to have a laughing fit, which, after being rudely awakened, was not a good thing. She looked like death itself. "Where's the fire?!" She exclaimed. "I-- Ack! S-stop it! I-it tickles! I-- ah!" Futari rolled down the hill they were perched on and quickely stumbled to her feet. "Do that again and you'll be dining with the shinigami." Kazumi froze, hand hovering in mid-air.

    "Th-that doesn't matter right now! C'mon!" She grabbed her partner's hand and dragged her along the beach. "Now... Where would he-- ah!" Kazumi noticed a small oak tree on a hill, higher than the beach with an over-looking view. They ran up it and Kazumi, on her tip-toes, scanned the area. As she did her full 360 sweep, she noticed Futari Domo was no longer beside her. Then, she heard a voice, as if coming from the tree itself.

    To anyone passing by, it would look as if there was a girl who had had too much sun and was now talking to a tree. If they cared to look closer, they would see flashes of red between the foliage.

    "I think... No, that's a sand person. But it does look real! I-- AHH!! There he--" There was a loud THUMP! as Futari fell from her branch. Her crouching-tiger position on the branch hadn't been as successful as she had hoped, she thought, as she lay on her front rubbing her bruised backside. The two girls couldn't help but laugh at her misfortune, as a shadow crept un on them.

    "Wow, I thought you guys would be happy to see me, but sheesh, are you that excited that you're falling head over heels?"
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  10. OOC: Aha! Your post really made me laugh~ "sand person" :3 kekekeke. So yeah; the dedicated person we know as Shewzo has dropped out. You can imagine that's frustrating for us both, but in a way makes it more efficient. So nischi and I will hafta improvise with Dominic's character...

    The shadow casted over them both could be traced back to a disappointed, but smiling nonetheless, looking Dominic.
    "Sheesh, if you goons paid more attention once in a while you'd get on much better!" his laughter was shaky, and it was only then that they both noted the absence of his Pidgey.
    Kasumi helped Futari to her feet, and the jokes were over as masks of seriousness drove their way onto each face.

    "Dom-Dom? Where's your Pidgey? And what's with your face?" askedthe blonde anxiously.
    Anxious wasn't an emotion she particularly liked nor sported very often.
    The bluenette bowed his head and a small sound of irritation and frustration escaped his mouth, forming into a strangled kind of gasp.

    "Would you believe me if I said 'pirates'?" he murmured.
    Futari stared long and hard at the red beanie cap that was taking up most of her vision, as Dominic's face dipped more and more out of view.

    "Pi-" she began before being abruptly cut off by an excited yelp to her left.
    "I LOVE PIRATES!!" Kasumi screeched, her blue eyes sparkling like glossy pearls and mouth open so wide, Futari feared she'd catch several flies.
    "I'm not joking, Kas!" Dominic's head snapped up as he shot a purposeful glare at the girls.
    They weren't taking him seriously but they had to believe him.

    A short agitated sigh ended his outburst.

    "I was stocking up on my supplies at the mart, before I rushed back here to get ready for the Challenge..." he explained, reaching up a hand where Pidgey usually perched and letting his fingers twitch aimlessly. "... As I was hurrying outta the store, these two shady figures approached me. Pidgey got flustered and started flapping about, so they got angry and trapped her."
    Futari frowned and Kasumi shared the same worried scowl. As much as she loved pirates, these people Dominic described didn't sound at all friendly.
    "The ticket you got me fell from my pocket as I tried to get her back... But they knocked me over, took the ticket and said that they 'could use the bird' before leaving."

    His fists were shaking now, curled angrily upon themselves and the knuckles became white.
    "They must be entering the Challenge too..." Futari muttered thoughtfully.
    "But what do they want with Pidgey?!" Dominic cried, stepping forward, but Futari stood back and said nothing.
    It was Kasumi that calmed him down.
    "Those losers won't hurt Pidgey, Dom-Dom, Futari-chan and I will make absolutely sure of it." her tone was firm. "If they're entering the Challenge with your ticket it means you're out and will hafta sit on the sidelines. We'll take the Challenge and stop them."

