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Open Pokemon Black2 and White2 Journey Roleplay Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Greetings guys, LunarSilvally here ^-^, this roleplay is traveling in the Unova region and Pokemon in black and white and part two of them are allowed in this roleplay but anyway here is the char sheet. Just a couple of things to answer all of your questions the best I can, in Black 2 and White 2 Cheren replaces Lenora as the new normal type gym leader in Aspertia city taking the duties of Lenora basically retiring however if you want me to add Lenora and Brycen when all badges are collected and after you defeat the Elite Four then I can add them in as a special occasion as requested by @Pretty Pichu and also Brycen is not present in Black 2 and White 2 as they added a new gym leader named Marlon who is a water type gym leader which replaced Brycen the ice type gym leader. Furthermore, in my char sheet that is my final team I will use and they will all start at low level beginning when my char choose's Snivy at the start of the adventure from Bianca the Professor Junipers assistant. So saying this the Pokemon you guys chooses for your final team will start at the low level at lvl 5 however her partner Blue will stay at a decent lvl as an Umbreon since she has been with her longer then others and the reason why I am doing this is to make the roleplay longer and more fun so all the chars could have a chance to meet up with one another and battle each other if they want to but if you have a Pokemon that came from a different region and want to use it on your team you can. I will also add Team Plasma to cause some trouble the one with Ghetsis not N since half of team Plasma split with N and the other with Ghetsis but I cannot do a scene with the legendary Pokemon Kyurem, Zekrom, or Reshiram or any other legendary this includes Cobailion, Virizion, and Terrakion since I need permission to do so sorry guys. I will list the Gym leaders and Elite Four in Black2 and White 2.

    List of Gym Leaders

    Gym #1: Cheren-Aspertia City-Normal type
    Gym #2: Roxie-Virbank City-Poison type
    Gym #3: Burgh-Castelia City-Grass type
    Gym #4: Elisa-Nimbasa City-Electric type(has black hair instead of blond)
    Gym #5: Clay-Driftveil City-Ground type
    Gym #6: Skyla-Mistralton City-Flying type
    Gym#7: Drayden-Opelucid City-Dragon type
    Gym#8: Marlon-Humilau City- Water type

    Elite Four Leaders

    Elite#1: Shauntal-Ghost type
    Elite#2: Grimsley-Dark type
    Elite#3: Caitlin-Psychic type
    Elite#4: Marshall-Fighting
    Champion: Iris-Dragon type

    Special Occasion(After the Elite Four)

    Lenora: Previous gym leader of Nacrene city of Normal type
    Brycan: Gym leader of Icirrus city

    Char sheet

    City you live in:
    History: (Optional)

    My Char sheet

    Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady with dark brown pass her shoulder that is loose with a bang covering her right eye which is slightly blind. She has light blue eyes and is 5'4 in height. She wears a purple and black plad shirt that is buttoned up with a black tank top underneath with capri black pants that stop pass her knee showing half her legs. She wears black rimmed glasses upon her face with a fedora on her head that tilts slight down over her right eye which her bang covers. She wears a cross necklace around her neck with a gold and black rubic cube attached to her belt where her Pokeballs rest. She also wears black flats on her feet with the straps that wrap around her ankle with bandages around her wrists and ankles.
    Partner: Blue(F)(Shiny Umbreon)
    Pokemon: Blade(F) Absol, Rosa(F)(Serperior), Gem(F)(Flygon), Meadow(F)(Sawsbuck), Stella(F)(Scolipede)
    City you live in: Aspertia City
    Personality: Quite distant, Gentle, Strongwilled, Thinks before she acts(now)
    Goal: To become a Pokemon Strategist and maybe go for the league
    History: She lost her father in a fire which she had no choice but to move into the Unova region in Aspertia City. She became slightly blind by one of Team Plasma's grunts Pokemon when they kidnapped her because she could understand Pokemon like N
    Crush: N/A
    Other: Understands Pokemon by feeling and thoughts, is a friend of N, wears a mask and hooded cape

    I'll post the rp when four people's chars are here and if you need a list of all of the Unova Pokemon just let me know ^-^
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  2. C65


