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Ask to Join Pokemon Bronze Rescue Tean

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. In this rp you will start of in a little village that is poor and have to join a rescue team in the North. That town has a Greninja Guild and you will join there.

    You can only control 2 Pokemon.
    2.You cant have the same and you can start of with its fully evolved form.
    3. You can join a Diffrent Rescue Team (There will only be 2 Teams.

    Rp Members:
    2. @EclipseTheShinyUmbreon
    3. @Dyno8man
    4. @Mangrale
    5. @Bugs Buneary
    Midnight woke up to a Loud Sound coming from in front of Him tons of Other pokemon were screaming and yelling for an Gallade who appeared in front of them. The Gallade was signing autographs and hugging children. Midnight covered his ears avoiding the screeching of children. The Umbreon was in a allyway between 2 houses and unfortunately in front of a Grand Stage for Performing. Midnight stood up and walked out of the Small home and walked to the Town Square. He took one step in and a Can was trown to his face by a Toxicroak. Other Pokemon saw and joined in the throwing. In a minute Midnight was covered in Trash. The pokemon laughed and walked away. Midnight stood up to see a Newspaper in front of his Paw. He read the Small Story "All New Greninja Guild in Hydro City. There was a Picture showing a Greninja holding a Badge that looked like a Pokeball. There were tons of Pokemon surrounding him trying to join. Without Hesitation Midnight ran off in a Small Path toward Hydro City.
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  2. Sly looked down at the paper that the Umbreon left. The Shiny Zorua tilted her head and grinned at the paper, seeing exactly wat the Umbreon saw. Sky quickly followed the Umbreon, Staying a good distance away from him.

    Kuro sighed as he stood in front of the guild. "I-I can't, I need somebody with me..." The Shiny Vulpix stuttered and backed away.
  3. After a Few minutes Midnight made it to Hydro City. Midnight walked toward the Guild to bump into a Vulpix. "S-Sorry!" Midnight said and backed out of the way. Midnight kept his distance untill he fell backward into a Mouth of a Serperior. He slid down and fell on his face. He looked around to see a Greninja and Serperior standing there.
  4. "I-Its o-ok" Kuro said and looked at the Greninja. Is that the guild master?. Kuro tilted his head "A-are y-you t-the g-gui-ild m-m-master?" Kuro stuttered shyly.

    Sly panted and accidently rammed into the Vulpix. "Sorry!" She panted and helped the Shiny Vulpix up. "I'm Sly, and you are?" She asked the Vulpix who smiled shyly "K-K-Kuro" He said and blushed slightly. Sly smiled "That's a nice name!" She exclaimed and suddenly realised that the Umbreon, along with a Greninja and Serperior were there.
  5. "Hello Young Travelers. Are you here to join the Guild?" The Greninja asked. "Yes!" Midnight stated. "Alright and your partner?" The Serperior continued. "W_What?" Midnight said. "In order to form a team you need atleast 2 Pokemon on one team." The serperior finished. "Um." Midnight though.
  6. "U-Um, S-Sly, do y-you w-want t-to f-form a t-team w-with m-me?" Kuro asked and Sly nodded. "Yes! Greninja sir/mam' We want to form a team, me and Kuro!" She stated bravely as the Vulpix hid behind her fluffy tail.
  7. "Excellent!" The Greninja said. He pulled out a small box. It contained Multiple Badjes, Power Band, Defence Scarf and Choice Band. "Here you go." Greninja said giving them the Chest. Midnight stared and Held his breath. "Hey do you mind if I joined your rescue team?" Midnight asked still holding his breath.
  8. The Umbreon's voice was too soft to be heard because of Sly's shouting. "WOAH! I'll take the defense scarf" Sly said and tied the scarf around her neck. Kuro took the power band and put it around his paw. "Let's go!" She cheered and ran into the guild, Kuro quickly following.
  9. "Uh." Midnight said. "Nevermind." Midnight said. He walked to the exit. In a second he was in Hydro City. He sat on a Bench and stared blankly into space. He sighed and looked down.
  10. "H-Hey Sly? Did you hear what that Umbreon said?" Kuro asked. "Um, no" She said and stiffened up. "Oh Arceus, he wanted to join our team!" Sly shouted but was interrupted by a loud voice "Shut Up!" A Riolu shouted and ran out of the guild.

