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Open Pokemon: Blazing Scarlet & Freezing Cyan (Sign Up and Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Bailey Liam Grant, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Email Sent
    - From Professor Maple

    Oh hello, glad to see you got my email. I have invited you to our region of Fuokulu. It is an island far from Alola. On this island, you can expect to find beautiful sights and most importantly, new pokemon!!! We sent you a Z-Ring and a container to hold your Z-Crystals. In this region, you have a choice of any starter (that isn't legendary or mythical) which is why we sent over a Pokeball (Choose starter from any of the games 1-7). Before I forget, we have to have more info on you so you can get a trainer card from us.

    1. Follow the Pokecharms rules
    2. This Roleplay does allow romance but nothing farther then a kiss
    3. Failure to follow any rules will result in a ban from the chat
    4. You can't be in the Roleplay unless you have signed up here!
    5. Do not Godmod, Powerplay, Mary Sue, or anything else
    6. I will not tolerate one liners.
    7. Z-Moves are allowed in this Roleplay but once per battle. No Mega's or Legends/Mythicals
    8. Use Third Person only!!
    9. Put "BSFC" somewhere in your bio to show you read the rules.
    10. IF you want to be a Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, or Champion please put that in your rank. But there are qualifications you have to follow to be Elite 4 or Champion.

    Age (10-25):
    Starter (Level Cap of 7)(only have one pokemon so far):
    Backstory (Option):

    Name: Bailey Liam Grant-Maple
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kinda shy but will only talk to people he trusts
    Rank: Beginning Trainer
    Appearance: Profile Picture
    Starter/Pokemon : Charmander [M] (Level 7) {Nickname: Inferno}
    Sexuality(Option): Bisexual/Gayromantic
    Backstory (Option): Find out in Roleplay
    Goal: To be an excellent pokemon trainer and the champion
    Hobbies: Cooking, Training, Sketching, Eating, Sleeping
    Other: BSFC He can understand Pokemon Speech! Son of Prof. Maple.
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  2. If you sign up, this roleplay won't be made until we get three joins.
  3. Name: Prescott Harmenta
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He can be seen as harsh, but most of the time it's the truth. He doesn't hold back from commenting on something if he feels like it's necessary. You will have to talk to him yourself to find out any more.
    Rank: Please read E-mail attached
    Appearance: Tall, Thin and as pale as snow. He has ocean blue eyes and has white hair. He commonly wears a light blue cape which comes over his left arm. He also has a white short sleeved shirt, a light blue tie and light blue skinny trousers.
    Starter: Would be Totodile if he can't have his other teams. He has a water speciality team and a normal mixed type team.
    Sexuality: 'Unknown'
    Backstory: He was originally from the Unova region, and had always wished that he could be a gym leader. But unfortunately he never got the position as all of the slots were full. It wasn't until 2 years later after the Team Plasma attack did the gym leaders decided to add more gyms to the region, and increase the regions gym leader defences. He however was beaten in the fight against Marlon to become the new water gym leader, causing him to set himself on a quest to become a gym leader in another region. He has had one best friend in his life which helped him believe in his strength as a trainer, unfortunately he moved away to another region to try and pursue his dream of becoming a gym leader. Luckily not long after these events he got sent an E-mail from Professor Maple, inviting him to the Fuokulu region and hopefully to become a new gym leader. He sent back the following E-mail:
    Dear Professor Maple
    Thank you for sending me this invitation and I will be arriving soon, my flight is scheduled to arrive in 2 hours. As you know, I am Prescott Harmenta from the Unova region and wish to be a Gym Leader specialising in the water type within this region. Please get back to me with any information you may need to give upon signing up for the job. I have experience in Pokemon battling, and will happily accept any Gym Leader or Elite Four jobs you have to offer.