    I’d like to join with an oc I have yet to use that often also can I have an Infernape as his partner pokemon
    Character name: Luke Orpheus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: A man who is 6’2 in height and has spiky blond hair and cold icy blue eyes. He wears a fancy dark blue jacket with an extended collar and dark blue pants with some Nike running Shoes and black dress shoes (For casual wear only).
    Pokemon: Shinx hatched from another region. He has an Infernape but does not battle with it.
    He may put these pokemon in the pc and start over in this region.
    City: Virbank city
    Personality: He is very arrogant and prideful at the same time. He believes he is above everyone else ever since his birth and refers to others he seems unworthy as “peasants.” He speaks very gentlemanly and uses a wide vocabulary. He has lots of hybris for himself and his pokemon.
    Flaws: When he is defeated he will lash out in anger. Only believes in the strength in pokemon and does not think of any other useful times a weak pokemon can be used. He does not show much kindness to anyone unless he sees them as worthy to him.
    Goal: To become the champion of Unova and other regions.
    History: He was a former Sinnoh champion, but gave up the title to another to explore other regions and win there.
    Other: Likes to pet fluffy pokemon in secret.
    (Does this seem ok I can remove the champion of Sinnoh part if this feels like a Gary sue. I will just put he is originally front sinnoh if that’s the case.)
    Edit: I changed only the pokemon because he didn’t have a luxray.
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  3. (I'll allow it if the Infernape was traded into the Unova region and accepted)
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  4. Name: Pyroshu Rastrixen Darastrix
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Appearance: He has a red tank-top with a royal blue jacket he refuses to button up, black combat boots, ripped faded blue jeans, and his complexion has a reddish tint. He's extremely muscular, especially in the arms and stomach. He's 220 lbs (99.79 kg), and 6'04" (1.93 m). His short, flaming hair is red with yellow and orange flame-like colors here and there, and the roots being a royal blue. His eyes are royal blue with red specks thrown about the iris. The only reason of the odd color choice is the aura that exudes from his body. His aura are the colors red and royal blue after the types Fire and Dragon. Since he essentially embodies these types, his appearance reflects that. He has a hand-made necklace made out of twine with charms, them being Dragon Scale, Dragon Fang, Charcoal, Fire Amulet. He has scars on his body, but they are few and far between, but since he proudly wears his scars, he's more prone to showing them off in a show that he's been in dangerous situations before and still living.
    Species: Charizard - Fire Flying
    Name: Zarda
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Blaze - Powers up Fire-Type moves by 50% when her stamina is below a 1/3 of her maximum.
    Item: Harness w/ Charcoal - To help the rider stay on his Pokemon while also giving the Pokemon an added Fire-Type boost with the Charcoal tied around the neck.
    Special Features: She has worn out scales and skin from getting into countless fights, and she is 6'06" (2.0 m) instead of the average Charizard's height of 5'07" (1.7 m).
    This is by Generation. Each generation is separated by a | and she is 22 years old, which makes her able to learn these attacks back from Gen I.
    Normal : Scratch, Growl, Leer, Rage, Slash, Mega Punch, Swords Dance, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Take Down, Double-Edge, Hyper Beam, Mimic, Double Team, Bide, Swift, Skull Bash, Substitute, Cut, Strength | Smokescreen, Scary Face, Headbutt, Roar, Hidden Power, Snore, Protect, Endure, Frustration, Return, Sleep Talk, Defense Curl, Attract, Belly Drum | Facade, Secret Power, Swagger | Endure, Giga Impact, Captivate, Natural Gift | Round, Echoed Voice
    Fire : Ember, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Fire Blast | Sunny Day, Fire Punch | Heat Wave, Overheat, Blast Burn | Fire Fang, Flare Blitz, Will-O-Wisp | Flame Burst, Inferno, Flame Charge, Incinerate, Fire Pledge
    Grass : Solar Beam
    Electric : Thunder Punch
    Fighting : Submission, Counter, Seismic Toss | Dynamic Punch, Rock Smash | Focus Punch, Brick Break | Focus Blast
    Poison : Toxic
    Ground : Earthquake, Fissure, Dig | Mud-Slap | Bulldoze
    Flying : Fly | Wing Attack, Aerial Ace | Air Slash, Roost, Defog, Air Cutter, Tailwind | Sky Drop
    Psychic : Reflect, Rest
    Rock : Sandstorm, Ancient Power, Rock Slide | Rock Tomb
    Bug : Fury Cutter
    Ghost : Curse | Shadow Claw | Ominous Wind
    Dragon : Dragon Rage | Dragon Breath, Outrage | Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance | Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Twister | Dragon Tail
    Dark : Beat Up, Bite | Fling, Crunch | Hone Claws
    Steel : Iron Tail, Steel Wing | Metal Claw