    With her scarlett hair lifted from her eyes, and the younger trainer's words echoing in her ears, Futari smiled in a simple display of agreement.

    Dominic, on the other hand, sniffed.

    "I don't see what you can do now. I bet they're just common thieves wh-"
    Kasumi threw herself at him, knocking the startled co-ordinater to the floor, and wrestling him into a headlock.
    "You ain't listenin'!!" she snarled. "I promise!!"

    After a brief tussle, Dominic gave in, laughed nervously (and with slight difficulty) before he was released and they stood, hands locked in a firm shake.

    "Kasumi, the Challenge is starting. Move your butt, blondie!" Futari hissed, elbowing her back down towards the beach as Dominic looked after them both with a forlorn expression.
    "And what makes you think we can take those pirates on? What are pirates scared of?!" the red head enquired in a fluster.


    OOC: So from here on in, Shewzo is out. No more posts from him. Nothing. Zip. Nada. It's just nischi and I.
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  11. (well this'll go well, me and ninjas... and pirates... this is your fault amy if it goes to obsessive!)

    "...Ninjas?" Futari looked puzzled for a moment, then her face changed into that of joy. "I freakin' LOVE ninjas! But, eh, how can we become ninjas? My hiding-in-tree technique seems to leave a lot to be desired..." Kazumi sniggered at the thought of Futari falling out of another tree.

    "Yeah... OK so I didn't think that far ahead, but I suppose we could just, erm, improvise?" Kazumi seemed unhelpfully unprepared. Futari remembered her last encounter with ninjas. It wasn't something she would forget any time soon, the thought of those two numbskulls who had tried to convince her that if she gave them all her money then they would teach her how to disappear in a puff of smoke. She had sent them packing with a kick up the backside, and could still hear her voice echoing, "Yeah, that's right! You disappear into a puff of smoke or I'll make you wake up underground!"

    "Hmmm.... Mmng.... Ah-hah!" Futari seemed to have an idea. Kazumi saw a glint in her eyes, which did not fill her with confidence. It actually gave her goosebumps, but now wasn't the right time to admit that. Dominic turned to Kazumi as if to say "Are you sure this is a good idea? What on Earth is she gonna make us do?" Kazumi couldn't think how to reply so she just shrugged. "Follow me!" Futari ran off across the beach, swerving to avoid the odd kid who was playing with their newly aquired pokemon, then turned to see her companions weren't following. "What? I'm not gonna embarass you guys, don't worry." She said it with a playful wink, which Kazumi decided was probably a warning for the future- a wink from Futari meant that she was about to get into something seriously weird.

    An hour later, the two girls and their male friend had matching ninja outfits, complete with shurikans and masks with eye slits so they could still see. Kazumi silently admired the red-head's handiwork, while Dominic saw his soul float away slowly. "Where the hell did you get these?!" Futari smiled mischeviously, then said, "It's a secret. Can't be revealing my sources now, can I?" She always had a solution, but mostly for the most bizairre circumstances that were sure to follow with these new friends. That secret was one left for another time, maybe when they learned that Futari had a way about her which made people just give up their things. Not by blackmail, no, Futari was well above that level. She had many other ways of aquiring things she wanted.

    "OK! It's time to go hunting for pirates! Oh gosh, this'll be so fun. I wonder what my friends back home would think if I told them..." Futari seemed to be talking to herself again, and Dominic and Kazumi decided it was best to let her. They walked behind, and only the quiet tapping of their feet could be heard beside the soft murmur of Futari's loud voice.

    "Now, if I were a pirate, where woulde I be..?"
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  12. "Now if I were I pirate where would I be...?"

    Kasumi glanced over the sandy shores anxiously. "Getting lined up to start! Look, everyone's getting ready!"

