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Pokemon Battles

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cyren, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. (this is a rp where i plan on having no story line, that doesn't mean you can't have one, it's just I don't plan on it)

    1. Contact me before starting
    2. Create a team ahead of time
    3. please no legionaries or fakemon
    4. Be logical with the damage, don't make it like the anime where the pokemon won't faint at 1 hp no matter how many hits it takes.
    (these seem logical right?)
    5. Mega evolutions are allowed, but no mega evolutions can be the same pokemon

    People who contacted me and are participating; @Art3mis,

    Name: Isaac
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark grey sweatshirt with a dark blue scarf and a black computer bag
    Pokemon: Flygon, Bellossom, Abomasnow, Chandelure, Jolteon, Mega Gardivoir.


    Isaac walked onto the field in the forest, and waited for someone to show up. His pokemon fully healed, no one to be accidentally hit during the battles, almost absolutely nothing could go wrong. He sat down in the middle of the field, it was a bright blue day, hardly any clouds, and the perfect setting for a battle.
  2. Name: Yugi / Yami
    Gender : Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Pokemon: [​IMG]

    In Order: Salamence, Volacrona, Aegislash, Gardevoir, Hydreigon, and Floette.

    Yugi smiled to himself, looking at the scenery near the route. It was a magnificent route, filled with just about everything you can imagine with it. Yami chuckled in the same fashion, as he enjoyed the route as well. He was relatively on the same route as Issac was. He was attacked by a wild pokemon all of a sudden, and the shocked made him stone stiff for a few seconds. It was an Ursaring, which was roaring in his face, taunting him to battle. After 5 seconds of this awkward silence , Yugi pulled out a pokeball, and yelled: " Aegislash ! Please aid me ! " He said softly, throwing the pokeball at the floor. Out came a Aegislash, and Yugi nodded in it's direction. When he did so, Aegislash understood. With one concentrated blow on a sensitive spot on the wild Ursaring's back, it fainted. He sighed softly, and walked until he saw Issac. Due to his shy like nature, he didn't say hello. Instead, his Aegislash did for him, and floated to their direction. It's eyes sensed the power of this particular trainer, and wanted to fight it. Yugi followed Aegislash, and was now currently next to him. Yugi finally broke the awkward silence, saying: " Sorry for my Aegislash, he is very competitive. I am Yugi, and may you battle me ? "
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