    Summary: She is extremely protective of her friends and family and will keep them from getting hurt. She loves to snuggle and will occasionally lick her trainer on the face to show her affection. She will also emit a deep growl whenever she finds someone who she doesn't like. Despite her outward behavior towards just about anyone who gets near her trainer, she's exceptionally friendly toward their Pokemon, especially younger Pokemon. She was born at the same time Pyros was born, and she was given to Pyros as a Pokemon Partner, also as a Birth Pokemon, as per his family's culture. She stayed as a Charmander and went through the throes of life with Pyros until he went to school, where he took her along. After his stay at the school at the age of 11, Pyros finished semi early and spent the remainder of the year traveling the region he was in, getting Charmander to evolve at Cerulean City and then again when against Sabrina during their gym battle. Even though Zarda was very friendly towards other Pokemon, she would get a little jealous whenever Pyros caught a Pokemon, especially another Fire-Type. She eventually got out of this though, after having a rivalry with some female Fire-Types he caught in Kanto, and eventually lived her life peacefully in Pyros' family's ranch, until the day when he needs her again, whether it be for a battle or ferrying him across the regions.
    Species: Tepig - Fire
    Name: Charlotte
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Blaze - Powers up Fire-Type moves by 50% when her stamina is below a 1/3 of her maximum.
    Item: N/A (will have Expert Belt later, which raises the power of super-effective moves by 20%).
    Special Features: She is a tiny little thing, being only 1'00" (0.3 m) due to being the runt of the litter, instead of the usual 1'08" (0.5 m) of a full-grown Tepig. Her tail is also curlier than others.
    Normal : Tackle, Tail Whip, Odor Sleuth, Endeavor, Thrash
    Fire : Ember
    Ground : Magnitude
    Summary: She is super adorable and loves to cuddle and eat lots of food, particularly spicy foods. She doesn't exactly like to train, but loves the aftermath of it. She is also quite brave for her size, as she stands up to even the most dangerous and intimidating Pokemon, and won't let their size or looks affect her shot at winning against them. She was obtained from Bianca when Pyros was told by Professor Juniper to see her after a bit of a mix-up with the Tepigs.
    City you live in: Was born in Cocona Village, Oblivia. He does live north of Mt. Moon, and took to living in Nuvema Town in the Unova Region for a nice place to rest while he explored Unova.
    Personality: Because of his aura being like that of the Fire- and Dragon-Type Pokemon, he can be extremely stubborn, territorial, protective, impulsive, and quick to anger. Despite these bad traits, he's fatherly, brotherly, and sweet and nice to people he considers friends and family. He'll do anything for them and he's extremely loyal, but will ignore orders to protect the ones he loves most. He's not cunning in battle, but will have his moments. He's mostly about raw power and prowess than getting around a Pokemon's defenses. His motto is "They can't defend if I break their defenses."
    Goal: Capture all Fire- and Dragon-Type Pokemon in Unova (barring Legendaries and Megas) and get all the badges in Unova.
    He had been studying about Pokemon ever since he could read, always being around them and learning how they behave. It helped to study about Pokemon when his mother was a collector and still trying to collect all the Pokemon in her 60 years of living to grow her ranch, known as the "Darastrix Ranch". When he was 6, Pyros' siblings and him got sent into the nearby forest by their parents and the Pokemon there taught them how to fight like a Fighting-Type, how to think logically like a Psychic-Type, and how to be cruel like a Dark-Type. Pyros, along with his quadruplet brothers, took the Fighting-Type training seriously, and they all equally took the Psychic-Type training seriously. After four years of "studying" under them and understanding the minds of Pokemon, they went back to their parents as stronger and smarter beings. They then went to high schools around the regions, spending at least a year or less in them, due to being home schooled for a year prior their first high school. Although, after he hit puberty, his once dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes became the flurry of colors they are now, and his skin became tainted with those colors, as well. His personality even mirrors those of the Pokemon that have the typing Fire and Dragon. This caused him to snap in anger when he feels like something was unjust and will attack or pick a fight with anybody who had tried to harm his friends or family. Although, his explosive temper usually leaves quickly unless stoked like the fires in a fireplace or a bonfire, his short fuse will be imminent. Through all the regions, he has gathered all the badges from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. He has tons of experience with Fire- and Dragon-Types.

