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Pokémon Bank Released In Europe and America!

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The long awaited release of Pokémon storage and transfer system Pokémon Bank, has now happened in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia! Edit: As of Wednesday, it is also available in the Americas.

    The 30 day free trial period has been changed considering the apps late release. The trial can now be redeemed until the 14th of March 2014. During the trial period you'll also be able to claim a Celebi! The details of the Celebi are as follows:

    Name: Celebi
    Item: None
    Level: 10
    Moves: Heal Bell, Hold Back, Safeguard, Recover​
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Feb 4, 2014.

    1. Burgundy
      Damnit, now they're just teasing us.
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    2. Demelza
      It's not teasing. Nintendo know full well that releasing it all at once everywhere would have completely destroyed the servers and brought the whole thing to a stand-still. That's why it was released in Japan so far ahead of us, so Nintendo could watch what happened before releasing it elsewhere, and that's why they've done the same with releasing it in Europe and so forth without releasing it in the US. :)

      I've downloaded Bank and thoroughly enjoying seeing my gen five Pokémon in XY. I'm quite sad that N's Pokémon lose their nice shiny animation though. :(
    3. Burgundy
      I know it's not really teasing, it's just sad that I have to wait so long to see my Shiny Meganium and my Meloetta. ;_;
    4. Vaporeonn
      Uugh!!! I am in Europe, but I don't have X, or Y!!! :'(
      We all have problems..
    5. MRMIKE19
      if you are fast you can still trade a feebas for a mewtwo on gts!
    6. Gliscario39
      are. you. KIDDING ME. Someone go give the Japenese Pokemon bank to Nintendo of America, tell them to subtitle it to english, and put it in the American E-Shop immediately.
    7. Teapot
      Why? The English version is completed and works fine. It has done since long before the original release date, they just patched it before releasing it again. No need to relocalise something that's already localised (and working!)

      I highly recommend you read Demelza's comment. She explains why it hasn't been released in America yet - it's so they can weather the initial surge of activity one region at a time. Have patience, young grasshopper, you'll get it soon.

      Also: Shiny Porygon-Z in Amie is adorable. That is all.
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    8. Gliscario39
      Yeah, but at this point it feels like Nintendo of America is just flat out teasing us at this point because we're the only country that hasn't gotten it yet. Either they're just not going to release it in America or they're delaying it for no reason at all, and I am not going to waste all of my money on a European 3DS just for Bank because that would be crazy.
    9. Teapot
      Nintendo of America aren't "teasing" anyone, there's money to be made here, so it's in their interests to get it released as soon as possible. As I said, and as @Demelza said, and as has been said a hundred times over on this site and everywhere else, the reason it was not a simultaneous release is because they tried it and broke Nintendo Network in the process - or rather, Bank, Christmas, and the Nintendo Network switchover did together. So they're being overcautious. America is probably getting it last because it has the largest user base, although it's difficult to tell - Europe may be (slightly) larger. They may have made a strategic decision to get the more difficult, multilingual release out first. They might have just decided to do it in that order for other reasons we aren't privy to.

      Once again, you will get Bank as soon as they are satisfied it'll actually work. There's no reason whatsoever that they'll not release it in America, and the notion they won't is just childish. It makes no logical sense to withhold it from literally one region, the one with a significant part of the user base.

      And they're not delaying it for "no reason at all." They've got money to make. And, in this case, face to save - this was a very public and very embarrassing screw-up, and they want to get it sorted as soon as possible. Bank is the final thing they need to bring back, but they absolutely have to make sure it doesn't break again when they try. You can be sure they'll bring it back as soon as they can, so please, stop acting like an entitled child. You will get Bank. Have patience.
      Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
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    10. baratron
      Don't be stupid. Do you honestly think that "the world" consists of Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the USA?

      What about Canada? Central and South America? The Pacific Islands? All of those countries are waiting for the release too. I'm not sure about Africa or the other Asian countries - not sure which region they come into. Whatever. It's not just the USA.

      Also, now you know how we in Europe feel every time a game gets delayed here because of European Union laws requiring its release in a minimum of 5 languages. So far the record has been Animal Crossing for the GameCube, which took a full 2 years longer to be released in Europe. Like Teapot said, stop being an entitled child. You'll get Bank just as soon as Nintendo are certain the servers can handle it.
    11. Doctor Oak
    12. Mr.Munchlax
      You know, I'm probably going to be called a hypocrite again because I stupidly complained myself about Pokémon Bank's delay before, but I don't care.

      Stop acting like a spoiled brat about this. They clearly released it in Europe , New Zealand, and Australia first since they're population quota isn't as big as the US, so this way there will be less of a chance for the servers to crash. They're more than likely playing it safe to ensure that everything will go nice and smooth.

      Besides, you should see this as a good thing since it shows that the American release is just around the corner. We've all held out for this long, so a little more time won't be that bad. And, in all honesty, I personally feel that Europe deserves having Pokémon Bank first more than we do since they've been more patient and understanding about this whole thing than most of us here in America
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    13. kanarichan
    14. Shocari
      I can confirm that it is indeed available in North America at the current time.
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    15. Burgundy
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    16. Magpie
      Thunderdog is now on Y. Life is happy and joyous and grand :D

      Giving him the Mega Stone and having him Mega Evolve was such a good moment :') Now to sort out all the other Pokemon that need transferring over. Might take a while xD
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    17. Trainer Mariko
      Trainer Mariko
      yes!the poke bank came out now i can get celebi! btw my friend code for pokemon y is: 1306-6584-6699
    18. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      I'm excited. I finally got myself a Celebi!
    19. Trainer Mariko
    20. Iain108
      You lied to me pokebank! Where`s my Celebi?!
      All i got was 100 pokemiles!!
    21. ShinyZekrom009
      I haven't even used Pokemon Bank yet, but I believe you have to use Pokemon Link at the menu to receive Celebi.
    22. Iain108
      I`ll like to inform everyone reading this thread that you`ll get the Celebi after using pokebank 3 times. Then use the link to get the Celebi.
    23. Burgundy
      Actually, just two times, but whatever. :p

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