    True enough, as Futari turned her head and saw the file of people brimming at the water's edge, she decided it was best to conduct the investigation out at sea. It would, of course, involve winning the Challenge and kicking some pirate butt somewhere along the line, but most importantly,(?) retrieving Dominic's Pidgey.

    Kasumi withdrew her ticket from her new ninja outfit (which she was still affectioantely gazing upon) and with her friends dashed to the entry line, her mind clouded with doubt at the tough looking competetors but shaking it off and letting her joyous determination replace it.

    "I'm sorry I can't help you guys..." Dominic murmured shamefully. "But I really can't get in now."
    "We're good by ourselves," Kasumi assured him, tying her red ninja scarf around her neck. The silky fabric against her cheek made her smile.
    "Kas is right. You just look for clues on land." Futari was a little too enthused about the role of a ninja.

    "All contestants please withdraw your Pokemon and wait for the starting flag. Repeat, all contestants..."
    The megaphone successfully projected the instructions along the coast front, echoing loud in every pair of ears that graced the sunbathed shores of the Sunnyshore.

    Saluting the bluenette, Kasumi and Futari withdrew Squirtle and Pocchama from their Pokeballs and scurried away to their places marked in the sand.

    Watching them closesly, with unblinking eyes were two burly looking figures, their glares icy and thoughts mixing with those of muffled chirps, coming from the duffel bag one wore.

    OOC:Short post is short D:
    Next time- the Bureibu contest begins and I'll post the rules~
  13. (My post be short 'cos I'm off to have a nap)

    The sea was calmly splashing as the two girls made their way slowly along the path that had been laid out to them. Kazumi was being pulled by her Piplup, sitting on a floating ring, while Futari seemed to be surfing on her board. "Whhooo-hooo!" Futari enjoyed the feeling of the wind rushing through her hair, and it clearly showed. Kazumi wondered how she could be so fun-loving while also staying somehow mature-looking.

    "So! We turn right, then left, then uh right?" Futari had slowed her Squirtle down so that they could get a good look at their surroundings. "Now... What was it we were looking for?" Kazumi thought to herself, "I'm NEVER leting her guide me again." She stared in amazement at how much the red-head had gotten them lost. "How can you get lost on water?" Futari was talking to herself, and Kazumi felt it would be too cruel to interrupt this clearly meaningful debate. But she decided she would have to interfere anyway.

    "Look, don't you see the GIANT RED FLAG over there? Hello? It's right in front of you! Sheesh, you got this far then got lost?" The buoy was bobbing up and down in the sea just a short distance from their pausing point. The girls' two Pokemon had started pulling them along towards the floating stopping point, and they were approaching it slowly. Out of nowhere, a large shadow appeared underneath them.

    "Wh-what? That looks like--!"

    A bright blue Gyarados, water beads shimmering in the sunlight that were stuck to its scales, burst up from the aqua. It's huge tail swished around, forcing the two trainers from their modes of transport.

    "Hey! What's with the giant fish in my way?" There was a vein sticking out of Kazumi's forehead, which was all to unflattering. She turned around to face two pirates, who were standing on some sort of craft. One was slightly podgeyer than the other, but both looked as equally menacing. There was a muffled sound that seemed to be coming from the thinner pirate's backside. It sounded like a very faint "Mmrpfh!" But was then droned out by Futari's scream.

    "Hey! You there!" Kazumi assumed she was swimming over to steal the suspicious-looking bag, but was then shocked by what she saw. Futari got out of the water and hopped up onto the log-craft. Kazumi's jaw floated to the bottom of the sea as Futari elbowed them both in the ribs.

    "You guys said you would keep in touch with me, you idiots!"
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  14. OOC: The pirates :3 You gotta love them.

    BIC: Kasumi gawped in utter surprise.
    Futari-chan knew these, shifty looking characters? But how? Why didn't they greet her back?
    The most they did was grumble and rub their sides a little.
    Suddenly, from beneath the water, the large sapphire Gyarados began to growl ina low monotone, that sent shivers up Kasumi's spine and an angry squeak from Pocchama's beak.
    He wanted only to pursue the challenge.