    He made it to Unova to do the Gym Challenge there.
    Other: He is also bisexual, just to throw that out there. He can also sing like a rock star. He also has a Charizard he uses to ferry himself around the area and can be seen out of her Poke Ball.

    My character is a little older and a little more experienced so he could be like the Brock or Cilan of the group (since he's traveled in the other regions before Unova), but I was wondering if he could have his Charizard (as it is very important to him and he uses her as a ride. It is his Birth Pokemon, which is a cultural phenomenon that happens in his family when a Pokemon is born the same time as the child). If you don't want that, I can always have the poor Charizard stay home. Although, she won't be participating in any fights unless she is protecting her trainer (since she does act like a mother).

    I'll also add more information about my character's Pokemon.

    Do you want to do the standard 4 moves or have them learn as many moves as possible, just as long as it matches up with their moveset and stuff? I'll change my moveset when you answer. XD Also, are all moves and Pokemon from Gen VII allowed? Or is it all BW/B2W2?
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  5. I edited stuff in it, just making sure you knew I had edited stuff on it :3
  6. (I'll allow it as well if the Charzard was traded into the Unova region but I will post rules on the rp post when four arrive here ok so accepted ^-^)
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  7. What do you mean by traded? Is this following directly with the games? Because this is technically a transfer from an earlier generation of a Charizard, like from Gen IV to V. XD But like.... Hopping from I to II to III to IV to V XD
  8. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    I actually wanted to do this. Yes please!

    Name: Justin Hardin
    Gender/Sexuality: Straight Male
    Age: 17(it alters depending if it’s B&W, B&W2, or after)
    Appearance: Peachy white skin, deep brown eyes, blonde hair. Wears a gray zipper hoodie, black sweatpants, and bright red shoes, as well as black headphones around his neck. Stands at the height of 5’11”, and weighs approximately 130.0lbs(I’m too skinny). He wears a black backpack with a shiny red Xtransceiver on his wrist, as well as his birthmark, an Oshawotts footprint. He wears a gray shirt underneath his jacket.
    Partner: Buddy the Samurott(read more in Characters under my signature, I can alter levels and moves if needed)
    Pokémon: Please read under team in the Characters tab, Boss will be considered part of the team(I know that someone here probably already knows my Pokémon)
    City I live in: Justin has and will always live in Nuvema Town. It’s his favorite place in the entire world.
    Personality: Kindhearted, very optimistic. Thinks good of everyone else, even their Pokémon in battling. He’s taught his Pokémon some strategies, but is otherwise an average battler.
    Goal: strives to claim the title of Unovan Champion. Also wishes to at least meet one of the Legendary dragons.(can change this if needed, but I don’t wanna own one, just see one maybe)
    History: This one is under the Character tab as well. Again, it’s in my signature. I can alter anything you would like.
    Other: Decent friends with N, and knows of both Bianca and Cheren. Is very good friends with Burgh. Knows much about Unovan Pokémon, and will fight for his region at any cost.

    Again, Justin and Buddy have a close connection relating to their similar marks. I was thinking of redoing this for this RP to make it where this only allows Justin the power to understand Pokémon, and scrap the fusion. Tell me if you’re okay with any of this, including the bio itself.
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  9. well charzard isn't from the Unova region lol and yes they can have a list with their moves lol but if you want me to extend the party count to seven I can do that lol if you want me to and @Justin Hardin accepted and yes I know your Pokemon lol
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  10. Seeing one requires staff approval. Doing anything with a Legendary (except talk about it maybe) you have to ask permission for.

    Also, uh.... How did you become a Pokemon?

    Oh, @LunarSilvally I was just wanting Zarda to be an accessory Pokemon. A Pokemon that doesn't battle and just is there because they are essential for my character, but not really going to do much. But I do know that Charizard isn't from there XD I was asking if they can learn more than 4 moves, and if that trading thing just kind of... Sounded weird. XD I could just bring Charizard over to the Unova region without the use of "trading". XD It's not that difficult. Just have Charizard's Poke Ball on me and then walk onto the lands of Unova.
  11. well mostly you have to ask permission for mega, z-moves, but mostly legendaries but everything is in the Pokecharm rules about the legendaries well mostly everything lol that's all I can say but do you want me to keep the party number at six or extend it I can do that if you want ^-^
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  12. You didn't answer my other questions. XD And you don't have to have permission for Z-Moves.
  13. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Through the magic of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, my friend. (Just for a clear answer, I imagine that the humans that go to that world are from the Pokémon world where humans exist. It is clearly mentioned across the PMD franchise that the player knows what a Pokémon is(“I turned into a Pokémon?”), and I project it as he turning into one before his journey across Unova.)
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  14. I mean, if you still count an accessory Pokemon as a part of the main 6.... I mean, I don't know. An accessory Pokemon is a Pokemon that won't do much but is there for my character, so I don't think so. You don't have to raise the amount of Pokemon in the party, but I do want Zarda to be an accessory Pokemon. A Pokemon that doesn't do anything and won't battle at all. She's literally just there because my character needs her.

