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Ask to Join Pokemon: Blazing Scarlet & Freezing Cyan Official RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Bailey Liam Grant, Sep 9, 2018.

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  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/poke...yan-sign-up-and-discussion.19900/#post-662322 <-- To join click this link!

    Bailey, the son of Professor Maple, sat in the lab with his Charmander. "Alright Inferno, try that Ember again." Inferno nodded and jumped up, spinning as fire shot down. She landed and smiled. "Char!" He hugged his small pokemon. "Good job." Maple looked at him. "Stop with the foolishness, my son." "Yes mom."
  2. The salty ocean breeze hit Kai's face the moment he stepped on the ship's deck. There was blue all around them; The vast, blue sea, surrounding them entirely, without a hint of land in sight, and the clear sky that stretched above them. Kai had never traveled by a ship for this long before. The Alolan Islands, where he was originally from, were indeed separated, but the farthest islands weren't even twelve hours away. This trip, however? Kai was probably traveling for a day already. As much as he loved the sea, he was starting to get seasick, which was why he went outside in the first place. The rooms on the ship were... too small. He needed fresh air. The tranquility the ocean was capable of creating calmed Kai down. The nervousness of first adventures and yet-unexplored places he was feeling was exciting, but tiring as well. A voice broke through the silence.

    "There you are! I was looking everywhere for you!" Professor Kukui, the Alolan region's expert, stepped out of the cabins. Kai turned around and smiled. "I have a gift for you," the Professor continued. The young boy was confused, but after getting a better look of Kukui, who was walking towards him, he noticed a PokeBall in his hand. Of course, he thought. To start an adventure, you need a partner Pokemon to travel with you, so Kai was expecting this sooner or later. Still, the excitement and curiousity (What might that Pokemon be?) couldn't be contaminated, and the boy grinned.
    "Remember that survey I gave you just before we set out on this trip?" Professor Kukui asked.

    A survey? It took a moment for Kai to recall it. "Yeah, of course," he nodded. He was supposed to answer some questions that were about the things he enjoys doing, his favourite places, and the like. There were no end results – Kukui just took it after Kai had finished. No wonder he nearly forgot about it. "It was more of a personality test, to be honest." Kukui laughed at that, and Kai let out a chuckle, too.

    The Professor finally handed Kai the PokeBall. "Well," he started. "I was supposed to send it to Professor Maple of the Fuokulu region, so she could determine which starter Pokemon she would assign you to." Kai nodded again. It was a neat system, he had to admit. Matching the personalities of the rookie trainer and the young Pokemon, so they could connect better. "You do the honours." Professor Kukui winked. Kai took the PokeBall from the Professor, and hesitated for a second, before pressing the button in the center.

    A red light appeared, coming right out of the PokeBall, and slowly started to form a shape of the Pokemon. It took a second or so before Kai saw the Pokemon he was given. "A Chimchar?" Kai asked, wondering if he guessed its name correctly. Once Kukui nodded, Kai turned back to the little Chimchar. A small, fire type Pokemon, looking around itself curiously. "Did you really think it was a good idea to give me a fire type in the middle of the ocean?" Kai asked, and Kukui laughed again.

    "Oh, Kai, you're hilarious," the Professor said, though Kai didn't intend to make a joke. "How about you decide on her nickname? It brings a trainer and a Pokemon closer together." So the Chimchar was a female. It was good to know. Kai kneeled down, extending his arm towards the Pokemon. She took her time, examining Kai from every angle possible, before finally approaching his hand. "Look at that! She chose you right back!" Kukui enthusiastically noted, and Kai broke into another grin. He was happy about that.

    After petting his new Pokemon for a moment, both of them getting used to each other, Kai decided on a nickname. "How about Kiran?" he asked aloud, and the Chimchar seemed content with it. "You like that?" he asked, this time his Pokemon specifically. After the Chimchar didn't show any sort of negative emotion, Kai was sure. "Alright. Kiran it is."