    "So what's up with you guys? That was some way to pull a surprise greeting on an old friend!" Futari joked, laughter bursting from her lips.
    They exchanged an unreadable glance that Kasumi noted with suspicion, as she rescued Squirtle (OOC:Haha, Skirtle :,3) from his upside down position in the water.

    Futari had abandoned him in her excitement to roughly chat to the boys, but he didn't seem upset about that and more about the glances they had been offering each other over Futari's Krabby coloured hair.
    Pocchama had noticed as well and chirped an incoherent warning to his trainer but Kasumi merely tilted her head.

    "Quiet down, guys." she whispered, fixing Pocchama's ribbon. He struggled free and paddled his stubby little wings in anger. This Kasumi read and understood a threat was near. Besides the snarling Gyarados, there was something more.
    What else could it be, other than the two pirates that had appeared, as if from nowhere?

    Suddenly, the clenching and raising of one of the pirate's fists confirmed the growing lump in her throat, and she didn't have time to swallow it before she yelled in a hoarse, strangled gasp; "Futari, watch out!"

    The fist was brought down, in the same instant Squirtle released a powerful jet of water, spraying it like an angry child with a water pistol directly at the chubbier of the two pirates. Both stumbled back as Futar swivelled in confusion.

    "Squirtle?! What are you doing? Cut it ou- MMF!" her words were cut off as a strong arm was thrown over her mouth. It was the same arm that began to squeeze her tightly, oxygen escaping her lungs as she kicked frantically to be released.

    "Squir-Squirtle!!" Her Squirtle croaked in alarm, and attempting to jump to her aid when the Gyarados rose from the ocean like Poseidon from the Greek sea, casting a powerful glare over the cluster of trainers and Pokemon. But Kasumi set aside her confusion, ordering Pocchama to use drill peck.

    The penguin Pokemon complied, running it's shap little beak up and down the scaly body, proving an irritable distraction for the large Water dragon. This gave Kasumi the chance to swim towards the boat.

    Futari noticed, drew a raspy and difficult breath and bit down hard on the hand suffocating her. With a sharp cry of pain and surprise, she was released and dived into the water, allowing herself to be towed away by the blonde, to the nearest float where they sat, spluttered and watched back at the cursing figures as Pocchama and Squirtle dodged Gyarados and swam for the safety of the great blue ocean.
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  15. (Let's see if I can spell Kasumi with an s this time. s and z are too close on the keyboard!)

    "Why the hell is everybody I meet trying to kidnap me?! That's the 3rd freakin' time since I left home!" Futari was raging. It actually frightened Kasumi to see this girl with a bright red face. It was kinda like seeing an angry tomato expload. This thought made her snigger, which seemed to make Futari angrier. "Hoi! You! Stop laughing, you're putting me off!" Futari was hysterical, and seemed to be foaming at the mouth.

    "OK you assholes! I don't care if we came from the same town, or even if we were friends! If someone tries to kidnap me, then they're officially on my "next to pummle" list!" The two burly pirates took a step back, trying to back away from the foaming girl. It was in vain, as they forgot that they were on an unstable craft in the middle of the ocean. The two of them toppled into the water at the same time, and made a huge SPLOSH!

    Futari turned back to her partner, and said "Sorry about that. When I get mad, I kinda expload. Now, where were we? Oh yeah, don't we need to get the stamp from that buoy?" Kasumi was dumbfounded at how quickly her attitude had changed. Schitzophrenic? Bipolar? Kasumi sat and thought about this while Futari was being dragged to the buoy by her all-but-forgotten Squirtle.

    "Aaaaand~ stamp!" Futari looked really cheerful now that they had completed their first stage of the challenge, albeit a little longer than everyone else. "We better get going if we wanna catch up, Fu-chan! Half the competetors have passed us already!" Kasumi had shaken off her fright, and was motioning for the pair to continue. But it was not to happen so soon, as the two soaking pirates had clambered back up onto their raft.