    And uh.... Okay.... I thought PMD was a completely separate AU to the main games, since they are a spin-off... Yeaaa, my head canon is already screwed up now. xD
  15. Ugh I hate when I am choosing my team and I have to take off just to change one that is hard to get rid of xD
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  16. XD okay

    I'm just wondering if I can still have my main 6 Pokemon, along with my Zarda, who won't do anything. Just to clarify. Maybe fly my character around the place, but that's it.

    Also, BW and B2W2 have a 2-year gap. When is this?

    Also, how many moves? More than 4 or just 4?
  17. oh well its after Cheren becomes the gym leader of Aspertia city and Bianca works as an assistant for Professor Juniper but yes the title would be confusing I'll have to change it a bit lol xD and the moves can be more then for just like the anime of Pokemon
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  18. Alright! Cool, thank you :3 just what I wanted. XD Another question though... Would older gym leaders, like Lenora and the Striaton Gym Leaders would have weekends or whatever every month where they allow people to battle them and, if they win, they get a badge that actually counts towards getting 8 to get into the league?
  19. Also.... Are the moves from SM okay to have, or is it strictly BW/B2W2 only moves and abilities and Pokemon? Just need to make sure. Even though those abilities and moves and Pokemon still exist, they just either haven't been discovered yet or made public.
  20. Name: Atlas "Atty" Bennett
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: 5'3.5", 145 lbs. Wears a sleeveless crop top with a sheer neckline, a choker with a Key Stone embedded in it, black leggings, and pink high-top converse. Usually carrying around a pink leather backpack.
    Partner: Ruby the Weavile
    Ruby (Weavile, F)
    Curtsy (Leavanny, F)
    Pandora (Scolipede, F)
    Butter (Joltik, M)
    Flambe (Chandelure, F)
    Rosemary (Gothorita, F)

    City you live in: Originally from Mistralton City.
    Personality: Outgoing until things get awkward. A pretty typical young adult, often kind and good at listening but with a slight rebellious and a humorous side to her. Normally polite, but can be bratty and stubborn when things go downhill. Otherwise, she's pretty empathetic and open minded.
    Goal: Re-Travel Unova with her original team.
    History: In short, she's been a trainer ever since age 10. She's been to multiple regions, but has only gotten all 8 badges from Unova. She's now back, age 20, wanting to re-travel the region with her original team for old times sake.
    Other: Despite wearing her Key Stone choker on her neck still, her actual Scizor (which can Mega Evolve) is left at home for the time being.

    if its too short just tell me lmao its 1:30am sorryz
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  21. What is SM? lol need a better explaination?
  22. Like... Sun and Moon... Gen VII games. XD The ones with new attacks like Brutal Swing and such?

    I was wondering if attacks that came from Sun and Moon still exist in B2W2, since they are either not open to the public or are just being researched.
  23. (No those are actually brand new moves so sorry its strictly Unova from both Black/White and Black2/White2 and also guys all Pokemon start at the first level mainly the Unova starters such as Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig that will all be received by Bianca the assistant of professor Juniper the rules will be posted on the rp tomorrow night guys ^-^)
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  24. Alrighty, cool. I'll make sure to make sure everything is still... Okay XD LOL

    I call dibs on Tepig.
  25. lol chars that appear here will have to get the starters if they want to start that way but its obvious I have Snivy well night ^-^
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  26. Also, we all have Pokemon that are of a way higher level, and you accepted all of them.... So do those all have to be.... At a lower level? You are making this super confusing. XD Unless you are talking about the Pokemon you get in the RP during the adventure.