    They arrived at the port after a few hours. It was late afternoon, and the sun was boiling hot. Kai was used to that, being from Alola, and Kiran had no trouble adjusting either. She was on Kai's shoulder, and the boy was relieved how light his Pokemon was. "Here we are, Kai!" Kukui exclaimed, putting his hands on his hips, breathing in the Fuokulu air. "Smells like adventure!"
    Kai had to laugh at how silly his Professor was, but he was right. There was something exciting about the air here. Kiran sensed it as well.


    The trio jumped into a taxi cab short after, as the first thing Kai had to do was meet the region's Professor. Professor Maple. He heard she had a son about his age, so he hoped he could make some acquaintance the first day. "You ready, Kai?" Kukui asked, and Kai nodded. "Alright then!"

    As they exited the cab, Kukui paying for the ride, Kai looked at how grand the laboratory was compared to Kukui's and stood in awe for a moment. I wonder how many new books there are in there. After Kukui joined him, they made their way towards the entrance, and came inside.
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  3. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    (My character is in route 1)

    Training in the wood had a great idea "im gonna catch something here and now!" He said searching for a pokemon, 3 minutes later he finds : Pidgey (level 4) f
    "Pidgey! I will catch you! LUKE GO!" He said while luke went out of the pokeball "use pound!" As luke used pound to hit the pidgey , pidgey had used gust. "GO POKEBALL!" has the pokeball had the pidgey inside "flicker 1,2,3 . Gotcha! Pidgey is caught!"
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  4. Professor Maple tapped Bailey's shoulder. "Come on. We gotta go meet the new trainer." Bailey rolled his eyes. "Alright mom." He followed her to meet Kai. "Hello. You must be Kai. And Professor Kukui, how great to see you." The professors started talking and Bailey was feeding his Charmander. "Alright girl, you will be a strong pokemon one day." She cooed and hugged her trainer's leg. "Cute." He picked her up. "Hello Kai. I'm Bailey. Welcome. Are you enjoying the region?" (@Vaporeonn )
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  5. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Sam continued going trough the woods thinking of a name for the oidgey until there was a bug catcher (green text is trainers saying things) "ahh finally, needed a battle"
    (Theme song!)
    "GO PIDGEY!"
    "USE GUST!
    Caterpie fainted,you won 67 exp , pidgey leveled up to level 5!
    The winner was given 43 pokedollars
    "YOU DID IT PIDGEY! YEA! GOOD JOB!" he told pidgey before continuing his route
    20 minutes later he made it to the first town/city
    "Im gonna challenge the gym but for now lets get you heal2d up" he said as he went to the poke center

  6. As she arrived to check out Professor Maple's lab, Angle let the island breeze sweep through her short hair. "Nice place, isn't it, Shellby?" she murmured, nudging her Blastoise companion. The gentle giant of a Pokémon nodded, smiling sweetly at his trainer. Of course, a change of scenery from Sinnoh was nice- she coudn't stand living there after everyone had seen her embarassing loss to Bertha on TV. She's even been interviewed about it, so decided to go to a place without much interest, where she likely wouldn't be followed by irritating reporters.

    Angle Providence, the girl who almost beat Lance, lost to Bertha, the Ground-type specialist of the Elite Four. Angle, where do you think you went wrong?

    Angle, when did you know it was over?

    Angle, are you battling days going downhill?

    At her feet, Tangerine slithered, squeaking cute noises at her trainer. The Dratini's cute little chirps distracted Angle from the ringing voices in her head. Her battling days going downhill? Hell no. If she could come as close to being the champion as she did before at only 15, she sure as hell could do it two years later.

