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Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -Updated-

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator


    Over the weekend scans from Japanese magazine CoroCoro revealed that the Pokémon anime series will be switching from its current season in Japan, Pokémon Best Wishes, into a second season under the title of Pokémon Best Wishes 2 on the 21st of June. Now thanks Famitsu we have some plot details. A few small details to do with Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 have also been revealed along with English release dates for the Pokémon AR Searcher and Pokédex 3D Pro 3DS apps. Read on to find out more!

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, May 15, 2012.

    1. precita
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed -Updated-

      Hey, I see Corphish. I wonder if its Ash's...

      If not, why do they keep including Ash's old Pokemon on posters and openings but they never appear in the show?
    2. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      This is actually very interesting news from the anime front. In fact, it's the first real thing that's interested me about Best Wishes so far so I'm actually going to keep up with the anime once the dub gets started here. With older Pokemon appearing I'm hoping that Ash's old Pokemon do return and evolve (I'm looking at you, Gible). As much as I dislike Dawn, it'll be cool to see her return for a few episodes.

      Also, are we finally going to get that Cynthia battle? I hope so~ And for GOODNESS sakes can we not let it be the usual Ash gets curbstomped by an E4 person plotline?
    3. Satoren
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      That is one tiny Arcanine~

      Err, that aside I theorize that these guys are either
      A. The Shadow Triad/Dark Trinity
      B. Anime-exclusive Special Operatives
      C. New Plasma Admins
      D. New Plasma Grunts
      The latter two go hand in hand with my theory that the Villainous group of B/W2 is still Team Plasma, but a new one strictly under Ghetsis' control (he did escape at the end of B/W after all) Interesting to note is that two of the members have Pokemon native to Unova, but post-game (Seviper can be found at Village Bridge, Metagross in Giant Chasm) Either way, yay Plasma making its premiere in the anime (unaired eps don't count sadly)

      With Unova's native fauna going international, I hope we not only get to see Ash's old Pokemon, but TR's too~
    4. precita
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      Apparently Dawn has a bio on the TVTokyo page for BW2. While I don't think she would be a main character again, its possible she might stick around for a recurring role.

      I am actually not sure why they'd have Dawn stay beyond the usual cameo of 3-4 episodes. There are no Contests in Unova (or the BW2 games for that matter), and there's no reason an old 4th gen character needs to be advertised anymore.

      I assume its due to the popularity of Piplup itself, who in Japan is probably more popular than Dawn herself.

      Still, something about Dawn actually returning with a bigger role doesn't feel right to me after past female characters were just forgotten about over time. Misty and May have both pretty much never appeared again since their cameos ended in 2005 and 2008 respectively.
    5. RLRL
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      I'm looking forward to seeing Ash face homika, apparently he chooses to not go to the opelucid gym and to explore eastern Unova instead, it's the first time we don't see ash face a gym from the main series of games, all to hype the arrival of black and white 2 the next week, cheeky nintendo =)

      The fact that Homika has a koffing is quite funny as Ash used to always face James' weezing, I wonder if ash will talk about getting a psychic type to take out poison pokémon, I'd love the eevee in the preview posters to be ash's and he get an espeon. More realistically, it'l be cynthias to evolve hense her glaceon in the background, they'll explore eastern unova and she'll evolve it in pinwheel forest via an episode on the ocean.

      Cannot wait even more for giovanni, I just hope meoletta isn't too long winded =)
    6. Linkachu
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      Just finished watching Best Wishes episode 80 and saw the clip for the new ED, and it made me clue in that our initial assumptions about Meloetta were somewhat exaggerated. They may not end up giving Meloetta its own full length movie, but the role it's set to play in the TV series is pretty extensive. I'd say it's a good trade off. :)
    7. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      Meloetta will be in a movie eventually - but it might take Raikou-like lengths of time before it happens. In the end, it's pretty clear that they've effectively sliced a year off this Generation as it was originally planned. Maybe more.

      I'd anticipate a tease of Generation VI before the end of the year - likely in the form of a shadowy reveal of the new star of the next movie.
    8. precita
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      I'd actually be disappointed if this gen is cut short, I still feel like Iris and Cilan are "new" characters...and I figure they will both be dropped already if the 6th gen begins. Cilan could theoretically last multiple gens like Brock did, but something is telling me the writers won't do that again.

      Makes you wonder though what they're going to try next time, as Iris/Cilan were basically a call-back to Misty/Brock but I don't see that happening a second time. With the lack of Contests in the games I think we won't see the female player character in the main role ever again either.

      The writers kinda wrote themselves into a corner by introducing new main characters every gen, now the main cast is simply too large which is why some of the older ones will probably never appear again.
    9. Demelza
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      Even if it has been effectively cut short by rushing this generation along, any decent writer will make something of Cilan and Iris with the time they have left to make sure it feels like they had a place within the generation. As for Cilan going on for more generations, I doubt that too. It's very likely they'll choose not to do that again, and frankly, as much as I liked Brock I wouldn't want Cilan for years.

      Well, you honestly never now what they'll do. Iris and Cilan may be a call-back to Misty and Brock in some ways, but overall they're still their own characters and if the writers work hard enough we could have another female in the next gen that can play a pretty big part one way or the other, they just need to think about it. Just because Contests have been lost to the depths of time doesn't mean we should lose the chance of having a decent female character. ;D

      No, they likely won't apart from the one or two episodes where they sometimes come back. Like Dawn in Best Wishes 2 and May during Sinnoh. The writers got away with having Brock over and over, but I'll be honest here. I'd find it -very- boring if they hadn't given us new main characters every generation given how long each generation can last, the writers simple couldn't keep a character interesting for much longer while keeping the fans happy too.
    10. shortsxxx
      Re: Pokémon Best Wishes 2 Details Revealed and Much More! -U

      Who are those pokemon at the top because they look like the sky trio Thunderus,Landorus and Tornadus

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