    Yours sincerely Prescott Harmenta
    Hobbies: 'Unknown'
    Other: 'Unknown'
  4. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Sam
    Age : 17
    Gender: male
    Personality : he is nice, trains whenever he gets the chance,likes fighting,gets easily exited ..he may not look like it but he is very smart
    Rank: Pokemon trainer
    Sexuality: who knows
    Backstory: he is from sinnoh , one day he got lost in the woods . While looking for a way out he found tons of cool pokemons and decided to be a trainer.then he got an e mail saying to go get a pokemon "heck yea!"

    Starter pokemon: Riolu (level 7) (male) (nickname: Luke)
    Goal: be the best and be champion he will also sign up for fighting gym when he is strong enough
    Hobbies: cooking, fishing,training , he knows alot about pokemon ,
    Other: he can come up with many strategies to win
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  5. This seems cool! I'll AU one of my characters because I love him a lot,,

    Name: Kaikane, Kai for short
    Age (10-25): 17
    Gender: male
    Personality: Kai is a calm boy, interested in exploring and discovering new things. At a younger age, he could only be found in two places – the library, and the caves around Melemele island. (He eventually got too big to fit in most caves, and the library ran out of books he hasn't read.)
    Kai is very tolerable and the opposite of short-tempered, but it often leads to people getting the impression they could do anything to him, and he wouldn't protest. That's not necessarily wrong - Kai just doesn't care enough to tell them off.
    He is empathetic, but can't offer good emotional support, which is why he doesn't offer any. He's a bit self conscious about that. Kai's quite good at giving logical solutions to someone's problems, though.
    Rank: beginner trainer
    Appearance: Kai is 5'9, has tan skin, and slim build. His black hair covers his moss green eyes, and tiny freckles sprinkle his entire skin. He has a subtle scar on his right cheek, caused by a Corsola he came across during one of his cave expeditions, and his calves and knees are often bruised. More often than not, there would be at least two Band-Aids on his skin.
    Starter (Level Cap of 7)(only have one pokemon so far): Chimchar, nicknamed Kiran, level 7 [female]
    Sexuality(Option): bi
    Backstory (Option): Kai spent most of life listening to his grandmother's stories. She completed the Island Trials as a young trainer, and was a powerhouse back in her day. Kai looked up to her, and always felt proud to be named after her (Kailani was her name).
    Kai sometimes helped the region's Professor, Kukui, with getting information about some Alolan Pokemon – with his knowledge of the region, especially Melemele, he could search every inch to get new information about them.
    His love for exploration and Pokemon battles were sparked up once Professor Kukui notified him that Professor Maple of Fuokulu region invited him to explore it.
    Goal: become a great trainer, just like his grandmother.
    Hobbies: reading, exploring, knitting, BSFC
    Other: Kai is left handed
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    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Wait a sec has the roleplay even started? If so im gonna need the rp link
  7. The RP is about to start!
  8. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