    "Hey! Nobody gets away with insulting us and making us get wet, even if they are our old aquaintences! We challenge you to a double battle!"

    (Hey Amy, can you do all the battle? Cos a) I fail at that sort of thing, and b) I need to catch up on Chuck, cos season 4 starts on thursady :D)
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  16. OOC: What is this?! TV instead of homework?! By Joe you are a rebel! ^^
    Alrighty, so I've been given permission to do a double battle for this post, and am allowed to use nischi's character as I will.
    I control you now Futari Domo!!~
    (p.s. to nischi- granny-ados :> s'all I'm saying.

    Kasumi grinned wide, her eyes glimmered like the sparkling ocean below her and stepped forward on her float with great balance. Maximising a Pokéball from her belt, she tossed it into the air and caught it, as by her side Futari did the same.

    "Thought you'd never ask!" she barked happily.

    Now here, was when she decided to show these pirate oafs exactly what she was made of. They either didn't seem to know what was about to come their way, or were too arrgoant to care. Either way, it was going to make the battle a lot more interesting on Kasumi's behalf.

    "Luxray come on out!" Futari called, throwing her selected Pokéball high into the air, where it released a large black dog-like Pokémon, sparking with elctricity. He landed with grace upon a cluster of rocks just to the right of where Futari wobbled on her board.
    But she had a confident smile on and Kasumi felt the excitement rise from her stomach and tingle like sweet candy in her mouth.

    "Pip-piplup!" chirped Pocchama eagerly but Kasumi shook her head.

    "Not you yet Pocchy-chan." she whispered, waiting as the pirates released their chosen Pokémon.

    "Poliwrath, I choose you!" one cried.
    "Kingdra, get out here!" yelled the other.

    Both were tough looking Pokémon; probably the best in their field but Kasumi didn't let that put her off. After all; she had had at least a year and a half's worth of battling unimaginable foes. This was gonna be a picnic for her. Taking her usual deep breath and cautious glance to judge the distance of her throw, she let her own Pokéball sail through the air, making sure her Pokémon landed perfectly on the rocks jutting out opposite Futari's Luxray.

    "If you don't mind," Futari said. "We'll have the first move."

    Her confidence stunned the pirates as she punched the air in front of her face with her fist, and ordered Luxray high into the air to launch his Shock wave attack. It was a critical hit on Kingdra, as well as being super effective and Futari already felt that the win was in the bag. Though feeling the same way, Kausmi knew that keeping her wits about her was important and didn't make too many harsh judgements. After all, Poliwrath had evaded the attack and was sending a pretty powerful Mach Punch in Eve's direction.

    At least, that was her first impression until it suddenly veered towards Luxray, who was finishing his Shock wave but was unawre of the approaching threat.

    "Eve, jump on Luxray and use Protect!" Kasumi ordered.

    The grass type leapt forward, straddling the electric beast's back and sending up a protective shield which managed to stop the Mach Punch just in time. Time for some quick fire moves, Kausmi thought to herself. Maybe a little bit of strategy would help here too.

    "Don't think you can beat us as easily as when we were kids, Domo!" Shouted one of the pirates. Futari seemed to practice torture methods in her brain, and reaching out to touch her shoulder, Kasumi revitalised her trainer's spirit.

    "Use Magical Leaf, Eve!"
    "Luxray; cover the leaves with Spark!"
    "You ready, Eve?" she called. The grass-type eeveelution yawned as she was released, her ears flapping in the tight breeze that was presented upon her exit and, as always, she bowed low in her customary little manner.

    The pirates laughed.

    Futari however, was in awe. "You defeated seven gym leaders with Eve on your team, right?" she asked curiously.

    "That's right." came the proud reply. Kasumi didn't mean to boast, but she felt confident in all of Eve's potential to take on these opponents. And between themselves, Futari and Kasumi had already planned a few attack combo's of their own. It paid to be prepared you know.