    The Riolu spotted Midnight and ran up to him. "Hey, are you ok?" He asked and tilted his head.
  11. "Hmm?" Midnight looked up. He saw a Riolu. "Um Yeah. Im ok. Thanks for asking." Midnight said and lied down. He continued to stare off into Space. He looked in the Distance to see his Hometown. "Uhg."
  12. "Hey, wanna start rescue team?" The Riolu asked and gently petted him. "Please? You can be the leader" He said and smiled. (If you say yes, you control the Riolu)

    Sly and Kuro walked to a den with two big, fluffy pillows in the middle. "Here is your room, you should get some rest" The Serperior said and slithered away. "Oh~ Kuro! Look at how fluffy and big they are!" Sly said to her friend as she curled up on a pillow. "J-jeez, it's cold tonight, mind if we share a pillow?" Sly asked and Kuro moved up for the Shiny Zorua. "N-Not at a-all" Kuro stuttered as Sly layed beside him. All warm, the two finally fell asleep in a yin yang pattern without noticing that two other Pokèmon walked in and took the bed beside them.
  13. Midnight listened to the Last Comment. "Do you want to Form a Rescue Team?" Midnight thought and then replied. "Yes!" Midnight said. They shook paws and ran back to the Guild. They slid down the Serpeior again. At the Bottom was only the Greninja. "Hmm? Youre back? Do you have a team member now?" He asked. He looked by him to see Riolu. "So Riolu will be your partner?" He asked again. "Yes." Midnight said firmly. "Ok then." Greninja said giving them the Rescue Team Box. Serperior came back and escorted them to thier room. Next to the others. Midnight and Ryu put on the Defense Scarf and Power Band. They both fell asleep in thier own beds.
  14. Sly opened her eyes and yawned, Kuro doing the same. "Wow, that was a good sleep" Sly said and rubbed her eyes. "Y-yeah" Her partner stuttered as they stood up. "H-hey, l-look, i-it's t-that U-Umbreon a-and the R-Riolu th-at t-told us to--" Kuro was about to Finnish but was interrupted by a loud screeching voice "It's time to wake up rookies!" Someone shouted and left. "Um..." Sly mumbled and sweat-dropped. "U-Uh, we s-should l-leave" Kuro said and began to walk out of the den with Sly pressed up beside him.
  15. Riolu jumped up in shock of the loud noise. His heart was beating fastly. He looked around to see Midnight sound asleep. "What!" He said in amaze. He shook the umbreon awake. Midnight stood up and shook awake. "Hey. Whats going on?" Midnight asked. "I think everyone is starting missions." Midnight in Responsed used Phychic lifting the Riolu up. He dashed to the center of the Guild where all the pokemon were. Before he made it hr bumped into Sly and created a Pokemon pile up. Riolu on the bottom. Midnight stood up knocking both Sly and Kuro off. He opened his eyes and Stepped back. Riolu got up and replied. "You!" He yelled.
  16. Bolt was walking out of the giant crowd of pokemon, holding a Gallade poster with Gallade's autograph on it. He neatly rolled it up, and put it in his bag. Then, something caught his eye. A newspaper lying on the ground. It said something about a "Greninja Guild". Immediately, Bolt ran off towards Hydro City.

    After running nonstop, the Growlithe finally made it to Hydro City, collapsing onto the ground once he entered. He looked up, and saw a structure that looked like it could be the entrance. He gets back up, and starts looking around for someone to join with, getting a bit anxious. He had just moved, so none of his friends were there with him. He stares into the entrance. "I hope they'll let me in to see if I can join a pre-existing team..." He said nervously.

    Suddenly, he hears someone scream from inside. It sounded somewhat like a wake up call. "Huh, I guess I must be early." He looks up at the mid to late morning sky. "Or maybe right on time." He looks for just a bit longer, reconsidering. "Or, possibly a bit too early...?"
  17. Why did it have to be during the day, the agitated larvitar thought bitterly on that wooded, boufallant-drawn, coverless wagon on its way to Hydro City. He shared this rather uncomfortable cart with several other pokemon, whom he didn't care to make eye contact with, only wishing they weren't there so he could have the wagon to himself.

    This wasn't the first wagon he'd been on, but the noisy rustling strangers and the vibrant sun beating down on him ensured that this was one of the worst. The larvitar perched his head over the side, getting homesick already. On either side of the dirt pathway were open plains, meaning that on top of everything, the ride itself was rather boring.

    "Hey I've always been curious about something," he overheard a plusle say to his minum traveling companion. "You heard how charmanders could die if their tails go out?"

    "Yeah, what of it?" the minum asked in return, in a way that gave the impression that this was only the latest in a long line of random topics his friend had started.

    "Well if that's true... then how do they wash themselves and get clean!?" the plusle interjected, legitimately worried.

    The larvitar stood up, glaring straight at the passing scenery and clenching the side of the wagon. I gotta to get off this thing!