    Angle had actually spoken to Professor Maple before about her arrangements upon arriving in the Fuokulu Region, the girl telling the Professor that she was in need of a Pokédex update. So she arrived, smiling at the Professor as she walked in. "Hey," she murmured, nodding her head toward the Professor in greeting. "I'm Angle Providence. I spoke to you about getting data from the Fuokulu region added to my Pokédex?" the girl said, hoping Professor Maple would indeed recall.
  7. Bailey looked at the girl. "Hello. Yeah, I can help you with that. Behind me, on the table is a PokeDex. There are all colors except Pink. I took that one." He laughed. "Welcome to Fuokulu." He smiled softly. His eyes looked like they changed colors but they were normal. Or were they? Charmander greeted her. "Char Char!"
  8. "Fuokulu seems interesting," Kai answered Bailey's question, but his focus quickly shifted to the girl who had just entered. She seemed... Experienced, yet young. A small, serpentine Pokemon crept near her feet. Dratini. Kai was proud of his knowledge. The girl proceeded to ask Bailey about a PokeDex, and Kai was reminded of why he was in the Lab exactly. Other than meeting the region's Professor (who was currently chatting with Kukui), he planned on getting a PokeDex of his own, too. "I'll take any. Red one would be cool, though," Kai said. Red was his favorite color.

    Kai got a sudden urge to introduce himself to the girl next to him, for a reason unknown to him. He shifted nervously on his feet, figuring out how to do it. He went with a simple, "Hi. I'm Kai." But he was still worried if the girl would greet him back.
  9. He nodded and followed behind them to grab the PokeDexes and hand them out. "In case your wondering, I'm here because Professor Maple is my mom." He said, adjusting his glasses. He looked at Charmander. She jumped up and tackled Chimchar. "Char Char, Mander?" She began to tap the pokemon's face. "...Mander?"
  10. "Ah, thanks," she hummed, taking out her own rose-gold coloured Pokédex and inputting the data into it. Shellby stayed relatively hidden, not really wanting to be around somany strangers in the way he currently was. Angle turned back to the Blastoise, smiling at her partner and assuring him that he'd be fine. The Charmander who accompanied Professor Maple's son, who had welcomed her, was definitely adorable, and Angle crouched to pat the Charmander on the head. And then, suddenly, another boy's voice spoke, seeming to introduce himself as Kai. Angle turned her brown gaze on him and smiled, offering a handshake. "Yo. Nice to meet you, Kai. My name's Angle, as you... probably heard," she muttered, a friendly tone in her voice. Earlier, she had noticed his attention drawn to Tangerine, who had wrapped herself around Angle's leg, with a look of recognition in his gaze. The fact he had arrived with Professor Kukui suggested to the girl that he may work for him as some sort of assistant. "I'm guessing you're here to explore the region? Or perhaps for a simple change of scenery?" she queried, tilting her head.
  11. "I have one more welcoming gift for you two."

    He walked to the backroom. There was shuffling and a loud Raichu thunderbolt sound. Followed by a scream. "ow!" He sighed softly. "Damn it!" He walked over to the others. "Here we go!" He gave the girl a Rose Gold Z-Ring, 5 PokeBalls, and a Trainer Case. "Here. Use these wisely, okay?"
  12. The fact that Angle ended up being so friendly was surprising, yet comforting to Kai. "Yeah, I'm here to explore and gather data of the Pokemon," he answered, sheepishly smiling. There was sudden noise that shook the boy, and he heard Bailey yell before coming back. "Everything alright?"

    Bailey handed them a Z-Ring, PokeBalls, and a Trainer Case. Thoughtful, Kai thought. The Z-Ring reminded him of Alola. "We got these back home," he said. Did that mean there were trials back in Fuokulu that resembled Alola's? That seemed interesting. He may be able to challenge it, like his grandma so many years ago... But that wasn't his main goal. Kai's task was to see how Pokemon fare in different environments. "What brings you here, Angle?" he decided to ask.
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  13. "Alright guys. I want you to be careful. There is this evil team that roams Fuokulu's known as Team Toxic. They have mostly Poison Types. In fact, their leader has a Shiny Venusaur. How do I know? I snuck into their base to steal this." He holds up the Poisonium Z. "They had multiple of these...I had to take one..." He sighed. "Anyway, you guys, follow me. We can travel as a group." He suggested. Truth be told, he was not one to socialize. He just wanted a friend.
  14. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    (can we say i was first and got all of these before everyone? Please)

    Has Sam walked out of the poke center and heading towards the gym,"where the gym..?" (Also what type would it be) he then searched around town looking for the gym , until he finally found it . He took a deap breath and went in

    (Im talking about pokeballs , red pokedex and z ring)
  15. (First Gym is a Normal Gym. and sure)
  16. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    (Thank you so much and for the z ring and stuff?)