  9. I'll throw Angle in the ring because I haven't used her properly in ages.

    Name: Angle Providence
    Age (10-25): 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Angle is logical and intelligent, and talented at literature and the arts, but is woeful at mathematics. Angle can be very sassy and sometimes unintentionally mean, though is surprisingly really supportive. She always has a can of soda somewhere on her and can't go a day without having one. She's got an extremely short temper and cannot stand being rushed to do things and is born trainer, skillful at memorising strategies and knows exactly how to make a Pokémon happy. She hates being hit on (since she's taken) and also heavily dislikes children.
    Rank: High level trainer, but is starting afresh in a new region.
    Appearance: Angle is very stylish. She always wears whatever's trendy- due to the fact she comes from Lumiose- a big city- she has exceptional taste in fashion. She has light platinum-blonde hair that comes up to just below her chin, bangs and brown eyes, and most of the time wears a peach-pink turtleneck with black skinny jeans. Angle is quite attractive, with an hourglass figure and long eyelashes, and smooth complexion, and oftentimes wears sparkly lipgloss.
    Dratini, level 7, named Tangerine. Offspring of her Dragonite, Clementine.
    Backstory: Angle is rather spiteful due to the fact she is rather intelligent, while her parents are rich but quite dim-witted. Her parents' slight stupidity shows in Angle's name; they misspelt it on her birth certificate. Her name was supposed to be Angel. Other than that, Angle had a pretty pampered childhood, growing up in a big apartment in Lumiose City in Kalos, but began to itch for travel when she got her Pokémon license. She first went to Kanto, where she competed and lost in the Pokémon League, being eventually bested by the Champion. Wanting a change of scenery, she parted ways with her travelling companions, Levi and Mark, and her boyfriend Isaiah, sailing to Alola. There, she beat half of the Alolan Trials, before postponing her Island Challenge- vowing to return when she was older and more experienced. She then travelled to Sinnoh, where she caught a few more Pokémon and again participated in the Gym Challenge, but lost to Bertha of the Elite Four. Hearing of a new region, Angle brought a low-level Pokémon, the offspring of her Dragonite, wanting to start afresh.
    To be the Champion.
    Hobbies: Playe violin to a very high level.
    Other: She owns a Blastoise named Shellby whom she has had since her first journey in Kanto when she was 14 and who walks out of his Pokéball, but wants to start afresh so just keeps him around because he has separation anxiety.
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    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

  12. Name: Leo Villanueva
    Age: 15 and ¾!!
    Gender: Non-binary (he or they pronouns)
    Personality: They're very friendly, however, they tend to fall head over heels on every guy they meet. They can hold much more of a grudge than they appear to though, and they can be very petty if someone wrongs them or their friends.
    Rank: Intermediate skill levels, but they're restarting!
    Appearance: Their bleach blonde hair reaches the bottom of their head, swept back in a mullet like manner. Their silky, tan skin is dotted with moles and scars, with a few bandaids on their face. Their brown eyes are wide, almost doll-like. They have a bright pink sweatshirt with a rainbow on it they like to wear, typically over light blue ripped jeans. They wear white socks and Hello Skitty converse!
    Starter: Snover (level 6)
    Sexuality: Gay
    Backstory: A former fairly successful coordinator, Leo has restarted fresh in this region to focus on battling. They may be recognized for their performance in the BSFC national contest. They specialize in cutesy Pokémon, however, they don't really like fairy types. Their hometown in Hearthome City exposed them to contests from a young age, their parents pampering them into it. However, despite the fact they adore contests, they wanted to change things up and get a new perspective- what better way to do that than a Pokémon journey?
    Goal: To grow close to their Pokémon, and become known internationally for their skill in raising them!
    Hobbies: Contests, playing the piano, playing soccer.
    Other: They have an egg they've been carrying around (if that's okay), a Chingling!
  13. Name: Jerome Alon
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jermoe always follows his own moral compass and rarely tries to intimidate other people. Jermoe is very extroverted and loves talking to other people and loves having good friends. He gets angry over little details and strives to be perfect. He can insult people by accident and always speaks is mind.
    Rank: Intermediate skills.
    Appearance: Jermoe has wavy brown hair with peach skin. He his usually wearing a sweatshirt and track pants, he has brown eyes, he wears white socks and white running shoes.
    Starter: Rowlet
    Sexuality: Straight
    Backstory: Jerome was born in Goldenrod City in Jotho with incredibly lazy parents only feeding him, forcing him to teach himself most things with the internet. At the age of 11, His father left the family and pretty much vanished from his life. His mom finally got herself together and actually started to raise his son. He signed up for a pokemon battlers camp and that's when his pokemon battler and his overall knowledge for pokemon really grew and then at 16 he really wanted to get out of the house and explore the world and the best way to do that is start a pokemon journey. (I tried not to make it edgy)
    Goal: To catch the most pokemon he can and become champion.
    Hobbies: Pokemon battling, Playing video games, Tennis.
    Other: N/A

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