    We had no idea we had to start over with our partners until now. That would've been nice to know. So I could edit my character accordingly.
  27. Also, is vaultie accepted?
  28. I already have a few questions about all this then.
    • You didn't say anything about us starting with lower leveled Pokemon in your intro post.
    • To further this, you didn't make a note saying that your Pokemon on your character sheet right now is your final team, so we thought we could have strong Pokemon at the get-go.
    • Most people joined here thinking we were able to start with our entire fully-evolved teams, so our "starting with lower-leveled Pokemon" thing makes no sense, if it wasn't said in the beginning of your post.
    • You didn't answer my question about whether or not the Striaton Gym Leaders and Lenora and Brycen can potentially give away their badges if you beat them in a special occasion.
    • vaultie wasn't accepted yet, and she's left hanging.
    • I would've expected everything to be in line when you made the Discussion Thread and not pull any fast ones on us like that whole "all Pokemon need to start at a lower level". We didn't know what we were getting into, I thought we could have any character we wanted and not have to worry about the levels and their evolutions and stuff, just as long as we get to keep within reasonable limits because all of our characters are super experienced at this point in their lives, so having them have Pokemon that are of a lower-level just doesn't make sense and ruins the continuity of our characters.
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  29. Name: Frank Yu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Frank stands around 5'10" with a tan from living in Alola. Since moving to Unova, his outfits have changed a bit. He now wears blue jeans and t-shirts with a black coat, and boots as opposed to shorts, tank tops, and sandals. He has short brown hair and matching eyes.
    Partner: Sparks (Alolan Raichu)(M)
    Pokemon: Palladium (Metagross), Estrella (Starmie)
    City you live in: Castelia City
    Personality: Frank is very caring about his friends, family and Pokemon. He also doesn't care what other people think of him.
    Goal: To travel the world, find exciting battles, and meet new Pokemon.
    History: Frank was born and raised in Alola on Melemele Island. His first Pokemon was Pichu, given to him by his parents on his 10th birthday, which he nicknamed Sparks. After he turned 11, he attempted to take on the Island Trials along with another trainer, Bryce. Bryce thought he was the best trainer of their generation and always felt threatened when someone was progressing more than he was. After completing his third trial with his newly evolved Raichu, Frank ran into Bryce on his way down the volcano. Bryce challenged Frank to a battle, which Bryce won without losing a single Pokemon. Frank was devastated to say the least. Bryce then proceed to tell Frank that he would never complete the Island Trials, that he should give up, and him being a called a trainer was a disgrace. Frank sulked back to Royal Avenue where he sat on a bench contemplated what Bryce had said. He was about to give up when some Team Skull Grunts came up to him looking for trouble. Frank told them to buzz off. The two grunts eventually left him alone but not before mentioning that there were others like him in Team Skull. Confused and curious about what the grunts were talking about, Frank followed them to Ula'ula Island and then to Po Town. There he met the leader of Team Skull, Guzma. After explaining why he was there and listening to what Guzma told him, Frank joined Team Skull. In his time as a member of Team Skull, he learned not to care much about others and just worry about himself and his Pokemon. He caught and raised a Beldum and Staryu along side his Raichu. Eventually, Team Skull was disbanded and Frank was left to find his own way. Frank left Alola and traveled on his own for a while with Sparks, Palladium, and Estrella, training and sightseeing. As time passed, he made his way to Unova where he settled down in Castelia City, in a low rent apartment, waiting on the next chapter in his life.
    Other: N/A
  30. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Name: Parker Bell

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Parker stands at 5'9'' and has a fair build. He is muscular, but not overly so. He has jet black hair that reaches to his eyes, but he combs it over to keep it out of the way. His eyes are deep brown, and he's basically blind without his glasses. He wears a black overshirt over a dark gray undershirt. He also wears black denim jeans and dark gray shoes. He carries a black leather backpack that holds most of his things.

    Partner: King - Bisharp

    Pokemon: Riri - Liligant, Paladin - Escavalier, Pharoah - Cofagrigus, Grima - Hydreigon, Erebus - Honchkrow

    City you live in: Is not originally from Unova, currently staying in Undella town.

    Parker is typically alone. He's a cold and calculated person... usually. He tends to stay away from people, making it difficult to get to know him. Once you do get to know him, however, he becomes an irreplaceable friend. He's extremely loyal and caring of those close to him. He's pretty lazy unless he actually cares about what he's doing in which case he becomes a passionate person. He's generally awkward around others until he's comfortable with them. Finally, for someone as calculated and smart as he is... he can be an extremely dense person.

    Study the battling habits of trainers and Pokemon in Unova, explore King's home region, participate in the Unova league.