    The two opposing duo's glared at each other, their Pokémon all ready to launch into battle, their attacks charged and ready in the back of their minds.
  17. just a note to say this rp's on hiatus for the next 2 weeks or so, cos its the busy holidays and Amy is away. . . so yeah, dont think she said anything, so its just a little notice :)
  18. OOC: Alrighty! The RP is back up on it's feet again!
    I'm going to continue on with the double battle as far as I can, and then let nischi offer some input.
    Also, I'm thinking about offering maybe two places for other users to join in. Maybe. Seeing as we've had to suffer the loss of Shewzo, I find it only fair we allow some more characters to participate.
    More info on who can join and when in my next post~
    (also, please note the last chunk of my last post was incorrectly placed. I shall modify that ASAP~)

    BIC: The Spark and Magical Leaf combo was a direct hit, and though it took the pirates by great surprise, they ordered another wave of attacks. They were easy to dodge; Poliwrath's Water Pulse and Kingdra's Twister, but neither Pokemon or trainer on the opposing side were working together. Futari and Kasumi had the upperhand, and from past experience Futari knew she would win this with ease.

    "Luxray, charge up your Thunder Fang!" the red head ordered confidently.
    "Eve, let's use Double Team!"

    Obeying happily, Eve created several different clones of herself, that surrounded her enemies that glanced from left to right in deep confusion and frustration. Kingdra let out a volley of sharply accurate Water Gun's under his trainer's impatient order, while Poliwrath anxiously began pounding her way through every clone in sight. Kasumi smiled over at Futari who returned it with the additional waggle of her tongue.
    Luxray's electricity crackled and the plan ensued.

    "Use Dragon Breath, Kingdra!" The taller of the two pirates screeched, his wits coming to their end at playing such stupid games with a bunch of kids.

    The hot and rainbow touched breath scorched the floats Futari and Kasumi teetered on, but they survived the attack, despite eve's clones fading and her lithe form jumping free of hamrs way. Before Kingdra's attack had completely ceased, a large black, bulky shape raced through the red clouds and before the Pokemon had time to think, a powerful bolt of lighting struck both Poliwrath and Kingdra, along with a tough pair of fangs that drained a good deal of their Health points.

    "Yes!" Futari whooped as Luxray jumped backwards and smiled at Eve who purred pleasantly in reply. "This win is in the bag!"
    "I wouldn't celebrate so soon, Fu-chan..." Kasumi grunted.

    Disappointed, she looked closely at their attackers to find that the Water-types were hanging on by the last thread. They were heavily damaged and tired and Kausmi knew she really didn't have the heart to try and battle someone who couldn't battle back. Luckily for them (or unluckily- depending how you look at it), the pirates spat their curses and with one final battle cry to Kingdra of,


    The pirates, along with their undoubtedly fainted companions, escape the scene, leaving Kasumi and Futari glaring after the dark smoke plumes in frustrated horror, swaying on their scorched floats.

    "...They were disqualified 'cause they lost right?" Futari asked quietly as she pushed the fur away from her Luxray's eyes affectionately.
    " No; they ran because they wanted to wait until we were further out in the course before they challenged us out of the blue again." Kasumi answered, glancing in concern at her rubber tube that seemed to be hissing but it turned out to be Eve warning off a stray Krabby.

    She picked up her grass-type and nuzzled her ears as she thought.

    "So we both get disqualified next time if they challenge us without the flag point behind us?" Futari mumbled. Thinking was quite a chore for her. "Welp. We better not give them the chance. I already told you I'd win!"
    "Not if I beat you first!" Kasumi laughed, withdrawing Eve in a beam of red light.
    Futari followed suit, and together they swiftly set off again over the waves as they knew they had a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the competition.

    "Oh yeah and Fu-chan? How did you know those pirates?"

    OOC: That's it for now!
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