    He was inside and noticed three trainers before the gym leader
    Gym leader: Welcome to my gym , i specialyze in normal type but watch out you are in for a surprise

    "Uhh, hi?" He said confused "im here to challenge you!"
    Gym leader: well for that you need to defeat my three trainers here
    " well then , i hope i win!"
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  17. Angle smiled sweetly upon receiving the gifts, dipping her head sheepishly. "Hey, thanks! This is WAY cooler than the Z-ring I have now," she enthused, taking off the silver one she had on already and replacing it. "Shellby, come check this out!" The Blastoise obeyed his trainer, bashfully lumbering over. Angle grinned, patting his head as excitedly showing her brand new Z-ring to the Blastoise, who made a cheerful growling sound in response. Kai then began to speak again, and the girl nodded. She certainly wasn't scared of revealing the reason why she was here- there was no need to hide it, really, plus she might get to boast a bit- never an opportunity she would pass by, which was something the girl would happily admit. "I'm here to start afresh, I suppose. Hone my training skills. Plus, I came from Sinnoh after participating in the Pokémon League, but I lost to Bertha, and... well, I guess I needed to get away from there, too." she murmured, pursing her lips. It was tough, with Isaiah still being in Kanto- she had asked him to accompany her but he was participating in the League again, and couldn't come with her. "Hey, idea," she snapped her fingers, her brown eyes lighting up, "We could travel together, the three of us! Just like my old times in Kanto! Whaddaya say?"
  18. "I like it. A group." He smiled. "I finally have friends." He threw on a hat. It had two arrows under words that said, "I'm with stupid[which pointed left] and with the brains [which pointed right]." He smiled. "I'm Bailey Liam Grant-Maple. My mom and I live here upstairs." He then had an idea. "Do one of you want this Z-Crystal?" He smirked.
  19. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Gym trainer : Go, eevee, use tackle
    "Dodge it! Then use Tackle!"
    Gym trainer: hm pretty good, use quick attack
    The eevee attacked the pidgey but then pidgey suddenly used quick attack
    "Wow pidgey you learned quick attack! Use it again!"
    Evee fainted, 389 , pidgey leveled up to level 6,pidgey leveled up to level 7
    The winner was paid 490 pokedollars
    "here pidgey , eat an oran berry"
    Pidgey ate the berry and its hp maxed out
    Gym trainer 2 : my turn, Go Meowth!
    "LUKE , I CHOOSE YOU!" he said as the Riolu went out of the pokeball
    "Use quick attack!"
    Gym trainer 2 : cool, meowth! Use fury swipe!
    He said as the feline pokemon started hitting the riolu
    "Hit 3 times! , alright finish this with a force palm!"
    Meowth fainted, 789 exp gained, Luke leveled up to level 8!
    "Take a berry luke you did great!"
  20. (@Ilikewater, Do u have a pkmn showdown. u fight the gyms on there.)
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    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    I dont , i could make an account tho but it would make me leave pokecharms)
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    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    (Ok , so i can make the battles here?)
  23. Just add me at SmolBurntToastBoi and make your exact team at Level Cap 10)
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    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    (I gotta go for now ill be back) (back)
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    In addition, chatspeak is not allowed anywhere on the Pokecharms forums. 'u' is not a word, nor is it a viable substitute for 'you'.

    Thread locked, warnings will be issued, read the rules before posting anything else here.
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