    History: Originally from Canalave city in Sinnoh, Parker grew up alone for the most part. He had no friends besides King and spent all day reading and studying Pokemon battling in the Canalave library. After getting all 8 badges and placing top 32 in the Sinnoh League he decided to head to King's home region of Unova for another journey.

    Other: Only two members of Parker's Unova team are on his main team, meaning these are not his strongest or favorite Pokemon. He might switch some Pokemon out for others down the line in more important battles. (If that's okay with you.) He's an experienced and competent battler.
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  31. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Okay, just a few quick concerns:
    Is everyone starting over? I just saw the messages about getting starters, and if we are starting over I’d like Oshawott
    Is there anything I need to change? I just want to make sure everything is okay before starting this.
  32. Ok @Pretty Pichu my apologizes for making this confusing for you I will edit my intro as quickly as possible and @Pretty Pichu I don't see Vaulties char posted here but once I see it I will accept it ok ^-^ promise Sorry about this guys I will explain everything about this roleplay in the intro of my post and answer your questions here just let me fix the intro first and then I will answer your questions so you guys won't be confused ok ^-^ oh and @Top_Smug_ , @Pyramid Prince accepted. And @Justin Hardin I will explain everything in the intro once I fix it ok ^-^
  33. uhhh @LunarSilvally its right here. i posted it earlier in the thread.


  34. Oh my apologizes @vaultie I have been answering @Pretty Pichu I didn't notice your accepted ^-^
  35. Alright guys I edited my intro so please read it clearly and just let me know if you want me to add anything ok ^-^ then I'll post up the rp
  36. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    @LunarSilvally Question! Since Parker is coming from Sinnoh where he already participated in the Sinnoh League, would it be okay to start him with a stronger Pokemon? King is supposed to be a Bisharp already and they already went through all of Sinnoh. My character won't really be traveling with the main group I guess? Parker's here to study and get badges, but since he would be stronger it wouldn't be fair to go with the starting trainers.
  37. That makes sense I wouldn't want to start with the group if I was already strong and your just studying and getting the badges then I'm ok with it ^-^
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  38. todoroki

    todoroki Previously gamora

    Name: Angelo Vedalise
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    He has a variety of piercings across his pale, freckly face. Two on his left eyebrow, snakebites below his mouth, a septum piercing, and several on his ears. It's to the point of excessiveness that they are somewhat unflattering. His hair was honey brown, but it's been bleached a lavender color. You can still see the brown a bit in his roots though, something he's not fond of. He's skinny and frail, but surprisingly stronger than he appears. He's somewhat tall at 6'1" and pretty light at 140 lbs.
    Partner: Jinju (≠) (Shedinja)
    Pokemon: Zingu (M) (Koffing) | Bastu (M) (Purrloin)
    City you live in: He was born in Lentimas Town, but came to Virbank City for an internship at Pokéstar Studios. He lives in Flocessy Town however, for the sake of having to spend less money, due to the low population of the town.
    Personality: He's a bit restrained, and likes Pokemon much more than people- it's not that he's mean, per se, he's just much more comfortable around them. He will open up more though, once comfortable around someone. He also, when around attractive people, struggles to compose himself, which would seem out of character for him.
    Goal: He wants to learn about Pokemon. He's not sure whether he wants to work at Pokéstar Studios as a horror director, or be a professional battler. In an ideal world though, can't he have both?
    History: Fresh out of school, which he attended full time before coming to Virbank, he began to take care of several of his families old Pokemon which had been with him since he was a child. Unsure what to do, he did nothing but lounge around for a while watching films. He was then hit with the revelation of making films with his Pokemon. They worked excellently with him, then he became interested in horror as a genre. He applied for an internship in Virbank and was given it, and now works with less than ideal divas in the Mystery Doors of the Magical Land series. He himself however, hopes he can rise up and begin to direct films like that, rather than anxiously checking to make sure that Sabrina won't throw a psychic, Carrie-esque tantrum at having the wrong amount of milk in her latte.
    Other: He's bi, and a scorpio. He's very fond of bug and poison types, but also to give variety to his team, uses ghost, psychic, dark types especially.

    (he'll start with the shedinja already evolved and his purrloin, is that ok?)
    #38 todoroki, Jun 2, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  39. accepted ^-^
  40. C65


    Since Luke is a former champion from Sinnoh he won't have his full team but he will have a Shinx as his starter though. I’d say he hatched the Shinx. His final team will probably look like this

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