    His inward debate on whether to jump off the wagon and walk the rest of the way carried on for a few more hours until the two leading bouffalants confirmed that they had indeed reached the bustling metropolis of Hydro City.

    At the soonest opportunity, the larvitar popped off the old planks of the wagon onto the fresh pavement of the city. It was his first time in a place like this and it showed. Out in the less developed areas, he could just each down and grab a handful of dirt to get his day started. Not so here. And it was more crowded here. He couldn't look in any direction without seeing a pokemon, some he didn't even recognize. There were blue birds with wings made of white clouds and pokemon with big red noses, carrying hefty beams of steel and concrete, presumably for constructive purposes.

    Upon meeting less intimidating pedestrians, the larvitar would reach into his travelers bag and unfurl a partially tarnished Guild Advertising Poster (which was about his height) and ask where he might find the guild in question. Success varied, but he still managed to find the Guild hall, a daunting building that spoke to the revered rescue oriented line of work while at the same time excited the imagination with the promise of adventure - a cause for pause to be sure. He didn't even notice the growlithe outside for a few moments.

    When he did, his mind pondered what could be happening. Was this individual the last in line, given a recruitment line could still exist a few days beyond opening day? Was he lost? Perhaps this growlithe had always wanted to join the guild but couldn't muster the courage to do so, spending his days timidly idling outside until a fateful encounter with someone of unknown and mysterious origin changes his life forever.

    All the same... it really doesn't concern me, the larvitar concluded, paying the pokemon no mind as he passed him by on his own way inside. I have to do this. And I'll do it by myself if I have to.

    (OOC: I know we start in a small village, but I didn't think it worth mentioning. If there is a substantial problem with anything, please inform me.)
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  18. A blue figure can be seen, trudging his way into the city. "Th--There'll be food there. . . and water. . .hopefully." On further inspection, the figure was a Cubchoo. They murmured on and on about food and water
    "I hope I'm not lost. . . That'll be tragic.I never had a good sense of direction." They saw something. . . The town itself! The little Cubchoo proceeded to make a dash into the smal town, panting "I--I made it! Now. . . let's see. .does this place have a map?"
  19. Bolt started backing up a little, slightly in doubt as to whether he should really do this or not, when a Larvitar walked past him, entering the guild camp. Bolt looked behind him, and saw many other Pokemon, but one stood out to him. A blue and white figure standing in the distance, seeming lost. Bolt started walking closer to it, and he noticed the figure was a Cubchoo. It looked tired and lost, so Bolt walked up to it to help it out a little. "Hey, there." He said to the Cubchoo. "Something wrong?"
  20. Kuro whimpered and backed away from the Umbreon and Riolu. Sly hissed and growled "What do YOU want?" She asked with a snarl. Sly turns and walked out of the guild, after getting a mission of course, Kuro right behind her. There, Kuro noticed a Growlithe and Cubchoo, and walked up to them. "H-Hey, I-Is s-something w-wrong?" Kuro asked. Sly came and smiled at the group. Her four little paws together, and said: "Hello, are you guys lost? We just came out from that Serperior head, ready to go on a mission, But couldn't help but notice-" "Y-You g-guys l-looked a-a bit l-lost".
  21. Suddenly, an Umbreon and Vulpix appeared in front of them. "Oh no. I'm not lost. In fact, I was just about to ask this Cubchoo the same thing." Bolt replied back. Then, something clicked in his head. "Hey! You two are in the guild, right?" He asked with urgency.
  22. The ZORUA and Vulpix nodded. "Yeah, but I remembered something, mom said I shouldn't join the guild, sorry sly, but I don't think I can go on" Kuro said without stuttering and walked away sadly. "Aww...ok! try and convince here then!l She wailed and Kuro gave a brief nod.

    Sly sighed "Now what? I can't go back in without Kuro...." Sly said and walked over to a tree, sat down, and began to huff, and puff.
  23. (Zorua. Sorry. XD) He hurried over to Sly. "Hey! I can join you!" He said excitedly. "I mean, to make up for that Vulpix leaving suddenly. Can I, please?" He begged. He had always wanted to join a rescue team, and now was his chance.
  24. (Check my Profile pic!)

    Sly looked up at the Growlithe and nodded "Sure" She said and jumped up and down, filled with energy again. "Hopefully we get along well!" She said and bounced around the Growlithe. "What's your name?" Sly asked as she stopped in front of the Growlithe.
  25. (Noice. I loik. o3o)
    He had a great smile on his face. "Thank you! Thank you so much!" He watched as the Zorua started jumping for joy. "Yeah, I can tell we'll be great friends!" He then started telling Sly some stuff about him. "You can call me Bolt. I'm very loyal to my partners, and I'm reliable, so you won't have to worry about me taking any mission rewards for myself!"
  26. Sly smiled "Ok Bolt!" She exclaimed. "I'll yell you a bit about myself: I'm sassy, protective, daring and a bit overconfident, but overall, I will be the best pokèmon to turn to when the tides get rough" She said and picked a blue flower that matched her eye colour.
  27. Bolt cheered. "Great! Now we can rely on each other to help each other out! Should we go get our first mission?" Bolt asked Sly, sounding excited for the adventure that was about to unfold for the both of them.
  28. Sly took out a piece of paper from her tail. "I already got one" She said and handed Bolt the paper. "See? We must find Spoink's Gem thing" She said and rolled her eyes.
  29. He watched as she pulled out a piece of paper from her tail. It was a mission. "Oh sweet!" He cheered. She handed the paper to Bolt, and he read what it had to say. "Hmm...'Find Spoink's Gem'?" He questioned. He shook his head, dismissing the thought, and handed it back to Sly. "Alright! Go, Team...uh..." He stopped for a moment, then turned to Sly and whispered. "What's our team name?"
  30. Sly stopped smiling and grinned once again "Maybe Team Elements?" She asked and licked Bolt's forehead. She sat down and wagged her tail. "So?" She whispered back.
  31. "That was awkward." Midnight said. He turned to the Riolu. "Did you do something?" Midnight asked. "N-No!" He yelled and stuttered. He walked away over to the Rescue board ignoring Midnight. He grabbed a message of the Board and read it. "Please I need help! I'm running away from a pack of Poochyena! I need help desperately!" Riolu stood still for a minute. "Cmon! Lets GO!" Riolu yelled running out the Guild. "Wait!" Midnight yelled trying to catch up.
  32. "Team Elements. I like it!" Suddenly, sly licked Bolt's forehead, and he blushed a fire-red color. "G-Uh..." He just sat there, feeling awkward.
  33. Sly giggled "You're cute when you blush!!! Hehe~!!!" She exclaimed and sat in front of Bolt, giggling and turning red herself. She didn't feel awkward, but she was laughing a bit too much.
  34. He shook his head. "O-Oh, uh...th-thanks...?" He was at a loss for words because of what had just happened.
  35. Sly giggled some more "C'mon, your gonna make me tired before we even start the mission~" She exclaimed, licked Bolt one more time and then, she was trotting to the dungeon.
  36. When Sly licked him again, his eyes grew big, and his blush intensified. He just stood there for a while, before finally following her to the dungeon to begin their mission.
  37. (OOC: You guys seem pretty set up and I'm kinda stumped for ideas on how to proceed. Now I like this idea, but I'll understand if anyone has a problem with it. Also, I assume I'm able to take control of the Guild leaders at my own discretion.)

    "What do you mean I need others in my team!?" the Larvitar shouted as he flailed his small arms about frantically.

    "Exactly what I said," the Greninja started, crossing his arms. "Currently, the need for effective rescue teams has never been greater. And if you had looked more closely at the poster you stole, you'd see that we only accept teams of pokemon at a time. No exceptions."

    "I-I didn't steal this poster! I found it!... um..." the Larvitar blurted. He looked down on his poster sadly, his eyes stinging a bit. "Uh, um... But I have to do this... I... I can't go back..." he muttered.

    "I'm sorry. But the rules are there for a reason. Talk to me again when you know what you want to do." The Greninja began to walk away toward the Serperior when the Larvitar called after him.

    "W-wait! Please...!" he yelled, tears beginning to well up. "Isn't there anything I could do?" he asked meekly, gripping the tattered poster in his hands.

    The Greninja and Serperior looked back at him. "Well, when you put it that way..." the latter mused.

    [Scene Transition]

    The Larvitar grudgingly shuffled his much larger broom under the dining hall table, getting the room ready and clean for the returning rescue teams that would come later that night. A Crustle came in, surveying his progress for a moment.

    "Not bad newbie! I came to see how you were doing and to tell you where you'll be sleeping."

    The Larvitar sighed, partially leaning on the broom. A room of his own sounded good right now.

    "It's in the janitorial closet near main storage. You should fit in there."

    "WHAT!?! Why don't I get a room!?" the small pokemon shouted in a fit, his broom falling to the floor.

    "Because rooms are for rescue teams and important staff," the Crustle answered. "Now finish up. And remember, after dinner it's your job to take the trash out," he concluded before he left the flummoxed Larvitar to pick his broom back up.

    (OOC: I may be on a different schedule than you guys. In any eventuality, I wanted to get my guy here set up.)
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